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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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issues that impact each one of us. at a minimum we owe it to you you to bring our a game every night. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night from washington, d.c. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. i know you are under a lot of duress. >> a new poll vice president buoy den would defeat all the republican. strange because many feel the u.s. is heading the wrong direction under the obama administration. charles krauthammer will sort it all out. >> i'm a cost cutter. i know how to cut costs. we have tremendous waste and abuse in this country. >> donald trump is correct. tonight, a factor investigation. planned parenthood and the e.p.a. may be westing millions of taxpayer dollars. also ahead, dennis miller angry about the government seizing private property.
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caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are americans losing it? that's the subject of this memo. this is amazing. a new nbc news poll asks, do you think things in the nation are generally headed in the right or wrong direction? a whopping 62 percent said wrong direction. only 30% believe the u.s. is in the right direction. 5% are mixed up, or something. now, i believe the poll is accurate because the economy is soft, earnings are stagnant. foreign policy is the worst i have ever seen ever. but in the same poll, vice president biden was matched up against all the republican contenders for president and biden wins each time. the vice president 48%. jeb bush 40%.
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biden 47%, carly fiorina 41%. biden 49%, dr. carson 41. biden 56, donald trump 35. the vp isn't even running yet but he soon will be and this poll may nudge him. how can these results happen when two thirds of the country believe the country is in trouble? biden is the vice president. he endorses pretty much everything barack obama does. so why would you vote for him? talking points believes the answer to that question is kind of cruel. many americans are simply dumb. they don't know what's going on. they don't pay attention. they don't care. no question the machines have allowed the individual american to create his or her own world. you don't have to live in the radial world anymore. used to be drugs and alcohol oblitz -- obliterated reality. now it's your hand held device or pc. that's the why we do the
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watters world segments. we go around the country asking simple questions many americans have no clue, no answer is is there any other explanation for vice president joseph biden again an acolyte of president obama defeating the republican challengers? about 20% of the country will vote for a democratic no matter who it is. miley sirus could be running and they would pull the lever for her. same thing on the conservative side. 20% vote republican. that leaves 60% who who could be persuaded. however, if you don't know anything or don't pay attention to current events, no matter what kind of facts are presented, you can't process them. and i believe that's what's happening in the u.s.a. right now. as always, i could be wrong. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. jung from us washington, charles krauthammer. you have a better explanation for the biden showing, charles? >> well, first, you are wrong. i think miley cyrus would get a lot more than 20%. second, look, when obama ran for his own election
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reelection, in a pretty dismal time when people did think more thought we were on the wrong track than right track, he won re-election. that's a test of your proposition. it's not even obama at second hand, which is what a biden would be. and, third, what you have now is a candidate in biden who is an idea, is an abstraction and a rather sim pa they enthusiastic one considering what he went through over the last several months and considering that he leaked to the "new york times" that his son had said in his dying wish for the father to run. so, he has got all of this sort of abstract stuff. husband numbers are high. they will remain high until the day he declares. at which point his numbers will go down. he becomes a real candidate. hillary clinton herself was way up in the 70's or 80's. then she declares for her candidacy, she is down in the 40s. that happens to all candidates. otherwise, we would have a president rick proximate resulty. he ran what you ahead in
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2012, and we have had that historically many times. >> okay. buff now i have to correct you on a few things. number one, when barack obama won re-election, would didn't have isis. all right? we didn't have every single part of the world in turmoil. and there is no question about that. there is no question that if you go overseas and you look at what's happening. putin is now trying to talk over the middle east in conjunction with iran. all right. hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of refugees are fleeing into europe creating mass chaos. all of this comes back to president obama's doorstep. we will hold charles over to talk about foreign affairs. then you go to the economy and you see the medium income in seven years, not three. seven years. all right? not -- going down. going down. so, it's almost -- vice president biden has been every single policy. there is no dust sent and there never be will be. >> you are telling me americans are going yea,
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let's get another four years of this. come on. >> i'm tell you why right now. wins in the polls. i would like to see him run against a republican because i think he would lose. and for precisely the reasons you are talking about. when you finally get to the end of a general election campaign, there will be no denying what's happening in the world. and the personal sympathy and affection people have for a biden will be dissipated. he will have gotten slammed around by his own party in the nominating process and really slammed by whoever the republican nominee is so, i don't think these numbers in october, september, of 2015 are determinative of how this election is going to turn out. >> you are discounting the dumb factor. >> had a bad five, suction, seven eight years and it will show. >> maybe you are right. you think you are discounting the dumb factor. he you think there are lemmings now that can be led to believe anything because they don't pay attention and this don't really care about what is happening. yet, come election day, you
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know, there they are, they are going to show up and whoever their friends are voting for, whatever it may be. and that's higher now than i think it has ever been in modern times. do you disagree with that? what's your greater number of lemmings. >> machine driven. you don't think americans are receding into these machines you? you don't think so? >> i don't think americans are less aware of their surroundings than they were when they lived on a farm. >> really? >> with no information from the outside a hundred years ago. they have infinitely more information. they are more literate. they are more involved. you i think the explanation, obviously lies where. i know you don't like it when people who walk knew on the street looking into their hand helds but that doesn't explain the political system. >> well, what explains is declining test scores and education. all right in the collapse of public education. >> because we have a corrupt
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system run by the unions. >> that may be true. but still the individual american getting the hit. all right, look, i have got it tell you, you go into any public forum now. any forum, and you ask people, essential questions about their country, charles, and they can't answer. we sent watters to yale. i you mean, we are up at the ivies. and they know nothing. all right? yes, it's just a slice. i can't interview 'thousand people at once. it's a slice that we see all over the place. we never come back with, you know, most people real will you knew what was happening. in fact, the tattoo people out in coney island knew more than the ivy league kids did. >> listen, bill. i have been to the ivy leagues and i have been to jones beach where watters loves to hang out. i used to hang out there in my youth as well. i don't disagree whatsoever that a large majority will state a large number of americans have no idea what is going on politically or
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huskily. but there is nothing new there. that's my point. >> oh, i disagree. my parents' generation going through the depression, going through world war ii are -- really, when things were really on the line, these people paid attention. and you know who pays attention now in the immigrants who come here. they are reading the paper. they are up on it they know what's going on. but the americans living the soft lives and addicted to the machinery, they don't know what's going on. they can be manipulated, charles, they are being manipulated. and you can make an arguments that why barack obama won re-election. they bust in thousands of people that didn't know anything about their country and they did it very well. they called it the ground game. last word. >> i'm a little bit reluctant to say any president is elected because of the stupidity of the american people. i would prefer to say because candidates are able to appeal in a way, look, on the exit polling in 2012, the question that is the most important of all
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question which candidate cares more about you. forget about the record. for get about the economy. in 2012 the answer was 81% obama. 19% romney. that's a 62 point spread. >> that was romney's deficit. >> saddam hussein would have gotten a higher number. >> okay. >> the democrats and the mommy party that they care but and that works. >> if we are going to go on who cares about you the most. then oprah should be president. okay? >> if she ran. >> it's got to know something. it's got to be more than caring. >> he she would have to run with brittany spears. that would be a great ticket. >> don't leave miley out. i will tell you miley is a factor. we will hold krauthammer over against his will to talk about possible rebellion in the pentagon against barack obama wants foreign policy. are the generals finally fed up?
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impact segment tonight. military controversy. top general in afghanistan says he wants to keep american truth strength in that country stable. in light of recent taliban gains. general john campbell wants to maintain several thousands troops in afghanistan and not withdraw them next year as president obama has ordered. right now there are 98 u u.s. troops in afghanistan. rejoining us now from washington is charles krauthammer. is this -- we have an investigation on tomorrow night with our military guys. do you think this is sort of a rebellion in the pentagon against the president's awful policy now after iraq goes down the descran drain now afghanistan might go down the drain? is is there a rebellion going on? >> i think it's a recurrence of what might be going on entire two terms of the obama years. >> the generals themselves though are they finally reaching critical mass and saying you have got to do something. you can't continue this way. look, at the very beginning, the generals wanted to fly a
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far number of higher troops. at the beginning of obama years in afghanistan he gave them about half and now we see the result. the generals wanted to keep a residual force in iraq. obama said no, he pulled them out and we see what happened. the generals have asked for a lot of things. they actually recommended cia as well. that we help the non-jihadist rebels in syria to avoid what we are seeing now. obama said. no i suspect he will say no again. and we have a system where the generals, however much they disagree, they salute and they obey. >> why? >> because. >> they can resign and say this is insane. i think that might be happening. >> i think that would be very healthy. because that almost never happens. >> right. >> we have -- i mean, the last resignation i think on principle was cyrus vance in 1980. when he resigned over the iran rescue mission. we simply don't have a tradition of that and we
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should. because i think what we're facing here obama in afghanistan cares only about his legacy. and his legacy is wants it to be remembered is got us out of the wars. he didn't care about winning the wars. he doesn't care how we collapse afterwards. he once said when he left office there were no american troops. he doesn't apparently he seems not to be influenced by the fact that the whole northern tier of afghanistan is now in danger. and the reason that that is so worrisome is that the traditional taliban strength has been in the south, not in the north. the north was always the pro-western side. when we unveiled in 2001, we were allied with the northern alliance. >> i know, but that's where the u.s. troops are in the south. they are not in the north. that's why they are hitting there. let's look at the big picture. you are right, i think, when it's all about the president's legacy. but now his legacy is tied in with millions of people
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invading europe because of his failed policy in iraq that led to isis that led to the syrian catastrophe, and now they are all getting the hell out, and they a europe. they that is on president obama. not entirely but a lot of it, all right? you are going to see the same thing in afghanistan if these taliban come swooping down to kabul. you are going to have another humanitarian disaster. iranian thing and putin taking over syria. he is going to run that country. all right? and obama is worried about his legacy? are you kidding me? in a year from now we might be on his doorstep. whoever is the next president is inheriting all this mis. americans don't get this? >> look, i appreciate your passion. and i agree with everything you have said. but it doesn't mean it's not happening. and it doesn't mean obama will not continue in the same vein. you are absolutely right about russia. they have just swindled us
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in syria. they have essentially returned in arm with with their armed forces to syria to the heart of the middle east. we had kicked them out in 1972. this is an historic reversal. america being the dominant influence. the dominant power in the region. and we are now begging the russians to negotiate with us so that we will have what they call a deconfliction agreement. so they don't shoot down our own airplanes. in fact, the biggest hue humiliation of all is that the russians today said they are the only air force flying legitimately in syria because they have the permission and request of the legitimate syrian government and we are violating international law with our missions over isis. that's the low point that we have reached. and what does obama do? yesterday, when the russians began the air campaign, he led a meeting, a summit meeting so-called at the
5:19 pm
u.n., on violent extremism. seminar to follow. >> listen, you and i both know krauthammer and o'reilly both know what is happening in the world now is off the chart dangerous for this country, for americans. it may be over there now. but with putin taking over the middle east in conjunction with iran and with isis gaining power almost everywhere, including afghanistan. the generals and the pentagon know what's happening. and they either have to sit on it and on their conscience watch their country go counsel the drain or resign and say enough. >> they sure have sat on a lot. >> they sure have. >> they allowed the evacuation of iraq which led to the collapse of a position that obama himself said when we left. leon panetta got out. >> he didn't resign on principle. he left at the change in administration. >> he was disgusted and
5:20 pm
wrote about it and now. >> but writing about it afterwards is a little bit after the fact. >> i agree. charles krauthammer, everybody. massive government wastes border dering on fraud that we have been investigating concerns planned parenthood and the epa. later, miller is angry about the government seizing private property and american children beingt turned into wimps up ahead. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? ♪
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truth serum tonight. we begin with this with donald trump last night. >> we have tremendous waste and abuse in this country. >> department of environmental protection where they are actually going around and causing damage as opposed to saving damage, a tremendous amounts of money. >> so you are going to go with the cleaver through -- all right.
5:24 pm
now, mr. trung is trump is correct. open the e.p.a. has spent $95 million on office furniture. that averages out to $6,000 per staff. planned parenthood which receives 528 million taxpayer dollars each year allegedly wasting an enormous amount of money. with us here in new york city eric shawn and washington shannon bremen both fox news correspondent. shannon, where are planned parenthood wasting the most money. >> enter tablement expenses in 2012 and 2,013,125,000 on entertainment alone. organizations that do fundraising and donors to entertain. sometimes that's where they spend their money. nearly $35 million on office space they spent in 2011. near madison square gardens there in new york we know the real estate is expensive. a lot of questions about political expenditures as well. $21 million to their own political lobbying arm political action fund and of
5:25 pm
course to almost every democrat who ran for congress in 2014. and if you are getting nearly half a billion dollars from the federal government and state governments every year people want to know where the money is going. >> sure. they are giving people who are liberal of persuasion money. then there is the e.p.a. situation. the environmental agency furniture. i like nice turn temperature. i go to ikea, right? is that the nice furniture. i never go. i know it's a furniture place. i don't know how to put it together so i couldn't go there. that seems to me a lot of money to spend on furniture for the e.p.a. $95 million. >> that's over the past decade. what the current e.p.a. spokesperson could confirm since president obama took office they spent $45,000,000.000000 on furniture. >> there is more to that story. they have actually down sized and during that time they changed offices. they have saved $80 million in rent so she says it's
5:26 pm
actually a net of $35 million. >> what if they had been reasonable about the furniture and only spent, say, 20 million, then they could have saved the taxpayers even more money. it seems like that's a lot of money to spend on furniture. i mean, do they need fold out beds in the e.p.a.? i think you just need a chair and a desk and maybe a little lounge chair for after hours? i'm not sure. >> the interesting thing is they said the old furniture wouldn't fit in the new space. that's why they had to get new furniture while they were down sizing. >> he you don't have to get a lazy boy. you get a chair and desk and that's what it is. okay. now, there is a woman who is in congress, eleanor holmes norton in north carolina, she is not at all bothered about the planned parenthood fetal tissue controversy. roll the tape. >> there is not a single individual in the united states today who hasn't benefited from fetal tissue. perhaps much of the public doesn't know that rubella, me measles and other vaccine
5:27 pm
s owe their discovery to fetal tissue which has been legal since 1992. >> wow, i apologize to north carolina, she is he from d.c. i read nc here. all right, so now the congresswoman says that feelings tissue, the selling of body parts by planned parenthood has wiped out measles and everything else. what is the the truth? >> fetal tissue research has saved millions of lives, bill. look at polio 1954. that vaccine was created through a kidney cell from a fetus. have you got the vaccines now chicken pox, rubella. german measles, hick chickenpox, rabies all from fetal tissue. those from two aborted fetuses in the 1960's they have grown the cell lines since then. the scientists say a lot of research on parkison's, spinal chord, als, down syndrome. degenerative eye disease and ebola vaccine all came from and being researched by using fetal tissue.
5:28 pm
they say it's really invaluable. >> there is a point that you say fetal tissue from aborted babies can be used for good. >> absolutely. >> it's all a matter of regulating the situation and making sure that it isn't abused or isn't used for -- it all goes into this good research and i think that's what everybody is wanting to see. but i'm glad we did that i'm glad we did that segment. you want to do both sides of the story. as much as we don't have a lot of respect for ms. holmes norton, she was right on, this right? >> a lot of people don't know that it did come from there. >> i didn't know it. >> remembers rubella umbrella? with the little commercial. protect us. >> i can't even describe how stupid i was as a kid. i didn't even know what statute i lived in. all right, eric and shannon, thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. new batch of emails written to and by hillary clinton released today. he we will tell you what the
5:29 pm
headline is and miller on the seizure of private property and also rudy giuliani on who he he thinks is gaining in the the republican field. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. factor follow up segment tonight, about 6,000 pages of remales released today from the state department to and former secretary of state hillary clinton. with us you now to analyze is karl rove. what's the headline in this
5:33 pm
latest email dump? >> out of the 3849 emails, roughly 6,000 pages, 215 of them are considered to be classified. they either contain sensitive information or top secret information. and she transmitted them through a system run out of the basement of her house in chap can a, new york. and once again, we have been mislead. we were told by hillary clinton that no information went through that system that was classified. then when it turned out there was classified information classified at the time it was sent is. that's a completely bogus line. why do you think we have a secure system for communicating at the department of state and probably sensitive information that flows through those systems that may upon examination may be considered classified. that's why they have a secure system. >> the clintons say look, at the time we received and sent these emails from the
5:34 pm
private server in the basement, nobody said they were classified or secret. but how could you not -- how could you do that when you didn't know what the email said because they were creating the flow. that's an old bogus argument and blown out of the water here. so, let me ask you this. 212 is the exact number that have now been labeled confidential that came out of her private system. okay? >> top secret. >> is she criminally liable for that? >> i am going to leave that up to the lawyers. i will say this. this is clearly in violation of the spirit. and i believe the letter will of the law. and what she says is this was allowed and permitted. as i said in my column last week in the "wall street journal," show us the lawyer who told you that. how reckless is it that the secretary of state decides to run a prosecute email system and apparently talked to no one in the office of
5:35 pm
legal advisor at the department of state. so tell us hot lawyer was who told you could do this. no lawyer at the department of state would have allowed this at all by the secretary of state. >> that's a good question. now, there was some other thing that is causing somehood lines and it's about the the gay stuff. the state department d to use md father, using parent number one and parent number two. so in one of her emails i will read a quote. who made the decision that state will not use the terms mother and father and instead substituted parent one and parent two with a question mark? i'm not defending that decision which i disagree with. and knew nothing about in front of congress. so, and then she says we need to address this today or be fossaing a huge fox generated media storm. and you say? >> i say a she was paranoid. she is right. they shouldn't have made that decision. they should have left it at mother and father.
5:36 pm
and you know but, here, look, here is the point. if she had done these through the normal course of things, we would have seen these after some time been revealed by the national archives and records administration. but, the irony is we probably would not have seen them until after the 2016 election. given the standards and procedures and timetables north for her to operated. she has created a problem for herself. every month we will see a dump of emails. >> 50,000 pages more to be released. >> look, there is a great one today. sydney blume that is sending her bun in which he refers to the leading from behind calling it a sophomorically stupid comment. the administration line we are leading from behind. her ally sidney blumenthal saying dismiss those people at the white house who are going to use that stupid line. get out in front and demonstrate that america led. there is all kinds of stuff that is going to be in there that is going to be god are for tempers to fly in
5:37 pm
washington. >> we will see when biden gets in. it will be miller time. the d man upset about the government seizing private property. miller is next. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. share the joy. next. ♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first... join the nation. thank you. thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. seizing private property. you may have heard of
5:41 pm
eminent domain whereby the government, federal, state, or local can seize private property if there is a need for the public good they say. now, the government has to pay for it. but they can talk it away from its rightful owner if the the routeful owner won't sell. coney island, new york. the city wants to redevelop the amusement park. three ocean fronts track of land just sitting there owners don't want to sell. the city says it's going to seize the land. jung us now from santa barbara. the other side of the coast. the sage of southern california, dennis miller. and you say? >> well, i thought it was the city first, billy. but my sources on the ground told me actually putin has seized that property. he is opening up a steak house out there called primea he went out there and took it because he knew we weren't going to do anything. out of all the things that you hear about that seem unamerican. and there is some crazy thing now that seem
5:42 pm
unamerican. i can't believe we are funding when you hear those baby stories on those tapes it's like -- that stuff is evil, some of that stuff. and then you know, not having the border seems unamerican. but when you get right down to it, if you have a plot. and somebody wants to put a coaster in and you don't want to sell the plot, and they can take the plot, i would say that's about the least american thing i can imagine. but, billy, there is a precedent, right? didn't the o'malleys do this out here in l.a.? >> yeah, if it's for the economic good of an area, like coney island and, by the way. russians are all over coney island. i don't know whether you knew that or not. putin probably did open a steak house. russians all over the place out in brooklyn. the eminent domain came in because of the railroads. and the railroads are going across the country and then farmer gray had this big spread right in the middle of the tracks. is not selling. and said hey, we can't zoom the railroad around you 500 acres. we are going to take it so, you know, there are some
5:43 pm
places where that makes sense but coney island, i think that's overtoo long it. so should tie it up. they should tie it up in the courts. >> the thing that amazes me, billy. of the de blasio so so deblaize. you get guys like him or sanders or old dances with donors elizabeth warren. you get them. near somebody he is' stuff. they turn into wealth we redistribution ninjas. they are flying in from the ceiling, flowing ninjas they are brutal. >> up in washington state in mercer island school district, very affluent group, the guys who run that operation have a hands off policy on tag for the urchins, miller. tag, as miller well knows is you have to touch another person. you are it. if you have a hands off policy, you can't play tag the reason is and i'm quoting now. on structured play
5:44 pm
deteriorated into name-calling, fighting and injury during incidents last year. so, tag has erupted into isis-like torture in washington state, miller. and you say? >> well, billy, we are going it put these kids out and they are in for a rude equakenning. there is a real fecal storm out here in the real world 21 to 25. nobody is playing these no tag games out here. it is full contact tag. and in this country true, with the unemployment figures, and i know they are going to say the right is great. i'm not talking about the rate. i'm talking about how many people are out of it. i think it's 94 million now. they are starting to play a game out here called you are it, i quit. this better get ready for that this don't want your kid playing dodge ball anymore. they don't want them to get hurt. do you want to dump your kid at 25 no skills no, bruises, no healthy right arm.
5:45 pm
>> the good news is the parents of mercer island have rebelled and they are saying knock it off. i want my kid to play tag but they are going to play flag tag. a flag you pull instead of touching. it's the wimpification of all of the american children. >> wow, billy, flag tag. >> flag tag. >> i was watching the secretary of defense talk today about russia sending us -- they put something on an etch and sketch and sent it over to our thing and said we are going to bomb some things today. i heard him talking, the secretary of defense and he said with, this is all about deconfliction in syria. >> i said no wonder the kids are soft. this is the head guy talking about deconfliction. >> you can imagine patton saying that word. there is miller, everybody. quick update on the bolder fresher he shows. phoenix at the co-markca. florida ross month. all 8 a % sold out. st. louis completely sold out. bill o' you have to move fast.
5:46 pm
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5:50 pm
where were you in the polls? >> two different polls 27% in one of your polls and 32% in the nbc poll. >> so you were leading the pack 32% in the nbc poll. >> so you were leading the pack? >> right. and the number two was senator thompson. >> um-hmm. the guy who does the reverse the mortgage commercials. we like him. but this is fascinating to me. >> and hillary was about 15 points ahead of obama. >> so you were the front runner. and you had stronger numbers than trump does now. what was going through your mind? i got this? >>. >> no, what was going through my mind was it's too early. >> so wourld it have been better if you're in the middle of the
5:51 pm
pac? >> it's hard to say that. maybe it's better if you're not the front runner and everybody is behind doors. >> i've got to tell you, i was out today doing interviews for reagan. everybody, because trump was on here last night. but the media is obsessed with donald trump. i remember covering you and we thought that you were a viable candidate for president of the united states. >> i was one of a number of candidates. >> people magazine is printing his tax proposals.
5:52 pm
>> i just met with a number of foreign dignitaries. a lot of them like trump. the idea of a stronger guy going up against the evil doers. >> going up against lee iatola. there's a phenomenon there that i think america wants not only somebody out of government, because you can see carson and fiorina. >> ahead of him as well, sure. >> now, you were a tough mayor. and you had to negotiate with trump because trump wanted to do things in the city. so it was you and trump, mono-e-mono. and trump is one of the best negotiators in the world, i'm going to have the mexicans pay for the wall, the chinese are going to do takeout, you know, all of that. is trump a tough negotiator? >> yes, he was. and i awarded the time warner building, i said that's my
5:53 pm
project, i'm very proud of it. the time warner building, i awarded it to someone other than trump. >> did he call you a pinhead? >> no, you know what he did? when we built the building, he put a big sign up on a building he had next to it you have a better view from trump towers next to it. >> was he upset? >> he was perfectly professional about it. he lost, he fought like heck from et, and then he had his 93 story tower and then he had to make it an 83 story tower. but he fought for that one. >> so you respect him? >> as a businessman, i respect him. as an intellect, i respect him. may i consider him as somebody who's a good influence on this race. >> he is getting much more attention from this race than anyone would. some of the issues i agree, some of the issues i disagree. >> america is hating the media.
5:54 pm
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the best-selling non-fiction book in america. if you would like to hear an excellent interview about "killing reagan," please go to the patriot channel on spend some time with me. katy couric, nice enough to interview me. bill, your tone was adversarial while interviewing donald trump. he did not rise to your attempts to rile him. e lay and jim, you disappointed us by pandering to donald trump. sharon andreas. we don't care if you call someone a clown.
5:57 pm
rock hill, south carolina. i'm going weary of the protrump agenda on the factor. i think i got every time zone in there. the world of burning and your concerned with kate's law? you bet i am. car la brown, when advocating for case law would help if you would explain what an aggravated felony is. a crime with a violence. you asked what lawmaker would vote against kate's law. 177 democrats voted last week. the bill would require doctors to keep babies alive if they weren't killed in the abortion process and were actually birthed. and i believe some of those same people will vote against kate's law. the list of legislators voting for fant side.
5:58 pm
my wife bought me killing reagan for a two-day hospital stay. mike in tasmania, australia, you've enjoyed your defining of the word panty waist in the tip of the day down here. to call somebody a drongo means you're labeling someone a loser. in the 1920s, a racehorse named drongo lost every race he had. thanks for checking in from tasmania. >> finally, a new gallop poll says just 40% of americaning trust the media. 60% do not. the reason is deception. after last night's interview with donald trump, the far left hate web sites, salon, headline this. donald trump rurps to fox news, confesses to bill o'reille he's not president rnl. that is a lie. trump never said anything close
5:59 pm
to that. there are scores of salons in the arena that simply make stuff up. then, some traditional media, pass the garbage along to you. they pick it up. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site, which is different from tomorrow, we have a very interesting story. there's a story in maine that is now being overrun by recent muslim immigrants. it's changed everything in the town. and we are going to present you what's happening there.
6:00 pm
of course we'll name the town. of course, in the world we live in, if you say anything about muslims, you're a bigot or whatever. thanks for watching us tonight. megyn is next. >> breaking tonight, new questions emerging about whether the united states is heading for an armed showdown with russia. like a crisis from the cold war, what started as a tense meeting on monday has escalated into dramatic breaking news from russia and moscow. earlier today, a three-star russian general walked in to an embassy in baghdad a


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