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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 29, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up with us this early. >> fear when a plane packed with people is forced to make an emergency landing and fire ignites on a run daway. >> the ireland bound flight forced to turn back moments after taking off from the jfk airport because of a hydraulic issue. the plane's brakes suddenly over heat all 104 passengers were rushed back to the terminal and put into hotel rooms overnight. the u.s. launching air strikes against the taliban in afghanistan after insurgents take control of a major city for the first time since 9-11. taliban fighters cease government buildings and condos and free inmates from a prison. defense minister saying the
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troops regained control of the prison and police headquarters. the cause of death revealed for the new jersey high school football player who collapsed on the side lines. the coroner saying evan murray died from a lacerated spleen. he took a number of hard hits during the game which caused internal bleeding. his spleen was already enlarged making it vulnerable in injuries. a moment of horror on the baseball diamond. >> a fly ball out in deep left center field. >> center fielder calling for medical help after slamming into rookie steven piscoti after knocking him out with a knee to the face. he laid motionless for a few minutes before being carted off.
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he will be held overnight for observations. a frontrunner emerges for a race on a new house speaker. kevin mccarthy has the latest on the congressional congress. mccarthy is a five term congressman from california. last year he became the youngest person ever to become house majority leader. after his stunning revelation he's a clear frontrunner for speaker. mccarthy vowed if elected he would try to fundamentally change the culture of washington. >> we have been governing by crisis. they don't care about making a difference in the lives of the average american. it is not going to be easy to change this culture and it won't
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happen overnight, but that's my mission. >> speaker boehner resigned abruptly after pressure. in the words of one of his republican colleagues quote, we are damaged but fixable. >> what we have to do instead is reflect on this and move forward. i think there are things to do. one of the reasons i called for a special closed meeting was to sort of pump the breaakes on th all of the way around. >> another big question if mccarthy was speaker who would replace him as majority leader. trey gowdy the chairman said he is willing to serve as acting majority leader only until a permanent replacement can be found. thank you. >> presidential candidate donald trump unveiling a tax plan for
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americans. >> it will provide major tax relief for middle income and most other middle income americans. it will be a major tax deduction. it will grow the american economy at a level it hasn't seen for decades. >> trump's tax package includes cutting individual rates from 7 brackets to 4. that means no taxes for any sij person making less than 25,000 a year or married couples jointly making less than 50,000. the highest individual income tax rate would drop from 39.6 percent to 5 25 percent and businesses would see their tax rates reduced to 15 percent. >> all of the buzz with washington insiders. george will highlights the positives and negatives of the plan and what it means for
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americans. >> the most important part of the plan is our kurr rented corporate tax rate is 35. china is 25. under the president it would be 15. you want to bring jobs back from china? that's the single best way to do it. no one can say this is pro wall street. it is pro main street. i am glad to see trump roll this out. this is the issue he will use to drive the nominations. >> the headlines, most of the american people have to pay income taxes. you have a large growing american majority in a situation of moral hazard. they have no incentive to restrain the growth of the government effectively. >> president joe biden wants a spot in the cnn democratic debate, well he can have it even if he waits until the last minute. he says elible candidates must have files of candidacy or publically announce their
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candidacy by october 14th. which happens to be the day after the debate. compare this to cnn's republican debates with candidate carly fiorina had to fight for her spot despite a boost in the national polls. >> president obama will sit down with cuban president raul castro at the united nations summit. this comes hours after this tense post between obama and put tin. we have a look at the important meetings. good morning, kelly. >> these meetings are very important. all of the president's activities today will take place during the side lines of the united nations, yet it will be another busy and important day for him. president obama will have his second formal meeting with cuban president fidel castro since united states and cuba restored diplomatic relations. he will share a summit on
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strategy to combat isis. this comes after a faceoff with russian president vladmir putin. they sharply disagree on syria. syrian president bish char -- bish ar assad needs to stay in power in order to fight isis. >> president obama strongly disagrees saying assad must be removed from power. >> nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in syria. let's remember how this started. assad reacted to peaceful protests bias calculatine -- bi calculating and killing. >> rouhani wayed in blaming the rise of isis on the united
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states. >> we must not forget the roots of today's wars, destruction and terror can be found in the occupation, invasion and military intervention of yesterday. >> a lot of dialogue, a lot of debate. president obama says the u.s. is prepared to work with russia and iran to resolve the sil war in syria. >> thank you, kelly. >> extreme weather, now tropical storm joaquin is turning closer and closer to the atlantic coast. >> maria molina is tracking it for us. >> we are tracking a brand new storm across the atlantic ocean. it has been relatively quiet over the summer and the last couple months. we are picking up steam across the atlantic. i want to start with rainfall that is over the eastern u.s. the last couple days. we have potential of flash flooding with many watches
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across parts of the mid atlantic into parts of the northeast. you can see we are forecasting a lot of heavy rain across parts of the southeast. this is all from tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico and that will continue to be northward as we head into today and even into thursday. you have these two systems that are going to be combining across parts of the eastern u.s. producing a lot of heavy rain, locally up to 6 inches of the rain across parts of new england into other areas, into the tri-state. we will watch it for the flood thread across the northeast. it is moving slowly and west ward. over the next few days the big question bacecomes with hat doeo for the weekend? it may turn northward we could have impacts across the ea northeast. >> aaron rogers putting on quite
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a show against the chiefs for monday night football. >> rogers touchdown. >> rogers on the inside. >> rogers gone again. five touchdowns. >> the star quarterback throwing for an amazing five touchdowns against the struggling kansas city defense. the chiefs trailed by more than 25 points. the final score 28 to -- 38 to 28. >> he snuck into the motorcade and made it all of the way to the tarmac. the prison scene, we remember her who helped the two murderers escape. he's making an emotional apology. >> i will regret this every day and will for the rest of my life. >> she would take it all back if she could. did the judge buy that? we will find out. >> the baseball brawl to end the
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season. one of the players in a whole lot of trouble. >> big week for new york. we have leaders from 193 countries in the u.n. general assembly. 193 countries. donald trump, offended them, offended them, offended them twice. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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>> a new york city firefighter is behind bars accused of breaching security with a knife and bullet to meet the pope. >> pope francis left new york city saturday morning from jfk bound for philadelphia completing his short visit to the united states.
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later that night on the tarmac where the pontiff just boarded an airplane a retired new york police firefighter preached security and illegally entered a restricted area posing as part of the secret service motorcade. 39-year-old chris canela drove a black chevy tahoe similar to the ones the secret service uses and followed the motorcade into a secure area of the airport. when they searched his car he had hal low point bullets a knife and marijuana. >> people who show up with a weapon in a car and an element of credibility to th-- adds an amount of credibility to the threat. >> my client is a wonderful family man. had absolutely no intentions of hurting the pope, any diplomat, any civilian, any law enforcement or any other person. >> what was he doing following
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the motorcade on a he can wouldn't end when both the pope and world leaders are here in new york city? >> cannella had a very tragic loss of a family, a niece died of a form of cancer. i am sure my client would have liked a special prayer for her from the pope. >> cannella is charged with criminal impersonation and trespassi trespassing. he is he would he would on bail. >> a judge sentencing joyce mitchell months after she admitted to tools to inmates richard mat and david sweat. fighting back tears mitchell apologized. >> let me start by saying how sorry i am.
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if i could take it all back i would. i will regret it for the rest of my life. >> the prisoner escape led to a $23 million manhunt. sweat was killed by police and the other captured police. one officer arrested him while the other collapsed. a good samaritan runs to a store to grab help and to grab towels. he stayed with the officer who was shot in the hand until backup could arrive. he left without leaving his name and police want to thank him for his assistance. >> two boy scouts were honored for helping the police. they gave plumbley medals for launching the blue lives matter challenge. they asked people to thank and shake police officer's hands on video and challenge others to do
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the same. the brothers started the program after a texas deputy was killed in the line of duty. >> cutting jobs in order to cut prices. one grocery store chain making major changes. >> lauren simonetti from fox business here to explain. >> whole foods is cutting 1500 jobs and telling customers why. lower prices for customers and technology upgrades. whole foods is opening a new line of store called 365. >> apple hit it out of the park selling a record 13 million iphone successes over the weekend, the first weekend on sale. now a company that tests the durability of the phones weighing in. square trade says the iphone 6 s survived temperature drops better than the 6 s plus and galaxy 65.
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chipotle will have this in their restaurants, all of them in november pork carnitas. flush>> if you need some help waking up this morning, we can get you a free buzz. it is national coffee day. get a free coffee at duncan doughnuts, at participating mcdonalds and coffee bean and tea leaves. krispy kreme will not only give you a free coffee but a free doughnut, too. >> the time now is 19 after the top of the hour. fired up the district attorney banning prosecutors are owning guns. is this fair policy or unconstitution unconstitutional. we report, you decide. video of serious monkey business is now going viral.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". an extreme sportscar is killed in a skydiving accident in california. eric roewner hit a tree at a golf tournament and somehow got tangled in the branchs. police and the faa are now investigating. he is snoen for his extreme stunts on nitro circus. he was only 39 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. a teenaged daughter filing a wrongful death suit against porsche. the car makers they claim suffers from a number of design defects that led to her father's death. he was a passenger in the super car when it crashed and burst
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into flames. investigators have said it was unsafe speed that caused the wreck, not mechanical problems. engineers from porsche aided in that investigation. >> major league baseball pitcher jonathan papelbon will be benched for the rest of the season after this fight with his team ate in the dugout. apparently called harper out for not running to first base hard enough on a hit. the suspension without pay kicks in on thursday. a high school football coach is under investigation by the california school district after he's caught on camera shoving a you can see the junior varsity coach pushes in as he is trying to get out of his seat on the way home from the football game. the district says they are incredibly disappointed with the video. they have placed anderson on administrative leave without pay. the coach has not commented yet on the altercation.
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>> it is time to brew on this. a new ordinance in new york that is ep keeping guns out of the hands. they are prohibiting prosecutors are owning a hand gun unless a special exception is granted. >> law experts claim this is a blatant violation of an american's second amendment right and new york state statue on gun ownership. the only comment from the da office our practice of asking prosecutors to not possess hand guns is to secure the safety of staff victims and witnesses. >> we would like to know is this a fair policy or unconstitutional? send us an e-mail mail at it is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. dramatic video capturing a moment when the jumbo plane battles strong cross winds. >> it was a race to the top,
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go bold. go powerful. you haven't seen your bedike... in days. no, like you haven't seen a bed in weeks! zzzquil. the non habit-forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. >> it is tuesday september 29th. an army veteran shot while leaving a cardinal ball game. >> i am shocked you can't leave a cardinal game without getting shot. >> the hunt right now for the gunmen who left an innocent man paralyzed. >> that is a horrible story. >> another historic meeting as
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world leaders gather at the u.n. president obama will sit down with cuban president raul castro. this after a tense toast between president obama and vladmir putin. >> listen to this, never a dull moment. the brand new razor that could shake up your morning routine. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox and friend first. i insurgents take control of a major city for the first time since 9-11. taliban fighters ceased government buildings and freed hundreds of inmates from a prison. defense minister now saying the troops regained control of that
2:31 am
pris prison and police head quaquarh. it was revealed they are turning over terrorists with ties to al qaeda. the $500 million program was a key part of president obama's strategy to defeat isis. >> today president obama sits down with cuban president raul castro ee united nations. it comes hours after that tense toast between president obama and vice president put tin. o >> both men say it was business as usual as they wanted to discuss so many things. president obama is preparing for a busy day during the u.n. general assembly. he will meet with cuban president raul castro. it has been the second meeting since united states and cuba restored diplomatic
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conversations. president obama will also head a u.n. summit on fighting isis and terrorism, all of this taking place a day after he and russian president vladimmir putin sharp disagreed on how to deal with syrian leader bish char bashar . putin sports assad. >> we think it is a serious mistake. >> president obama strongly disagrees saying assad has to be removed from power. >> nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in syria. let's remember how this started. assad reacted to peaceful pro dests. by escalating repression and killing. >> iran's president asan rouhani
2:33 am
blames the rise of isis on the united states. >> if we did not have the military invasion in afghanistan and iraq and the united states unwarranted support for the inhumane actions of the zionist regime against the oppressed nation of pal stan, today the terrorists would not have an excuse for the justification of the crimes. >> president obama did not meet with the iranian president but he said he is prepared to work with russia and iran to solve the war in syria. critics are calling out president obama for not taking a tougher stance on fighting terror. ralph peters says this is where putin stands out. >> put tin is doing a good job of putting the onus on obama for not fighting against terror, against the islamic state. >> it seems crude to us but it
2:34 am
works for many of the countries in the general assembly. one thing putin understands, if you are going to fight, you fight to win p. when obama sends our troops into harm ae harm's way it is first don't hurt anybody, don't offend anybody. put tin's military sucks it is a basket case but it is brutal. it may do a much better jonathan we did just because they will do what it takes. >> california congressman kevin mccarthy announcing his candidacy. we are live with more on this. >> good morning, heather. the house is preparing for a special closed door meeting tonight. who will they support.
2:35 am
he will force boehner out. they don't have enough numbers to put their own replacement forward but clearly they have a lot of power. in the words of one of their members they are now hoping to get stiff pledges on paper from any candidate who hopes to succeed boehner and where they stand on the issues. >> it doesn't come down to personality. it is not about john boehner as a person. it is a matter of leadership. we have to keep our pledges to the people and make sure the people know our pledges on paper ahead of time. >> the current number 2 republican on the house, the house majority leader kevin mccarthy. mccarthy vowed if elected he would try to fundamentally change the culture of washington. a oo my job isn't to understand what boehner did right or boehner did wrong. he is a decent man. he fought and won two majorities for republicans.
2:36 am
he fought and passed a lot of legislation. >> if he becomes speaker who will replace him adds majority leader? >> trey gowdy the current chair of the benghazi committee said he is willing to serve as acting majority leader but only until a permanent replacement could be found. but that could be a while. >> kristin fisher live for us. the state department says a safe installed at the house of hillary clinton he is a lawyer was not secure enough to store the e-mail evidence they needed for the case. they never expected the messages on the server to be so secret. trey gowdy is still unhappy with the evidence that he says he has to work with. >> we don't have all of the e-mails and, yes, i am going to be interviewing her on october 22nd without all of the documents i am entitled to and you and i can go to court. this isn't court. we are doing the best job we can with the limitations placed on
2:37 am
us. >> clinton maintains she did not send or receive any classified information. >> if vice president joe biden wants the spot on the cnn democratic debate, he can have it even if he waits until the last minute. cnn announced the criteria saying eligible candidates must either have filed to be the candidate or publically announced their candidacy for the day after the debate. >> compare this to cnn debate when carly fiorina had to fight for her spot on the debate despite a boost in the polls. how will biden participating change the debate? log on to our "fox friends first face back page to join the conversation #keep talking. revealed by nassau liquid water is discovered on the red planet. rez cue with oxygen suggests
2:38 am
water flowed there as recent as this year. streaks like these haven't been there for years. water makes endless possibilities for earth's closest neighbors. >> you need a solvent to get the chemistry of life going. water. >> hydrogen and oxygen is what we make rocket fuel out of with water. >> the next step for nassau sending humans to mars to explore. >> now to the extreme water. tropical storm joaquin churning in the atlantic. >> maria molina is live with more. >> as we head into this weekend we could be looking at heavy rain across parts of the east coast if it does bring impact. that will be a concern because we already have a fleet for flooding as of right now. we have concerns with flooding across specifically the southeast with a lot of heavy
2:39 am
rain rolling through right now. it is a lot of tropical moisture that is moving northward. that will be bringing in that concern out there. we have a cold front moving eastward. all of these ingredients combined together will bring in a lot of heavy rain across parts of the northeast especially into new england and tonight and into tomorrow and potentially areas into thursday morning. 6 inches of rainfall will be possible in the area. that brings back flooding venlt they are already in effect for parts of the appalachians to the state of maine. widespread area looking at several inches of rooifrn the next few days. in the atlantic look at tropical storm joaquin. it is a relatively weak storm and it is moving slowly to the west. five miles per hour. eventually it is forecast to somebodying sell rate as we head into friday and the weekend. the big question becomes what happens then? where does it go?
2:40 am
forecast models are hinting it will be moving forth ward rather quickly into the weekend. >> all right. thanks maria. the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. big changes coming with credit card security. is it enough to keep your information safe? >> a brand new video as a jumbo airline battles strong winds as it comes in for a landing. >> one woman's fight to keep halloween costumes kid friendly. flush
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2:44 am
to turn back moments after taking off from jfk airport because of a hydraulic issue. coming in from an urgent landing the plane makes an emergency landing. all 104 passengers were safely evacuated. >> terrifying video of a giant air bus a 380 well cross winds. look at this. >> the emirates flight wobbling as it touches down on the wet runway. this happened in germany. it nearly landed side way brothers it straightened itself out. pilots are used to the windy landings. a plane was busted around before landing. in january a plane hits ice before landing on the birmingham airport. >> credit cards with chips now
2:45 am
the new normal. but are the changes enough to protect you from fraud? >> cheryl casone from fox business is here with what we need to know. >> as of october 1st all americans who receive new credit cards embedded with a computer chip that will help improve security and hopefully fight cybercrime better. security experts say the way the card works is pretty simple. >> instead of passing your credit card information to the merchant what it is it passes a unique transaction code that the merchant gets and if a hacker gets into and tries to reuse they won't be able to use it. it is basically like stealing an expired pass word. >> that one time code is transmitted into the reader but that code is useless. if you haven't receive add new card yet you should call your bank. it has a magnetic strip but likely you have to insoert your card into the swipe.
2:46 am
it is used all over the worrell. it is not new but it isn't foolproof. in other countries you have to have the chip and the code to use your credit card every time but that isn't the case in the u.s. as of yet. it is easier for thieves to break in with just a chip and the card the pin helps for the second layer of protection. the new chip won't stop thieves from using the card on-line. that's one issue and fraud alerts are not enough. you need a credit freeze so no one can access your information if your card has been hacked or spo stolen on-line. businesses have until october 1st to migrate through the new chip technology. they have to make sure their equipment is ready. not sure everybody will make it. >> fingers crossed that it is here in time for the holidays. >> you can log on to >> if you are in the market for a razor blade forget those. you may soon be able to shave with a laser.
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two swedes are trying to conquer the necessary evil of savihaviny using a razor on a razor. it has a life of 50,000 hours and is powered by regular trip a batteries which means you will never have to use a razor again. the founders say the razor can be used on any part of your body. >> cinnamon bun flavored oreos. look at that right there. nabisco adding the sweet treat to a long list of mouth watering flavors including pumpkin spice, brownie batter and red velvet. >> what is red velvet? it is heather's favorite. >> sin bcinnamon bun hitting st next month. >> i just jumped right in there. >> the original is the best, though. 10 minutes to the top of the hour. an army vet shot while leaving
2:48 am
the cardinals baseball game. >> um truly shocked that you can't leave a cardinals game without getting shot. >> the hunt right now for the gunman who left an innocent man paralyzed. and it was a race to the top all in the name of free food. >> i want to know where that is. >> steve doocy coming up on "fox & friends." >> i what a show you have got. cinnamon bun oreos. that's our lead story. we are going to try to track some of those down. coming up on "fox & friends" in 12 minutes president obama, vladmir putin meets face to face. the man who wrote the book on vladmir putin what's really going on. >> he had klein has a book on hillary clinton and bombshells you are not going to hear anywhere else. the new york jets flight crew in the studio.
2:49 am
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a manhunt is under way for the gunman who shot an army veteran leaving a cardinals baseball game. the man was shot in the back during a botched robbery. he and his girlfriend were leaving his mom's birthday celebration. he's left paralyzed and his mom said he's learning the reality of his new life. >> he's trying to make light of it. but he cried this morning and said, mom, i'll never feel my legs again. >> the family is now collecting money through a go fund me page to cover those medical bills.
2:53 am
one mom blasting over halloween costumes that appear too sexy. in an open letter, she calls out the retailer for selling skimpy versions of costumes like police officers for little girls. party city said it would look into it, then deleted the comment saying they provide a wide array of costumes and it's parents' responsibility to pick what they deem is appropriate. people flooded social media over this optical illusion that makes it look blue and black or gold and white for others. one company is making it into a halloween costume. this half and half version of the dress stirring up the debate online once again. you can get it for around 50 bucks. it is now 53 minutes after the top of the hour. fired up, a district attorney banning prosecutors from owning guns. is it fair or unconstitutional? that's next. he's wanted for stealing mail and resisting arrest. the video of some serious monkey
2:54 am
business now going viral.
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three minutes before the top of the hour. the u.s. launching air strikes against the taliban in afghanistan after the insurgents seized control of a major city for the first time since 9/11. president obama set to meet with cuban president raul castro at the united nations summit.
2:58 am
it will be the leaders second face-to-face meeting since diplomatic relations were restored last year. it's coffee day. you can pick up a free cup at dunkin' donuts or peet's coffee and tea. coffee bean and tea leaves is offering half price. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a super surprise at a san francisco children's hospital. spider man, wonder woman and their friends stopping by, look at that, to wash all the windows on the hospital. the heroes rappelling down the windows to wave to patients inside. the bad monkey mayhem. jumps from a police cruiser and pulls the molding off the roof. officers in florida managed to distract the animal with a bottle of water. then his owner picked him up. a pair of elderly polishman struggling to race up this for free burgers.
2:59 am
they skipped the incredibly long line by running up the wrong way of the escalator. after countless stumbles, they finally make it to the top. >> hope it was worth it. time for your responses. district attorney in nassau county, new york nixing gun ownership for the county's prosecutors, including in their own homes. >> wanted to know, fair policy or unconstitutional? the second doesn't stipulate unless you're a prosecutor on long island. i'll beth the d.a. has an armed guard, to boot. >> i can see banning guns at work but at their home is totally unconstitutional and dangerous for the prosecutors. sharon says they need pro decks the most. talk about sitting ducks. >> jack says the d.a. has no authority to subvert or create laws for the general population or any sub group especially that violates our rights. a d.a.'s sworn tut i is to uphold existing laws, period. this will be shot down in court in a new york minute.
3:00 am
i like that. that's a cute one. >> appreciate your comments. don't forget to join us after the show. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you. today is tuesday, september 29th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. vladimir putin is smile after calling out president obama and stealing the world stage. what really happened in their 90-minute meeting behind closed doors? >> we're going to talk about that. plus, donald trump talks specifics, detailing his tax plan for every american. >> it will simplify the tax code. it will grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. >> and trump no, ma'am i cans paying off in a very big way. >> i like that word. >> thank you. should


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