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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 22, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> to not get hungry every single day. >> run to the radio or amongst our guests, chris christie -- >> that's right. >> i'm there. i can't wait. >> of course the pope lands today at 4:00. we'll have complete coverage when you join us tomorrow, same time, same couch. bill: good morning. a significant shakeup in the list of republicans in the race for the nomination. the field is smaller by one today. martha: governor walker called it quits after 70 days on the campaign trail. he went from front runner in iowa to tenth place in less than four weeks. the wisconsin governor announced that big decision and he urged others to do the same. he took a shot sat donald trump on the way out the door.
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>> i encourage other presidential candidates to do the same so the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current frontrunner. this is fundamentally important to the future of our country. bill: byron york, good morning to you. was it the money or the message? >> it was the candidate himself. scott walker started off with a huge well of respect from conservatives and republicans for the work he had done, especially the fight against pun employee -- against public employee unions. then he goes to iowa and gives a knockout speech but some of his
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weaknesses started to show up. as governor of wisconsin he didn't know a lot about foreign policy and he didn't know a lot about the national issues presidential candidates have to deal with all the time. that began to feed suspicions he wasn't quite ready for prime time and those were brutally ex nosed the fox debate august 6 and the cnn speech last week. bill: you put it well in your piece. why did he take a shot at donald trump? >> all the candidates feel like they have been hit by a neat year. they didn't expect it. they never saw this coming. other candidates are quite
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resentful, perhaps they are bad luck at running at a time when trump comes in and takes off like a rocket. i think it was clear listen together governor's withdrawal speech that he's still very unhappy about this and wants other candidates to drop out, too, so one, two, perhaps three republican candidates can concentrate on defeating trump. bill: who benefits? is it kasich or rubio? who is it? >> in terms of actual voter support, walker didn't have much left. that was the problem. but he does have a lot of supporters and donors. you saw a scramble between marco rubio and cruz supporters, they are both getting those. but a lot of scott walker's
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voter support had already gone away to trump, to ben carson, to carly fiorina. bill: thank you. byron york leading our coverage in washington. martha: ben carson dealing with his own firestorm on his remarks that muslims shouldn't be president. he says he wasn't talking about all muslims, just radical jihadists who follow sharia law. >> if someone has a muslim background and they are willing to reject those tenets and will swear to place our constitution above their religion, they will be considered infidels and heretics, but then i would be quite willing to support them.
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bill: donald trump weighing in saying religion should not be an issue. >> if properly vetted going through an election, i think that anybody that is able to win an election will be absolutely fine. they have to go through the long, hard process. it's a long, tough road, gretta, i can tell you. i would have no problem with it, no. martha: we'll sit down with presidential candidate lindsey graham. we'll get his reaction to it. carson's statement on muslims has become a big issue in this campaign. bill: the tenor of the campaign changes every day, sometimes it changes lot. martha: pope francis is set to
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arrive in washington, d.c. this afternoon. he will touch ground in the united states for the first time in his life. he goes to new york city thursday afternoon and he be in philadelphia this weekend. it's one of the largest security operations in this country's history. kristen fisher is live in d.c. this is obviously an historic visit for the pope. what are we expecting in terms of what he will be talking about and focusing on? >> reporter: i'm at the basilica where the pope will celebrate tomorrow afternoon. this is going to be a massive event. this will be the first canonization mass on u.s. soil. so tomorrow afternoon a catholic
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missionary called junipero serra will be canonized. you can see this beautiful setting and an actual church. so many times when the pope hold these masses when he's traveling they have to do it in big open air setting to accommodate the huge crowd. that's what happened when the pope held mass in cuba. right now the pope is on his way from cuba to washington. he will be landing at andrews at 4:00 where he will be greeted by the president and the first lady. tomorrow will be the welcome ceremony at the white house. the pope will have a private one-on-one meeting with the president. then he will get inside a jeep
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white wrangler popemobile. he will be parading down the national mall. if you don't have a ticket that will be your best chance to see him. the onlier big thing of course is the joint meeting of congress thursday. back to you. martha: those rope line moment are pope francis' faiths. kristen, thank you so much. we'll go over to bill and map out what we are looking at here. he's going to be a busy man. he starts the day in washington, d.c. during our hour tomorrow morning, this will be a huge event. this will be the arrival ceremony. that will happen at:15 in the morning. the church in washington, d.c. this is father serra and the
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canonization mass. he starts his day in washington, d.c. and comes to st. patrick's in the evening. thursday morning in washington, d.c., joint session of congress, the first time ever a pope addressed members of congress and that will be some history. 5, 5 1/2 days. 78 years old. martha: it's going to be very exciting. we'll have nonstop covering of the pope's historic visit. we'll talk about the thing the pope decided to focus on. when we find out what they are i'll be live in washington reporting on the joint session before congress which is a first for any pope. an historic moment for the pope.
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that will be very fascinating. bill will be joining us live from the u.n. friday morning. you can catch all of these event throughout the week right here on fox. bill: we like to zero in on the pope code. what is the subtle message. martha: you have to look at the sentences and at way they are constructed and figure out the message he's trying to convey because he doesn't want to hit people over the head with a hammer. bill: equal opportunity offenders. candidate weighing in on veterans issues on the campaign trail. >> we have illegal immigrant treated better by far and our veterans. bill: the va secretary bob
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mcdonald is back live with us. we'll talk about that. martha: a fighter pilot walks away unharmed after his plane plummets to the ground. bill: . critic say donald trump is touting a foreign policy plan short on specifics. >> our leading in the candidate gets his foreign policy from watching television. what i heard last night is the cartoon network. i'm big, i'm strong, we are going hit them in the head. that's not foreign policy. that's a cartoon character.
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martha: a pilot walking away from a fighter jet crash in california. it was near a naval base in fresno. the pilot walked away. the fa-8 hornet did not. bill: republican front runner donald trump refusing to go into detail about how he will fight isis. >> i want to have the ability to do way want to do without everybody knowing what i want to do. i don't want putin and everybody hearing what i'm going to do.
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>> reporter: you need to make your case, if this is an important issue and we are fleerk solutions and strong leaders to solve strong issues. you are telling us, just vote for me. >> you have to be in a position where people have to guess. you can't be so consistent they know he move you are going to make. bill: welcome back to to america's newsroom, senator graham. trump says he doesn't want to show his hand. >> when he does speak about foreign policy it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. he plans go to syria and take their oil for our benefit. that will turn the whole middle east against us. we did say about syria, he said he was okay with russia being in
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syria militarily and fightle is -- and fighting isil. al-assad is a puppet of iran. and other islamic groups are using assad as a recruiting tool. when he says he's okay with russian involvement in syria, that means this war never ends. bill: he doesn't want putin to know. >> oh, come on. bill: you don't believe the president should say i'm not going to take military action. >> you need to explain how you are going to destroy isil. now is not the time to guess.
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as commander-in-chief i'll rebuild the military, we'll win this war. we'll get a regional army together. there is nobody left in syria to train. president obama screwed this up. the next president needs to be clear as to what they will do. i intend to destroy isil. there will be a ground component coming from the region. we are going on the ground and destroy isil and the caliphate and raqqa * and push assad out. and if you can't say that you are not ready for this job. bill: you heard about the controversy with ben carson. you said i meant exactly what i said. i could never support a candidate for a candidate for
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president who was muslim. >> mr. carson is a fine man, but the constitution is clear here. if you want to destroy radical islam you have to work with people in the faith. the good news is the overwhelming majority of muslims throughout the world are not buying what isil is selling. they don't want to turn their daughters over to isil. if i'm president we'll take this fight against radical islam. so dr. carson is not helping the cause when he suggests a group of americans because of their faith can't be president. that's specifically prohibited by the constitution. 3,500 americans serving in uniform. god bless them taking up arms to protect our country. bill: scott walker is out.
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the current polling number of you, too, are less than 1% in your campaign. as you walk governor walker, where do you think he stumbled? >> i don't know. he had a heck of a record as governor. a really good man. when you rise and fall, it's hard to come back. i want to solve problems here and i'll destroy isil and i'll tell you exactly what we need to do. an american ground component working with the region. i think a lack after clear vision is going to hurt a lot of our candidates. in trump owes it to the american people to tell us what he will do about isil. i don't want one novice replacing another novice when it comes to commander-in-chief.
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bill: is it you or not? >> i'm staying with it. i'm going to fight to be commander-in-chief. they had our back, i'm going have their back, that's why i'm running. bill: appreciate you coming back. martha? martha: the kentucky county clerk who launched the debate about religious freedom. what she has to say about faith and the attacks she endured. >> i just have to surgically disconnect your shame sensor. because you spend every waking moment asking people for money. you walk up to total strangers and go hi, how are you doing?al can i have money? then you don't know "aarp."
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martha: republican presidential candidate ted cruz appearing with steven colbert. senator cruz said he thinks the marriage decision should be left up to the states. that sparked audible gasps. >> the tenth amendment says fit doesn't mention it it's a question for the states. that's mentioned in the bill of rights. everything that's not mentioned is left to the states. i believe in develop krat i. i believe in democracy and i don't think we should -- >> however you feel web's my guest.
6:26 am
please don't boo him. >> i don't think we should entrust governing our society to five unelected lawyers in washington. why would you hands over the rights of americans to five lawyers. if you want to win an issue, go to the ballot box and win at the ballot box. martha: interesting exchange. bill: similar to the answer he gave in california. hold your booze, folks. there will be none of that here. kim davis, the kentucky county clerk who was jammed for 6 days for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. on "good morning america" she described way it's like for her.
6:27 am
>> i have been called hitler, a hypocrite, a homophobe. what hurts me the worst is that my god does not love me or my god is not helping with me. i'm just a normal person who has been touched by the grace of god and his mercy. i haven't always been a good person, and i didn't live for god. i didn't live for him. >> reporter: one of the voters who received a marriage license
6:28 am
said he finally felt human. he was in tears. people will question why is your moral conscience more important. >> i think dignity isn't found in the constitution. it's something you finds in your self. i finds it sad that someone can be so unhappy with themselves as a person that they did not feel dignified as a human being until they got a piece of paper. bill: kim vai dis' fight not over. martha: we'll look to megyn tomorrow night on that as well. carly fiorina trying to build momentum out of the polls. she is telling voters how she would handle vladimir putin. what she said about that coming up. bill: fiorina surprising jimmy
6:29 am
fallon. is she connecting with voters in ways hillary clinton seems to be looking? >> like mrs. clinton i too have flown hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. but knifing is an activity, not an accomplishment.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ bill: carly fiorina climbing in the polls and she is talk tough about russian president vladimir putin. >> i would describe him as a formidable adversary. he's very confident. he can be quite funny and charming. but he's a kgb guy. we should never forget this.
6:33 am
he lusts for power and he's a very bad actor and it's a bad thing this fighter jets and soldiers are sitting in syria right now. that's a bad thing. >> i'm afraid to meet him. bill: john roberts is live from south carolina. >> reporter: she launches a three-day swing through south carolina where she'll participate in a question-answer question on foreign policy and national security during her appearance on "the tonight show" she was asked a couple questions about vladimir putin. one of them about donald trump's declaration he would hold talks with putin. >> what i would do is rebuild the 6th street, i would rebuild the nuclear defense
6:34 am
program in poland. i would put more troops into germany. i would have been leading in the. putin needs to see he faces strength and resolve and leadership from the united states of america. >> reporter: after vaulting into second place in the polls after her debate performance. the ex clues write interview i did with her on mackinac island. she said she is willing to defend her record. >> the board was prepared to issue a statement saying she accomplished all of her objectives, and wants to go on other things and i said no. and i said you fired me, we had a difference. >> reporter: the impact of her new found popularity is being
6:35 am
seen in south carolina and iowa. her campaign is set to double the size of the venues to accommodate everyone. martha: fiorina also showed off her softer side. she sang a song she wrote for her dog. >> this is a song in four verses, i'll only give you one. ♪ please don't take a walk with me. i would rather stay right here and lie back down in my nice warm bed. you are going going to have to carry me. >> that's pretty cute. martha: i feel like i know snick
6:36 am
after that. martha: after the big debate everyone said she should smile more. rich, does it work? >> i would never recommend to any candidate who is not a professional sing tore sing on a late night show, but she pulled it off. she continues to show how she is one of the most talented communicators on the republican side. she is sharp, she knows how to throw a punch. she is finally getting the attention she deserves. but with that comes more scrutiny. martha: let's take a look at the bill clinton moment with the saxophone. that was a big humanizing moment for him as well. doug, what do you think? similar? >> yes, but. bill clinton had a record as governor of arkansas.
6:37 am
and carly fiorina at hewlett-packard the stock taked 15%. 30,000 jobs disappeared. she was fired and the compact acquisition was a disaster. i think the problem isn't humanizing herself. it's good she is specific on issues. but they also want an answer to the question what have you done before that qualifies you. the question i ask is how do you use her experience at hewlett-packard and lucent to qualify you to be president of the united states. >> at the moment no one in the republican party seems to be interested in that. martha: if you are talking about your background and history. doug is right. she'll be pressed how successful she was in her business career
6:38 am
just like donald trump will be pressed on the bankruptcy issue. she had to lay people off during her tenure. and it's easy to see her being painted as a cold, mean corporate executive which is what they did to romney. >> that will be a vulnerability in this general elect, and barbara boxer used her record against her to great effect. similarly as you point out to mitt romney. i'm not sure how much that is a vulnerability near the primary. given the way modern business works. unless you are steve jobs it's hard to be a ceo and run in this populist environment. martha: you have to have a sensitivity and understand corporate board room politic that exist. >> trim' challenges her in the
6:39 am
debate and she counter punched pretty well. >> i don't think there is anybody alive that thinks carly fiorina has had the business success donald trump has had. martha: and mr. trump never misses an opportunity to point apoint -- point that out on his own behalf. carly fiorina's numbers are been increasing somewhat and she spoke yesterday. and i think we'll hear more of this from hillary clinton and i want to hear what you guys think about it. >> i'm not going to let them rip await progress we made that meant so much to so many. i'm not going to let them relationship this law up and kick 1 million people off their health coverage and force this country to start the healthcare debate all over again. that's not going to happen on my watch. why? why would you repeal something that's working? martha: that's going to be the
6:40 am
focus for sure. she'll have a lot of americans who agree with her on that. >> she'll try to be give them hell hillary and capture the magic bernie sanders is garnering. martha: they are going to take away the healthcare. 26 years old, you are still on your parents' plan, that will be gone. >> the debate over obamacare entered a new phase. it's not enough to say you are going to repeal it. you need to say how you are going replace it. if you look at that clip, she is such a performer. bernie sanders goes time venue and gets five times the crowd that she did. he many the one generating ... martha: this is obviously the message she is going to go with. can she beat bernie sanders and
6:41 am
beat a republican with this message? >> voter are angry, that's why sanders is doing as well as he is. hillary is tapping into that anger and she is attacking republicans. i think she is still the odd on fast it to be the nominee and president. martha: she is strengthening her focus. thanks a lot. bill: he ran a peanut company and now he's going to jail for 30 years. martha: donald trump and carly fiorina and the other republican candidate slamming the treatment of our veterans. the v.a. secretary coming up next. >> we'll take this system apart. and if they are not doing the job, the veterans are going to go to private doctors, public hospitals. books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can
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>> the vets have the longest wait in the history of the veterans administration. you go in and see a doctor, you wait for days. it's not going to happen. >> we need to care for our veterans. bill: just two of the comments from the trail. truck and carly fiorina vowing to reform the va. you heard the claim, 307,000 vets, is that true? >> that's not true. yesterday "the washington post" did a truth test on that claim and found that the claim was erroneous and gave the claim 2 to 3 pinocchios, meaning it
6:46 am
wasn't true. bill: the suggestion is the data was flawed. it's hard to go back and keep track of everybody. but you would admit bad data is not good enough for even one veteran to lose his or her life. >> we are undergoing the biggest transfor nation our history. we are making progress but we are not where we need to be. we have had 7 million more appointments in the last year than the previous years. our average wait times are four days for primary, 5 days for speciality, 5 days for mental healthcare. we have the peak down to 80,000. bill: you are make the case that you are getting better.
6:47 am
you have been on the job a little more than a year. john boehner sent this out yesterday. with the va it's always worse than we expect. another tweet, the va's long wait lines are taking too long to fix. a lot of this is based on the internal inspector general's report from within the veterans administration. wait times in some places are not better. why not? >> some wait times have expand because more veterans are coming into care. as we expanded the hours, the number of providers, the facility, we have more veterans deciding to come to the va for care. i think that's good news. we have to work with congress to build the capability for this increased number of veterans. veterans have a choice they can either go to va, tri-care,
6:48 am
private health insurance. the better we make the va system the more veterans can come to us. the average veteran gets 34% of their healthcare from the va. as they come to the va more often. for every percentage point increase is an extra $1.4 billion in budget we need care for those veterans. bill: you are making the case more veterans are coming back because the numbers are getting better? >> those in the system already are getting a greater percentage of their care from the va. it's very simple. we don't have co-pays. if you were to get hearing aids from medicare there is a co-pay. private insurance is expensive. we are the largest hearing aid
6:49 am
provider in the country. bill: 300,000 plus employees. why is that not enough to get the job done? >> if you look at what happened, we have gone from 2 million veterans over the age of 65 in 1975, the year i grad tbraitd west point. in 2017 we'll have 9.8 million veterans. almost a five times increase. we have the aging of the population. we have agent orange with vietnam-era veterans. you are 10 times more likely to survive battlefield. the aging population of veflt rans has put a strain on the system.
6:50 am
we have to get ready for the veterans of iran and iraq so when they age we are ready to take care of them. bill: you dpraiment private sector from proctor and gamble. in a word, yes or no can the system be transformed? >> yes, this is doable. it will take some time. we have a great team in place. of my top team, majority of them are new. and we are continuing to bring in the people from the private sector me we need to get this done. bill: bob macdonald, thank you, sir. martha: it may be apple's next big project. the tech giant could soon be hitting the road. bill: road trip? martha: yeah!
6:51 am
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bill: the former ceo of a pea tonight company about spend 30 years in jail or knowingly shipping out peanut products knowingly contaminated with salmonella. it was linked to many deaths across the country. martha: sources say am have been secretly developing an electric car of its own. they are kicking it into high gear now. they like to do everything that way and make a big splash. apples has trans -- am has
6:55 am
transformed -- apple has transformed everything. >> car play allows you to control your car with all the apple features. but it's reportedly something -- by 2019 apple wants to see a fully designed apple car. there are so many questions about this. but what we do know is it's a hyper secretive project. 600 people currently work on it and they want to triple that staff. but who will make it. will they buy a factory or plant? they could do that. they have $200 billion. >> it's like a big black bubble on the top. it looks like a futuristic bubble kinds of car. but other companies tried to
6:56 am
make money in this business. tesla and bmw. >> they remain really expensive. the tesla starts at $90,000. but still it's not that accessible. having an electric car isn't necessarily the right play for a middle class consumer if gas prices remain low. martha: maybe it will take off. it's called project titan. we'll see. thanks for the inside scoop on that. bill: i'm bringing the tunes. we'll hit the road. this campaign was shorter than kim kardashian's first marriage. scott walker out of the race for the republican nomination. so who gets his benefits. >> he was sitting on a lead that was an early leased in one state.
6:57 am
it behind on iowa. . . . .
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. .
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. .
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martha: big news as scott walker decides to bow out of the republican presidential contest and he is calling on others to quit as well. he wants them to clear the field for a challenger who can knock down donald trump. that call came directly from walker yesterday at his news conference. welcome, everybody. another jam-packed hour of "america's newsroom" is on the way. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. we had lindsey graham on next hour. i said are i next one out? i'm in it for the long haul, hemmer. early favorite quickly fading away. governor walker going from frontrunner to the sidelines only two months into the race. other candidates scrambling to get his support. explaining for walker's sudden departure. >> he peaked earlier. he peaked earlier way out ahead from one great speech in iowa he played safe.
7:01 am
when he got a difficult issue like subsidies for biofuels in iowa, he fudged. he was, i'm not going to talk about certain issues. he was sitting on a lead which was very early lead in one state. it all hinged on iowa. martha: bring in chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor. good to see you. >> good morning to you. martha: let's show the precipitous slide for scott walker because it was dramatic. back in july he was at 22%. looked like he would walk away with iowa at that point and here is a look where he was yesterday in the big roundup at less than 1%. what happened here? >> well, now that is just one cnn poll but, what happened there was the trump nets occurred and to take some point of disagreement respectfully submitted with dr. krauthamer is this. scott walker had a fundamental misunderstanding of, maybe what george w. bush would call a misunderestimatemation of the state of the republican party
7:02 am
today. he thought that he would be running a middle space between jeb bush, the establishment frontrunner, the moderate frontrunner, and a conservative like ted cruz. he thought that he would be able to operate this middle space and that he could be attractive to people on both sides and it would be good. unfortunately for scott walker he found out the road he was running on was much wider than he thought and he got squished. he didn't know where the attitude republican party was would be out with donald trump and would be out with ted carson and ted cruz would not look like that radical of a choice. and that put walker in dangerous position and where charles is quite right, that he looked like he didn't know what he was talking about because he was trying, continually reset himself, reinvent himself in the space. martha: go over to the have ben carson moment. let's listen for a second. see what we get here. >> american values and our constitution. >> you said that you would
7:03 am
support a moderate muslim candidate. would that also apply to a mormon -- >> i said i would support anyone, again, it seems to be hard for people to actually hear english and understand it. i said i would support anyone regardless of their background, if in fact they embrace american values and our constitution. and are willing to place that above their beliefs. >> dr. carson, did you -- decision that muslim -- [inaudible]. why did they have to out right denounce their sharia law when christians -- [inaudible] >> because sharia law is completely antithetical to americanism. that's why. >> dr. carson, this is something that, defined your campaign. people are seeing you as -- with your statement. how do you fix that?
7:04 am
how do you come back from this perception? >> the only way we fix that is fix the pc culture in our country. which only can listen to one narrative and if it doesn't fit their philosophy, then they have to try to ascribe some motive to make it fit. that is how we fix it. we fix america and we get people to actually start listening and being capable of understanding what is the principles of our country and our constitution and stop trying to fit everything into a pc model. >> what is your understanding of the pc culture. >> the pc culture says, whenever, you know, you're asked a question, it has to be answered in a certain way, and if you don't answer it that way, then, you know, let's attack and let's not try to actually understand what a person is saying. let's just attack, attack, attack. hopefully everybody else will
7:05 am
look at that and they will realize they were never supposed to say something like that again. that is what the pc culture is. >> do you that americans will be -- [inaudible] >> i think a lot of them would. i heard from a lot of muslim-americans just within the last 24 hours that i have worked with with, that i have trained, that i have operated on. who say, we know you. we understand exactly what you're talking about. >> get your thoughts on governor scott walker dropping out of the race? >> you know, i, i know scott walker. my wife and i know him and his family. they're wonderful people. you know, he is a very, very good fellow. for some reason, you know, it just was not catching on. and maybe it is just not the right time, but you know, i have nothing but admiration for him. >> you know he called on other candidate to drop out as well. so, you know, stronger
7:06 am
candidates can rally and maybe take down donald trump. he said the current republican frontrunner. do you think he is trying to send you a message to drop out? >> no. >> why? >> because i know him. i know that is not what the message is. when he said the current frontrunner it was clear who he was talking about. >> do you think he was talking about other candidates you should drop out so maybe -- >> he is talking about making sure we get a true conservative. i don't think he thinks that i'm not a true conservative. >> do you think return to get to a christian america? would you help do thats a president? >> we don't have a theocracy. >> sure. >> but, there is no question that our constitution, and our traditions have a judeo-christian base. there is no question about that. and i don't think there is any reason we should deny that but the first amendment is very important. freedom of religion. it is so happens that the majority of people in this
7:07 am
country, you know, do believe in judeo-christian values and there is no way that we should suppress their belief and they should be able to live according to their faith. but, we, never should have have a theocracy. >> doctor, do you think donald trump should push back on the question about [inaudible] >> you know, i think that is a question you should ask donald trump. would i, probably more appropriate question would be, would i have pushed back on that? and the answer is yes, i would have. >> dr. carson, could you -- question came up other day, i'm not sure, i know you said it is not logical connection -- but do you think you could have -- [inaudible]. look, if you believe that, and send your kids to school, you -- martha: dr. ben carson was very interesting comments this morning in sharonville, ohio,
7:08 am
responding to the criticism that he got when he suggested that we shouldn't elect someone who want us to live under sharia law. chris stirewalt is still with me. chris, when you look at it in very basic materials like that, that is what he was talking about. anyone who believes in sharia law, which you know, by the virtue of what it is, says that it is, theocracy, that it would be the premier law of the land, should not president of the united states. the fact that is a controversial statement in and of itself is pretty enbelievable is now explaining. i don't know if you people understand english, but here is what i meant. >> the first thing he said was, not as clear as it could have been rendered. martha: broader. >> not as clear what he said here, talking about the antithetical nature of strict reading of islam and the idea of a liberal democracy. that is not out of the mainstream discussion. that is not something, that is something, as a matter of fact the people who are trying to stablize the middle east that are looking for ways to do they
7:09 am
wrestle with this question all the time. what ben carson is talking about today, not only is not a radical position to take but it's one that is part of an intellectual mainstream. now what he is doing also though, is creating a problem for frontrunner donald trump because while trump has been silent substantially or muted on these issues in the wake of his troubles last week about the guy, from the question and stuff and birther and the yikes, while trump has stepped back on that carson is stepping out into that space. if you want to be the candidate in the republican party who takes toughest line on sharia law, if you want to be a candidate in republican party, who takes hardest line on many see, invidious forces of radical islam around the world and united states that is a real issue for a subset of republican party. if you galvanize those folks behind you that would be a powerful in the primary process. martha: chris, thank you very much. >> you bet. bill: the ben carson story lives another day.
7:10 am
bill o'reilly talked about it last night. had a lot to say about the ben carson back and forth. >> dr. carson believing islamic tenets don't line up with judeo-christian philosophy which the country was founded and he is not allowed to say that? it is his opinion! bill: we'll debate that with our fair and balance panel in the a moment. they weigh in and more. martha: the fbi defies a court order in the hillary clinton e-mail case. is the agency now hindering the vision, is a question thats been raised today. we'll talk to ambassador john bolton and get his take on that. bill: update on explosion we first talked about yesterday. look at the mess there, whoa. how investigators are saying about how in the world this happened. >> it was like a boom you know. it could have taken out the whole community, actually. i was just worried that could happen again.
7:11 am
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bill: we were listening to the commercial break. bo back to sharonville, ohio, north of cincinnati. ben carson saying muslim issue is hypothetical issue and not important to the country and more. listen. >> that is not helpful to us in that nation. >> dr. carson, you said -- american values and constitution above, you would support that. someone like kim davis has done that as a christian. why is that different? >> she is not running for president. >> so, you as somebody running
7:14 am
for president should embrace these supreme court rulings and -- >> anybody who is running for president of the united states must embrace our constitution. they must place it above their personal beliefs. if you're not willing to do that, you should not be running for president. >> one more question please. >> decisions such as gay marriage, whatever -- >> we have to live within the framework. doesn't mean that we can't work to change it from within the system. but there are appropriate ways to do things. >> would you work as president work to bring traditional marriage back to the country? >> you betcha. >> bring pro-life. >> absolutely. >> to overturn roe vs. wade. >> absolutely. >> thank you, everybody. we'll give you 15 minutes to set up out front. bill: so a lot of questions about culture there today in southwestern ohio, before we came to him. during the commercial, carson said it's a hypothetical
7:15 am
referring to the muslim issue as candidate for president. it is not important. must embrace the constitution. place it above personal beliefs. we'll debate it in moment coming up with the panel on this, get more and also what o'reilly is saying. he has a lot to say, whoa. martha. >> meantime we turn to this for a moment. new controversy flaring up in the hillary clinton email situation. this time it is the fbi. the country's top law enforcement agency according to report is refousting to comply with federal judge's order to talk to the state department about clinton's private email server. the fbi won't even confirm they're doing an investigation at this point. writing a letter, quote, at this time, consistent with long-standing department of justice and fbi policy, we can neither confirm or deny the existence of any ongoing investigation, nor are we in a position to provide additional information at this time. in other words, we're not telling you anything at this moment.
7:16 am
john bolton joins me now, former u.n. ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow at american enterprise institute. fox news contributor. good morning, ambassador. good to have you here. >> good morning. martha: you heard the headline, the fbi refusescooperate in the hillary clinton probe. what do you think of that? >> it is mischaracterization. fbi is not defying a court order. it is not responding to a request by the court. what it signifies, they are further, further into a potential criminal investigation than has been reported publicly otherwise. they knew this letter would be public and they were very, very careful not to say anything one way or the other that could give people an impression how far along they were. but make no mistake, i think what this indicates is that they are preparing to go to a grand jury. in fact this implicates what is known as rule 6-e of the federal rules of criminal procedure where you don't divulge grand
7:17 am
jury information. the way out of this, the judge had to have a closed session with the justice department and the fbi and say, i want to know what is going on here. martha: interesting. you feel this indicates they're keeping everything tight-lipped because pursuing investigation. there have been discussions whether they would ever press to make hillary clinton folks produce that server or reveal anything beyond what they want to reveal in order to do that you need to get own the server and figure out what is on there. do you think the department of justice is willing to go that far? >> what you have here is a clash between two potential litigations. number one, what is before the judge is request to enforce the freedom of information act requirements and to find out whether that server contains documents in electronic form that are properly state department documents that are properly disclosed under the freedom of information act.
7:18 am
the fbi, if it nice or very close to a criminal investigation, obviously doesn't want all that out. and that is going to have to be sorted out, first within the department of justice and they need to come to a clearer position on it. people should remember the fbi is part of the department of justice and ultimately reports to attorney general. loretta lynch, the attorney general will have to make a decision i think here fairly soon. martha: for the fbi the ultimate legal decision they need to come to is whether or not any information that was on that server was exposed inappropriately. any clandestine information, any classified information, whether she put it in a position that made it vulnerable, that is really their only concern and issue here, correct? >> well it is whether a law has been violated. under the espionage act gross negligence in handling classified information is a criminal violation. there has been frankly too much public comment by justice, the state department, sundry other government officials but let's
7:19 am
be clear, the fbi doesn't have a general hunting license to interest itself in classif to the extent it is investigating anything here, it is investigating possible violations of federal law that have criminal implications. that's why it is being so careful in this letter we're talking about, not to tip its hand in a public way. martha: yeah. james comey has given no indication he will do anything other than what he believes is right so far. so we'll see where this goes. ambassador bolton, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: so the crisis in syria escalating as russia steps up its military presence in that country. has the u.s. strategy fallen apart entirely? martha: new fallout over the white house invites of critics of the church teachings. they are welcoming them to the ceremony for pope francis tomorrow. so we'll talk about that. >> i'm not sure that president obama needs to school and lecture pope francis on catholic doctrine and why he is wrong.
7:20 am
last name time i checked, it is the pope who is supposed to lecture christians, not the other way around. 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward.
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martha: got their work cut out for them here as they pour over the remains of a house that exploded yesterday in wax is a hatch waxahatchie texas. the blast was felt miles away. two people inside the home were sent to hospital in dallas. damaging several nearby homes. the fire department today is searching for the cause. >> everything is under investigation right now. we do know there was an explosion. we don't know exactly what caused it. we're looking at natural gas but we, it is unconfirmed if that is the cause or not. and if there was a leak of natural gas we don't know what caused that at this time. so everything is just under investigation at this point. martha: wonder what they are
7:24 am
going to find? emergency crews checking the neighborhood for gas leaks and other hazards before they allow folks to come back into their homes nearby. bill: unbelievable. >> i'm not sure that inviting people who are openly at odds with the vatican, who have criticized the pope for his positions and the church's position, doctrinal positions on abortion and on euthanasia, why do you put them in the very likely position where they would be photographed with him and make it very embarrassing moment? bill: there is mike huckabee running for president as you know, blasting president obama, accusing him of insulting pope francis and millions of catholics by inviting critics of church teachings to welcoming ceremony at the white house tomorrow morning. you will see it here at the on "america's newsroom." attend east, pro-abortion, nun, gay activists and supporters of obamacare. author of light in the darkness and fox news contributor.
7:25 am
we'll be spending time together this week. huckabee also said this, president obama's classless decision to transform pope francis's visit to the white house into a politicized cattle call for gay and pro-abortion activists is insult to millions of catholics. this is a new low for an administration will go down as most anti-christian in american history. do you take exception to that or -- >> he is running for president, no doubt and he is making news with this. i wouldn't, would not say with governor huckabee that this is some, sort of a cattle call. i think that is a little bit prosock tiff i agree with him it was classless move decision by the white house. at the same time i would say, expect it. president obama is going to invite his friends. he will invite those who share his ideology, his political opinions. that was expected. but i think it was classless, because, you have a world religious leader. do you want to use that for your own, agenda?
7:26 am
i think it would be better to just show the american people's love for the positions that he stands for. bill: i saw this, i thought, maybe pope francis is okay with this? and i say that -- >> that's a great question though. bill: i mean the first press conference he ever held on that airplane he was asked about gay priests serving. he said who am i to judge. that was like, that was the headline that went all overthe world for the next month. >> yes. i think pope fransiscan handle it. i don't know that he would ask president obama to bring dissidents of catholic teaching to the white house. can he handle it? yes. you might be right too, he set as personal agenda to go out to those on fringes. go out to the people already not in the fold and to meet them, to encounter them. if he can greet fidel castro and spend 45 minutes with him, i believe he also got an earful
7:27 am
from the pope about some of his political actions. bill: right about that. >> but i think pope fransiscan not only handle it, yes he is open to type of encounter with people who disagree with him. bill: if the pope did not want them there, would they be disinvited by the white house? >> i don't know. i know that it is not policy of the vatican to tell heads of state who they can invite to their own house. and so that is nothing new that the vatican did not intervene here. bill: wow, interesting. it will be fascinating to watch. >> there will be pictures, bill, of the pope greeting people who have been criticizing him heavily and that's risk. bill: you know there is a nun who favored obamacare and supported contraception, under the rules of obamacare, under the law now of obamacare, and she has been a big supporter. >> there will be pictures of him greeting all sorts of people with whom he disagrees. i think he is willing to take that risk in order to show that he is not afraid to love those and to communicate those with whom he disagrees.
7:28 am
bill: wow. thank you, father. see you tomorrow. jonathan morris here in studio. mart. martha: fascinating discussion. we'll see. so later this hour, a look ahead at the pope's visit to sacred ground here in new york city. a multifaith meeting for peace at the 9/11 memorial and museum. bill: also first though, back to breaking news this hour, dr. ben carson under fire for comments about not supporting a muslim president who does not denounce sharia law. some are calling for him to get out of the race entirely. whoa. bill o'reilly says his opinion should not disqualify him from anything. >> it is down right sad watching left-leaning media beat up all the republican candidates because they don't embrace the liberal pc litmus tests.
7:29 am
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7:32 am
would not support a muslim for president. along the way he offered for clarification he would not support muslims who would not reject cherie raw law. here he is a moment ago in southwestern ohio. >> i said i would support anyone, again it seems to be hard for people to actually hear english and understand it. i said i would support anyone, regardless of their background, if in fact they embraced american values and our constitution. and are willing to place that above their belief. bill: hmmm. leslie marshall, syndicated radio talk show host, blogger for "huffington post." david webb, host of david webb show, cirrus patriot. fox news contributors. good morning to both of you. go home and sleep some time. what carson said a moment ago, it is hypothetical. it is not important. then he said must embrace the constitution.
7:33 am
place it above personal beliefs. david, start, where are you on this. >> i'm with dr. carson. first of all, those that believe that religion in any way, by any denomination trumps our constitution, state, federal or our system of laws should not be in elected office. it is up to the people to make that decision as the voters who put people in office but let's face it, we are not a theocracy. and our western values, our judeo-christian values allow for freedom of expression are antithetical to sharia compliant societies and muslim nations where if you're a home sexual you would be stoned. if you're a woman who were raped you would need witnesses to say you did not invite it. where religion trumps freedom, our courts and equal justice system. i'm with dr. carson on that. frankly we don't have control or punishable speech. we're entitled to our opinion in america. bill: i got it. to that in a moment again, but,
7:34 am
i take it you agree entirely with what david said? >> no. i agree we have first amendment and that is what makes the united states the best country in the world but you know i have a little thing i say to my 8-year-old son. say what you mean. when you're running for president you have to say what you mean. now i understand dr. carson, who i have a great deal of respect for as human being and as surgeon an fellow fox guy but i have to say, on nbc's "meet the press" with chuck todd he was asked a question. he answered. he did not speak of that maria law. he spoke of our constitution. he said he did not want a muslim to be president. and you know, i think this is one of the reasons john quincy adams didn't swear on bible, he swore on a law book. he felt swearing in as president should be on the constitution, not on the bible. bill: i gotcha. even in the end, david touch on this, here is o'reilly from last night. >> well here's bulletin, unlike many muslim countries we have
7:35 am
free speech in america and carson's opinion shouldn't disqualify him from anything but individual votes if that be the case. bill: so carson goes to facebook late last night amid exactly what i said. i can never support a candidate of the united states was muslim and had not renounced central tenet of islam, sharia, law. does leslie have a point, david? should he have been more clear on sunday or does it matter? >> no, she doesn't. i watched at interview and looked at full context. i will say this dr. carson doesn't speak in sound bites. that is nature of who he is, but pick up an answer to chuck todd and take just the part of the whole answer. he does talk about the relationship between sharia and the constitution in full context and he goes on to explain it today. unfortunately in politics, and in a sound bite world, if you're explaining, they typically say you're losing n this case he is not because dr. carson reflects
7:36 am
what we in the west, free societies believe, that no theocracy or theocratic rule should overrule the rule of law and americans left, right, independent or otherwise, do not believe in theocracy which sharia compliance demands thee okaycracy. leslie, for instance right now -- bill: if you go back to what o'reilly was saying last night, don't fall into the trap. >> exactly. bill: don't get sucked into the hypotheticals about who is muslim and who is not. just like don't get sucked into physical appearances about whether or not who has the most energy during a debate stage. leslie, go ahead. >> well, i would agree we shouldn't fall into the trap about what a woman looks like when she is running for president and we don't pick on the guys for that, but and i don't think, what a person running for president's religion is matters to me. i believe in the practice of separation of church around state as we have been. bill: there is no -- >> there is no separation of church and state under sharia,
7:37 am
leslie. >> david, let me finish. there is reality. we also shouldn't fall into the trap in a post-9/11 world, that all muslims, because the 19 on that plane -- >> never said that, leslie. >> american-muslims that would run for president would not be practicing sharia law and sharia law is not central tenet of islam. it is a way that it is practiced in certain countries which many mainstream modern american muslims considered to be perversion of their religion. >> tell me, country, leslie, practice, go on tv, dressed the way you are in for instance, saudi arabia use that as example after modern nation or possibly indonesia? >> well, actually, you can bo on television in dubai, in the united arab emirates where they had a female fighter pilot did not have her head covered, dropped literally bombs on isis and blew them away. i'm sure that if she were an american she would be a really great candidate for president, david.
7:38 am
bill: wow. we got to run. thanks for both of you to for coming on today. we'll see whether or not the arrangement continues or topic that foes away for now. >> let back to substance. bill: ultimately that is up to the candidates to determine that. >> and the press, thank you, leslie. you don't have to answer it. we can ask it. and you can say no comment. >> i'm with you on that. bill: thank you, leslie talk to you soon. martha: talk about the nfl now? see what happened last night? the jets actually put together two wins, two weeks in a row, stunning the colts last night, and maybe even their own fans. the defensive line showed up big-time last night, tearing it up against the colts. star quarterback andrew luck was intercepted first series. he would have four more takeaways before this is over. jets quarterback who has been impressive first two games, quite an impressive offensive line, ryan fitzpatrick, with a
7:39 am
td toss to brandon marshall. i was a little tired this morning, printing super bowl tickets in new york. that is all it takes apparently. martha: what is more depressing than the jets over the past 10 years? bill: new york knicks. martha: well -- stick with football for the moment. nice to see they're showing signs of life. bill: well-done, jets. new concerns about russia's military moves. reports that moscow started flying drones on spy missions over syria. so ask yourself, what is vladmir putin up to? and is he just beating us to the cause in syria today? talk about that. >> and a verdict in the case of a man accused of shoving his wife off of a cliff. her family is now speaking out about the jury's decision. >> this was a guilty verdict that meant more to us than just getting justice for tony.
7:40 am
7:41 am
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7:43 am
bill: this is a hearing going on right now, senate armed services committee. retired army general david petraeus moments ago apologizing for sharing classified information with his then mistress and biographer at the time, paula broadwell. this we believe his first public testimony since resigning a director of cia. this is what he said moments ago. watch and listen. >> four years ago i made a serious mistake, one that brought discredit on me and pain closest to those, to those closest to me. it was a violation of the trust placed in me in a breach of the values to which i had been committed throughout my life. there is nothing i can do to undo what i did. i can only say, again, how sorry i am to let, to those i let down and strife to go forward with a greater sense of humility and purpose and with gratitude to
7:44 am
those who stood with me during a very difficult chapter in my life. bill: he has issued an apology that i can remember, but it was, it was a paper statement. i don't remember a time when he went on camera or during a hearing where he had apologized like this, so. that is quite a moment for a man who served this country with such distinction for so long. david petraeus on the hill, senate side. martha: back to the conversation at this hour as well, so there is new concerns from the department of defense about russia's military build-up in syria and general petraeus spoke about it a moment ago as well. there are reports that surveillance drones are now joining the mix. according to "the new york times," those drones are in addition to more than 40 russian airplanes and helicopters on the scene now in syria. nine tanks, and 500 plus people on the ground. this is what vladmir putin put in place in a very strong way in syria. joined by general jack keane,
7:45 am
retired four-star general, former vice chief of staff the army, chairman of institute of study of war and fox news military analyst. general keane, welcome back. good to see you as always. >> good to be here, martha. martha: want your initial thoughts, i don't know if you heard general petraeus moments ago but he issued an apology and i would like to hear your thoughts on that and then i can share with you what he said about syria. >> certainly, you know i have a very close relationship with him. he is a dear friend. the contribution he made to this country as commander of our forces in iraq and afghanistan, director of the cia is indisputable. he made a mistake. owe paid for that mistake, and i really believe, martha, he has much to offer of our country in terms of understanding national security policy and particularly the middle east. martha: he spoke about syria. here is what he said just a few moments ago, an hour ago now. he called syria the geopolitical chernobyl. he said fallout from the
7:46 am
meltdown will be fet for decades. interpret that for us. >> well i think it is basically true. the arab spring came to syria like it did to tunisia, libya and egypt. the problem in syria is because nothing was truly done to significantly help rebel forces to help try to overthrow this brutal dictator. the radicals fell in on syria. the al qaeda affiliate, if it was not for the chaos in syria, al qaeda who reemerged in iraq after our forces pulled out, would not have been able to establish a sanctuary or base of operations in syria. it is from syria they expanded into several other countries and syria they develop ad worldwide following. from syria they were able to invade iraq. that is what he is talking about syria, what is has done not attending to the problem early on, it contributed to massive problems in the middle east and also the migration crisis we're now seeing unfolding.
7:47 am
>> former soviet union has very strong relationship with syria of course. it is a very important sort of beachhead for them in the middle east. and they share a lot of resources and now it appears that vladmir putin has decided that since nobody is showing any signs of stopping him, he might as well go ahead and put a lot of militaryware on the ground in syria. we've seen crimea and ukraine. is syria next. >> you put the finger right on it. this is a 60-year relationship means a lot to the russians. this is a foothold in the middle east. they have naval base here already. assad has been pressured by rebel forces succeeding steadily almost a year. he lost political support among his base which alawhites. so here comes russia establishing a airbase in syria to prop up the regime. that is his primary reason being there. he will have another narrative to fight isis. let's make no mistake about it, to prop up the regime.
7:48 am
he will use this as influence in the region at large at the same time the u.s. is diminished in the region because we're disengaging in the region and all of our allied friends are looking for other countries to gain leverage against iran. that is really what is happening. martha: we've seen a brutal crackdown by assad in syria. we've seen brutality at work in crimea and ukraine as well, led, many people believe by vladmir putin. we heard president obama say that if the red line was crossed with that kind of brutality, that we wouldn't just stand by. as we all know we absolutely did stand by. so you know what next? you know, what are you looking for when you look at the next president or possible president in terms of what they might do at this late date in all of this? >> well, we clearly have to reexamine our strategy as it pertains to assad and also as it pertains to isis. we saw general alston's
7:49 am
testimony last week and clearly with we were trying to do in syria in terms of the arming and equiping rebel force, we only have nine fighters is a failure. that is unmistakable. i know the administration is now reconsidering what to do in syria and maybe arming syrian kurds better. also putting together another sunni travel force in syria. we have to take a look at iraq. we put iraq first over syria. i always thought that was a mistake. we know now, i think it is also indisputable that the iraqi forces are not going to take mosul back anytime soon, not going to take ramadi back anytime soon. this whole strategy has to be relooked at in terms of application of resources, our resolve to bring it to completion and what will we do about mr. assad in damascus. martha: we sit back and watch as putin strengthens his hand there. thank you very much, general. always good to see you. >> good talking to you, martha. bill: jenna lee coming up next on "happening now." good morning.
7:50 am
what are you cooking up? >> by this time we know wisconsin governor scott walker dropped out of the race for the white house. he urged other candidates to do the exact same thing. is this part of a new effort to displace donald trump from the top. >> we'll ask that question. disturbing new details how big that volkswagen scandal is really. the company's stock lost a third of its value. we learned 11 million cars may be giving fake pollution reads. the lawyers will take up the case. dow down 300 points, bill. bill: not the best. thanks for the great news. >> it will be a great show. [laughing] bill: hours from now pope francis arrives in the u.s. he will honor the victims of 9/11 attacks during a visit to ground zero. we'll talk to the head of the 9/11 memorial what that means next. don't miss that. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base.
7:51 am
how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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bill: we're about five hours away from pope francis's arrival in washington, d.c. we talked about his visit wednesday and a little bit on thursday. on friday here in new york city a lot of stops in manhattan. 8:30, united nations general assembly address. we'll carry that live for you here. mass at msg, madison square garden is later in the day. after the united nations it is down to ground zero and 9/11 memorial which is always such a tender moment for our country. joe daniels president of the september 11th memorial museum. nice to see you in person. always great to us downtown. thanks for coming uptown today. >> you bet. bill: this must be one huge honor for you and those that work there. >> i think it is our biggest most important visit yet. if you think what happened at
7:55 am
this place at ground zero, to have this open come and give a message of peace in an interfaith multireligious setting it feels historic. bill: seven years ago, eight years ago, when benedict was down there, really searing images from benedicts down there. that is before you developed the way you have. there is a bible fused on steel, is that right? >> unwith of the last artifacts found at the site, literally a bible fused into steel. one page that is visible talks about two things. one is the idea of an eye eye when it comes to justice. the other is turning the other cheek that is the only page visible, fused into iron from the trade center. bill: holy cow. >> amazing. bill: cross at ground zero. it means a lot. >> world trade center cross inspired so much spirituality and faith during the nine month recovery period. to show pope francis this special artifact. it is incredible and we're
7:56 am
excited to do it. >> how do you think will affect him? so people people never been to the u.s. before. so many people go there for the first time, how do they react? >> my sense when you're in that space, you've been down there before, when you're in that space in the museum and you see the perimeter of the towers and see at this facts and it can be over whelming. he chose to come here to deliver a message of peace to the world about what unites us, rather than divides us, with representatives of all other major religions, it will be powerful. bill: joe, thank you for coming in. friday morning 11:30. joe daniels. thanks. martha: look forward to that. governor scott walker as you may have heard taken an exit stage right from this campaign. second republican to drop out of the campaign for president. he calls on others to follow him. he took a parting shot at none other than than donald trump.
7:57 am
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you because, frankly, we knew you would respond. a 10-year-old was killed tragically in a boating accident this past june. his family wanted to do something positive, so they've created a movement called kindness for christopher. it is not a fundraiser, it is just a simply request that on the 24th of every month people do something kind for someone they don't know in little christopher's memory. they want those kindnesses to be his legacy. you can share your story about what you did on kindness for christopher g. on facebook, so good inspiration added to do something nice for somebody on the 24th. thanks for being here, everybody. "happening now" starts next. ♪ ♪ jon: and then there were 15. republicans left in the 2016 race for the white house. wisconsin governor scott walker is throwing in the towel and urging fellow republicans to do the same so the party can come together around a few


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