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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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so president obama about to meet with vladimer putin. the chinese premier in town. >> also in washington, d.c. so there is going to be a state dinner as well. busy time. and by the way 90% of the world leaders will be in new york city over the next several days. i am harris faulkner, and andrea tantaros is here, and rachel campos duffy, and peter johnson, jr. is here and he is outnumbered. >> excited to be in washington, and new york and philadelphia
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and i am going to the prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral and some lay people in new york feel excited and honored to go to that. history in the making. >> the first pope to speak to congress and the holy father not shying away from the most decisive issues today. >> the pressure of the future of freedom. we, the people of this contin t
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continent, most of us were once foreigners. [applause] >> he never said the word abortion the pope repeated his plea that all life be seen as sacred as he called for the u.s. and the world to abolish the death penalty. society can't only benefit from the reality of those who --
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>> his holliness speaking on climate change as well. >> i call for the effort to redirect us and the most affects of the environmental declining caused by human activity. i am convinced we can make a difference. i am sure. >> after the historic moment, the people got their turn to show appreciation. pope francis appearing on the speakers' balcony and facing the national wall and receiving the admiration of the tens of
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thousands who flocked to the mall. there was something for everyone in the pope's speech and it crossed party lines. >> in some sense he is kissing the president and in some sense he is slapping the president. he brought the message of inclusion for all people, all jews, christians, muslims, beyond the catholic church and it was wonderful to see so many people standing together in a very positive moment.
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>> it was emotional to see the lawmakers who were captivated by the response. >> you saw the house speaker cheer up several times. i want to point out what is happening with the live event going on at st. patrick's in washington, d.c. we have seen the pope and how open he is with crowds. and spontaneously tell them god bless america. even if you don't know how to pray for me, think good wishes for me. where he is going is to speak with a group of homeless that this church feeds three times a week. you talk about the politics inside the hall. there was a rule about no applause for this joint meeting of congress today with the pope
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speaking. i think we have a little bit of this. >> how we sanctions the family has been to deserving of this country. and how it remains for support of encouragement. i cannot hide my concern for the fami
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family. perhaps this never before. >> that was obviously not the right sound we were hoping to toss to. if we can, we will go back to a little bit of that. but he did talk about fighting with regard to the leadership turning a blind eye. >> obama said he supports catholic charities and catholic work and what obamacare and policies are saying to the little sisters of the poor are violate your conscious or seize and desist from helping the poor. i think the pope made a clear statement, i would like to have
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seen it said, something about the little sisters in the speech, but through his actions show he was concerned about how. -- christians were able to do their work. >> i think peter hit the nail on the head. he pleased and upset members in the hall and you could see it by watching the applause. that is why everyone loves applause but it was fascinating to watch when he said things about climate changing you could see the slow clap from the republicans. ted cruz looked down. and the liberals in the hall liked it. very controversial. to build on what harris said, it is almost like people were asking not to go somewhere the president hasn't gone, but has
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it his policy. you see the politicians taking his words from the spiritual agenda and twisting them into a secular agenda. liberals hear more government intervention and the problem is at the cost of helping the poor, the noble goal from one of the things obamacare did was inafrican -- infringe on the rights. you have seen the poor get even more poor. >> he came to us and talked who we are as people and what we have accomplished and that liberty is here for all. there are inalienable rights.
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that got the first applause. from what andrea was saying that is why the rule of no applause applies. we don't see weak or strong support. >> i have to tell you how grateful i am for the fact i did not look up. i was listening to this in my office and now i am hearing there was partisan response i am glad i merely listened. >> i think we have the sound on the extremism. he doesn't say islam or a particular religion. but let's watch it. >> a place of violent conflict, commitment even in the name of
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the lord, and ofling religion, we know that no religion is immune from forms of idealogical extremist. >> i think that is a shot at isis, al-qaeda, and intolerance in any part of religion. isis said they are coming to rome. they said that specifically. he is conscious of it. and he is conscious of what happened in the past in terms of the assassination on a pope. >> that last line about extremism in all religion sounded obama-esque. >> it was a message of healing and hopefully it inspired
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others. an intelligent source to the hillary clinton e-mail investigation is confidant the e-mails are being recovered as a poll shows most voters think she is lying about how the e-mails were handed. and a controversy over a portrait of jesus that hung in a county courthouse for decades and why one group wants it out and why many are fighting back. join us for outnumbered overtime by logging on to tweet us comments and tell us what topics you want to hear more about.
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new developments in the controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails. an intelligence source is saying the fbi is confidant her messages are being recovered and adding that shadows and ghost, the remnants left behind on the private server, exist after even
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deletion of the e-mails. and chuck grassly wants on independent source to look at the e-mails and the fbi to provide more clarity on how they will handle the e-mails. most americans, 58% of those polled according to a fox poll believe hillary clinton is lying about her e-mails and how they were handled. peter, from the legal p perspecti perspective, where is she? >> he is in a hell hole of bad media and getting worse every day with subpoenas and more legal fees and people taking the fifth amendment.
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>> is that a good idea? >> it is not going to happen. >> you trust the doj to do an honest, transparent investigation of this? >> you have to determine they will undertake that investigation first. the fbi is looking at it. i don't believe the fbi is a political operation. i think they are on the level. what was classified, what is personal, what is not, and she will see a lot more and we will see a lot more. >> you know, sandra, you have
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said and pointed out there are great e-maicompanies out there can recover this. >> i said we had expert after expert on the business network saying there no way they are just gone. these e-mails can be recovered. that is stuck in the back of my mind. she has a strong base of supp t
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support. >> you forget she was a lawyer before a politician. >> a very good lawyer. >> look at how she handled this. less like a politician and more like an attorney. where did she go wrong in the handling of this? >> too little too late, joking about it, not taking it serio seriously. wiping it down with a cloth. >> she cannot do this because she is lying. i think the answer is right there. >> who would have thought you would need to tell a secretary of state to be more serious? we will move on. plenty more, brand new fox polls showing the outsiders continuing
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to hold the lead in the race. what it says about the republican party and what president obama's agenda has to do with this. and a massive government data breach and new revelations. officials say it is worse than they thought. they often say that. what it could mean for president obama's meetings with the chinese counterparts this weekend. stay with us.
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the latest fox news poll shedding light on the rise of political outsiders and on what republican voters think of their party. take a look at this. billionaire business man, donald trump is still toping the 2016 field with 2 support. dr. ben carson with 18% in second place and former hewlett-packard ceo carly
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fiorina tied with mark rubio for third at 9%. they cover the support of half of the gop primary voters. two thirds of those voters, 66%, say they are frustrated with the majority of republicans threatening to block or reverse president obama's agenda. if you listen to talk radio or go on social media, the base is angry at the establishment. >> the establish was going to go away but it will continue. it relates to people not getting ahead or have better things for their children. if the republicans want to win they need to talk about that more.
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that wasn't an issue, it should have been, wages and economic advances, if the republican party takes that on and they take this angry and frustration and dissatisfaction we are seeing with trump and fiorina and others. >> you hear them talking about the economy but it is not breaking through because they are baited like they were at the last debate with questions about you know code names, silly stuff. >> i don't know why it is. there is nothing to talk about than i am going to help put you and your family back to work. provide a detailed message about how you will do that, grow the economy, create a business-friendly environment and you will win this thing. i was watching the debate
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thinking this is an opportunity for jeb bush or chris christie to come forward and saying i did it in my state and i will do it for the country. >> it is an attempt to help the story of the republican party. did you see the movie "saw" where they put the people in the room and do research? >> very disturbing. >> that is what they are trying to do with these guys. it is tough to have an economic advancement discussion. >> your husband is a member of congress and the house of representatives and there is a feeling by republicans there have been missed opportunities. why haven't they used to power of the house and the senate to act on things like immigration, for example. why passing border security bills and forcing the president to veto them? why squander the power they get. >> my husband is in a 50-50 district and the people in the base are angry. they voted in the house and senate and are not seeing advancement. they don't understand the
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house's vote is putting forward and voting on a lot of legislation that would make conservatives very proud, then it goes to the senate and dies, why? because there are senate rules, the filibuster rule, that says you have to have 60 votes to pass anything and get on the president's desk so that means you need six democrats voting for your bill. i suggest that mitch mcconnell wear a bracelet, you know the bracelets that say what would jesus do? it should say what would harry reid do? he would break the rules so these bills can pass and get on to the president's desk. the base is getting angrier and angrier.
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>> it is all about the bracelets. >> stunning new details about a massive government data breach. the office of personal management says hackers were able to steal nearly six million finger prints. to put it this way, that is five times as many as we were told about they had estimated just a month ago. those finger prints were collected as part of the background checks for the most sensitive post. this includes social security numbers, addresses, and so much more. china is widely suspected of being behind the breaches although the u.s. government officials have not yet publically blamed china. the chinese president, she, is arriving at the white house for meetings and a state dinner with president obama. andrea, you don't call out the chinese on this and now you will meet with the chinese president. you think it comes up?
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>> i think it should come up. this is why i say it isn't just hillary clinton keeping national security aand this is the most incompetent administration we have seen. >> you know, peter, you heard me say this. >> it speaks to weakness and inability to tower. the chinese president came here and said this isn't about house and cards. you remember house and cards on netflix there was a plot about corruption with the chinese
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government and in terms of doing business. for the president to not pubically call out this issue. and people's finger prints, this is a huge problem. donald trump is right on this issue. the chinese are eating our lunch on this. big, big time. >> and the crazy part is we are talking about the breach and the information has been stolen. we are not talking about what might soon be the problem. they acknowledged the chinese are behind this and china knows the united states collectively believes that but it needs to be said. >> people who had identity stolen from the breach had had
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stocks sold in their names. people are facing the damage of this. i think it is interesting they dropped this information in the middle of the papal visit. i think they are trying to hide their tracks a little bit here. i think the american people need to be outraged and hopefully the media follows this. under george bush when someone lost a laptop with a few thousand veteran names it was big news. where are the heading rolling here. because of the federal government? >> the meeting with putin is so important in how we approach russia. >> it directly affects the relationship with china -- >> and iran and syria. >> we are so busy about syria, and that is the point of the meeting but there is something going on. >> i would say this, is our
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conscious all that shocked we are finding out this is much worth? >> good point. >> we tend to find that out from the government on many things. the secret service sex scandal. it is always worse when the video comes out or whatever the next thing is. >> it is being dribbled out. i don't have the information but i will guess it is worse than we know. >> they are downplaying it saying the information stolen can't be used in significant ways. >> finger prints? >> i got the letter from the government, being a former government employee, and they said we will give you insurance and take care of this. i didn't put a lot -- >> and they are handling our health records, too. this is the kind of track record they have. >> which is a digital finger print. >> we will move on, an atheist
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group in kentucky is saying this picture of jesus hanging in the court house is giving unfair prejudice to christians. this thatheis
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dozen gathering outside of one kentucky courthouse standing up for their religious liberty after an atheist group sent the county a letter demanding this portrait of jesus hanging on the courthouse wall be removed. below the pictures in your place, what would jesus be. the picture has been on display for decades without issues supporters say. >> it is time for christians to stand for what they believe in. the picture of jesus is not harming anyone in the courthouse. >> some people want to get rid of got completely. the more they get rid of god the worse thinks get.
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>> court officials say there are no plans to take the picture down. this is hardly the first time we have seen challenges like this. the group asking for the portrait to be removed saying quote the courthouse should send a message of equal justice under the law and liberty for all. the jesus painting instead sends an unconstitutional message of endorsement proclaiming christians are insiders and the rest of us are outsiders. peter, is this unconstitutional to have a portrait of jesus is in the courthouse? >> it depends. was it put there for a non-religious purpose? secular purpose? and put there to advance a religion? advance the cause of christ? on the other side, fact finding,
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this is in kentucky and we know what is going on there and we know the issues going on there now. so there has to be facts on it. but per se we know in courthouses and in lawmaking bodies, we saw the depiction of moses in the halls of congress. as long as it is not advancing for religion it is okay. >> the freedom from religion coalition says this sends the message you better pretend you are christian if you want justice here. the judge executive, jl smith is what they call him, he tells others they are welcome to place images in the hallway that represent their own personal faith or something that represents people of no faith. >> from what peter said, that is
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not a fine line. it is a bright line. it may have more to do with what is written and captioned with that picture. you are talking about the lemon test. the third is not to foster excessive entanglement with religion. can you put up the picture without any caption, not a plaqplac plack. >> folks are trying -- plaque -- to say this is a historical rendition. >> or a universal symbol of peace and love. >> we have various symbols of peace and justice. >> sure. >> and we have a depiction of mohammed, solomn, law givers and it is done in that particular context. if it is done to say go to the baptist or methodist or catholic
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church that is unconstitutional. >> you are giving great, i think, legal arguments about you know, where we are at with this. talk about it like a mom. i am looking at this. they are not ripping out religious symbols in the places. i think they are ripping out the morals and values behind this. i think john adams said democracy was only supposed to be for moral and religious people and that liberty could be harnessed and used by moral and religion people. as a mom, it is becoming so hard to teach our kids right from wrong because there is nothing right in the culture to guide them. i would say you get extremism like the pope is talking about. we have to be careful, i think, as a culture about what we are doing. there are values and symbolism
9:44 am
behind that. >> i think we are seeing this evolution, and why the lawsuits now? i understand separation of church and state but are we going to take all of the religious statuctustatues down? i i believe if you find yourself in a courthouse you could use jesus in your life. >> let's see what the facts and history were. i would think it was not there to advance religion. let's see what happens. >> not happy with your hotel stay? dinner perhaps?
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or work done at your house. be careful about gripes you pay most online. the yelp review that got a woman fined a $1,000. what happened to free speech in this country?
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welcome back, $1,000 is how much a new york woman has been ordered to pay over a bad yelp review. emily bashed the owner of a floor refinishing business calling them a lie. part of the review said quote this guy is a scam, don't use them, you will regreet doing business with this company. customers be aware, he will destroy your floor. he is a liar and robs customers. the judge saying the ruling term scam, robs and words like that approach him as a criminal.
9:50 am
she is planning to appeal. what do you say by dear sisters? i would like to hear what you have to say. >> part of this is reputational management and i think that is something we all have to do. we have to protect and manage when the bottom line is on the line. i understand why they would want to turn and talk about this. >> just tell me -- when i am ticked off on someone, what i can say. >> i know the judge. the judge is a smart judge. i don't particularly agree with the opinion. but i think opinion is protected speech. if you say that someone is a
9:51 am
criminal and they want to sue you, you have to prove they are a criminal. you are responsible for what you say. if you say something, and that person says i didn't do that, i didn't commit this kind of crime, i didn't do this, they do have a right to seek redirect. you show economic damages and i don't know whether economic damages were shown. >> shouldn't yelp be worried? they are a review site. who is defending this lady? >> great day for angie's list. >> yelp has had a very, very tough time from a business standpoint because so many things are undecide on the realm of these opinion-sites that directly reflect the business performance. this woman, by the way i should
9:52 am
point out, the company says it offers affordable floor refinishing with green chemicals. there are a couple things that can be assumed. she said the guy destroyed my home. peeling of her floor. she went into what may not be fact. and she may not have gotten what she thought she was paying for. but may have gotten exactly what was in the ad. >> we will talk about it more but questions of fact and the things for the judge to decide. >> you can say they didn't do their job but calling them a crook and liar seems to be the issue in this case. >> it is going to be a 50/50 call depending on the court. >> remember, this is a company that is dependent upon the user base.
9:53 am
rather it is time or hour -- >> the answer is you are all right. >> the stock has lost half its value this year. >> that is not good. >> it is no surprise some teens lie but scientist know why they are so good at it and hardly every get caught. like politicians!
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>> your kids never lie to you, relax parents. no, they do, a lot. 60% of kids between the ages of 13-17 tell up to five lies a day compared to an average of only two lies a day for the rest of us. and teenagers make great liars because their brains work faster allowing for quick thinking and an ability to not get caught. you can trust your kids until they turn ten and after that look out.
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>> how many kids? >> seven. >> is this true? >> no, i think age 7-8 are the maximizing of lying. >> so it is worse than this? >> i don't know about the numbers as far as like five or six lies but i would say i can catch a teenager lying because i can remember my teenage but i have seen my seven year old lie, straight faced and can i tell you one of the great tools parents have? when i am out of town and the kids are misbehaving at home, i will call and say did you do this to the baby sitter and they will say no. and another kid records it so i can see it. isn't that great? she just said no, and i will get a text of a video. >> the conscious trigger of video. >> harris, you have two daughters, i don't know how you feel about this?
9:59 am
what about kids versus say adult men lying? >> i love the best friend thing but i will lean on them having differences so one tells on the other every now and then otherwise i will not have a shot because my eight year old is quick and if there is something like that she doesn't want me to know i am running. >> the one thing my mom couldn't tolerate was lying. that is the ultimate dispointment. >> your daughters don't seem like liars. >> just give the kids a hug and tell them to stop doing it. i agree. if you are a take the glass half full version of this, a previous
10:00 am
study said the biggest reason people lie on a daily basis is to make someone feel better. i don't buy it. click on the overtime tab for and talk to us president will meet on the sidelines on the u.n. general assembly meeting in new york. high stakes and unprecedented security as pope francis prepares to travel to new york city. how do we keep this spiritual leader safe on the historic visit to america? >> we'll take you inside of the fbi.


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