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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 30, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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magazine called the story well-corroborated. fox news cannot confirm it. but folks around the country read about a sea monster, 120 years ago today. and where was that again? off the coast of new jersey. go ahead, make fun of new jersey. it's the garden state. welcome, everybody. why today did the markets choose to ignore worrisome or bad news? i'm not kidding you. this is bizarre. we ended the month and the quarter on all sorts of nervewracking developments. including hurricane joaquin breathing down our necks, europe falling out of bed, growing concerns that russia and the united states might accidentally shoot each other's planes down. russia has war planes strafing through syria. and what happened to the dow? it's up. it's up a lot. today at least, ending with a
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roar what has been a horrific quarter for stocks in general. the dow is up about 1.5%, still closing out a very worrisome quarter, and at a time when many people are worried when you have three straight quarters of decline, something we've only seen a few times in the last 40 years. it usually follows or at least it did the last go-round with a fourth quarter in a row decline. of course that was back during the time of the 2008 pillow that went into 2009. most people don't want to see a repeat of that problem. what happens next? charlie, it's put to bed, but it's not as if we're out of the problem area. what do you make of it? >> right. we should put today's action in context. nixon said we need a good war to get the economy going. sometimes when you think of increased military action, defense stocks go up, which they
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did today, that has an impact on the dow, the d up 200 points. but i think going forward, it's pretty treacherous times. either the fed doesn't raise rates, telling the markets that we've got problems in the economy so the fed will hold off in tightening credit, or the fed does raise rates in the face of slowdown in the economy. you don't want to be long stocks when you're faced with those two hobbsian choices. >> we were looking at this and crunching the numbers. china's markets were down this quarter. we lost 11 trillion dollars in market value in the course of this quarter. that's a lot of money. and it obviously affects people's decisions going forward because they're a lot poorer on paper. how does that affect their mindset going into the holiday shopping season? >> let's remember, those are
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gains that were given back. chinese markets, still up 25 to 30% in the course of a year. so ours is only down 2% or so in the last 52 weeks. there's been a lot of treasure squandered trying to find the top of the market. the fundamentals have not changed. no inflation. increasing gdp earnings. growth may have slowed but we're still getting solid earnings. that kicks off next week. >> as you and i discussed, you could have wild swings up and down, but the fact that this market, which is usually unsettled on the slightest pbad news, had a lot of things to pounce on, including an iffy government shutdown avoidance measure, and then the matter with russia, then this hurricane. i'm just wondering why today of all days they decide to look at the half-full glass.
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>> stock traders aren't your most insightful bunch. they trade off of headlines. to offense to the other guests. you've seen the headlines, you've got some net positive headlines today to trade off of. i would say when you add up the stuff you have to be worried about going forward, gdp growth not so great, pretty lame. corporate earnings coming down. still positive, but, you know, not as good. >> still growth. >> still growth, but maybe the tallest midget in the room type of growth. and you have a slowdown in the global economy. i'm not saying blow out your portfolio. but if you're an average investor, be cautious here. >> fair enough. what do you make of that? >> that's the reason we're here, the reason we had that pullback, that profittaking. let's take a look at the big picture. the market bounces back every time there's a selloff.
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there's always a crisis du jour. >> we've just come off a lousy quarter. we've got this year down 7.5, 8%. we have not had a down year in the market since 2008, we finished up. three of those years we were down going into the fourth quarter and we were on fire and did the buying enough to tip it to positive territory. do you think that happens this final quarter, this year? >> i think there's some great values here. and i think the psychology, the sentiment has gotten negative. that's usually when the market bounces back, everybody thinks it's going to go down. i think the risk reward is on the upside. the way the market behaved yesterday, trying to test those august lows and bounced back, that was positive. we'll see in the next week. >> you didn't answer my question, but you didn't answer it with real skill. thank you very much. we told you earlier today we had the senate vote on a measure to
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avoid a government shutdown. this is essentially what the house is taking up, roughly the same measure. that will give us a little bit of breathing room. they'll have to revisit this drama all over again in november. how much time does this measure buy, will it get past the house? there are a lot of angry folks, the same folks who pushed speaker boehner out. >> excellent questions, neil. this is the deadline, the end of the government's fiscal year. a lot of the drama seems to be gone after house speaker boehner's resignation announcement on friday. they're voting on a government extension that would run ten weeks. it passed the senate by a wide bipartisan vote, 78-20. but the next time this issue comes up before christmas, it may be a much tougher fight. boehner is still speaker of the house but in december it will
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likely be majority leader kevin mccarthy. his most conservative members may expect him to put up a bigger battle. boehner announced many republican members want to vote next week and, quote, with their considerations in mind, the house leadership elections will take place on thursday, october 8th. that could create quite a shuffle in the house republican leadership, neil. >> michael, thank you very much. look at all these cross-currents. you have the threat of another government shutdown, even if they pass this, and they probably will in the house, but revisiting this right around the time of christmas. then you have this ongoing fear that russia and the united states are escalating the bellicose talk. and our planes might literally be into each other over the skies of syria. we'll be discussing that with senator john mccain in a little bit. meantime, how in the middle all of this were people making
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money? >> charlie and your guests on the floor hit on a lot of great points. this market has been taking it on the chin. even with today's good session, it's one of the toughest quarters we've had in many years on the stock market. some of these things you've been talking have been lingering. the pullback in the global economy, a lot of saber-rattling, a lack of leadership, whether it's the white house, whether it's the federal reserve, all of these things. it's tough to keep a market which has been rallying for six years nonstop going. >> i know you do this for a living, but charles, as you also know, i'm going to posit this development. the threat of a shutdown averted. yesterday, we had the senate and the president indicating he thinks they're going to avoid a shutdown. the senate confirmed it today by voting a measure that sort of
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punted on this for another 60 days. the markets seemed to rejoice. even though i know markets like clarity, and that provided a little bit of clarity, it's not as if delaying the shutdown based on wacky accounting is any more promising, is it? >> it's not. we have gotten so accustomed, i've lost track since 2001 of how many continuing resolution there have been. >> 88. i just made that up. >> we've had 18 government shutdowns. we've done ago. i think one of the messages from the last government shutdown is the world doesn't fall apart. i think people were shocked at how many, quote, nonessential workers there are in the government. what the heck? why so many nonsensessentialnon? wall street does want to see clarity out of washington, dc. it's a crazy place where nothing is getting done. again, it gets back to a lack of leadership. >> charles does a very good
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impression of donald trump, who he has tomorrow. not as good as jimmy cagney. now, the potential political fallout on this. byron, i think jesus christ could have been running in 2008 as a republican nominee and he still would have lost, because we had this huge meltdown. the market just careened. we knew that meant that. the housing market was going to heck. and no one could have gotten away from that freight train. now, i'm not saying it gets to that stage for hillary clinton. but what about a market that just loses its footing, drips into bear market territory, then gets to be problematic for real estate? not good for the party in the white house. >> i agree in 2008, everything was going against the nominee.
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the party running for a third time in the white house didn't happen. what does hillary clinton do? let's see she's the democratic nominee. how does she go to audiences and say she need to increase wages, growth is terrible, we need to increase that, we need to lower this middle class squeeze that everyone is suffering from. how does she go and make that case to voters, at the same time not criticizing the man who's been president for the last two terms, the one who, by the way, appointed her secretary of state? it's a really fine line she's got to walk. i think she'll do it. referring to the age-old method of cherry-picking good news. she'll say, look, in the president's first year, unemployment was 10%. it's 5.1% now. that's good. we inherited this terrible mess. the president has run with the ball and now it's our job to make things even better. >> you raise a good point. because you can do the contrast.
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that's something the administration has been prone to do. you have to give them credit, the republican administrations did the same thing. having said that, i think timing is everything. had we had the '87 stock market crash in the fall of '88, george bush sr. would not have been elected. we had a year to recover, and a year later stocks were much, much higher by then. i'm just wondering, did the craziness of the quarter, worrisome democrats are concerned that it's presaging a slowdown, which would be bad news period. >> there's a lot of sensitivity about that. surveys show the median net worth is still down in this country. a lot of people still haven't recovered from those terrible years in 2008 and 2009. that 401(k), the savings
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account, the equity in their homes, what gives people a sense of some security. and if that's already in kind of a sensitive position, if it's hit further toward election day in 2016, you're right, the party in power will suffer from that. >> like they say, timing is everything. byron, thank you very much. i want to tease what's coming, john mccain et al. it's interesting to know that on a day everyone is running with stocks, they're also holding on to treasury bills and notes. i only mention that because they were sort of covering their assets. they were betting on a way to cover just in case stocks fall out of bed. they weren't getting rid of their treasury instruments, their bonds. look at how much the yield collapsed in treasury instruments over the past quarter. i mention that because when times get iffy, they go to that,
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which tells you something. today, they were hedging their bets just in case. just in case. you heard how crazy it is, russia that is war planes in syria. we knew nothing about it. then to add insult to injury, the russians say don't you dare get in the way, don't you start using planes of your own in syria. john kerry apparently saying in new york at the united nations, no, there's a closed door meeting, but i'm telling you, it's a mess. we could see our pilots and their pilots doing more than just bumping into each other. and today the markets ignore it. john mccain, next. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement,
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. too early for me to say
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exactly what targets they were aiming at and what targets were eventually hit. it does appear that they were in areas where there probably were not isil forces. and that is precisely one of the problems with this whole approach. >> all right. you heard from those two gentlemen, two different interpretations of what's going on. suffice it to say, if they're confused, you can imagine gener general jack cane is confused. they are targeting rebel forces who we are trying to help. and we are the ones on defense here. this is dangerous. i mean, there is a possibility of something bad happening, even accidentally, like planes bumping into each other, or friendly fire, shooting the wrong plane down. what happened?
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>> once again, we're watching putin, whose economy is in the tank, who is running out of money, who has got an inferior military by comparison to ours, outmaneuver and outbluff the president of the united states. that is actually what is happening. his calculation is this, neil, it's simply this: he knows in his mind that president obama will come back with verbal rhetoric, but actually be in fear of escalation and confrontation, and do nothing. that's where we are. >> general, we're monitoring the president speaking with some democratic legislators at the executive office building next door to the white house, i believe. one of the things that we're hoping to get out of him is what our response is going to be to this. because besides saying to the russians, no, you can't demand that we not have planes in syria and continue what has been a coalition attack against isis
1:20 pm
forces, we're going to keep doing it. so i'm wondering what happens now. >> well, first of all, we've made some serious mistakes. secretary kerry this afternoon in my the judge conceded that by saying that we should have coordination meetings. we should have none of that. >> the president said only 24 hours ago he has to be thrown out because of what he's done, now we're kind of negotiating? >> first of all, putin is not here for isis. that's a false narrative. putin is here to prop up the assad regime, which has been losing territory for the past year and losing political support. the iranians gave him detailed information. that's why this is unfolding. air attacks today, six towns,
1:21 pm
three provinces, all along the al aleppo to damascus corridor. this is all about supporting assad and nothing more than that. >> you know, general, what i worry about is they are going after the very forces we are trying to use to overthrow assad. >> that's indisputable. it's moderate rebel forces. they certainly attacked them. we tried to train them. but the fact is putin is supporting assad and is supporting the butchery and the genocide. and that's the issue. >> i didn't mean to jump on you, general, but we're out of time. we'll have john mccain responding. he says it is a very critical moment in american history. that and the political fallout from all of this on one hillary clinton.
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you can't -- you shouldn't be able to insult your way to the white house or use enough political correct praises to get you to the white house, on either side. >> mr. president, you might want to have a chat with your wife. take a look. >> most of the other republican candidates are just trump without the pizazz or the hair. extreme views about women? we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans. if anyone wonders if mine is real, here is the answer.
1:26 pm
the hair is real. the color isn't. and come to think of it, i wonder if that's true for donald too. you know, this is a huge election. you never know what might happen. you know, let's get rid of the people that don't agree with us and only talk to the people who do. you can do that without a teleprompter. >> i point out that criticism and low blows are in the eyes of the beholder. what's good for the goose and the gander? what's the deal? >> it's crazy. hillary clinton has arguably leveled the most appalling insult of 2016 when we just saw her compare the gop candidates to terrorists. she said they want to load illegal immigrants in box cars, a clear reference to nazis. hillary clinton's words were
1:27 pm
very offensive and go a lot farther in my opinion than donald trump's. >> did she heed her own husband's advice? >> i would say, as you said, the eye of the beholder. she also turned around and made fun of her own hair color. >> i loved that comment. it was funny. >> to be quite honest, you see it democrat on democrat, republican on republican. i think it's more about to which degree and if they use other tools. the criticism of donald trump, every debate he's in, frankly every interview he's in, he takes hits on people that are frankly unfair. >> in the eyes of the beholder, i just think for someone to come across and say it's the other guy that does it or other candidates that do it, the fact of the matter is they kind of did this. >> not every candidate analogizes candidates to carrots, that's beyond the pale.
1:28 pm
that crosses the line. >> when they go beyond silly personal attacks, is that more problematic? >> the last statement is one of those, referring to dismembering babies as the policy of a party is a little rough. >> you can go watch the videos. >> my personal approach, when a candidate sets the flat form for what is fair game, for example donald trump makes fun of his own hair, hillary clinton was actually mimicking that moment. who it is doesn't matter to me. it's about fairness and what that means to the person. >> we're getting to this point in a debate, whether it's donald trump, they misrepresent the truth. >> absolutely. and i think -- and so i think it's about fairness. i think it's about respect. but i think humor is not a
1:29 pm
dangerous thing, it can actually be very useful in defusing it. >> with the hair jokes. >> hair jokes are fair. >> but enough about me. ladies, thank you both very much. two things we're watching right now, on a more serious note, the house taking up this effort to keep the government running. i know this seems nonsensical, but what they've done is extended our visa credit line for about 60 days, then they'll revisit it. you try that when you're paying your bills. visa, do you mind if i get back to you in 60 days? ironically, visa says yes. the government is visa. just to approve its own loan. meantime, the funding over planned parenthood and whether it's worth shutting the government down. rick santorum on that, after this. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib,
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john mccain coming up. not to say i told you so, but to say, look, we've got a big problem now in syria. russia there with war planes wants ours out. we're saying no. .
1:33 pm
to the floor of the house where they're voting on this measure to sort of keep the government running. it all started with this great debate of whether you continue to fund planned parenthood after those awful videos came to light. there were many republicans who
1:34 pm
said this is worth fighting for, even worth shutting down the government, if we want to defund this whole thing and push it on the president, it's he who would be shutting the government down. cooler heads or heads who were going to get together and try to cool us down, they're not going to do that. right now this is a way to sort of avoid that until around christmastime. that should make for happy holidays. we've got presidential candidate rick santorum on all of this. would you shut the government down on this issue? would you be doing what they're doing now? >> we've got a very difficult situation in washington. you have the leaders, now both the speaker and the majority leader of the senate who basically said they're not going to shut the government down. mitch mcconnell announced we're not going to do this. >> he said as a bargaining tactic, it's foolish. >> but he announced it to the other side. like a general lining up for war, saying we're not going to do this or this. how do you do it?
1:35 pm
how do you at all try to put an effort together to try to win if you know that you've already surrendered? >> when you first came to the senate, did they ever raise that as a negotiating tactic, shut the government down? we know what happened with newt gingrich. >> you didn't raise it as a tactic. you simply followed through with the conviction that we're going to fight this. and people say, are you going to do this, are you going to do that? we're not interested in any of those things. but we're going to fight. >> if you were president, you would defund planned parenthood? >> i would allocate money to places that do women's health. planned parenthood does no mammograms. planned parenthood doesn't do cervical evaluations. they don't do all these things that women's health clinics do. they provide birth control, std tests, pregnancy tests, and abortion.
1:36 pm
that's basically what they do. if we really are concerned about women's reproductive health, let's put in a clinic that actually does women's health as opposed to somebody who does birth control and abortions. >> you never dodge it, the same way in the last campaign, and along comes carly fiorina, the only woman in the race, she expresses this very strong emotional terms, critics say she made up the story, what do you think? >> i don't think the issue went away. you have to look and see who's really willing to fight. >> but she's now the poster child for how to deal with this. >> look, we should be fighting. and i think one of the reasons everybody is upset about it is we're not fighting and we've announced we're not going to fight. >> you're not among those who are criticizing her that she made up a story? >> there was a video. it didn't show exactly what she said.
1:37 pm
but the point is, the story is the right story. >> gotcha. >> they're just being picky. >> it's a core issue to you, your faith, it's everything about you. is it one more effective coming from a woman, ironically, in this case? >> you know, i always used to -- when i was in the you united states senate, try to recruit pro-life women to run for the senate, because there were very few who stepped forward on this issue. believe it or not, if you go to pro-life marches, it's overwo n overhemmiove overwhlmingly women. a good sample of people who are opposed to abortion would be good in public life. i think it's great that carly fiorina is doing this. >> your little girl got to see the pope. >> she got a kiss and he
1:38 pm
actually held her. >> a nice moment. >> it is. >> how is she feeling? how is she doing? >> great, she's very healthy. she's a blessing. she's a joy. we feel like god has given us a special gift and we cherish it every day. >> i always joke with you, you don't need a campaign staff, you have your children. >> they're doing a great job. >> a beautiful family. senator, thank youery much. when we come back, we're waiting not only for the final vote on the house measure to sort of keep the government's lights on for another 60 days, probably 70 days, i misquote there. also waiting to hear from john kerry. the u.s. is trying to iron out a position with russia, telling us to stay out of syria. it's a tad rich. but it is what it is. john mccain, after this.
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all right. here's how bad hillary clinton's troubles are getting right now. unions are interested in talking to donald trump. that could just be some posturing here. but some concern that even though hillary clinton has the obamacare healthcare legislation, it's too little, too late for them, they're shopping around for other candidates. it could all be theater. but it is a noteworthy development. what do you make of this? i guess these generous healthcare plans that are taxed now, i think we should get rid of it, and it's not helping. >> it's difficult for hillary clinton, she's running against a communist, essentially, for the democratic nomination. >> bernie sanders. >> he's willing to say or do anything to the left. martin o'malley has never gotten any traction.
1:43 pm
she's essentially running against anybody. >> what about joe biden? >> that would be an interesting discussion. then you will have a genuine debate. both of them are much more to the center. hillary clinton's natural place is in the center. she is trying to quell a revolution. i think she should stare them all down. if joe biden does not get into the primary race, she will be the democratic nominee. she needs to stare them down so she can run a competitive general election. they're handicapping her by pulling her to the left. >> you are a moderate democrat, someone who wants to work both sides. but you really raised eyebrows on this show when you were criticizing the stewardship of this city, particularly mayor
1:44 pm
bill deblasio when i raised the possibility of you challenging this mayor. >> i'm giving strong consideration to running. >> strong consideration to challenging bill deblasio? >> absolutely. >> where does that stand? >> i'm still looking at it. i'm getting more and more frustrated and disappointed, like all new yorkers are. we have a mayor who is celebrating mediocre improvements in test scores that aren't even real because the test was made easier, for example. while the scores went up, the test got less difficult. >> would you run as a democrat? >> i would run as a democrat, and consider as an independent as well. >> usually a democrat in this city don't have a problem getting elected, rudy guiliani and michael bloomberg notwithstanding. >> i think new york city is very
1:45 pm
unique. other than deblasio, the last 20 years have been republican mayors. the city wants to be managed well. residents want the city managed well. they want a mayor to tell the truth to them as well. i think one of the challenges is that deblasio identifies problems, then comes up with untrue optical illusions to answer these questions. he's been running around saying "the tale the two cities." >> he's talking about running for president. >> he's talking going to iowa. >> he should be here. >> absolutely. it deserves 100% of your attention. >> if you do announce, will you announce it here? >> i will. >> i'm holding you to that. thank you very much. obama fundraiser, a very pragmatic guy. we have to talk. no nuts need apply.
1:46 pm
there's a crazy concept. john mccain on this whole russia-syria-us mess. who is on first? he wants to know who is looking after the united states, next. it's time to president obama woke up to the realities in the world and we assert american leadership. for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time. but you can quiet the ringing with lipo-flavonoid, the number-one doctor-recommended brand. relieve the ringing with lipo-flavonoid. (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward.
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we are awaiting john kerry, who was supposed explain after meeting with his russian counterparts what the heck was going on with russian war planes in syria, and demanding we get out of syria and leave the place clear for his planes. republican arizona senator john mccain is chairman of the armed services committee. i know you're not one to say i
1:50 pm
told you so, but senator, you warned about just this type of scenario breaking out. this is scary, senator. the idea that we have both our guys' planes in there and we're not checking off whose and where or who is targeting whom, bad things could happen fast, you know? >> bad things can happen fast. that's the danger. what's really bad that's happening is we are seeing nous inserting themselves in the conflict. assuming a position of power which they haven't had since 1973 when the egyptians threw them out of egypt. confirming their control over the port on the mediterranean and now they are attacking first, not isis, but the free syrian army on homes. >> do you know that for sure? they claim they're going after isis. donald trump said if they're going after isis, let them. >> well of course, i can't respond to that.
1:51 pm
but i can say that there is televised footage of the attack in homes, which is an enclave for the free syrian army. those are fundamental facts, mr. trump can say whatever he wants to say. but the fact is, that we are now seeing an unleashing of russian air power to take out the free syrian army. and that is disgraceful. and by the way, some of this stuff you can't make up. for example, they've been begging to coordinate these activities with the russians, the john kerry called lavrov three times, et cetera. you know how we found out they were launching these strikes? a general showed up at our embassy in baghdad an before they started to tell us. they are treating us with the utmost contempt. vladimir putin has the upper hand. we should have said we're going to fly any place, anywhere, any how and you better not get in the way. that's what american leadership
1:52 pm
would do. not with begging on our knees, saying oh please coordinate with us. and the fact is they're in there in a way to kill off the free syrian army. that will inflame it further and you're going to see greater bloodshed and chaos in syria and surrounding countries. >> senator, if you were present in the middle of all of this and you know or you're starting to do business now, i assume you know more than i do. that the russian fighters are targeting the very group we are trying to help. would you shoot down those russian planes? >> no, but i would certainly make it clear, i would do a whole lot of things. general david petraeus testified before the armed services committee two weeks ago. he laid out what we need to do. we need to stop the barrel bombing, we need to have a no-fly zone. we need to have a buffer zone for refugees. >> but if they're attacking the very guys we want to see topple
1:53 pm
assad, you -- would you let america planes just let them do that? >> no, but i might do what we did in afghanistan many years ago to give those guys the ability to shoot down those planes. that equipment is available. who would be shooting them down? >> the free syrian army. just like the afghans shot down the russians. >> not us? >> no like the afghans shot down russian planes after they invaded afghanistan. >> you can see how easily you pointed out to me, as you pointed out to me in prior visits, how easily this escalates into something much, much worse. >> i think it would be much, much worse, this president this secretary of state, they aren't going to do anything to escalate it they're going to give them a free hand. just like they've given them a free hand throughout. just like we have no strategy whatsoever. we watch innocent men, women and children being killed just as we just saw with these russian air strikes. this is -- >> what do you want to hear out of secretary kerry?
1:54 pm
>> he's meeting with his russian counterparts among others, we are told. and earlier he said maybe there was a way of paraphrasing our, i hope not incorrectly. work with assad on focussing with isis. what did you think about that? >> i think it's ludicrous and i think again, he just keeps asking them and asking them if he can get cooperation from them. he wants to cooperate with a guy that's killed 230,000 of his own countrymen with barrel bombing and other atrocities, including poison gas. >> do you think putin knew about this, senator, when he met with the president? do you think he was timing this so embarrass the president, saying 24 hours later. after you and i are facing each other eye to eye i'm going to be launching attacks on our own? >> of course, it takes a while to get ready for this stuff. he moved the aircraft and some of those are fighter aircraft that go against other aircraft. isis has no aircraft that that would be necessary for. but of course he moved all the
1:55 pm
capabilities in, he built the runways. he built the establishment and then was ready to strike and instead of revealing anything to kerry from lavrov to him to obama, he has a british, a russian general show up at our embassy in baghdad an hour before it starts. and what's the first target? the people we are supporting and arming and training and equipping. what better way to stick their thumb in our eye? >> so the one who has had the strongest response to russian escalation in the region has been lindsey graham, i know you like him very much. >> i haven't heard nearly as much out of the other -- i mooid might have missed, as you know, i inform millions of people with the latest -- >> well let me just say -- >> what do you think of that? >> i think lindsey graham and i and joe lieberman have been to afghanistan and iraq 33 times. we were there saying rumsfeld
1:56 pm
had to resign because we needed to search. we've been there every year, every fourth of july for years and years. we know the situation. i know vladimir putin. so we predicted all of these things that we're going to happen. we have -- >> when donald trump and others like him say get the hell out of there, it's not our business, why do we want to do this, the russians want to do this let them do this, you say what? >> i say if that's what you want, then slaughter of men, women and children through barrel bombing, triggering hundreds of thousands of refugees, millions, washingtoonw of the way the world can look with this incredible evil of isis that beheads americans on the internet, if that's what, and especially targets christians and young women, then you are free to have that view. i don't think that's the view of
1:57 pm
ronald reagan or the people that i know and i've admired and respected. right now isis is establishing a foothold in afghanistan for example. if that's your view, i respectfully disagree and i suggest you talk to people like david petraeus and jack keen and others. >> did you mean the words respectfully when you said disagree? >> yes. >> okay. >> john mccain, always a pleasure, thank you very much. you know you don't see that often, speaks his mind. you could agree to disagree. but there's no gray. another guy who's not gray, even though he hasn't had the best track record when it comes to backing presidential candidates. anthony skaramucci who backed mitt romney and scott walker and now he's supporting bush and the bush camp is getting nervous.
1:58 pm
no. anthony why, everyone wanted you, you're a powerful guy in the party. powerful donor. why did you settle on bush? >> well i think it was an overstatement. neil, but thank you. i didn't really settle on bush. i had two great conversations with him. i talked with woody johnson and jack oliver. he's got the best record in the race. i believe that the republicans are going to nominate somebody who has political experience for most important political job in the country if not the world. and so after my conversations with the governor and recognizing my track record which we both laughed about, i'm involved and i'm starting tomorrow in woody's office, we've got a big fundraiser planned tomorrow. >> i was just kidding. the fact of the matter is no one questions your business acumen. your political candidate-picking acumen, maybe. >> it's a hard thing to do. >> i'm kidding my friend. we just got word the house passed this measure to keep the government lights on and avoid a shutdown. do you know -- >> that means kevin mccarthy
1:59 pm
going to be the speaker. >> how forceful should jeb bush be on these kind of issues? >> i think he's going to stay away from these issues, but i think that means kevin mccarthy going to get the speaker job. i think figured out a way to get these guys to coalesce. you think he'll be different than john bain centre. >> i do. i think he's going to surprise people. i think he's got a different fabric than john, i respect john. kevin understands the conservative caucus and understand he's got to push some of the reforms to be successful in the role that he wants. i think jeb will be smart enough to stay away from this stuff. he's got to focus on beating donald trump, neil. i'm coming tomorrow morning with red bull. i've got a case of red bull for him in the morning. >> you're a good egg. they do love your power in the party. >> i can understand that, anthony scaramucci. you've got the fourth
2:00 pm
quarter kicking off tomorrow. they've got to turn it around and pick up 1400 points on the dow and have a positive year. can they do that? we'll see, all they have to worry about is a hurricane, see you tomorrow. hello, everyone, i'm dana perrino, along with eric boien and craig gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." there's a new element threatening to obstruct the west war against ice nis syria. vladimir putin ordered his military to launch airstrikes in the country today. complicating the american-led mission. russia gave the united states an hour to clear the skies over syria. but american didn't comply and conducted it's own strikes. today, the kremlin says it attacked isis positions but the pentagon is casting doubt on that. here was our defense secretary earlier. >> the result of this kind of action, will


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