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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 22, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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version of us? i am. >> owe tee, baby? >> oh, yeah. >> we're on the web live in a few seconds. we're back with the tv version of us. "happening now" starts now.
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does he have to look at possibility of president hillary clinton or bernie sanders and saw that is not where the democratic party should is be? >> he's not the only democrat thinking that. and the the deadline for biden is in a couple of weeks, the first presidential debate and come off of a successful
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announcement and be next to sanders and i will be the guy to preserve obama's legacy because i worked side boy side, that is attractive argument to democrats. >> can't camp hillary clinton say i am the obvious heir. i fought for health care in my husband's first term and i was his secretary of state four years. >> more so the latter. and when you hear hillary clinton on the stump, she distances herself from obama. i am not running for a thir term for my husband's legacy or obama. i am running for my first term. that's the line they said in the annual convention over the weekend. joe biden, he would have to contend with thats a debate. turn around time for a grieving father to announce a presidential campaign and
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within two weeks go on the debate stage and there are high stakes there. >> there are signs that hillary clinton and people around her are trying to prevent joe biden from intr entering the race. there is a lot of reports that clinton camp is annoyed and trying to dissuade him. if you are joe biden, this is good politically because it is an acknowledgment that you are going to be a desrupture and shake things up. and it is a sign of weakness from the clintons. if they are afraid of the position to run the campaign against biden. imagine if he enters the race and clinton has to counter attacks from the sitting vice-president of the united
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states. >> disrupters are popular on the republican side. and we'll see what happens on the democratic side. just a few hours from now in iowa hillary clinton is set to unveil a plan to make prescription drugs more affordable including a cap on drug talks and biotech stocks are falling over the plan. and she will expand obama care. she was vocal the other day saying she will not let republicans replace or repeal obama care. how dice is a position, shera for her to stake that out at this point? >> she's trying to win the democratic nomination at this point and you do surveys that are done of the democratic party as a whole. most people say they are happy with obama care. this is her goal to win the
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nomination and if joe biden gets in the race, he will not distance himself from obama care. he said it was an accomplishment on words i can't repeat on national television. there is not a lot of distance between her and the other candidates or the top activist on this. the general election might be a different story. >> obama care among the general population is not popular as it is among the democratic faithful. >> it is a issue for the democratic nominee. if you elect republican millions will lose health insurance and that is why it is pfrpt for the republicans to have a replacement plan. and scott walker had one and he dropped out. it is incumbent on the republicans to have a plan of
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their own. >> it is fascinating and we'll see if vice-president biden will get in. thank you, both. >> and now a now hours from now. pope francis is scheduled to arrive on u.s. soil for the first time for his historic visit to america. the pontiff will visit symbols of american democracy and white house and capitol building and new york city and independence mall in pennsylvania. excitement is building and we have live fox team coverage. and we begin with peter doocey. peter? >> reporter: jenna, the president comes here to st. andrews to fly out of town. and we saw air force run doing training runs and hardly comes to greet a visiting leader. only time was to greet the french president before they
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went to virginia. and so today is a special occasion and the pope is on the way from cuba and here's how it will go down in the end of that flight. soon as the pope's plan land, bishop will board and then they descend. and then pope francis will take his first ever steps on u.s. soil and say hello to president obama and visit biden and the governor from virginia and maryland. and something interesting about this arrival on a runway reserved for the most advapsed military. the pope is flying commercial. the vatican has a deal worked out with the italian carrier who makes arrangements to charter the air bus just like europeans. and on these trips, it looks
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different. the pope gets a first-class row and the press in the past. he chats with reporters and keeping it casual as a pope can with fly anything there is a lot of the security when he arrives in the grouvenltd and so much where the air are base is. and school buses may be delayed as well protected motorcades head to dc. >> and it will be interesting to watch. and as we just heard. his historic visit is largest event the homeland security has seen. and all hands are on deck. the secret service is taking the lead with security. and plans have been in the works for months and secret service have visited the vatican to see
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how the pope interacts with crowds and the faa banning drones in washington, new york and philadelphia until pope francis leaves. this restrictions is making it illegal to fly anything more complex than a paper airplane. make note of that. >> flight restrictions. and how would you like to be a flight attendant. >> i am a nervous flyer but if you are with the pope what do you wor about? >> obama administration shares the views of pope francis on climate change and there have been disagreements over the years putting the white house against the church. >> reporter: last-minute preparations are here in the a postollic nuncancy. and the vatican's diplomatic
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residence. he will come here 50. and he will seek badly needed rest in his busy iternary. and much is written about the pope's controversial views and no doubt both political parties attempting to may hay for their own political advantages. >> it is only normal that the poll tigs make capitol and it is interesting, and gratifying to see so many politicians sit up and pay attention to the pope. they are quoting the pope and trying to feel like they get them on their side. >> reporter: pope francis's position are not compartmentalized in one party or other. democrats like the fact he smoke out with manmade climate change and social justice and redistribution of policies and unchecked capitalism. and many conservatives like the
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idea that he opposes same- sex marriage and contraception and fetal tissue research. and said homosexual behavior is immoral but every homosexual should be treated with respect and love and cardinal, he said it is a response to the mercy of god and something that neme any political party can understand. >> the holy father wants to create great dilog and whether it is a president or political leaders of any time and economic leaders, the church is always going to put a priority on principles over policy. >> reporter: jon, jenna suggested the security is tight as anything we havine in years. already the grid locked city will be much worse than that.
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i suspect motorist will be seeking the folk's forgiveness over the words uttered. myself among them. >> we appreciate doug's candor, of course. as the battle over planned parent hood goes on in washington, the senate held a vote on the abortion related issue. and out come and if the pope will comment. and david pet petraeus talking today. and are you disappointed that scott walker dropped out of the race and do you agree with him other single candidates, it is time for them to get out as well and align along with someone other than don would trump.
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you pay your auto insurance every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. senate democrats are
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blocking a bid to stop most late term abortion. it is a threat of a government shutdown still looms. and mike emmanuel is watching it all. mike? >> reporter: this would ban most abortion after 26 weeks. and here is the final pitch for support. >> we in this chamber are never going to agree on the abortion quiet. but if a unborn child reached the point of reaching pain, that child's life deserves protection. >> three pro-life democrats voted in favor of the bill. two pro-choice republicans, susan collins of main and
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illinois voted against. it separating the issue from abortion from the funding fight. tim cane said nothing in my catholic faith suggests that i support legislation that violates the constitution. i support the constitution so help me god and the senate's top democrat called it a waste of time. >> the republicans are willing to take our government hostage to try to score political points>> reporter: . >> reporter: mitch mcconnell introduced a bill to redirect money from planned parent hood
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to health centers. >> interesting timing, mike, thank you. retired army general david petraeus raises a red flag on syria and telling law makers that progress is inadequate and warns that the u.s. must take a harder stance against syrian president assad. >> syria is a chernobyl. spewing instability over the region. and like a nuclear disaster, the fallout threatens to be with us for decades and the longer it is permitted to continue, the more severe the damage will be. >> these were petraeus first public words and testimony as he stepped down as cia director. and apologized for the events that led to his resignation.
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>> four years ago i made a mistake. it was a violation of the trust placed in me and the breach to the values i committed throughout my life. and there is nothing to do to unto what i did, i can say how sorry i am to those i let down and then strive to go forward with a greater sense of humility and purpose and with gratitude to those who stood with me in a difficult chapter in my life. >> petraeus resigned after admitting to an affair with paula broadwell. he was fined hundred thousand dollars. >> and osare car pistorias is heading to court against.
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and most people can't say they hold a world record but most don't live to 100. we'll ask our guest what his secret is just ahead.
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>> oscar pistorias heading back to court where he will tried again for murder for shooting his girlfriend in 2013. pistorias was found get of manslaughter last year. prosecutors want that verdict re-examined and a higher charge attached to it. and the five judge panel will hear that case in november. reaction coming in from the relatives in the deadly salmonella out break tied to
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peanut butter. the ceo got the toughest punishment. the 28 year prison term is a life sentence for the 61 year old client. the victim's families are applauding the sentence. the outbreak in 2008 and 9 killed nine people and sickened hundreds of others. investors riding a roller coaster and the dow is plunging more than 200 points and down 269. and stocks took a big hit in europe. the price of oil also fell sharply. >> and now for a good news. five world records 100 meter dash in less than 20 seconds and another amazing things. don is 100 years old and joining
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us now on on the phone to talk about these remarkable records. 100 years old and you break the record how do you feel today? >> pretty good. it has been two days sense and i feel good and getting back to normal will takes a bit but i feel good. >> how did you get in to compote nothing track-and-field? >> i have been compoting for 30 years. >> how did you get into it? >> myleddest son told me why don't you try the senior olympics and i didn't know what it was. i entered a senior olympicses in a local meet and beat the state champion in my first meet and he said go into the state meet and you will win them all. and i did that in 1970 and competed in the arkansas search limb lips and since that time i have been in 127 of them and i
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was a high point man for 30 years and now have is 895 medals and they are all gold except five. >> that's amazing. what is the key to your success, don? >> people ask what you attribute be success and i say four words. eat sensible and exercise. and so those are the thing you do. eat sensibly and keep your weight down and exercise every time you get a chance. >> wait a minute, i read in the new york times, the only thing you had to eat before the competition was fried macand cheese. i eat lightly before a meet. a light breakfast and works out fine. >> what is your favorite event. we are showing photos of you
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pole vaulting and sprinting. how do you keep yourself healthy? >> exercising almost every day if nothing more than a long walk and i jog once a week and throw the shot put and disus. and high jumping and pole vaulting, the only time i do that is at meets and so, not much chance for practicing. and most outstanding thing about my whole career, i never had a trainer or coach and did it all on my own. >> that is inspirational >> i know you turned 100 in august. as you reflect over your 100 years and what's to come next, what do you think, don of your life? what stands out most to you?
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>> what stands out most to you 100 years that you had on the planet and the years left to come, what is your favorite memory and stands out most to you. >> i run a few of them. industrial wise, i had a great part in the power program and got the men to the moon and back. we made parts for the apollo mission and they were successful. the apollo mission was complicated engineering feat and i was part of it. that is the high point of my work career and i had successful family and friends and relatives. and all has worked well. it is been a good life. i have no complaints. >> we look forward to the next event and i love the san francisco hat that you wear.
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and i am from san francisco. >> they didn't do too well last year. and so they made the championship in 10, 12, and 14, and maybe 16 will be a good year. >> we look forward to talking to you, again, don. thank you for calling. >> he broke that hundred meter dash record three seconds. >> he anyhow he did it in practice. >> that is going to stand for a while. >> gives us all something to work for. >> won't be that long for me. >> governor jerry brown is taking a new approach to helping the golden state recover. but could rain help out first? >> plus, the pope not the only world leader arriving in the u.s. and china's president is on the ground. and the new warning about improving the country's economy. e was almost always on my mind.
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>> it is not just the pope arriving in this country today. the chinese president touching down for his first official state visit. he's in seattle meeting with ceo's amid concerns over cyber security and then to washington and china's wobbly economy. james >> on the day when the head of
10:35 am
the international monetary fund is warning that slowing economic growth in china is improving the prospects, white house chief economist tells reuteres that the u.s. will urge him to avoid shart cuts. and not do quick fixes. and using your exchange rate or exports. since bark bookkeeper obama, the udz trade deficit is doubled and the chinese holding of the bonds is doubled. and they warned not to pay over the differences with china. >> our differences and america's concerns are real and at the
10:36 am
same time it is important to recognize the long- term trends. >> and one difficulty is knowing when to accept the official statistics as reliable. there is corruption in china, this is no surprise and data that is reported to the chinese authorities is itself suspect. and not that we should believe none of the data, if i was the chinese, i would wonder what data can i believe. >> tonight on special report, we'll examine the security relationship between u.s. and china equally complex. >> thank you. >> and a california governor looking for financial relief after wild fires destroyed 16 homes and governor jerry brown asking the president to declare
10:37 am
a major disaster to get the funds. could rain provide some relief. they are live n with the latest. >> hi, jenna. they will get moisture and cut down on the attaches just a tad. and electric at all of the wildfires burning in the california and northwest. this is an ongoing situation. the drought is historic and much of california and much of the west unfortunately. and watching the rainfall, we'll see it in the southwest and maybe getting in the northwest and the areas and parts of california not getting the beneficial moisture. the last 48 hours as we have moisture streaming in from the pacific and bringing in much needed rainfall. this is half an inch to an inch can cause flooding concerns. people are urged to watch the
10:38 am
weather forecast especially if you live in arizona and new mexico. and california not getting in on that moisture unfortunately. and you have a frontal boundary and draw all of the moisture to the central u.s. and looking at forecast rainfall. several inches of rain over the next couple of days and not getting in california where you have devastating wild fires and large hail and maybe winds and not a tornado threat. and there are the highs today. feeling like summertime and collar air in the northern plains and great lakes and northeast. tomorrow, jenna tomorrow is the first full day of fall. >> duly noted. >> a scary swim for a boy in florida. josh was bitten by a shark off of the northeast coast of the
10:39 am
state. he said the shark bit him near his knee. he was taken to the hospital in jacksonville for treatment. >> the white house may side with the u.n. general assembly instead of congress when it comes to the embargo. and the message that sends to law makers and cuba and the world. and a massive house explosion in texas. neighbors are now sharing their story. >> me and threes were in the back. she was trapped under the kitchen and urched the roof and debrie. we went in and got her out.
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>> coming up today. pope en route to the u.s.ment security at an all- time high. we'll tell you how photos of the ronald reagan ax sassination can help protect the pope today.
10:43 am
we'll have a story about donald trump and why the public understands trump better than analyst do. and unbelievable story about forgiveness. two sons tried to kill them. and what the parents are now saying about their kids, join us. >> and "happening now", investigators are sifting through the rubble of a house that exploded near dallas. the blast was felt miles away. there people in the house suffered severe burns. >> a young man, had down syndrome on the curve bleeding and badly burned and i knelt down and prayed for him and he was worried about his sister.
10:44 am
>> we are fortunate nothing short of a miracle that no one was killed. >> evacuation orders are in place until they know there are no gas leaks in the neighborhood. >> u.s. taking more steps to normalize relations with cuba. they will discuss the regular airline service. right now american carriers are not allowed to fly there. there is worries about the vote in the the u.n. the u.s. may abstain on the vote about the long- standing embargo to cub a. rick, for year yours in the u.n., this is a vote that happen 23 times. what exactly is it and why does everyone vote against us? >> well, as you and most viewers know. it is not a vote in the security
10:45 am
council where the u.s. has a veto with 15 countries there. this is a vote in the general assembly and there are 193 countries and the majority vote will win. every year, the united states loses this condemnation vote u.n. general assembly condemning the u.s. law on an embargo for trade with cuba. and in order to change the law is an act of congress. we have the president of the united states, and this is unprecedented and i never heard of the president of the united states going around congress to allow the u.n. to condemn a u.s. law. and so what is in affect susan rice's idea is to lobby the u.s. congress via the unu.n. it is an outrageous vote and the
10:46 am
united states ambassador samantha power should stand up against. ittine though the u.s. administration wants to see the changed, the law is the law and the united states president has to follow the law and he can't lobby to change the law via the u.n. >> and the embargo has to be lifted by congress and representatives that are in government. and so here's an example of the vote. 188 countries voted against it. and three voted in favor. israel, united states and an island of palaw. >> thank god for them. they always help us. marshal islands and microthesia they were the votes. and so we would be absentia category. and the question is, even if we do it symbolically, does it have
10:47 am
any impact and mean something? >> it does mean something and we shouldn't forget a country that usually voted with us. >> thank you. >> and it means a lot, because it is a symbolism in the u.n. general assem bleechlt these laws and votes don't make laws. it is the general assembly of the united nation. when we lose or lobby congress to change tis messy. and this is what dictators do. and the u.n. is accustomed to dictators. dictators ignore the laws they want to in their own country or they just change them willy-nilly because one person in the head of state role wants to change them. the united nations understand
10:48 am
the names that dictators play and they view president obama acting like a dictators and ignoring the laws he doesn't like in the country. >> there is talk and iran deal and critics say this is what the administration did deterring to the u.n. and we'll see what takes place. and i want to ask you about the other event. pope francis en route to the united states right now. we have a live look at the base at andrews. that's not it. and it will be where the pope will arrive two hours from now. and the pope will address the u.n. general assembly on friday morning and the focus is the influx of refugees in europe and wide range of topics. and i am curious. for someone who worked with
10:49 am
diplomats before. what about the impact of the pope's opinion and his voice entering into p these conversations? >> it is very impactful and a lot of countries that are staunchly catholic and supportive of the catholic church. the philippines will listis to the pope and come up with their own country view. and i think that most countries around the world understand that there is a separation between church and state. and mosque and state. the united states spends a lot of time in the u.n. trying to separate mosque and state. and so we have to be careful to also when the pope visit and comes to the the united states and the pope comes to the united nations. we have to understand the pope's role. it is not to influence or demand public policy but influence
10:50 am
public policy and that is appropriate role for the pope to give us his opinion and challenge us personally and for our leaders to take that information as one point of information and not just blindly do what of information and now just blindly do what a church leader or a mosque leader says. >> it will be interesting to see the influence perhaps, a wide variety of topics as the pope is also addressing a joint session of congress. rick, thanks very much. always good to see you. >> good to see you, jenna. >> a spanish fryar who helped set up missions in california, well, native americans are blasting a plan by pope francis to canonize him. plus the dramatic rescue of a baby elephant trapped 30 feet down in a well. why do so many people choose aleve?
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well, we've told you pope francis is traveling to the united states right now where the pope will be arriving just about two hours from now. a controversy looms over his plan to canonize a missionary. claudia is live from carmel with more on that. >> back in the 1700s, father junipero serra introduced christianity to california, and founded many of the missions and will soon become saint junipero serra. some compared the priest to hitler, saying serra imprisoned
10:55 am
their ancestors and destroyed their culture. >> father serra was a monster that created genocide on the californiandian people and we are still recovering from that. >> history shows that serra baptised scores of indians, made them live and labor at the missions and punished those who tried to flee. but sacramento pastor ken lavaroni argues those were the actions of a stern and spiritual father, spreading the gospel during a turbulent period in california's history. >> the suffering and the die instruction of culture was colonization. >> reporter: he says he hopes the pope's action will generate a deeper awareness of serra. >> pope francis felt he was an important role model for evangelization and the church is in the midst of a new evangelization campaign to bring
10:56 am
the gospel to all people. >> reporter: these people don't care. >> you don't have to be an einstein to know that this is not right! >> reporter: and critics plan to hold more rallies tomorrow to coincide with the pope's cannon says tomorrow in washington d.c. >> scientists uncover fossils from a new species of dinosaurs. that's next. ♪ i want the dinosaur hat's lif♪ ♪song: "that's life"
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(beep) find the closest party store... introducing app-connect. (google voice) here are your directions. michael: i'm gonna throw my own party. the things you love on your phone, available on 11 volkswagen models. scientists say they've uncovered fossils from northern alaska from a new species of dinosaur that grew 30 feet long
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and had hundreds of teeth. >> and in india, a baby elephant trapped in a well 30 feet down. rescuers did manage to get it out with only minor injuries. >> have a great day, everybody. thanks for joining us. "the real story with gretchen" starts now. >> we are only hours away from pope francis arriving in the u.s. hi, everyone, this is "the real story." the pope is expected to land at about 4:00 eastern. he's going to be greeted by president obama and the first lady. tomorrow pope francis will be joining them at the white house before delivering mass in front of thousands of spectator at the basilica of the national shrine. that's where we find our own shannon


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