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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we'll be on your floor. jon: sales force. jenna: i mean, obviously it can really affect the environment. jon: yeah. or it can make you crank sy if you don't get free food in your office. jenna: we're hungry. it is our lunch break. see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, andrea tantaros, host of "kennedy" on our sister network, fox business's kennedy herself. co-host of "fox & friends first" ainsley earhardt. today's #oneluckyguy, nfl hall-of-famer, three-time veteran super bowl quarterback, and author and entrepreneur, fran tarkenton. his latest book, turning life's setbacks into wins. we remind fran in our huddle he is you'd r outnumbered. >> this is terrible shore for me to be here among these women.
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i'm envy of america. >> bless you. >> wonderful. >> you have on some purpose people eater purple. >> purpose peel people pell eaters of minnesota. >> harris assigned to me. >> university of georgia, red and black. >> i was from minnesota. >> you lived in minnesota? >> i did, in the twin cities. >> wow. >> you are loved, my friend. >> i went to minnesota and played there in 1910. >> no. >> i just love football players. yeah, who doesn't. >> i bet football players love you. >> i can tell you, they do. >> that's sweet. i was thinking of it in a different way. good to have you. flashing up pictures of you right now. we see you. >> that is old school football. >> you had quite a career. >> i played in the very first became in the history of the minnesota vikings, 1961. they were what they call a new franchise team. they paid $300,000 for the team, the owners did.
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now the team is worth $3 billion. >> wow. >> so it is kind of fun to play in very first game of such a great franchise. we have fans, as all teams do all over the country. >> absolutely. >> in our first payment against the chicago bears, monsters of the midway, we were 28-point underdog. expansion team never won a game in their first year. we beat them 37-13 in this young 21-year-old quarterback from georgia completed 17 of 21 passes for 23yards. he threw for four touchdown passes, ran for another. i don't remember much about it because i am 75 years old. >> you had incredible television career we'll get to later in the show. >> all right. good to have you. we'll go. then there were 15. the republican field for president shifting big time. scott walker, one-time iowa frontrunner by a lot has officially suspended his race for the white house in 2016.
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he is the second gop candidate to do that. with his poll numbers plummeting and cash flow drying up but he is not going out quietly. in his announcement wisconsin governor walker made the unusual move for calling some of the other candidates to drop out as we, quote, to clear the field to take on the current front-runner donald trump, whom he would not name. syndicated columnist charles krauthamer is calling walker's surprise exit remarkable and patriotic and explaining what he believes behind his epic reversal of fortune. >> he peaked early. it is not just a process of it. when he peaked early, he was way out ahead from the one great speech he made in iowa he then played safe. he was sitting on a lead, early lead? one state and all hinged on iowa. he said if he didn't win iowa he would have to reconsider. when he knew he disappeared in iowa it was over. >> walker's exit as i just mentioned leaving a field of 15 republican candidates.
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it sents up a freeding frenzy for his staffers and deep pocket reporters. marco rubio picked up washer's state co-chair in new hampshire after walker decided to quit. kennedy, i'm curious to know, why do you think he did it now? >> i have a great deal of him saying he had a calling to get out of the race encouraging other people to get out as well. what we've seen, these debates really matter in galvanizing opinion one way or other. in crowded field only showcase to contrast candidates side by side. he was not living up to the contrast. as early frontrunner you stay a little longer in the race, the fact he didn't is incredible signal how kay to the i can it is right now. certainly it is interesting for us. we'll see if other candidates heed that call. >> fran, you're thoughts? >> i'm a great believer. you have to see the signs and the signs are reality. scott walker looked at reality.
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this isn't working i'm not going to be the guy, he got out and did a really good thing. >> his reality, sandra, you turning into somebody else's reality and calling on other candidates to quit. >> i wonder who he could be referring to. people are asking where his support is going. marco rubio is trying to get those voters as quickly as he can. this is interesting line i thought summed it up. a personality that was easily overshadowed. scott walker has incredible record in wisconsin but his personality was not able to show in the debates. he was not able to articulate that incredible record. also he made the mistake trying to please everyone. he was trying to please the base but trying to please the middle at the same time. in the end when you try to please everyone you lose everybody. that is unfortunately what happened. >> what people are pointing to, ainsley, are missteps he made on the ground in terms of a candidate, backing away from some issues, i'm not going to talk about that right now. >> when i was watching the
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second debate, he comes out saying blames the fact he only got two, three, questions, whatever it was. you can't make excuses. when you're up there on stage, that is time to shine. if the debate is over you didn't get a chance, chances are you are out of the race. i think we'll see more of this. it will be limited field by virtu of funding if you have $100,000 to give to candidate you will not give it to a candidate at bottom of the pack. that is a lot to give. he ran out of money, bottom line, he and rick perry said they both ran out of money. >> you will see a candidate use the word suspension for their campaign to hang on to delegates. every campaign has debt. they continue to try to fund raise as best they can beyond point of the debts as well, to make their candidates look more palatable. i'm wondering where his supporters, the voters will go in who aligns? >> you have to look at people most energized by scott walker and they would be directed
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during the debates. originally i thought they would go for another governor. we have plenty of governors in the race and none have been very caries mat i can and not done a great job disseminating their points of views. marco rubio has. we heard a lot about carly fiorina from the second debate and first of course. marco rubio had a nice boost after that second debate. i think that is where a lot of his reporters will go. >> we have break in for breaking news. the plane carrying pope francis. he is on the move to the united states. he is leaving cuba right now. he already boarded obviously. on his way, d.c., pennsylvania, new york. a lot of people waiting to greet the pope to see what he has to say while he is on american soil. we wanted to bring you these live pictures. it was moving a moment ago. like live television things change. it certainly is not going backwards. they will move and alert you to the fact that the pope is on his
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way after spending several days in cuba. he is set to be at the white house during his visit. he will be in new york at an interesting time. you have the united nations general assembly going on as well. there is a lot happening here. ainsley is smiling. >> a lot of traffic. >> a lot of traffic for those that live in new york. what that means for united states is a lot of news being made. we'll cover it when it happens. >> new reaction to the controversy over what two of the top republican candidates did and didn't say about muslims. dr. ben carson standing by his remarks he could not support a muslim being president of the united states. adding that he meant muslims who have not rejected islamic sharia law. listen to how he answered when asked about the controversy just a few hours ago. >> if people listened to that interview, they'll notice that said that anybody, regardless of their religion or affiliation,
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if they embrace american values and they place the constitution at the top level, then i'm supportive of them. that was what i said first. so, that part nobody heard. i said i would support anyone if, again, it seems to be hard for people to actually hear english and understand it. i said i would support anyone, regardless of the their background, if in fact they embrace american values. >> and donald trump, who faced criticism for not correcting a questioner who called president obama a muslim, said this to greta. >> if properly vetted the proper people, properly vetted going through an election, i think that anybody that is able to win an election will be absolutely fine. they would have to go through the long, hard process. it is a long, tough, road, greta. i can tell you.
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it really is very revealing. i would have no problem with it, no. >> in the meantime carly fiorina says carson's remarks were quote, wrong. that the constitution bars religion as a test for office and that shy would be fine with a muslim in the white house. okay, so, fran, what do you make of this? bill o'reilly says this manufactured controversy and i agree with bill. >> i totally agree. how about let's talk about health care which is going, just go off the wall in costs in another year? jocks, the middle class -- jobs, the middle class, people in poverty, having a better chance, opportunity to live the american dream and have more than handouts and food stamps. we educate them and we bring them out of their situation so they can live the american dream. that's what we should be talking about. >> yeah. >> i think dr. carson explained his talk beautifully. i could not add to it. it was well-said. >> ainsley, these type of gotcha
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questions, we were talking about scott walker a little while ago, he had same religion gotcha question. candidates need to learn and be prepared when they ask you gotcha questions to change from top issues. he said, in my estimation nothing wrong. >> i agree with you. when he says he wants to reject any president of the united states who would agree with sharia law, who, i think everyone would agree with him on that. i also agree with donald trump, let the voters decide. i agree with fiorina, faith helped her get through her cancer. get her through the loss of a child. they all three make excellent points. like you say, it is nonstarter. there is not even a muslim running for office. let's focus on other issues. >> kennedy this is the not time, ben carson understands that, republican base doesn't want to see meally-mouthed wish washchy walking things back but and i clarified but he needs to move on. >> this is great time to pivot
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and talk about health care for a second? i'm a doctor. i'm an expert about this. this is not a muslim believing in sharia law running for president of the united states. it is most strangely, mixed up, fabricated projected non-issue i see quite some time. this is, really interesting debate cycle. it is as you have said before, a nothing sandwich we're all starved for real issues and solutions and economic salvation. >> welcome to the arena. welcome to the arena, dr. carson. this is how the game is played. it isn't always focused on things that define us in terms of issues as voters. so on, so forth. andrea, i'm curious to know what you think about this. in my experience as journalist, this points to issue how worried potentially his opponent are about him across the political aisle? what are your thoughts on that? >> look, carly and you saw mitt romney candidate from last
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time around try to differentiate themselves from him. they will not jump to help him out but i admire ben carson, this is what happens when you say something. you have intimidation machine of the left that came after me all weekend for talking about the clock story when i said nothing wrong. they intimidate. they pulley. the problem with organizations like cair, they go after you to try to be the victim and aggressor. way they intimidate and agress i believe ben carson taking incoming like he wouldn't believe, probably first time he ever seen anything like this. i ad mir mime for -- >> republicans led themselves into the mess. this what happens with the hypocrisy of religious liberty argument. fbi staying tight-lipped about the probe into hillary clinton's personal email use. that they can not confirm or deny a investigation is taking place. are they stonewalling or is there more to the story.
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yet another high school football player accused of a dirty and dangerous play. we'll tell you what had this athlete watching off his face during the game. our #oneluckyguy, fran tarkenton will weigh in on that. even more about the culture of youth football. right after the show, catch more from the couch. this is chance to ask the legend anything they want. within reason. >> within reason. >> click the o.t. tab. start firing away, what you want to hear us talk more about. ♪ growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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♪ >> you're watching "outnumbered." we are glad that you are. is the fbi refusing to cooperate with the investigation into hillary clinton's private email use? a lawyer for the fbi wrote a terse letter monday to the state department saying, they can neither confirm nor deny any ongoing investigation. and can not provide any additional information. this even after a federal judge ordered the country's top law enforcement agency to talk with the state department about what it has gathered on clinton. ambassador john bolton says he believes the fbi is being so tight-lipped because there is potential the case could turn criminal. watch. >> the fbi doesn't have a general hunting license to
9:19 am
interest itself in classified information. to the extent it is investigating anything here, it is investigating possible violations of federal law that have criminal implications. that is why it is being so careful in this letter we're talking about, not that to tip its hand in a public way. >> your thoughts, fran. >> well, i just, i think she has a history of not telling the truth all the time. i think she has her own separate rules. and i wonder, where is bill clinton? is he in the witness protection program somewhere in we never hear from him, do we? to hear her roll her eyes, or see her roll her eyes one more time or smirk one more time, like, why are you asking me these questions? i'm above all that. >> yeah. >> now her unfavorable rating in new york where she was u.s. senator has gone tilt, 51% to 46%. kinds of reminds you of a guy from tennessee. >> interesting.
9:20 am
ainsley, it is interesting. if you look at some polling hillary clinton has stopped sliding the way she was, but at home, her last home, her recent and most home where she was a senator, she is in trouble. >> people don't trust her. if you look at polls, trustworthiness, honesty. it is down the tubes. people don't trust her. democrats are waiting for joe biden to run. they would like to see someone else run. going back to the investigation, we don't know the fbi is not investigating. they just are not saying if they are or they aren't. state department sent a letter to the attorney merry mccloud, refusing to admit whether or not they were investigating. it is interesting, because the fbi is refusing to talk to their parent department. the state department is above the fbi. >> now with a judge's order. >> exactly. i'm hoping that they are investigating because what is the harm in that? if she didn't do anything wrong she will be clear. if she did something wrong a lot of americans believe she did, she might be charged with a
9:21 am
criminal act. >> one thing i would say, andrea, we've been saying it for weeks here on "outnumbered," if they are going to charge her with something, and it is criminal, they better have their ducks in a row. the way they loosen case is starting to chat about it. you can understand why ambassador bolton and others are saying perhaps the fbi is, tight-lipped because they have to be. >> or the fb has orders from the white house to slow walk the scandal like they do everything else. i report to senator chuck grassley and came out and say, the fbi is acting if it is above the law on this one. they'rnot complying with a court order. they can not do that. it is not proper course of action. i go back to something i said, this is administrationwide scandal. now the fbi is acting if it is above the law. white house acting if it is above the law. hillary clinton acts if it is above the law. nothing will happen, harris. they will slow-walk on it. there will not be any charges.
9:22 am
don't hold your breath. >> that is true, ainsley, that doesn't help hillary clinton. that means she deals with it over and over. that helps the white house. >> that shows you a probably a great deal of acrimony between the clintons and obamas. the president doesn't see any worth in rushing it through, having the scandal settled because the longer it goes on the more emails come out, more daming for her politically, less likely, although joe biden hasn't said anything very quickly here. i agree with ambassador bowl ton on this, the fbi if there is criminal investigation. the state department has been party to politicization of this scandal. by keeping it away from the state department they are continuing to make it apolitical on their end. >> cover it as it happens. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is showing her softer side. did you see it on late-night tv? serenading the crowd with a song that she wrote about her dog.
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♪ >> gop presidential candidate carly fiorina right now giving a major foreign policy speech at the citadel military academy in charleston, south carolina, you're looking at that live, well last night she made an appearance on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon where she took a dig at donald trump. watch. >> donald trump recently said, that vladmir putin is saying he wants to meet with trump when he comes here. that he wants to sit down have a conversation with him. you've met putin. >> i have. two of them have a lot in common actually. [laughter] we'll leave it at that. >> former hp ceo showing her softer side. fallon mentioned that she sometimes sings songs that she makes up to her grandkids and her dogs. she offered to sing a few lines for the crowd. listen.
9:28 am
♪ i'm nick and i'm lazy, please don't take a walk with me. i rather stay right here at home instead, i i want to lie back dn in my nice warm bed. my name is snick and you will have to carry me ♪ >> i stayed up to watch it last night. kennedy, a little tired. i wanted to see her and thought she did really well. she was true carly. wasn't being something she wasn't. i thought song was cute and serious tone about putin knowing him. i thought it was great. >> she is really capitalizing on the momentum which is critical. someone going on it win has to do in moments. you have to weather the storm. and when momentum is on your side as george h.w. bush said the mighty mo. she has done a great job. she has gone to the low single digits and the cnn poll being in second place. >> fran, you have a history in television, i don't know if you
9:29 am
got to watch carly fiorina last night but how do you think she did as a guest on one-on-one, late night interview shows. >> i thought she was terrific. she is transparent. she is passionate. she is smart. she is strong. if i were trump i would be scared to death of carly fiorina. think she is the bomb, i really do. >> the, harris faulkner she didn't didn't bomb last night. i thought -- >> why do you say that when you come to me? >> good she also mentioned the fact she buried a child as well and she battled cancer. starting to talk about herself more which i think -- >> sat down with our own john roberts. you got that over the weekend and we had some on fox news sunday and "the fox report" on sunday night. she is starting to find comfort about that. someone who does shows every day, we though a difference between a guest who shows up looking for you to help them win
9:30 am
and guest who shows up to help you win. i put hillary clinton in that former category. you see people waiting to deliver the joke lines. they know her well enough, they have to pause to get her there. this, jimmy fallon was laughing. he felt comfortable with her. it is really difference in tone and comfortable in her own skin. you help somebody else win when you do that. >> she is very disciplined. i really admire that. you know what i think shows the most? she knows who she is. hillary clinton has no clue who she is. doesn't know if she should be sweet grandma, tough grandma, angry grandma, a victim, strong on. she is all over the map. carly fiorina isn't. >> i wrote down a list why i think americans like her. she is not the washington establishment. she came from behind. in the first debate you remember she was in the low tier debate. didn't even -- >> earlier than prime. >> earlier than prime debate. she has come back. everyone loves the underdog. she was ceo, female. women love that she was a leader.
9:31 am
she had cancer. a lot of people can relate to that. she lost a child. many can relate to that. she is honest about reasons for that. she also has dogs. who doesn't love dogs. democrats and republicans loves that she sings a song to her grandchildren about her dogs. she is smart to sing that song. >> what is the dog quotient, fran? >> i'm a dog man. i love dogs. everybody, we love our dogs. you know hillary is all scripted. totally scripted. >> she is a realperson! she had to remind john dickerson, i'm a real person. >> i'm not a robot. >>carly fiorina is just the real deal. i mean she is genuine. she is transparent. i think when we see her on those shows like last night, we see carly fiorina. that is who she is. that is what america wants to know. i think, i think could be great to have a women president of the united states. >> on flip side of this how, just on the flip side, how will she handle tougher questions if
9:32 am
they come about her tenure and departure from hp. >> she has been doing that with the press. taking press conference after press conference. goes to show in the spotlight you either blossom or wither, a contrast between carly fiorina and scott walker. >> not fair to hillary clinton. she has a dog too. she is married to him. >> oh. [laughter]. >> shocking new study raising fresh concerns about player safety after revealing a stunning number of former pros who suffered from a degenerative brain disease. what does the mean for the future of the sport? we'll ask fran. we showed you last week this dirty play from high school football player in new jersey hitting an opponent with his own helmet. another incident making people shake their heads. through usaa, i know a fair price.
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rubut then i got ap domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional, i just got my first customer who isn't related to me. get a domain, website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy. ♪ >> whew, football season now in full swing. but with all the touchdowns and
9:37 am
hard hits come a disturbing new study on brain injury. pbs reported that researchers studied dozens of deceased professional players. 96% of the proses had sign of cte, a repetitive disease called by repetitive brain injuries. repeated minor hits to the head over and over again. this coming months after the decision by nfl to pay a billion dollars to settle about 5,000 lawsuits by former players. so, can this sport ever really be safe? if only we had a hall of fame quarterback on the couch. wait a second, fran tarkenton. so were players who played when you started out in the '60s, were they safe every than the players now? >> yes. because, we didn't have epidemic of performance-enhancing drugs which make the people bigger, stronger, faster. collisions are greater than ever before. and the protocol to test for
9:38 am
that in college football and pro football is just not there. the players association is not -- >> not testing for drugs or the -- >> performance-enhancing drugs which makes these people, 40, 50, 60-pound heavier. nobody wants to talk about. we've seen it in bicycling and swimming and track. all the stuff, other sports. baseball. they had people hit buildings 73 home runs and 70 home runs. now they hit 40 home runs. they have a protocol of testing today for peds. the nfl does not. they need to have that. will that make the game completely safe? make it a lot safer than it is today because now you're seeing players such a linebacker in san francisco, 24 years old, led the team in tackling. gave away who have of his bonus back to the team, said i can not play anymore because i don't want to go through what i have go to go through. code word, i don't want to juice like i've got to juice.
9:39 am
>> offensive and defensive lineman constantly running into each other. they're the ones at big risk. we assume the players especially quarterbacks that take massive saks and get knocked out and those are ones were greater risk for cte, but turns out players with minor hits over and over again. >> i had two concussions. luckily i didn't. i went back in and play. if you go back in play and get another concussion on top of that. luckily i didn't get it had. linemen and linebackers, defensive backs, runningbacks are betting hit in the head all the time. that causes problems. >> fran, can i ask you too about the equipment? players say they're getting hit with helmets like missiles, compared to the old leather interior helmets. i don't think we have to go that far back. they have changed a lot. >> helmet is three or four times heavier than the helmet i wore in the '60s and '70s. it's a missile and it's a
9:40 am
weapon. they lead with the helmet. they're trying to legislate against that but people still hit people with the helmet. i said, i don't think you go all the way back, in early days of football we had leather helmets. put leather helmet on the guys who are so stuff, they won't hit people in the head with a leather helmet. something needs to be done in that regard also. i really think the players association, the national foot league, ought to get serious about protocol to test for performance-enhancing drugs because they are epidemic in college football and pro football and nobody want to talk about it. >> fran, i want to show you video how one kid used his helmet. there are several different stories and kids what they're doing on the field. more bad behavior from high school football players. a in california, accused of reaching under opponent's face and smearing icy hot all over the opponents face.
9:41 am
you see the play in question. whatever happened sending players in the sidelines, looks like excruciating pain to get his face watched off. this after a high school player ripped an open points helmet off his head. it's a missile. striking the other player with the helmet, leaving him with 10 stitches in had is head. earlier this month, you remember these two incidents in texas, involving referees. in this one the players deliberately gang tackling a official during the game. they're claiming their coach gave them the order to do this. what happened to our kids, from fran? who is to blame, coaches, parents kids? >> all of us. back in my day, you do whatever the coach tells you to do. the coaches yelled and screamed and you were, pads in every day. having head-on tackles and physical and all these things. they wanted you to be all of that. and today these coaches, they are coaching at high school level or kids level, 10 to 12 years old i go to see some of these practices, they were just
9:42 am
yelling screaming and driving these people to be aggressive and have the big hit. >> right. >> in the case of, i do not believe the kids hit the referee. i never heard of this. but hit the referee without the coach telling them. >> really. >> if high school players if that coach tells us to jump off a 20-story building we jump off a 20-story building. we're so enamored with the coach and want to be a football player, the be tough, girls like us better because we play football. >> andrea, i i want to pivot to something as well, girls like us and we're tougher, you talk about the violence. that violence translated off the field into domestic violence issues in the nfl. >> please, yes. >> you how do you think the nfl handled situation if at all? >> i think roger goodell made a mistake. he said i failed on the deal
9:43 am
with running back -- >> ray rice. >> ray rice in baltimore. so, and then he changed. and but we're seeing domestic violence practiced and we're seeing them have second chances and third chances, not getting really punished that much. i think if, there is no tolerance should be zero tolerance for domestic abuse, in the nfl or anywhere else in society. we don't have zero tolerance policy these guys, do have domestic abuse, they abuse women and get back, four-game suspension, six-became sus send and they're back. >> you think more spike of violence. >> i think we're more aware of it. you have women coming out, you know, women don't could not out and talk about because i don't know what is happening with other women. publicity because of what happened with this, more women will come out to acknowledge it. i think it is out there. it is certainly not being
9:44 am
reported as it should be. and, but again, the nfl, college football, society should have zero tolerance. >> does it go back to growing up? i look at high school players beating each other with their helmets or pushing a ref, if we did that go up, my dad would have my neck. you need to respect authority. need to respect the coach. you need to know right from wrong. these kids are 15 to 18 years old and don't respect authority. they're not following the rules. they don't know right from wrong. >> they're following the coach, he said. >> we had much more respect for authority when i was coming up. >> i agree. big consequence. >> we have big money, television, all the people, celebrations this and that, we get attention if we have the big hit. or we, saying terrell owens, remember when he was playing? he got all that attention by being dysfunctional person. he thrived on all that.
9:45 am
we have element of people who want to go do that to bring attention to themselves. and they become individuals. and in football, teams win. individuals don't. as a team -- >> most things in life teams win. >> how about in america? we come together as america, as one nation to try to solve our problems, rather than yell and scream at the, called bad names at the other party. same thing. >> thank you, fran. sometimes life can knock you down but the people who get back up and they push on, like two of our republican presidential candidates can sometimes end up being the most successful people. our one lucky guy is weighing in how failure can actually make you better. plaque psoriasis...
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's go to jenna lee in second hour of "happening now." hi, jenna. jenna: pope francis just left cuba. he called for revolution of tenderness on his final day. he is headed to washington, d.c. and visit philadelphia and new york city this week. we will have a live report. e.u. passing a measure would relocate 120,000 migrants across europe. that means everyone of the nations will have to take some refugees. several eastern europeanmation nations opposed to that.
9:50 am
meet 100-year-old man who set five world records at san diego track meet. all he had to eat before the track meet was friday macaroni and cheese. is that the key to long life, harris, friday macaroni and cheese fried macaroni and cheese. >> thank you. >> we had our failures. including two presidential candidates. carly fiorina was fired as ceo of hewlett-packard and back in 2005, but fran tarkenton said the failures helped them to grow and become more successful. he is author of new book, power of failure, succeeding in the age of innovation. fran, your first two companies, you write, they flopped. you lost three of the first five supers bowls. you say you never learn from winning. you learn the most from failure. why? >> i learned everything from losing.
9:51 am
when i won a football game we would celebrate together for the night. and have dinner together. a few beverages together. tell each other how great we were. if we lost, i didn't go out. stayed at looked at film. what did i not do? how did i not prepare? everybody i ever known in every walk of life, we understand failure is part of success. most of the things we try don't work. you great ladies here, got here not just because you walked in here to become professional newscasters and journalists. you worked at it a long, long time. you had to go through the process. most people want to find the silver bullet. there is no silver bullet. you have to go to work. you have to be transparent. you have to be helpful and curious and when you do that you learn things from failure if you accept the failure and own the failure, then, if you blame other people, doesn't work. >> can i ask you a question because i am always curious when people learn from failure as you're saying, what they do
9:52 am
differently the next time? is there something you do every day, no matter what happens? >> first of all i wake up in the morning with a sense desperation. i have an energy and i want to see reality. i want to do things. i want to reach out. i want to talk. i want to listen. i want to ask questions and through that process you do become smarter. you do become more relevant. i don't care who you are, big companies, we've seen become irrelevant, ibm can not grow. coca-cola can not grow because we lose the ability to do things and, we procrastinate. we have committee meetings. government is that, republicans, democrats, on each side gnarling at each other and don't come together as a team to go out and do great things for the american people, to make us better. and that is what it is all about. and so it is a process, if you don't go do things you will not fail. like carly fiorina and even trump.
9:53 am
they have had failures. everybody, successful has failures and you learn from those failures and you move on. >> sounds like too that desire to win and fear of failure is what is playing into this professional sports epdep mick of drugging and narc kicks. so they can win every time and not learn lessons you learned. >> and also making tens of millions of dollars. >> book is fantastic. >> thank you. >> now time to open up the vault for a trip back to the '80s. love the '80s. when our one lucky guy was host of a hit tv show and introduced the world to a kid who grew up to one of the world's biggest sports stars. you don't want to miss this. it is incredible. ♪ across america, people... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®.
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♪ >> fran tarkenton is not just a football legend. he hosted one of the most popular tv shows of the '80s, "that's incredible." it was my favorite. people showing unusual stunts and including those of a young tiger woods. he was so cute. watch. [applause] this is he will district tiger woods. he is an accomplished golfer. he wins tournaments on regular basis.
9:58 am
shot close to par on 18-hole courses. incredibly, tiger here is only five years old. >> ah. you discovered tiger woods, fran tarkenton. >> your producer woody frazier, discovered tiger woods. he was on our show. woody said do you think he will be great? he is five years old. his dad was on top of him all the time. i said, dad will ruin him. his dad made him. his dad was a great father. and tiger hasn't been the same tiger since his dad died. >> that's right. >> he did a great job with him. >> who was your favorite guest on "that's incredible"? >> muhammad ali. >> why? >> he was such a fifth to sport and this country. he was demented by the time he got to us. but a wonderful, great guy. i was with him. he didn't, he didn't read or write but he spoke beautifully and he was brilliant. he was remarkable, as great an
9:59 am
athlete as we produced in this country. he was special and we loved having him on the show. >> fran, i'm curious, did you ever find yourself over a guest or a situation saying, that is incredible? >> oh, a lot, we had craziest things on this show. >> it was the best. i loved the ghost stories too. >> one time, woody frazier, her producer, producer of the show. they had an elephant and lay down on the floor to have the elephant step over me. i said, i'm not about to do that. elephant sees, he will miss your body. you get the elephant to tell me that and i will let him step over me. i didn't do it. >> tiger out for season. back surgery. will he come back to win a major. >> i don't think so. >> if he sit on fran tarkenton's lap. i think he will. >> so great to have you. the power of failure is the book. it is an excellent read. you made us lucky being here. you're a #oneluckyguy. we're greatful. >> thank you so much. y'all have been terrific.
10:00 am
>> stick around for the web version of us? i am. >> owe tee, baby? >> oh, yeah. >> we're on the web live in a few seconds. we're back with the tv version of us. "happening now" starts now.


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