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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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of course we'll name the town. of course, in the world we live in, if you say anything about muslims, you're a bigot or whatever. thanks for watching us tonight. megyn is next. >> breaking tonight, new questions emerging about whether the united states is heading for an armed showdown with russia. like a crisis from the cold war, what started as a tense meeting on monday has escalated into dramatic breaking news from russia and moscow. earlier today, a three-star russian general walked in to an embassy in baghdad and told us
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we had an hour to get our jets out of syria. with washington in full scramble and warnings of possible accidents, secretary of state john kerry addressed the u.n. security council at noon, saying the obama administration supported the effort as long as russia was attacking the islamist state terrorists. but we learned that was not what was happening. the russians targeted the one group of folks in syria that america actually supports. and they reportedly killed a couple of dozen civilians including children in the process. the u.s. defense secretary said it was unprofessional. to say they had had a constructive meeting about our
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"need for clarity. agreeing that we have a lot of work to do. as the crisis unfolds, we have with us senator marco rubio. also, former white house secretary is here on how the russians managed to pull this off and embarrass the united states according to many. but we begin with retired four-star general jack keen who is the kusht chairman for the institute of the study of war. general, thank you for being here with us tonight. how bad is this? put this in perspective? >> well, frankly, we have once again putin's economy who is in the tank. what he's counting on is the president's predictable fear of confrontation.
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this is a game changer. i's significant. in terms of the u.s. losing influence and putin gaining influence. it is a big deal. what we learn today is they may say that they're going after isis. see the little red things? that's where the russians stuck. nowhere near the green areas. >> yeah, that's absolutely true. the reason for putin being here with his limited military capability is the fact that the rebels have been --
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>> hold on. hold on. let me understand what you just said. >> the car north of damascus that goes all the way up to the north earn border, the rebels have been putting huge pressure on that corridor. and they've taken control of it. this has been happening gradually for a year. >> the false narrative is isis. now, eventually, will he attack some isis targets out in the northeast, likely? that gives him the foothold in the middle east. >> who we hate and obama has said he's got to go.
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let me is you this. what is your behind-the-scenes reaction to the pentagon and what happened today? >> the pentagon has been very frustrated for a long time. what secretary kerry did today, his faciletorial effort towards the russians makes no sense to me. what should have been said to the russians. they actually flew their fighters understood beneath their cargo airplanes so no one would pick them up on radar. what we're going to do is fly what we want, when we want, where we want. if you don't stay out of the area, then expect confrontation. we have got to assert ourselves.
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there's so much we can do to assert ourselves. >> it's a very provocative move by putin. it created this masquerade of pulling the chemical weapons out. putin has had a dwimpbt relationship with us for some time. we haven't made up our mind that this relationship is fundamentally changed. >> general, always great getting your perspective. good seeing you, sir. >> well, with russia clearly winning round one, it did not take long for the political
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writers to le mind people about this moment. >> a few months ago, when you were asked what's the biggest political event in america, you said russia. not al-qaida. russia. president obama also said that isis was j.v., not long ago. and now they're supposedly bombing the j.v. squad. >> one of the things that president obama says all the time is that these actors are on the wrong side of history. they've put america on the wrong side of history in the middle east.
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they like him. they're having a little alliance. >> there are also another alliance that putin wants to strengthen. that's his most important audience. you can say look at the united states. they do nothing. 36 hours later, i'm bombing. >> we agreed that the military
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should get in context very soon. >> we agreed on the imperative of as soon as possible. perhaps even as soon as tomorrow. but as soon as possible. having a military to military con flexion discussion. >> the decon flix discussion is going to happen as soon as possible. >> the state department word sound is always a little bit hard to translate. but let me dell you what he said. we are powerless because in this situation, i think they appeared to want it together. we're going to fly where we want when we want. there's going to be a problem versus we're going to have a problem.
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you have defense department and state department. they were totally caught unaware. they had different statements today. so president obama, i would hope, in the morning, is going to have a security council meeting. i would call it at 7:30 a.m. >> but he can't say that unless he really means it. remember, 250,000 people have died. you can't just do a speech on climate change and expect that these real world problems of today are going to go away. >> and this is going to be more
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of a 2016 campaign issue. >> president obama is leaving his successor with a real mess. we have big news as we dig deeper on a whole series of polls that just came out today. and then a black lives matter activists. we'll show you the video that got her in trouble and the defense she's now trying to offer. i'm always there for my daughter. for the little things. and the big milestones.
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will create a new neighborhood right here with 40% affordable housing, 8 acres of parks and open space, all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪ here's what you'll begin to see. the russians will begin to fly in the next weeks. >> it was just two weeks ago that senator marco rubio said. predicting that russia would
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launch air strikes in syria, sparing isis terrorists. a prediction we saw unfold earlier today. joining me now, senator mar marco rubio. >> senator, you nailed it. that's exactly what we're now seeing. how did you know that was going to happen? >> it was quite predictable. it's about something even broader. and that it's showing the world that russia is now a power broker in the northeast. the message is they're actually more reliable. so this is a multifaceted plan by vladamir putin.
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>> how big a set back is this to the united states? >> we're beginning to look like a junior partner. you saw that play out at the united nations. looking and saying all they talked about is what they're not going to do. maybe russia would be a good partner to work with. >> just last night, one of your competitors, donald trump, had a different idea for how to deal with syria, with isis in syria. >> putin has now taken over what we've started. once puting gets in and fights
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isis on behalf of asad, he owns syria. he'll never get out. >> okay, fine, do you want to run syria? >> well, he's wrong about that. it's just a misunderstanding about the reality of this. the purpose of what the russians are doing is not to defeat isis. asad is a brutal dictator, but he's worse than that. he's an aent-american thug on the middle east. that comets to do so even today. i think they both need to go. >> what should we do? >> isis with obviously -- well,
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the first thing we need to do is put together allies. the united states will have to put that coalition together. >> the news just hitting. apparently, hillary clinton had at least five attempts to hack her computer by the russians. and this is just now breaking. so your thoughts on that? on the insecurity of that e-mail she was using? >> when this whole thing about the e-mail broke, one of the first things i said was she made it susceptible to foreign intelligence agencies. and i pet you it's not just the russians.
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i bet you're going to try the chinese, as well. by communicating in an insecure matter is inexcusable. >> they're looking into it. and they haven't confirmed whether the hacking was succe successful in these particular instances. millions of people are potentially in the path. the higher she rises in the polls, the har r sher she falls. >> yesterday, i was protested by
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>> breaking tonight, a top republican contender comes under increasing scrutiny. james rosen reports from our d.c. bureau. she is learning tonight that that skutny extends beyond simple re-examinations. fiorina is coming under continuing fire as critics accuse her of having mischaracterize during the cnn debate. the coffin tents of those videos. it's heartbeating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.
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but the organization responsible for that segment of footage has since released the full unedded it fetus. the people that made the footage said it's not happening. >> the daily beast writes what's disturbing about fiorina's falsehood isn't that she lied, it's not even really that her lies get bigger every time. what should give you pause is that by sheer use of will, to the point her superpac sliced together a different video to illustrate just what it is she said she saw.
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however, the blog stuck by its verdict. the blog says media i can't say on full display. joining us now, fox news ice media buzz. she gets three pinocios. that means significant -- it meanings her story was mostly false about going from secretary to ceo. and, yet, her first job was as a secretary.
6:26 pm
where's the lie. where's the dishonesty. >> essentially, the presidential candidate is lying and not able to find a single untruth. all of those things happened. most information was drawn from her own books and interviews. i gave that segment four pinochioes. they resdwreblgt that because they glossed over the only opportunities that she had. she was a secretary. >> she never said that she grew up in a log cabin in a poor family.
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>> a number of women quoted about saying about carl carly fiorina. it's so weird. she looks like one of us, but she's not. what does that mean? you're on the bus with her until she starts talking about planned pasht hood. >> i know, it's so tiring. people are so -- they're just dog matic in their believes. it's fine. you cannot want to support carly because you're pro-choice and she isn't. but to deny her her accomplishments as a strong female professional, and to say she's not one of us, if us is strong women. it's absurd. you tell me whether the attacks on her are based, in large part, on the fact that not that she's a woman, she's a conati zimpbty
6:28 pm
american. i know this was going to get intensified media skrutny. and she should. >> i think rand paul is more intense than ted cruise. let me just say this, the abortion controversy on the tape, you tell me. that seems legitimate. you can probe into whether she was misrepresenting on there. but to challenge her story, because the dad was the dean of wharton school.
6:29 pm
so to use that and call her a liar -- >> they're making it sound like she was trying to lead us to believe that there she was, answering the phones and they said yi s a lovely speaking voice. would you happen to be the ceo of pack ard? >>. >> i that wrote a father or mother low up saying gee, people are angry, but they didn't take away any of their pinochioes. >> we've got new forecasting tonight on what could turn into a very dangerous situation. as a danous hurricane even becomes more powerful. we've got an update for you live. >> plus, fwig news for the republican field as we go blind the numbers that make up a brand new series of polls. this is why we're seeings a
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shift and how in this case for the white house. and then a black lives we've got the video that led to her arrest.
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. first, a usa today poll is showing donald trump leading.
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he's ten points ahead of his next closest competitor. while dr. carson and fiorina are tied at 13, each is surging. carly up by 12 points. but a washington post poll that digs into who was supporting which candidate shows a different kind of story: he's our digital politics editor. and back with us, howie kurtz. plus 18 sounds like better than minus 25, unless you're talking about weight loss. why is this good news for carson and bad news for trump and mediocre for fiorina. >> we always care a lot about
6:35 pm
faif rabbit. there are basically six candidates in the running. then we want to say who's in there? what's the support like in there. and favorability is the measure of, as we talk about are you open to this person? are you willing to vote for this person. and we see somebody with high favorability numbers, that means they have a lot of room to vote. when you see somebody who has low energy, that means that they may be at the limit of their -- what they can do. you look at the washington post poll and it shows a growing gender gap and a less educated
6:36 pm
base as potential limits on donald trump's popularity. >> i realize many more men like donald trump than the women. couldn't he still win the nomination? maybe, probably not. the other thing is this. when you talk about where you are in race, and when you're in a race like this, you're thinking about, o, i can win at 26% fw nobody catches up. if the rest of the field doesn't start coalessing. however, what happens over time
6:37 pm
they teeter off. some will stay and some will go. and those that go, their vote share will move onto other people and those numbers will change. the reason we care about this stuff is who's going to do the best when the change comes. >> when you look at the number of people who know donald trump, it's everyone. no opinion, 28%. trump, only 5% of the people in that washington post poll. that's the problem of trying to build up his numbers. they already know him and they've made their decision one way or the other. >> they better know him. he's on tv 22 hours a day.
6:38 pm
he does have an unfavorability problem. so people either really like him or don't like himment but in the past, he's shown some ability to turn that around. those comments about not advocating republican president. there are a lot of people who don't know that much about ben carson. so i think that could change, depending on how he handles the pressure and the scrutiny. >> what these polls are showing us, chris, and this is back to the suff oh, lk vote. should anyone care, at this point? right now, he's fighting it out for the gop nomination. >> so the don servetives seem to be gravitating to carson.
6:39 pm
that might be enough to get through. but let's say he can pull off 25% of the electorate. get through to the nomination. then you get to the general. if you haven't found a way to get out of that coalition, or what you had to do to keep that together and you come back and say hey, ladies, i'm here. let's party. it may be tough. >> in the end, he went with a different campaign slogan. but maybe you'll reconsider yours. great to see you both. >> thavngs, megyn. >>. >> movering on, some disturbing news tonight as forecasters are expressing new concerns that a massive storm system could soon join forces with a hurricane now
6:40 pm
churning near the bahamas. that could bring ten inches of rain. what's happening, rick? >> millions of people, but also, they've seen so much rain from the last couple of days from the storm that's been plaguing them. that is not etch from what is hurricane joquin. sh. >> it's going to linger here a day, day and a half. here's kind of an example of that. we like this model a lot. it has been pulling it away from shore. but most of the other guidance,
6:41 pm
take a look at this, pulling ilgt right here. we could be having a cat fwoir two or three hurricane in the mid atlantic sometime this weekend. >> before i let you go, how often is the euro model right? >> it's a really good model. we like that model. >> this is how good it is. all of these models here are going this way. and that one model being out here makes us not bet on this just yet. we do like that model. >> they're as good at their weather predictions as they are at their wine. >> great to see you, rick. >> you, too. >> also, what happened when a
6:42 pm
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developing tonight, today, had to face a judge on a charge of making terrorist threats to police. trace galagher has the story. >> the w078 is part of the flag movement, an option of black lives matters. in a video, appears holding a machote. shi repeatedly calls for open season on police, police stations and why people. or crackas, as she calls them. they're killing our unarmed men. for no reason at all.
6:47 pm
>> she goines onto say f americ. she was arrested at her home a mile and a half from the police station in clayton, county, georgia. >> she appears to be sure prize. that's all. i never said anything more than that. i never said anything more than that. so i'm being arrested for what? squl she's now brg bharked. the girl is apparently not her child. she's being held without bond. megy in. >> thank you. >> she never said anything more than that. i don't care what the video tape says. forget that. >> and i watched it several times.
6:48 pm
it is available on youtube. what makes this case fascinating is that she's going to say that our forefathers fought and gave up their lives so that she can declare open season on crackers. it starts with the movemented that she's a part of. i'm sure the black lives matter movement is thanks a lot for the help. but here's the question. contrary to what some legal analysts said, hate speech is not prohiblted by the constitution. so how does et cross over from general people waiting. >> 95% of what she says is
6:49 pm
outrageous,age ri, hurtful, but clearly protected. it's the fa% where she is clearly kpibtsing fighting g works. it makes it clear that her actions are criminal. squl and then she's got the child abuts charge in there. they were, like, there's a 14-year-old you used the belt on. the problem is she's got a long list of issues here. what's likely to happen to her now? >> her lawyers will do the best that they can, alleging that her speech is analogous to others, outrageo outrageous, offensive things. i think they're going to fail. you have to look at everything. it's not just the words p it's the actions. she's holding a gun and a machete. she's saying let's get them. let's be warriors. she's not suggesting through words or actions.
6:50 pm
she's saying violence. it's very clear. >> how is it we saw them a couple of years ago saying we've got to kill some cracker babies. how is it different? >> it's all fact sensitive. peoo so and i do every day. but when you then step over the line and advocate we need to pick up weapons. we need to go to the police station. we need to get the crackers, we need to get the police, now you're advocating violence, megyn and now you're stepping over the line. >> she's stepping over the line and stepping all over the american flag which is what she's normally doing, that's her first commitment to be part of the -- know, as i said, fu flag. great to see you, mark. >> same here, megyn. >> you know, it's late in the evening. so you -- maybe you can say things like that. didn't say the actual word. it's her movement. coming up next governor mike huckabee is here and he's
6:51 pm
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turns out pope francis met with kim davis when he was in washington. she's the county clerk that denies same-sex couples their marriage licenses in kentucky. the mainstream media cheered the news. oh, wait. my next guest is former arkansas governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee. good to see you tonight. in fact, what we saw was bloomberg called it the wrong message. slate called it a disaster and esquire called it the dumbest thing the pope has ever done. you disagree. >> well, of course i disagree.
6:55 pm
the pope gave an affirmation to somebody who had conscience, somebody who carried out her faith. he respects that. he appreciates it. and he expressed that to kim davis. he even said to kim, pray for me. she was overwhelmed with the sense that the pope would talk to her. she's not even catholic. i thought it was an incredibly powerful experience, not just for kim davis but for so many people who stand with her and believe she's doing what she should do and that's follow her faith. >> they talked about how this undermines everything that he accomplished on his visit here, that's what "esquire" said and undermines the healing message that he brought. why? no secret that the catholic church opposes gay marriage. >> but they also stand strongly for the sanctity of human life. the catholic church hasn't changed its doctrine, neither has this pope. a lot of people on the left would like to believe he's somehow soft on marriage, soft
6:56 pm
on life. he met with the little sisters of the poor. he affirmed them. they hear what they want to hear, but that's part of the problem. we're living in a day when the media wants to pick the presidential candidate. they want to decide who gets heard, who doesn't. the media wants to decide what the pope's message means. i think the pope's pretty capable of getting his message out without some left wing media person trying to interpret it for him. >> governor mike huckabee, great to see you. we'll be right back. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase... ...the risk of depression.
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so tomorrow night we have charles krauthammer and guess what else happens? nana turns 100. yes, my lovely nan turns 100 years young. october 1st, 1915 she came into the world. and tomorrow, victory lap. tonight, russia's president vladimir putin flexes his muscles and tests president obama. >> there is a logical contradiction in the russian position and now its actions in syria. >> 2016 republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is here tonight to weigh in. >> the biggest problem we have today is the most extremist violence that's given birth to isil. >> british prime minister david cameron, he calls out radical islamists. why can't our president do the same? >> he's a very insecure person. he doesn't like to be criticized. >> haddy atta he attacks me abo. but quite


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