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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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#asksean and we might put your face on tv. and you'll be a big part. that is it for tonight. we take attendance and and unafraid. here is greta. >> tonight "on the record," the pope touches down in america. pope francis kicking off his historic six day tour. we are live along the pope's route carly fiorina is trying to capitalize on debate success. the former hewlett packard ceo and top tier presidential candidate is laying out foreign policy plan. fiorina displang how she would deal with isis, iran and vladimir putin. live in charleston, john. >> good evening to you, greta. what carly fiorina was outlining today at the is citadel in charleston was a muscular foreign policy. she was sharply critical of the obama administration for being weak and dealing with bad actors like iran, china, and vladimir putin. she said in response to putin's actions in ukraine
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and establishing a foreign operating base in syria, she would rebuild the sixth fleet which is based in europe. reveal the missile defense program in poland and joint military exercises right on putin's doorstep on china she said she would retaliate for alleged cyber are hacking and intellectual property theft and would not tolerate china building military outpost in the sea. also cancel the state visit. on iran, she said on day one of her presidency, she would call the eye tollla. she said she didn't know if he would take her call or not but said she would try and tell him, hey, you know that nuclear deal, it's off. here's the new deal. until and unless you open every nuclear facility for inspection, you will not be able to move any money around the world. fiorina is a big proponent of rebuilding the u.s. military and supporting our allies. exclusive interview on mackinaw island over the weekend i gave a hypothetical think question to her i said if you are elected president in 2020
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after your first term what would america's military and strategic posture look like. here is what she said. >> it will take time to rebuild our military but we have to be well on our way. we have to have invested in those brigades and battalions and navy ships. we have to have invested in equipping our allies whether it's the kurds or the south koreans or the japanese or australians. the world will know the united states is leading. we will stand with our allies and confront our adversary. >> to that end fiorina said she would in fact arm the kurds. send more weapons to jordan the united states under her administration would lead a coalition of arab allies to defeat isis once and for all, greta? >> john, thank you. and today's event by carly fiorina is an early test of her international chops. fiorina telling cadets at the citadel military academy how she would keep our nation safe. >> i think president obama's
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fundamental belief is that the world is better when we are one among many nations. and said this in a variety of ways. well, america thinks it's exceptional the way greeks think they are exceptional. we need to join the family of nations i misunderstands fundamentally, the united states of america is a unique nation in all the world and in all of human history. we are the only nation in human history does not conquer territory but liberates people. for heaven's sakes, we keep terrorists in air conditioned facilities. we ensure that all of their rights are met. why? because we are americans. and we are the only nation that has been founded on the idea that the individual that each life is precious.
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that makes us not one among many nations. that makes us a unique nation. christians are being driven from the middle east. >> yes, they are. >> the cretion populations in various places in the middle east are being driven out. and this administration is silent. this is about the defense of the security of our nation and the defense of the character of our nation. they are extrick cable. [ applause ] >> so, carlie foreign naps plan stack up? former presidential candidate herman cain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hello, greta. >> what are your thoughts, sir, of carlie foreign naps foreign policy plan which is what she laid out at her debate about a week ago. >> i like it, i like it, i like it. she is talking about the united states of america being a leader nation.
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unstead of a reactive nation. and instead of being a follow nation. her statements have strong, clear and definitive. he you have got to tell you i'm impressed with the philosophical statements that she has laid out relative to foreign policy. i like it. >> what do you make of her strategy? she lays out what her strategy is and you compare it sort of with donald trump who says he doesn't want to tip off the enemy so to speak. he doesn't want to tell them what he is going to do. he thinks that's a bad strategy. she has made very plane what she intends to do. tell me which is the better approach politically and which is the better approach for the american people? >> in this case, carlie has the better approach because she is basically sending a very clear message to our enemies she is not saying how many ships and missile defense systems. she is not saying how many exercises we are going to conduct. she is simply saying we are going to going to do this
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like it or not. she doesn't care because she wants to get america back where it belongs and that is respected in the world for two things that only other countries even our enemies understand. our economic strength and our military strength. that's all they understand. and she makes statements that will put us back at that level. >> is there a difference between looking strong and looking sort of belligerent and offending people in a nonproductive way? >> there probably is. but i don't think she has crossed that line of looking strong versus belligerent. she is just being clear the reason people say she is. we have such a weak president lack of strategy administration she may seem that way. i like what she is saying about how she is going to
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approach foreign policy, rebuilding our military, and establishing the united states of america back to its exceptional status in the world i love it. >> is her foreign policy fundamentally different from any of the other g.o.p. candidates? can i compare and contrast with the democratic candidates. what about her g.o.p. opponents? are they saying anything different? >> some of them are not saying anything different. some of them are saying the same thing. they are just using different words. i know that mike huckabee, for example, marco rubio, i believe, has also stated what we need to be relative to the world. we need to be a leadership nation, not a followship nation. so, some of the candidates, yes. but i can't delineate all of them but i happen to believe that most of them -- most of the republican candidates feel exactly the same way. they just articulate it a little differently. >> so why do you like what she says? you say i like it, i like
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it, i like it. why do you like it more than like if she says much of what governor huckabee and senator rubio say? what's different about carly fiorina to you? >> maybe because what she is saying is connecting with what i said four years ago. peace through strength. every one of the statements she made represented peace through strength you know i'm a big supporter of the reagan philosophy like a lot of candidates, but she made it clear. and she made it clear in a way that i believe, greta, that it is connecting with the american people. more people just need to hear her speak and to hear this aspect of what she would do in regards to foreign policy. >> would you endorse her? >> i would. but i haven't yet. i have picked six candidates that i consider to be the ones that i would prefer. she is one of the ones i
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picked. even before she shot up in the polls. she is one of my pick six. >> all right. let me ask you one quick question, who is your first pick route now in your pick of six? >> i don't have a first pick. as you know, greta. a lot can happen as this campaign continues to unfold and so far all of my six are still in the running. >> all right. we will keep checking back with you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> well, now ben carson is on the defense of the retired neurosurgeon standing husband ground but in so doing hoping to do some damage control after making controversial statements. on meet the press it happened. and dr. carson said he would not want a muslim in charge of this nation. today, he tried to explain what he meant. >> the question had been asked about a christian. and they had said, you know, would you support a christian who believes in establishing a theocracy, i
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would have said no some we would say he is against christians. you have to be able to look at the context what i'm saying it i don't care what a person's religious beliefs are are or what their religious heart tableg is. owe o-heritage is. if they embrace culture our constitution and willing to place that above their religious beliefs. i have no problem with them. i you said that. why is it it impossible for the people to hear that. when we have a situation arises and have somebody in that situation, let's talk about it then. why get off into theoretical situations. no point in doing that. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the daily he beast, jackie kucinich and senior editor nina easton. nina, after some reflection, he basically had a little bit of a do-over. i'm perfectly comfortable with do-overs. >> he is trying to do a
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do-over, yes. he is trying to go along with the constitution which says there should be no religious test for somebody running for office. he hasn't made that clear distinction. i think what he was trying to say is if somebody believes in sharia law, then that's not somebody i'm going to support for office. the question becomes, you know, muslim americans, we have got a population of mechanism americans here who are very patriotic who serve in the military, who hold political office. and does he embrace them in the way by the way we have a pope here this week who is embracive and inclusive. >> serve hard line. i sort of think to myself i bet people have shown up in his operating room and didn't care if they were muslim, christian, or anything at all. i think he just sort of got himself a little torn up. although he is a man of deep faith. i'm not denying that and christian faith. >> i think this is one of the things that happens new go up in the polls you start to get more scrutiny. ben carson is not used to
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that yet. is he not used to be top running candidates where you are asked the same question over and over and over again if you make a misstep. he didn't say that initially that he thinks everybody is equal and that if you embrace -- he didn't say that initially said categorically muslims should not be president. >> which was a mistake if might have been a mistake but his fundraising is up. >> people who like him probably agree with hum on that front. >> shall rhea law is a war on women. >> countries that operate under sharia law. like saudi arabia where i
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have been that is not a country that believes in women's rights on any level really. those that's not what we see muslim americans in this country following. that's not what they. >> without a doubt, you know, the whole sort of -- if someone's personal beliefs can be put aside that might be inconsistent. and i think that's what ben carson maybe was coming around to today. then it doesn't matter. you know. >> right. >> personal faith. >> right. it's governing versus what you believe. and, you know, i think he just took him a while to get to say what actually meant, maybe. >> but it does hurt the -- we have many muslim americans who are serving in our military. serving with great distinction or maybe muslims who are doctors or lawyers. >> members of congress. >> members of congress or anything like that. i think he has learned something today or past couple of days. anyway, finally, we get an answer from hillary clinton. after months, even years of refusing to say if she would support the controversial keystone xl pipeline or not, the former secretary of
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state saying she is opposed i think it is imperative to look at the keystone pipeline from what it is. distraction what we have to do to combat climate change and unfortunately from my perspective, one that entries with our ability to move forward to deal with all the other issues. therefore, i oppose it. >> and physician over and over again. why now? jackie, why now is she now taking a position on keystone? >> you know, you have to say that the fact that she made this announcement when the pope was landing in the united states for the first time. hillary clinton doesn't do anything on accident. it did sort of ellipse the announcement. maybe she wanted to get this out of the way. this is a way to inoculate herself from some of the progressive attacks that bernie sanders and martin o'malley have both taken a
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position on this that are anti-keystone. you have to question the tomb ago little bit. >> she didn't say yes, i'm for it because it's a good idea or no i'm against it because it's a bad idea. what she says is i think it's imperative that we look at the keystone pipeline what it is distraction report what we have to do on climate change. therefore, i oppose it i have read that about five times. i still don't get what she said. reasonably average intelligence and that was just the most bizarre answer it's not unlike her answer to face the station email. she regretted using a private email server the reason why is because it had distracted from her campaign and all of the great things that the state department had done. it was very familiar. keep in mind the state department under hillary clinton said this is not going to contribute to global warming. you talk about her releasing it today so people don't notice. she doesn't want unions to
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notice it while she is bringing the environmental community along with her and they are going to applaud her, unions actually wanted the keystone pipeline, so she is -- and there are a couple unions now, powerful unions like sciu on the sidelines with the potential of joe biden coming. in she doesn't want them to get mad at her over this. and so she is now talking about things that they like, like controlling prescription drug costs. and also potentially looking at the cadillac tax hurt them again looking at the cadillac tax on obamacare. >> it certainly was an opening for governor martin owe he maly. he issued a statement which was rather harsh toward the secretary saying on issue after issue, marriage equality, drivers license for undocumented immigrants, children fleeing violence central american, syrian refugee crisis now the keystone pipeline. secretary clinton has followed not forged public opinion. of course she is getting hit as well by senator bernie sanders. >> i do think though this is more about joe biden.
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joe biden, unions like joe biden, if joe biden needs any more push to get, in something luke this could help. they are already mad at her about the trade agreement. they have been mad at the clintons about nafta for years. so, this is just another fuel to that fire that the unions are out there shoving. >> will it push president obama to do anything? that could indicate whether he is going team biden or team clinton? >> it's another layer to this and i don't think we know yet. who knows? he is going to have to be very general gearly gingerly in how he deals with a potential biden getting. in i don't think we will see this president taking sides at all. >> he we will see whether or not he is -- might be unhappy with somebody. who knows? anyway, nina, jackie, thank you. >> thank you. >> the pope takes washington. we are live with someone who has been traveling with pope francis on his plane. also, there are horrible allegations that may have led to the murder of a u.s. marine. that marine's father is here next.
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justice and certain redistributive policies as far as wide open immigration. he has said to this trip in washington on board the plane he is he not a liberal. he has adhered to strict catholic doctrine when it comes to opposing same sex marriage, abortion, and
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fetal tissue research. on the one hand he has said that homosexual behavior is inthreatens is sickly immoral. every homosexual should be treated with respect and love. and then on another occasion when asked about same sex marriage, he said who am i to judge? he he is approaches so many of his philosophies from a pattern of catholic teaching. not an economist viewpoint. you know the economist milton freidman, greta, said of capitalism it has done more to lift up the poor from poverty than any other economic instrument. the pope approaches this from a theological viewpoint not an economist viewpoint. it appears that he is intend on keeping pressure on capitalism beneficiary. very busy day for the pope tomorrow as he heads to the white house for reception in the white house lawn. a parade mass at cathedral before a joint session of congress and then back on friday.
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>> the pope's arrival was met with pomp and circumstance at joint base andrews a large crowd gathered and pope francis was greeted along the red carpeting by joe biden, vice -- red carpet by president obama and vice president joe biden. traveling on the plane with the pope during his trip. what's the pope like? yes, hi there quite an adventure getting here i imagine. you traveled on the plane with the pope. what is he like? he is a reasonably personal, charming man. i think once the americans really get a chance to see him up close. the first time i met him i was in a poll and i was in a vatican. a line of people who wanted to meet him. he said there is no time for him to greet journalists.
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i was on the side with another young colleague of mine, very pretty girl. and he made a beeline for us and he came over and shook our hands and he talked and was very moving. actually my father passed away i gave him a card and in it was a prayer of saint francis. he looked at it and said. [speaking foreign language] he has a personal touch. i think it's he very exciting he has come here. i think it's really interesting the contrast for him to see between cuba. he would just left now cuba the economy is really you in bad shape. i think it's going to be amazing couple of days here. >> well, will that give sort of a different sort of thought, do you think, on capitalism if he left cuba and he saw what was going on there and he comes here? i you realize we have lots of, you know, problems as well here in the united states. but capitalism, you know, has been sort of -- we have a very successful nation. >> we do. and that's the great thing.
11:26 pm
he has never been here before. a man 78 years old in his position never been to the united states. never been to cuba before either. he did write a book about cuba after john paul ii went there. that book actually ends with him saying that it's clear that authoritarian socialism hinders the freedom of spirit and is not a good thing. it's so -- i think recognizes -- i think this is going to be an opportunity for him to get hands on. vibrant the catholic church is here and how generous it is with people around here. i don't know if it's the same route, probably not. such a contrast between these beautiful homes and then the poor in the street. that's something that he talks about a lot. and i think it will be interesting. cuba, it's true it's poor but obviously we don't know what's going on behind the
11:27 pm
scenes. but, yeah. but anyway, it's going to be a fascinating couple of days. >> in thursday seconds or less what do you think his goal is coming here are? what does he want to accomplish? >> i think he want to win over hearts and minds. i think he believes that the catholic church has to win over people on a basis to really touch people. he is he pastor. this is a pastoral visit. he said on the airplane coming over. you know, i'm not a leftist. he sort of rebutted some of the criticisms that he said. he said, look at the bible. in fact, is he always talking about the beattitudes and saint mathew. he wants people to go back to the it origin and take care of each other and for families to prosper. that's really the main goal of his trip here. >> thank you very much. we look forward to hearing what the pope says to the joint session of congress on thursday. >> very interesting. >> u.s. marine killed in afghanistan. did he die because he dared to speak up about horrible crimes? what he said happened will leave you feeling sick.
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shocking and disturbing agencies thattest marines are being told ting you nor known sexual abuse of boys by afghan allies. reporting the comashedz in the afghan army have been sexually abusing young boys, sometimes even on american bases. soldiers and marines have faced discipline and each had their careers ruined for simply speaking up.
11:32 pm
one marine was shot to death in 2012 on a base in afghanistan. his father believes his son's reporting of an incident led directly to his death. gregory buckley sr. and his attorney michael bowie go "on the record." i never know what to say to it a parent of a child who has died and worst of all, died in uniform trying to protect the rest are of us. so i must say, you know, my condolences to you, sir. >> thank you. greg? what happened? >> well, greg went over there when he was 20 in april. and after being there for a couple of months, i started getting phone calls in the middle of the night from him he just told me that he just didn't feel safe on his base. and he was going to be murdered on his base, and, of course, no father wants to hear something like that
11:33 pm
as time went on worse and worse. he couldn't sleep. he said these people are not right. we are here to help them they don't want our help. they keep on arguing with me at night telling us they don't want us here. greg had a disagreement with one with one of his superiors that was it the next day he had to apologize even though he didn't do anything wrong did he ever tell you about sexual abuse. >> yeah. he came in the middle of july with 9 liddle boys. i asked craig what's that all about? i said he t boys, sex slaves to him. within that one night nine boys disappeared. opened up the door and little boys, you know, ages
11:34 pm
from 8 to 13, 14, were underneath the covers. and they were, you know, crying and, you know, they weren't happy, of course, being abused by fur other older men. they recall told by the other soldier, marines back out. my son who has the right morals he couldn't understand how could somebody do this as to a little kid. you see pictures of my son. is he friendly with all the little kids there they loved him. and then for this to happen. >> michael, this -- -- what's being written in the "new york times," you know, literally means boy play. and the allegation in the "new york times" article is that our allies our friends, not our enemies, but that they were -- they had this
11:35 pm
cultural thing where they molest young boys and then the allegation is that our senior military are are looking the oother way, greg's son might have been killed as a result for speaking up. do you have any more information on that? >> well, it is -- i would like to address when they say it's their cultural thing. it's not a cultural thing in the sense that the parent of those boys approve of it and people approve of it it's a cultural thing in the sense that people who are put in power in afghanistan often abuse that power. one ever the ways they do it because they are such a repressed sexual culture they turn little boys into these sex toys. >> just, you know, i wasn't excusing it as a cultural thing, i hope you know that. >> no, i think it's a misnorm for the military to come out and say well, look, it's a cultural thing we have to respect our culture. it's not that there are people there who think this is all right. there is people there who overstep their bounds and in our situation, the people who are overstepping their bounds are the people who we are putting in power. >> can i just -- i only have
11:36 pm
30 seconds left. michael. who killed gregory? >> it was one of the t boys from this person who came entourage ton to the base. marines had previously been warned about this person. had been thrown off the base, a different base two years prior-to-that and commanders had ignored those warnings. >> gregory, again, i'm sorry, terribly sorry about your son. thank you for joining us, michael thank you for joining us as well. >> thank you. we should note the pentagon has responded to the allegations saying we have never had a policy in place that directs any military member or any government personnel overseas to ignore human rights abuses. and my thought? maybe no so-called policy in place but what about that nod and wink where you just look the other way. that's just me. and david gregory fired in a not so nice way. it was brutal. his faith helped him.
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when covering the white house before msnbc fired him asked george w. bush how is your faith? it made him think, think a lot about his faith. i sat down with the author of the brand new book how's your faith unlikely spiritual journey, david gregory. >> i thought that when nbc did to you was awful. the whole way they fired you and hung you out to dry, i was blogging about it i thought it was disgusting. >> i appreciated you saying that at the time and saying it now. it was a tough episode. nobody is going it feel sorry for us being in television news and all the rest. >> it should be done with dignity i didn't like the way it was done. they made a decision which you have k. can agree with or disagree with. it was unnecessary the way it was handled. >> i actually thought it was cruel. anyway. you write about it in your book. and i saw one of the
11:42 pm
toughest parts about it you know, look, we are all any mini one of us can be fired. i understand that i got that i'm a big girl. i have been here. having to tell your children. >> yeah. and the camp. picking them up at camp that day. >> so we were going to -- a lot of this stuff it was in the press about whether i was going to leave and speculation about what would happen was happening right as we were about to pick up our three children from sleep away camp in new hampshire. we are driving up to camp in new hampshire where we are losing cell phone reception and then it was revealed through leaks by nbc that it had been building and that was it and that i was losing my job. >> that was the cruel part. >> yeah. it was unnecessary. i think, you know, for me how do you tell your children that you have lost your job. they had seen a lot of good parts about my job and what it had meant in our lives. i also wanted them to know that sometimes things don't work out as planned. and it was an important lesson for them to learn.
11:43 pm
i thought about how to do that the right way. >> why did you get fired, do you think? >> i think, you know, w were having ratings problems i they wanted to. today show and nightly news was having a lot of ratings issues as well. i don't know that i would have been at the time. i just knew that there was a lot of leaking that could have only been coming from nbc. you know washington. if there is blood in the washington, i needed support over a longer term and they were not prepared to do that. so that's what happened. >> do you miss it? >> i miss the work i miss some of the great stories going on right now but i don't miss being at nbc. >> why do you think some people have faith and some people don't? ultimately a question of where god is people have a
11:44 pm
hard time of understanding god is close. things get in a way. it can be religious institution or places like a synagogue. people are uncomfortable giving voice to that level of vulnerability. and you think it's hard. i mean, i don't get it right a lot. and i still make lots of mistakes in my, you know, in my life. so i have to keep working at it i'm really interested in working at it. and in being on the path. but i think there is almost a -- you know, people are uncomfortable giving voice to the spiritual longing and the desire to forge a relationship with god. you know, i think it was when i was covering president bush kind of later in his presidency. our kids were young and beth had agreed that we would be a jewish family, she was not going to convert but she really did challenge me to say, look, if you are going to lead us in faith, then you need to lead with a sense of real spirit and be able to teach our kids can really understand what you believe not how are
11:45 pm
culturally and ethically. i was on that path. and also, what i now understand is more spiritual lingering in my adult life i was getting very successful at nbc. covering the white house. i was meet the press. i had a wonderful wife and three wonderfully healthy children. i felt i had a lot to be grateful for and needed to find a way to express that and started to feel something larger about what does it mean to be jewish but also what is expected of me? why did you feel the need for that so people people get so busy. wife and children and big job. how did you find the need for it, think you needed it and how did you find the time for it? >> i made the time for it i think i really felt that, you know, a lot of this was figuring out what it meant to be jewish that was happening at a time when rewere leading our kids along that path. i'ed to answer that
11:46 pm
question. do i believe it was god at work, greta. i think there was a sense of longing that was -- that i was feeling that i wanted to examine myself. i want'ed to be better. and the point about president bush is he had found out that i was studying with a biblical scholar but also in a bible study group and would say to me this happened a few times i recount one instance after i got the job on meet the press. he would say gregory how is your faith? the question was so penetrating and unusual if you think about it to me it was a wonderful examination or invitation i would say for self-examination that i found meaningful. i felt like it was worth the time. >> you can see my entire interview a lot more with david gregory go to and president obama wants to open the door for more open the door for more refugees is there a secur [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster...
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let's go off-the-record. let's have some fun tonight. do you like music? singing? well, i couldn't get justin bieber or taylor swift there are copyright problems playing their music. one volunteer. no copyright problems. running for president. >> this is a song in four verses. i will only give you one. are you ready? are we ready? maybe we can clap along. are you ready? ♪ my name is nick and i'm lazy ♪ please don't take a walk with me ♪ i would rather stay at home instead ♪ i want to lie back down in my nice warm bed ♪ my name is nic ♪ and you're going to have to carry me. >> you are going to have to carry. >> as i watch, i think listen to that voice. i'm not taking a swipe at carly fiorina's voice. i'm talking about her persona. okay, that's a joke.
12:00 am
laugh. lighten up. we all need to lighten up. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow might 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly tonight on "red eye." carly fee rein that you sings on "the tonight show." does this mean trump will be dancing on "fox and friends" and a clinton supporter releases a new set of hillary emojis and finally hillary can express all of the feeling she's doesn't have. and another stadium cancels the kiss cam. could this be the end of kissing as we know it? probably. our panel provides tidings of good joy, but first, a news break. >> this is a fox news alert kelly wright in new york. sad news to report from the sports world this morning. legendary baseball player yogi berra has died. lawrence peter yogi


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