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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 22, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that, guess what. someone at asked the pope to bless the subway system in d.c. because they had a big fire. things are out of control. >> that's it for us. special report is next. >> this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i'm brett baier. pope francis has arrived in the u.s. the uppontiff was greeted in maryland by president obama two hours ago. the two will meet again tomorrow at the white house. that's where correspondent kevin cork is tonight. we have heard a lot about the issues with the president and the pope seeing eye to eye. there are issues where the white house and the vatican are on completely opposite sides. >> it was a reception fit for a pope. as the leader of the agree world welcome to the united states for the first time the leader of the 1.1 billion catholics of the world. the president joined by michelle, the vice president and
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his wife jill welcoming the pontiff. this after the holy father's historic trip to cuba with whom he helped the united states re-establish diplomatic relations, a source of pride for the vatican and the white house. >> this is an opportunity for two men who have so many values in common to talk about the efforts that they are taking in their respective and different roles. >> the obama administration on abortion. same sex marriage. stem cell research and contraception. some provisions for abortions as part of obamacare. that's a fight now engulfing capitol hill as gop lawmakers revealed a threat to defund planned parenthood which receives a half billion annually in government funding and is a
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major dispensary of contraceptive services. >> i don't know if he'll step into it or not. he's the protector of life in the world. i think it's important for him to make broad statements about the sanctity of life. that's what the catholic church is about. >> dozens of plaintiffs filed suit because of continue sepgs including catholic university where the pope will celebrate mass on wednesday. then who will attend the welcoming ceremony? the white house invited an openly gay priest and trans gender activists which didn't sit well with the vatican. >> they should have issues. it's rude and insensitive to use the pope as a political football for a very extremely progressive agenda. >> reporter: white house officials say with 15,000 people on the south lawn there is no way to tell who will be in the crowd. we should focus on the president's message which should mirror areas of agreement with the holy father including
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combatting poverty and fighting climate change. brett? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. you can see my interview with former u.s. ambassador to the holy see on my blog the daily bret. i spoke about the pope's visit to the u.s., threats to the vatican from isis and u.s./vatican relations. check that out. the fastest rising candidate in the republican presidential pool is stepping up her criticism of her main rival. a third political outsider is doing everything he can to stay in the race. senior national correspondent john roberts has the gop wrap-up. >> we will retaliate. >> reporter: carly fiorina presented a muscular foreign policy today taking on everything from alleged chinese cyber attacks to russia's build-up in syria. at the same time, fiorina has upped the retaliation in her own war on "the tonight show" comparing donald trump to vladimir putin. >> you have met putin. >> i have. the two of them have a lot in common actually.
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>> fiorina is fighting back against a volley of attacks from trump over everything from her voice to her business career. fiorina told me she plans to stay up in the dond's face. >> i think all of us need to stand on our record. i'm very happy to stand on the facts of my record. i expect that over time donald trump will have to stand on his record. >> reporter: that record charges fiorina and trump's other competitors include bankruptcies, and politics that run counter to conservative values which is why scott walker last night urged other republicanle candidates to join him in dropping out. >> so the voterfocus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> reporter: sources familiar with walker's decision say his campaign was unsustainable with 90 paid staffers he needed a million a month just to stay afloat. after an emergency meeting yesterday to crunch numbers
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walker and his wife consulted with their sons and returned to say he was pulling the plug. on the campaign trail in ohio ben carson said he has no intention of taking up walker's call to drop out. he continued to defend his assertion that he would not want a muslim as president insisting he's a victim of political correctness. >> the p.c. culle temperature says whenever you're asked a question it has to be answered in a certain way. if you don't answer it that way, then, you know, let's attack and let's not try to actually understand what a person is saying. >> carson clarified he would be comfortable with a muslim as president if they would hold the american constitution and american values above his or her religious beliefs. >> john roberts in charleston. republican presidential candidate and florida senator
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marco rubio says governor scott walker will be a big part of the gop's future. he's not afraid to point out where he thinks pope francis is off target. i spoke with him earlier today. >> the catholic is the successor of peter, the head of the church. in theological matters as a catholic i believe when he pronounces himself from the chair of peter which is rare he's infallible in those decisions. that doesn't extend to political issues like the economy. on moral issues he speaks with incredible authority and has done so consistently on the value of life, the sanctity of life, the importance of marriage and on the family. on economic issues the pope is a person and a head of state. he has opinions about economics. i see in the pope's comments a fundamental misunderstanding about the difference between free enterprise and corporatism. in much of latin america the word capitalism means corporatism which is large companies connected to
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government dominate the society and the economy. in america, free enterprise is different. it is a place where it doesn't matter if you have buddies that work in government or not. if you have a good idea and you are willing to work hard you can get ahead. the evidence is historic. look around the world. poor people do better in open societies with free enterprise than they do in societies where government dominates the economy. i have a difference of opinion with him on economic models. we have the same goal of providing prosperity and upward mobility. i believe free enterprise is a better way to do it. >> and on climate change? >> the pope is asking us to be good stewards of the earth. i understand that. it goes back to the best way to do that. i don't believe the big government mandates some on the left will achieve it. on the contrary, i think it will set us back and make people poorer. the better approach is to allow competition, innovation and market forces to drive us in that direction. the evidence is there. america has a cleaner environment than the chinese do which is a closed society and
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supposedly one that still is committed to the notion of communism. in other parts of the world where the environment is dirty, you will notice governments dominate there as well. >> with your history with cuba, all you have said about cuban policy were you disappointed he didn't meet with dissidents? >> sure. i haven't talked to the pope or anybody at the vatican about that. i know the churches work hard to create more space within cuban society to operate. they have been able to open a seminary, some churches. cuba was officially an athiest government until the early 1990s. there was more space to operate and maybe they decided not to endanger that. i am disappointed. there are people in cuba fighting hard and working hard for more liberties, more freedoms including religious liberties. they were ignored and i'm disappointed. i won't attack the pope but i'm disappointed. they said the pope wanted to meet them. it was cuban authorities who impede thad from happening.
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it was an opportunity for the world to see the true nature of the regime. they are not going to change when it comes to freedom. >> a big visit, the chinese president to the white house. has china declared cyber war on the united states? if you were president what would you do? >> a couple of points but this isn't new. they have nontariff barriers for technology company that ping will be in seattle today or tomorrow meeting with heads of technology companies. they basically toldle technology pen companies if you do business in china you have to give us back door access to your data. the price of doing business in china is to turn over your intellectual property to them. that's an issue. lock long term as well because they could have the information of americans. as president number one we need to improve the cyber defenses by implementing best practices, some of which are found in the private sector, not shared with government. that's why having a cyber bill
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passed is critical. the other is we have to improve our offensive cyber capabilities. the idea that there is a consequence and a price for conducting cyber attacks against american companies and against american governments and against american individuals. there is no price for doing that today. it's easy for the chinese. they know we are not going to re-cipro cat. that needs to be clear in our doctrine. >> is the obama weak on china? should they institute sanctions in the wake of this visit? >> they said they will sanction company that is profited from american secrets. where they have been the weakest is human rights. they talk about raising the kwlish issue. it hasn't been prominent. i would love to see this president reach out to human rights activists in china. even as the chinese president is here in washington and greeted in official, you know, forums, you have a nobel peace prize winner sitting in jail. you have a human rights lawyer missing.
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if i'm president i will invite human rights activists from all over the world including china as a clear message that american is on the right side of the human rights issues. >> people you talked to in the base of the republican party are just mad. they don't understand why you don't have to votes to do it as stated now. they don't get why there is all this angt about a government shutdown when you can't hold the line about something you believe in. that's what you have on the trail. how do you answer the questions? >> expectations were high. the idea that you wouldle win the senate, control the agenda never was true. it's important to hold the senate. we can keep bad things from happening. that's not enough. you need a president. it's one of the main reasons. we cannot change the direction of the country without the right person in the white house. the iran deal is a perfect
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example. we should have done more early on to do everything possible to derail it. ultimately two things need to happen. first people have to realize it is not a filibuster issue. it is a 67 vote veto issue. we don't have the votes to override it. >> what about a nuclear option on the front end? >> i would be open to something extraordinary. at the end of the day the result is the same. the president will veto it. that's why we need to elect the right president. having congress alone isn't enough. many of the things he put in place will be problems. this is critical. if we can hold majorities in the house and senate and elect the right person to the white house not only can we undo the damage of t begin to chart a new course for the future. >> how long do you go to defund planned parenthood? >> to me it's not a political
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issue. to me that's a human rights issue. they discuss it as a political issue. the sanctity of life is a human rights issue. i believe unborn children have rights that just because someone hasn't been born and hasn't yet been named doesn't mean they don't have rights. planned parenthood is an organization that's been caught trafficking in fetal tissue of aborted children. it is an outrageous practice. americans are outraged by it. why are they continuing to fund with taxpayer money an organization that does this sort of thing. let's take the money planned parenthood gets and give it to federally qualified health centers that provide women's health care which is important. what we should have said early on is the president and the democrats will have to decide whether or not they are willing to shut down government over planned parenthood. they are threatening to shut down the government not republicans. >> it's not spun that way.
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>> we didn't start early on. if that were important to have outlined that early in the process as opposed to waving the right flag saying we'll take votes but we can't do anything about it. it is an unacceptable outcome. if i'm president we will deal with this issue. there is no reason planned parenthood should be getting federal taxpayer funding especially after they have been exposed the way they have. >> governor scott walker dropped out of the race yesterday. he sent his exit speech, a lot of it, talking about the need for a conservative alternative to the front-runner, pointedly at donald trump. you your thoughts on walker stepping out and the message. >> first, scott walker is one of the best governors of america. if he chooses to run for re-election beyond that he'll continue to be a leader. he's just not a candidate anymore. he's still a relevant voice and important figure in the party and in many ways a key part of the future as a movement. as far as the conservative alternative, look, i don't do
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the race that way. i'm not running against anybody. i'm running for president. that's why i have outlined a policy plan as early as last year. i was outlining these ideas. i will continue to focus on that. >> is donald trump qualified to be president of the united states? >> i think the most important thing the president will every do is provide for the national security of our country. i think up to now he hasn't answered serious questions about national security. until he does, there should be concerns, not just about him but about any candidate not able to speak in detail with clarity and seriousness about the national security threats we face. the government doesn't run the economy. the economy is run by the private sector: the job of the president is to allow the private sector to grow and prosper. national security, the government is in charge of that. you better have a president that understands the threats we face and what we have to do about it. if you can't arctticulate that u cannot be commander in chief. he has to meet that as the rest of us do as well. >> is that a no? >> as of now. i haven't heard him talk
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seriously about national security. hopefully that will change. i wish all the candidates would speech seriously about national security. carly fiorina isn't in government. she knows more about it than he does. if you took the time you could learn more. ultimately the most important thing we need from our ex-president is to be someone who understands the threats we face and has real solutions to the problems. so far he hasn't met that threshold in any mind. there is time. >> for the voters who say, listen, we did the first term senator thing before. someone who never made a payroll. why do it again? >> first of all, barack obama is not a failure because he was a first term senator or lack of experience. he has seven years of presidential experience. in my mind he's still failing. barack obama failed as president because his ideas don't work. it wouldn't have worked if he was in the senate for 40 years. it wouldn't have worked if he was ceo of a major company or a governor. his ideas don't work. they have never worked anywhere
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in the world. here's what works. free enterprise, limited government, strong national security. that's what we need from the next president. that's what i'm running on. it's what i have been for. i have a record of working on that and that's what we'll adjust to the realities of the 21st century f. we do, there is no reason this new century can't be a new american century. >> thanks. >> thanks, bret. >> up next, hillary clinton makes up her mind on the keystone pipeline. first, fox 10? phoenix with jury selection in the trial of two men accused of killing a uts border patrol agent. his murder exposed the botched sting operation known as fast and furious with guns that were supposed to be tracked were lost. fox 5 new york as volkswagen says some 11 million diesel vehicles were fitted with the software that enabled a half million of them to cheat on emissions tests in the u.s. one report says american taxpayers shelled out $51 million in green car subsidies
3:18 pm
based on the falsified test results. this is a live look at seattle from q-13 fox, our affiliate there. the fbig story tonight the arrival of xi jinping. he's meeting with tech company executives. more on that later in the program. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪
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this is another fox news alert. hillary clinton has finally made up her mind about the keystone xl pipeline. ed henry is here to tell us what her position is now and why it took so long to get there. good evening. >> good evening. clinton was on the fence because she didn't want to interfere with the white house decision here as the former secretary of state. now there is an effort to win the left so she's pleasing environmentalists by coming out against keystone though it upsets unions who wanted pipeline jobs. clinton is trying to soothe labor with another move. struggling to gain endorsements from organized labor hillary clinton began to sketch out her changes to health care that could lead to a public break with president obama over the cadillac tax. >> i want to both protect consumers and promote innovation.
3:23 pm
>> clinton's tilt to the left by cracking down on pharmaceutical companies and tweaking the tax on generous health plans unions oppose the partly an effort to lock down the democratic nomination as buzz continues to build for vice president joe biden who was urged to jump in by a key part of the obama coalition when he spoke to a conference of historically black colleges and universities. with the possibility of biden getting in, today politico reported two unions have decided to hold back on unexpected endorsements of clinton including the service employees international union plus the top public employee union. meanwhile democratic socialist senator bernie sanders greeted capital workers.
3:24 pm
clinton got a boost when carpenters and joiners of america backed her expanding her lead over sanders among union endorsements. late today more pressure over the e mail controversy as a federal judge ordered them to upload by next friday all e-mails of the clinton aides so they can be searched to comply with the lawsuit by david basi of citizenings united. >> it was a great victory. >> sanders tweaked clinton by saying as a senator who always opposed it he's glad she finally made up her mind while governor martin o'malley said the people want a leader, not someone telling them what they want to hear. >> ed, thanks. two days before the pope's address to a joint section of congress senate democrats blocked legislation banning most late-term abortions, the second time this summer gop plans to change abortion policy have been stopped. the efforts were sparked by a series of under cover videos showing planned parenthood
3:25 pm
officials discussing the transfer of body parts from aborted fetuses. wall street back in negative territory today. the dow lost 180. the s&p fell 24. the nasdaq was off 72. no grapevine don't. when we come back, talking to china about u.s. national security. ♪
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♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪ the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. sources say retired general john allen will leaf his post as envoy to syria this fall. allen is frustrated with current u.s. policy in the middle east. he's also caring for his wife who is ill with auto immune disease. the obama administration is fighting back against
3:30 pm
allegations the u.s. military commanders routinely discouraged american troops from intervening in sexual assaults against young boys by afghan soldiers and police. the pentagon top spokesman today. >> we consider these reports of sexual abuse to be abhorrent. we are concerned about it. this form of sexual exploitation of children is a violation of afghanistan laus and international obligations. there is no policy in place that directs any u.s. military or government personnel overseas to ignore human rights abuses. >> several members of congress have asked the defense secretary too review a case involving a u.s. soldier being forced out of the military after attacking a commander he believed was raping a child. the army denied that appeal of punishment. the former commander of coalition forces in iraq and afghanistan and ex-cia director said he's sorry for sharing classified information with his biographer and mistress.
3:31 pm
retired general david petraeus apologized today. >> four years ago i made a seriou one that brought discredit on me and pain to those closest to me. it was a violation of the trust placed in me and a breach of the values to which i had been committed throughout my life. >> on another subject petraeus said progress against isis terrorists in iraq has been inadequate and called syria a geopolitical chernobyl. chinese president jinping begins his tour today. he's scheduled to meet with president obama thursday and friday. tonight chief washington correspondent james rosen continues his series on u.s.-china relations with a focus on security issues. >> in nuclear diplomacy with iran the white house has praised china as a partner for peace. >> china agreed to reduce
3:32 pm
purchases of iranian oil to build pressure. >> reporter: china's territorial disputes with regional u.s. allies and the conversion of land in the south china sea into military bases are seen as a threat to american power in the pacific. >> there is some type of trying to figure out a balance between tracing these specific issues and trying to make the relationship sound enough so they can also move ahead in other areas where not only the cooperation but there are tough issues like north korea. >> reporter: most worrisome is cyber attacks like the theft of american files from the office of personnel management. there is a hint at a limited cyber accord during the visit. >> i wouldn't say there is a formal agreement. there is a constructive discussion about what does that look like? how can we address the issues? >> the difference between an intrusion and destruction may be a matter of a few key strokes.
3:33 pm
how do you verify both sides are living up to some kind of confidence building measures. >> reporter: the author of the hundred year marathon, the strategy to replace america as the global super power said china is ignoring warnings on cyber. >> my friends tell me that the level of attack is increasing. the number of incidents and the jeopardy that the u.s. system is being put in are increasing. >> also at issue this week the chinese fighter jet that buzzed a u.s. reconnaissance plane last week and a houston woman accused of spying. >> james, thank you. the white house says president obama and angela merkel talked about the need for a europe-wide solution to the refugee crisis in which all member states except their fair share of migrants. earlilier ministers approved a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees across the continent. the pope begins his historic
3:34 pm
visit to the u.s. we'll talk about it and some of the issues about which he'll be talking in the u.s. the panel joins me after the break.
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10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. we ask you to use your voice to help us advocate for the undocumented and people living in poverty in our communities. >> we hope you will address climate change and talk about how it hurts lower income communities and the most vulnerable among us. >> i think it's interesting that democrats say he's so right about the environment. he's so right about capitalism. they really don't talk about his belief in the sanctity of life because they don't agree with
3:39 pm
him. >> we have the same goal of providing more prosperity and upward mobility. i believe free enterprise is the better way of doing it. >> pope francis, the leader of the world's 1.1 billion catholics arrived in the u.s. today. he's here tonight. he'll be at the white house for a formal ceremony tomorrow beginning the trip. let's bring in george will, avi skod dard and toka carlson, host of fox & friends, weekend. george, as you heard, depends on the party. you can hear what you want to hear even before the speech. >> the pope has a clear agenda. social, political, economic and he's not reticent about it. he was strangely reticent in cuba. when he lands and gets to his apartment in washington he can read the washington post editorial that accuses him of the appeasement of power in cuba where the post says he did and
3:40 pm
said nothing to discomfort the castro regime. he comes here speaking for the poor but some of us think against the arrangements largely considered capitalists and fossil fuels that have done more for the poor in the last two centuries than has been done for the poor in 30 centuries before that. he'll speak thursday in the house chamber. he'll speak there one week after 177 democrat where i can members of congress voted for an infanticide. they voted against the bill from trent franks of arizona that said if a child survives an abortion procedure it should be given the same medical treatment that would be accorded any other child of a similar gestational age. 177 democrats voted against that. if the pope is looking for something to talk about in the house chamber, he might start there. >> one would think that he is going to talk about life issues.
3:41 pm
he also will talk about other issues that he's expounded upon from the vatican and around the world. depending again on the political point of view you hear what you hear. >> right. there is no escaping the fact that this trip is political. he's going to speak to address the joint session of the u.s. congress. he is going to speak with the president privately in the oval office. he's accompanied by other officials from the vatican. a secretary of state, a foreign minister for official visits. he obviously has uncomfortable differences with democrats and with republicans. president obama who hats appealed to him in the past on cuba will appeal to him heavily. we have to assume on climate change. and reach an international accord at the end of the year. and hope that the pope is going to help romance other countries into joining this agreement.
3:42 pm
he'll play this up and president obama does risk any kind of overt lobby effort. surely that's going to happen behind closed doors. i think the pope invited this. >> also the syrian refugee crisis. >> sure. >> the pope will weigh in on that as well. >> he already has fashioned himself a political figure. pretty explicitly. it will be so interesting to see if he makes unfashionable statements. if he comes and does what george suggests and scolds the congress for really doing something unconscionable. his record in cuba suggests he refused even to meet with dissidents, people thrown in prison for practicing christianity. he didn't acknowledge them. this suggests maybe he won't. this group is so hostile to the catholic church even joe biden complained about it and was ignored. the white house has assembled this meeting, a dinner for him, where they packed it with political figures. trans gender activists, a gay
3:43 pm
priest. this panopoly of people to make a political statement. can the pope resist making a statement of traditional christianity? i hope he can. i hope he does. >> two things. the administration said there will be thousands at the welcoming ceremony. they didn't address that criticism. >> when you invite gene robinson who i could bore you for hours about his history. you are making a specific political statement when you do that. they have definitely done it to the pope. >> two, there are many catholics who are very excited about this visit to the u.s. they are not all in trepidation about this. they look forward to hearing what the pope will say. >> i'm not a catholic. i want to actually say that this is a good story. he's coming to america for six days. this is an example of positive leadership. you don't have to be catholic to embrace. people see him as a very
3:44 pm
open-minded and loving figure. this is in the face of tidal waves of bad news, a really good story. so i think that's important to point out. >> it's also the oldest institution in the world. that itself gives it a certain cachet, to say no more. anyone who can claim 1.1 million adherents. >> billion, with a b. >> i'm sorry, billion which is slightly less than the arriving leader of china, but they are voluntary. >> right. uncoerced. >> exactly. >> on the issue of income inequality, capitalism, the pope has spoken out about that numerous times. the former ambassador to the vatican, francis rooney on this pope and that issue. >> he's from a country that's autocratic, that's spent 60
3:45 pm
years spinning itself into oblivion which hat the turn of the century was as big or bigger than the united states economy. and where the companies are all about ballistic and many are cronies with the states and each other, huge families. they don't provide for people. i don't think there is a safety net in argentina to care for the poor. >> baier, capitalism is corporatism? argentina? >> at the turn of the 20th argentina had the 14th highest per capita income in the world. now 63rd. partly because they have been practicing redistribution that pope francis is enamored of. he says the problem is rampant consumer ichl. not for the 1.3 billion people in the world who don't have electricity. he praises from 30,000 feet subsistence agriculture. i know no one involved in it who would not flee it given the opportunity. >> it's not surprising at the bernie sanders website when you click on his views and economic
3:46 pm
section you see a quote from the pope. i'm not saying the pope endorses bernie sanders, hardly. he's being used by the left to justify economic policies. that's a shame. >> but in this conversation is also life which the right will grab onto and say this is -- >> pope francis when arriving said on the plane, i'm not a liberal. he disagrees with both parties on serious issues. everyone will make an appeal like you heard on the tape about immigration, everything else. >> next up, hillary clinton comes out against the keystone xl pipeline. the cold truth is, (coughing) you can't work from home when you're sick. you need real relief. alka-seltzer plus day cold & flu has three cold symptom fighters
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te test test. test test test. test test test. test test test test. test test test. i oppose i oppose it. >> she keystone xl pipeline. hillary clinton, secretary of state hillary clinton,
3:51 pm
five years ago. >> as i say, we have not yet signed off on it, but we are inclined it to do so and we are for several reasons going back to one of your original questions. we're either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the gulf or dependent on dirty oil from canada. and, until we can get our act together as a country, and figure out that clean renewable energy is in both our economic interests and the interests of our planet. [ applause ] >> well, there she is. there you see bernie sanders today on twitter as a senator who has vigorously opposed the keystone pipeline from the beginning. i'm glad secretary clinton has made the decision and i welcome her opposition to the pipeline. it would be absurd to encourage the extraction and transportation of some of the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet. we're back with the planet. george? >> her statement today was a
3:52 pm
non-sector. it's a distraction therefore i'm against it it's a distraction therefore i'm for it if all you want to do is close the question. nothing better illustrates the left and environmentalism than the idea that this is somehow connected, a pipeline, with with global warming. it is only connected if you assume that these enormous reserves of oil are going to stay in the tar sands of canada if we don't build the pipeline which is absurd. instead they will turn it to the west and sell to china and burn it there less responsibly than anybody else. >> heard about transporting oil via truck or by rail and what the emissions look like there. we have heard the arguments for keystone for many years. in fact, this study has been going on for some six years. yet, we just hear there b. this decision today from hillary clinton. >> she painstakingly just
3:53 pm
told voters in these settings for months that she could not give her real opinion and make it public because it was being dealt with in the white house and it's a pending issue. for some reason today, i guess, it's okay. i mean, nothing has changed, but she decided that she has to tell her voters that she is opposing it after, you know, it's five years before sounding like an advocate. this is what is happening. the only clock is the polling where she is deteriorating and the durability of the sanders' surge and the threat of joe biden entering the race. she feels that the clock is ticking. the hour is late. you see a lot of aggressive leaking not only by the biden people which they have made pretty obvious trying to tease out a run. but little stories designed to make joe biden feel that it's scary choppy waters and he shouldn't get. in keystone is a part of that. it's just a response to her standing in the polls. >> interesting, tucker, because on the same day that
3:54 pm
she says she opposes keystone she also oppose the cadillac tax for obama care which is a big things for unions, that's a tip of the hat for unions, unions like keystone. she is pandering to all sides. >> she doesn't have to explain it. this is the problem with theology if you have to unpack it in the light of day it's embarrassing. why she doesn't bother. i'm against keystone because of global warming, because. then she gets back into her -- i'm glad you butted her statement against bernie sanders. campaign not destined to win doesn't mean he can't transform the nature of the race and it has. it's pushed her dramatically to the left. if you are thinking about this long term bernie sanders is not going to win the primary in south carolina. college students grooming to run this country. they love him. extremist by any measure. what does it say about where we are and where we are
3:55 pm
going? ominous and worth paying attention to. >> this is about the polls that we choose to use on air and at fox news. the biggest problem with many online polls is that this reflect the views of those internet users who have chosen to participate. when people can opt in and self-select the sample cannot be considered representative of the electorate. we know some campaigns, groups of supporters encourage people to vote online polls and flood the results. go to great effort and rigor to conduct scientific polls for good reason. quick vote, items posted on the web can't be trusted as true measures of public opinion. we mostly stick with telephone, land line, plus cell polls that use rand dom sampling a methodology that allows everyone an equal chance of being interviewed. i just wanted to get that out there. that's it for the panel. stay tuned it to find out why opposites don't attract when it comes to world leaders.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
next category one person living or dead. the pope chose saint peter. putin chose dead. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> tonight "on the record," the pope touches down in america. pope francis kicking off his historic six day tour. we are live along the pope's route carly fiorina is trying to capitalize on debate success. the former hewlett packard ceo and top tier presidential candidate is laying out foreign policy plan. fiorina displang how she would deal with isis, iran and vladimir putin. live in charleston, john. >> good evening to you, greta. what carly fiorina was outlining today at the is citadel in charleston was a muscular foreign policy. she was sharply critical of the obama administration for being weak and dealing with bad actors like iran, china, and vladimir putin. she said in response to putin's actions in


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