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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the time we have left. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance. it hurts our feelings when this is a fox news alert. russian president vladimir putin in a stunning development surprising the president of the united states and the u.s. military by launching air strikes in syria. it all started early this morning as the russian three star general barged into the u.s. ambassador in baghdad and warned the united states to stay out of the way and clear the sky. russia is claiming it is target isis. the pentagon is not buying that. the united states saying russia may be targeting syrian opposition fighters and not isis. those syrian opposition fighters are trying to kick dictator assad out of power. >> russia has out gamed us once again.
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>> the pentagon was caught off guard. >> the united states and the clution will continue our ongoing air operations as we have from the very beginning. >> today, we see he vladimir putin attacking with his airplanes. >> that approach is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> it's doomed to failure. >> he is budding for dominance in the middle east against the united states. it is imperative to find a solution to this conflict and to avoid escalating it in any way. >> he wants to wipe out all of the opposition assad except islamic state. >> don't let the russians tell us we can't fly over syria. >> it is imperative for the president to fight back on this. >> we fly anywhere we want to and you better stay out of the way. that's the message that should be sent to vladimir putin. >> former united states ambassador to the united nations john bolton is live
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at the u.n. in new york city. good evening, ambassador. and how in the world does the yachts get surprised when both president putin and president obama both in new york city and the past few days and the foreign minister of russia and ourselves john kerry in russia. how does our military suddenly get surprised? >> because the president wasn't paying attention and president putin was lying. i mean, look, this is an enormous strategic set back for the united states. the events of the past three days. in an area, vital american national interest. this is like a fire bell in the night to our friends and adversaries aluke. all over the world. that power in the middle east is passing from america's weak hands. >> ambassador, how is it foreign minister lavrov and john kerry can stand shoulder and shoulder and meet today when it certainly does appear from the pentagon today from ourselves is that russia is
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targeting the syrian opposition which are the very people we are training, which means that they are -- i mean, we are against them. they are there against us. >> well, secretary kerry made a devastating confession in his speech at the security council today where he, in effect, legitimized russian military participation in the region, that's a mistake in and of itself. beyond that, while he did say that it was supportive of russia on if they were attacking isis position, the russians knew from the get-go that that's not what they were going to do. and i think they are simply playing on this american weakness. it's just devastating for the secretary of state to stand there and listen to lavrov say well, we have got a few tech nuclear call differences here that we will have to work out. i will tell you something, i have known sergei lavrov for 2 a years. this was a moment of triumph for him today at the u.n. >> why is putin doing this and now?
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>> in the immorality words of bill clinton because he can. because he sees weakness on the part of the united states, sees irresolution in the effort to stop isis. he strongly wants to get assad boosted in power, to create an axis, which he has effectively done of iran, the satellite government in baghdad. the assad regime in syria and the hezbollah terrorist in will be none. he wants to strengthen russia's military position in the united states, which has done. sees no effective american pushback. we haven't seen the last of this. >> ambassador bolton, thank you, sir. and earlier secretary of state john considery went "on the record." now, is in new york city for the u.n. general assembly. weave spoke to secretary kerry just hours before russia began their surprise air strikes in syria. late yesterday, secretary kerry and i talked about vladimir putin and ice isis. >> mr. secretary, nice to
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see you, sir. >> nice to be here. thank you. >> what do you do about assad? >> well, we are going to work with our members of the coalition, the allies who are all combined in order to fight isil. and now hopefully be able to get russia to join in the effort to fight isil. but also to to be part of a political trap because you have to do both at the same time in order to try to come to a political resolution with respect to the transition government of capacity in syria. my hope is, judging on the meeting we had yesterday with president putin, i believe there is san opportunity to be able to do -- you to go down that political track because president putin accepted the idea of a dual track effort. he indicated a willingness to work through a political transition. what that means for assad yet is not yet finalized, not determined. >> do you have the sense president putin wants president assad to go?
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>> i think what he he wants is a solution to the problem and he understands that assad is a major blockade to do that. as turned around and said, you know, i'm going to kick him out? no, he hasn't said that yet. what he has said is he is prepared to have a political process. and the end result of that process is really up to the syrian people. so there may be a way through that threading of needle to come to an understanding about where we are heading. if assad insists on staying there syria will be destroyed jihadis, extremists attracted to the fight will come in even greater numbers and you will never be able to milwaukee peace until you resolve of what is happening to the political tract of assad. >> is there any indication he wants to leave or willing to leave? >> there are indications that has said publicly if the syrian people don't want me, then i'm prepared to go.
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he has also do you believe that? there is a lot of indications there is a civil war there. >> i don't believe what he says. i don't wait to hear what he says. what i do care about is what russia and iran and other countries are prepared to do in order to try to solve this problem. >> but within hours of our interview in his hotel last night breaking news, the real russian plan becoming evident launching air strikes against syria. secretary kerry addressing the u.n. security council. >> the government has argued that bemust support assad in order to defeat isil. but the reality is that assad has rarely chosen himself to fight isil. >> while going "on the record" yesterday, secretary kerry saying such an alliance will create problems in the fight against isis is. putin has put himself in the center of the problem. is he there on the ground now. says he is going to thereby to fight ewes sill.
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guess what? if he is there to fight isil and he doesn't have the support of sunni, he is never going to succeed in that fight he may end up in a seriousous down hill. we all have a responsibility because of the numbers of refer agrees leaving the country, flooding europe. changing the politics of europe in an extraordinary process of destruction of historical sites and of people and the capacity of the country to be whole, that's what's happening because of isil's presence and assad. both problems is have to solved. may well be you have to solve them simultaneously. >> what's in it for president putin. security agreement with iraq, iran. intelligence sharing. what's in it for him? what's his interest in this? >> let me just point out very quickly that russia has been coordinating with iraq and in the region for many years. this is not new. and the intelligence that
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they will be sharing, getting from the iraqis we know is nothing that entries with us or threatens us this any way whatsoever. and if you are going to coordinate in an effort against isil, you are going to need some kind of coordination with respect to whose operating where and what they are going after. so president obama and president putin agreed to immediately engage in military to military deconfliction at the most basic level, not yet he to cooperate in the missions but to de-conflict. >> but today's russian air strikes a clear violation of russia's supposed commitment to de-conflict. but at the united nations today, secretary kerry still pushing for deconfliction. >> we are prepared to welcome those efforts and to find a way to de-conflict our operations and there by multiply the military pressure on isil and affiliated groups. but we must not and will not be confused in our fight
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against isil with support for assad. moreover, we have also made clear that we would have grave concerns should russia strike yaris where isil and al qaeda affiliated targets are not operating. >> but fox news learning the target was not isis. leading some people to believe the target may actually be syrian rebels and part of a plan to prop up syrian dictator bashar assad. >> we will continue our missions as we are doinged to. the french have now joined in the fight with us and flying missions. australians. there is a lot happening. i'm convinced over the course of the next days that there will be additional pressure on isil. the problem is and remains as we keep telling iran and russia, if if you do not find a way to be inclusive with respect to the sunnies, 65 million of them, from baghdad all the way up to the turkish border, through iraq and syria, if they are not brought in to this fight, if they are not
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brought into the governing, you cannot solve the problem of isil and you certainly can't solve the problem of assad in syria. >> what's in it for president putin? what are his designs. >> putin has a very legitimate concern about 2,000 chech knee chechens surrounded by countries even more people there to learn the fight. i think he also is fearful that his client, assad, was losing ground to both isil and the opposition. and, therefore, wanted to shore him up. but i think shore him up with a view to trying to maintain russia's influence and presence in the country. even as they try to secure a political solution. it's a plaintiff's exhibit plaintiff's plaintiff's complicated. very complicated series of different interests in relationships all of which have to be managed in way to
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try i to secure a resolution and i think we will find out. but this is not going to happen in one day or, you know, one week. it will take a little while to sort through the modalities. and put the political tract together. that's what we are going to do. >> now, there is more of my interview with secretary of state john kerry coming up. i asked whether the door is open. even a crack, for a run for president in 2016 and whether or not this secretary use as private email account. putin gave virtually no notice to the united states only learning about the russian air strikes one hour before putin began dropping the bombs. it's not just a surprise bombing. putin's targets that has the pentagon and the white house very worried tonight. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. kathleen? >> greta, this unfolded very quickly this morning. a three star russian general walked into the u.s. ambassador in baghdad. had a brief verbal statement. and the encounter was described as kurt, and
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direct. message for the united states to get its aircraft out of northern syria because the bombing by the russians would begin in just an hour's time. here's the key thing. with the russians you have to watch what they do and not what they say. they hit six strikes, three separate provinces, all of them in areas where we have seen the opposition make very modest gains in the last year. this was about degrading those gains not about degrading isis. >> you obviously heard the public statement by the secretary of state. are they admitting that this -- i mean, it's incredible planning. it didn't just start. >> i'm glad you mention that there seems to be a real disconnect between what's being said politically and what was understood in the military and also intelligence level. two weeks ago. the head of the defense intelligence agency acknowledged that they were watching russian military hardware move into syria. we also know within the last
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week it waste known to the intelligence community that the russians were moving fighterrer jets into syria. at an intelligence level and military level. they saw this build up. but the hardest thing to discern in intelligence is understanding the intent. it would seem at least at a political level that the u.s. miscalculated and believed that when putin made an agreement with the president to work out how they would operate in this airspace it, really was not a promise that was going to be kept. >> miscalculate is such a nice word for being had. you know, anyway. catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> and tonight we have more secretary of state hillary clinton emauls. just a short time ago the state department releasing 6,000 new pages of emails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. what's in this latest batch of emails. fox news white house correspondent ed henry joins me. ed? >> good to see you. this is the drip, drip that hillary clinton talked about on meet the press over the weekend she has no control over. the state department for the eve month for the next few
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months is going to be ereissing more of the emails. there is no smoking gun here in her defense as she has said before, the emails are not marked classified. they have been deemed classified by the state department after the fact. however, as you know, her critics have been saying for some time, she should have known that there was classified information in these emails. there is more than 200 as we count them up now in this batch that have some sort of classified information. two quick examples of interesting emauls. one, there is an email that talks about these secret talks that were going none 2011 in oman that paved the way for the iran nuclear deal. this was one of the most sensitive secrets within the obama administration that these talks were going on. what was said in this email? we don't know because it's blacked out. second email summer of 2011. massive hack of g mail. we should you go public with the fact that our systems are so messed up that we have staffers using their personal email accounts
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because the state department can't keep up with it. cheryl mills jumps n an emaul and says no, let's not do that. it will bring more attention to the fact because cheryl mills says she faced an attempted hack. and if they put this out publicly, more people might try to hack them. so in the summer of 20 is 1, they knew behind closed doors and within their email that this was a security threat. that this could be a pr problem. and, yet, they continued doing it it's funny, just in the last few moments, the white house put out a press release saying this is national cyber security awareness month. kind of ironic twist, greta. >> they could have waited on that one. anyway, ed, thank you. >> good to he see you. former secretary of state hillary clinton's email scandal has plagued her white house run and taken a toll on favorability among voters. can secretary clinton dig out from this mess. "boston globe" matt, and abc news political director rick klein. rick, except from the announcement from the white house that didn't help make
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national cyber security awareness month or whatever it is. certainly a pr flap. >> the drips become a puddle and a flood of. taken a major toll. whether joe biden should be in the race. all of this creates a toxic mess for her going to be repeated with with all the email releases. benghazi testimony in a week's time about a month from now. it will continue to be there. it is going it to be baked in the cake that is hillary clinton and we will be talking about it unto the moment that she does or doesn't accept the nomination and doesn't accept the nomination of president. >> i have several questionings but one of them is like while in the world do you have a server in your house? i don't get why she wanted that. is there some way politically she can stop this? >> it's hard at this point. in the beginning, you know, sort of pr 1 o1.
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get all the information out as quickly as possible. the campaign has not done that you have had this drip drip drip. now we are in this scenario of the monthlily release of emails reminds us of that she has lost control of the story. >> all right. there is breaking news. the a.p. is now reporting emails russian hackers tried to break five times into her email -- into her private server. that's a.p. is reporting. breaking news just crossing seconds ago that russian hackers tried five times. >> wow she has held out the security of her own email. >> tried is a little different than accomplish in one sense. if there? i good news for us the a.p. breaking news is that they tried five times. >> and didn't get it i don't
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know what else. certainly shows the vulnerability. certainly shows she is a target and the reasonable why you need to have a secure email server. >> that is going to raise the questions from critics of this all along. had you this private server opening up potentially to jurent vulnerabilities from foreign governments trying to hack into it without the security of the federal government monitoring it. >> well, anyway, let me repeat, breaking news, just crossing a.p. wires that hillary clinton's emails that there are indications that russian hackers tried five times to hack her emails. anyway. matt and rick if you will just stick around -- her server, rather. right now donald trump is speaking in new hampshire. "on the record" producers are monitoring his speech. we will bring you any breaking news as it happens. and today, it was a squeaker on capitol hill. a government shutdown just narrowly avoided. with, until december 11th that is. that means the budget problems are far from over. ohio governor and 2016 presidential candidate john kasich goes "on the record"
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until december 11th, i think it is. your thoughts on this? >> well, we are all disappointed that we haven't been able to defund planned parenthood, but everybody ought to understand that if republicans were in charge, if we had a republican president, including me, we would defund it and we would shift money are for family planning into other organization os where we could effectively do family planning, the president stays in the way. is he is not going to agree to defund it that's why we have got to fight hard for those who care about this to pick up more seats in the senate so that they can't filibuster, most important to get a republican president. i don't think it would have made any sense to shut the government down. and this is a frustrating time. you know, greta, back when i was in congress, we were able to send the president welfare reform several times
11:25 pm
where he vetoed it and we kept sending it to him and he finally signed it we then could avoid the filibuster in the senate and we really actually thought at the end of the day the president would sign it. this president is not going to sign a defunding. we need a new president. >> i you know you are at a town hall in iowa. one of the thing you said today is we have to stop listing to the bombast in d.c. what did you mean by that? >> well, greta, look, it's easy to stand and yell about the way things ought to be. it's another thing to be able to be effective and actually get things done. and you know over the course of my career, whether it was military reform, whether it was balancing the federal budget, all these things shook up the town as i think you know. when i became governor of ohio i you shook everything from top to bottom but i got it done. you don't want to be a clanging bell where all you do is go out there and make speeches and blame somebody else. the question is what is the practical things and the creative and innovative things that you can do to be signed into law. because we have a lot of
11:26 pm
challenges. we have got to protect our border. we have to reform our tax code. we have to balance our budget. we have to deal with entitlements. we have to have a stronger foreign policy. you can't do it just yelling and screaming about it you have to get it done. >> i note that you are moving up, inching up in new hampshire, tied for fifth. so you are moving up. you had quite an editorial in the chicago tribune john kasich the anti-trump, which was very high praise for you from the chicago tribune. are you an insider or outsider? >> well, greta, i have been a reformer and somebody that's fought the status quo. i fought the republican president when i introduced my own budget. i called for military reform in the pentagon when i found waste. that was an odd thing for republicans to do. i went in to ohio and we were way in the hole and i had to flip everything upside down so we could fix the state. i have always been a conservative reformer but i have worked against the status quo. but u greta, i have had
11:27 pm
great success. i think that's what people want. somebody that can land the plane yet shake things up and bring change. that's what i have done all of my lifetime. and i have stepped on quite a few toes and it's not fun but sometimes you have got to do it to get something accomplished. >> governor, thank you for joining us, i know had you a busy night. and i hope you will come back, sir. >> thanks, greta. always good to be with you. thank you. >> and donald trump continuing to dominate. he is number one in the polls and right now he is in new hampshire. you will hear from the donald next. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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behalf paragraph this is a fox news alert. hillary clinton's email shows russians tried to hack into her email searcher five times. emails disguised as speeding tickets to try to trick her to attach on attachments. take control of her computers using malicious software it is unclear if clinton had clicked on any attachment in her account. >> not driving for 2 oyears you would know she didn't get those speeding tickets so she didn't click on them. how this email would have surfaced to potential hackers with the russian links according to the associated press when most of the world didn't even know that this email account even exist ised a few months ago. when he she was informed about this potential
11:32 pm
security breach breach. did she know people were phishing in her email she has touted the security of her own server in part of her defense of explaining why she didn't use official email. >> matt? >> yeah. and it does raise the question of whether he she clicked on it or didn't click on it like what was security system luke we know in other ways she didn't seem so technically advanced. she was having people fax her things and she was having people print out her emails did. she click on it? was she aware enough to be suspicious? this is the problem i think. this is august 3rd, 20 is 11, a year before benghazi and year before election. if i didn't know about computers. four hours and i got five weirdo emails, speeding tickets i might mention it to someone. that would have been a good time to get rid of that private serve are, i think. that's the real problem. to what extent this put her on notice or did she always get these? maybe it wasn't so weird. but that's just disguised as
11:33 pm
speeding tickets? >> who does she mention it to? does she eletter the state department that hey my private server is being targeted in some way or does she mention it to people who are running her private server? you know, the alarm bells goes off for her. >> even at the breakfast table you think someone. you would have some discussion if you have such a secure system in your house and you all of a sudden get a bunch of weirdo emails. i would think that you might say something about it, maybe not. >> if she had a state department email address there would be a protocol for that spam filters. you would looking to catch emails like this directly. >> catherine herridge has done some investigation. a source tells fox news that fbi director james comey has begun briefing select lawmakers on the status of hrc. hillary clinton server investigation and confirmed that investigators are actively looking for evidence the server was compromised by foreign enemy hacker. thus far no evidence has confirmed such breech. forensic computer specialist says a compromise leave a malicious code that can be recovered.
11:34 pm
that's a note from catherine herridge this morning. she is obviously investigating that. >> this doesn't seem to have changed that. >> no. >> it does raise a whole new series of questions. >> donald trump our next topic making big news new hampshire moments ago. the current g.o.p. presidential frontrunner saying if he were elected, would send home the syrian refugees, the white house is allowing to come to the united states. >> i'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria, as part of this mass migration, that if i win, if i i win, they are going back. they are going back. i'm telling you. they are going back. >> it fits in with anti-immigration rhetoric. i don't think that's a clearly fleshed out proposal. offer asylum and send them home. applause line. national security policy that we are hearing from him that is making people nervous about his candidacy. that doesn't seem to me like a soarous consideration of the issues. >> matt? >> you are right.
11:35 pm
how do you deport people once they have come here under asylum. you know, i think it does raise a lot of new questions. also, you never know what donald trump is going to say. this is yet again another example. >> raises of course a serious question. we will hear from the president of austria in a few minutes talking about serious questions about syrian refugees. thank you both freshman. >> thank you. >> more from my interview with secretary kerry. secretary kerry has run for the white house once. is ready to do it again? how does he handle his state department emails? you will hear about both next. influx of refugees. the nation of austria is on the front line. the president of austria i tried depend last weekend.
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at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. three innocent americans, a christian pastor, a reporter and a u.s. marine are still being held in one of iran's most violent prisons. does the state department have a strategy, a plan to get these americans home? here is more with secretary
11:40 pm
of state john kerry. >> iran has pastor abedini, a christian pastor. it has amir hekmati, a u.s. marine. jason rezian who is a "the washington post" reporter and maybe bob levinson, we don't know. former fbi the united states has not made that a credit pro-quo. president rowhani has said he wants to swap iranians in the united states for those three. >> i do not swaps that may not exist. what i will tell you is we are fixated on getting our citizens back. >> what is wrong with a swap though. >> i'm not going to discuss what we might or might not do. i will discuss that would are in every conversation now, talking about this issue. and it's my hope that over the course of the next days,
11:41 pm
weeks, but as short as possible, i hope our citizens will come home. and we're continuing to focus on it. >> are you saying -- i don't mean to, you know, beat a detective horse, but are you saying that swaps is a possibility or is it's on the table. >> i'm not saying anything about any modality with respect to might -- what might or might not happen. what i am saying is we are focused on getting our citizens home. and we are going to continue that conversation. >> sudan. which is a country that's having a lot of problems. i have been in the mountains and i have seen that president bashir is dropping bombs on his people like president assad does on his people. in the mountains? >> as you know, is he under icc indictment. is he somebody we don't talk to directly. we talk underneath him to members of his administration he is not allowed to travel to many countries in the world if he did he would be arrested.
11:42 pm
we are opposed to the violence is he committing against people and in darfur. we have called on him to be a responsible player with respect to the peace agreement that we have just made -- not that we have made but we have helped to give birth to together with the countries in the region for south sudan. has fed that particular conflict also by giving weapons to the rebels within that fight. so, he has not proven himself to be a legitimate and, you know, player who is prepared to prove that sudan itself is ready to be treated differently. there are countries in the region that have influence with him. we worked with with them to try to get them off the, as you know, off the list of state sponsors of terror and to try to bring them into the process as we were going through the comprehensive peace agreement with south sudan and regrettably, the
11:43 pm
minutes, you know, south sudan took place in which he was helpful. he turned around and started the violence again in the two areas. so, we have a special envoy in the region who was working hard to try to find a way forward that's another conflict area that is part of this incredible chaos of that particular region at this tuck moment of time. >> all right. i had asked this question of governor romney. is the door itty-bitty open to run in 2016? i know that you are very busy. >> i don't have any door right now. i'm. >> it's completely shut? >> i don't even see the door. i am fixated on doing the job that i have. it's one of the best jobs that anybody could ever have i certainly think the best job in government and that's what i'm doing. >> auto males when you came into office did they tell you what you could or could not do. >> sure. we had discussions about email security and how you proceed. and i use the state department server.
11:44 pm
but all my emails are recoverable within the process of the state department itself. >> but in terms of the briefing do they say to you when you come in, they give you a very strict briefing. >> when you say they? >> is there a procedure. >> my chief of staff. >> obviously you know why i'm asking. >> my chief of staff actually we had a discussion about email procedures and my current thank you very much. >> tell me what you think of secretary of state kerry's interview right here "on the record." go to comment on my facebook page. and, get ready. the entire east coast bracing for hurricane joaquin. are you right in the hurricane's' path? rick reichmuth is here with
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this is a fox news alert. the east coast on high aall right as hurricane joaquin inches closer to the united states. hurricane joaquin growing stronger and stronger as it heads towards the bahamas and threatens to make landfall. rick reichmuth is live in the weather center. rick? >> lots to watch on this one. people across the eastern seaboard really need to be watching this one. here is a look at the storm yesterday. just a tropical storm, now over the last few minutes here. we are seeing it looks luke annual eye develop. lukely see this strengthen. category one hurricane. lukely becoming much stronger than that category 'or category 4 hurricane. what happens with it once it makes this little northerly jog here, we are going to watch this stay out to see to the east and go to the west and really impact areas of the mid-atlantic. everybody getting a lot of raineater way. what wield like to see with our forecast and make it an easy forecast is where the models that we look at do the same thing.
11:50 pm
you see this euro model, it's one of our favorite models. very good reliable one. it is showing scenario where we see this impacting the coast. another one of our good ones here. most of our model guidance showing impact here across the eastern seaboard. that's what we are looking at. by tomorrow, greta, i think we have a better idea if we see this come into alignment and we have a good idea if we will see an impact here. route now if you are anywhere from north carolina all the way up towards around new york city, we need to be watching this. we could have a category 2 or category 3 hurricane. somewhere in the mid-atlantic this weekend. >> crisis mode. with the latest news today of russia bombing syria it could get even worse. hundreds of thousands of refugees are flooding european borders. fleeing civil war in syria and brutal terror groups in the middle east. one of the countries dealing with the massive influx of refugees is austria. heinz fisher went "on the record" to talk about this worsening refugee krzyzewski. >> the problem is that the
11:51 pm
war in syria and other out out in this area made many people to flee to afraid for their lives and for their families. and they their goal is europe. and inside europe particular countries like austria, germany, sweden, two or three others who have the main burden. and that means that the number of refugees seeking for asylum is clear and strong rising. and the numbers are very big in relation to the size of our country. and, therefore, we want to be on the one hand absolutely, according to international law to the geneva rules, to it the principle of asylum, on the other hand, we must work hard in the fair solution
11:52 pm
and to tackle the reasons for this immigration and for this great number of refugees. >> one of, at least i think it was the chancellor of austria compared the deportation in the holocaust of jews. is it that an ugly investigation? >> no, no, no. this was not his wording. he had a controversy with the prime minister of hungary which is neighboring country. usually have excellent relations. but in that case we had the feeling they just sending everybody over the border. >> time of nazi regime is totally not disrespecting. >> i have been to refugee camps in iraq and south sudan and the refugees that i have been able to communicate with, there is
11:53 pm
always a language barrier want to go home. they don't want to go other places. do you have the sense that the bulk of people showing up in austria would rather go home to a safe syria than go on to europe, western europe? >> well, i can tell you my opinion. at the beginning of the war in syria, in the first half year, and the first year, many refugees went from syria to neighboring countries. staying in turkey and germany and lebanon hoping that the war will be ended soon and then they can come back. now, you know i know it, the war is lasting longer already than the whole world would want. so many refugees have the feeling we are waiting in vain. >> what county united states do to help? >> they can help to stop the war in syria. they can help to finance or
11:54 pm
co-finance big reach gee areas with good living conditions. and, of course, they can accept refugees themselves. during the hungarian revolution, two thirds of the hungarians went to the united states and now they are good citizens with with hungarian names. their name is covach. they are americans. and also way to help. >> now, you can catch more of my interview with the austrian president on coming up, i have a special message just for you. i will tell you off the record. that's next. and don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. g.o.p. presidential candidate carly fiorina
11:55 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. i want to take just a minute to thank all of you. the numbers for september are in.
11:59 pm
because of you, "on the record" it uns to be the number one cable news show in its time slot. you can can see our old graphics over the years behind me. well 10:00 p.m. you made us and kept us number one for 137 consecutive months. that's more than 11 years. two years ago we moved to 7:00 p.m. you continued to do the psalm. keeping us number one for every single month. new show only remains number one because viewers are loyal. you may not always agree with me but at least you are loyal and i do appreciate it. let me also point out the obvious, news should never be a contest. and while i thank you for your loyalty, i don't think of news that way. it's sirius business. but, at the same time though, remaining number one in our time slot, which you make happen, inaudibles us to have this privilege to continue to deliver to you the news ever night i do hope though that you don't expect proximate result fection. you north going to get that we are all human. you should demand every single night we work our hardest for you. there are many serious
12:00 am
issues out there. issues that impact each one of us. at a minimum we owe it to you you to bring our a game every night. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night from washington, d.c. tonight on "red eye," tom brady no longer endorses donald trump. tom, don't you want to make america great again? and jeb bush does the -- says the washington redskins shouldn't change their names because of the way it sounds. i completely agree, jeb, exclamation point. and closet doors everywhere have swung back open. our panel will provide frivoly and mirth. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. hurricane joaquin is turning into a category 3 storm.


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