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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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group of children battling cancer. they were on some thrilling tandem rides. >> thank you for joining us. >> have great day. you have the planned parenthood president in the hot seat as the fight over funding is center stage on capital hill. we're here to bring you the real story. the hearing convened after outrage sparked by secretly recorded videos showing planned parenthood officials talking about using tissue from aborted fetuses for medical research. how is she trying to explain what we all saw.
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they hired somebody to review available evidence and they found that edits made to the full footage video for the shorter you tube videos were applied to eliminate nonpertinent footage as restroom breaks. why have asked why the producer wasn't testifying as well.
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republican lawmaker are very upset but some are offering solutions as word has come out from speaker boehner that a select committee will be set up to investigate the health provider. >> take the money from the guy's doing the bad things and give it to the ones who aren't. take the dollars from one private company doing what the speaker said barbaric things and give it to federally approved community health centers. rand paul was busy slamming republicans backing the short term spending bill which
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includes planned parenthood. >> it's a steaming pile of the same old same old. if we have the courage we could use the senate's super majority rules to stop waste full spending. if we had the courage we could force the other side to come up with 60 votes to fund things like planned parenthood. joining me now, rand paul. you called voting for this continuing resolution to keep the government open a stealing pile of the same old, same old. was anybody listening? >> i think that was pretty accurate. we borrow a million dollars a minute. if you continue more of the same, no reform will happen to spending. i went onto list several programs that are just out rageous. you know what, if we let the spending expire to restart the
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spending would take 60 votes. instead of saying we don't have 60 votes to defund things, the other side would have to fund plan parenthood. >> it's an interesting way to look at it in the opposite direction. since john boehner has stepped down are you asking senator mitch mcconnell to step down? >> i'm trying to influence the debate in our country by saying you know what, why don't we let all spending expire and make them start over. what we're doing is not working. we're adding a mountain of debt to our country. >> you don't have an opinion on mitch mcconnell? >> this isn't about an individual. it isn't about any one person. it's about the government going bankrupt. it's more important than making this about a personal battle.
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there are hundreds and hundreds of regulation that is president obama has passed. let's defund them. >> let's take a look at how the american people feel about this. i don't know if that's relevant or not in your mind and what happened today. the fight over planned parenthood, 61% oppose defunding but it's a little different when you look at republicans. 55% want to defund it versus 40. 9% of americans support shutting down the government over this issue. only 9%. >> i'm not arguing in favor of shutting down the government. what i'm arguing in favor of letting the spending expire. it could expire for a minute. in the second minute you could reappropriate the money in the normal fashion. we're supposed to appropriate money in 12 different bills. this are all on one bill and there's no reform.
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>> seems like we talk about the continuing resolution every time we get to this point. president obama and russian president putin, they met face-to-face yesterday in new york. 90 minutes with no real breakthroughs. senator paul, what's the real story, in your mind, what about that meeting was about and what it accomplished? >> i think we need to continue to have discussion with our adversaries even when they're acting this a bad way. i've objected to russia, what they have been doing in ukraine. we still should have discussions. this was a big distinction in the debate who said she would have no more discussions with putin. i think that's a very childish approach. he did continue to talk to the russians as well as the chinese. >> speaking about your presidential campaign, i know
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that you're attending fund raisers in d.c. for your senate re-election campaign this week. there's an article out today that says that may mean you may be dropping out of the presidential race. is there any truth to that? >> no. i've been raising money for my senate race for the past two years. this is nothing new. it's someone's attempt to try to color the story in way that's not accurate. we're in it for the long haul. we're organizing in all 50 states for the presidency. we have 350 college groups that are started in different colleges across america. we are in it to win it. >> i know that you filed, made the payment in south carolina today. thanks for giving us the real story. take care. >> time for my take. i'm not sure in rand paul is right about going the distance to shut down the government, but i know hesitate right about the government waste. i'd like to know, as i'm sure many other americans would like
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know, why can we not fix this problem. from medicare and medicaid fraud in the billions to countless taxpayer sponsored programs that are serious head scratchers. who's going to finally get it all under control. >> we spent $300,000 last year studying whether or not japanese quail are more sexually promise cuous on cocaine. we spent several hundred thousands dollars studying whether we can relieve stress in vietnamese villagers by having them watch american television reruns. >> the only way to pay for it is to brother money from china. we'll benefit from figuring out how to stop government fraud and waste. actually electing someone who will once and for all do it is a
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totally different story. you can always get my take on my facebook page. let's move onto election headquarters now because we've got some talking to do about new jersey governor chris christie. he may be on life support in the polls but he's getting a big boost today for his presidential bid. i thought endorsements weren't that big of a deal or are they? >> generally speaking they're not. particularly when it's one individual going with one particular candidate. these six folks are not just any republican in iowa caucus politics. they have been involved with the governor, five-term governor. he's been around a long time and
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has by far the uncontested supreme organization in the state of iowa. 99 counties, 1500 caucus precincts plus and these six have a long history of electing winning republicans. they've been involved with chuck grassley's winning runs. they believe that iowa, particularly when you're real low in the polls might be an opportunity to come out here and organize and organize and organize. i talked with mr. christie today. listen to how he put it to the audience he was speaking to over at the iowa historical society. >> iowa is an extraordinarily important state for us. we intend to be here and compete
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hard for every vote we can in the caucuses. >> reporter: that's a bold statement for new jersey governor chris christie. it was thought because he's from the east coast and because of some of his past controversies he might not be able to communicate well with the midwestern sensibilities of hospitality and politics. yet, six of those republicans joining him today to say they want him to be the winning candidate here. a lot of them are coming here as well. kasich is coming here. bobby jindal, marco rubio is stepping it up as well. all as a consequence of the scott walker and rick perry withdrawals. tomorrow is a critical day. it's the end of the third quarter fund raising period. the third quarter, the last three months is when every single candidate, every single campaign tries to put as much money in the bank and keep it
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there so they can have gas money for the campaign buses but advertising money. when those reports start to come out we're going to see some candidates looking much stronger and some looking weaker. coming up, high school quarterback walks off the field after a hard hit but ends up dying. it wasn't because of the head injury. what every parent needs to know about how that young man died. just how safe is the car that you're driving now. volkswagen coming out with a fix for the millions of cars caught up in the emissions scandal. we're hearing of another potential auto recall. stick around.
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welcome back. volkswagen announcing it will refit up to 11 million vehicles containing illegal software. the german automaker attempting to overhaul its brand new following the scandal over rigging the emissions test. plans to refit diesel vehicles could cost billions of the bucks. we got a billion problem plans here but we got a branding problem as well. >> we do i deed. the 11 million cars come back, they get them fixed. they refit them. there's a problem with this. they my get rid of the emissions problem but can they get the cars back to the old gas mileage standards. miles per gallon. if they cannot restore those high miles per gallon on these cars they've got another
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financial problem because the resale value of those car will come down and owners can sue saying you promised me this gas mileage and i didn't get it. i'm suing. another financial problem. >> i never thought about it from that point of view. it's a lot deeper than just the emissions software being defective on purpose. >> you can fix the emissions problem. you can do that but can you get back to the old gas miles per gallon that was promised by volkswagen in the first place? this is a huge embarrassment for german engineering. king of the hill, king of the world and now this. that's an image problem that goes deep into germany. >> i'm not sure who would love the company but a lot of top execs are out. there's another big problem that people need to know about. remember the takata air bag recall. seven more car companies could be facing recalls because they used air bag inflaters made by
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takata. those companies got letters last week. spartan, bmw, jaguar. >> letters have gone out say chg of your models used the takata air bag. that may be a precursor to another recall on a vast scale. as you pointed out, 23 million of these air bag vs to s have t fixed. as of september 1st only four million were fixed. you have a lot of cars rolling warn the defective air bags in them and the drivers driving them. >> maybe they don't know the cars are supposed to be recalled. apparently, depending on the temperature outside, they can burst and they put out metal
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sha shrapnel. >> they inflate too suddenly and the metal comes out like bullets. eight deaths reportedly linked to this so far. h hundreds of injuries and maybe a whole lot more cars being recalled to fix these air bags which is way behind schedule for the fix. >> all right. i know people can go online to find out if their car is in the current recall. lot more people may be visiting that site. thanks. >> thank you. an autopsy is revealing new information on the death of that flj nj high school football player. it's not a head injury. what everyone needs to know about what happened. what happened to him. we'll tell you. classic toys like battleship, twister all in the running for this year's toy hall of fame. we'll tell you who else made the cut. that brings us to our question of the day. what is your nominee for the toy hall of fame?
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i'm going to get stu's in a minute. tweet me at gretchen carlson. use the hashtag the real story. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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home prices in 20 u.s. cities rose 5% from july. the increase largely due to improving demand and limited supply. autopsy revealing new information on the death of that new jersey high school football player. 27-year-old evan murray collapsed after taking a hit on the field on friday. medical officials discovering that massive internal bleeding led to his death. it was not a head injury. julie is live for us right here in new york city. what is the medical examiner saying about there? >> basically the cause of death is bringing to light an extremely concerning fear over the fact that there is fear over the safety of football safety over high school football safety. the medical examiner ruling evan murray's death is an accident saying the new jersey high school football player died of internal bleeding caused by lacerated spleen making him the third high school football
11:25 am
player to die from on field injuries this year alone. according to the autopsy, he had an abnormally large spleen which was more susceptible to injury. it was determined he didn't suffer head trauma or had heart disease. the 17-year-old had taken a hit during last friday's game. at first he walked off field with some help from some of his teammates but later collapsed on the sidelines of come plplainin feeling woozy. that would be the last time they saw him. he later died at the hospital. a physical and blood work would have caught the preexisting condition early. >> there's an underlying blood disorder that would lead you to start investigating the spleen. you look at the spleen. >> all this is a rare event it
11:26 am
should be wake up call for parents and athletes. >> i know. because an enlarged spleen, sometimes who have mono have that. they don't even know about it. what has been the reaction to this young boy's death. >> live disease could be a contributing factor. grief counselors have been at the school since saturday. hundreds of people from all around the country have expressed their support and sympathy. his wake will be held tomorrow. his funeral on thursday. >> such a sad, sad story. we have an alert to tell you about because we have the real story on what's been happening at the pentagon right now. we're monitoring the pentagon briefing where there are questions about russia and syria on the heals of the u.n. sessions that have been going on. jennifer griffin will have the
11:27 am
latest on that. a can did interview with former first lady of massachusetts ann romney on the heels of president obama's cold handshake with vladmir putin, we asked what she thinks of this moment. >> because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest gop political threat facing america you said russia. not al qaeda. the 1980s and calling and asking for their foreign policy back. the cold war has been over for 20 years.
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some headlines we're following for you. house republicans will meet two hours from now. they will discuss leadership election and the process for that following speakerr's annou resign at the end of october. five months after an earthquake triggered deadly avenlav lan ch nepal is considering age restrictions. here is that fox news alerpt. a briefing is under way where an obama strategy in syria coming under the microscope.
11:32 am
this after the u.s. program to train rebels fighting in syria is being slammed as a complete disaster. national security correspondent live for us at the pentagon. has the pentagon halted the training and equipping program? >> not according to multiple u.s. defense officials who i've spoken to here in the pentagon nor according to peter cook, the press secretary here who is speaking now in the briefing room. in fact, the third and fourth classes of trainees are continuing to be trained today. 70 graduates of the train and equip programm entered syria on september 20th. they handed over six military vehicles while passing through an al qaeda control territory. the next day he returned to the same al qaeda commanders and provided them with u.s. issued ammunition. he says it was for safe passage.
11:33 am
>> how are those fighter jets going to complicate matters for the u.s. coalition? >> well, the only thing that president putin and president obama agreed upon yesterday during their 90-minute meeting was that u.s. and russian military commanders could have contact to avoid mishaps in the air oversyria. now it turns out we learned an additional four russian fighter jets deploy 34 have arrived in syria bringing the total to 32. they could begin flying strike missions any time. the deputies defense secretary just said at a senate armed services committee hearing that they were caught on cough by the intelligence sharing agreement and military coordination cell that russia has established in
11:34 am
baghdad. >> obviously we're not going to share intelligence with syria or russia or iran. we're in the process of working to try to find out exactly what iraq has said. we're not going to provide any classified information or information that would help those actors on the battlefield. >> the israeli defense minister spoke not long ago saying israel is not cooperating with russia in syria adding prime minister netanyahu's message to putin, israel is not involved in syria but if it is threatened it will retaliate even if russian forces are on the ground. >> thank you. we have another fox news alert to tell you about because afghan forces battling to regain control of that key northern city. yesterday we reported to you the taliban took it over yesterday. the first time they've seized a city since the u.s. coalition
11:35 am
toppled them back in 2001. u.s. air support backing afghan forces in that battle. the taliban saying it sent in reenforcements and vowing to march on the afghan capital of kabul. ann romney is the author of brand new book, "in this together." earlier i talked to her about the planned parenthood fight to foreign policy to life with her husband, mitt romney. >> president obama and russian president putin were in a frost ni meeting at the u.n. three years ago, your husband called russia america's biggest geo political foe and president obama turned into a zinger. listen to this. >> a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest political geo threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda. the 1980s are calling to ask for
11:36 am
their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> when you see that now -- >> it's my blood pressure keeps going up. it's sad. it's so sad. i wish it weren't true. i wish we were doing better. i wish the world were doing better. wish there was more peace. i wish things mitt had said weren't true but they are, and he was right. it's very frustrating to have to watch this. >> we have an interesting race going on on the republican side and the democrat side. there's a big issue happening today with regard to planned parenthood funding. i want you to take a look at this poll. 65% believe that we should keep the funding for planned parenthood. 29% say we should cut it off. where do you fall in this? >> fortunately, in my book, i'm pretty clear. i have some stories about how i feel so strongly about abortion and about life. mitt and i are pro-life. i wish the country had that deep
11:37 am
profound respect for life. i think that god gave us this ability, this beautiful earth and the ability to have children. it's the greatest gift that god has given us. i think we need to remember and respect that. i'm not a police statitician. these things will work out. i know where my heart is and where mitt's heart is. it's a tender subject. >> you have written another book. this is a personal story about your ms. your multiple sclerosis. you talk about you were in partnership with mitt the minute you got this. >> you use your horse therapy to tep help you through this.
11:38 am
a bunch of years ago we road horses together. there you are riding much more gracefully than i was. >> you were doing great. you were doing great. >> how does this help you during a difficult time if your life? how does it help you with therapy? >> i got the diagnosis. i was really, really sick. i was fortunate to get medication that really stopped the progression of the disease but at the same time i was left as a shell of a person. i still felt horrible. it was very accidental i came to this place with working with horses. surprisingly they renewed my energy and gave my balance and strength. they really where my healing partners along with my journey. that's in the book too. also talking about other alternate therapies. obviously i used western medicines to stop the progression and used these other things to help me feel better. it's complicated and everyone has to find what works for them. i would say this, what is your joy? where do you find happiness and
11:39 am
for me i was able to do that with the horses? >> and with you husband. >> obviously, my husband. he's fantastic. that's why it's called in this together. it's not just in this together with my husband. the in this together all of us because my point is my struggle was a personal struggle with ms. everyone that lives lifelong enough will have a struggle. they'll have a moment in life where they are in despair, feeling hopeless, absolutely crushed. it happens to all of us. we are in this together. i think we do need a kinder, gentler way of helping each other out through these times. >> you've been an inspiration to so many people. thank you so much. check out her new book. the nypd adding a new procedure now when it comes to stopping people on the street. this is the new receipt form. police will give you a receipt. for those who are questioned are frisked. you're not actually arrested.
11:40 am
it comes at the recommendation of a federal monitor. it requires officers to give badge number and a reason for the stop. the people who get them are being advised to keep them. hifstoric rainfall turning parking lots into lakes. streets flooded in mobile, alabama. cars partially submerged. meteorologists predicting it will stay soggy through today. some serious flash flooding along the florida panhandle on monday. over a foot of rain recorded in some parts of the state. cars stalled as water pooled across large sections of the road there. the nation marked the 9/11 terror attacks with promises to never forget. now some six and dying victims are begging lawmakers in washington to remember them too. in just a few weeks we mark that day. we're told six first responders
11:41 am
have died. the average age 53. now the medical lifeline to help these heroes is said to expire tomorrow. the program helps more than 30,000 first responders who got sick from breathing the poisonous dust at ground zero. more police officers have died from those illnesses than died when the towers fell. we'll speak with senator gillebrand of new york. she's leading the charge to extend the program permanently. that's coming up top of the hour. >> thank you. new polls suggest joe biden could spell more trouble for hillary clinton in the presidential race. if the election were held today, who comes out on top against the gop? plus, investigate after a package comes crashing through the roof of family's home. you'll be shocked to learn what was inside that package.
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fox news alert to tell you about now. parole board ruling to uphold the execution of a georgia woman, kelly renee. she was convicted of murder back in 1998 for the february '97 death of her husband. she was sentenced to death. the parole board was upheld or has upheld the conviction and sentence throughout the appeals process. she'll be the first woman put to death in the state in 70 years. the big news is she will still die. new polling shows hillary clinton could face trouble in a general election if it were held today. voters say they would back clinton over donald trump. she leads by ten points in that matchup. it's a different story against carly fiorina. similar story against ben carson.
11:46 am
he would win 46 to 46. against jeb bush clinton with a one-point lead. joe biden would fair much better beating jeb bush by eight points, carly by six points and ben carson 49 to 41%. biden would beat front-runner donald trump by 19 points. joining me now is simon rosenburg and larry o'connor. a lot of numbers to go through in those polls. the bottom line is that, let me start with this. donald trump doesn't fair well against either biden or hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton's numbers have come way down. we're now in a very competitive race. she's clearly even in general. things have changed a lot op our
11:47 am
side. there's been enormous changes. what was striking is how badly trump does in the general election. >> larry, what are we to make of that first and then the fact a bunch of other candidates beat hillary clinton but not so much joe biden. >> this is a long, long game. trump came out with a stunning tax plan yesterday. he's way ahead of the other candidates. i don't know what hillary's tax plan is. i don't think she's got one. bernie sanders tax plan is to just confiscate most of our wealth. as he continues to come out with some serious proposals like this i think people will evaluate him. i don't think any of us should count him out. this biden, clinton thing is pretty remarkable. carly and ben carson beating hillary clinton, i don't think anyone would have seen that. >> you know what's interesting about that is it's female versus female. i think a lot of people out there, at least on the
11:48 am
republican side, think that's a good match up because it sort of takes the war on women out of equation, right simon? >> yeah. >> i think this will be a very competitive election. what's interesting is hillary has had a tough couple of months. she's going to have to show democrats. our first debate is in two weeks. this is a monumental event. the debates can have a big impact on shaping the race. >> we reported that joe biden could join the race that day and still get into the debate. let's move onto this. search under way for the republican who will take over for outgoing house speaker john boehner. kevin mccarthy announcing his run for the post. >> i think the republican conference needs somebody who can unite the body and represent as far as wide and can articulate the message. you know what, trey is the best person to do that having spoken
11:49 am
to him, i think he'll do it if we get behind it and support it. i think him as the majority leader would be heaven sent. it would propel republicans in the right direction. >> they're not all behind the same woman or man, larry. what do you think about it? >> the fact he says he hasn't made a decision tells me he is up for grabs here. in he were the majorityfrom som base a lot every day, he sets them on fire. they are only concern is they would want to make sure he could finish his job on the benghazi hearing. if we're about to hear simon's advice, it's about as valid as that facebook disclaimer that everybody has been posting. take it with grain of salt. >> just because you set me up now, i have to ask. who do you want to see?
11:50 am
>> to me what's most interesting about what's happening is you see both in the house and the presidential election the republicans really trying to push the bush years behind them. sort of the point of view and jeb himself is you're seeing is the birth of a new republican party in front of our eyes. and it's going to be a messy, complicated process over the next couple of years. >> while the democrats cling to clinton and biden, we are moving on. >> and bernie. >> you forgot bernie. guys, see you next week. >> thanks so much. check this out, $10,000 of pot falls from the sky, crashes through a family's roof, crushes their doghouse. you might be asking, how the heck did that happen? o volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others,
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10,000 bucks worth of pot falls from the sky right through a family's roof. the 28-pound bundle leaving a big hole in the ceiling and tru crushed the dog crate. trace gallagher, what happened? >> luckily the dog wasn't inside the crate when it happened. but it happened near the zash / arizona/mexico border. the family had a big hole in their carport. a 28-pound bundle of marijuana has fallen from the sky mysteriously. apparently the pilot of the drug-smuggling plane was a little off on his drug drop coordinate. listen. >> we've seen ultralight activity and contraband being dropped from the sky before. but never in the fashion where it hit a residence. >> it just seems inventive. there's tunnels all the time going around and doing things. seems like another avenue for getting drug over the border. >> here's the deal.
11:55 am
now until the end of december is peak season when it comes to smuggling drugs across the southern border. it's kind of a cat-and-mouse game. law enforcement knows the drugs are coming. they just don't know exactly how they're coming because the smugglers are constantly trying to change their tactics. a travelers en route to new jersey from gaud uadalajara was trying to smuggle drugs in through vinegar bottles. it was worth about $135,000 and was inside the passenger's checked luggage. north of sacramento, a van stop was stuck with pot plants. that is stuffed with pot plants. the driver and passenger arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession. so far this year, 400 tons of drugs have been intercepted and we are just now going into the
11:56 am
high season of drug smuggling. >> got it. the high season. all right. trace, thanks very much for the report. i bet that family was shocked. there's a young girl battling crime while battling cancer. a look at how spider mabel was called upon to save the day.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
some good news now. city of edmonton, canada, and the edmonton oilers team up to make a little girl's wish come true. 6-year-old mabel battling leukemia. her wish is to fight crime as a superhero. so the edmonton police department called upon spider mabel to help out once hearing that the oilers' captain was kidnapped. spider mabel tracked down the bad guy and saved the day. finalists for the national
12:00 pm
toy hall of fame announced we asked, which toy would you choose? richard would add stretch armstrong. i don't know. stu and i talked about twister. there's a bunch of toys out there. i'm picking twister. it's happening all over again. an attack in afghanistan. the united states military hits a tabld target in northern afghanistan after militants there took control of an entire city. why the taliban takeover is so terribly troubling. plus, it's a club so exclusive you need $1.7 billion just to get in the door. it's the forbes 400 list. it ranks the country's richest men and women. we'll look at who made the cut, who didn't and did you believe donald trump's "i'm so rich, i'm worth $10 billion" claim? did you?


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