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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  September 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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interview. i'll be talking with jeb bush, and eric cantor, and madeleine albright. tomorrow, "mornings with maria" is at 6:00. have a great sunday, everybody. this is a fox news alert. pope francis is meeting with inmates and their families at the largest prison in philadelphia. the pope just finished his remarks in which he talked about how he is there as a brother, not just a pastor. all of us need to be cleansed, to be washed, he said. the pope also saying it is paintful when we see prison systems that are not concerned with care for wounds, to soothe pains and offer possibilities. he has made a practice of speaking with inmates in prisons, as he has meeting with the hungry and homeless. he spoke at a school in east
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harlem. this is a tough prison. the group includes murderers, rapists, robbers. we will keep an eye on this for you, and now "mediabuzz." donald trump is ramping up his attacks on the media, once against calling journalists dishonest and coverage unfair, as some pun debts question yet again whether the campaign is starting to decline. the question comes up in an interview airing tonight on "60 minutes." some of the z among the media are some of the people i the worst i've ever met. they write stories, they know it's false, it makes no difference. frankly i don't call it thin-skinned. i'm angry. >> but a reporter asked you a couple hard questions at the
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first debate. the whole week after that, it's war on that reporter. >> i don't think that was a fair question. >> an impression is created that you like to dish it out, but you can't take a punch. joining us to examine, kathleen parker, susan fericio, chief congressional it correspondent for "the washington examiner. >> and simon -- in oklahoma he referred to moron pundits, speaking out against politico, "new york times," fox news against, cnn, is running against the media a successful strategy? >> it worked well for him with his base. they've been blaming the media forever. and donald trump recognize this is, and he's using it to his advantage. it also suggests to everyone else that he really is thin-skinned, and you can't
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blame the messenger -- or in this case the questioner, because you don't like the question. and calling everyone dishonest, that's sort of a broad bush. >> he qualifies it by saying many of the people are dishonest. >> many. he was calling into the cnn morning show. he called randi kaye, a horrible report, this because she had reported along with other journalists, there was a bunch of mpcs that dispute this thing and people stood up, but his fans love it. >> this did resonate with his base, but the most interesting poll about there, a "usa today" poll fouled that 70% of respondents believe the media is intentionally biased. he's not talking to a maul group of people. an overwhelming number of americans think that reporters
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are not telling the truth. it's resonating with a lot of people. >> simon rosenberg, trump is again boycotting fox news. he's started tweeting negative thing about megyn kelly and a number of other contributors. fox fired back saying the attacks have gotten stale and tiresome. trump and roger ailes are going to meet this week. >> i'm disappointed he hasn't gotten after you, howie. no, i think the worry should be if you're a trump supporter, which is sounding a lot like whining. there's a point where this is crossing over, i think, where it does sound thin-skinned, it doesn't sound virtuous, like he's sticking up for himself. that interview with cbs you showed earlier, c'mon, it's over the top. i think he's in danger of
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crossing over to a place. >> and it started with the megyn kelly question, where she asked, is this the temp raboerament of president. >> the leader of the country needs to be someone who doesn't speak disparagely of anyone, and he's doubled down on his assault on women when he talked about carly fiorina's face. he does come across as a misogynist. there have been a lot of anti-trump -- i thought rich lowery went to far when he said on megyn kelly's show, he used a crude term to describe how he felt that carly fiorina had cut off an appendage of donald trump's face, and a lot of his complaints have to do
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with polls and the fact he is doing better in some online polls that i regard ago far less reliability. nbc news/"wall street journal" poll out this morning has trump in a virtual tie for carson. and then he often gets into these disputes about the size of the crowds. >> so what's interesting is i don't think the public is necessarily going to get necessarily tired of his whining. i think they find it appealing. he needs to do more to keep himself ahead of the pack. the big problem, and he doesn't like to hear this, is he lacks substance, that is probably what is letting other people like ben carson start to tie him, maybe get ahead of him. >> they're wondering what else is there, i think. >> i think you're exactly right. the whining indicates he has nothing better to talk about. >> when you say he lacks substance, what a lot of his people hear is he's not
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providing the level of specific policy details that will make the media happy, but in broad strokes, he talks about building a wall with mexico, going after china, after isis. there's no rule that says i've been to, you know, put out these 25-page position papers. >> i think there's often a assumption that given hi success, he knows what's going on in the world. he's not a kid, an ideologue. he's a proven guy. >> that's part of his appeal. >> i think people have -- i'm sort of in your camp on this. trump is continuing to surprise people. we'll see how long it goes, but it certainly looks like things are tightening up for him. some of his momentum is lessening, but we'll see. what also comes up on that "60 minutes" interview was an anti-muslim questioner, and donald trump did not correct him, and president obama is a muslim. that issue has become a problem
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for ben carson having said on "meet the press" last weekend, he later said in that same interview that it would be different -- perhaps the question was what about someone running for congress. that's where ben carson said it might be different. well, this has dogged carson all week and came up on the o'reilly factor. >> you also said i would not advocate that -- if you said i would not advocate we put a catholic in charge of the nation or don't advocate we put a jewish person in the white house, you would get the same outcry, probably more outcry. dodds the point of the other side? >> no. i wouldn't advocate that we put a christian in there, either, if their agenda was a theocractheo. >> he got himself in a bind.
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he exceeded the truth limit with that first comment. he's probably saying something that most americans think, that they wouldn't feel that comfortable, but that's probably because they don't know any muslim. they assume if you're muslim, you're automatically this literal-minded sort of sharia bound person, which isn't the case with certainly the muslims i know in this country, and i think he's backed himself into a corner. it's almost the more he talks, the worse and more complicated it gets. >> if you look at how he's doing right now, the new fox poll, his net favorable is after all -- so i'm not sure. >> when you're in that situation. >> only because the media keeping asking him. i don't think the public cares. >> i didn't realize we were in such well-defined camps here. >> the latest polls would
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indicate at least his supporters don't agree. the story on friday, john boehner giving up the speakership. he's obviously tired of fighting the battles with the more hard-line part of his own caucus, and the press heart reporting for years that boehner cannot control the republicans. what do you make of this? >> i think it's another sign of the loss of power of establishment republicans. you've got trump and carson appeared carly rising to the top, and you're seeing it play out in congress, too. the old establishment republican party built by the bush family is collapsing right now. there's a new republican party being born. i think we're seeing that play out. >> you would think the mainstream would not by that sympathetic, but actually, i think a lot of nice things have been written about john boehner,
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because he's seen in the press as a grownup, as a guy, a responsibility adult, a guy who has tried to make deals just to keep the government open and functioning, he has repeat sdwli failed so how do you see the media portrayal? >> i think the people who are portraying him generously probably know him and understand he was trying for a longer game. the reason he couldn't deliver the votes was because he couldn't get the people who are elected in 2010 and thereafter to cooperate. they weren't interested in the long game. they were interested in fighting. the whole mission was to obstruct. itfact. now they are going to feel empowered by this. i think the media sees this is going to be a big problem for the republicans going forth. >> just briefly, a lot of stories about it will be even more chaotic upon his exit? >> i don't know. there's only 50-odd of these
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conservative members. they don't have a candidate they can put forward to win enough votes to win speaker. this would be a test for some that you will group. where can they go from here? >> i think it's a test for the media to not unfairly demonize people who are fighting for what 24th believe. i happen to favor functional government and not shutting it down. >> very good point. when we come back, hillary clinton on "meeting the press," sitton down with leena dunham. a look at her real person strategy, in a moment. ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. after months of avoiding national television interviews, hillary clinton is now doing sunday shows. she was on "face the nation" last sunday, and this sunday
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chuck todd on "meet the press" asked her repeatedly about the e-mail scandal. >> can you talk about an alternative -- >> another conspiracy theory? >> that republicans have been coming at you for years? >> it's totally ridiculous. >> a series of el questioning by chuck todd. now she's talking. >> such a good interview. it's television, she's sitting down talking to chuck todd, nbc news, mainstream media, and he just hammering away at this issues and show the the montage of all the criticisms, that she cannot continue to run away from. it just makes her look like she's in denial, i think. just using this medium of television to keep asking her that question over and over
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again, the full scale of what a big issue this is for her campaign. >> for a long time hillary clinton blamed the media for pushing this, and decided it was not just a media problem. do we reach the point, though, when she does the sixth or seventh or eighth interview, a lot of people say, okay, i've heard enough about this? >> i think that's the plan. they're doing as many as they can, to let everybody take their shots. >> which should broadband done three months ago. >> and that's their hope, that the questions will get asked and people will start moving on. the democratic debate is in two weeks, very soon. the republicans showed us these debate can dramatically alter the field. this will be a critical moment for her in this primary season. >> hillary said, too, well, i have been as transparent or as cooperative as possible. she's also speaking in a
8:18 am
lawyerly way, and i think most people get tired of that. it's lacking in substance the press questions are like, are you really sorry? or there was a point in "meet the press" when she said i didn't give that much thought and chuck todd says, you had a server in your house. >> the strategy is to get people sick of the whole thing. back when bill clinton was under siege, for all the right reasons ultimately, there was a time when america said, for heaven's sake, can we stop talking about this? >> and moves to some interviews, i mentioned "face the nation." let's take a quick look. >> give us three words that is the real hillary clinton. >> just three? i can't possibly do that. look, i am a real person, with
8:19 am
all the pluses and mine uses th go along with that. and a sit-down with leena dunham, who spends a lot of time on the screen not wearing any clothes. let's look at that one. do you consider yourself a feminist? >> absolutely. i'm always puzzled when any woman says something like, and you've heard it, something like, well, i believe in equal rights, but i'm not a feminist. >> going outside the box, shall we say? >> i think, first of all that first cbs interview she comes across awkward, that long lawful. laugh. i think this is good for her. the more of these interviews she does, the more she will loosen up and sound more natural, and the more she will relate to
8:20 am
young people. she needs to be out there on social media. i think it's a great move. she really can't lose at this point. >> i think that laugh will be replayed in a lots of republican ads, that's true, too. everybody in the media kind of mocks it, but it is a way to connect with younger people. >> she's been very forward-leaning on policy she's been far more subassistant tiff. they've been unable to get around the e-mail story and get the rest of the story out there. accomplished leader. >> when she tells leena dunham
8:21 am
that bill clinton asked her a couple times to marry him, and does that help connect? >> the only -- it's been devastating. >> i think the media will always push. i don't know that that's necessarily hurting hillary in the longer term. i gave a speech yesterday to very conservative people they preferred her to most republicans, because they felt she was the most qualified. let me get in a break. the media's role spirits but there's
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. scott walker was once the anointed candidate of the media, the big front-runner, the governor of wisconsin falling rapidly, and reporter this week decides to leave the presidential race. one of the problems he had is the way he struggled in television interviews. here's a taste of it. >> to me it's about enforcing the laws. >> do people misunder you're not -- >> i'm not taking a position one way or another. >> do you support that line of the 14th amendment? >> i said the law is there, and we need to enforce the laws. >> scott walker on birth right citizenship. there's more to a campaign than bur views. >> with the billing tests is how well you think on your feet and
8:26 am
how you hasn't tough questions on the run. it may seem unfair, but that's simply part of it. and then you're lost, you're done. >> i would say he was overhyped by the media. this pushed him up in the polls, setting expectation so high no way he could immediate those expectations. >> donald trump has no all rules have been thrown out, walker looked good on paper, but didn't translate into the real word of national politics. you have to sound a certain way, instead he sounded like, as you said, he was flip flopping on the issues.
8:27 am
he also did -- he was not a strong finishers. >> by the end of the campaign her was shouting -- i am unintimidated. so here we have a guy, it's nice that -- he as in a trumped up environment. >> there's a lot of -- it feels very similar. jeb has looked overmatched, not often thinking on his feet very well. he was a successful guy. it's been shocking at his media performance, and both of those guys went from being front-runners now -- >> jeb bush was much more aggressive in taking on donald trump.
8:28 am
he's still mired in single did you get. he's very flund on policy. >> i think it's because of these creative outletts. now you have the web, social media thus sucking the oxygens out of the room. he's left the old timers behind. >> anybody who is outside will prepail. i don't know if that changes. >> consider where she was has surged in the polls. thank you for stop by this sunday.
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we'll get the vatican's view when we talk to a top communications adviser, in just a moment.
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pope francis meeting this morning with pen mates and families at the took him to new york, and now for an insider look and deal with the sheer inten intensity is greg burke. a familiar face here as a former fox news correspondent. , greg, it seeks that the -- but just about every time, does he enjoy spars with the press a bit? >> he does.
8:33 am
i had him on mice list of pope-able people, and i said i sure hope he's not elected, because he what changed? >> i think he realized in the role. he also has an incredible feel, the gestures, the moment he was elected he said please pray over me. that was wonderful. he asks them about their families and he enjoys it. >> i ask that because of particularly in his run-up to his visit, a lot of ideological
8:34 am
debate, and then conservatives say, yes, but -- i'm wondering if you think the coverage is a bit polarizing? he said the church gets criticized as being too harge. neither of those is obviously true. the pope's visits to the little sisters of the poor perhaps not not too much coverage, because i think that was a big statement. and they get more coverage, for example, than the pope visiting immigrant children in east harlem, but when the pope talks about who am i to judge?
8:35 am
that was a question from reporters about gale people do you find -- >> there are enough people on the internet doing that. it's not really my role. i will then talk it over many times about -- but the pope is -- it is a whole package he's very, very compassionate, yet gives homilies four times a week, his private mass in the morning, and in those he sounds like an old-time pastor, and talk about the devil, which is very interesting. he in many ways is a conservative old-fashioned priest. your loving father is waiting for you, come on back.
8:36 am
>> he must know he's sending signals when he uses more tolerant and compassionate language, particularly on social issues, where the church is seen by something as having been rather ridge i had over the years. he does know that. >> and our way is the way of he talk about two culture, the throw-away culture, from the unborn to the elderly, today you see him in the prison and he talks about the culture of encounter. no matter how much we may differ. we have to respect the person before us. let me close with a personal
8:37 am
question. when you were offered this high-level job at the vatican at first you said no. >> i said no, because working at fox was so much fun. i was based in rome, it's a good answer and happens to be the truth. >> so it was a cultural adjustment for you? >> yeah, it was. at fox, it tell you all the details, because of the time difference basically i could be in my gym shorts until noon under they woke up in new york. now i'm in an office in a jacket and tie in the morning. thanks for joining us. much of the media says that the pope's visit created problems for republicans. stay with us. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight...
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pope francis visiting with inmates at philadelphia's largest prison this morning after his whirlwind tour of washington, new york, and coverage filled with praise and pageantry, but it is partisan coverage, like this headline, and this one from cnn, the pope versus the gop. is that fair? take a look. >> the pope is a liberal guy, there's no question about it,
8:42 am
but his philosophy is based upon what is good for poor people, not on controversial social issues. >> i thought it was pure progressive ka thought such. most of what head had to say sonned lie progressive ka thought such. stir simone campbell, executive director, an activist at the white house reception. it has a good ring to it. >> as i mentioned, a lot of the coverage, were about the pope's visit did that coverage change once pope francis was here, and we saw the language that he used? >> not really. i think the media was infatuated with the -- he went into specifics in his areas, which we
8:43 am
know -- we say david corn saying the pope is far more fixated on social issues and environment rather than abortion and gay rights, an says, sorry conservatives. so there is this sense from the media that goodness the pope is champion, all these issues, ande's not speaking as vocally on the social issues as abortion and gale marriage. >> what do you think about that? the fact is the pope is challenging all of us to change our hards to have a that is right that brings us together. he speaks that all of life has dignity, even those living in that prison. and bringing that seamless garment changes it for everyone in congress he said i am here to be a bring. we can't just demonize each other, we have to build a bridge.
8:44 am
>> you have taken some flack. >> did the headline bother you? >> no, because only the truth hurts. he never asked me about my position on abortion. everybody who struggles, suffers, they need us to be present with them in their lives. >> does this pope largely get a pass when he does say controversial things? when he talked about women who have a lot of babies? >> i remember early on when he said, catholics don't need to reproduce like rabbits. so for moments of the big families -- i've got five kids. i have friends who have nine, ten kids, very much devout catholics. it was disappointing, it was
8:45 am
hurtful. he did come out saying days later, we welcome the big families, but the mere fact he's had a couple of those missteps puts into question where conservative catholics are. does it suggest that the media play up comments and tones that are perceived more liberal? >> absolutely. one journalist said i'm so excited about this pope, and i remember looking at this sweet journalist saying, no, that's not going to happen. he has a different tone and different way of saying things. if you're going to have a conversation about these deep spiritual values, then it's much less headlines and way more about the deep centered space so for instance he's talked about
8:46 am
religious freedom but what he said was it's a fundamental right, but also shouldn't be used as a pretext for hate torrez and brutality. >> absolutely, about you it comes from a deep contemplative space, when he spoke of thomas merton in congress, and what we have to do is have a spiritual renewal that says we are brothers and sisters. >> the media is not missing that. >> amen. >> that's probably the best way to describe it. >> almost treating him as another politician, which he issues a statement on climate change. >> they said him to be the political figure of the church, which he is to a certain extent. again, i think that part of the media needs to do that to a certainly extent, but i do believe the media does miss the
8:47 am
spiritual underlying of where this pope is headed. they want to put him in one camp or another. for conservatives also a bit different, because he's focused so much on these specifics, as opposed to making much more of a balance on the social issues as well as issues like the environment and social justice. we've been a lot time without a spiritual leader that many rejected faith, and so that hunger is there. >> the pope's trip to cuba, met with -- but not cuban dissidents. i have to say that "the washington post" had an editorial piece, that he was going -- and not immediate with
8:48 am
cuban dissents. what does that make you feel >> i think -- look, for the cuban community, it was incredibly disheartening, because my father was a political prison for six years, tower further under the fidel regi regime, and he sentence a message, really does not -- barely even addresses the freedom issue. we have cuban dissidents kicked out, not even able to attend the mass. he did not even speak about the human rights abuses so it's a very negative message and very disappointing for all of us in the cuban community. >> when the pope was talking to reporters on the flight to washington, he said some of what i say could be considered leftish, but that's a misinterpretation.
8:49 am
>> i think it is, and i think that it really -- his role is bridge building, where we left and right can come together and do what needs to be done for our people. >> but keep your loyal flock that's devoted to you, keep them believing that he's going to defend those important issues, let's end it on this common ground. thank you for joining us. thank you. brian williams covered the pope's visit. will the public now forgive hi lying past? why pause to take a pill when a moment spontaneously turns romantic? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet
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it's been seven months now since nbc suspended brian
8:53 am
williams for telling false tales particularly about being shot down in a choter in iraq and removed him as the anchor of "nbc nightly news." he was returned to the air this week covering pope francis' visit at msnbc. >> good day, i'm brian williams at msnbc headquarters in new york. in a short time, pope francis will arrive in this country for the first time. what is the political angle in your shop of this visit by the leader of the catholic's worldwide? >> he's speaking to a joint session of congress. when you do that, that is a political event. >> williams' return reminds me he's very, very good at live coverage and engaging with guests. i don't want to minimize the untruths he told particularly about the incident in iraq where he was not on the chopper that was shot down in a sandstorm. but when i think about it, at the time i said, well, if he's not suited to be the "nbc nightly news" arcor, how can he
8:54 am
be the breaking news anchor at msnbc. he was punished severely. he'll now be publishing to a fraction of the size audience he had at nbc. he has apologized and this is america is a land of second chances. so it's not a big news story that brynn williams came back. maybe that's the way msnbc wanted it. remains to be seen how large a role williams will have, if it grows over time. the breaking news anchor only comes on when there's big breaking news. he has the opportunity to earn back the trust of viewers, not that they'll forget but he has the opportunity to do his job. maybe pope francis saiz we need to forgive everybody, even those who make mistakes. still to come, the late yogi berra. known for his clever sayings. but was that something of a myth? 6 a growing pain in his lower back.
8:55 am
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. we are still in shock here at fox news over the death of jake brewer, a white house staffer, a terrific guy by everyone's account. killed this week in a freak bike accident at a charity event. cage r they have an adorable daughter and she has a baby on the way. what we're telling people is there's a fund set up to help the family if you would like to donate, go to brewer we would certainly appreciate that on mary katherine's behalf--yoeg by berra, the great baseball player was known for his whitey contradictorily remarks. but slate reports that some of these famous quotes were embellished or plain made up by sports writers in the 1950s and that caricature was amplified by legendary sportscaster. he said, i never said some of
8:59 am
the things i said. we'll miss him. now, all newspapers make dumb mistakes and have to run corrections. i've been there. but i doubt any paper has had to do what the "new york times" did about this guy. yes, the "new york times" actually published the following, a news analysis last sunday misstated the name of hi cartoon character displayed 0 in a moscow diner. he is porky pig not porky the pig. where have these people been? seriously. there's only one possible comment here. >> that's all folks! >> and that's all for us as well. we're glad you were able to join us for this edition of "media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. we're glad we could bring you the pope's remarks at the prison and we'll carry later this afternoon when the pope conducts the final mass of his visit to the united states in philadelphia. check out our facebook page give us a like. we post a lot of original
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content as you know. or e-mail us. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. fox news alert on a political earthquake hitting washington. new reaction this sunday as house speaker john boehner second in line for the presidency and one of the most powerful figures on capitol hill calling it quits. now the aftershocks are coming. hello, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> you know, a sudden announcement friday threw congress into disarray. with the possible government shutdown looming on the horizon for the next couple of weeks, but some say mr. boehner's departure also creates an opportunity for a new leader to step into the top stop. and this morgning he addressed his surprise resignation when he appeared on "face the


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