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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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andrew thinks john kasich will benefit. both are midwest governors with establishment ties trying to beat washington outsiders. thanks for all your interesting comments today. a big, big week with the pope and the u.n. in session here, so keep it right here on fox. i'm gretchen carlson. let's head over to shep. >> all eyes now on washington. pope francis set to arrive in the united states within the hour. we'll look at where he's headed and how he's stirring up controversy by naming a brand new saint. we'll also talk to a former secret service agent about what he calls the unprecedented challenges of protecting this pope. hillary clinton unveiling a plan to limit prescription drug costs, but drug makers claim they need the money to come up with new medications. carly fiorina talking foreign policy, firing back at that man, donald trump, after his latest comment about her -- well, her face or her persona or whatever it was. and dr. ben carson is blaming, quote, pc culture, unquote, for the uproar over his
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comment about a possible muslim president. pc culture. let's get to it. good tuesday afternoon. pope francis is right now closing in on washington, kicking off his first trip to the united states. the holy visit so rare that president obama and the first lady are set to welcome him not at the white house but on the tarmac when he lands. pope francis took off this afternoon from cuba, where the leader of the catholic church held mass for thousands of faithful. he's sure to see a bit more and bigger crowds here in the united states. the pope's six-day visit is to take him from washington and then from there to new york and the united nations and finally at the end of the trip to philadelphia this weekend. it's a jam-packed schedule, starting with several big events in the nation's capital. the pope's first major appearance tomorrow morning at the white house. tomorrow afternoon a mass for tens of thousands scheduled and
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thursday he'll address the joint session of our congress. it's the first address from a pope in the history of the country. the senator majority leader, mitch mcconnell, has now said congress has more requests to attend than for any event he can remember. still some lawmakers are bracing for the outspoken pope and what he might say. he has openly criticized the world's richest countries for greed and failure to care for the poor proper low. he also blasted nations for ignoring the threat of climate change. that has led to one republican lawmaker boycotting the pope's address. congressman paul gosar of arizona accuses the pope of trying to guilt people into liberal policies. it's worth noting that the late pope john paul ii said climate change was a crisis back in 1990, which it was, and it still is. as cbs news/"new york times" sur
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ray says 79% of catholics approve of the way the pope is taking the church. shannon is live at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where the pope will celebrate mass tomorrow and where they're now warming up the church bells for the pope's arrival set to have a private meeting. what do we know about that? >> reporter: as part of the rehearsal you hear the music. it is beautiful but it is very loud. but first the president and pope will meet together at the white house tomorrow. you may remember when they met in 2014 there was some dispute after the meeting about exactly what they had focused on and talked about. the white house saying it was about inequality and poverty with the vatican saying the pope was emphasizing the need for religious freedom here in the u.s. there are difficult topics, abortion, climate change. here's what white house press secretary josh earnest said today about what they may discuss. >> i don't know whether or not those issues will come up in their meeting. i'm confident if they do that it will be an opportunity for the men to speak honestly with one
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another but also in a tone of respect that illustrates just how much they have in common. >> reporter: we're told we may be able to expect some type of policy pronouncement or proposal that does relate to the things that they do agree on, shep, following their meeting tomorrow. >> and the mass coming there at the church, right? >> reporter: yes. we expect 25,000 people. that's what they're preparing for here. vice president joe biden is expected to be in the card along with jeb bush, both devout, open catholics who are looking forward to being here and hearing the pope's mass as he celebrates tomorrow. also the canonization of a fr franciscan from the 1700s. he would be the first hispanic american to be sainted so that will take place here tomorrow. we know you'll be here with us and we expect the mass to be primarily in spanish, so it will be an interesting day, shep. >> can't wait. on the train in two hours. see you tomorrow, thank you. the pope's visit is one of the biggest security challenges
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that the united states government has ever faced. a federal law enforcement source tells fox news there are no specific threats to pope francis but officials are always looking out for homegrown extremists. the homeland security department has declared it a nesse, it's a designation the feds use for super bowls, the olympics, presidential inaugurations and now the pope's visit. they are working together to provide security but the secret service is leading the effort. jonathan wakrow spent five years helping protect president obama. did i say that right? >> sure did. >> it's a miracle, speaking of the pope. this is uniquely challenging, i guess, because of the way this pope rolls. >> absolutely. the pope is not a traditional prote protectee of the secret service. by his actions alone they don't follow the mold of the people that the secret service protects. >> the secret service can tell the president i know you want to go there but you can't go there.
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can you do that with the pope? >> absolutely not. the pope is the nexus between the pope and the people. so his job is to go out into the crowds and embrace them. that provides a very large security challenge, you know, throughout all three stops here in the united states. >> so aside from the chaos that all of us in new york, philadelphia and washington can expect, what will the different service groups be doing given that the pope is going to do what the pope is going to do? >> well, what you have to look at is this is a national special security event so protocols have been put in place to protect not only the pope but also the environment that he goes to. this is why this is designated nsse to protect the environment and the people that he's with. >> the feds and secret service and local police and everybody will be work together. how do you coordinate that? >> the coordination began months ago. it began looking at the pope's schedule. what's the objective of him
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coming, what cities is he going to. from there a very comprehensive security plan is put together by the secret service. because it's an nsse, the fbi is involved, other federal agencies, local law enforcement as well. >> just by way of, for example, we're getting a new couch and that couch can't come this week. u.p.s. notified us there will bow no u.p.s. deliveries wednesday, thursday and friday in new york city. i've never seen that before. >> there's a lot of things that are being done for this visit that may not have been done in the past. there are a lot of inconveniences that the general public is going to face. when you look at the totality of this visit, the pope chose new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. to visit and make his first stop to the united states, so i think that the public should really embrace that over the inconveniences of security. >> and i'm guessing one of the messages might be if you're not involved in any of this, you're not going to the mass or going to try to see him, stay home? >> absolutely. there's a -- one of the largest
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security standups in u.s. history is taking place over these three cities. if you don't have to be involved, stay home. >> i hear you. that would be nice. it's good to see you, thank you. >> thank you very much. of course the pope is set to make history during this visit with the first canonization on u.s. soil, as shannon mentioned. he'll make an 18th century spanish missionary a saint. the church credits him with converting tens of thousands of native americans to christianity in now what is the state of california. but some native americans say that he accused their ancestors of doing bad things and abused them along the way, forced christianity upon them. claudia is live where the soon-to-be saint was buried. >> reporter: hello, shepard. that's right, in fact thousands of native americans helped build many of the california missions, including the one here in
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carmel, famous burial place. many of their descendants blasted the plan to make him a saint saying the spanish friar enslaved their ancestors and destroyed their culture. >> california indians, the jen cade created because of the mission system that serra brought on still has repercussions for us today living and our children and our grandchildren. >> reporter: church leaders say any harm done not on father serra who was spreading the gospel during a turbulent period in california's history. >> he gave up everything to bring that good news to these people. yes, there's going to be side effects, there's going to be negative things that happened as a result of that. but does the negative outweigh the positive of serra's intention. >> reporter: some critics say
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yes and plan to hold more protests tomorrow to coincide with the pope's canonization of serra happening in washington, d.c. >> thank you. much more ahead on the pope's trip. we'll take you to joint base andrews, which we used to call andrews air force base, where the pope and his team are scheduled to touch down during this hour. we're following other news as well today, including whether volkswagen emission scandal is a lot bigger than we knew. millions and millions of vehicles rigged with a device to beat pollution inspections. that's still ahead on a very busy day from the fox news desk. great to have you in. if you don't think top of my game when you think aarp, you don't know "aarp". aarp's staying sharp keeps your brian healthy with online games by the top minds in brain science. find more real possibilities at
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uh-oh, volkswagen, you're in trouble. shares are plunging for a second day today after volkswagen admits now that million its and millions more vehicles come with software that allows those vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. take a look at the big wall over here and you'll be able to see what's happened with the stock. this goes back for some reason until the middle of the year 2014. see the last couple of days on the far right. the stock has lost one-third of its value in two days. it trades in germany, hence the pricing in euros. as we reported, volkswagen executives say the company rigged vehicles with software that automatically reduces emission levels only during the testing. so when you're driving, it's one thing. when you're testing, it's
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another. the feds have ordered the automaker to recall nearly half a million cars sold in the united states but volkswagen claims it installed the software in 11 million vehicles around the world. here in the united states, investigators say the cars affected include diesel models of the jetta, the beetle, the golf and the passat as well as the audi a3. volkswagen will set aside more than $7 billion to cover the cost of fissixing the cars invod and to, quote, win back the trust of its customers. jeff flock is live outside a with volkswagen dealership in evanston, illinois, just north of chicago. what about the estimated 482,000 cars that are sitting on american driveways and parking lots right now? >> reporter: they're kind of screwed as far as we can tell, shep, because people that know about these things tell us there's no great way to fix these cars. if they change the software, essentially they're going to sacrifice fuel efficiency and performance, so there's no good way to do it.
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they either have to buy these cars back or compensate the owners of these vehicles and that's why they set aside $7 billion because that's going to be very costly. >> they have apologized essentially for getting caught it looks to me, jeff. are executive heads going to roll? >> reporter: i don't think there's any way that somebody is not going to get fired on this. martin wintercorn, the ceo, today issued another apology. some thought he might resign today but he didn't. here's another perspective. we've just reporting this now on the fox business network. this is not the first time this happened. as far back as 1995, gm paid a $45 million settlement for doing the same thing with cadillac vehicles. three years later, ford paid another settlement with the government for doing the same thing and honda did as well. so this is not brand new, in maybe vw's defense, as lame as it may be. >> it may not be new, but it is mighty big.
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jeff flock at a dealership. animal rights activists are suing a photographer over a monkey that took a bunch of selfies. they say the monkey should own the copyrights to the photos. here's one of them. the photographer is david slater. he says that he positioned the camera but the monkey actually pushed the button and a fine job he did. it happened in indonesia back in 2011. the group people for the ethical treatment of animals or peta says they should manage all proceeds from the photo of the monkey. critics say since an animal took the photos, nobody owns the copyright to those selfies. the president of china arriving in the united states today along with the pope, which i don't know about that. we've heard a lot of talk about how both washington and beijing are going to need to make concessions to resolve disagreements, but our next guest says that is all wrong. and that it's time for the white house to call china's bluff. that's next.
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it keeps getting worse in california. the governor there, jerry brown, now asking the feds for help. the flames have scorched so far an estimated 2800 homes and other buildings. now thousands of people have to find new places to stay and live
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and all the rest and some dramatic images in our slide show today. some folks start the long process of trying to save what's left of their homes and obviously there's nothing left to save here. you can see the flames completely flattened a neighborhood. this is middletown, california, about a two-hour drive north of san francisco. here a couple appears to be surveying things and looking over a pile of rubble. this woman says she pulled her mother's rings out of a mound of debris and that's about all she got. they're thanking the firefighters with a sign in this case. thank you, firefighters, we know you tried. the governor has asked for a presidential disaster declaration, which would really free up some federal money for recovery here. emergency officials say this could be far from over. in fact they suspect that it is. it's two massive fires still threaten to destroy thousands more buildings and the dry season is, frankly, not even to the middle yet. california on fire with no end in sight. welcome frenemy. china's president kicking off his first official visit to the united states of the on the
12:23 pm
agenda here, a very busy few days filled with a whole lot of tension. president xi jinping arriving a few hours ago. there are reports he'll sit down with ceos of apple, amazon, starbucks and others, but nothing confirmed. later this week officials say china's president will make his way to the white house for a meeting with president obama. there will be a lavish state dinner and clearly there's plenty to discuss. u.s. officials have threatened to punish china for hacking into american companies. the white house says that will be a prominent issue when president obama meets with the chinese leader. also china's economy is reeling. there's the issue of human rights or lack thereof. on top of all of it, the white house has demanded china stop building islands and military facilities in the disputed south china sea. china for its part denies having done anything. denies its role in the hacking and claims ownership over a majority of the south china sea.
12:24 pm
some republicans have said the president should scrap the state dinner based on china's record, but the white house has said even the dinner is a great way to improve relations. gordon shang is with us, the author of "the coming collapse of china." gordon has lived and worked in china and hong kong almost 20 years. also a foreign affairs and economy columnist, writing weekly for forbes and other outlets. good to see you, gordon. this idea that you don't talk to your enemies seems really old and really stupid and the white house is saying we're going to have a chat. but what really matters is what happens in the chat? and your suggestions are? >> certainly you have to talk to the chinese because we do have this range of issues. but the issue has really been the pomp and pageantry. because of all of this you have legitimatization of the communist party because they take those images and beam them back to china. but these discussions are going to be very important. it's just not only a question of talking, it's a question of what
12:25 pm
we do. we have talked to the chinese about these issues for a very long time and nothing seems to get better. so we need to start imposing some costs. >> publicly even with the hacking, the government is sort of -- the administration is very careful, tiptoeing around. but your suggestion is something different. >> yeah. first of all, the chinese economy is reeling. you have growth in the very low single digits, it's plunging. you have money gushing out of the country. $135 billion a year -- a month, according to a leading chinese data provider. you have a currency that's falling. the stock market we know about. and so the united states has unprecedented leverage because the chinese need the american market more than ever. they also need us not to raise interest rates. >> but i thought they owned us? i thought they owned all of our money? i thought they owned our debt? >> it's still about a trillion and a half but they have been selling it since july, 2011, and they have been dumping a lot of it recently to the tune of about $94 billion a month. so -- >> putting it in their stock
12:26 pm
market? >> putting it in their stock market and defending their currency, because to defend their currency, they have got to sell dollars, which means they have got to reduce their foreign exchange risk. >> what do you say, when the chinese leader comes here, what do you say if you're president obama? >> well, you say that the united states can really affect china's course. there's a number of things that we can do to tank china's economy and, therefore, really destroy its political system at the same time because the communist party depends upon the continued prosperity. >> why don't we do it? >> i think there's a perception gap. you know, in the nixon, ford, carter eras, we perceived ourselves to be weak, that we had to live with the soviet union so therefore we had detente. but reagan was able to wield american power for good. i think looking at china today like we looked at the soviet you know 81 in the 1970s. >> isn't there a risk, though, that china will also get tough?
12:27 pm
they're already on the road to such a thing. >> they can huff and puff but the one thing they can't do is win a sustained contest with the united states. i'm not saying that we have to be antagonistic but i do say we have to make it clear to the chinese that we no longer perceive ourselves to be weak. the chinese get that message, i think they're going to behave a lot better in all of those issues you talked about. >> but the pictures from the state dinner, those pictures are very valuable to the communist party. >> absolutely, because the communist party right now, it feels itself insecure. they want to broadcast those images back to china to say, look, the united states honors the communist party. but we shouldn't be giving them the opportunity to legitimize their system. >> gordon chang, always nice to talk to you. >> nks ththanks, shep. hillary clinton releasing a plan what she calls the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. anybody who's buying them knows that they are absolutely skyrocketing and we'll break it down for you, get the response from the big drug companies.
12:28 pm
carly fiorina talking foreign policy and taking a shot at the republican front runner. donald trump in the cross-hairs get again. we'll have team fox coverage of the race to the white house. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my ps from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more.
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station in california. the pilot safely ejected from the f-18 super hornet before the crash. it happened yesterday afternoon south of fresno. protesters lit several buses on fire in central brazil. get this, because they said that they wanted better transportation service. but you can see those buses won't be taking them anywhere now. no word of anyone hurt, but the cost of the damage could reportedly top $2 million. and scientists say they have discovered a new dinosaur in northern alaska inside the arctic circle. they say it roamed in herds and ate plants some 70 million years ago. those researchers say they are making new discoveries in what they call a lost world of dinosaurs. the news continues with shepard smith right after this. if you love shrimp like i love shrimp,
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you are looking live, jaoin base andrews where things are happening more quickly than we anticipated. the president of the united states has just arrived here, according to our white house press corps.
12:34 pm
now a live look at the audience. and there's a high school band and it appears they're doing the wave, as the president has just arrived at joint base andrews and the pope is scheduled to touch down at any moment. he left cuba a little earlier than we had anticipated. the kids are having fun. this pope loves to be around children and he's going to meet thousands of them while he's here, including some mighty lucky kids from the metropolitan d.c. area who are going to meet the pope himself over the next couple of days. a lot of pomp and circumstance. the president and first lady are there. as the pope arrives, we'll have live coverage for you right here on fox news. meantime, domestic politics and hillary clinton getting ready to unveil a plan to fight what she calls the excessive profiteering by drug companies. she's set to speak at any minute in iowa. she's calling for a monthly limit of $250 of prescription drug costs. this comes after reports of a company buying a hedge fund and raising the cost from $13 a
12:35 pm
tablet to more than $700. a 5,000% price hike. secretary clinton tweeted in response to that report, and i quote, prous gouice gouging lik in this specialty drug market is outrageous. the drug makers claim they use the profits for research and development into new medications. john roberts is in charleston, south carolina, following gop candidate carly fiorina. we'll get to that. first ed henry in the d.c. bureau. hi, ed. >> reporter: shep, good to see you. the big picture here is that secretary hillary clinton is trying to tweak the republicans who in their last debate didn't talk a lot about what repealing obamacare and she wants to tout some of the benefits of the president's health care law but also says she's ready to tweak some of it. you mentioned pharmaceutical companies in particular. she wants to put a cap on out of pocket costs when folks have chronic conditions. she also wants to regulate how
12:36 pm
much money these pharmaceutical companies are putting into research and development, not just keeping the profits. here's how she laid some of it out yesterday on the trail. >> this week i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these expenses. we will start -- we will start by capping how much you have to pay out of pocket for prescription drugs each month. and we're going to hold drug companies accountable as we work to drive down prices. >> reporter: interesting that tweet you mentioned a moment ago from yesterday when hillary clinton sent it out that she was cracking down on pharmaceutical companies if she was elected. that moves markets. the biotech sector took a huge hit. the clinton camp felt like that is fine with them. if wall street is mad at her, that's a fight she wants to pick as she wants to wrap up the democratic nomination. >> we're hearing from analysts that she's trying to win over labor unions. >> reporter: that's right.
12:37 pm
labor unions want to repeal what they call the cadillac tax. something in the president's health care law that was aimed at corporations with really good health care plans, but unions have them as well. they're not happy about that tax. hillary clinton trying to women over labor endorsements, but we're hearing a lot of the big unions are holding back on endorsements of clinton until we find out whether or not joe biden, the vice president, is going to get in. today he had an event at the white house with historically black colleges and universities. interesting, because they sort of pushed him to get into this race. listen. you hear "run joe run" there. obviously african-american leaders a key part of the obama coalition said biden would be aiming to put back together if he gets back in this race but again, still not tipping his hand despite that encouragement.
12:38 pm
on the republican side carly fiorina laying out her foreign policy plans, doing so in charleston, south carolina, today. the former ceo spoke at a national securities forum at the citadel military college there. she talked about isis and iran, china and russia. >> vladimir putin must see strength and resolve on the other side of the table. i would immediately begin rebuilding the sixth fleet right in his backyard. >> carly fiorina suggested the latest poll following last week's gop debate, she's up in second place at 15%. john roberts is with her in charleston, south carolina, this afternoon. hey, john. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, shep. guess who is taking real notice of the fact that he is nipping at her heels. carly fiorina spent more than an hour answering questions here at the citadel about foreign policy and national security, but her ongoing feud with donald trump was never far away. over the past couple of days, trump has issued a flurry of unprovoked tweets attacking fiorina for everything, calling
12:39 pm
hr her a robot, that her voice gives him a headache. but fiorina not afraid to get right back in trump's face. >> contrary to some caricatures, i'm quite soft spoken actually. i think all of us need to stand on our record, and i'm very happy to stand on the facts of my record and i expect that over time donald trump will have to stand on the facts of his record. >> as personal as those attacks from trump toward fiorina have been, fiorina told me she's not about to let the donald get under her kin. >> ben carson defending his comments about a muslim president by really sort of changing what he said. >> reporter: in a swing state of ohio this morning, spending a lot of time with reporters defending and explaining himself. a lot of questions put his way over what he said to chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press" on sunday. but what ben carson insists here is that what's missing is
12:40 pm
context about what he said. listen. >> anybody of any religious faith whatsoever if they embrace american values and they place our constitution at the top level above their religious beliefs, i have no problem with them. >> reporter: what carson says is that sharia law is inconsistent with the american constitution. he claims to be a victim of a pc culture that attacks you if you don't answer a question the way everyone expects you too. >> good to see you, john, thank you. the long-time girlfriend of the new york governor, andrew cuomo, celebrity chef sandra lee, says that she is now cancer-free and feeling good. she shared the news on "good morning america" today on abc. sandra lee said doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer earlier this year and last month an infection after her double mastectomy sent her back to the hospital. sandra lee said that she celebrated her recovery at the emmy awards on sunday.
12:41 pm
she walked the red carpet and said she was appropriately dressed in an all pink gown. good for her. a group of world war ii veterans today made history as part of the first honor flight made up entirely of women. sever several nonprofit groups offer veterans free flights to washington, d.c. a local television station in cincinnati reports more than 140 vets flew from the cincinnati northern kentucky airport to the nation's capital. the vets will visit memorials, the world war ii, korean war an vietnam. russia could be spreading its military might across syria. there is word today that russia is setting up two new military bases there to help out the country's dictator who's murdered hundreds of thousands of people. there is photo evidence and a response from the pentagon and it's coming up. and a live look at jba, joint base androu d.c. we're expecting pope francis to arrive any minute now. we'll have live team fox
12:42 pm
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15 minutes before the hour now. european officials today appointed -- or approved a controversial plan to relocate about 120,000 men, women and children who have made their escape from isis and other terror groups. but at least one leader reportedly says his country will not go along with it. supporters of the psupporters of countries, including italy and greece, where thousands of people are arriving daily.
12:46 pm
at least four nations have voted against it. according to multiple reports, slovakia's prime minister says that he will not accept the new quotas. either way, the united nations officials have warned the plan is nowhere near enough to fix the crisis. they say more than 4 million people have left syria since the civil war began there four years ago. it looks like the russian president, vladimir putin, is carving out more space for his military forces in syria. analysts say satellite imagery now shows russia could be clearing the way for two new bases there. military bases to support syria's murderous dictator, bashar al assad. we have a side-by-side photo of one of these facilities anyway. this reporting of "the wall street journal" tipped us up to this. on the left is from march and on the right from earlier this month. you can see there are changes. it appears workers have cleared
12:47 pm
the surface on the ground there during that time possibly to receive russian forces. esman today will not comment on the photos, but does say that officials are keeping a close eye on the situation, whatever that means. other pentagon reps told fox news today the situation on the ground is fluid. as we reported, u.s. officials have accused russia of lining up its forces at a separate base near a port city on syria's western coast. i should say western border. russia claims it's sending supplies to the regime to help fight against isis. meanwhile general david petraeus testified before congress today about syria. he called it a geopolitical chernobyl comparing it to the nuclear disaster in ukraine in the 1980s. he said that the war in syria is spewing instability and extremism over the middle east and the rest of the world. john bussey is here, associate editor of "the wall street journal" newspaper.
12:48 pm
more serious daily, it appears. >> really fluid, boy is that an understatement. russia already had a presence in syria. it had tanks, it had sent a couple of dozen fighter jets, it had a built out that could house 2,000 people. james and the journal and other sources are reporting that they are expanding that presence. you have to ask yourself at a certain point if you have russians there and they're flying drones and perhaps even aircraft and you have americans there, you sort of run the risk of there being a mistake. the israelis are concerned about that. they sat down with putin, were concerned about that. we have talked to russia. something might happen over the skies of syria that nobody intended to happen. >> and that's been the fear all along and how the russians will play into this is a matter for future reporting. i'm watching the midwall over here because america has a guest. it is breaking news. the pope is arriving in
12:49 pm
washington. i guess this is the pope's equivalent of -- they call it sh shepherd one, it is their version of air force one. the flight is coming in bringing the pontiff and others and about to touch down at joint base andrews right now.
12:50 pm
well, he's ahead of schedule today. not all that surprising. left cuba i believe this morning or i should say this afternoon. it's about a three-hour flight and he's ten minutes early, as one would have been able to predict. you leave early, you arrive early, and he's about to land and meet a lot of folks, not including some of the most important people in america. listen to the cheering. a lot of kids are part of the group that will greet the pope today. our peter doocy is there on scene. peter? >> reporter: shepard, just a few minutes from now, the first person to greet the pope will be the papal ambassador, archbishop
12:51 pm
carlo. he will ascend the pope's planeside stairs. the obamas and the bidens are here as well. they will say hello. a hand-picked group of four students will present flowers and then the obama family will go into the visitors lounge behind us for a few minutes alone with the pope before all of the dignitaries, motorcade back to d.c. separately. it is very rare for president obama to come to an arrival like this. it's also very rare for a visiting head of state to fly here on a commercial aircraft. as you mentioned, the pope flew here on the italian carrier. you can see there is a lot of cheering. there's a group all lining up, all of the dignitaries.
12:52 pm
i believe there are 50 or so dignitaries from the church and the u.s. military. the group that we have here to the left and the right of the pope's arrival spot, the line that he's going to take, off to the left is a group of students, including the high school band. off to the right is a group of military members and their families. >> it looks like they have picked a mighty windy afternoon there in the region. i wonder how long the ceremony is. minutes, but as you know, with this pope, he's very unpredictable. this is the spontaneous pope francis. nobody knows exactly what is going to happen once he is escorted down. we understand while he does like to break away and do his own thing, talking to people off in the crowds, he is expected to at
12:53 pm
least for the very beginning to shake hands or to say hello to everybody who has come to greet him. we still haven't seen the plane come much further down -- it's still pretty far down the runway. i tell you, just a few minutes ago there was something interesting. there are so many different groups of people who are here. there's the military, the church, the state department, and a few minutes ago, there were some signs that the archdiocese had placed up that said things like walk with francis, that had francis' picture on them. somebody from the state department started taking them down. they told somebody from the archdiocese that this is a government event, no signs with francis on them. which was interesting. it seemed like that was something unexpected to the folks from the archdiocese. as you can te, it has not tampered the enthusiasm or the excitement from the people here who all had their necks turned like i do now to watch this
12:54 pm
alitalia flight come closer and closer to the spot where he will meet president obama, vice president and a bunch of other local dignitaries. leaders from throughout the american catholic church. >> the flags flying out the front windows there. the vatican flag and united states flag obviously. an official state visit with an official state dinner, then a trip to new york city, address of the joint congress which no pope has ever done, come to new york which will grind to a complete halt, and address the united nations, the general assembly of course is under way. it's a one-two punch for new york city, a place most of the locals are trying to escape if at all possible. then a trip down to philadelphia before an exit and a return and a historic event it will be. there is controversy as there is any time with a papal visit. of course, this time it is the right that is up in arms. we will see how that plays over the next few days. the security challenge, no doubt, john busy from the "wall street journal" which has been reporting on this extensively
12:55 pm
with us on set. a lot to be done. >> a lot of interest in this, and why is that. well, roughly 82 million americans count themselves as roman catholic, about 25% of the population. catholics comprise the largest religious group in about 35 of the american states. mind you, that's been changing a little bit, the demographics of this, because a lot of this is now immigration, coming in from latin america, catholics adding from latin america to the u.s. pool. and you know, there's another reason that this is an extremely interesting visit which is that it's happening during political season. there's an excellent column in the "wall street journal" on this. there are a lot of positions from this pope that are very much aligned with the progressive wing of the political parties in the united states. one reason why obama is at the greeting point today. this is a pope that talks about income redistribution, that talks very passionately about climate change, who is trying to
12:56 pm
deemphasize the roman catholics position, the church's position on gay marriage and divorce. these are all points that he makes in the column today. these are very important political talking points today. but in addition to that, he is something of a disrupter. he is talking about the establishment of the church, how they have been way too much concerned about its own longevity and the rules of the church as opposed to getting dirty, getting in the streets and caring for the poor. >> so many of america's finest and best known will be greeting the pontiff as he arrives. we mentioned the president and the first lady, of course. the first daughters will be there as well. this pope loves to interact with children and i know that will be quite a show. the first lady's mother, mrs. robinson, will be there. in addition the vice president and first lady, dr. jill biden, their grandchildren, some of them. the ambassador of the united states to the holy see will be there.
12:57 pm
and all along the way, we mentioned this security challenge. it's fascinating to me to just think about it in the main that the secret service of the united states is just about the only group that can tell the president of the united states what to do, can tell foreign dignitaries what to do. the president of another country comes, they are overseeing him, they can tell him what to do. the pontiff comes, he's a head of state, yet the secret service cannot tell him what to do and where to go and when to go. they just have to roll with it. >> that's right. it's a little bit tricky. this is a pope who very much engages with the population and very much engages with the population that's not the establishment. so he's not going to follow the establishment rules. he's very keen to visit neighborhoods and visit individuals. he has written that the church should be quote, bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets rather than quote, unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.
12:58 pm
so it's an unpredictable visit. it's going to be a colorful one. and he has charmed a lot of people, not even in the catholic faith with his accessibility and his concern for parts of the population that need the attention the most. >> you know it's a big deal when the people in graphics learn to write in cursive again. if you look at the bottom right of the screen, there is all the evidence you need that this is a very big deal indeed as the graphics people have written in cursive that pope francis is in america. that is really all you need to know. listen to the sights and sounds. the pontiff will emerge, the greetings will happen, the president and vice president and their families, then the historic visit of the holy father to the united states beginning. we will watch live for the next few days on fox news channel. listen now.
12:59 pm
[ cheers and applause ]
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>> you are looking live at pope francis arriving in the united states. he has never been to the united states before. as a cardinal he passed up the opportunity to do this sort of photo op thing that cardinals do. that sort of stung a lot of other cardinals. he had argued against these opportunities to go to the united states, and get some publicity. here he is now as pope coming to the united states. the fou


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