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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 25, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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unhealthy way to cope. it could prolong stress. the agents in philadelphia seeking pounds of cocaine. pumpkins and squash from costa rica valued at more than $6 million. we laugh you, jackie. glad you had a healthy baby. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you. it is friday, september 25th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. pope francis takes new york. blessing a wheelchair bound girl and cancer survivor. sandra lee at st. patrick's cathedral. more on the pope's message to america on our live team coverage for you. and pop quiz. which of these three candidates would americans be most proud to have as our commander in chief? ben carson, hillary clinton or carly fiorina? we have the envelope. the results coming up in about two minutes. >> i hate when you leave me
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hanging. what happens when unsuspecting students are shown a picture of ahmed -- >> is it a bomb? >> looks like a bomb. >> yes. >> that could be like a bomb or something. >> that might explode. >> the last racial profiling story blows up. we report, you decide. mornings are better with friends. hi everybody. welcome to "fox and friends" live from new york city where -- we have a saint in the city. >> right? >> there's at headline right there. pope francis takes new york. in just a couple of hours, the pontiff is going to head out for his full day here in the big apple. he's going to go all over the place. promises to be one for the mystery books. >> we are bringing you live team
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coverage on the pope's visit to new york city. our chief religion correspondent lauren green is outside the -- and garrett tenney from washington, d.c. we'll begin with lauren. good morning to you on this extraordinary day in new york city. >> reporter: it certainly is, elisabeth. i was in the upper east side. it's ironic, because this humble man who shooed the papal palace for digs is staying in an elite and expensive neighborhood in new york city. between 5th and madison up here. he's staying at the residence of the papal -- the vatican's ambassador to the holy team's mission to the united nations. he'll be later today. last night a hero's welcome down fifth avenue, the iconic street of new york city. tens of thousands waved and shouted. at st. patrick's cathedral he was greeted by governor andrew cuomo and mayor bill de blasio.
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inside, that is where the magic happens. as he entered the center aisles, the holy father walked over to a handicapped teenager in a wheelchair, bending down, pressing his face to hers and blessing her. the crowd applauded. it was really a magical moment. >> the pope in his homily talked about the spirit of gratitude and the spirit of hard work, especially to those present with religious vocations. [ speak r foreign language ] >> reporter: an the pope has a full and jam-packed schedule. as we were saying about before. in a couple of hours, he'll leave this residence and he's going to head to the united nations where he will address
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the members of the general assembly and he's likely to focus, of course, on his theme of climate change and the refugee crisis, among others. then he'll head to the 9/11 memorial for a multifaith event, motorcade through central park and visit a catholic school in harlem and then tonight a mass at madison square garden. although he'll be in new york city less than 40 hours, and already the police barricades are up and the police escorts are arriving. more motorcycles are arriving to escort the pope in about a couple of hours to the united nations. back to you guys. >> all right, lauren, thank you very much. he'll be leaving that particular temporary residence in the 8:00 hour. you'll see it live here on "fox and friends." meanwhile -- >> if he wants to stay, if the pope is watching, you can stay. >> the big fancy, ralph lauren is by lauren green. that was a look ahead.
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here's a look backward. his holiness, pope francis gave a historic speech and strives for unity. fox news correspondent garrett tenney live with a recap of the pope's big day. garrett? >> reporter: good morning. both sides of the aisle yesterday found reasons to cheer in the pope's remarks. for the most mark, liberals applauded him for addressing climate change and immigration, while conservatives cheered his defense of liberty and the traditional family. he was fairly balanced. at one point referencing abortion which the catholic church opposes only to then call for ending the death penalty. >> the golden rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life until its days of -- its
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development. [ applause ] >> he then went to call on for the end of the death penalty. but while some democrats were quick to draw political lines over the pope's remarks on climate change, republicans such as senator more coe rubio says there's no disagreement from conservative policy. >> the pope said something today that's very true. that is, there doesn't have to be a conflict between the economy and the environment but they have to be balanced by each other. not by government mandates depicts winners and losers. you know what you get when the government is involved in picking the winners and losers? >> the sense much unity didn't appear to last long. hours later, republicans and democrats were again fighting over a measure to defund planned parenthood. >> thank you garrett. everyone was leaning on his
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words. he's just learning english. only four events where he's speaking. we heard him speak english. at which time, there was a chance you could take anything if you were a republican or democrat. number one on immigration. he says, you should look at the faces and remember about the golden rule. i agree with the pope entirely. we should look at the faces and run the background check and find out all about their family. i think there's a dissemination between the message of america, which is bring your huddled masses and let's find out the huddled masses want to be here and don't want to be up to some dastardly. i think illegal immigration and -- is where i would separate the question after his speech. >> the pope has taken the issues that have taken americans in different directions in terms of their opinion and brought them together. the greek word, i was reading a devotional yesterday and it talked about the state of peace. i thought how appropriate for the day the pope is coming.
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the greek word for peace means to bind together something that's been broken or disjoin d disjointed. i can't think of a better description of what the pope is doing than bringing us together and at least letting us examine with heart the issues dividing us thus far. >> he's learning english. you're learning greek. >> right. >> so many people worried that he was going to go to capitol hill and say that anti-capitalist thing. he went out of his way to praise america. he said you're doing a good job. >> i love his first line. >> he said the land of the free and the home of the brave. he called business noble location, but you should focus on job creation. but then he had the to-do list. you got to work on climate change, immigration. you got to work on abortion. he hates that. same-sex marriage and the affordable care act, contraceptive mandate. wherever pope francis has gone, have you noticed there is somebody in his shadow.
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i'm not talking -- you can see him over his shoulder. that's a fellow named of monsignor mark miles. he's referred as the mini pope. >> they are, steve. you're right about that. brian, you mentioned four moments where the pope will be speaking in english. there are 18 events. mark miles is getting his time on face time. he declined an interview with the times. i'm a pretty boring customer. you don't want to hear from hee. he was born in gibraltar. speaks with a crisp british accent. the reason why he was chosen for the job is because he and pope francis share a personality. what an honor to say you share a personality. >> pope francis shows humanity as well. when steve was talking, he was talking about a mini pope. he comes out of the airport, he's greeting people and all of a sudden he put a big smile on his face. are we going to find out what
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made him smile and out comes the mini pope doll? >> we'll show you some of that in a little bit. also, we saw just before the service at st. pat's last night. the pope blessed a friend of the show, we're talking about celebrity chef sandra lee pictured as you can see there next to her partner, governor andrew cuomo. she declared she's cancer-free. the pope gave her a blessing. he also prayed for mario cuomo, the father of the governor who died in january. >> sandra lee was just with us in our living room and cooking with us telling us about what she's been through. steve, there was a moment that we have right here, thanks to your own son and daughter. >> peter doocy was on the east face of the capitol covering the pope coming in and going out. when the pope -- there were thousands of people there for the arrival. there was nobody there when the pope left. so i'm sure it's just a coincidence. but when that big mouth doocy
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guy yells, people notice. watch the pope. >> pope francis. got a wave. >> there he is. driving with the window down. as soon as peter yells, pope francis. >> he gives him a wave. maybe the pope knew there was a kid named peter and a sister named mary. that peter and mary -- >> he said tell him i say hello too. >> the pope is here. i got to tell you, i have heard throughout this building and yesterday out and about, people are tingling. people are so excited the pope is here. >> he's going to be seen to the world too. we have a lot more to cover. because the president of -- vladimir putin, next week. you could not have more stuff going on in america. >> we'll bring that to you.
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heather nauert has more breaking news. >> i do. good morning to you. we're keeping a close eye on the south this morning. overnight, mother nature rearing her ugly head. a tornado tore through the charleston, south carolina and the damage there pretty bad. take a look at this video. a camper flipped upside down. this is in the johns island area. 12 homes were damaged. you can see the quinn dough of this house shattered. there were reports of people trapped. we're working to try to confirm that. there are no reports of serious injuries at this point. but we'll have a lot more information as the sun comes up and we get a better look at the damage. a high-speed chase involving illegals ends with six people dead. this happened in texas about 100 miles outside of houston. the driver who died at the scene was transporting illegal immigrants. he took off when police tried to pull him over, lost control and then flipped over that vehicle. inside the suv, three members of a smuggling ring and 13
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illegals. a crowd of the padres game grew by one. a woman giving birth to a baby boy named levi in the third inning of last night's game against the giants at petco park. the officials tweeting out we welcomed a baby boy in palm court plaza earlier this evening. first baby to be born at petco park. congratulations. >> nice news. >> little levi. >> coming to the padres for quite some time. >> thank you. meanwhile, straight ahead, the pope's chalice that he will be using tonight in madison square garden made from silver scraps from almost a thousand everyday american people like you. he will hold it in his hands tonight. the man who create thad will be here live next. republican candidate kanye west just called brilliant. >> i wonder who he likes best?
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adrian is the argentinean silversmith who created the chalice and has known pope francis for over a decade and has the pleasure of joining me now. good morning, adrian. >> good morning. how are you? >> how did you meet the pope? >> just working simply. usually there's things to do restorations or keep the old pieces in good condition. that was the way we start to be in contact. >> look at this picture there. >> my former place of employment on your shirt. >> he also married you. >> you obviously have a relationship with this man that is significant. who is he? >> well, he's a priest of the family. it used to be when i was the pope. >> and you love him? >> a lot. >> by the way, i -- we used to be so close. i would call him and say are you there? of course, come over. can we have a coffee? he used to -- coffee for you. he didn't order it from someone.
3:19 am
he used to say, come over to the kitchen and he prepared by himself. >> i must ask, this chalice, which we're assuming he's going to use today right here in new york city, it is made from over 850 pieces of american's jewelry. this is silver. how did you get people to send you their jewelry to make this chalice for the pope? >> i start working on that idea like a year ago. i just one by one started spreading the news and we would have -- they spread it out in the whole country. we made this present for him. i don't know he's going to use it. it's what we thought about in the name of the poorest and probably the people who won't be there, who won't be able to participate in the name of those is what we work for. >> of course. what a symbol if the pope would hold this up. it's as if he's holding all
3:20 am
those people in his hands. adrian, we can't thank you enough for joining us today. your intimate details with the pope and the gift you hope to give him. >> thank you. kids have been playing tag at schools for decades. we all did it. now the fun is over in one district. i'm not kidding. wait until you hear why. what happens when suspecting students are shown a picture of a clock right here. >> looks like a bomb. >> looks like a bomb? >> it does. >> it could be like a bomb or something. >> a bomb. >> i would assume it looks like something like -- >> the racial profiling story just blow up? it may have.
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quick headlines now. pro-life posters torn down at an american university in washington, d.c. the culprit? bragging about it on twitter. we had fun with the college republican posters tonight. let us know if we missed any guys. nice. >> a childhood game of tag just fun and games, right? >> tag, you're it! >> not according to a school in washington state. the mercer island school district no longer allowing students to play tag on the playground. the reason? to protect the physical and emotional safety of students. tag you're it. thank you very much, brian. it's a story with liberal outrage across the country. a muslim teenager in texas arrested for taking a homemade clock to school that his teacher
3:25 am
thought looked like a bomb. the left calling it obvious racial profiling. because the kid is muslim. one reporter put that theory to the test and asking students at george mason university outside washington, d.c. what they thought of ahmed's invention. what is that thing? >> i'm going to show you this. you tell me what you think it is. the first thing that pops in your head. >> looks like a bomb. >> what about you? >> same. >> think it looks like a bomb? >> yes. >> looks like a bomb? >> it does. >> that could be like a bomb or something. >> a bomb. >> i would probably assume it looks like it might explode. >> that reporter in the video is dan joseph with the media research center. he joins us live from washington. good morning to you. >> steve, thanks for having me on. >> what were you trying to do with that picture of the digital clock that looked like a bomb? >> okay. well the media research center is a new blog wanted to go to
3:26 am
the most politically correct place we could find, which was obviously a college campus. what we did was took a picture, showed it to students without mentioning the student's name, without mentioning his religious beliefs and asked them what they thought it looked like and when what they would do if they saw one sitting around or someone tinkering with it. almost to a t with the exception of one or two people, they thought it looked like an explosive device of some sort or a bomb and that they would probably runaway screaming if they saw it and immediately call authorities. >> absolutely. we have another clip from your video where you ask the people, okay if you saw this somewhere, would you freak out? here are some of the answers. >> you saw this somewhere, would you kind of freak out? >> i would. >> i would freak out. >> call somebody? >> yep. >> runaway? >> yes. >> i would say that there is something that not look very good to be at a school. >> if i saw it in a airport, i
3:27 am
would probably tell someone. >> do you think somebody should get something like this in the white house? >> no. >> i don't think so either. >> i don't either. >> the back story is we saw the president's tweet, dan where he said cool clock, ahmed before we actually saw what it looked like. when you look at it, it does look like a bomb. what's going on here? >> this has happened before with the left. it fits the narrative that oh, well this is an islamic phobic country and president obama jumped on board. if anybody, i don't care their religion, tried to take this device that looked like this into the white house, they would be in a cia interrogation room right now. it's not a cool clock. it's a really bad looking clock. this young man probably does not have a future as a clock maker. but the really dangerous thing about all this is how it makes authorities in the age of the boston bombing, in the age of
3:28 am
the new town massacre, it could make authorities worry if they see a device like this and make them hesitate to take the action necessary and what happens if it's a bomb. now they've been vilified from the top down and it could cause a very, very dangerous situation. political correctness is mostly just silly. it annoys a lot of people. but at times it can lead to very, very dangerous situations. >> all right. dan joseph joining us from the media research center with his funny video. it's an eye-opener. dan, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> thank you, steve. you too. what do you think about that e-mail as friends of does it look like a bomb to you? >> of course it does. a high school football player protecting a blind student from some bullies. >> hey! bro, you -- >> that was a good thing he did, right? with his heroism.
3:29 am
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♪ ♪ well, pizza be with you. taking over new york city. bleaker street pizza is celebrating his arrival with, of course, a pope's pizza. it took them, i think, five hours to make this. >> wow. >> i don't know how they did it.
3:33 am
>> a pizza is largely tomato sauce and cheese. as we come out -- >> don't give it away. >> i'm going to tell you what it's made of. the robe is ricotta cheese. the yellow one is -- thank you very much. >> there you go. ricotta cheese. that is anchovies. this is pineapple right here. a little adornments are cucumbers and also red peppers. >> the thing that's special about this, the pope says he misses is when he could be -- to run out and get a slice of pizza. he's too famous. >> his complexion was the most challenging for the chef artist to create. that was made out of ricotta cheese and raspberries. >> got the tone perfect. perfectly executed right there. >> we would -- you've seen the show. normally we would go ahead and like to have a bite of it.
3:34 am
we can't. they're going to take this back and sell it off for charity. which is a wonderful thing. >> should we tell everyone the question you had for us last night? >> oh, yes. as we were watching the service at st. patrick's, i e-mailed you and said does this qualify as going to mass? >> trying to get out of it this weekend? >> steve said it's vespers. >> i wrote back, know it all. >> i gave you permission to count it as mass. sunday do whatever you want. to the park, to the mall. whatever you want >> whoo! >> it was a beautiful service and great way to ease off to sleep. >> that means i got to g news headlines to bring you. 34 minutes after the hour. there was a horrific scene in seattle. a duck boat slams into the side of a charter bus leaving four students dead. many, many others have been hurt. international students and staff
3:35 am
from north seattle college were on that bus when the duck tour boat suddenly lost control. >> we were coming around the curve and he was pointing out the harbor. next thing i know, the traffic slowed down and veered out of control and we hit this here and spun around and people were being thrown out of the duck. >> 15 people are now in critical condition. well, he came to the rescue of a blind classmate getting beaten up. instead of a pat on the back erks getting a slap in the face. >> hey! >> bro! okay. so here's what was happening. take a close look here. cody decks the bully who was punching a blind student. this went viral on youtube. huntington beach high school in california then kicked cody off the football team. the reason? they have a zero tolerance fighting policy. a petition to get cody back on the team has been launched
3:36 am
online. the bully was arrested can you believe that? just defending the kid. now kicked off the team. >> well, he tried to get away with robbery by eating the efld. macy young and leroy bridgeman are accused of robbing 27 diamond rings from a jewelry store in ohio. the two got stuck in an elevator after the alarm went off. police were able to find all of the rings except for one. guess where that is? we don't know. that missing ring actually it was found after one of the suspects was x-rayed. we'll tell you where that is. all those cute little smiles and giggles your baby gives you, there may be more reason to them than you think. scientists figured out that babies smile on purpose not just for the sake of it. psychologists at uc san diego used this guy to -- he gave a lot of smiles and giggles with a little effort. they've figured out that babies pick up on how easy it is to make mom and dad smile which can
3:37 am
make them happy too. as brian might say, they're manipulative little you are chins. >> that looked like davy from davy and goliath. >> there's a an old wives tale that the reason that babies, not the scary one there. babies smile because it's gas. how many times have you heard that? >> apparently not. something else. take that, gas. >> thank you for that. how proud are you and how proud are voters of the candidates right now? there's a new fox news poll out right now that asks who are you proud of as president? who would you feel proud of? >> extremely or very proud. >> dr. ben carson leading the pack right there at 29%. coming in second at 28% is hillary clinton. carly fiorina still hanging tough at 24%. followed by bernie sanders. >> that's right. bernie sanders and donald trump at 20%. just ahead of marco rubio and
3:38 am
jeb bush. >> and speaking of polls, bernie sanders got another reason to be confident that he maybe has a major upset in the making if joe biden stays out. he leads in new hampshire. it's near vermont. he now has a 16-point lead over hillary clinton. i know the debates have not started and i know it is barely fall, but this is significant. this is major ground he has to cover because she's head not guilty the wrong direction. >> she is heading in the wrong direction. in addition to her poll numbers, she's got a lot of bad publicity with the e-mail and stuff. bernie sanders is the favorite there. hillary has just 30%. keep in mind, the hillary campaign, because she lost last time eight years, it's been all about she's got to win the first four states. she's got to win iowa where she is currently trailing. she's got to win new hampshire, where she's currently trailing
3:39 am
big time. she's got to win south carolina as well. >> they're saying we're going to stop it in south carolina where she does have a dominant lead gets in, he won't hurt bernie sanders. the biden comes in and it hurts hillary clinton because they're similar candidates. >> joe biden is going to get in. >> you know who else might get in? kanye west. he said i'm going to run for president in 2020. in a recent interview in vanity fair magazine, he was in the same moment teasing his own presidential campaign. he said as soon as i heard dr. ben carson speak, i tried for three weeks to get on the phone with him. i was like, this is the most brilliant guy. now, this might surprise hillary clinton. because kanye and kim kardashian were at a fundraiser for hillary clinton snapping self-is. she might be saying dr. ben carson is brilliant. what about me?
3:40 am
>> he's got to get his confidence up. >> can you imagine if kanye west endorsed a republican? >> we don't know why he thinks he's brilliant. he's a positive optimistic guy or it could be the contrast to the gladiator type battles with the others. why do you think kanye likes dr. ben carson? what quality of the doctor, the neurosurgeon. >> with kanye west and kim kardashian come a huge following. they're influential characters, like it or not. when he says something like that, it means probably about a million other people are thinking the same thing. >> i don't know how many bracelets are out there, what would kanye do? but i just -- >> we don't have one? >> we saw the pictures of jesse waters on the streets of new york city asking people what's the pope's name. pope jimmy. pope eddie. only one person knew. so if kanye west says to the low
3:41 am
information voters, i'm going for dr. ben carson, a lot of people will listen to him. >> i don't think so. i see his act. when he comes run for president -- >> he's very popular. >> he says all the people running each have a need. if he runs, he doesn't want to run against everyone. he wants everyone to run together. i think he's got to get the election thing down and how we do it. you have to go against somebody. >> all right. >> interesting. let us know what you think about that. what kanye said. another perfect day in new york city. a perfect day for the pope to go up and downtown. maria molina is outside where it's a chilly. >> the pope has had beautiful weather, sunshine, crisp fall temperatures, not bad at all. we have unsettled weather across parts of the southeast. it's an upper level low pressure system producing unsettled weather. we had a reported tornado in south carolina and this morning, dealing with heavy areas of
3:42 am
rain, especially is long the coastal areas of the carolinas and northern parts of georgia and northeastern parts of alabama. that weather is going to stay unsettled across parts of mid-atlantic in the next couple of days. rip current are a concern at beaches. temperaturewise in the plains, very much like summer. temperatures are well into the 90s. places like dallas and up into parts of oklahoma. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. spoiler alert as you look at this video. i will get my hands out of the duct tape and show you how to escape. and show you how to do it too. stick around forp spy secrets that can save your live. >> steve houdini. >> speaker john boehner very emotional all day. the tears started flowing almost the second the pope started to speak. when is it okay for men to cry? we have a doctor her next.
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new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. house speaker john boehner was caught crying during the pope's speech. this is the not the first time the weeper of the house shed a tear. this is why it's okay for men to cry. dr. keith ab low is here. what's going on with the speaker? how do you explain the emotion coming to the surface like this? >> listen, i haven't evaluated speaker boehner but it seems to me, having looked at lots of tape of him crying, the recent tape of him crying, there's plenty of examples of him crying, this could be more of a physiological thing, brian. there are some people when they get angry, their temples pulse and there are other people on a spectrum and he may be way out
3:47 am
on the bell curve, they tend to break down into tears. this could be more of a physiological than emotional thing. john boehner, nobody would say he's not a man. a guy registered for the military during vietnam, registered for the air force -- navy i think. he literally grew up with 11 siblings using one bathroom. his parents speaking on a pull-out couch. we don't know what's running in his mind as he sees this massive display which he's helped to pull offment maybe he thinks man, i wish my parents were here to see this. who knows what he's thinking? he may have a context for why he breaks down that relates to his personal story. >> that's true every time he talks about that. his youth or another -- or his childhood. he sees himself and breaks down. >> it could be that. >> he's strong enough to be a man and show emotion. it could be a strength. by the way, dennis miller
3:48 am
tweeted this out. tammy faye boehner. relating to the fact that tammy faye cried a lot. >> when i hear "fox and friends," i get a little choked up. i feel like i'm a friend of the "fox and friends" family. can i say when i see you on the rundown, my eyes well. we're having a moment, aren't we? >> we are. i'm going to keep it together. >> nice. >> dr. keith, thanks so much. we're not judging speaker boehner, we were just pointing out and trying to find out what was going on. dr. keith, thanks so much, have a great weekend. >> you too, brother. spoiler alert. steve gets out of this. his hands are duct taped and he escapes. you could too. stay tuned for spy secrets. i take prilosec otc each morning
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would you know what to do if somebody was breaking into your house while you were right there? how about making yourself disappear digitally? people with track you with your phone. there are things you can do right now to make sure that your family is safe. joining us right now is ex-cia agent and author of a new survival book jason hanson. spy secrets that can save your life. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> people do track us with your phones. >> absolutely. >> how can we disappear digitally? >> you know, one of the best things to do is prepaid phones. prepaid phones -- >> burner phones. >> exactly. it's hollywoodish but in real life that's one of the last ways you can have a phone the government isn't going to track. you can buy a cheap burner phone for ten bucks. >> the problem is what if you need to give a phone number to people and then you give them the burner phone, next thing you know it winds up in a garbage can.
3:53 am
>> that's the problem. if you're really in danger you're going to do the burner phone. if you're the average american who's not as worried about that type of a situation. >> okay. one of the number one ways for somebody to kidnap you. >> mm-hmm. >> is with duct tape? >> exactly. duct tape is easy to get a hold of, everybody thinks it's superhuman and they can't pull their hands apart and break it. but you can actually escape duct tape in a couple of seconds. >> i'm going to duct tape you. >> hold out my hands just like the criminals. >> all right. >> go you there. >> so just like -- >> just like you for that all you've got to do is come up here like that and it's the motion of pulling my hands apart. >> let's see you give it a try. same thing i'm going to go around your wrists. >> it's going to pull a lot of hair. >> that's right. you will lose that. just remember pull your hands apart kind of lapping your head. >> beautiful. >> who knew!
3:54 am
>> there's a lot of hair there. >> there is. >> legitimate, real duct tape. >> i have never seen that before. that's fantastic. in addition there's an easy way to escape if a bad guy had handcuffs what would you do? >> bobby pins and hair barrettes. it's something i teach. all you need is a regular bobby pin or hair barrette. >> just like in the movies? >> yes. >> what would you do if there was an intruder breaking into a house? i want you to take a listen to a 911 call that came in last week of a little girl. somebody was in the house. >> oh, i think someone -- someone was trying to noshs -- someone was trying to knock on the door and it sounded like somebody was at the window and they broke through. i think they broke through the window. >> that's a real fear. what would you do in the situation? >> i'm a gun guy. i have a gun. i realize not everybody likes them. have a knife, have a club. and of course lock yourself in a room. call 911 and if heaven forbid that guy comes in the room you are going to have to defend yourself. >> what if you've got a burner
3:55 am
phone and they can't track it. >> you call 911 and give them your address. hopefully you know your own address. >> then there was another bit of video from last week, a vet was being carjacked. take a look at this. what do you do in a situation like that? >> well, if he just wants the car, you give him the car keys and walk away. if he wants you to be in the car that means your likelihood of survival goes down, you disarm him, you fight, you make sure you don't end up in the car going somewhere. >> the key is if you are being carjacked get out of the car. >> right. give him the keys. but if he wants you and takes you in that car that means you're most likely going to end up dead. you fight, kick, do whatever you have to to make sure you're not traveling with him in the vehicle. >> these are great secrets. the new book is called "spy secrets that can save your life." jason hanson, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> that duct tape thing unbelievable. >> now you can never end up kidnapped with duct tape. >> i'm going to start doing that all the time. >> great book. meanwhile straight ahead, debbie wasserman schultz attacks marco
3:56 am
rubio over a fund-raiser. the reason, there was hitler artwork at the home of the fund-raiser. >> private citizen, an individual who participates in the political process who anyone who knows him for two seconds realizes it's not a nazi sympathizer. >> did she, debbie wasserman schultz, go too far? we're going to report and you will decide. plus ever wanted to be like george costanza? >> morning, george! >> morning mr. wilhelm. >> now you, too, can have your very own nap desk. we'll show you how you can be like george. ♪ hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪
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4:00 am
but what about the mess he left behind in washington, telling members of congress to repent for all the policies that he didn't like. >> okay. meanwhile, the dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz's latest smear tactic may be one of her lowest, dirtiest ones yet. tying senator marco rubio to hitler. new calls this morning for her to quit. asap. could only be so lucky. ever wanted to nap at work? >> morning, george. >> morning, mr. wilhelm. >> yeah, this morning, just got a whole lot easier to catch some zs at the office. we remind you like every morning, mornings are better with friends.
4:01 am
>> the sun never left, really, except for night. >> ladies and gentlemen, the united nations on the east side of new york city. later today, actually at 8:30 this morning, the pope is going to be arriving there. later today, 1 0 world leaders are going to be at the general assembly listening to, among other things, the pope. it's the largest gathering of world leaders to hear anybody in the 70-year history of the united nations. >> he's expected to speak about 30 minutes right there, addressing the assembly, and also russian president vladimir putin. historic. >> vladimir putin meets with the president on monday. a fox news alert pope francis takes new york. look at these images from last night. just about an hour the pontiff will head out for his first full day here in the big apple. and it promises to be one for the history books just like last night was down fifth avenue in
4:02 am
the pope mobile. >> it sure was. what an extraordinary time for the united states of america to have him here. we have live team coverage of the pope's visit to new york city. our eric is live at the united nations right in manhattan where the pope will address the general assembly today. garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. we're going to begin with eric, good morning to you. >> good morning elisabeth. you could say he is a simple pastor about to give a homily to the world. pope francis is the fourth pope to address the united nations. this is the largest gathering of heads of state ever in the history of the u.n. and his papacy tends to echo what the world body hopes to achieve. he will speak here at 10:30 in the general assembly hall in spanish for a speech that will lost about 30 minutes or so, to touch on many of the themes of the papacy including social justice, poverty, globalization and the effect of climate change and human rights on the developing nations and poorer nations. he will also discuss religious
4:03 am
persecution, isis, fighting against extremism and fundamentalism. and, of course, he will issue a plaintive plea in dealing with the syrian refugee crisis in the middle east. his appearance coincides with the sustainable development summit in eradicating extreme poverty, dealing with environmental sustainability, as well as various religious and dealing with the other issues that affect poor people around the globe. that is why secretary-general ban ki-moon says his appearance here is so meaningful. >> translator: opportunity for all the leaders of the world are gathering to discuss about our future and how to preserve the tiern that is sustainable. this is a time of hope. >> the pope is due here in about 90 minutes from now.
4:04 am
he will have a private meeting with the secretary-general. they will also address the u.n. staff in the lobby. we're told he will do that in english. here of course the united nations considered by the international community the secular cathedral, if you will, of human rights and dignity. but just over three hours they will be hearing from the real deal. from the united nations, i'm eric shawn, back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, thank you, eric. meanwhile yesterday on capitol hill, there was an emotional day for lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle, as the pope gave an historic speech and he strived for unity. fox news correspondent garrett tenney is live in washington with the recap of the pope's big day alone the potomac. >> steve, the pontiff's goal in these remarks was to begin a discussion on a host of issues. issues that also happened to divide the country politically, which is likely why pope francis began his remarks by calling for unity, and cooperation. he addressed climate change saying we need to harness technology to help us better take care of the environment, and called for the protection of
4:05 am
religious liberties. while praising the traditional family, which he said is threatened like never before. pope francis devoted a bulk of his remarks, though, to the issue of immigration. >> we must not be taken aback by the numbers, but rather view th them, seeing their faces, and listening to their stories. trying to respond as best we can to their situation. >> some democrats pointed to those remarks as a criticism of republican immigration policy but senator ted cruz was quick to say he agrees with the pope, and that those entering our country legally should be welcomed. while the pope also referenced his opposition to both abortion and the death penalty, senator marco rubio said the pontiff's remarks shouldn't be picked apart and politicized.
4:06 am
>> the pope is not a politician. nor does he intend to be. what's interesting about this pope, he's trying to start that conversation. he's trying to model jesus by saying i'm going to -- i can't treat people's wounds, whether they're spiritual, emotional or physical until i bring them in first. so i have to meet them where they are and invite them to come. >> hillary clinton also saying to pope francis in a tweet, we have much to do to care for our planet, strengthen economic opportunity, and defend the right of dignity of all. with the government shutdown at stake this next week, though, we'll see if congress takes to heart the pope's call to work together. steve, brian and elisabeth? >> thanks for that, garrett. and steve giggles, like that's going to happen. not even the pope -- >> keep in mind, super polarized room. and i think marco rubio had it right. the pope brought up a whole bunch of stuff, both sides found something they liked. both sides found something they didn't like. the pope was talking about let's
4:07 am
have a discussion. let's start a discussion. a dialogue about this. >> really gave a moment of pause. the pope has called this discussion when it has been back and forth, left and right, and it's been a vigorous, you know, election season thus far and i think how nice to be able to react to his comments, and have congress sit before him. rather than a political fight right now. it's actually a nice breather. >> right. i didn't really understand what the message was on immigration. seemed like he should welcome people who want to come here, yeah. they just got to go through the right process. so number one, number two i didn't think it was really necessary to bring up the treatment of american indians. you know, that's something that's well chronicled. i don't know if the pope thought it was necessary. and he also brought up the death penalty. we aren't even debating the death penalty in this country. >> i think it's an interesting one, when you think about the right to life and you think about the dignity of all life, and you, interestingly enough, you have those that are pro-life who may still be for the death
4:08 am
penalty. he's challenging the hearts and minds of americans right now to look at these issues with the lens of god. >> sure. >> and really scripture. and i think that's a great thing. no matter how you feel about it. >> great. starting this dialogue. if you are a regular parishioner, and you've gone to a catholic church over the last 30 years, the pope didn't mention anything yesterday that was new. they talked about the death penalty, they've talked about abortion, they've talked about immigrants in the catholic church for many, many years. meanwhile, everywhere that the pope has gone, in his shadow, is this so-called wingman. see that guy right there? right to his right. that is monsignor mark miles who is becoming known as the wing man, but also the mini pope. he's his translator. >> so the pope has had 1 scheduled speaking events during the six-day trip. at four points he has, or will speak in english. for the rest of the time, mini pope is the translation. and what a gift to be able to do
4:09 am
that. they say that he was chosen because his personality reflects that of the pope. what a compliment. he's 48 years old, born in gibraltar and speaks with that crisp, british accent. his smile is contagious. when you look at -- now we see a bunch of photo bombs and selfies, he's in every single photo with the pope. what a gift. >> doesn't want to be a globalr. one of these stops was when he saw the governor of new york, governor andrew cuomo, whose girlfriend sandra lee is a good friend of our show, was on earlier this year, and has had challenges from breast cancer. she was blessed by the pope there. the pope also had a chance to segue not only blessing sandra lee but pointing out the fact that mario cuomo just pass add way and he says he will continue to pray for him, who is a great man. who, by the way, was pro-choice. >> that's right. >> there was quite a shock yesterday on the streets of new york city, before the pope actually arrived, the pope was here. people were looking at -- did
4:10 am
you see that guy going by in the pope mobile? well it's not exactly the pope mobile but ladies and gentlemen in that white convertible it sure looks like the pope. that is a creation of madam tussaud's wax museum. at one point the new york city police department intel bureau actually investigated it to see what the heck were those people doing. it was a pr stunt. >> authorities ended up saying they were quote, totally fine with it, according to daily news. but imagine this. >> they didn't know anything about it. >> people were taking selfies with it. i think that's hysterical. >> people were talking about wax. if you do have a wax museum, if you do have a wax museum and they do have a replica of somebody famous, tell the authorities. it could create an uproar. just as a cautionary tale. because you don't want people rushing over there, could get hurt. especially on 42nd street. >> what if you were one of those who were fooled by the wax version of the pope. >> now we turn to heather who
4:11 am
tells us about a high-speed chase. >> yeah, this is a pretty scary situation down in texas. a high-speed chase involving illegals ends up with six people dead. this happened in texas about 100 miles outside of houston. look at that right there. the feds say that the driver who died at the scene was transporting illegal immigrants. he took off when police tried to pull him over, and then lost control of that vehicle flipping over. inside that suv, members of a smuggling ring, and 13 illegals. well a horrific scene to tell you about in seattle where a duck boat slams into the side of a charter bus. leaving four college students dead, 51 others have been hurt. international students and staff from the north seattle college were on the bus when the duck tour boat suddenly lost control. >> we were coming around the curve and he was pointing out the harbor and the next thing i know, i think maybe the traffic slowed down, and he veered out of control and we hit the bus here and just spinning around,
4:12 am
and people were being thrown out of the duck. >> 15 people are now in critical condition. a fox news alert to bring you right now overnight, mother nature has reared her ugly head once again. a tornado tearing through charleston, south carolina, and the damage there is pretty bad. take a look at these pictures. this one simply insane. that is a carver flipped upside down. and then check out this window of this house, completely ripped out. this is just one of 12 homes damaged. this is in st. john area. one family trapped inside their home. they were rescued, though, and are okay this morning. no reports of serious injuries so far. the sun, of course, just coming up in that area. we'll get a live look at some better -- a better look at the damage coming in later this morning. if you ever felt like taking a nap at work? george costanza certainly did. remember this? >> i'm under the desk. >> who is this? >> well, that desk now really exists.
4:13 am
there is a design firm from greece that they created this nap desk. it was inspired by college classmates who put chairs together in order to take a nap. unfortunately it's just a prototype. it's not available for sale just yet. and this explains the problems in greece. >> should not be napping during the day. >> no kidding. wake up, folks. go to work. >> you snooze, you lose. >> wake me up when the debt crisis is over. >> thanks. >> thank you, heather. >> pope francis making history becoming the first pontiff to address a joint session or meeting of congress. so what did congress members think of that? life long catholic louisiana representative steve scalise shares his thoughts with us next. >> you go to a theater to watch the movies, but is the theater watching you? i have the most intriguing question.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
pope francis right there raising some eyebrows with yesterday's address to congress, criticizing many policies in the united states that he didn't agree with. he liked a lot, but some he had a problem with. look at that beautiful view right there. republican congressman steve scalise, the house majority whip was part of the escort group with the pope yesterday.
4:18 am
there he is right there. he joins us live now. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> how cool was that? >> doesn't get much better than that. seeing the pope come to the capitol for the first time ever. as a catholic, for me, it was even extra special to be right there next to him. and you know, just to see the kind of person he is. >> sure. you know, go -- in the run-up to his visit to capitol hill, you know, there were a lot of stories about he's going to come in, he's going to lecture us, but you know, he's an anti-capitalist, he's going to talk about climate change and all that stuff. okay. that was the worry from some. he gave his speech. what do you think? >> i thought he really rose to the occasion, and gave a speech that transcended politics. you know, because he could see there were people on the left that were trying to co-opt his message for their own agenda. and i don't think he did that. i don't think he laid out specific items that the left can go and say, see the pope said this. but i think it was much more
4:19 am
inspirational and aspirational and he talked about real problems. but he also talked about the importance of defending the sanctity of life. he was very specific about that. and of course that's something that we're grappling with up on capitol hill, too. i don't think that's something that some folks on the left expected. and i'm glad he did talk about that and religious freedom. >> i'll tell you what, if anybody missed that, congressman, you just set up our first sound bite. listen to this. >> the golden rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. >> congressman, you talk about human life. you talk about the death penalty. he never used the word abortion. which is curious, because human life, obviously that's what he's talking about. why do you think that is? >> it seemed like he didn't want
4:20 am
to get in to specific policies. but i do think he wanted to address topics, and start a deeper discussion where i think this country needs to have. a deeper discussion about the sanctity at life, and clearly the pope has said over time that he's opposed to abortion, and i think this is something extra that helps put this on the table for more people to talk about that aren't yet. but he did it in a way that invites people in to this discussion, and hopefully it leads people that haven't made their mind up to a better place to ultimately be where we need to be to defend life. >> that sounds great. congressman steve scalise from louisiana. thank you very much for joining us on this friday. >> thanks. great to be with you. >> straight ahead, the white house was outraged over the kid who built that clock that sure looked like a bomb. so what was the -- so was the white house right? did it look like a clock? >> looks like a bomb.
4:21 am
>> looks like a bomb? >> it does. >> could be like a bomb or something. >> it's a bomb? >> i would probably assume that it looks something like that might explode. >> regular folks weigh in. it looks like a bomb. we're going to play more of the videotape. ooñóokñ.??????ó
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
our special series celebrating hispanic heritage month continues this morning. i'm excited to be joined by brian yennis who is here to tell us a truly inspiring story of success. good morning. >> good morning, elisabeth. yes, inspiring against the odds with only one leg, anthony robles conquered the gruelling sport of wrestling and is a highly requested motivational speaker and i can tell you it's easy to see why.
4:25 am
we caught up with him while he was working at kids with a clinic and got to see firsthand what a difference he makes. >> he's inspired us, he's a three-time all-american, he's a national champion, the unstoppable, the inspiring, an than know robles. big hand, let's go, let's go! >> it's a lot like life. when you're out there on the mat, you have no one to blame but yourself. a lot of people want that big dream but they're not willing to pay the price to get there. wrestling, you don't pay the price, it's going to be real clear when you're against your opponent. they can expose that and it's just like life. when you work hard it's going to be exposed. >> when with no explanation the doctors handed anthony robles' 16-year-old mom and son that was missing his right leg she didn't hesitate for a moment she was determined to raise not just a good man who would persevere but a great man who would be the
4:26 am
best at anything he set his sights on. >> i never once felt sorry for my life. there were a few times it was tough. i never saw its asomething to hold me back. my mom, you know, she was constantly telling me that god made me this way for a reason. we all have our own challenges, you know. physical thing, whatever, we all have something we have to overcome in our lives. it's just about just having that confidence and telling yourself that i'm not going to let this challenge break me. >> through force of will and dedication, anthony achieved more than he ever dreamed, fearlessly taking up the challenging sport of wrestling, he overcame personal trials and physical hardships to become a three-time all-american, and the 2011 ncaa national champion. >> winning the ncaa for me, it was my dream come true. you know, i was validated for myself first. but i felt like i have finally reached my mountaintop. i felt like i've proven a lot of people wrong. people who said i couldn't do it. i try to turn that into
4:27 am
motivation and get to the top and prove them wrong. >> now anthony has his most important project, passing everything he's learned down to others. a highly requested motivational speaker, anthony still participates in wrestling clinics, teaching kids about life, the best way he knows how. >> one, two, three. >> down on the mat. >> we bring in guys like anthony robles, an inspiration for all kids. >> i love being around these kids because they're the next generation of wrestlers coming up. >> there you go. >> they're learning the same lessons that i learned from wrestling. those life lessons you can take off the mat. i feel so honored that i'm one of the people who makes dreams come true. helps show them this is what it takes to be a champion. on the wrestling mat and in life. if you can help just one it's all worth it. >> this is the most exciting day of our camp when anthony is here. he will be the last guy in the building signing every single autograph. >> it's nice to give the kids --
4:28 am
there have been a couple who are going to reach out to you and say you made a difference. >> one in particular, a high school wrestler out of missouri. this kid who was in a motorcycle accident. and he woke up, out of a coma, and when he woke up, he said it's okay i'm going to be the next anthony robles. and honestly, when he told me that it kind of brought me to tears. you know i'll never forget that individual. he motivates me. >> staying hard working and humble. he showed kids how to take harshness and turn them into motivation for success. >> he's an idol to a lot of kids. >> he made me think i can do a lot more than i think i can. >> living the american dream. it's a can-do attitude. i feel very fortunate. that's how i was raised. can you do anything you set your mind to. one of my favorite quotes, right now you shine later. life's a grind but it's fun to shine on the other side. >> now anthony just makes you
4:29 am
want to work harder and push yourself. it's easy to see that the skills he's teaching these kids are more than just on the matt. he's showing them whenever their personal obstacles they can achieve whatever they put their hearts and minds to. >> what a gift. i was so moved by that piece. >> it's infectious. next week we do have something another one, a small business brought to life, when a neighborhood unites, we highlight the only independent bookstore focusing on latino literature right here in new york. to check out more stories celebrating hispanic heritage month keep coming and visiting us at >> thank you for your time today. great work. >> thank you. >> the white house says it looks like a clock. but did they bother to ask the american people what it looked like? watch. >> looks like a bomb. >> looks like a bomb? >> it does. >> that could be like a bomb or something. >> it's a bomb? >> i would probably assume that it looked something like that might explode. >> well the regular folks weighing in, next.
4:30 am
and dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz's latest smear tactic may be her dirtiest trick yet. trying to tie senator marco rubio to hitler. new calls this morning for her to step down.
4:31 am
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tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. i never thought i would be a non-smoker and i'm so proud. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. ♪ you make my dreams come true >> this is your holy shot of the morning. pope francis receiving a bobble head at the airport from one of his faithful fans. >> that's right. yesterday the pope got a doll version of himself when he arrived in new york city. he got a big charge out of it. whoever gave it to him, then the blessed, it was terrific. we have here on the set today some of the items we believe this is the same -- >> the same one? >> i don't think the same one --
4:34 am
>> it looks pretty close to this. this is the bobble head. i mean there's a difference in scale. and of course -- >> they had a few extra john paul iis and just put -- >> just put them on a little shouter body. >> the bobblehead right now is the most popular in new york city. one i love new york gift store said they actually ran out of them yesterday, i don't know if they have time to restock and then you've got the pope's face right there. you can be -- >> i mean it seriously, is it okay to do this? is it okay to -- >> there are fake two dollar bills right now baring his likeness. >> these run anywhere from $5 to $75, and a situation so many people that feel a part of it, what do you think? >> so many t-shirts. keep in mind, these will sell from anywhere between $10 and $20 today. there is a shop in the block that we're sitting in that sells i think five new york city t-shirts for $10.
4:35 am
they're going to be able to make a little money today. anything that has the image of the pope on it to remind people that he was here, and it's good -- >> the pope didn't seem to mind. >> no, he loved it. >> if you've ever been to the vatican you know that it is surrounded by little chosh ki shops that sell this kind of stuff. everything from a pope on a rope. pope pot holders. they've got. >> tchotchke is that italian? >> joanie loves tchotchke. >> how do you know they're 100% cotton? >> most of them are. i prefer the rayon. less chafing. >> you prefer mesh. >> we actually got the best of the paraphernalia when heather nauert, she gave us an inside look at the pope's visit in d.c. we thank you for that. didn't have to pay a dime for it. >> you got it for free. courtesy of fox news.
4:36 am
>> they have pope cologne. i spared you guys. >> pope-pourri. >> they had some t-shirts that said real men wear block meaning the priest with the clerical collar. i've got some news right now. 35 minutes after the hour. and some major news coming in from overseas. and it is a fox exclusive. russians, syrians and iranians now teaming up together to combat isis. fox news learning that military commanders from those countries have now set up a coordination cell in baghdad. they're working now with iranian backed shia militias to fight the terrorists. a senior u.s. official telling fox that russian military officials are, quote, passing up everywhere. we told you about that horrible situation at a new jersey day-care center. workers were accused of pitting toddlers against one another in a fight club style. well a mother in texas is now suing her day care facility for doing the exact same thing.
4:37 am
heather howardson is her name. she said there was a disturbing video posted on social media shows her 4-year-old being encouraged to fight other young children. last year at the children's universe of lake conrow day-care center. she is demanding answers. this morning we're learning that state regulators in texas have issued five violations against that day-care center. right now they're claiming they're unaware of any lawsuit that's been filed. we'll keep you posted. when the new 007 movie hits theaters james bond won't be the only one wearing cool spy gear. take a look. >> what do you have in mind? >> maybe disappear? >> ushers in the uk will now start patrolling dark theaters wearing military-style night vision goggles. trying to sniff out people to film the movies to sell as bootlegs and they want to prevent that from happening. kind of scary if you see that and don't know what's going on.
4:38 am
we all remember this kid who was arrested for bringing a clock that looked like a bomb to school. well his father now wants to sue for anguish. ahmed seems to be enjoying the new fame. listen to what he said here. >> how long did it take you to make that bomb? i mean, it looked like a pretty complicated -- >> 10 or 20 minutes. >> be honest. was it a little cool to be arrested? gives you a little street cred. >> it was -- it was kind of cool. the only reason i felt cool because i knew i was innocent. >> well, some including president obama tried to paint that arrest as racial profiling. so what happens when college students who didn't know a thing about this story were shown a picture of that clock. take a look. >> i'm going to show you this, you tell me what you think it is. first thing that pops into your head, all right? >> looks like a bomb. >> what about you?
4:39 am
>> looks like a bomb. >> yes. >> looks like a bomb. >> looks like a bomb. >> it does. >> it could be like a bomb or something. >> it's a bomb? >> i would probably assume that it looks something like that might explode. >> hmm. so maybe that's why his teachers thought it was so suspicious, yeah. one person thought it was actually something else. thought it was a lie detector test. and those are your headlines. what an interesting way to turn this story around and look at it from another point of view. >> by the way, the guy didn't build a clock. he took an existing clock, took him 15 minutes, stuck it in a pencil case. >> well he said -- >> how long did it take him to build the bomb. oops i mean clock. heather thank you very much. also an interesting story out this morning, a teenager has invented, look at this right here, heated water skiing vest, and is waiting for the invite to the white house. check out this facebook post. it reads just like that. >> his dad, dear mr. president,
4:40 am
ellen degeneres, mark zuckerberg, please see the invention my 11-year-old son has invented and feel free to contact me for offers to travel to the white house and hollywood. it's a heated water skiing vest. >> because it looks like a suicide bombing vest. >> it looks exactly like one. >> yeah. so it just goes to show you not everyone is buying into the narrative. tweet this out in a matter of moments. major issues with going on right now, this kid, and i think very dubious move for the second time of this family, putting together something that could be perceived as dangerous. >> well the president tweeted out, cool clock, ahmed, before anybody had seen it. as soon as people see it they go, it does look like a bomb. >> meanwhile if you see something, say something. even bill maher thought it was a little bit of a twisted take. >> just a little. speaking of bombing, debbie wasserman schultz and the dnc is bombing with this. listen to this. there's really no excuse for such a gross act of disrespect. it is astounding that the
4:41 am
presence of these items, and we'll explain it, that represent horror for millions of jews the world over would not stop marco rubio or anyone on their team in their tracks when planning this event. the event is this. he's planning on going to a fund-raiser at the home down in texas of harlan crowe who is a collector of historical items. he does have some nazi art, a couple of hitler paintings, a signed copy of mein kampf. >> apparently in his home he has those historical figures, had a negative effect for saying he wants to keep this over 8500 manuscripts and manuals closer to the home he only has two statues apparently that he finds -- >> -- and is one of them. so you asked why, why does low kind of a low dig at marco rubio -- >> because they're worried about marco rubio's surge in the polls and the fact that she wants to take his seat perhaps as the senator from florida. so marco rubio's all of of a
4:42 am
sudden being labelled a nazi sympathizer going to somebody's house like that. bill o'reilly led with this last night. marco rubio was his first guest. listen to his reaction. >> i was quote raged because this is a private citizen, an individual who participates in the political process, who anyone who knows him for two seconds realizes he's not a nazi sympathizer. he said he's a collector. his mother survived a german u-boat attack under the nazis. but it is a despicable attack, and you know what the evidence of that is? even liberal media outlets have criticized her for doing that. don't expect an apologize. they just move on. they don't feel like they're accountable to anybody for it. >> the foundation for defense of democracy says mr. crowe is about as pro-hitler as netanyahu. and the rnc says if schultz wants to be supportive of the country's jewish population, they should oppose the iranian deal. >> if you're a democrat are you happy that debbie wasserman schultz is still running the dnc? do you think this is the last straw for you and it's time for
4:43 am
another message? >> seems like -- >> straight ahead on this friday -- >> ladies imagine big government as your boyfriend? >> hmm. dreamy. >> racking up $40,000 in student debt. you forced me into a health care plan i couldn't afford. you ruined my business. >> john stossel says you need to dump him and fast. he's here with some priceless dating advice, kind of. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief for... ...fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do... ...every day. live claritin clear.
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4:47 am
you've ruined my business! you spent all my money! we're done. and stop spying on me. weirdo. >> john stossel says dump him and do it face. dating health care? i love the example. >> people intuitively, especially young people, think government is here to help, and to reach young people they made these videos which have now been watched about 2 million times sort of helping people think about government in the way they ought to. >> government makes it way too easy to get in over your head when it comes to this. there's so many people who unfortunately can't find a job these days so rather than just go out and try to find a job, they get a masters, they get a ph.d. they get a million dollars worth of debt. >> college loans are free. used to be you had to go to a bank and the bank would say oh, you're going to study this? will you have a job? oh, you're going to study biology, we'll loan you the
4:48 am
money. now it's indiscriminate. more people borrow, they default on their loans. when it comes to student loans, they said i have an idea, let's let the government take the risk. we're going to buy the student loans and let people feel more secure about the payments. >> but they've expanded it and said oh, we'll forgive the loans after 20 years and you only have to pay 10% a year. >> if you had a 21-year-old and you had parents who weren't wealthy and you could say wow isn't that president benevolent giving these kids a fresh start? >> and it feels like free stuff. same with housing. used to be carefully looked at your down payment, did i have 20%. now government says, 3% is all you need. after the housing bust, they said never again, we're not going to buy those loans. they're doing it again. >> how did that happen? after fannie and freddie went boom people said okay that led to the collapse of the housing market, you're going to have to put up more of your own capital behind it, and now they're back to their same old tricks? >> because democrats, and republicans, get money from the
4:49 am
housing industry and say oh, government has to support housing. government supports much less in canada, for example. they didn't have a housing bust. >> right. >> and what happened is they didn't care if they were good loans or not -- >> offload them on the government. >> here's the other question you see the empty houses, people that want to get their foot in the door, are we giving people with tremendous potential a chance to be a homeowner? doesn't that give you symbolically a more bounce in your step? a little bit more confidence? >> and really for a few people, for wm it works. but this is what government always does, helps a few but creates distortions that hurt millions. >> listen for the millions watching us right now, watch him tonight 8:00 over on fox business. go to break up with government. >> promise me, john, if you go over to do these skits to show people what government -- i would like to at least have an audition. >> i would love -- >> when you're ready to stage
4:50 am
the news, brian is standing by to be one of your actors. >> thanks john stossel. >> straight ahead, i'll begin reading now. two big movies hitting theaters this weekend. should you see robert de niro as an intern. steve says yes. >> i love that. >> or emily blunt drusting a drug cartel. steve says he won't answer. kevin mccarthy is here with his picks and he's just waving. hi, how are you? pipe down, i'm doing this day in history. back in 1976 wild cherry had the number one song in america, play this funky music. white boy. fact. every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most
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4:53 am
usually he joins us by
4:54 am
satellite. he's on the curvy couch. here in television we use a lot of interns. they're usually young people. there's a brand-new movie out which stars an intern, robert de niro, who is 70 years old. >> i know. >> i've got my avenger socks. this is robert de niro stars as a 70-year-old intern, anne hathaway's character runs an online clothing company and they hire interns. de niro comes, and they basically try and change each other's lives. nancy myers directed this movie. you and i both love nancy myers. the holiday fantastic, complicated. what women want and something's gotta give. this movie is definitely on the weaker side of her films. the performances are better nan the overall film. de niro and hathaway, fantastic to the. great chemistry. love watching them on camera. the problem is the script is a little predictable. a little bit cheesy. but i will say it kept me enterta entertained. >> i wish you would have brought a clip. >> i didn't bring a clip. i sat down with robert de niro and anne hathaway. here's a question i always want to know.
4:55 am
when you're watching a film, a montage scene happening, you can't hear their dialogue, what are they talking about that's making them laugh? here's what they had to say. >> you tell stories to each other. >> i was asking her what she was going have for the dinner break. >> and i was just like, i'm going to have soup! they can't hear that. so yeah, it's mainly just trying to tell each other embarrassing stories to get us to genuinely laugh. >> i always love to hear what the actual stories were that they were telling. the movie i gave it three out of five. >> not bad. >> it's a solid film -- one of the -- >> real quick. do you have an opinion -- >> you go back to taxi driver, raging bull, godfather part 2, casino -- one of the greatest actors. i feel like he's just trying to stay active and remain in the movies. he's great in the film. >> it's a really cool, calming side of him. you go back to raging bull, completely different. >> did you bring another movie
4:56 am
review? >> i did. >> this movie by the director who brought you prisoners. an fbi agent joins a government task force to help fight the war against drugs on the border of u.s. and mexico. it will take a lot out of it. it grabs you and does not let go for two hours. one of the best filming jobs i've seen this year. the real store, benicio del toro. i give it 4 1/2 out of 5. best movies of the year. definitely check it out. it's amazing. >> is it going to be a box office success? >> it opened up limited last weekend. huge numbers limited release. opened up wider this weekend. >> it's an honor to be on the couch with you. >> i love you guys so much. >> thanks for coming in for the pope coverage. >> i love you guys. >> it was awesome. >> i want to see a movie with the pope. that will be fun. >> let us know how that goes. straight ahead we just told you
4:57 am
about how dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman shut's latest smear tactic using hitler. is it time for her to go? heiral dough rivera is going to way in on that. plus do they have a motive. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. good morning to you. it is friday, september 25th, 2015, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck and this is a fox news alert. in about a half hour pope francis will depart for the u.n. as he kicks off his first full day in new york city. more on the pope's message to america. meanwhile, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz's latest smear tactic may be her dirtiest one yet and that says something. tying senator marco rubio to hitler. new calls for her to step down. should she? geraldo rivera, we're going to ask him in a moment. >> kids have been playing tag at school for decades. now the fun is over at one district. wait until you hear why. you're not going to believe it. you're it.
5:01 am
>> you're it. >> mornings are better with "fox & friends." all right folks live from new york city, today the pope is here. all day long and we start with a fox news alert. >> pope francis takes new york city. and i believe we are looking live at images of the papal nuncio over on east 72nd street where the pope has spent the night. it is the home of the archbishop who is the observer for the holy see for the united nations. >> any minute now he's expected to head off for this big, i mean historic day in the big apple. >> i know normally gets up at 4:00 in the morning and prays. i don't know if he had to. he needed to rest after his crazy day yesterday. our own eric shawn is live from his first stop will be at the united nations. that's a common beat for you.
5:02 am
this is a very uncommon occurrence because the pope's going to be addressing the general assembly in just about 30 minutes, right, eric? >> yeah, brian. he's expected to arrive here about half an hour from now. here at the united nations it's a pretty jaded lot. they have seen everything, they have met everybody, they have experienced a lot. they are really citizens of the world. i have to tell you after decades of covering the united nations i don't think i've ever seen such excitement and anticipation because of this man, this pope, what he stands for, what he represents, and how it dovetails with the goal of the missions of the united nations. let's look forward now as we can see some of the diplomats are gathering here for the meeting this morning to which the pope will arrive. a visible symbol is this of what we're going to show you now. for the very first time in history the flag of the holy see is flying at the united nations. it is adjoining the 193 nations that have their flags flying here every morning. the holy see as a nonpermanent
5:03 am
observer status. this is the first time the holy see's flag has flown in honor of the pope. during a speech that will lost about 30 minutes about 10:30 this morning we expect him to sound some themes for a troubled world. dealing with human rights, dignity of people around the world as this coincides with the development summit being held today. a slew of suspicious goals by the u.n. to try to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and deal with issues such as climate change. we expect the pontiff to expound on his encyclical on climate change, mentioning the situation that affects developing nations around the world. also we expect him to address the overwhelming humanitarian crisis of the syrian refugees, as well as isis, and the persecution of christians around the globe. as well as human trafficking. when the pontiff arrives here, he'll be greeted by secretary-general ban ki-moon. they will meet privately upstairs. he'll also have a speech for a few moments in english for members of the u.n. staff.
5:04 am
there are 4,700 people tried to get into the lottery, 350 lucky ones will hear the pope speak directly to them. he will also be honored by meeting two children, 6 and 7 years old, of a u.n. diplomat who was killed during the haitian earthquake back in 2012. he'll also have a moment of silence for the u.n. diplomats, and employees who have been killed in the line of duty, as well as a moment of silence before he will then address the united nations later today. so, the international body founded on the ashes of the holocaust, some of those same horrors and hatreds we see play out today the pope addressing that this morning. >> the pope's going to be leaving in the next 20 minutes. you'll see it live right here. meanwhile geraldo did you write the pope's speech yesterday in washington? >> i might as well have. >> he talked about immigration. >> first of all this morning, i got caught in my first pope jam. on fifth avenue coming down at about 89th street, and then had
5:05 am
traffic the whole way. cops like crazy everywhere. barricades everywhere. really, there are 6,000 out on this watch right now. i am delighted that he's here. i am absolutely filled with awe, at his radiance and at his compassionate message. i am filled with embarrassment and humiliation that my beloved brian kilmeade actually suggested last week that the pope was in the wrong country. >> when he came out against capitalism -- >> come on, it's the pope. >> but we are america and i think most of the things that we do are for good, justice, and -- >> but he's the pope. >> now he's going to the united nations. now he's going to get to see a lot of people and send a message to russia, china, all these middle eastern nations that are beheading christians, should he use this opportunity to say that? >> first of all i want to say that when you're young you have to be liberal or you have no heart.
5:06 am
when you're old you have to be conservative or you have no brain. i believe that that generally is the evolution. still when it's the pope involved you've got to give them incredible flak. this is the head of the 1.2 billion member catholic church. now yes, i think that, you know, the big cosmic issues of climate change, and immigration, and other -- >> peace. general peace. >> general peace on earth. and hopefully he can help broker this meeting with putin and president obama on monday. but now, he'll direct himself i think to more traditional theological questions like the right to life, abortion and all -- >> why? you have brutality raging across the world. you have vladimir putin invading other countries chopping up people. you have a muslim population, an extreme population that's allowing the beheading of christians. use this opportunity to say it. >> because he has this unique role as the healer in jesus.
5:07 am
it is his job to try to bring people to the. to gently nudge people in the direction -- >> so nudge. >> of the teaching of jesus. that's what i want. i want him to be consistent theologically. i want him to be -- >> geraldo -- >> there he is. >> fox news alert. you see the pope this morning. there he is. he is leaving the papal nuncio located at 20 east 70th street. if you know new york city it's right across the street from the fancy ralph lauren. it's a five story townhouse. originally owned by, this is a good tidbit, originally owned by hugh grant. not the actor, actually new york's youngest mayor. what he's going to do now is he's going to motorcade down and we believe he's going to be in the fiat rather than the white pope mobile. >> he has the 500. i love that. >> his 8:30 a.m. arrival is scheduled at the united nations and that address will begin 10:20. >> he'll move through the day and he's going to go at 11:30 he's going to be at the world
5:08 am
trade center, where the world trade center stood at the 9/11 memorial. that will be special. then what he really thrives at, he's going to east harlem to visit our lady of queen at angels school. he's going to be with kids. then to central park and then to madison square garden. >> an extra 5,000 or 6,000 officers here to be his guardian angels in new york city during this time. >> imagine being a junior high student and having a chance to meet the pope. wouldn't that be fantastic? >> absolutely. you know we asked geraldo which direction he thought -- which main street he was going to go down. and it looks like the motorcade is pointing towards fifth avenue. so what they will do is they will go one block, take a left, go down fifth avenue, and then take another left probably in the mid 40s, right up right at the united nations. now geraldo, yesterday the pope was talking about immigration a lot. he also was talking about strengthening families, and striving for social justice, and
5:09 am
he mentioned a new yorker as a role model. and that would be dorothy day who is a new york-born catholic social activist. so the pope has done his homework. >> he has done some work. when i first saw it, it was so funny, i had the sound off so i saw the caption for the hard of hearing. and it said doris day. and i said doris day the actress? isn't it interesting that with martin luther king, and who else did he mention? >> thomas burton. >> and thomas burton, doris day. why doris day? i thought it would be a little musical. and then someone said dorothy day and i immediately wikipediaed her. a catholic activist, very popular in the '50s and '60s. kind of a socialist. you know, kind of a left wing activist. but i loved the fact that the ideal, you want the ideal now. he's not speaking to the pragmatic, he's not a legislator. not where the rubber meets the road. rather it is someone speaking to
5:10 am
our highest angels. someone trying to inspire us to be better. more compassionate than -- >> yesterday i was reading, and i do a devotional every day, it was called the state of peace was the title of it. and it outline d -- peace that this pope brings -- >> this pope right here who just hopped out of the townhouse? >> to bind together something that is broken or destroyed you look at the pope here now headed to the u.n., perhaps today is a moment where those on opposite sides of the aisle, and of the world and their opinion will be bound together in his call for peace. >> a wonderful sense. and i hope as they say from your lips to god's ears, wouldn't it be nice if this was the catalyst for a great move like putin and obama getting to the and saying, okay, let's solve the syrian crisis. >> he met with putin before. it has started as you can see -- >> they'll make a left on 5th.
5:11 am
they've closed 5th. >> they forgot to close the back hatch. >> they leave that open so they can get access to anything they might need in one of those suburbans from the secret service. the secret service has been here in new york city. i talked to the guys last week. they have done such a good job scoping it out. as you can see the pope is on the way, he should be down at fifth avenue, he should be at the united nations within about i would say 15 minutes. >> i love the way the president moves through town. it takes us about half an hour to go across town, took the president three minutes. absolute close traffic. you can't even walk across the street. i had my bicycle but you can't use the bike. they just freeze everybody. >> geraldo, we're going to keep an eye. want to ask you about this, debbie wasserman schultz, and the dnc -- >> it's silly. >> it is silly. she's attacking marco rubio,
5:12 am
going to the home of a fund-raiser who is a collector of historical things. he's got some of the nazi stuff. >> you should see some of the pictures in my house. >> she said there's really no excuse for such a gross act of disrespect. it is astounding that these items which represent the horror of millions of jews the world over would not stop rubio or anyone on his team in their planning of this event. he has two statues including some of the 8500 manuscripts of history and a lot of the history is dark. in the more distant location of the garden. >> i have a letter, a handwritten letter by john wayne gacy who sent it to my wife -- and i hope she'll still come over if i ever -- >> what should happen -- >> people are calling for -- >> i think that this is a silly -- first of all she was absolutely out of line, hyperpolitical groping,
5:13 am
grasping, for a controversy that absolutely does not exist, to blame a candidate for the particular art. first of all, art is sacrosanct in the sense that this is not in your face, this is a man's collection. it's eclectic, it's all stuff, new stuff, you cannot deny that it hat historical value, in some museums particularly if this was open to the public. it would be totally appropriate. to make this a political issue is absolutely unnecessary. >> i think that he's probably over the top. >> i certainly think -- >> republicans should hope she stays right there. >> geraldo, thank you very much. have a good time this weekend trying to get -- >> good luck on our radio show today because you're going to dominate because wabc is all over the u.s. >> brian, thank you, coming from a competitor i appreciate that. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> now peace is occurring. >> listen to you both.
5:14 am
>> from the control room let's read the tease. >> which presidential candidates are the most proud in your mind? the results of a new fox poll. who are you proud of? coming your way next. ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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look at this right now. 29% of americans when asked if they're extremely proud of who to represent them it came out with ben carson number one. not far behind, hillary clinton at 28%. saying they'd be proud to have her as president. as you see the rest, carly fiorina, sanders and then trump. but other polls now showing hillary trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire, as well as iowa, by the way, and carly fiorina beating clinton in head-to-head match-ups. what is going on? joining us right now vice president of political polling and public affairs in person, lisa booth. welcome. >> brian, good morning. >> what do you make of these polls? what does it say to you? >> it's interesting. i think right now we're seeing on the right and the left this heavy anti-establishment vibe in the electorate. we're seeing it on the right with candidates like carly fiorina. we're seeing it with candidates like ben carson and donald trump and we're also seeing it on the left with bernie sanders. although he's held office he
5:19 am
does have this anti-establishment vow around him. >> could her strategy be meet me in south carolina? >> i think hillary clinton is in a lot of trouble. she's lost key support among essentially all age groups and demographics. >> hold on one second. we're sure all the candidates will be watching this on the monitor. the pope is now watching at the united nations. he's going to be coming in and addressing the world. world leaders who have come in to town, essentially for many different reasons. but the key reason, the keynote address by one pope francis. who is making his way through. it's amazing, too, and new york and washington wherever he goes, that's ban ki-moon, of course, he runs things there. he is the general secretary of the united nations. meeting on the doorstep. it's running on time. running like clockwork. it's amazing what you can do when everyone gets out of your way. the pope doesn't really embrace
5:20 am
the pomp and circumstance. his remarks are not being released until just before he begins to speak. i do not know the language he will speak in. however, in all of 18 stops, it will be just four will be in english. and there he is being greeted. you see the candidates going. this is a press moment where people have a chance to get their shot and then they'll move on. i'm pretty sure that this is the type of person that would be able to go through security without being wanded. he is the pope, after all. and he's going to be able to get inside. we'll watch him make his way through. >> the pope is going to pose for a picture with ban ki-moon. the two leaders. sam than power is there at the u.n. vladimir putin is in to town and will have a series of meetings. and then you have the president of china is also here.
5:21 am
so this is a time in which we always feel in the united states that we are the center of the world. we are now the center of the world not only of the united nations, elisabeth, but also here in the center of the world because the world has come to us along with the leader of the catholic church. >> what an incredible view right here as the pope has arrived at the u.n. today. this is a moment that will not be forgotten here. it's supposed to be speaking for about 30 minutes today at the u.n., meeting with leaders, and expressing his views. how specific he will get is yet to be determined. 10:30 a.m. those comments will begin. and here we a young gentleman, and a young girl approaching the pope. receiving a blessing. >> right. >> and giving a smile back to their parents, as it seems. >> elisabeth, he seems to have a normal look on his face, as a man determined, kind and considerate. you put a child in front of him, you put a kid in front of him, that's when he really lights up. if you see somebody that happens to be dealing with some type of
5:22 am
disability or challenge, that's when you see him really get into his own element. that's pretty much how he stood out, as he worked his way up. >> this is the 70th anniversary, you were remarking that earlier, of the annual session. the president is expected to meet with the u.n. secretary-general for a moment. the president of the general assembly in russian, president vladimir putin. >> i believe that cardinal dolan in the red hat just started to the screen left and is making his way toward the pope. we heard earlier from eric shawn who is outside the building anchoring our coverage that one of the first things the pope was going to do at the united nations, and actually he wound up getting there faster than we thought he would he is was going to address the staff. the people who work at the united nations, before he goes in to the general assembly where he will be appearing before 108 world leaders. in the 70 year history of the united nations general assembly, never before have they had so many world leaders at one event. and the pope is going to be the keynote speaker.
5:23 am
>> it's so secret that he wants to be with the people, that don't get the applause and the acclaim and the attention, and he's also the same pope that pointed out the females and the role of women in the church and that really you could see their excitement when their names came up and when their work had been underlined and pointed out by the pope. >> you're absolutely right. the nuns and women of the church, saying quote what would the church be without you? he also ended his service yesterday by saying god bless america, america is truly blessed with his presence today. and a global moment it will be for the church. >> there you see some excited kids that say they got tipped off the pope is going to be coming through there. >> they're waiting. >> how exciting is it to see the youth of america right here waiting to see the leader of the catholic church? peter johnson jr. joins us right now. >> peter is going to be anchoring news channel coverage tomorrow when the pope is in philadelphia. and peter, as you look at the young people there in that
5:24 am
corridor you know the pope is going to kiss a lot of kids, do a lot of hugging and shake a lot of hands. >> the excitement is palpable. i was at the vespers, a prayer service at st. patrick's, i sat really close and had an opportunity, if i wanted to reach out and touch the pope i could. but the kids are going crazy. >> did you see that one sign that said we love your pope mobile? >> the fiat. >> yeah, and so the kids and principals, the pope is coming. >> and here comes the pope. you can see that he is there with the secretary-general of the united nations. >> as they pose for a picture as they get a little closer, the big question is after he appeared before the joint meeting of congress, where he essentially had a to-do list for america, and peter, i heard you yesterday, i remember you talked about how the pope had a message of hey, america, you're doing okay in a lot of ways. >> he did. >> he had a to-do list as well. >> there will be a to-do list
5:25 am
here at the u.n., as well. and it will articulate the broad principles upon which the u.n. is supposed to be based. human rights. and that's also the essence of the pope's message for the world. in terms of, assuring that nations allow people to have the rights that they're supposed to have. so obviously focusing on the refugee and immigration issues. obviously based on these encyclicals -- >> let's look. -- >> it's also an opportunity to see persevering christians. >> here's the pope extreme right you actually see who they're calling mini pope. the translator monsignor mark miles, 48 years old, born in gibraltar and has been translating the four to six -- four events the pope will speak english at. he's had a heavy workload in the states with 18 scheduled speaking events at the pope. right now you're looking at a live shot as the pope arrives at
5:26 am
the u.n. >> also with us is father jonathan morris. father, we have no idea what the pope is going to say to the general assembly. there are the gathered masses of the people who work at the united nations. and even to them who meet so many world leaders this is exciting for these people. >> it is. it's a bright spot for a lot of people because it's a sense of hope. he's coming in not looking at an agenda of one country over another but of people. i think anybody of goodwill will recognize that that is a very noble cause. how do you make that practical and get it done? that's another issue. i think the reason why pope francis and other religious leaders in the past have given such importance to the u.n. is because of the founding document that you mentioned, peter, the universal declaration of human rights. created seven years ago after world war ii. >> let's listen in for just a second and see if we can pick up what's happening.
5:27 am
>> he just moved the camera guy out. >> you're seeing it looks like a surrounding shot of so many people just anticipating the remarks of the pope, knowing and hearing that he has arrived at their location. you see smiles and father jonathan, when you see the young people gathering around, making signs on poster board like they would at a concert for their favorite musician, what does that say to you about the future and hope of the church, with the youth? >> the church, and i think everyone that there is -- that the young people would say i want to either be like this person or i want to stand for the things he stands for. that is so positive. >> and i think this event goes together with the 9/11 memorial, interfaith service later in the day. >> we're going together. it talks about what happens in terms of extremism, and the needs for peace.
5:28 am
and the need for groups who may disagree with each other to pray and to be with -- together in a communion of good things. >> father jonathan how do you feel about other christian sects and their role right now with the catholic church. how should they feel at this moment? >> i think that certainly there is a loot of common ground. on the air with dr. jeffers yesterday, who was the evangelical, and he said gosh, you know, in the time that we have right now, with so many difficulties, with so much division, with so much war going on, we have so much in common. i think that's a wonderful thing, of laying down differences. that's exactly the style and the strategies of pope francis. he's saying i'm going to talk to people about the things that we can agree on. that we can work together on. and leaving aside perhaps some of the differences. >> sure, speaking at 10:20 a.m. on schedule, pope has arrived at the united nations. his schedule --
5:29 am
>> here he is just moments ago. >> you know, peter, it will be interesting to finally hear what the pope says at half past 10:00 this morning. because yesterday when he app r appeared before the joint meeting of congress, you know, depending on his political side of the aisle you were on you heard the stuff you wanted to hear. if you were a republican you wanted to hear him talk about abortion and same-sex marriage and the affordable care contraceptive mandate. if you were on the left you wanted to hear him talk about immigration and climate change and things like that. >> the united nations is filled with warring sects. everybody is on a different page there. >> i think you can interpret it however you want to interpret it. but he's coming to it from a matter of scripture. and a matter of spirituality. and a matter of the lord. the point that brian was making and father jonathan was talking about, interfaith discussions. interfaith cooperation. he talked about thomas murphy who was a famous monk, in
5:30 am
american life. he had a life in which he brought all kinds of faith together. i think that's one of the goals of this pontiff, to bring as many people of many disparate faiths, and nationalities, ethnicity, together, in peace. >> when you say peace, i keep going back and i don't think think it's an accident that this devoti devotional i read defined peace as that which binds to the that which has been divided. tying back together interfaith communities right here at the u.n. and you see that circle of floral wreaths that we just showed to you. what a visual of unity. here we have the pope taking a moment to pause and look out at those who have been awaiting his arrival. their faith is full of anticipation and hope. what a message for today. >> after world for two, elizabeth, after the world had suffered such tragedy, so many thousands and thousands of lives
5:31 am
destroyed, because people couldn't get along and evil was present in the world, the allies adopted four freedoms. this is in the charter of the united nations. and that was freedom of speech. freedom of religion. freedom from fear. and freedom from want. as their basic aim to defend against a world war iii. and so, even though we can get frustrated, i get frustrated a lot at the u.n. for not doing what it says it will do and for having rogue nations sitting in important places, the opposite of not having a body that would at least have founsding documents that are universal, a universal declaration of human rights, i think that the absence of that would be worse even than the inefficiency -- >> i'd rather have an inefficient u.n. rather than no u.n. >> it does sound like the dialogue is going to try to start today, is to deliver an
5:32 am
appeal for world leaders to help the poor to combat climate change, and to end conflict that many have sense desperate refugees fleeing to europe, it will be the first address to the united nations general assembly. set the tone for an anti-poverty summit where leaders will adopt ambitious new global development goals for the next 15 years. so this on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the united nations, the folks really going to be giving them the marching orders for the next decade and a half. and following this meeting when he speaks at 10:20, his remarks about to go 30 minutes on his schedule. at 11:30 a.m. he'll head to the 9/11 memorial. the multidenominational service. and at 4:00 p.m., our lady queen of angels school in east harlem and he'll address 150 immigrant new yorkers including children who fled violence in central america. and then he'll proceed through
5:33 am
central park around 5:15 p.m. and then end up at madison square garden at 6:00 p.m. where 20,000 people are expecting him there. >> by the way, billy joel says i will show up. >> you know, peter johnson jr., what the people is going to be doing and talking about among other things, climate change today. >> by the way, the cap and trade will hurt more people than anything else. >> if it's applied to the united states. the united states has actually reduced our carbon foot print significantly over the last ten years. i think it's gone down something like 30% or something like that. we're doing okay. but don't you think he's going to be appealing to china? he's going to be appealing to india, as well. some of the other big countries pumping a lot of gao into the sky that he doesn't like. >> among other things, i think father jonathan would agree the pontiff is one of the world's great diplomats, and the vatican
5:34 am
reaches out to hundreds of nations around the world. they have relationships with all of these nations. and so, he came to the united states, and spoke to congress, and said good things about our history. about abraham lincoln. about martin luther king. about dorothy day. about thomas murphy. at the same time he needs to slap the world, and i think he will to a great extent here at the united nations today to remind them of their obligations. >> i was hoping -- very curious to see what he does. you said he's a great diplomat. would a great diplomat bring that up today in front of the world? >> brian, this is a time, i think, at the united nations, for him to talk, for example, about the war on christians in the middle east. >> sure. >> this is the time for him to talk about the refugee crisis, and this is the time for him to say, to your point, brian, to say to all nations, it's not optional to get involved in reducing air pollution, et cetera. that everybody has to be involved in it.
5:35 am
he's not going to talk about those things to the u.s. congress because they can't do anything about that. >> he did bring that up. >> standing by right now for us, we do have a different -- scott saul the author of jesus outside the lines and pastor the christ presbyterian church, pastor saul as we watch the pope's arrival at the u.n. we'd like to welcome you this morning to "fox & friends." >> thank you for having me. >> when this moment as we see the pope entering the u.n., about to deliver about 30 minutes of remarks, he has the ability to not exclude one side or another of an issue but actually bring in both. when we take those issues one by one. let's start with business for instance. some say he's anti-capitalist. what does scripture tell us? and what should the pope, in your mind and heart, what do you hope that he brings forward today in messaging as it pertains to the wealthy, the poor, globally what we are to offer those in prayer in the refugee crisis?
5:36 am
>> one thing i greatly appreciated about the pope's emphasis so far is his attention that he's given to the poor, and to the marginalized, and to the refugee, and to those who are in very difficult situations. irquestion is specifically about capitalism? >> sure. what does the bible say? what does scripture say about the wealthy? look at job for instance. probably one of the wealthiest in the bible, correct? >> yes. the bible is very nuanced about that subject just like it is about virtually every subject. you just mentioned job. job is referred to in the bible as on the one hand a very successful businessman. who is actually the wealthiest person in the world. he's also the most generous person in the world who gives very, very focused attention to the poor in the use of his
5:37 am
wealth, and in the giving away of his wealth. you have the same scenario with abraham, who is very wealthy. solomon asked god for wisdom and god gave him wisdom and wealth. but i think that the challenge for capitalism which i think perhaps the pope might want to raise this as an issue is that capitalism, just like any other form or philosophy of how to run a society has the poor in mind and make sure there is an environment where the poor are taken care of. but the challenge for capitalism is that an environment be created not only such that it's possible for the poor to rise up and have a better life. but that it's actually happening, and that the poor themselves are saying that it's happening because they're experiencing it. and so i think that's the real -- the real challenge of
5:38 am
capitalism to resist the temptation toward greed and the pursuit of more and more power and spending all of our money on ourselves and to think about how we can use what we've been blessed with to be generous and to support the common good. >> about 15 minutes ago the pope arrived at the united nations. he was whisked in, and he is currently with the man that you see escorting him right there, extreme right, that is the secretary-general of the united nations, ban ki-moon. you saw them posing inside his personal office for photographs, about ten minutes ago. we would imagine the private audience with the pope would lost another couple of minutes. then he will go in one of the large common areas screen left, where awaiting are many of the people who worked at the united nations, who are thrilled that the pope is coming to talk to them. >> he is may the first be last and the last be first as jesus
5:39 am
said. father morris, this is a pope who put the people first. and not the people with the titles first. he puts all in front of him first. he doesn't walk by. he stops. >> i think the reason why it's powerful is because he doesn't talk about it, but he does it. it's not something that he has learned to do as a diplomat. he never thought about being pope. he never imagined being pope. he was 76 years old when he was elected pope, and people who knew him in argentina knew that this is exactly the way he acted there. but there were no cameras. >> wow. >> it's a very different thing than it is right now. >> all right. we're going to -- we're going to keep watching the pope at the united nations but we want to get back to some new polls this morning. which presidential candidate are you the most proud of? as it turns out, ben carson, hillary clinton or cari fiorina are some of the finalist. who's the winner? >> we started that conversation. we will finish that up in just a
5:40 am
moment. >> that's right. plus a high school football player protects a blind student from bullies. >> hey [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> all right. >> his brave effort gets him kicked off the team. we're going to tell you what happened coming up.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
is a fox news alert. as you can see, the pope has just emerged from a private audience with ban ki-moon. the secretary-general of the united nations. and now as is custom they are posing for photographs. there's the flag of the vatican, the yellow and white one. it flies outside the united nations for the first time in that organization's 70 years of history. >> that's right. the schedule to lead up to the 10:20 a.m. scheduled speech.
5:44 am
approximately 30 minutes in length that the pope will deliver to the u.n. we're going to be followed by multireligion service at the 9/11 museum. at 4:00 p.m. he'll visit the lady of queen angels school in harlem. then proceed through central park where i'm sure he will be greeted by thousands of new yorkers and those who have traveled here, followed by mass at madison square garden. >> looks like they've got some sort of special book to sign. do either of our guests, jonathan morris or peter johnson know what he's signing there at the united nations? >> i don't know. >> official register? >> at this point. it appears to be an official register documenting his visit there today. and all of new york has gone crazy for this. i was speaking to some people at the u.n. they said they had anticipation over the last few days beyond that which they had had for any world leader for a long, long time. >> really?
5:45 am
were they catholics? >> they were not catholic. one happened to be a presbyterian i believe and was very, very excited about him being here. but said that a lot of the european representatives were excited, and some of the african representatives, and some of the south american representatives. it's a huge, huge deal to have this latin cardinal, this south american cardinal became a pope in the world today. it's a huge, huge deal for catholicism and for the world. >> and earlier today we had an argentinean silver smith and close friend of pope francis who is going to meet him tonight at madison square garden, they're friends. for decades they were friends. they baptized this man's children. he married him. this is a silversmith that got 850 people to send him bits of their jewelry to put together to form a chalice to offer the pope as a gift and hope that he'd wrap his hands and arms around it and just lifting the people
5:46 am
in this peaceful moment. and he said the pope would sit with him and make him coffee. he's just like everybody else. >> and just like everybody else, except now he's got a huge job. and he's got a job right now to go in front of the united nations, in front of all these world leaders, many of whom disagree with each other on major, major issues in order to be a moral voice. i've heard from so many people especially non-catholics who are mystified by some of the contents of the speech. why doesn't he just talk about jesus? why doesn't he just talk about abortion and gay marriage and why doesn't he talk about the things that matter to us right now? and i think what his -- his modus operandi is i'm going to talk abouthings that are going to move people to agree on the things that we can agree upon. and slowly move them towards the truth as he sees it. >> jonathan and here's the video that we came in on. obviously this is recorded a few
5:47 am
moments ago. he's very shortly going to be heading out -- oh, this is live. all right. jonathan you actually saw, you're right, we have a new addition to that particular picture. you actually have read the pope's comments. they're embargoed, you can't speak specifically but you could speak in broad terms about what some of the themes are. >> in broad terms, i think it's important so recognize that he is going to speak to international leaders. that are living a period of time in history with tremendous amount of conflict, and a tremendous amount also of ramifications of what happens in one place in reference to other places. what's going on in the middle east right now affects us in ways that it never affected us years ago. or seven years ago when the united nations charter began. he's going to take people right back to that united nations charter and say remember what we agreed upon as a world, after the terrible history of world war ii. >> yes.
5:48 am
father morris i want to bring back in right now, pat saul, pastor sauls, we're looking right now at the pope connecting the people -- >> photo-ops. >> photo-ops of course at the u.n. some saying the pope should not get political and address these issues. where do you see it? where does the church stand? and how bold should his language be today at the u.n.? as it pertains to the issues we're looking at globally, be it the right to life. the dignity of life. the death penalty. the refugee crisis. how bold does the pope's speech need to be? or not? >> i think he's already been very bold in his statement about the sanctity of life at all stages, which i took as an implicit reference to the unborn, which of course the catholic church has championed for a long, long time, as well as the syrian refugee crisis,
5:49 am
which is the work of humanitarian crisis since world war ii, as we're away, and also his emphasis on the poor and the homeless and such. i think he's already been fairly bold and would expect him to continue in that theme in this speech. >> okay. so what we're looking at is you know before he gets too involved in the day's events including the speech before the united nations general assembly, which would be in about 90 minutes from right now, he posed with some pictures with some it looked like staff of the united nations. some other people we didn't recognize. we did recognize cardinal dolan, some other members of the american -- >> just to the right of the pontiff, of pope francis, was the representative of the vatican to the united nations. the nuncio or ambassador. >> it's his house where the pope spent the night? >> that's right. >> and now he is proceeding to the large common area we do believe, where the staff is
5:50 am
waiting. to hear words from the pontiff. >> and it will be exciting day for the pontiff. and you know, i went to the vespers service last night, and father john was in washington yesterday, a tremendous amount of strength and resilience for this man who's almost 80 years old. so he's up at 4:30, 5:00 every day. gave an hour speech to congress yesterday early in the morning. and then was conducting an hour and a half vespers service after flying from washington, d.c. jfk, the helicopter, the pope mobile on fifth avenue, and was fresh and was greeting people with smiles, and warmth and genuine warmth. i saw him take a young woman who perhaps is suffering from spina bifida and she was of the small, small stature. and he went over explicitly to see her and to spend time with her and to pray with her. and he did that with other people in the church.
5:51 am
he wasn't rushing out of the church. you talk about the holy spirit. he talked about the holy spirit taking him over in terms of becoming the pope. cardinal here in new york, the predecessor to cardinal dolan said i met him in 2001. he was a different man. he was a changed man when he took on the mantle of being pope. and kind of came alive in some significant way. >> at the same time peter as you mention, he is elderly. he'll be 79 this year, later this year. he has said he believes his pontificate will be a short one. >> do you think we might have two retired popes? >> you never know. i think he has -- he's unafraid to do things that are very unexpected. and maybe it's precisely because of his age, he talks a lot about taking care of the elderly. i think he recognizes that he is able to do things precisely
5:52 am
because he's older that he wouldn't have done as a younger man. he is unafraid knowing he's about to make -- meet his maker, right? and he's going to be very straightforward. >> when you say that -- >> walking down the hall. >> speaking of timing. >> thank you, thank you, thank you.
5:53 am
>> you want it to be a photo-op or is that a moment to speak or have casual conversation here? >> well, what we believe is going to happen now that the entourage is there and he's been received by the secretary-general, it looks like what is going to happen after the meeting with them, they're going to be -- they come into the general office, after the audience, and at 8:30, mrs. ban ki-moon is going to be escorted by the chief of protocol into this large area and coming up very shortly it looks like they're going to have another photo-op -- >> -- colleagues bienvenidos. [ speaking spanish ]
5:54 am
i'll be very brief. your holiness, i may be the one behind the microphone, and in this spotlight, but it is the staff of the united nations who are working day and night with a strong commitment. i really appreciate and i hope you will grace them and bless them so that they can continue to work upholding the charter of the united nations for world peace, development and human rights. thank you for taking the time to meet with them, because they are the heart and soul of our work. regardless of faith, we draw inspiration from humanity, and from your global call for action, on social justice, climate change, and ensuring a
5:55 am
life of dignity for all. let me just say your holiness, thank you for your spiritual guidance and blessings, and love for humanity. thank you, gracias -- thank you. >> okay that's the secretary-general of the united nations bandy mo ddy ki-moon. we understand now the pope is going to make comments in english for the next seven minutes. >> thanks. good morning. on my visit to the united
5:56 am
nations, i am pleased to read you the men and women who are in many ways the backbone of this organization. i thank you for your welcome, and i am grateful for all that you have done to prepare for my visit. i would ask you also to offer my greetings to the members of your families. and to your colleagues who could not be with us today. because the lottery.
5:57 am
the vast majority of the work done here is not of the kind that makes the news. besi behind the scenes the daily efforts make possible many of the diplomatic, economic and political initiatives of the united nations. which are so important for meeting the hopes, and expectation of the peoples who make up our human family. you are experts, and experienced workers. officials and secretaries,
5:58 am
legislators, cleaners, and cooks, maintenance, and security personnel, thank you for all you do. your quiet and devoted walk not only contributes to the betterment of the united nations, it also has great significance for you personally for how we walk, expresses our dignity and the kind of persons we are. many of you have come to this city from countries the world over. as such you are a microcosm of
5:59 am
the peoples, which this organization represents and seeks to serve. like so many other people, worldwide, you are concerned about your children's welfare and education. you worry about the future of the planet. and what kind of world we will leave for future generations. but today, and every day, i would ask each of you whatever your capacity to care one
6:00 am
another. be close. to one another. respect one another. and so, embody your service, this organization's ideas of a united human family living in harmony, walking not only for peace, but in peace. walking not only for justice, but in the spirit of justice.


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