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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 23, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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might put you on tv. don't forget, set your dvr. it hurts our feelings if you're not here. see you back here tomorrow night. wendy is going to catch the ball out. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> mr. president, fellow citizens, american catholics are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant. >> you remind us that the lord's most powerful message is mercy. >> pope francis and president obama speaking out to help the helpless. tonight, talking points will address the issue of protecting innocent human beings from harm. >> but he is doing it with with compassion. he is doing it with compassion. >> the 10 commandments are the 10 commandments. >> whoopi goldberg saying abortion is not condemned by scripture. i will have some comments on
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that assertion. also ahead, dennis miller on more politically correct madness, now the kiss cam under attack. caulk, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the pope, president obama, and protecting the helpless, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a personal note, this memo may be one of the most important that i have ever written in 19 years. today pope francis spoke at the white house showing a dignity and purpose that should be admired by all. as you may know some americans believe the pope is too liberal in his world view. last night talking points addressed that. the memo is posted on bill o' tonight let's address what the pope and the president
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said. becauses pop speaks in heavily accented english i will quote him. mr. president, together with with their fellow citizens, american catholics are committed to building a sewed which is truly tolerant and inclusive to safeguarding the rights to individuals and communities to rejecting every form of unjust description. with count canless other people of goodwill, they are likewise concerned that efforts to build a just and wisely ordered society respect their deepest concerns. and their right to religious liberty. now, that's a shot at president obama. and his belief that americans should be forced to fund abortions. and to perform services against their religious beliefs. the gay marriage controversy comes to mind. the pope did this very gently, but that point was directed at mr. obama himself. pope francis continued. i would like all men and women of goodwill in this country to support the efforts of the international community to protect the
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vulnerable in our world and instimulate integral and inclusive models of development and that our brothers and sisters everywhere peace and prosperity that god wills for his children. that's a challenge to all americans to help the down trodden but how to help them is the issue most americans are generous folks. we must be careful to the to make it worse. obamacare helps poor people who can't afford health insurance. no doubt the intention of that entitlement program is noble. but, by forcing subsidized health insurance payments on businesses, president obama has made it more difficult to create full-time jobs in america. thus, while some of the poor benefit, other americans are punished because the job market is smaller and salaries are low are. it's well documented that many american businesses have cut back the hours of
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their citing the cost of obamacare. so the truth is, there is a better way to deliver health services to the poor than a massive government intrusive program. insurance competition and direct subsidies to the destitute on a case by case basis is is the answer. now, on to president obama's remarks today. first, he addressed the pope directly. >> you remind us that in the eyes of god, our measure as individuals and our measure as a society is not determined by wealth or power or station or celebrity. but by how well we heed the scriptures call to lift up the poor and marginalized. [ applause ] to stand up for justice and against inequality and to ensure that every human being is able to live in dignity because we are all
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made in the image of god. >> the key words there are every human being is able to live in dignity because we are all made in the image of god. so, mr. president, are aborted fetuses able to live in dignity? they are not able to live at all, are they? the pope may not know this, but last friday 177 democrats voted against a house bill that would require american doctors to keep babies born alive during an abortion process from dying. 177 american elected officials, all democrats, voted for infanticide. we have posted their names on bill o' that is barbaric. and president obama said nothing about it. nothing. but vice president biden did make an interesting comment
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about life. >> i'm prepared to accept that the moment of conception is life. abortion is always wrong. but there has been -- there is debate. i'm not prepared to impose doctrine that i am prepared to accept on the -- i actually had that discussion with pope benedict. >> how about leading, mr. vice president. how about using your personal power to persuade. if truly believe life begins at conception is. make that known. why don't you condemn partial birth abortion and planned parenthood selling baby body parts? i await your answer, sir. president obama continued at the white house saying this to the pope. >> we thank you for your passionate voice against the deadly conflicts that ravage the lives of so many men, women, and children. and your call for nations to
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resist this sirens of war and resolve disputes through diplomacy. >> now, diplomacy is good. and we should always try to use it with you when diplomatic actions fail actions must be taken to protect us. yesterday the cia scorched president obama while testifying in front of a senate committee. >> if american is ineffective or absence in the face of the most egregious violations of most basic principles of the international order that we have championed, our commitment to that order is inevitably questioned and further challenges to it are invited. >> that's david petraeus, mr. obama's abdication from iraq and failure to kill till killer tyrant in syria has led to catastrophe. hundreds of thousands people
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killed and driven from their home. as pope francis surely knows it's not enough to give peace a chance when innocent civilians are being murdered and entire lives uprooted. when that happens, action must be taken. but president obama has failed to take action. and now we have a collosal migrant crisis and hundreds of thousands of dead bodies. >> finally, the president said. this. >> holy father, you remind us we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet, god's imagine any if i sent gift to us. [ applause ] we support your call to all world lords to support the communities' most vulnerable to changing climates. and to come together to preserve our precious world for future jrntions. >> now, i have no problem with that statement, none at all. i believe all nations on this earth should promote
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the cleanest environment possible. we, in the u.s.a. have made great strides in doing that but i do not believe that poor people should be harmed in the process. again, like the healthcare situation, we can find a solution to pollution by using common sense is. the technology is there. but we cannot impose programs that would harm working people and the poor by allowing skyrocketing energy costs and higher taxes on them. summing up, both pope francis and president obama are not confrontational men but there were many messages sent today in both speeches. tomorrow the pope addresses congress. i will again analyze what he says and will hash it out. that's the memo. now on the rundown we will have reaction and we would like to hear from you about tonight's talking points. give you our address. our email address at the end of the program. the factor will be right back.
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in the exact segment tonight we continue with our lead story the pope and president obama speaking at the white house. joining us from tampa, florida, jessica erhlick. co-host of outnumber andrea tantaros. >> you said a lot of important stuff. it was a good memo. you expected the pope to speak about abortion. joe biden to stand up and buck his party. a great idea about the pope' defending religious freedom in jeopardy in this country and around the world. i think president obama and the progressives took the pope's words today and the president went there he was very political and controversial. and i think, bill, he takes these things and take as spiritual agenda and he moves it into a secular agenda. and the things that the pope was talking about, poverty, greed, the president has
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pushed through in the form of healthcare. and other issues like wealth redistribution and basically said and i have interpreted this message is we should render more unto caesar. that's how progressives are taking the pope's words and there have been unintended consequences we saw that as you pointed out in your memo with health care reform. one has been at the expense of another. healthcare doing something noble by providing hell care to the poor it's trampled all over religious freedom and you can't have that. >> in the sense that obama fund certain things that catholics and other people disagree with. >> i disagree with you, bill, when you said specifically and you said and i agree with you, you said we have to help but we can't make things worse in the name of compassion. >> that's right. >> a i agree with you there. and i agree with the president and george bush. in that role that we have taken in the middle east because i think that we, in the name of compassion. >> have made it worse. >> but that goes to the strategy though strrks v.
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exsaxer baited it and made it a lot worse for christians who were better off over hussein. >> i that goes to strategy, all right? you have got to try and if you make a noble try and you fail that's something else other than a philosophy of we have to do x no matter what the costs. all right. jessica, your turn, where am i going wrong? >> well, i think it's sort of amazing the way that we all listened to the same speech and came away with a completely different ideas about what the pope was speaking to. first of all, when he mentioned about religious freedom followed it up with a line specifically praising the united states and america for being a place that's known for religious freedom where we already have those rights here and that we basically are a beacon to the rest of the world in that area. >> let me stop you. that's his style. is he not confrontational. is not going to go on and say listen obama you are a
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pinhead. >> if you are not confrontational you don't need to make a specific compliment. >> are you saying that the pope didn't mean to um ply that the president forcing religious people to do certain things, are you saying that he didn't mean to criticize that? >> i did not hear that at all. and i think everyone should listen specifically to the entire phrase that he said and the way that he. >> jessica, let me give you a fact and this will prove that i am right and you are wrong. american council of bishops you know what that is, right? >> yes. >> they came out and didn't support obamacare. they didn't want it and that had to come from the vatican. the vatican is on record through the council of bishops in this country not supporting obamacare and certainly not supporting the forcing of people to perform gay weddings or even work at gay weddings. so the facts are there. what other thing troubles you. >> they have not specifically addressed gay weddings and the council of bishops come out on issues
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continuously in the capitol. >> the catholic church -- >> -- they disagree with most people. >> don't wander into immigration because. >> you have wandered away completely you to what he was speaking to. >> i didn't address immigration. now, in the gay marriage, no question that the catholic church is against gay marriage. no question at all. there is no wiggle room. is there anything else you want to say? >> yes. he specifically then went on to praise the diplomacy that obama has used. he said it in a specific address to the president. >> no he didn't. >> he looked at the president and said that that is what we need to be doing going forward. >> i didn't read any of that he just talked in general about it. and he is a man of peace. i mean obviously. >> and he turned his body and looked toward the president when he made those comments. he then went on to say again. >> specifically referring to the president he said specifically referred to the president's climate change policy that he introduced. >> and we agree with the climate change as long as it doesn't punish working and
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poor are people, i think it's a noble endeavor. >> but when the pope. >> 30 seconds. talks about preserving the environment and the earth. >> hey. >> he is not talking about as progressive and president obama would say then that means government intervention everywhere. the way it's being interpreted, they are twisting the pope's words to take a spiritual agenda and make it. >> if you go to rio degeneral narrow are a or china and you see the pollution devastation. i think the pope is asking the individual governments to stop it let's give jessica the last word, go. >> and corporations. and he spoke specifically in his speech he mentioned corporations around the world that they have a response. >> i agree with that. >> they have a responsibility. >> important also, this pope has a beautiful message. i think people should also read the feed that he put out on the environment. it's really powerful and important. >> all right. but i don't think the pope wants to harm, do more harm than good. that's why i would love to
8:19 pm
have the pope here. >> liberals do. >> cheap shot. >> we disagree what harm is. >> you can go out to dinner. >> are you buying? >> i'm income -- >> credit card. >> no i have never gave he has a credit card. >> one of us is going to jail. i never gave it to imhad picked my pocket. i don't know how that got there. directly ahead did the white house insult the pope by inviting anti-catholic people to the reception today? today? carly ♪ today? carly ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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truth serum segment tonight. some reporting that some in the vatican are upset about some of the people though were invited to the pope's
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reception today at the white house. here now fox news correspondent eric shawn to tell us the truth. first of all let's take the individuals. we should say this source was unnamed. anonymous source. i never like that but obviously the journal has some credibility itself so we will go with it. who was at the ceremony, 15,000 people showed up, right? >> 11,000 on the lawn. >> 11,000 on the lawn. >> that lawn is going to have to be resodded. who were there that might have offended the vatican. >> here is the issue. of the white house invited a variety of activists who positions are at odds with traditional catholic doctrine. let's start with one of the most famous sister simone campbell. she is executive director of network, a catholic social group. she supported obamacare, defied the u.s. conference on bishops because of contraception abortion, drafted the nun's letter signed by nuns that went to congress to supporto bama care. also runs nuns on the bus which goes around opposing the ryan/romney budget. >> she is left wing sister.
8:24 pm
>> and there is a bunch of them. should that exclude her from the pope though even though she is left wing? she is not proabortion. >> no georgetown a bunch of these types. >> georgetown a bunch of he heathens. >> the vatican doesn't have any beef there. who else. >> robinson first openly gay episcopalian. he was there hard to believe that the pope would be concerned with one guy and a feisty nun. tweeted out a photo this morning. >> ribbonson is a controversial guy. no doubt abo it. would i have excluded him from a group of is 1,000, probably not. respectful to the episcopal church which allows him to do what he does. i don't have a problem with that who else transgender. >> eepiscopallian served in yawn. executive direct trans
8:25 pm
gender episcopalian group. williamson down there with the glasses. transgender male, guy on the right with the ty is a former student. he is a catholic blogger of the gay catholic. listen to this story. he wrote in august that he was so touched that the pope would be he at the white house he wrote the white house and he said it's a miracle. they wrote him back invited him and a guest to come. got an email from president obama and he attended the session. he says it's a miracle and his prayers are answered. >> the pope's persona is to reach out to everybody and not to judge but to try to persuade everybody to obey the tenets of christianity. i'm not even going to say the catholic church because is he not exclusive there so these people, they didn't do anything wrong, did they? transgendered have they done anything wrong? >> no. look, the pope is this big. he is up theren othe balcony they are on the lawn. >> whoever is beefing about this in the vatican and by the way vatican didn't issue
8:26 pm
a formal proclamation objecting to any of those people. >> in in fact. a vatican advisor was on "fox news sunday." they don't get involved on guest lists. >> so it was an individual or individuals with the vatican entourage who said maybe this isn't appropriate. if the pope was going to be inclusive, obviously he is that's fine. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. interview with carly fiorina coming up. democrats trying to besmirch her saying she is a green head -- greed head. comparing the pope to the president. that should be interesting. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back. personal story seeing many tonight. carly fiorina's poll numbers rising quickly. she performed well in both republican debates. now enjoying big crowds wherever she goes. as you may know, ms. fiorina was the ceo of hewlett packard from 1999 to 2005. after being removed from that job she left with a 21-million-dollar severance package. during her tenure at hp ms. fiorina cut 30,000 jobs will yous about hired other workers so net employees grew at the company. nevertheless, some democrats are now portraying her as a bad person. much like what they did with mitt romney. joining us now from rock hills, south carolina is carlie fiorina. that's going to be the mantra against you. you are a greed head.
8:31 pm
$21 million severance while people who work for hewlett packard never make that much in their whole life. how will you counter it? >> well, first, thank you, bill, for having me tonight. i was recruited by the board to save a company. hewitt packard was falling further and further behind. and particularly in a competitive technology if you are lacking you are losing, we did that we saved 80,000 jobs. went on to grow to 150,000 jobs. tripled our rate of innovation to 15 patents a day. crumed or cash flow and crumed our growth rate went from fortune 28 to fortune 11 company. and, at the same time, the nasdaq technology index dropped 80% in the middle of the first technology recession in 25 years. many of our strongest competitors literally disappeared beneath the waves taking every job with them. yes, i had to make tough calls and frankly i think the person who people understand that there are some tough calls that are going to have to be made in washington, d.c. to cut this
8:32 pm
vast federal government bureaucracy down to size. >> so you are a good, in your opinion, good general manager, the fact does remain you took 21 million in severance when you left the company and the democrats are going to come after you for that, you know they are? >> hey. and of course what i would say is every single dollar that i earned as a chief executive at hewlett packard was voted on by shareholders. that is the owners of the company. we were extremely transparent. >> you didn't do anything illegal. >> by the way. hillary clinton and bill clinton are worth, well, no, actually hillary and bill clinton are worth four times what frank and carly fiorina are. they are worth $100 million. they have never created a job. they have never saved a job. and her policies have destroyed lots of jobs. >> that's interesting because in 2000 2008. i'm going to read you a quote from the "chicago sun times," you said i know hillary, i'm a great admirer. she is obviously intellectual and heroic
8:33 pm
individual. she ran a great campaign. i have great empathy for her. so now you are in a position where you aring if to have, to you know, hammer her but, you know, back in 2000 2008, -- 2008 you were saying nice things about her. >> i'm not a liberal. liberals don't like much that they disagree with hard working intelligent woman. she has dedicated her life to a particular cause. i also profoundly disagree with her. i will continue, not to attack her personally as many politicians and some other candidates for president continue to do, i don't believe in personal insults. what i believe in is a fact based attack on her record and this is a fact based truth she doesn't have a track record of plymouth. she is a hard working woman. she is a very intelligent woman. >> so you admire her intelligence? >> yes, i do. >> do you admire ethics? >> i admire her work ethic. she clearly has lied. she has lied about benghazi.
8:34 pm
she has light her b. her email and server. >> are you 100 percent sure. >> absolutely. 100 percent sure, absolutely. >> if you are going to say i'm a great admirer and then you say she lied. i don't know if you can rick con sil you that. >> yeah, but in 2008 we didn't know about benghazi. >> that's true. we didn't know about her emails and didn't know about her server now we do. >> very good retort by the way. very good. all right, now, latest fox news poll has it this way. trump 26% up 1% since the last debate. carson 18, up 6%. fiorina 9% up 4. rubio 9 up 5. so you are a player. i mean you are very very competitive here scott walker the governor of wisconsin gets out and he says to you and all the other republican candidates you guys have got to stop trump. when you heard governor walker and the other candidates you have to stop trump. what did you think?
8:35 pm
>> scott walker is entitled to say whatever he likes. he is a leader. he is a fine governor. i'm sure he will continue to be a leader in our party. i think each of us as candidates are going to do what we feel is best for our candidacy. look, i'm running to win this nomination. and i believe as i talk to more and more americans, despite the fact that still far fewer people know me than know mr. trump, more and more people support me. and i think that's because they know we need a no nonsense leader who has a track record of actually producing results. solving problems and challenging the status quo. >> that's exactly what trump says. that's exactly what he says. >> but you are kind of skirting my question. i'm not going to use the word dodging you are skirting it so walker says, look, all the republican candidates that remain, you have got to get together and stop this man. now, do you believe that? >> look. >> do you believe that donald trump has to it be stopped? >> i intend to beat donald
8:36 pm
trump. >> good answer. you know, the fiorina factor if you don't become president. that's a good answer. so you intend to beat him and that, in effect would stop him. correct? >> that's correct. >> is it personal? do you feel offended by mr. trump because of the things he said about you? >> i intend to beat him because i think i am the most qualified candidate to win this election. >> so that means it's not personal. >> and i think both. >> not a smidgen? remember when the president said to me there wasn't a smidgen of evidence about the irs? remember that? >> i do remember that. >> okay. >> it was kind of incredible statement on the president's part. >> it was interesting statement. now, is there a smidgen of personal animus towards mr. trump. >> no. actually people say all kinds of things about me. donald trump says exactly the same things democrats say about me. i'm used to people saying things about me. i know what the facts of my record are people can say
8:37 pm
all kinds of things, i'm not going tone gaining in personal insults. i'm going to engage in a fact-based assessment of my own capabilities and i'm going to continue to give people very straight answers, to real substantive questions and problems. the american people want answers. and i believe i have those answers. >> all right. so athens moo you are not going to tweet after this interview that i'm a pinhead? >> i don't ever tweet after interviews and by the way i would never call you a pinhead. >> well, you are in the minority then, ms. thornna. hey, look, we appreciate it you are always welcome on the program and we wish you the best on the campaign. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, it will be miller time. is the white house comparing president obama to the pope? miller is next. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. let's get to the sage of southern california. joins us from santa barbara. so, you have some concerns about the white house and the pope. what are they? >> well, not really concerns, billy. i see a lot of similarities between the men. they both have huge planes, hate capitalism. both, of course born in
8:42 pm
kenya. kidding, kidding. kidding. everybody. >> i didn't know that about the pope. >> it's a joke. they have got some differences, too though. let's see, the pope drives a fiat and president obama rule bias -- out rules by fiat. >> if obama doesn't agree with you he gets cranky. the pope seems a little less sure of himself than obama. isn't it ironic they finally meet and obama believes he is the one that speaks encyclical. the global warming thing is interesting they share that he wish my spiritual leader the pope i guess i was raised catholic plus he seems like a reasonably cool guy to me. i think he would stick to the hell is hot thing instead of the planet is hot thing. blaming the burning bush on global warming might be too much for me. i see where obama wanted -- he asked the pope to
8:43 pm
canonize him into saint hood sovment cardinals told the pope that the "new york times" did that already so he couldn't make him a saint. >> you aware that the missionary. >> wait a second, i'm aware of what? >> unipera cera. >> boy did i mishear you. >> i'm glad you didn't comment then. >> he was living in your house father serra. he was right there where your lawn is. is he being canonized as a saint it happens infrequently during the winter every once in the while it gets so cold that i get a little nipero er is ravment. >> right down at --er is >> there are people out in california who say the padre was not nice to the native measures and he was a bad guy. but that's neither here nor
8:44 pm
there. now jrvettle listen, all i want to tell the pope is if you really want to be a man of the people get out of that little car. drive around america in the oscar mayer weaner mobile. would that be a great deal to the pope riding up there on that hot dog? >> on route 66. >> with his -- >> now, syracuse university, football game, during the time-outs they have the kiss cam where they put the camera on people and couples, and they smooch. okay? so, one guy objected to it. roll the tame. >> people they showed not a couple, a woman shakes her head. no the guy pauses, kind of pleads for a minute. crowd cheers, he goes for it anyways. >> i was never out to kill the kiss cam. i was out to raise an issue of awareness to create a discussion about, again, the spectrum. what's wrong and what's right. >> all right.
8:45 pm
but syracuse university did kill the kiss cam. no more smooching in the stands, miller, what say you? >> hey, steve port, you are a massive loser. even your own kid couldn't look at you. did you see the kid throughout it the entire clip he? kept is this my old man who is this nuts? they had to put steve port up on a kiss my butt cam during the game. what an idiot. what's this is what is wrong with this country? are people shocked that people won't realize or concede what has happened to this country? who would have thought we would gotten this pc except mayborwell and it appears that orwell maybe missed it why 2024. he only missed it by 40 years. rubbing co-statutes. i can't see fahrenheit 450 in this country but i can see fahrenheit 451 with losers like this steve port guy and like i said, propers
8:46 pm
to his kid for even dodging him. even the kids know. >> the university is really the one at fault for foltding and they ought to have a little more backbone. come on. >> vapors and pity pat has the vapors. >> all right, now, i want everybody to read 1984. by george orwell as miller referenced. and we would like it remind you just three don't be a pinhead shows have tickets remaining, chicago at the rosemont, south florida at the hard rock hotel. phoenix at the comakerca. the show he is a blast. in a moment, walls there drama at the white house today between the pope and the president? also, whoopi goldberg saying the bible does not contempt abortion. i will deal with that in just a few moments. ♪ ♪ (uer loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next.
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? martha maccallum been covering the pope's visit in washington. she joins us now from that city. so what impressed you the >> what impressed you the most about today, mar. >> you know, the pope, it's his first visit to the united states. when he appeared at the white house, it was the most crystal clear, beautiful blue day. there were marines and military on the south lawn. it was an absolutely spectacular sin southerly yal experience for this pope. so american. so patriotic. i just kept wondering what he was thinking when he looked into the faces of all of those people there. he clearly has a very good relationship with president obama. they sort of complimented each other and the things that they chose to spoke about this morning. but when the pope got up this morning to talk, he really hit on all of the major points which are clearly part of the major
8:51 pm
reason that he wants to be here and the message that he wants to kbhun kate. he talks about the pornsz of the institution of family. he talked about climate change. he complimented the president for having done work on that issue. we all know where he stands on that. it's clearly something that he feels is very important. he's basically talking about nurturing and protecting life. you know, whether that life is an unborn child or whether that's all created from job. >> i did it in the talking points memo. i drew from his words. he didn't get up there with the castro brothers. >> we don't know what he spoke about with them when he was in private. but we know that his way is very similar to president obama's way when it comes to dealing with individuals like castro. he believes you have to open the door, shed light, you have to put these people on the spot by
8:52 pm
being with them, by shaking their hands and by holding them accountable. that's the way to do it. clearly, that's, you know, being from latin america, he believes that cuba is sort of a doorstep. he talked a lot about our common world. and he's talking about the americas. he's embracing the united states as part of that big circle and saying we have to work on our common world together. and he praised the president for helping him to open that door. >> well, look. he's a good guest. the president is a good host. however, i said this yesterday. and i believe it. i think the pope is a little naive politically. i don't think he understands the robust capitalism that we have in the country that is lifted, literally, billions of people over the centuries out of poverty. i don't think he quite really gets that. >> i hope he will get a slightly different perspective on that. >> he's in a bubble. >> he was raised, obviously, in argentina, in a completely dicht environment. corporations and the government are in bed together.
8:53 pm
so his perspective on capitalism is not ours. he may get a little bit of a difference. >> here's the problem. and i'll give you the last word. the problem is that president obama doesn't see american capitalism as an all together good thing. he does not. that's where he's gone off the rails in his presidency. >> i don't think the pope is as political as people think he is. he wants people to influence climate change. he's spoken to people who influence him on that issue. in terms of capitalism, i think you're going to see a different picture of it. hopefully, he'll be meeting a lot of people and talking to them, as well. there's exploding joy tonight. people love him. >> he is a fine man as vicker of christ. and, again, if you came in late, my talking points memo deals
8:54 pm
with a lot of stuff that martha was talking about. whoopi gold berg, abortion and the bible. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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you didn't know we had over 11,000 this trip, local activities listed on our app. or that you could book them right from your phone. a few weeks ago, you still didn't know if you were gonna go. now the only thing you don't know,
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is why it took you so long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter. abortion, the bible and whoopi gold berg in a moment. first day out, we thank you all very much. if you buy the book, we'm send you a free copy of the constitution. if you become a bill o'reilly premium member, we'll send you a book on reagan. i believe you will like both books. now, the mayor of new york, the pope is the champion of persecuted. perhaps he did. we don't know what went on behind the scenes. so i don't think pope francis will have a problem with any of the white house guests. would jesus? well, you know he would not allow himself to be used plitically for any reason. that was the vatican's concern.
8:57 pm
what evidence of global warming does the pope have? hard to believe you're that misguided, george. the pope is firmly against abortion. doesn't support divorce or get married. as for man-driven warming, there's scientific evidence on both sides of the issue. the vatican is a country, joe. in order to serve 1.2 billion kat licks and billions of non-catholics, structures must be maintained and that costs money. you are sensationalizing dr. carson's comments. by the way, dr. carson will be on "the fact" tomorrow. god bless you for your support of mary catherine.
8:58 pm
you're a good guy, jim. we hope to go to the web site and follow your example. bill cosco has an entire stack of copies. can't wait to start reading it. cosco is a terrific partner for us, keith, and we thank them very much. here's some advice for ms. goldberg.
8:59 pm
love the lord your god with all your heart, all your soul, all of your mind. this is the first and greatest commandment. the second is like it. love your neighbor as yourself. the love your neighbor as yourself part directly pertains to abortion. what if ms. gold berg's life was terminated in the womb? would she be okay with that if a time machine existed? and we'll hash it out with them
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right here. again, thanks for watching us tonight. please, remember, definitely looking out. >> breaking tonight, brand new 2016. fox news polling showing little change for front runner donald trump. dr. ben carson, carlie fiorina start moving up. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. take a look at what is happening on the other hand with dr. ben carson, carlie fiorina and senator rubio. bold moves have led to significant gains. we also have dramatic new


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