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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and ben writes i would ask the pope if joe flacco is an elite quarterback? i don't know if the pope follows sports or football. thanks for being part of "the real story." i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> 9:00 p.m. at the vatican and 3:00 in washington, d.c. where pope francis is about to make more history during his first trip to the united states. he's already met the president at the white house, led a parade along the national mall, kissed a bunch of mighty cute kids and now getting ready to take another ride through washington on the way to a special mass to name a new saint. the first canonization mass ever in the united states and as we know, when this pope hits the streets anything can happen. we're also watching the race for the white house this afternoon. carly fiorina and donald trump are campaigning in the same key state. as fiorina closes in on the front-runner in the polls and there's word the fbi has recovered some of the e-mails
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that hillary clinton deleted from her private server, messages that were reportedly both personal and work related. all the details in a special "shepard smith reporting" so let's get to it. >> announcer: now live on fox news channel, "shepard smith reporting." >> and it's great to have you with us from washington this afternoon. we talked all day about what a perfect chamber of commerce day it is in washington, d.c. think of it like this. if you said, i'm going to invite the pope to the united states for the first time, you could say, here is exactly how i want everything to be. i want all the trees to be in bloom. i want fall to have waited one extra day. i want there to be not a cloud in the sky, a slight breeze and maybe 72, 73 degrees. special red phone, it's all delivered today and we're live outside the largest catholic church in all of north america, the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception or the basilica we'll call it as they do here. that's where this afternoon in just about an hour and 15
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minutes we're expecting pope francis will hold his first ever mass in the united states. the pope is scheduled to arrive in his popemobile less than an hour from now. we'll have live coverage throughout the hour and this, i promise you, once we get to the mass itself you'll hear it all and i'll stay out of the way. organizers say they handed out 25,000 tickets for the outdoor mass and we've heard story after story of people getting into the lottery at their local church or within their local diocese and ten tickets and each one of these has come with that one lucky one with smiles ear to ear across the district today. they set up 15,000 additional seats on the lawn, the white house sent the vice president joe biden who is catholic will attend so as you might imagine security is extremely tight. but as we've seen, the people's pope doesn't seem to worry too much about security, instead of an armored suv or something of that sort he's been riding in a small fiat across much of d.c. with the windows down.
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pope francis is from argentina and traveled all over the world but until yesterday he had never set foot on u.s. soil. still a new poll shows he has plenty of fans here in the united states. fully 70% of americans and 86% of u.s. catholics said they have a favorable impression of the pope. that's according to a survey from abc news and "the washington post" newspaper. we watched this yesterday afternoon as pope francis arrived at joint base andrews or jba in maryland, the first family greeted him on the tarmac as did the vice president and his family. this morning, the pope visited the white house as a crowd of more than 10,000 welcomed him. >> president obama said our backyard is not normally crowded. the pope stopped to kiss some babies. as you can see there, the
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popemobile is now as it will be with new york and in philadelphia a modified jeep wrangler with security at about 0%. he told a local newspaper in barcelona, i'm not too concerned about it at my age i don't have much to lose. today's mass is history in so many ways. i the first time the catholic church will rec think a new saint in the united states. he'll be the first hispanic saint from the united states. his name is junipero serra. and they say he established nine missions along california in the 18th century and converted thousands to christianity but there is much controversy. critics argue he enslaved many of those native americans, in fact, some of them claim that he destroyed their culture. vatican officials say he defended them from more brutal tactics of colonial rulers. there are two sides to this story and we'll get into both of them.
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much more on that ahead. tomorrow the pope is said to speak to a joint meeting of the united states congress. think of that before he travels to new york city. then on saturday it's off to philadelphia before the pope heads back home on sunday night. shannon is with me now. we were over in the media filing center a moment ago and air conditioned room thankfully and we were talking about 18 speeches in three days for a man who was not born yesterday, shannon, i don't know how he does it. >> reporter: yeah, in this heat too. it is beautiful. you are don't want to have a cloud in the sky. it is a beautiful scene for the pope to visit. sunny, but he seems to be holding up well. he's had a grueling schedule while here and next stop at the basilica. he is going to ride behind us in the popemobile sort of through the crowd. people will get a chance to see him before he heads inside. the basilica is absolutely stunning. it was finished in 1969 and in 1979 when pope john paul ii visited it elevated it it from shrine to basilica and inside
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the work is amazing. largest roman catholic facility in north america and one of the ten largest houses of worship. we'll hear from him in 45 minutes. he's a little behind on schedule but making up time and getting here for the celebration of mass. >> that was his downtime or was supposed to be. when the schedule got behind he lost some of his, i don't know, hissy he that time. not the first pope to visit the basilica but this mass, i'm told, shannon, will be different. how? >> it will be. he is the third pope to visit here at the basilica. it is on the campus of the catholic university. a lot of youthful energy and the students have been working for months an really all week volunteering helping to design the altar where he will celebrate mass. it's different because it is the first time there is a canonization mass in the u.s. you mentioned the friar, junipero serra, who established nine different missions in california. he was first beatified years ago in 1988 and today will make that
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final step with pope francis taking him to the level of canonization so it is very different to happen on u.s. soil and not happen long from now. mostly primarily in spanish today. >> shannon, great to see you. i've enjoyed your company. let's bring in jason, lead religion writer for a nonprofit group on social justice publishing a series of reports called "a global church." also father marcel tione, close? >> perfect. >> thank you. he worked with the vatican. >> no, i studied at the vatican. >> studied at the vatican for about five years. great to see you both. >> thanks for having us here. >> we might as well get into the business about the saint who is being, well, canonized today. >> canonized, exactly. >> i read extensively on this and, you know, there have been protests in los angeles for months and months and months and the argument from native americans is, in fact, i want to read it to you -- this is from
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slate today. i'm quoting, around 90,000 indians were baptized in what is now california between 1769 and 1835 after which they were forced to remain in the missions and abandon their language. dress in cultural customs, those who escaped were round up by soldiers and whipped when they returned. by the time california became a state in 1850 diseased intro deuced by the spatial halved the nation from 310,000 to 150,000 and native american leader says he destroyed their culture. that's one side. what's the other? >> the other side is we know father junipero serra -- you can't be canonized unless you exhibit extraordinary virtue and holiness. that's why the pope feels he has to do that. it's unfair to place on his feet all the problems with -- from the colonial soldiers of the time and lay that on his shoulder, i think, is kind of what's happening. it's not fair, even unjust, i think. father junipero serra clearly
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had absolutely heroic virtue and sanctity, no one was forced to convert. people worked with the friars -- you can only become a saint once you die the people around you who knew you believe you're extraordinarily holy so both native americans and friars, they called them el santo so we know he was very holy. >> jason, the argument from native americans is we think it was bad, maybe it was bad enough that he doesn't deserve sainthood and to that you would say -- >> i would say this not all native americans share that position. there obviously is a camp deeply opposed to this canonization, but, remember, he died in the 1780s and at his funeral, there was great weeping on the part of native americans. there were diseases, there were messy conflicts in the colonial era, but much of that happened after his death, more so, there were about 60,000 native
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americans at the time of his death. today they're well over a half a million, many of whom are catholic so i don't think you have so many catholics in those native american communities if there was this long oral tradition of this man as a villain. >> okay, now, next thing, this ceremony and all that the pope is bringing, there are -- there's a crowd that will always escape the politics. they'll go this is what i believe and that's what i don't believe and they'll be angry about something. but this message today of help your fellow man, don't destroy what god gave us and remember it's all about love, i just can't imagine a better time for this to come along. >> no, i think right now in our country this week, that i would say god put the united states on retreat for a week, retreats when everything -- the whole country is on rereceipt. if you don't know it, you're on retreat. that means things are different. we're checking in, a heart check, a soul check, i think everybody -- the pope's presence, the presence of peter is going to make us all think
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what's important and where is god in my life and what am i doing? what are my priorities? i think already today just simply by what's happening today and everyone participating and we're all going to be better americans and catholics will certainly be more faithful by this visit. >> jason, you don't have to be religious to relate to what this man says, the moral foundation that is is really what we are as a people. >> you know, he is the rare figure of unity on the global stage. when he washed the feet of that young muslim girl in prison, in rome two years ago, it was an image that went across the international media grid. it really spoke volumes about forgiveness. radical mercy is the theme of this pope and i think it manifests in so many ways, in the small symbolic gestures and in the larger statements that he makes through his writings and speeches. >> i can't wait to hear what he has to say to our congress. they could all use a talking to by somebody who's got a moral basis, i think. great to see both of you.
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you'll be with us through the hour and take you through the mass which is going to happen skidded for 4:15. an hour and five minutes from now and we'll let that breathe -- one of the highlights of my recent life is beating alabama down at -- this famous photo holes up a sign and says, you should be here. i couldn't help think about that picture. you should be here and i hope you'll be with us commercial-free for that mass over the next hour. trust me, you don't have to be religious to enjoy what's about to happen. it's going to be fantastic. we're following other news too and where investigators have uncovered detailed e-mails and deleted ones from hillary clinton's private server. that whole wiped clean thing has been pushed aside as a myth. but they have been able to et a lot out of there. some of them said to be work related. which if memory serves the former secretary of state said none of these were. so we'll get into what's there and what's not there as we await the mass. special edition of "shepard
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quarter past the hour. the mass coming but first the fbi recovered work related e-mails hillary clinton said she deleted from her private server according to bloomberg news. it is unclear to us how many
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e-mails the fed versus recovered. secretary clinton says she deleted some 30,000 personal e-mails from the server. that's about half the messages from her time at the state department we're told and insists she never sent or received any information that was marked classified at the time. ed henry is our main man at the white house and live for us in washington. what's the response from camp clinton today? >> good to see you, shep. the clinton spokesman said, look, the campaign is not in the loop on what exactly the fbi is doing with this investigation, whether or not they've recovered personal or work-related e-mail. we've always cooperated, though, with this investigation, he says. here's why it's significant. if, in fact, the fbi is now recovering both personal and work-related e-mails, in terms of personal e-mails, remember, hillary clinton said she deleted 30,000 of those because they're mostly about yoga and her daughter's wedding planning and had nothing to do with official business. if they're now recovering those and maybe finding some did have to do with the state department maybe even has classified information that would be a
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problem especially if she didn't turn those e-mails over either to the state department or that special committee in the house investigating benghazi and finally on work-related e-mails she turned some of those over obviously to the state department but if there's more being recovered it will raise questions about whether there's even more e-mail than we've seen that had classified information in that server, of course, clinton's defense again and again has been she didn't know it was classified. it wasn't marked classified. all of this now being investigated by the fbi, shep. >> ed henry over at our washington bureau. thanks. next we'll check in with the republicans as the top two gop candidates head to the first in the primary south state and minute as way from the pope's first mass in the united states as i've mentioned a few times we'll bring it to you live right here on fox news channel.
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the democrats trying to demonize carly fiorina as
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continuing coverage of the pope's visit to the united states and the mass is coming but first the top two republican presidential candidates are on the campaign trail in south carolina today. carly fiorina officially applied to be on the ballot for the first in the south primary. she soared in the polls after last week's gop debate on cnn and donald trump met with african-american business leaders in charleston this afternoon said to hold a town hall meeting in columbia tonight. karl is live in the d.c. newsroom. >> jeb bush, ted cruz and marco rubio will be around and there are lots of candidates with the first southern primary. mike huckabee is down there, rand paul and carly fiorina and mr. trump, the front-runner trump addressed the greater
12:22 pm
chamber of commerce and the charleston business alliance. the real politics of average polls in south carolina shows trump is in the 30s, ben carson in the 20s and the rest of the pack in double digits. this was trump today taking a shot at marco rubio. >> marco rubio, who by the way, has the worst attendance record in the u.s. senate has got the number one worst attendance record and they want him to be president, right. >> rubio knocked the donald on "the kelly file" as vague on national security. watch. >> there should be concern, not just about him but about any candidate that's not able to speak in detail with clarity and with seriousness. >> so trump tweeted senator marco amnesty rubio who has the worst voting record in the senate just hit me on national security but i said don't go into iraq, vision. well, with scott walker out of the race rubio is trying to make a play for walker's big donor
12:23 pm
and staff so rubio's now running second ahead of bush in florida. for trump that's a problem, trump is ahead and he thinks it's now time to pound rubio who is making an advance, shep. >> then there's fiorina who's been surging but usually when you surge they start taking shots at you. how is she doing in south carolina? >> that's been going on. she was down this today and paid the $40,000 fee to get on the ballot and she spoke to a barbecue brunch for a bunch for lunch and took a shot at trump too. watch. >> and leadership is not about how big your office is, how big your title is, how big your airplane or your helicopter or your ego is. >> well, with the pontiff here in the nation's capital, the preferred mode of transportation is either a popemobile or a fiat, shep. >> carl cameron in the bureau across town. much more ahead on the pope's historic witt, fiat and all. i wonder what's happening with chrysler's stock today. catholic leader set to depart
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then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. more of the headlines from the fox news desk. leaders of the european union holding an emergency summit in belgium to deal with the migrant crisis. hundreds of thousands flooded europe as they try to escape the syrian civil war and terror groups including isis and expect the leaders to push for tighter controls at borders. countries outside the eu. here in the united states president obama declaring a major disaster in northern california where a wildfire is among the worst that state has ever encountered. it's in lake county, 90 miles north of san francisco. officials there say the fire has destroyed hundreds and hundreds of homes and killed at least six people. the former u.s. marine who spent months in captivity in yemen now back home with his family in michigan.
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ...ask your doctor about... ...non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. a live look outside the vatican -- the fiat in which he travels is waiting to take him to the mass but the pope decided to work the ropes. let's listen. it was mentioned earlier. it's worth repeating now, the
12:30 pm
pope to a lot of people seemed like, you know, it's been a long day and he seemed a little tired earlier. who wouldn't but whenever he gets down among the people, every single time i've seen him he lights up from ear to ear. >> no question bit. i think we've seen it today and i'm sure we'll see when he gets here. when he gets out especially when children come to him or disabled people and people watching earlier, great shots of little children being brought to him on the way to the white house and after and it's really like he loses 20 years of life immediately when he -- especially with young people. it's such a gift to watch. >> note to self, more children. jason, he -- the message of the fiat for all of us is what? >> that small is simple and good. that you don't have to have a huge limousine i think is the message. >> you know, in his ecology cyclical he has a wonderful line and says everything is connected. and i think that is sort of the mantra, the message that he
12:31 pm
brings that from the smallest to the largest pieces of the world we live in, it's all connected and you see him working the crowds like a happy politician whether children or elderly people. he's really a populist in style. >> i can tell you they're absolutely loving him. shannon bream is with us from six feet away because that's what the technology allows and, shannon, it's been such a joy to watch all day, hasn't it? >> it has and really seeing all week the anticipation building up here in washington as folks have been scurrying around and preparing things here in the basilica. we took a look inside yesterday and got a peek as they opened the big door that you see behind us, just behind that red vestment where the pope will come out and celebrate mass here for the thousands who have gathered all day long we see people of all age, little children napping on the grass, you know, people of all ages backgrounds from all over the world really here gathering and just waiting counting down until the pope arrives and despite the heat and despite a little wait
12:32 pm
through security, people seem very, very excited for the opportunity to get to see him. for themselves and the only mass he's going to do here in washington, so a lot of anticipation, months of preparation and those who worked so hard seem very excited to see that they will finally welcome here today. shep. >> people looking at the crowd behind the two of us, shannon, it's like, okay, people came out by the tens of thousands to see the pope in washington, no big deal. it's a very big deal. some of these people, i am positive, waited an hour and a half, two hours at magnetometer, they're kind of stuck in position. it has been an all day affair. a handful of them have been here as long as we have and that's since, i don't know, 9:00 this morning. this is -- this is a labor to be here. it wasn't an -- >> i think the security lines were long. extra tight security so people will to stay in line for hours just to get n one thing about the crowd, it's really young and shocked how young the crowd s a lot of teenagers, a lot of
12:33 pm
college-age students and primarily young people and i think that speaks volumes too for his appeal. >> you called him a politician which he fully admits on some level he certainly is and he as a politician or as a human being has been fantastic at reaching out and uses all the young people's tools to get to them and they're really responding. >> well you know, he's one of these people who has a very natural gift of charisma and what's so interesting about him is that he speaks in this almost dulcet tone. it's a very sweet way of speaking and sometimes he uses a velvet hammer in what he says. >> #generalwin, though and the kids like for you to be authentic and it seems, if anybody is, it's he. >> indeed, one of the things i've noticed on my trips to rome at the audiences on sundays, the level of anticipation before he comes to the altar and then when he gives, you know, the
12:34 pm
speeches, it's palpable. people from all over the globe converge. i think he's captured something that has been missing in the global village for a long time. he's a figure of virtue and people see him as someone who basically stands for the common good and that's pretty rare in the public scare. >> it is. father taillon, to those good catholics and good conservatives who say, this doesn't work for me, he's gone too far, i disagree with him on a number of marys and feel like the pope has gone left, how do you help those people process it all? >> first we know that the old adage is the pope catholic, yes, he is. we always use that expression when we know something so obvious and pope francis, i think one of the hard things about being a catholic in america is that we hear what he says through very parsed headlines and urge people who are totally faithful to the
12:35 pm
church's teachings to read everything he says and, you know, the pope talks about the devil more than any other pope we've had and did that today and i think people miss those kind of things that the whole fullness of what he says so he's a completely faithful to all the teaching of the church and hasn't changed anything and can't change anything and doesn't want to and i think people just need to know that and find out what he says from him from vatican sources maybe not from certain media outlets that just chop and parse little pieces. >> in 25 years in this business i think the biggest change from my personal observation in viewers and consumers of news is the degree to which we've split off into our own partisan worlds and the degree to which people see all of the world through their own partisan glasses. and there are a lot of people who are really faithful and very good people and say their prayers at night and do everything right and are concerned. >> but i think -- >> well, i think they're concerned but again only because
12:36 pm
of the sources of where they're getting -- >> you do? >> i do and if you read the whole encyclical that's based on climate change, not just climate change but on the common good on the human dignity of the person -- >> i would say as a news person, not a commentator, climate change, though, is one of the things that really isn't -- climate change has been made by a group into political but it's not. it's called science and the science is there, climate change areal and humans are making it happen. this pope recognizes this and that climate change is part of the political discussion as well. it's unfortunate. but there's some other matters on which there is disagreement. >> well, he ties the fate of the earth to the life of the unborn, the encyclical on ee jolg is a profound pro-life document which, of course, throws it up to the democrats, what are you going to do with that? you know, i was in havana a week before last doing a series of articles for groundtruth and i
12:37 pm
interviewed a woman with a charitable group on the island that is like the social safety net and she said, mercy, which is the pope's great theme, she said, mercy is a message that shakes everyone's ground. i think it cuts across ideological divides. true mercy, true forgiveness, try to sell that in congress. try to sell that this boardrooms, you know. >> i think one of the wild cards the degree to which he'll push the following narrative. there are 4 million refugees, we are the richest, most prosperous, most blessed nation in all the world. and we have a responsibility as human beings to help solve this very human crisis. the degree to which he pushes that line, that also concerns many very good catholic and otherwise corners. >> but i also think probably the prime concern for faithful catholics is also the persecution of christians in the middle east and there's a
12:38 pm
horrific thing happening there right across -- >> both of those things are true, though. the pope will say both of those are true both kriegs are being persecuted and murdered and refugees need a place to go and america, richest nation in the world, you must help them. >> nation of immigrants. >> of course. >> well -- >> sorry, jason. >> he went to the european parliament and said that -- >> same thing. >> he didn't want to see the mediterranean become a great cemetery. you can consider that a curtain raiser for whatever he tells kfrng and will be a multithemed address. >> sadly the mediterranean for so many hundreds is a great cemetery and already know this and we as american also have to deal with this at some point. one thing you know when you start covering that in the united states and u.s. media, the ratings go down and what that tells me is not that we're making decisions about doing it that way, we aren't but it's a barometer of what people are willing to look at and willing to process and it doesn't seem we as americans are fully ready to process that.
12:39 pm
at some point we have to. >> that's why god brought the pope here to help us do that. he's not a political leader. he's a moral and spiritual leader and everything he says is fecks politics and politicians but he's not a political leader and i think we need to remember that and that's why we're on retreat this week because he's making us call to mind our own politics but in the beginning, in the end he's the vicar of christ, successor of peter, moral and spiritual leader not just for the catholics but the whole country and that's a gift we need to all think and pray and really take stock of everything and i think he's going to help us do that in different ways. he'll talk about religion use liberty a lot when he gets to philadelphia and gives that speech out there and i think there's going to be a lot of other things, he's here really to go to the family meeting in philadelphia to strengthen families in the christian vision of that, so i think he's going to be really talking about family life and the struggles there, but i think there's going to be a lot of things that will happen and got to wait and see but we know as you said at the top of the hour he's the pope of
12:40 pm
surprises and i think get ready because we'll have a lot of surprises alt week long. i think it's great and good for us. the country needs to come together and to breathe and pray and reflect and just be a little more seriously reflective about everything rather than being so decided so easy. >> advertise to talk to you both and we'll have you here, both father and jason, as well, for the mass which is starting 35 minutes or owe from now. nice to have you. >> thank you. >> it's nice and cool out but that sun is hot, isn't it? >> it's really hot. >> it's beating on you. >> and i'm in black. >> we made the mistake. hey, pope francis' historic visit continues and we are just moments away from the afternoon mass, pope francis' first ever on u.s. soil. some 25,000 ticket holders await him at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. all ahead. 20 to 4:00 in washington. so glad you're with us. why do so many people choose aleve?
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a live look now here in washington as we're getting ready for the mass and the popemobile is on the move. live cameras all along the way. airspace is a bit restricted today so chopper coverage is limited, but it's not gone. and some of d.c.'s finest and capitol police leading along here to the spot where the mass will take place and it is a sun-drenched day and i'm just hopeful all the people behind us including, including the bishops brought sunscreen because they're going to need it, father. >> it's actually i don't think a priest celebrates mass or a bishop there's three layers on and no umbrellas out there so i'm sure they're all right but it's pretty hot out. >> we've been listening to the music throughout the day. some of what i might expect in my local church down the street in new york. and some of it is from cultures interest all around the world. you said during the break it speaks volumes of the church. >> it's where the church is, music from latin america, it's
12:45 pm
music from europe. it's music from the united states. it's a melding of different sounds and rhythms. >> let's listen to it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:46 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:47 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:48 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ working our way towards the
12:49 pm
mass now. this spectacular place is going to host the mass outdoors today in its entirety. the first pope to visit here was john paul ii and the year was 1979. it was the national shrine at the time and in 1990 he raised it to the status of a minor basilica and if you were to take a look at the guest book encased in glass inside the building behind me, you would see jp ii's signature and pope benedict celebrated mass at the basilica and bestowed the golden rose on it dating to the 11th century so there hasn't been a basilica for long. it has had some notable visitors as the most recent makes his way toward it now. i feel like we're presiding over the god network all of a sudden and i don't think it's a bad thing. >> not a bad thing. >> the music is stunning, i must say. >> it really is spectacular. the message of that was basically be with me.
12:50 pm
>> stay with me, lord stay close to me and a lot of hymns before mass, all are diverse and so many chapels inside there representing mary and all different cultural -- each -- many nations have nations have given cultures in the united states have contributed to the chapel. so grew go around there's argentina, chile', canada, all over the place, europe. you go around you really feel -- one thing that's great about today. i think pope francis will be the most comfortable in our country because it's the most like st. peter's square. people come from all over the world to hear him. i think our country's unique in that when he looks out it's going to look like a papal audience. because people come here from so many different backgrounds. and this building also really testimony to all the immigrants here as well. you go around, and so many different images and countries represented. and really it's really a great place to celebrate the united states, i think, religiously >> it is. walking around the campus here today, catholic university, i
12:51 pm
felt like i was in new york with all languages being spoken all over the place. and you look up and you see you were saying during the break, spanish is the language of the church. it is now, not tomorrow. >> you know, you mentioned john paul ii coming here in 1979. the first hope to visit america was paul vi in 1965. he gave a memorable speech at the u.n. saying no more war. and in a way, the pope and since the second world war has become a sort of moral statesman on the global stage, a symbol of peace if you will. and i think francis has taken that tradition quite a step further by weaving together this everything is connected philosophy. weaving together these various strands of climate change, the fate of migratory peoples, even enforced slavery which he has made into a global issue. and i think for people here today, to see someone like that is really quite a thrill.
12:52 pm
>> the cheers you're hearing in the massive crowd behind us is for the pope. these images are on enormous screens here, much like a small jumbotron at a football stadium. and as the pope waves, the people here cheer. worst a listen here. i know there are microphones along the way. secret service walking alongside this wide open jeep, modified jeep. and the leader of the catholic church waving at the faithful around him. it's astounding. listen. [ cheers ] [ cheers ]
12:53 pm
[ cheers ] [ cheers ]
12:54 pm
[ cheers ] [ cheers ] >> coming into the grounds now in the pope mobile, i'm looking around at face that is all our viewers would know, news viewers. chip reid from nbc, anne thompson just down. so many familiar faces in american homes, and all of them, every head, turned and watching and waiting to see how close they can get to the pope. i remember when his pope mobile made a lap around the old yankee stadium in the outfield. i was standing just above
12:55 pm
monument park. and he was close enough to touch almost. and it was such a crazy, uniteding, joyous day in that house that ruth built. and it feels like that here today. >> it does. it feels like sort of like easter morning, i would say. it's like a huge super bowl easter feeling here this morning. just feels like it's morning. >> rather triumphant music at that. ♪ >> watching on the screen along with you, looking out over this
12:56 pm
vast ex expanse of people, i wish the cameras did it justice. they do not. it's so many hundreds and thousands of people dressed in white on a glorious sunny day. and the sun coming with fall upon us now. a bit low in the sky and shining off the dome of this magnificent building. if there's anybody in the world who could put on a better show than the catholic church, i don't know who it is. this is amazing. >> i think, too, shepard, of all the things pope is going to do while he's here for mass is so sa sacred. all the speeches and encounters. but catholics believe jesus is really present in the mass. that's the height of intimacy the present with the lord. the fact the pope is celebrating mass here is such a spiritual, mind-blowing reality to think that he'll be here with us for mass. the two masses are
12:57 pm
extraordinarily special events, especially for members of the church in our country. i think it's really the height of his visit in a sense for us. it's such a blessing to be here today to really be able to share that with so many people through television. >> the taking of communion today. everyone in this outdoors, but nonetheless everyone here will receive the body of christ, the bread of heaven. but the wine only for the bishops and those actually involved. i'm told strictly for time reasons. >> well, sure. only a priest has to drink the precious blood at a mass. obviously a lot of places in our country people receive both. but they don't have to receive both. the real presence is in either one. but the priest who offers the sacrifice has to drink, but the lay people do not have to. although obviously most places in the country today we celebrate what we call both species. but today the impossible to do
12:58 pm
that r reverently and safely. >> we can't see the pope mobile behind some trees. there you go. it's come into camera view now. i'm still struck, and i've said it maybe too many times, but this is an elderly man who is putting himself through a rigorous day. it's frankly we've got 25 or 30 people here, most of whom are younger than i am. and it's a long day for them. i don't know how he does this. >> a long day for me and i'm younger, too. i wanted to tell you one thing. when john paul ii was on his -- one of his american tours in 1987, he went to new orleans. a rainy day it had been. he celebrated mass at the lakefront. and there were i believe about 250 priests and deacons who were assisting in giving out communion to everyone there. the organization that goes into
12:59 pm
something like this is quite formidable. >> look, we choreograph a newscast daily. i know how many people it takes and how much work it is. how in the world you could put this together, not just what's happening in washington but everything that will happen tomorrow or the next day in new york and then the celebration in philadelphia as well. 18 speeches in three days. >> you think, too, the work that's done before by thousands and thousands of people in these dioceses. they've asked the volunteers, catholics by the thousands of volunteers have worked for hours and weeks and weeks maybe just to get people here and get tickets to them. it's a massive undertaking. it's a good point that how much goes in from the bishop's conference, from all the local authorities, security. it's an impressive thing. >> no doubt. and he's passing by our riser
1:00 pm
again. let's listen. [ bells chiming ] [ cheers ] >> the bells and drums. it's like the quaking. a message of mercy that shakes everyone's ground. >> a bunch of white guys sitting up here trying to figure out what in the world is going on. [ cheers ]


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