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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 25, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tonight on "red eye" how do you make john boehner cry? see what tricks the pope has up the sleeve of his tunic. and is he telling the truth or pulling a hillary? and is the amount of leg room on an airplane a basic civil i am pretty sure madison made sure to include that in the bill of rights. our panel provides break down and analysis. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. pope francis is spending his first night in new york city. he arrived on thursday night and headed to saint patrick's cathedral where he delivered remarks during evening
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prayers. earlier pran sis was the first to address a joint meeting of congress. the pope will address world leaders at the u.n. and visit ground zero and take a drive through central park and celebrate mass at madison square garden. a stampeed in the holy city of meca and more than 200 injured. saudi arabia's interior ministry says it appears to have been caused by two waves of pilgrims meeting at an intersection. this is the deadliest to has been at the haaj in two decades. they are promising a speedy investigation. students were killed in seattle when their tour bus crashed. the tour bus that operates on land and water is operated by a company called ride the ducks. they say the duck boat tire locked up and the vehicle swerved into the charter bus.
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the national transportation safety board is investigating. the white house is announcing a meeting will beheld between president obama and russian president vaw lad do pleer putin -- vaw vladimir putin. it will take place in new york. ukraine will be a top item at the meeting and the on going syrian crisis. this will be the pair's first face-to-face in nearly a year. this as relations between the u.s. and russia continue to deteriorate. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. hi, andy. >> a huge friday coming up at the "red eye" news deck.
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>> the pope's visiting new york city. >> that's exactly what i meant. >> it sounds like maybe that's not what you meant, andy. >> no, of course, that's what i meant, the pope, big news. >> you sound upset or hurt. i feel like something else is going on you are excited about. >> well, i mean, it is just that friday is national comic book day, but now i guess the most important day of the year will be overshadowed by the pope. >> the pope is more important than a comic book. >> not to my people. >> the jews? >> no, the nerds. let's welcome our guests. nosuchunsky or somsucsinsky. comedian paul odo. the only book with the guts to take on the theory that mccain is a tom cruise in "top gun," matt welch.
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and he has a stand up album called first date with joe devito and a follow-up album called that's not his tinder photo. i don't know what the hell it is called. comedian joe devito. let's start the show. the pope makes him emote. he made it through almost a minute of pope francis' historic address to congress before getting teary eyed. >> i am most grateful for your invitation to address this joint session of congress. in the land of the free and the home of the brave. [applause]. >> just imagine if boehner were catholic. i'm joking. he is very catholic and he has
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been asking pontifs to visit for the last two decades. boehner was choked up while standing next to the pope on capitol hill. >> hello, everyone. >> boehner's crying is well known, leading to his nickname, weeper of the house. here are other moments when his emotions got the best of him. the finale of "friends." >> i guess this is it. >> i guess so. >> and then during the first episode of "joey." >> to the sweetest guy i know. you are so special to me and i am so happy i have you in my life. >> that's nice. it is emotional. >> he has to get a grip. >> why are we all laughing? he gets emotional, we know that. and he will get emotional when
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the pontif is in town. >> to be fair when the poke was spooking he was in -- when the pope was speaking he was in back cutting onions. if i, woulded with john boehner i would never stop trying to make him cry. every time i talk to him i would have a puppy and a sunset in the background. isn't this great? the faces are great. they are trying to stop the tears. >> i know. >> the contortions. i thought a sneeze was bad. >> look, matt, this is what happens. old guys cry, don't they? every old guy -- >> is he old? young? >> i feel like these guys -- you reach a certain age and get emotional. the kids go off to school and it is water works. the dads have bottled it up for years. >> true story. today was a holiday in new york public school systems and not because of the pope, but because of muslims. # sharia.
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>> i was sitting at home with my 7-year-old daughter watching this and she went to her bedroom after watching john boehner in the background for about five minutes she got a fan that she has, a pink fan , went to the screen of thetv and put it over john boehner's face and said we don't want to watch him crying anymore. she is seven. i am totally in favor of grown men crying, especially on airplanes watching movies. that's totally normal. i just hate poll tegses. politicians. >> paul, what makes you cry? let's explore that. >> watching grown men cry is one of them. >> it is. it is tough, isn't it? >> it is hard. >> you bring up an interesting point. isn't it harder to watch a man cry than a woman? a woman is crying it is like, oh there she goes. >> it is much harder. it hurts he to the core. it is like the thing in "stand by me" where they had the pie
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eating contest and somebody throws up and then you feel like i am getting weak because i see the weakness. anybody hard core catholic and admit to that, you are just an emotional bass and the case. basket case. i don't judge so much. you have bigger problems. >> joanne, i think it is the accent. there is something about watching him speak in english. it is moving, isn't it? >> definitely. like we said in the beginning, he has been trying for years to get a pope to come. this is his fabulous moment. normally i would blame it on the insense and that makes my eyes water. i don't believe they did that before the members of congress, but still. this just shows there are two kinds of people. those with an ugly cry face and those with a good one. i have a very good one.
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maybe one day on this show you will see it. but nothing can destroy either face than blowing the nose. no one looks good doing that, so i would advise boehner to just avoid that completely. >> what do you do? would you just let it drip? >> no you dab. you do a dab. turn your back from the camera and dab. >> if this were a woman, say it is nancy pelosi who is breaking into the water works, we wouldn't laugh. we wouldn't do stories on it, would we? >> no, this is definitely sexist. >> if it were nancy pelosi it would come out in different directions. >> it is like when your windshield wiper is bent and where the fluid comes out. >> exactly. during his speech to congress pope francis defended religious liberty. in america it is still under attack. currently in utah a state where many fled to escape religious intoll inteligence a young girl is being
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discriminated against because of her beliefs. meet kasey cunningham, a teenage white girl with dreadlock. kasey's school wants her haircut -- wants her to cut her hair because it violates the dress code which states hair must have a neat, combed appearance. the young teen decided to grow the dreadlock after studying abroad in guatemala. thr part of her spiritual journey as she explores her hindu belief. her mom calls it foul. >> my daughter is white and there are other students in school that are of other races and they have hair that hasn't been combed and there is no issue there before. not only have they been racially profiling my daughter because she is a white girl with dreadlock, but it is taking away the rights of my child and her spiritual journey and what she goes through. >> i guess white journey only goes so far. they are prepared to switch schools if need be. it boggles my mind that they
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don't accept her hair style. don't we live in america? >> we live in america and it boggles my mind a little bit. >> it boggles the mind. joe, the mom makes a good point. she said there are people of other races and they are not giving them a problem. would this be different if she was not white? >> if wore spiritual journey takes you to guatemala to look at hinduism you need to fire your travel agent. there is some confusion going on as to -- >> a strange place to discover your hinduism, don't you think? >> i think this is a perfect example of a nonracist policy because if students according to the policy are not allowed to have dreadlock it would be -- i think the best punishment for the girl is to not make her cut her hair or ban her from school is to take a lot of peck tours and post them a lot so in three years when she is mortified she had the stupid sheep dog haircut she will have plenty of record to look back and say oh i
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looked like a jackass. >> i see. joanne, would you ever grow dreadlock? how do you do it anyway? >> i believe it is beeswax and you take pieces of hair and back comb into these dreads. >> so it is a thing that you have to do it. >> and you have to maintain it. it is a lot of work. people think it is not a lot of work, but i believe it is. this is a private school. it is not a religious school, so you have to understand that there are rules that won't necessarily adhere to your religion. go to a public school maybe? if you don't like rules like this or if you want softer rules, public schools seem to be bowing to everyone these days, so you might as well do that. but to the other side of the coin, hey, school, pick your battles. this girl's hair didn't look that unkempt. there are probably other things and other rules you should be enforcing over this one. >> that's right.
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your school is cooler if you have a white girl on dreadlock. >> and she can get off on a technicality. she can comb that front part. >> it is like business in the front and party in the back. >> absolutely. >> are you surprised to learn that there is religious intolerance? >> her mom is not white. she is a vampire. >> that's profiling. >> possibly. i blame everything on bill clinton. if you look back in 1996 at the democratic party platform they were talking about school uniforms. i grew up a longtime ago and dudes would -- with crazy mow hawks, they were frightening human beings suddenly we circumscribe and it is nuts to me. >> did anyone go to school in a uniform?
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>> i wish i did. >> i wish i did. >> i wish there were uniforms in everyday life. i don't like to figure out what to wear. i like to wear what we are wearing and that's why guys wore a suit and a hat and that's my outfit all year. >> cuts down on the choices. that's why parents in some of these -- you know, some of these under privileged neighborhoods say get the uniforms in here. and then they have to do that one thing. they are worried about the kids getting them dressed right. >> it is all about telling poor people how to act, honestly. >> the parents are saying give me the uniform. >> the poor families and the representatives of them wanted the drug war 25 years ago. it doesn't mean the drug war is right, but it is a misguided notion to have a heavy hand to suppress individuality in these communities. >> i agree with that, but there is also sometimes if you
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just standardize your uniform you get some jeans and a black turtle neck you come up with iphones. >> was hrc the ob? hillary clinton was the original birther. coming from him that's high praise. trump was responding to clinton's denunciation for not claiming president obama was a muslim. that was rich coming from her. >> she was saying what i said about obama and yet in 2008 she was the original birther. she is the one that started that whole then. that whole thing. don't switch your votes to hillary please. hillary is the one that started it. check it out. 2008. >> i like that little by the way. hillary of course denies this, but in 2008 they were in a fierce battle for the democratic nomination. she answered a question saying he wasn't muslim, quote, as
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far as i know and it was her support and barack obama's mother was living in kenya with his arab african father late in her pregnancy. she was not allowed to travel by plane until barack obama was born and his mother took him to hawaii to register his birth. did you know this, matt? >> you knew about this e-mail? >> we employed somebody back then. >> he wrote about it at the washington post pointing out that the only thing on hillary's track record was as far as i know pales in comparison to what donald trump says on "meet the press" this sunday. he said when asked about whether it would be okay to have a muslim president is because ben carson said i don't want a muslim president. we might have had one. >> who was he referring to? >> you are right.
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i saw a tape of that. some say -- he put the some say in front of it. what do you theng? what do you think? why are we talking about this? if we are, maybe it is true. >> i like the way he said it. people say trump doesn't have specifics. it is 2008 and he tries to get specific and there was a moment where there would be an an an an -- an applause line. >> here is the thing with hillary clinton. we can give amnesty and wipe out everything that she was supposedly involved in prior to like say 2014 and she still would be a horrible choice for president based on her track record. talking about this is ridiculous. there are so many other reasons to not vote for her, but primarily because she is the anti-christ. >> she denies she ever played the birther card, but we saw it. as far as i know that was
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playing out. >> during elections everyone plays a little dirty do. you know a little dirty dancing happens and then you have to keep track of what you said or what you almost didn't say. all of these politicians are living in glass houses and you have to be careful of the stones you throw. if you throw one you have to also be willing to have stones thrown at you as well. there is always this back and forth and there gets to a point you ignore all of it. it really does no good for the voters. >> maybe this is a preview of what is coming up, hillary versus trump. >> maybe so. i feel like this is like trump's open mic. he is just testing i don't think this one will stick around. trump has a deeper psychological problem. she represents a peck tour of the ghost of christmas future. she is one year older than his
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first wife. there is this thing -- i know when he sees her it reminds him of a parallel world where if i stay with her that's what i would be married to. if i stuck it out and married for the wrong reasons and it is haunting. he called her shrill which is a high pitch sound and it is resonant in your personality. it reminds him of his mortality. >> i like he said i know before he said all of that stuff. >> coming up, passengers demand more leg room on a plane. >> maybe passengers should get shorter legs. female announcer: sleep train's best rest event
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takeoff. according to the "washington post" airline seats are the new civil rights issue. passenger rights groups want the government to regulate the amount of leg room the airline provides. we have a right to a certain amount of space when we are traveling says christopher elliott, one of the founders of travelers united. it is true. passenger leg room has de cleaned from 35 inches in the 1970s to 31 inches today. seat width went from 20 inches to 17. but you know what else has shrinking since the 70s? the cost of flying. back then getting on an airplane was a luxury few could afford. look at this jagged line going down. that's remarkably similar to what a chart backed up by real data would look like if i bothered to make one. basically we want a cheap flight so we got them. celebrate. follow my tips for comfortable
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travel. you don't need stuff with you, just your phone and maybe a granola bar. two, don't pran on being come -- don't plan on being comfortable. think like an astronaut on a mission. stretch your legs later. three, no working. laptops are for losers. and no one gets anything done on the plane anyway. answer a few e-mails and catch up on a pod cast. bonn -- bon-voyage. >> the only people that would fly is frank saw not trough and peter, paul and mary. >> my parents didn't fly until they were older. my friends' parents were the same. it was a wonderful thing. people dressed up. thousand everyone likes to complain. now everyone likes to complain. i think it is because you are in a vulnerable position when you are flying. you are not in control of really anything. your safety, the time, what
12:25 am
you can eat, all of that keened of stuff. all of that kind of stuff. people want to take control of something. they complain and they want their space back. i don't know. if they don't like it, buy a better ticket or don't fly. >> great point. people are not in control. that's why you have to give up control. that's why i am talking about the astronaut thing. you get in there and hunker down. >> just be this your bubble and go to sleep and take whatever pill you need to and get through it. >> it is uncomfortable and yoipg we should take anymore grief from the -- i don't think we should take anymore grief, but call to the rule's -- call the human rights violation. there are buildings collapsing on people and if they are unsafe work conditions, i can't stretch in my backpack with the precious treasures. >> this guy he obviously -- he probably travels a lot,
12:26 am
right? he starts to think it is just as important as the people in bangladesh. >> it is an uncomfortable reality. traveling lose loses its shine real fast. it seems exciting for those who don't travel for work. >> i wish i could. >> people say oyou travel, right? yeah, i don't have friends or stability in my life and always broke eating a $12 apple. >> people forget to look on the bright side. >> it is amazing. you get these think pieces and crappy lefty magazines about once a year about how we need to reregular rate the airline because i had a bad experience on american last week kind of thing. you are exactly right. people didn't travel. the population traveled when the government controlled and only four airlines doing things. the degredat oi n of language
12:27 am
-- degradation of language and there was a headline saying is gentrification a human rights violation? let me think about that. what are you even talking about? you talk about first world problems. when we are talking minor discomfort, and you are a tall man. it is more than minor discomfort being on a five-hour flight given your spindly legs. that's why good -- why god invented alcohol. >> i don't drink. >> you are a good man for not reclining your chair. >> keep the chair up and maybe have a chat with the person in front of you. once someone reclines, everybody has to. i think that's one thing. it shouldn't be done by the government, but the airline should stop the reclining. >> i never heard a bad reclining story experience that didn't make me hate both
12:28 am
parts, people in both seats. i think the future is clear that the future belongs to -- women should be breeding with shorter men like me because my stubby leg brethren were much more comfortable in the flights. the seat width is going down at the opposite race -- rate asses are expanding. it will be like a balance beam pretty soon that overweight people are maintaining a balance the whole flight. >> i am a short dude. i find the seat uncomfortable. you can take the bus if you want real discomfort. >> it is uncomfortable compared to your easy chair. >> it is more comfortable than being on a but in the hull with rats. >> travelers it is a mind game. hunker down. coming up half time with tv's andy levy so stick around.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. in a few hours from now pope francis will resume his packed schedule. he will go to a visit with the u.n. and then celebrate a service at the world trade center memorial museum. it will conclude with a mass
12:33 am
at madison square garden. on saturday he departs for the last leg of his three-say american tour, the city of brotherly love, philadelphia. another high-profile visit at the white house this week, president obama is welcoming the chinese president for a state dinner. the leader is meeting over alleged cyber spying, but expected to release a joint statement on common efforts to cut greenhouse, it was -- greenhouse gas emissions. king of saudi arabia promising an investigation following the stampeed outside mecca. 700 pilgrims died and scores more injured. two million people take part in the cruel pilgrimage to mecca. an investigation is underway in a horrible crash in seattle. foreign students were killed and dozens other injured when a tour bus collided with an amphibious tour vehicle. 12 of those hurt are critical. >> obviously it is devastating.
12:34 am
my main concern is for the people that were injured and the families of the people who actually died in the accident. >> they are rescinding honorary degrees that once went to bill cosby. dozens of women say the comedian sexually assaulted them years ago and cosby has never been charged. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching fox newschannel. welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed over at the "red eye" news deck. andy? >> tom, how are you? >> great. >> let me take a crack at introing joe. >> go for it. >> the standoff album called first date with joe devito and a follow-up with that's not what his tinder photo looked
12:35 am
like with joe devito. >> i get it. i even read it before. >> it is one of those things. the pope makes john boehner cry. joe, you said if you worked with john boehner you would never stop making him cry. so you would play your album for him? >> where did that come from? i don't even know where that came from. >> can we go back to tom's joke. >> jeffrey ross all of a sudden. matt, you are in favor of grown men crying especially on airplanes while watching movies. is there a story behind that? it is a normal ab served -- observed behavior where men fly on airplanes and have a glass or two of wine and watch that hugh grant movie that it is normal to let the emotions take over. >> and at a higher altitude
12:36 am
your emotions are heightened. >> that's why people cry on airplane movies. you can see it. >> i have they ever seen that. >> people are always drugged up. >> paul, you said anyone who is a hard core catholic is probably a basket case so you don't judge. >> my folks were raised catholic and that's why i wasn't. i see a lot of problems in that repression of emotion. i try not to judge. >> you try not to judge the basket cases. >> i mean it is a judgment. >> that's my point. i am catholic and i'm fine, right? look at me. >> paul may have a point. >> i know boehner cries a lot, but it is understandable. he is a catholic and he is meeting the pope. as a jew, i think i would cry
12:37 am
if i ever met mel brooks. that was really the only thing i wanted to say. >> so clear. >> you said kasey's school wants her haircut. kasey's mom says there are students of crore with dreads or similar styles and that's okay. i feel like there is a lot of room for an actual journalist to find out what is going on. >> it is true. i thought i should bring that up. >> you seem surprised she went to guatemala and is exploring hinduism. >> yes. they have a hindu population.
12:38 am
>> you said what? >> matt, you said kasey's mom is not white. she is a vampire. vampires can be any color. >> i didn't know that. >> trump says hillary is the original birther. here is the part nobody is talking about. he is telling supporters that hillary started the birther thing and then he says don't switch your support to hillary. i guess he really knows his audience? >> yes! >> nobody has pointed that out. >> paul you said this is like trump's open mic. i say good for trump forgiving someone credit for something. maybe it is the beginning of a new humble trump. >> it is a hack joke off of a hack joke. it is the copy of a copy, mull tau police tee.
12:39 am
>> you pointed out the only thing that can be tied to hillary is the as far as i know comment. we know in 2008 her people were doing the whole whisper campaign. >> the pumas is an acro anymore that would have been forgotten. we are definitely doing that. i don't think it was emanating from the campaign itself. >> and they probably knew nothing about it and were horrified. >> i'm sure that they were shocked. >> tom, you said don't bring anything on the plane. you don't need stuff, just your phone and maybe a granola bar. sitting there the whole time and taking a bite off a granola bar. >> i see what you mean. it may look creepy. >> or an air marshall. >> no because an air marshall would want to blend in. >> a granola bar and a copy of
12:40 am
"catcher in the rye." >> it is the bag under the seat. if you don't have kneeing, there is plenty of room there. >> put on your cargo shorts. >> i don't travel in shorts. >> nor do i. >> joanne you said people used to dress up for flying. i still do, actually. >> what do you wear? >> depends on the time of day. at night it is black tie or tails. for a date a white suit and maybe a sports jacket. >> do you do a tie or no tie? >> if it is a short trip or if i am going someplace in the south i won't wear a tie. i like to go with the local culture. >> i thank you for that. are you a good representation of what we should be. >> more people should be like me. >> it is also entirely possible i don't dress like that, but in the xanax-enduced haze i think i am.
12:41 am
i don't know. and no one is talking about the exit row. the exit row is the key to flying. >> but i can't be responsible for people's lives in an emergency. >> let me let new on a little secret. in the history of air travel no one in the emergency rojas ever -- row has ever saved anyone's life. ever. ever. >> i will be signing up for that row. >> now i wish i didn't tell anyone to take my row. >> you have to fork over the money for it now. >> well worth it. you can stretch your legs. and the people if front of you can't recline into you. >> and no little kid. they can't sit there. >> yep. i am done. >> thank you, andy. time to take a break. more stories when we come back.
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a new study says parents aren't sure what cyberbullying is. resoipers asked -- researchers asked a group of parents whether they could define certain mean behaviors of cyberbullying. for example, posting on-line rumors that a student was caught cheating on a test, 43% said that is definitely cyberbullying. sharing a photo altered to make a student appear fatter, 45% said definitely
12:46 am
cyberbullying. and a social media campaign to elect a certain student for homecoming court as a mean joke, 63% said definitely cyberbullying and 37% said it is a great movie idea for cyber carrie. parents are a little unsure, but if you ask me there are incidents that clearly are cyberbullying. >> you are even more stupid than i first computed. as always i am superior to you. >> i think we are doing tv bullying, don't you think? it is pretty paw at the time thick. pathetic. joanne, have you ever been cyberbullied? >> only as a kid and not adult. that's why we shouldn't stop seeber bullying. we are preparing them for life. even with your jobs, your job will have a facebook fan page or whatever it might be or there will be yelp reviews that are nasty and you have to
12:47 am
get used to it. you have to develop that thick skin. maybe we encourage kids not to be the instigator, but it will always be there. >> basically it is the cyber world and so can we stop calling things cyber and call it bullying? >> i feel that would be a more stream lined way to get there. it feeds into this campaign where you say you can't stop bullying. that whole idea of anti-bullying is a waste of time. start a campaign that says stand up to bullies. bullies are an obstacle in your life that teaches you to be a person. life is a bully. you have to deal with things. if i told my dad i was getting cyberbullied he would either throw my phone in the toilet or be like just go get a thesaurus and talk back. you have to stand up to these people. >> he thinks you need a thesaurus to get them back? >> get creative. >> use large words.
12:48 am
>> i guess i went to a different kind of school. >> did you get bullied a lot? >> no, a thesaurus, unless it was thick enough and wielded as a weapon and you can fight with it, not pertinent. >> that's a great quote. >> life is a bully. >> i want that on a t-shirt. >> it is untrue. that's the problem. bullying in the culture means being mean. that's not what it should mean. bullying should mean shoving joe's head into a toilet which is what it was when old people like us were growing up. it was actually people would slam your locker shut and punch you in the shoulder super hard and say something mean to you on top of it. it is the just being mean on-line or even in person. it is not bullying. it is just being mean. >> the anti-bullying people are starting to bully people, are they thought? >> they have become what you hate. >> so true.
12:49 am
>> i don't know. i didn't know you could fight back with words. i feel bad about the time paul's dad kicked my ass. >> you got through with your words though, right? >> i was not quite head in the toilet, but close to on the receiving end of the bullying. i think it is strange -- it seemed like the parents assumed they had a belong in front of it. cyber, this new word, cyber. called me old-fashioned, but if you use cyberbullying to elect a prom queen. it is not the acquiring vote method. >> the thing is when this kind of thing happens today people rally around the person to their defense and they become a hero. bullying does president -- doesn't even work anymore. >> it is how to defend yourself and not just karate,
12:50 am
but maybe that. >> watch "the karate kid." itit is so old that it may work. >> when we come back, we will close things out with a bedtime story. female announcer: through sunday, get sleep train's
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very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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ages prefer women one age, early 20s. ok cupid's co-founder used the data to determine what age people find the opposite sex most attractive. men young and old prefer women between 20 and 24 and women were drawn to guys roughly their own age. if over the hill means the beginning of a person's decline a straight woman is over the hill as soon as she is old enough to drink. that's why she needs a cocktail. joanne, i think we should bring you in on this. were you offended by this ceo's harsh words? >> no because it is science. this was data from ok cupid. because it is data from ok cupid, i am not surprised that
12:55 am
every male on that dating site was attracted to a 20 to 24 creerld woman's picture. -year-old woman's picture. it is about aourse they will be attracted to the younger women. they have nice skin, they take care of themselves because they have the time to. it doesn't mean they want to date them or be in a relationship with them. >> is it the time? they have the time? that's why they are so beautiful is all the extra time? >> i don't have kids. i can look good. joe, what do you think? many are -- men are seeds and the women are soil. they need the best soil. >> that's what it says on my bumper sticker. i got similar results with a study i dwot from data -- from data you want to get them when they are legal, but don't have their driver's licenses yet. you want that sweet spot where they still need a ride. >> joanne, this is -- >> no, go ahead, boys.
12:56 am
>> this is the off colored top that happens in the back of the comedy club. >> any man over 308 who thinks he -- 38 who thinks he has it with the younger chicks has a lot of cash. >> i am saying it is primal and they are looking at young women because they can give birth. it is deep inside. >> if a man -- i think and this is based on theory. if a man is on-line looking for hot chicks, they are going to be between 20 and 24. if he is thinking of who to date, it will be totally different. first of all men are stupid so they will say oh yeah i want the 20 to 24-year-old. they are not going to have a good sense of taste. when it comes down to the reality of it, if you are someone my age, a 20 to 24-year-old person is just not interesting. >> not interesting and exhausting.
12:57 am
how many concerts do you want to go to? any? >> every five years on accident? >> joanne know saw nosuchunsky and joe devito. that does it for me, tom shillue.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> breaking tonight, we have two national polls just out making four released so far this week and, across the board, the trend suggests we're seeing a big change shaping up in the 2016 republican primary. two new polls out today on top of the two we already saw. first, trump keeps his lead, but he is down from late august. again x carson, bush, fiorina rising.


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