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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 30, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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vladimer putin. welcome to "happening now." i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. we have fox team coverage on the military action. conner powell is in afghanistan but first, jennifer griffin live from the pentagon with details on syria. >> reporter: a senior military source described the meeting as
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awkward and stern and direct. a russian three star general established by russia, iran and syria in baghdad last week entered the u.s.-embassy and delivered a verbal remark to the general. they said russian airstrikes would begin soon. according to the transcript, the russian general requests u.s. war planes not fly in northern syria because russians were beginning airstrike and used the word please even. it was a tense conversation i am told. the russian general told the american defense if you have forces in the area we request they leave. the first russian strikes began in the homes about 60 miles east of a russian military base. even though there are no isis targets in the areas according
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the pentagon they are in the area. it is said the u.s. planes will not complay and u.s. war planes continued carrying out strike missions in northern syria today. secretary of state john kerry meets his russian counterpart at the un today. >> i could not disagree more. i think it opens up more options. i think it is an opportunity to be honest with you. >> reporter: the russian actions made the work of the u.s. military much more difficult i am told. senior officials were caught off guard when they were approached requesting to be removed. this is not now nations to do business according to an official. >> there are indications this is
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not about getting rid of isis but propping up assad. >> reporter: exactly. isis is not in the area of where the violence took place. we are seeing the children being dragged from the rebel and that is the area where the free syrian army is located. >> peter brooks is joining us, now. a form cia operative who speaks russian and few on missions during soviet times. so peter is particular with the russian mindset. what is your reaction to the news this morning? how do you see this? >> it is clear president obama didn't deter president putin at their meeting. this is opening up another unfortunate chapter in syria.
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this is making it more difficult and risky for our military types operating. we cannot outsource getting rid of isis to the russians. this is a huge problem. >> in the immediate, what is our next move? >> i think we have to push back against russia and let them know we are going to pursue our national interest which includes dealing with the islamic state and al-qaeda. what we really want to do is deconflict air operations but i am concerned as you recall, jenna, we had reporting saying that russia had sent in surface-to-air missiles and they also, some of the fighter a aircraft is said to be air superiority fighters so there is a concern we could mix it up with the russians and endanger
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our pilots there. i don't think we have finalized our relationship with russia in syria as of today. there is going to have to be low, mid and high level talk quite talks with russia about how to bring this about to support and advance american interest. this is not good news. >> what is the goal of the talks? you have to know what we want and what do we want in syria? >> i know what we want but the obama administration doesn't know what they want. they called for the assad regime to step down and we have had 250,000 people who have perished because of this. we want a change in government in syria, we would like to see a secular pro-democracy government coming to place, we want the end of the islamic states and the end of save havens for al-qaeda
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and their offshoots. we want peace and stability in the region but the question is after four years of leading from behind and a failed russia policy how do we get there. >> let's focus on russia. on sunday, vladimer putin does an interview with 60 minutes and he is asked do you expect to have combat troops on the ground for syria and he said no, not now. has a speech in front of the un and speaking with president obama and 48 hour later he is bombing in syria. this is a crafted strategy. he didn't wake up wednesday to decide he is going to bomb syria. how do you see the plan and how it has been executed over the last few days. >> i would not say he as a strategy that is locked in concrete. it is dynamic. he is seeing what the international community does. think about the news recently with essential sharing with
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iraq, iran and syria. we diverted the attention from ukraine to talk about syria, had a meeting with president obama who didn't deter her im, and he decides to see what he can do. it as a similar game plan to what we saw in crimea and ukraine. the russians understand strength and if they don't have the strength they will move it in a direction to support national interest. one is supporting the assad regime and the other is to get rid of the other states and there are russians who are reportedly operating with the islamic state. so he does have concern about terrorism. and the conversation change about ukraine is the other thing. i think there is an opportunity to make an impression on moscow by washington but washington theas to do that and do it firmly.
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>> peter, what is the best case scenario and the worst case scenario? >> there is not a lot of good options left. there is no syria policy. i think the best right now is to somehow do our air campaign. but the obama administration needs to review the policy and have one that supports and advances the american interest. now more on the situation in afghanistan where u.s. special forces are helping government troops try to retake a northern city there after the taliban seized control earlier this week. all of this is causing u.s. military commanders to possibly rethink the drawdown in afghanistan and try to keep at least a few thousand u.s. troops there beyond 2016. >> obviously this is a setback
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for the afghanistan security forces. but we have seen them respond in recent week and months to the challenges they faced and they are doing the same thing right now. >> conner powell is live in the middle east bureau with the latest on that. conner? >> the afghanistan security forces have launched a counter offensive and did that yesterday. but in the first 24 hours it made little progress in rooting out the taliban. the taliban is not only holding the ground but appear to be expanding the grip and control all of the major strategic points in the northern city except for the airport which we understand is being held by afghan sources and propped up by american troops. that is the way the afghan government is going to get
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additional troops in so it is important. u.s. troops are on the ground at the airport helping to secure that spot. this is a big blow to the overall u.s. mission in afghanistan that placed emphasis on training and equipping the afghanistan forces and handed over all of the country just a few years ago. there are 10,000 or so americans there helping to train the afghan security forces. but on the ground it is afghan trfighting and battling the taliban. one of the key problems of battling in the northern part of the country is the best military options and units are in the eastern and southern part of afghanistan. you have a lot of local militias that are loyal to the government that are not prepared or trained and equipped in the northern part of afghanistan. so it will be a major undertaking to get afghan troop that are the elite of the security forces back up into the north to battle the taliban.
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what this ultimately means is the battle for the city is not going to end in the next 48-72 hours. this is going to be a long protracted battle for the city. ultimately the afghans probably have the equipment and training to battle the taliban out of the area with the ground and air support. this isn't going to go away and it is happening quickly. >> thanks very much. conner powell in the middle east bureau. more on the crisis in afghanistan and we will have a u.s. special army forces veteran who served three tours there and why he said this was destined to happen. we are watching what is happening in washington, d.c. as well. there is the senate floor. republican senator john mccain is expected to speak on russia's involvement in syria. senator mccain has been to syria and spent time with the free
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syrian army which is the target of russia's bombing campaign. we are waiting and watching for his words. and deadline day for fundraising as the rhetoric keeps up where do the candidates in the crowded gop field stand money wise. and trying to track down suspects who robbed a pot shop with the criminals in this case getting away with more than money. v
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american election headquarter and the fundraising trial. these numbers are crucial because they show evidence on if a candidate can mount a serious campaign. on the gop side, governor jeb bush in front wracking up double the dollars. ted cruz at two. marco rubio not far behind in number three. democrats, hillary clinton is
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leading over competitors. back to the crowded gop field where the rhetoric is heating up as well. take a listen. >> calling him a clown. >> he was a member of the presidential. >> okay, listen, he was a member of the gang of eight which was a disaster. he was totally weak on immigration. >> it is the clown stuff that is not fun. last question. >> okay. >> he is a very insecure person. he doesn't like to be criticized. the presidency is a tough job and you will be criticized and you can't slip out every time someone says is. >> ted is making this personal and calling names that goes against the decorum and rules of the senate. as a consequence he cannot get anything done. hea he is done for and stifled.
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it is because of lack of personal relationships. >> i am not the chief strategist of this campaign. i am a candidate. they tell me if and i i should d go to raise money. >> you are both smiling. that the rhetoric effective when it comes to emotional and more importantly monetarily, financial, support? >> i think it depend on who is the candidate and who they are bashing. in the case of donald trump, it tu doesn't matter who he is bashing. with mark rubio, it is probably a benefit. if you are a marco rubio supporter you don't likely have affinity to donald trump. and where it is difficult with is ted cruz and rand paul.
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by bashing one or the other it may turn off supporters and make you not want to donate. ted cruz and rand paul can never go wrong bashing boehner or mcconnell but bashing each other could be a problem. >> you say say donald trump is in a space of his own on this. >> i think it is true. if you look at the list of candidates he is targeted with the rhetoric and has a good record for damaging targets. look at jeb bush, he was the frontrunner for a while and his poll numbers have sagged. a number of reports are out saying this donors are worried. rick perry was in the cross hairs of trump and now he is toast. so a question is how well rubio does with fundraising this quarter, if he goes up or becomes the next victim of the
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trump attack train. >> that is really interesting because trump is self-funding. does that give him more license to say what he wants? >> if he goes out he is going to burn down the house and take a few down with him. there is a report he wants to take out jeb bush if he has to go down. what strikes people is maybe trump is talking the truth. he doesn't come off as high energy even though he works 16 hour days. >> do you think the rhetoric is damage to the party? if you look on the other side and the democrats, we talked about it. o'malley is not going after sanders but he is so far back in the polls no one is paying
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attenti attention. is this damaging overall who whoever is nominee? >> absolutely. i think there is no way a pne nominee doesn't emerge soon. if it is trump it is going to be controversial. the contrast of the democrats couldn't be sharper. sanders is almost relentlessly positive about going after hillary clinton -- okay. we will have to run to breaking news on the senate floor. senator john mccain speaking now: >> the tension of vladimer putin is to maintain his strong position in syria, his foothold in the middle east, and his propping off of bashar al-assad. bashar al-assad, who has killed at least 250,000 of his own
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citizens through the horrible process of barrel bombing, driven millions into refuge status with the full and complete support of iran and vladimer putin. over the past six and a half years, president obama has sounded retreat over the middle east. it was one year ago at this time when the president of the united states said our strategy is to destroyed and destroy isis. a report yesterday, some 28,000 european and some american, have come into the fight on the side of isis. mosul and ramadi remain in the hands of isis and the continued
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progress of isis is unknown. a year later, there is no strategy or success and in fact we now see the result of this failure which is a flood of refuges out of syria and iraq because they have given up hope of every returning to their homeland. our hearts go out to those who are victims and have had to flee their homeland and receive these refuges. it breaks our heart when we see a baby's body washed up on the beach. it didn't have to happen. it didn't have to happen. everybody knows that when the president of the united states said we were drawing a red line in syria and didn't do it it had a profound affect on the middle east including sunni and arab states. everybody knows when the president turned down the recommendation of secretary of
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state and secretary of defense which happened to be secretary clinton at the time to arm the free syrian army and turned it down was another moment. this was a series of decisions or non-decisions which has led to the situation we see today where vladimer putin may have inserted russia into the middle east in a way that russia has not enjoyed since 1973 when the russians were thrown out of egypt. he is still on course to repeat this nightmare by withdrawing nearly all troops from afghanistan, as well as we see in the next couple days, the taliban capturing the strategic city of kunduz and that is
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terrible in the respect that kunduz is in the northern part of the state where we thought it was stable. i come back to syria and the russian activities today, though. after four years in syria, the united states stood by as bashar al-assad's war on the syrian people going on and on and on. it is this slaughter that has been the single greatest c contributor to the rise and continued successful of isis. have no doubt it was bashar al-assad who gave birth to isis. the president has said for years that assad must go. but he has done nothing to bring us closer to achieving that outcome. my friends, it is not that we have not done nothing, but what it is is we have not done
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anything that could reverse the trend and further the goal that the president articulated that we would degrade and destroy isil. in short, this administration confused our friends, mistaken our enemies and into the wreckage of this administration's middle east policy has now stepped vladimer putin. as in ukraine and elsewhere he proceeds the administrations in action and cautions for weakness and he is taking full advantage. over the past few weeks, vladimer putin has been engaged in a significant military buildup in western syria, deploying strike aircraft and by the way, he is deploying aircraft that is air to air, not air to ground. isis has no air force, my
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friends. significant buildup of bombers, tanks and russian military personal. meanwhile, our secretary of state calls frantically and asks what is going on, not once, or twice, but three times. my friends, it was obvious what vladimer putin is doing and these airstrikes are logical follow on to his ambition which he is realizing is to play a role in syria, prop up bashar al-assad, and play a major role in the middle east. all of this is not lost. it is not lost on countries in the region. today vladimer putin escalated involvement as russian pilots carried out their first airstrikes in syria and initial reports are they are hitting targets which are not controlled by isil.
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that should fool no one because vladimer putin's primary authority and responsibility and ambition is to prop up bashar al-assad against all of his enemies. the white house has said quote it is unclear exactly what russia's intentions are. my friends, i am not making that up. the white house has said it is unclear exactly what russia's intentions are. if the white house is confused about putin's intentions and plans in syria, then the united states is in even worse than than many feared because it is not hard to discern what vladimer putin wants. from russia's military build up in syria to their announced intelligence coalition with sea, iran and iraq. remember, iraq is the country
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where we lost thousands of american lives, and now the iraq government is announcing support for syria and iran. amazing. putin's ambitions are clear. he is the king maker to undermine u.s. operations and expand russian power in the middle east to a degree as i mentioned unseen since 1973. this week at the united nations the president said quote, the united s prepared to work with any nation, including russia and iran, to resolve the middle eastern conflict. russia and iran don't have any interest in resolving the syrian conflict. they seek only to keep the
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murderous assad regime in power. russ russia's intervention in syria will prolong and complicate this war. it is tragic. it is tragic, my fellow americans, that we have reached this point of syrian conflict that has killed more than 200,000 people, created the worst refuge crisis in europe since world war ii, spawned a terrorist army of tens of thousands, and now created a platform for a russian autoaccurate -- autocrat to join an iranian theocrat to prop up a russian dictator. it didn't have to be this way.
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but this is a lead from behind and a total lack of american leadership. my friends, today in the washington post is an article by david ignicious and he quotes, line crocker, one of the great diplomats i have had the honor and privilege to know. brian said russia played a brilliant hand. we could have folded the hand, said crocker, who a retired diplomat, said quote, the russians were able to turn a defensive position into an offensive one was we will so completely be absent. brian crocker is right. i would also remind my friends
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that because of american inaction the countries in the region are making their own accommodati accommodations. syria, excuse me, saudi arabia, uae, and qutar have been to russia, and the saudi arabians that brought $17 billion worth of weapons from russia, uae $7 billion, cuttqutar $5 billion. would that have happened ten years ago? of course not. but they see america leaving and they are accommodating. and we have refused in many respects to give the kinds of weapons particularly that the kurds need. mr. president, i will not go on too much longer. i will summarize by saying this is a sad day for america and the
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world. the world is watching. it is not confined to the middle east. we see vladimer putin continue to dismember ukraine. and now phony separatist elections are going to be held in the area he now controls. the chinese leader made some nice comments about how they would stop the hack they have been able to compromise our most important industrial and militarily secrets and we will see if that happens but they are also continuing their expansion of the islands in the south china sea. throughout the world an absence of american leadership is very visible and very understood by nations throughout the world. and today, we see vladimer putin attacking with his airplanes, not just isis, but others who
8:33 am
are enemies of bashar al-assad. and i would like to also add that these airstrikes are indiscriminate in nature and there has been no attempt whatsoever to stop the horrible barrel bombings at general petraeus recommended before the armed service committee a few days ago. this is a bad day. it is a time for american leadership and a time that president obama woke up to the realities in the world and reassert american leadership and that does not mean we will send thousands of ground troops back into the iraq or syria. but it does mean we develop a policy, in the case of bashar al-assad, i am told these bombings that the american government has said that american planes should not fly and that we have somehow
8:34 am
approved of these airstrikes. i don't know if that is true or not. i hope it is not true. what we should be saying to vladimer putin is that you fly, but we fly anywhere we want to, when and how we want to, and you better stay out of the way. that is the message that should be sent to vladimer putin. so i hope that the american people understand how serious this is. and that this rogue dictator named vladimer putin who is a thug and a bully can only understand a steadfast and strong american policy that brings america's strength back to bear. we are still the strongest nation in the world. now it is time for us to act like it. >> the clerk will call the role. >> you heard from senator john
8:35 am
mccain of arizona, member of the armed service committee and a war veteran himself, giving a blistering description of what is going on in the middle east. he said isis is directly a result of bashar al-assad, a creation of bashar al-assad, this coming against a backdrop of the russians warning the united states to get out of that area and keep military flights out of that area. tense times in the middle east. let's talk about leadership and what is happening overseas. benjamin collins is here. we will talk about afghanistan,
8:36 am
but in the immediate, what is your reaction to what mccain had to say? >> he is right. we gave up the leadership positions in the middle east and leadership hates vacuums and someone stepped in and it happened to be putin. when you have a triad of countries like syria with assad and the ayatollahs in iran and russia that are are coming together and putin reached out to saudi arabia to create some ties there it is alarming. any influence we had five or six years ago evapated. >> as a veteran and someone that served the country how does that feel? >> it is myopic. you have to have a long view of this. i think putin is playing chess in that region and president obama is playing checkers. we are looking at -- we forgot
8:37 am
consequences are going to come to fruit fruition. >> senator mccain ended the speech saying the message should be to russia we will go wherever we want, whenever we want and that is the way it is going to be. do you agree? >> yes absolutely. >> we keep hearing the term decomplex. we want the conflict to end eventually. sometimes you have to heighten the aggression to end it. >> deconflict from a military perspective means you turkish planes and u.s. planes and russian planes and someone needs to be monitoring this.
8:38 am
we have a support mission for troops we have been training, the free syrian army, and russian air missiles looking on to the planes. we are dropping bombs and maybe hitti hitting russian conveys. >> what do you think is the way forward here? this is only a few hours in the russian bombing campaign. what is your calculation moving forward? what do you think the goal needs to be here? >> there is a political calculation. on our best day, those two things would be tied together. they are not anymore. i think obama's political calculation is we don't want to get admired in that region. we will do just enough to make it seem to the world why doing something. you listened to the un speeches
8:39 am
and it was almost comedy if not true. >> you have a major city in the north, a crucial strategic city and the taliban overtook the area. you spent three tours in afghanistan and the question coming up in the last 48 hours is whether or not we lead to leave american troops in afghanistan in a role that will help maintain security in the country. that is the same conversation we are asking about iraq and syria in many ways. what do you think about that? >> the last i would say five or six years in afghanistan have been a complete strategic failure on our part. so the way i feel about it is i have to split it. i am emotionally bias like other soldiers that lost friends and spent so much time over there. but at the height of the search in afghanistan we had about 120,000 soldiers.
8:40 am
there was the main city and the outer lying provinces and you cannot be everywhere all of the time. anybody that really spent time there and tells the truth, we are wasting time, money and soldiers because we are half stepping. we are playing whack a mole with the taliban efforts. most of the people are down in the south. so to me this isn't going to end well. >> we are hearing special forces took their place in combat at the airport in the city because they were fired upon by the taliban. but the rules of engagement had these 10,000 troops in afghanistan are not supposed to participate in combat unless they were fired upon which they were in this case. what is the risk we are putting our soldiers in that are still
8:41 am
there? >> tremendous risk. if your guys are coming under fire, you can bet the limited resources there will come. but what about the rest of the medical? if guys are hurt do we have the appropriate way of getting them to the hospital? is there enough of a hospital setup. >> high husband is a veteran and mentioned proximity doesn't equal security. the question is then what happens to afghanistan or what happened to iraq and are we okay if both of the countries dissolve into violence? >> not really. the whole point was after 9/11 it was a safe haven for terrorist. let's look at where this s. this is very important as well. it borders here and we will go back to someone else we have been talking about and that is vladimer putin. he is pushing his troops on the border. pakistan is right here and they
8:42 am
have 2.5 million refuges and they will have another two million. this isn't just doomsday. this could happen very soon. we could define ourselves back into the civil war of the '90s. afghanistan collapses because look, the reality is 95% of gdp for afghanistan is from military and foreign aid. they cannot sustain themselves economically, militarily, we are their gdp. how long will be willing to find them and prop them up with the military or economy? this will spiral back into the a civil war. i think we might solidify something in kabul but we will go back to seeing a safe haven and pay the price for it. >> that is scary.
8:43 am
ben, great to have you. people who know jesse matthew are telling the judge he is a victim him s. how will this impact his upcoming trials? our legal panel weighs in. and 60 years after the tragic death of his hollywood star there is brand new information about the porcha james dean was driving when it crashed and killed him. where that car might be now. where that car might be now. huh, fifteen minutes could save where that car might be now. you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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new >> new information, the man accused of murdering two college students was reportedly the victim of sexual abuse when he was young. we are talking about jesse matthew who is in court today. hannah gram disappeared in september of last year and later police arrested matthew as a person of interest in her
8:47 am
disappearance and dna linked him to another death and a rape of an unidentified woman in northern virginia. investigators found hannah graham's remains a month after her disappearance. a letter from matthew's ex-girlfriend went public saying he was repeatedly raped as a child and begged the judge to be lenient. his attorneys are hoping for that as well when he is sentenced for the 2005 rape case on friday. let's talk to wendy patrick and rebecca legrand. rebecca, the girlfriend said he was raped as a child and how would she know? that is hear say evidence, right? >> what she is doing is explaining to the court more about jesse william's life beyond just this crime and that
8:48 am
is what you do at sentencing. that is what a good defense tax reform does. it doesn't change the fact he is guilty. he is guilty and will be sentenced to at least 20 years but the defense is going to ask the court to take into consideration his life and the hardships he suffered and sentence him to less than a life sentence. this is the first of what could be three convictions so he has two more charges he might face that are more serious. >> wendy, if you are the judge and get the evidence this guy was supposedly sexually assaulted as a youngster, does that affect the sentence you hand down? >> it might in other cases but here history doesn't need to repeat itself. he is guilty because there was enough evidence to find him guilty but he didn't plea
8:49 am
guilty. he entered an alfred plea and in other words decided there was enough evidence to find him guilty. but he didn't to the two things that help at sentences and that is express remorse and express guilt. so i don't know if this letter is going to sway the judge. >> the rape case he was convicted and is about to be sentenced it could have ended the same way. he was in the middle of an act when someone passing by startled him and he let the woman go and that maybe the only reason she survived. the question is this, can the judge in that case that took place in 2005, keep in mind the other two cases against him in which he is charged but not yet convicted? >> he is not treat them as c
8:50 am
convictions but he will hear the evidence. it is likely to affect things more when convicted of the two murders. the court can consider a lot of things at sentencing including other charges. the letter from the family are just heart breaking here. what you want to think about is could this have been stop and someone realized how broken this man was and institutionalized him to try to prevent the horrible acts. i don't know. but that is what hits me the most when reading this from the court. >> we will keep eye on this case. a hew hunt for james dean's porsche that disappeared 60 years ago. it is coming to highlight now and more details on the car that
8:51 am
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let's check out what is ahead on "outnumbered." andrea and harris, what do you have? >> all eyes on the united nations. how should we respond to russia launching airstrikes in syria? are they targeting isis or helping the syrian president who the united states wants out? >> and more hillary clinton e-mails out today expect today cover the lead up to benghazi. what will lee learn about that deadly attack? >> and months after the federal cyber attack and new report shows government databases are still vulnerable. >> who better to ask about this
8:55 am
than our #oneluckyguy john bo bolton? >> looking forward to that. 60 years after the death of james dean we are still looking into what happened to the porsche that killed him. the wreck was sold and passed on to a man who shipped it all over the country to promote highway safety. in 1960 going from los angeles to miami it disappeared from a locked truck or maybe a shipping container. tips have come in over the years about the location of the car but there is a new break. brian is live with details. your museum "outnumbereout a $1
8:56 am
reward for the car and what did you find? >> reporter: over the several years, we have had story after story. the car is buried in a swamp. mounted on some rich guy's wall as art. or it is in japan. all kind of stuff. >> but you have a fairly credible report it may be what? hidden in a building or warehouse in washington state? >> we were on an episode of lost history last fall and hundreds of phone calls came in and most were not worth our while but one phone call in particular stood out with the story sounding too good to be true. it sounded like the scripted fictional involve. a guy was 60 years old and saw
8:57 am
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see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. escalated tension governor the united states and russia. russia is launching airstrikes in syria today just hours after fox news was the first to report that a russian general went to the u.s. defense in baghdad requesting all u.s. military leave syria warning strikes were beginning. they claim they are hitting isis targets but our sources at the pentagon they that is not true. here with us today is harris faulkner, sandra smith,


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