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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 28, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. russian president vladimer putin expected to start speaking any minute at the united nations general assembly. you are looking at jordan's king addressing one of the most highly anticipated summit. it is the first time putin has shown up to talk at the assembly in more than a decade and expected to make the case when its come to syria assad's force is the most capable force of fighting isis and needs to be strengthened. we will bring you the remarks live when we get them. >> and this is "outnumbered." i am andrea, and harris faulkner is here, host of kennedy, fox businesses kennedy, and ainsley earhardt is here, and we welcome back senator from massachusetts,
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senator brown. >> it is good to be outnumbered with such lovely, accomplished women. >> we are watching the un. the traffic in new york is terrible today. first the pope and now this. let's get to the news because putin is up next and the hits keep coming for hillary clinton as she continues to face questions about use of her private e-mails as secretary of state. her rating is shown to be at a record high. 56% of voters now viewing her negatively and that is a seven-point jump from may. this as clinton admits on "meet the press" that the fury over her e-mails is out of her control and she is unsure when the controversy might end. >> it is like a drip, drip, drip. that is why i said there is only so much i can control. what i have tried to do, and explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information than anybody that i am aware of who ever served in
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the government, and i am happy to do that because i want these questions to be answered. i can't predict to you what the republicans will come up with, what kind of charges or claims they might make. i have no control over that. >> fox news alert. the president of russia, vladimer putin, talking new and let's watch. >> in 1945, the countries that defeated nazism, joined together and let me remind you the key decisions on the principles guiding the corporation and the establishment of the united nations were not made in our country. it happened at the meeting of the anti-hitler coalition meeting. the opposition was born at the cost of tens of thousands of
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millions of lives and two world wars. let us show it helped the humanities who served at dramatic events. it saved the world from large scale upheaval. the united nations is unique in its legitmacy, and representation. it is true that lately the un has been widely criticized for not being efficient enough and for the fact that the decision making on fundamental issues pulled due to differences among the members of the security commerce first of all. i would like to say that despite all of the differences in the un
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throughout the seven years that this has been exercised by the united states, united kingdom, france, china, soviet union and russia alike. it is natural for endeavors and representatives at the organization. when the un was established, its taunters didn't think there would be unity. the strength is coming from taking different views into consideration. decisions debated taken as such. whatever actions any state might take by pausing this procedure is not legitimate and defy
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international law. we all know that after the end of the cold war, everyone is aware of that, a single center of domnation emerged in the world, and those who found themselves at the top were tempted to think if they were strong and exceptional they would not have to wrereckon wit the un. this often creates obstacles or in other words gets in the way. it is now becoming commonplace to see that in its original form it has become obsolete and completed its historical mission. of course the world is changing and the un must be consistent with this natural work together with its partners on
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the bases of broad consensus but we consider the attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the u. dangerous. there would be no other rules left but the rule of force. he would get a world dominated by selfishness rather than collected world. a word increasingly kept charged by the dictators rather than authority. there would be likes of democracy and freedom and a world where true independence is replaced by an evergrowing number of externally controlled territoarritor territory. is this about freedom and the right to chose freedom for every
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person and nation? by the way, dear colleagues, the same hope is true of the questions of the so-called legitimacy. you could manipulate words and every term in international affairs should be transparent and have uniformally und-- uniformly understood. we are different and we should recognize that and accept that. we should all remember what our past has taught us. we all should remember the history of the soviet union and
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attempts based on ideaological ideas led to consequences. it seems that instead of learning from mistakes everyone keeps repeating them. so the export of revolution continues. it is good to look at the middle east and north africa's situation as mentioned by the previous speakers certainly politically and social issues in this region has been piling up for long time and people wish for changes naturally. but how did it actually go out? rather than bringing about reforms and aggressive interference, this resulted in a brazen destruction of national institutions. instead of the trials of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty, and
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structural disasters. and no one cares about human rights including the right to life. i cannot help asking those who have forced visitation, do you realize what you have done? i am afraid no one is going to answer that. policies based on the self and the impunity have never been abandoned. it is now obvious that the power veto created in some countries of the middle east and north africa created the emergence of areas that are filled with extremist and terrorist. tens of thousands of militants are fighting under the banners of the so-called islamic state. it is forming what iraqi servicemen who were thrown out into the streets after the innovation of iraq in 2003.
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many recruits come from libya, a country whose stakehold -- steakhold who was destroyed in and now they are joined by the modern forces that are armed and trained and they decide to form an islamic state. it is not just coming from nowhere. it was initially forged as a tool against undesirable, secular regimes. having a hold in iraq and syria, the islamic state has become actively exciting to other re s regions and it is seeking dominance in the middle east. while they are there, visitation is more than venturing. in these circumstances, it is
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critical to make loud declarations on the threat of international terrorism while turning a blind eye to the finance and supporting of terrorist including drug trafficking and illicit trades with all of iran. it would be equally detrimental to achieve the goals in hopes of later liquidating them. for those who do so, i would like to say, dear sir, no doubt you are dealing with rough and cruel people. but they are just people like you are and you never know who is manipulating who. this is referred to as the
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position that is the best. we believe that any attempt to play games with terrorist, or to arm them, are not just short played. this is resulting in a global terrorism increasing and engulfing new regions. they are training from the european countries and unfortunately russia is not an exception. we cannot allow the criminals who already tasted blood to return back home and continue their evil doings. no one wants this to happen. today we tried military and many other countries from the region
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are fighting terrorist groups. we thing -- think that we know about are of the troubles in syria and con tradititrudiction c contradictions in the renaling region renal n -- in the region. however, it is not about russia's ambitions but the recognition of the fact that we can no longer tolerate the current state of affairs in the world.
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we propose to be guided by common values and interest rather than ambition. on the bases of international law, we must join efforts to address all of the problems we are facing and create a genuinely broad international coalition against terrorism. similar to the anti-hitler coalition, it could unite a broad range of forces who are against hatred of humankind and naturally the mother countries are to play a key role in the coalition. even more so because the islamic state does not only propose a direct threat to them, but desecrates one of the greatest religions by blood crimes. they are making a mockery of islam and preverting its true
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humanistic values. i would like to address the muslim leaders. your authority and guide guidance are very important to stop hasty decisions and those who have been seized and those who due to various circumstances found themselves needing help and putting an end to this. russia will shortly convene as the current president of the security council a meeting to carry out an analysis of friends in the middle east. we propose this to see if is possible to agree on a resolution aimed at coordinating everything within the islamic state. this coordination should be based on the principles of the u.n.charter. we hope the international unit will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy of
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political civilization and social and economic recovery of the middle east. then there would be no need for a new refuge camps. today the flow of people who were forced to leave their homeland has literally engulfed neighboring countries and europe itself. there are hundreds of thousands now and might be million before the end. it is a great tragic migration of people and a harsh lesson for all of us including europe. i would like to stress refuges undoubtedly need our compassion and support. however, the only way to solve this problem at the fundamental level is to restore the statehood where it has been destroyed to transfer the government institutions that still exist or have been reestablished to provide comprehensive assistance of military nature to countries in
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a difficult situation and certainly to those people who despite all of the ordeals will not abandoned their homes. literally any assistance to sovereign states can and must be offered rather than imposed. in other words, everything that is being done or will be done to seal the norms of international law, must be supported by our organization. the country intervenes and this must be interjected. i believe it is the upmost importance to restore government assistance in libya to support the government of iraq and provide assistance to the government of syria. dear colleagues, insuring peace and regional and global stability is the key objective of the international community. we believe this means creating the face of equal and indivisible security which is
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not for the select few but everyone. yet it is a challenging and time c c consuming task. areas are still plent like this among our colleagues -- present -- first they continue their policy of expanding nato, war torn, if there was thought to be existence of the soviet war and the soviet unit n collapsed but the nato continues to expand nevertheless. as well as their military infrastructure offering a poor choice. it should be with the east or east. sooner or later the object of confrontation was bound to spark political cries and this is what happened in ukraine. where the population with the current was used and the military crew was orchestrated from outside that triggered a
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civil war as a result. we are confidant that only through this agreement on february 12th, 2015 can we end this. ukraine's territorial integrity is not displayed by the force of arms. there is a general interest of the people in the region. and the key element of the political structure will guarantee ukraine will develop fate as an essential link and build a common face of security and economic preparation in europe and urasia. ladies and gentlemen, i have mentioned these common spaces of economic operations, not long ago it seemed that in the economic spear, where the objective mark is lost, we would learn to live without dividing
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and build on transparent and jointly from the crew including the wto principles in the freedom of trade and investment and open competition. nevertheless, today, unilateral sanction in the house are almost common place in addition to the political objectives these sanction serve as a way of eliminating competitors. another sign of growing economic selfishness is some countries are creating closed economic situations with the establishment being negotiated behind the scenes in secret from the countries and the public and others. other states whose interest may be affected are not informed of anything either. it seems that we are about to be faced with an accomplish fact that the rules of the game have been changed in favor of a
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narrow group of the privilege with the wto having no say. this could imbalance the trade system. these issues affect the interest of all fate and influence the future of the world economy as a whole. that is why we proposed discussing them within the un and wt0. i refer to the integration based on universal and transparent rules of international trade. as an example, i would like to cite our plans to interconnect asia and china's initiative of the silk road economic belt. we still believe that harmi harmonizing the unions and promising. ladies and gentlemen, the issues
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that affect all people, include the challenge of global climate change. it is in our interest to make the conference climate change coalition to be held as part of the national contribution we will reduce by 2030 the greenhouse emissions to 75% of the 1990 level. i suggest, however, we should take a wider view on this issue. yes, we might diffuse the problem by setting limits on emissions and taking other measures, but we will not solve it that way. we need a completely different approach. we have to focus on introducing fundamental and new technologies inspired by nature which wouldn't damage the environment but be in harmony with it. they would allow us to restore
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the balance between the b biosphere. i am confidant humankind has the potential to address this. we need to join our efforts, i refer first of all to the space that has a solid bases and that have made significant advances in fundamental times. we propose convening a special forum for a consideration of the issues related to the depletion of national resources, destruction of habitat, and climate change. russia would be ready to join such a program. medicine, gentlemen and colleagues, on the 10th of january 1946 in london that the un general assembly gathered for their first session.
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a columbian democrat opened up talking about free will, definance, and spirit of preparation. this words sound as a guidance for all of us today. russia believes in the huge potential of the united nations which helps us avoid new global confrontation and engage in strategic operations. together with other countries we will work toward strengthening the coordinating role of the united states. by working together we will make the world stable and safe and provide conditions for the development of all states and nations. thank you. [applause] >> there you have 20 minutes of comments from the russian president. his last words about being
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confidant that countries around the world can work together toward peace and so on are interesting considering the fact he and president obama disagree today on syria. president obama went first with opening remarks and said he calls for a managed transition in syria away from assad. just moments ago the russian president said it is an enormous mistake not to cooperate with the syrian government. it will be interesting to see how they go forward. >> if there is one thing we understand, it is the threat of radicals. if you look at the south of russia, you can see the chechens and wars they fought. they commit acts of terror in schools all over russia he had
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to stop. so he is there because he views the orthodox church to stop him and we have ever interest in helping him. >> he said we should offer our help. he is not a good guy. he is a totalitarian leader. but he is not hard to figure out. he is in the mould of leaders of russia for centuries. >> we have to offer our help. the president is talking about the situation with ukraine and the way he talked about it is different than the history of russia and ukraine that vladimer putin out there. >> it is people caused the civil war. he wanted to talk about syria and what was happening as far as isis is concerned. i did like what he said today. he had we need to coordinate a strategy against terrorism and we need to reach out to muslim countries and spiritual leaders
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need to go in and try to rescue individuals who feel like they have been recruited and can't get out. i have talked to leaders in the muslim world and that is the biggest problem to them. the recruitments seem glamougl r glamourous. i like the idea of asking the spiritual leaders to go in and pull them back out. >> it was interesting. in order to ask for their help they would have to ask for the radicalized form of their fate. scott, i want to get your thoughts. senator john mccain was on earlier today. can we play that? >> the fact is the united states has no strategy. we have no plan beside some
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airstrikes which have not been very helpful. we see the other nations in the region adjusting to a vacuum that is created by the with drawl of the united states. your thoughts? >> i agree with the senator and not the first time i heard him say that. i saw two different vladimer putin's right now just listening to him. one the softer side talking about climate change and cooperation and freedom. >> and working together. >> love, love, love. on the other side he was definitely throwing out jabs to the president when he was talking about syria, afghanistan, and libya and the fact that, and i believe he believes if not for us getting involved and helping to topple those governments we would not be in this mess. i was appreciative of the fact he did basically spot the mullahs and the spiritual leaders and people in the muslim community to say listen, step up
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and get your house in order. >> it is interesting whoever is arming some over the others and you said who is he talking about and we agreed it might be the united states. >> he is using putin's logic to say don't you dare stick your nose in this. using the phrase hypocritical in the speech. i thought the translateer was listening to the wrong speech when talking about this. and also talking about the immigration crisis and making his case for keeping syria stable. he was saying if we stabilize
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syria, keep assad in place, the refuge crisis will abate ask you will not have millions of refuges in europe. >> one thing was clear and that is he is cohesive with assad on this. they are together like duct taped together. part for the reasons you mentioned and part because it is more than stabilization. we have things in common with keeping isis at bay. remember the clinton mantra? the vast right wing conspiracy? it is back in spirit. hillary clinton and bill clinton pointing the fingers at the gop over the e-mail woes. good strategy or too transparent? transparent? is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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hearkening back to the 1990s over the weekend, suggesting her current e-mail woes mirror what the clintons once referred to as the vast right-wing conspiracy. listen. >> i have, as you're rightly pointing out, been involved from the receiving side in a lot of these accusations. in fact, as you might remember during the '90s, there were a bunch of them. and, you know, all of them turned out to be not true. >> and in some ways, maybe things really haven't changed all that much. bill clinton pointing the finger at the gop and the media when it comes to his wife's e-mail troubles. >> the other party doesn't want to run against her, and if they do, they'd like her as mangled up as possible. and they know that if they leak things, say things, that that is catnip to the people who get board. what happened? the presidential campaign happened. and the nature of the coverage
9:36 am
shifted from issue-based to political. >> all right. so the clinton campaign rolling bill out. but first, harris, now we know that she made a joke about wiping the server with a cloth. >> oh, hilarious. >> looked like she dusted off those '90s talking points as well. [laughter] she's going back to the vast right-wing conspiracy line. >> i'm just a little bit confused. so our former president wasn't a nasty boy with a former intern? hike that didn't happen? -- like that didn't happen? that was just all a conspiracy? and this notion that the clintons are facing a headwind that are out of their control. i just have to get it straight. you made key decisions on something that had to do with national security, and now you're telling us it was out of your control. is it the benghazi thing or the e-mail server? be i mean, you could apply that to a couple of things. so i'm just confused about -- >> and is the word conspiracy just a euphemism for something else? clearly, it doesn't mean what
9:37 am
she thinks it does, certainly in regards to the '90s. it was an inappropriate sexual relationship. >> i'm with you. >> and with, with the e-mail server and the problems from that, she was most upset that it was out of her control. you know, gone is the now she's pressing chuck todd like, oh, more conspiracies chuck? no, madam. you may have violated so many federal laws by generating your own top secret information and then mishandling it. please, don't blame that on republicans. >> isn't control the operative word here? that's why she had the private server or, so she could control everything that was coming from her office and going to the clinton foundation? and, ainsley, really this isn't out of her control. she could have turned over her 30,000 e-mails that she deleted and be done with it. >> especially if she were were innocent. why would the fbi be involved? why would the fbi need her
9:38 am
server? they want to say it's conspiracy theory. no one else is talking about this. if it weren't for fox, this wouldn't be topical right now. but we're talking about crimes being committed. >> yes. >> a woman who wants to run for president and be the leader of the free world. there's so many other great politicians that are running for president. >> you know, senator, we have an fbi that's not run by the republican party investigating. but i want to get your thoughts because you've run a number of your own campaigns on them rolling bill out. is he really the best messenger for her on -- >> for some. obviously, people like him. he did have a history, obviously, good and bad. [laughter] i think she's getting desperate. people don't like her, they don't trust her. her poll numbers are upside down and, you're right, kennedy, everything that's happening right now is a result of her own doing, bottom line. i wrote some notes here. first of all, they ignore, and then they deny, then they blame, then apay poll eyes, then they blame, then they get angry and do the guilt thing. it's just the cycle of a double
9:39 am
standard that they have two sets of rules. had she followed the law and followed the rules, she wouldn't be in this situation period. >> yep. >> so just come out and tell the truth, and that's a problem for the clintons. >> all right. i guess if your only message in the campaign is i'm a woman, you bring the living glass ceiling who cause such issues for women in the workplace, as you mentioned, kennedy. >> the latest poll shows bernie sanders trailing by seven points. >> he's win anything new hampshire by ten. >> that's next to his home state. >> she can blame the republicans -- >> soon to be former speaker john boehner is blasting his conservative critics, why he says that their strategy is unrealistic and doomed to fail. so is boehner bitter, or is he finally just speaking his mind? ♪ ♪ ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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♪ ♪ >> well, john boehner speaking out after his bombshell announcement that he'll step down as house speaker at the end
9:44 am
of october. apart from who the next speaker will be, one of the big questions now is will his resignation actually fix anything in a divided republican house? well, yesterday boehner did not mince words when he was talking about the uncompromising demands of the more conservative wing of his party. >> the bible says beware of false prophets. there are people out there, you know, spreading noise about how much can get done. i mean, this whole idea that we're going to shut down the government to get rid of obamacare in 2013, this plan never had a chance. a lot of my republican colleagues who knew it was a fool's errand, really they were getting all this pressure from home to do this. and so we got groups here in town, members of the house and senate here in town, who whipped people into a freshman si believing they can accomplish -- frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going
9:45 am
to happen. >> all right. some people compared it to herding cats, boehner's job, and he did have a tough job. a number of tea party conservatives were elected, and so he's trying to manage, basically, two factions of his house of representatives. >> yep. and i agree with him. supermajority is what's needed. if you had one like the democrats had before i got elected, then they could do whatever they wanted. you don't have that in the house and/or senate, so you need some dem -- support, and you're not going to get it pushing the policies. so to say we're going to do all these wonderful things and then people get frustrated back how many home when you can't do it because you don't have the votes or the white house. and i do agree with the conservative members they should have continuously sent things over to the senate, and the senate should have continuously sent things to the president and let him be the bad guy. and that's, i think, where the fault and the frustration is. >> and you heard bobby jindal
9:46 am
talk about this in the last debate. he was in the earlier prime debate. he said, look, he gives reid and pelosi some credit on the democratic side because at least they're fighting for what they believe in. there are many americans who feel like the gop isn't standing up and fighting. and maybe it doesn't have to look like a shutdown, but it's got to look like a real fight. >> i've been in the minority every single time i've run, and i can tell you firsthand that mitch mcconnell as a minority leader was fighting every day with the worst majority leader in the history of our country, harry reid. so to think harry's fighting now? no, he's being a big obstructionist and not putting the american people's interests first. >> now there's calls for senator mitch mcconnell to step down. >> never happen. >> senator makes a great point, republicans should have sent a lot of bills out of the house to the senate to force president obama to veto them, but also boehner was dealt a really difficult hand trying to manage these two groups. i mean, a lot of times he
9:47 am
couldn't please either one, and so sometimes i did pity the man. >> yeah, no. he got stuck in the mealy-mouthed middle. and i don't know if i pity him. i think he cries so much because he feels guilty about some of his life choices. i think it's really interesting. >> like what? >> i can't say that on the tv, andrea. [laughter] no, i think that he's lucky he didn't burst into flames while he was sitting behind the pope. [laughter] and i also think the papal visit somehow influenced his decision to resign. i think it's difficult, but i also think these are ridiculously overburdened institutions of the institutionalists own making, and that's why people are so incredibly frustrated with congress, and their approval rating is in the low single digits. >> like a modern-day house of cards, leadership elections will take place in a couple months. and one of the members apparently vying to take over mr. boehner's job is majority leader kevin mccarthy. that's right, the modern day -- what would you call him, frank
9:48 am
from house of cards? join bret baier on special report, the man who may be speaker right here on fnc. and republican presidential candidate donald trump rolling out his new tax plan as a new poll shows his once-commanding lead is evaporating. so what are the specifics, and how will it play with the american people? up next. ♪ ♪ before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time...
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chris capuano: you might feel like there's too many problems in the world or that, you know, you, as a 15-year-old, 16-year-old, can't really make a difference. giancarlo stanton: it's not always about you. it's not just one person, it's a group, it's a team. chris capuano: just that simple act is transforming someone else's life. giancarlo stanton: it's one of the best feelings in the world. margaret: it'll just make you feel so good about yourself. mauricio: i'd do anything to convince you just to be a part of this.
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>> fox news alert, the united natis general assembly and our next speaker right now is the president of iran, hassan rouhani. now, we are curious to know is he going to talk about the american hostages that are inside his country? just in the last few hours he has said, quote, at any time, at any point something can be done to help someone in prison. quote, nothing would make me happier. what would it take to bring our people home? remember, it wasn't part of that original iran deal that we just did about nuclear warfare and nukes inside his country and what the timeline will look like and inspections and so on and so forth. but right now rouhani is talking. we're just going to kind of monitor it for any highlights because he has done quite a bit of press around this, and our own president spoke earlier morning. we brought you a short time ago president putin from russia. we'll talk about this. let's bring this out to the
9:53 am
couch. senator, i'm really curious to know what our relationship is right now with iran. >> well, apparently, they're our best friends, cuba, iran -- >> they still have our people. >> love, love, love. >> are yes, of course. and they do blew it when they did this nuclear deal and they didn't include getting our people home. this is typical iranian political efforts to kind of nip and tuck, chip, chip, chip away, you know, do a deal and get everything you can and then kind of hold some things back, then do another deal and kind of just keep -- >> you blame them? >> of course not. they're excellent negotiators. >> if nobody is going to hold the line with iran, then why wouldn't they do it this way? >> yeah, no question. so now we're wondering what if there is going to be a swap, what are they getting in return? we've, frankly, given the iranians enough. we've given them almost $150 million. we've opened up -- >> billion. >> billion. for them to trade with our companies.
9:54 am
so i'm interested to hear what he has to say. but again, remember are, he is also trying to defeat a sunni caliphate in the middle east. that is also something that vladimir putin wants. that is also something that you would think the united states of america wants. so i'm going to be acutely listening to what he has to say about flattening that. >> i agree with you though, when does it stop? i mean, now we're not allowed to send inspectors in to make sure they're not building a nuclear weapon unless we have 28 days' notice, and we're lifting sanctions, allowing them, their government, to flourish. now they're saying in exchange for a few of your prisoners, we'll give you your american prisoners back if you give us back more than a dozen, 19 we're reading this morning, 19 -- >> a number -- >> prisoners we have for sanctions violation. and they're saying we'll give you -- >> let's make it 20 and send bowe bergdahl to iraq. >> i knew you were going to get that in. >> i wonder what's on the table though. if you look at the iran deal, and we haven't even seen all of
9:55 am
this because the inspection point was with the iaea, and that was a side deal. that's not part of the pdf that you can download online. >> and lord only knows what other side hustle you have going on. >> my mother always said grace will get you farther than hustle. >> until iran recognizes israel has the right to exist, and until they say they're not going to support terrorism -- >> or how about recognizes ig reel? -- recognizing israel? >> what's on the table? >> can you tell me what we actually got? >> you were a senator, what did we get? >> we got nothing. we didn't get our hostages, we -- >> do you feel like you slowed down their timeline for a nuclear weapon? because that's what's been argued. >> no. they're still doing it in the military bases. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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>> september is a ovarian cancer awareness month. 1 in 95 women will die from that disease. and tomorrow a rally is planned in washington, d.c. to launch the congressional caucus. it's a bipartisan group of lawmakers who will work to bring more awareness and research funding the fight on that disease. the caucus was inspired by diem brown, a star of mtv's the challenge. diem lost her battle to varon cancer last november. her sister, megan brown, works at fox news channel. she's a member of our team on
10:00 am
"outnumbered." they are going to get together tomorrow, 12 noon eastern for this rally on capitol hill. our thoughts are with the family continued and all those out there who suffer. we'll see you tomorrow back here we start with a fox news alert. vladimar putin telling the united states that it is a huge mistake not to support syria assad. >> he controls the only forces fighting isis. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> this is thestake i have made. >> decision day for the prison workers who helped two prisoners escape. how much time will she spend behind bars. >> a stunning revelation after a duck boat crash. >> now a fifth person has died and


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