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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 27, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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we post a lot of original content as you know. or e-mail us. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. fox news alert on a political earthquake hitting washington. new reaction this sunday as house speaker john boehner second in line for the presidency and one of the most powerful figures on capitol hill calling it quits. now the aftershocks are coming. hello, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> you know, a sudden announcement friday threw congress into disarray. with the possible government shutdown looming on the horizon for the next couple of weeks, but some say mr. boehner's departure also creates an opportunity for a new leader to step into the top stop. and this morgning he addressed his surprise resignation when he appeared on "face the nation"
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saying he has unfinished business before he leaves in a month. >> i don't want to leave my successor a dirty barn. i want to clean the barn up a little bit before the next person gets here. >> can he clean the barn up? we are live in washington with more on his plans. hi, garrett. >> reporter: eric, apart from who the next speaker will be one of the big questions is, will this resignation fix anyone in extremely divided republican house? in the short time, boehner thinks he'll have a little more cooperation from some others around town, an apparent reference to the conservative members of his caucus who are trying to force him out. meaning a short time budget compromise is more likely to pass in the next few days before a partial government shutdown would occur. boehner didn't mince words, though. when talking about the uncompromising demands of the conservative wing of his party. >> absolutely they're unrealistic. we've got groups here in town,
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members, the house and senate here in town, who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know, are never going to happen. >> a majority of republican primary voters in the most recent fox news poll believe republicans in congress haven't done enough. 66% said the republican majorities in congress have failed to do all they could to block or reverse president obama's agenda. the current favorite to replace boehner is believed by many to be house majority leader kevin mccarthy though after essentially outing the speaker, members say they'll have a big say in this decision. >> kevin mcckacarthy is a great job. many are vying to run and our job in congress is to vet those people so we get people principled in the way that they want to legislate and not be on a power structure the way it has been in the past. >> an absolute majority is
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required to elect a new speaker, meaning the magic number of votes that a candidate needs is 218. with a divide among the 246 republicans in the house, reaching that number will be a hurdle for any candidate. >> garrett, it will be exciting. thank you. so do you think that john boehner's departure brings a fresh air to capitol hill or will it be more of the same? we'll preview what lies ahead with steve signers of ohio a little later on in our newscast. meanwhile, there is new fox polls spelling more trouble for hillary clinton. her faivlt among voters dropping, now only 38%, even losing support from democrats, 23% now have an unfavorable view of the former secretary of state. kristen fisher joins me from washington to help break down those numbers. who comes out on top according to this new poll? >> well, this new fox news poll
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asks about favorability. dr. ben carson came out way on top with 46% of the people polled saying they have a favorable opinion of him. that's a jump of 20 points in just four months. >> ben carson's got the highest ratio of favorability of any of the presidential candidates as you can see right there, plus 52% with marco rubio at 35%. what that means is that if they get a good debate performance, you're going to see an extra 5, 6, 8, even 10% going to them. it means they're in the game. >> ben carson also fared well in a new nbc news poll out today. it shows he's basically tied with donald trump 21%-20%. the biggest surprise is marco rubio, tied for third at 11% followed by jeb bush, john kasich and ted cruz. all the other republican candidates are at 3% or less. so these two new polls are a big win for both ben carson and
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marco rubio. >> chris t >> kristin, what else does it show? >> only 38% of voters view clinton favorably, down from 45% in may. a lot of it can be attributed to the ongoing investigation surrounding her use of the private e-mail server, something she addressed this morning on "meet the press." >> it is like a drip drip drip. that's why i said there's only so much i can control. i can't predict what the republicans will come up with, what kind of charges or claims they might make. i have no control over that. >> after not appearing on any political sunday shows for four years that was her second sunday show appearance in just two weeks. >> kristin, thank you so much. speaking of sunday shows, today chris wallace sits down with gop candidate jeb bush in an exclusive interview on fox news
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sunday. you can catch it 2:00 p.m. eastern today on the fox news channel or check your local listings for other times. president obama heading here to new york city today. he will be speaking at the united nations in just a few hours. it is the u.n.'s global development summit, ahead of his address to they that begins tomorrow. while he is here, mr. obama will also sit down with vladimir putin after his speech. of course that's a closely watched meeting in the wake of russia's military moves in syria and continuing push in ukraine. putin was interviewed by charlie rose and addressed moscow's intentions in syria which he claims are part of the fight against isis. >> so you would like to join the united states in the fight against isis. that's part of why you're there. others think that, while that may be part of your goal, you're trying to save the assad administration because they've
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been losing ground and the war has not been going well for them. and you're there to rescue them. >> translator: well, you're right. and it's my deep belief that any actions to the contrary in order to destroy the legitimate government will create a situation which you can witness now in the other countries of the region or in other regions, for instance, in libya. >> what does rescuing assad mean? joining us is john bolton. ambassador, great to have you here. >> great to beer here. >> ahead of the obama/putin meeting. what can we possibly expect to come out of that? >> i think probably another setback for the united states. look, vladimir futuputin has an agenda. he knows what he wants, relief from the sanctions that have been imposed because of his adventurism in ukraine. and he wants to use this new russian military presence in
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syria to help put russia back at the top table where they were removed after sending forces into ukraine. i just want to underline how significant it is that russian military assets are being deployed in syria. you know, this is something really unprecedented since soviet military advisers were tossed out of egypt in the 1970s. it's a direct challenge to the united states. it's a problem for israel being that close to their air space. and it represents a gambit by putin waiting for an american response. we'll see tomorrow if the president has one. >> what type of response are you expecting from the president? basically what putin is doing is establishing a russian base and a new foothold in the middle east and syria. >> that's exactly correct. they have a naval base in syria. how significant is that? that is the only russian military facility outside the territory of the former soviet union. one base. now they have two.
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i think what putin sees is a vacuum of power in the region as the united states withdraws. he has seen the outcome of the iran nuclear negotiations where the united states essentially gave away the store. i think putin sees not only a way to recoup from his set backs in ukraine eliminating those economic sanctions but to project russian power into the middle east. >> how do you think the president will counter that? >> well, they've expressed concern about the syrian base which joins the long list of other concerns the president has that he doesn't do anything about. john kerry said an amazing thing earlier this week. he said, well, the russians there are just for force protection purposes. but didn't say what the force they're protecting is there to do. so maybe we'll get an explanation on that. >> obviously from putin's point of view he's force protecting assad. what does that mean in feerms of the future, a dictator is barrel bombing his own people with this
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humanitarian catastrophe that has ripped this country apart. >> i think this is part of russia's larger plan. i think the assad regime depends on russian support, it depends on iran support directly and through the terrorist group hezbollah operating out of lebanon. for over four years now the obama administration has been saying that russia will partner with us to negotiate assad out of power. they're doubling down on assad. they want him in there. think they want to establish this russian presence in some kind of syria. it's real defiance to isis, to turkey, to israel to the united states and he's bet getting away with it. >> in the interview tonight on "60 minutes" putin saying the u.s. backing the rebels against assad is illegal. is it possible at all to rely on moscow to fight isis? >> it's to putin's advantage and certainly russia has seen its share of islamic terrorism. there's no doubt about it. he has to worry that if isis could really establish a
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caliphate in the rubble of what used to be iraq and syria, that ultimately they could pose a threat inside heavily muslim populated areas of the russian federation. he is perfectly comfortable siding with assad against isis and with iran on the other side of the territory isis now controls. it's a further demonstration putin has a strategy. he's advancing russian national interests. what is barack obama doing for the united states? >> finally, what do you think is going to happen? >> i think this meeting will end with expressions of friendship between the two of them. i think if i were putin i'd try tond get every single concession i could out of barack obama in the next 16 months. >> john boltonor, we'll see you at the united nations this week as we have our continuing coverage of the big week there. >> glad to be here. pope francis wrapping up a whirlwind visit to the u.s. today. the holy father will celebrate
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mass later on. ben franklin parkway is where it's happening in philadelphia where organizers are expecting at least 1 million people to attend. earlier today the pontiff spoke with victims of clergy sex abuse there in philadelphia. the pope promising those responsible will be held accountable. brian joins us live from philadelphia with more. >> reporter: well, here in philadelphia in 2011 the archdiocese suspended 21 priests suspected of sexual abuse after a grand jury found that the a h archdiocese had covered up the abuses. today pope francis meeting with five victims, adults who suffered sexual abuse as children at the hands of catholic priests. this is what we're hearing about the meeting. the 30-minute meeting took place before he spoke to 300 bishops at the world meeting of families today at 9:00 a.m. we're told the pope listened to the victims' stories and prayed with them. pope francis telling them he felt their pain and suffering in
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a speech to the bishops after he called the victims, quote, true heralds of mercy. he said these acts which caused pain and violated trust can no longer be a secret and he promised to do something about it. >> translator: and i commit to a careful oversight to ensure that youth are protected and that all responsible will be held accountable. >> reporter: the pontiff has promised to create a vatican tribunal which will prosecutor those hiding up or covering up the priests and abuses they cause. pope francis visited the prison here in philadelphia which houses prisoners serving time for 2 1/2 years or less. he met with 100 inmates in the
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prison gym, also some of their families and 30 correctional officers. the pontiff saying i know this moment is painful for you and your family. he said, everyone has something to be cleaned up. he shook their hands, even hugged some, and blessed their rosaries. >> translator: this time in your life can have but one purposor, to give you a helping hand to get back on the right path. to give you a hand to help you rejoin society. >> reporter: meanwhile, here at the benjamin franklin parkway in the heart of philadelphia, you can see the mass which is about to start at 4:00 p.m., people taking their seats, you can see the chair and altar where pope francis will conduct this mass, conducted to the whole worgd. it looks as the number is going to be less from what we'll see. the excitement still palpable in the air. this is the main big event
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summarizing the six-day visit here to the united states. >> absolutely. the pope leading by example and not mincing words. thank you, bryan. >> there is more today about that heart wrenching and overwhelming refugee crisis inner europe. it's getting even worse. up next, we'll tell you about even more tragedy for thousands trying to escape war and terror in their homelands. plus, what about speaker john boehner's surprise announcement that he's well, done? conservatives will they now move front and center with the new speaker? we will interview a prominent member of the republican party coming up next on what it means. >> it's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution. so this morning i informed my colleagues that i would resign from the speakership and resign from congress at the end of october. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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now to the latest in the escalating refugee crisis overseas as family members identify the bodies of relatives after another boat sank off the turkish coast. this time browning at least 17
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syrians. meanwhile, thousands in poland are pushing back against the influx of migrants there, taking part in protests across the country. conor powell has the very latest. hi, conor. >> reporter: well, it seems like this story is being repeated basically every single day. a small 25-foot boat tried to leave turkey full of refugees about 37 of them packed into this small overcrowded boat. trying to get to europe. and like so many before them, of the hundreds of thousands that have made this trip, this boat did not make it to greece. authorities say it sank off the coast. they were able to rescue 20 people, but 17 people did die. this dangerous trip, though, not stopping many desperate refugees. more than 300,000 people have made this crossing to greece to get into europe and way from the wars in the middle east. european countries like france germany and sweden taking in many of them. but the growing refugee crisis also causing a massive riff in
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europe. the far right anti-immigration groups holding rallies across the country of poland today. several thousand people turned out in warsaw to challenge the government's decision to take in 7,000 or so refugees in the next year or so. the eu is trying to negotiate a comprehensive agreement and plan to really do something with all these refugees that have turned up on the continent here in the last year or so. but they've failed in these meetings and negotiations to try to have this comprehensive plan. countries like germany and france are sort of doing their part taking in the refugees but hungary and other countries are really pushing back. they don't want this group these syrians to come into their country. the argument among many right wing politician sz that it will sort of change the christian nature of europe. but there is a feeling that something needs to be done and right now countries like greece and germany and sweden are taking in tens of thousands of
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refugees. that really are trying to escape these wars in the middle east. >> it is such a heartbreaking crisis. conor, thank you so much. house speaker john boehner shaking up washington with that surprise announcement friday. his resignation unleashing uncertainty on capitol hill and triggering a race among house republicans vying to take his spot. so what does this mean for the future of the gop and all the issues facing congress? let's ask republican congressman ste steve stiefers of ohio. i want to give you an opportunity for personal reaction. i know speaker boehner was a personal friend of yours and i'd like you to react on his resignation. >> well, speaker boehner is a personal friend and i was shocked. i had no advanced notice. i don't think any of us did. that he was going to quit. so we were all stunned and shocked and surprised.
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so that was -- it was a very shocking moment, but we all have to figure out how to come together and do what's right for america and move forward for our country. that's what everybody is preparing to do. >> i think we all hop that is the case. so do you think congressman that the speaker's decision was a result of guidance through prayer, or was he in effect pushed out? >> well, i don't think he was pushed out. i know there may have been a challenge because the motion to vacate the chair had been filed before we left in august. but i'm on the whip team and one of the senior deputy whips an i can tell you that i feel very confident that speaker boehner had the votes to win that fight. i think he just kind of thought through where he was in his life and i know the pope being there was a big deal. he had invited three popes in his lifetime to speak to congress. this is the first one that took him up on it. so the day before had been a really big day, and i think it kind of served as a actuculmina
9:24 am
of his career and he decided what's next. i think he's ready to go on with the next chapter of his life. >> i think a lot of people agree with that assessment of the situation as well. but here's the question. now what? is there going to be this automatic coalescing of the divide inside the gop party? >> well, nothing's automatic but i think this selfless act by speaker boehner hopefully will help bring some divisions inside our conference together and remind us that when what reagan said you agree with someone 80%, not your enemy. hopefully we can bring folks together. frankly all of us have the same goals inside the republican conference. we may differ on a strategy or a tactic, but we have the same ends in mind. >> and what are those goals congressman? >> a government that is efficient, that serves the people, that doesn't overly burden the people's liberty or
9:25 am
overly tax them. so a government that is efficient and makes sense and gets the job done but does it without overly burdening people's freedom or their money. >> with speaker boehner, he says he has more work to do. he wants to clean up the barn a bit more before he leaves. talk about now how this process in getting to a new speaker, will this get in the way of business at hand? you've got a possible government shutdown looming over the funding of planned parenthood and other issues. >> well, i think speaker boehner is going to keep his hand on the wheel and his foot on the gas while he's there. he's got about six weeks and we'll see what he can get done in those 5 1/2, 6 weeks before he leaves. i think he's going to focus on making sure we keep the government open this week. he's going to make sure we work on a long-time highway bill. he's going to work to reauthorize the export/ism port bank that helped exporters keep
9:26 am
jobs here and send goods overseas. i think he'll work on other fiscal issues before he leaves. we'll see how much of that he can get done. i've known the speaker about ten years and i would always bet on him getting things done and i think he'll be able to get a bunch of things done before he goes. >> and do you think he'll get more cooperation now that he is -- >> i think he'll get cooperation. i think he'll get cooperation from both republicans and democrats, and he kind of gave himself a freer hand by saying he's leaving at the end of october. now he can do whatever he has to do to make sure he moves the bills that are important for america's future. >> one final quick question i have for you. with this political precedent in place, does it leave an embarrassing residue that it had to come to this, that congress couldn't get together on a different level if you will? >> well, i think this was not congress' finest hour, but, again, it's important to note
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nobody pushed speaker boehner aside. he made a choice to move on and do something else and so it's unfortunate that we're losing a good man who's a great public servant who has an incredible legacy from his 25 years of service in the united states congress, but it's a great opportunity for a lot of folks to come together to build a new modern vision for what we want in a republican party and where we want to take america. so as much as it's a sad time it's also an exciting time. >> congressman stivers, we'll leave it there. >> thanks. >> we're watching, of course, pope francis on the last day of his astounding, inspiring and very touching trip to our country. thousands are gathering to get a glimpse of the pontiff ahead of his departure. in a work, work, work world...
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