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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 1, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> targeting opposition groups instead of isis. >> secretary of defense said this is like pouring gasoline on fire this is not against isis but on groups opposing syrian president bashar assad. it will be limited air strikes to only isis targets. officials appear to be caught off guard by the development of yesterday's air strikes including president obama himself who met with russian president vladmir putin earlier this week spending a great deal of time discussing syria. a russian strategy to back assad by force won't work. >> russia will not succeed in promoting a solution on syria. any more than united states opposes a solution in iraq a
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decade ago. certainly no more than russia was able to impose a military solution on afghanistan three decades ago. >> other nations are raising concerns as well. according to routers saudi arabia is demanding they stop until their objectives are clear. they met at the u.n. and agreed to have military to military deacon flikting discussion as soon as possible. those talks could take place as soon as today. heather? >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you, garrett. washington is kept in scramble mode. put ten is depending on president obama's fears as he hits our allies. >> he knows the president will do nothing but verbal condemnation. what he is counting on is the president's predictable fear of escalation and fear of
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confrontation. this is a game changer. it is significant, because what put tin put enis doing is chan the shift in terms of the balance of power. isis why he is there. will he attack isis targets in the northeast? likely? the reason he is there the focus of the effort is to sustain the assad regime in power. >> remember the threat post by russia. >> when you were asked what is the geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda, russia. united states are asking for the foreign policy back. the cold war has been over for 20-years. >> seems romney was right all along. the president should have doubled russia years ago. >> the president has painted himself into a corner and would say now what would you do?
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when you p painted yourself in that kind of corner. the foreign policy has been a disaster. >> romney is calling for the president to put more effort into isis. >> trying not once, but five times to crack hillary clinton's national server. it exposed in the latest e-mails released by the state department. we have the latest on this story. good morning, will. >> good morning, heather. nearly 4,000 new clinton e-mails released. and coming is the shocking revelation that hackers linked to russia were trying to beat down the door. they e-mailed clinton on her private sefber five times on the guise of speeding tickets she needed to clean out. the e-mails would have been able to monitor communications, steal data and possibly enter other u.s. agencies.
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the clinton campaign is trying to slug off the russian hack attempt saying they were just spam messages. the new batch contains 212 messages retro actively marked classified. other e-mails shows her doing preemptive damage control like she phased out the terms mother and father. who made the decision that the state will not use the terms mother and father and instead substitute parent 1 and 2? i am not defending that decision which i disagree with. we need to address this today or we will be facing a huge fox generated media storm. the popular tv show showing huma abedin fighting with the operator trying to prove she is in fact hillary clinton. all are expected to be released by january. >> will carr live for us.
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thank you very much. the bahamas battening down the hatches as the hurricane goes down the coast. >> people from north carolina to the jersey shore are getting ready for what could be a record setting storm. >> you are absolutely right. hurricane joaquin is a storm with winds 120 miles per hour. we are waiting for the turn. when it does occur we should have a better idea as to what that means for the u.s. in terms of the track. right now the turn has not happened yet moving west, southwest at 5 miles per hour battling the bahamas. we have hurricane warnings in
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effect along with heavy rain. one of the reasons the storm has been tins fying is we have very warm ocean waters, conditions are also ideal. the store wree is just intensifying. how will it be influenced a trough across the eastern u.s. and high pressure system across the atlantic ocean. we should see a track over the coast and potential land fall or it would stay off the coast but we are dealing with rip current, dangerous earth and beach erosion will be concerns no matter what. we have seen a major change with it. yesterday afternoon we saw it shipped in west ward with potential land fall across north caroli carolina. it has been shifted back towards the east. a lot of discrepancy between one very reliable computer model we like to call it has been taking it out over waters and other models have been taking it across parts of the eastern u.s. we are in between the two ideas
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here and taking it just along the eastern u.s. we will keep you updated. many areas in the cone of uncertainty as we head into early next week. >> we are hoping the model where it stays over the water is the correct one. >> thank you very much. we will be following it over the next few days. >> troops regained control after it was over run by the taliban earlier this week. government forces working to clear the city. battle for control has u.s. military commanders pushing to keep the troops in afghanistan a little longer. close to 10,000 troops are still there. but president obama's current policy promises to bring them home by the end of 2016. >> south carolina community in mourning after police officers gunned down at a mall. it happened when greg aliyah was responding to a call of a suspicious person at a columbia area mall. jarvis hall is accused of killing the officer during the struggle using a stolen begun.
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32-year-old aliyah was a 7 year veteran who just had a son this year. >> he won't see his son grow up. >> a go fund me page has been set up in support of the family raising 104,000 dollars in just 16 hours. >> the execution of a death row inmate in oklahoma on hold right now. the governor granting a last minute stay for richard glosop for concerns over the illegal drug. he is accused of hiring a plan to cover up a shift in 97. he challenged this after the botched execution of another inmate last year. but he lost. his execution is scheduled for november. donald trump still has a very comfortable lead in the republican presidential field. a new,sa university poll has
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trump at 23 percent, ben carson and carly fee reiorina are tied second and marco rubio and jeb bush rounding out the top spot. carson's campaign raising $20 million in the last three months. that is more than what was raised by the entire gop field combined over the same period in 2012. cnbc just revealed rules for the next republican debate. candidates need to average at least 3 percent in the national polls to be on the main stage. it would allow some people. it is time now to look at who is talking. scotty hughes our news director for the party news network she is talking about dynamic due rowdon nald trump and marco rubio.
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>> if they would combine talk about a dream team. you have a guy strong in business and you have a guy who worked from the gratz roots to the federal level you have dynamic team. >> while sticking with the election bernie sanders hitting a milestone in his run. the presidential candidate's campaign says he is the first to reach 1 million on-line donations. the vermont center has stayed away from giant fundraising event focusing on the smaller internet donations. >> it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. this is an inkrdible s -- incre sur vial story. how a man-made it out alive after his sportscar is split in half. >> why secret service agents are apologizing. >> targeting the x i tiggs. a huge move by target that could
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change your holiday shopping. >> for the better? >> for the better. >> oh, good.
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>> high school principal hailed a hero. kef convenient lean and a teen got into an argument. the gunman pulled out a gun and shot him in the arm. despite the wound his only concern was protecting the students. >> the principal came on the intercom and told us he has been hurt. we figured it out and it got really surreal after that. >> i think i am a little scared now that i know this can happen i don't want it to happen again. >> the school's assistant
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principal tackled the student holding him down until police could arrive. classes will be in session today. >> the secret service now apologizing for trying to embarrass a republican congressmen. dozens of secret service employees improperly accessed a decades old job application of jason chai if is. he had been probing for scandals prompting ed lowery to wrote this. some information you might find embarrassing needs to get out just to be fair. lou we claims he was just venting. >> the controversial name calls for the name to be changed. many say it is racist. but the gop presidential candidate disagrees. >> i don't think we should change it. i don't think politicians should
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have any say to be honest with you. i don't find it offensive. native american tribes generally don't find it offensive. redskins owner dna snyder refusire -- dan snyder refusing to change the name. >> requiring ncaa to pay football and basketball players. a lower court ruling said they should be paid at least 5,000 a year. ed o'bannon sued the organization for using his name in likeness without compensation. the case could end up before the supreme court. >> one lucky person waking up very rich this morning. your life is about to change. the single winning ticket to the $310.5 million power ball jackpot was sold at a michigan gas station. the winner will walk away with 11. -- $101.4 million.
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21, 39, 40, 55, and power ball as you see there is 17. >> were you in michigan last night? >> i was. >> beware, before your next bike ride, more than a million are being recalled. lauren simonetti from our sister network here with what you need to know. >> if you are biking to work this morning we have a recall to tell you about. they are recalling 1.4 million bikes. the release levers can cause fir tires to lock up increasing your chance of crashing. if you stayed in 7 luxury hotels between last month and this may it says it has been the target of a year long hack attack. guests who stayed at the property in las vegas, ma iami,
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honolulu and toronto. a profile picture where the video loops and loops every seven second. they are letting some users test it. >> chik-fil-a opening the first ever new york city restaurant this weekend. you are one of the first 100 folks in line you could win a year's worth of free chik-fil-a. if you are a bit sleepy this morning and too lazy to brew the coffee they are selling caffeinated peanut butter that has caffeine equal to a cup of joe. >> that sounds really good. to log on go to >> it is 18 past the top of the hour. the shocking find a mother makes inside a toys r' us package. >> do you need an energy boost? we heard lauren talking about it, but this is why you may want
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. a virginia beach mom gets more than she bargained for. she has real 9 millimeter gun ammunition with a toy sword she ordered for her son. they are trying to figure out how the ammo got inside the package. ainsley? >> a group of college students
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blocked from handing out copies of the constitution and free speech zone. they were confronted by a police officer at penn state. the officer said they need add permit because they were on private property. >> we have to get permission? >> correct. >> it is a free speech zone. >> yes. >> penn state rules say the permit process is voluntary. the stew accidents did eventually comply. >> yankees fan caught sleeping on national tv. >> probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. >> andrew rechter sued espn for $10 million. the broadcasters called him names like fatty cow and stupid. the judge ruled the broadcasters never actually said any of those
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things and dismissed the case. there's a new app that allows you to rate and review every person that you know. >> students can rerate teachers. teachers can rate students. any one and everyone can rate each other. >> from the tv show to the real deal. you don't have to sign up to be reviewed. anna kooiman joins us now with more on how this works. >> you better be nice. in today's world you can rate review everything from restaurants to hotels to movie. now you can even review people. that's why it is called peeoples with a double e. you can review friends, co-workers, romantic partners, even ex's. >> we are building an app that allows you to rate people and be
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rated on the following three categories. professionally, personally and romantically like dating. >> here's what we know about how it works. you need to join the app through facebook using your real name and you must be 21 years old. even if you don't sign up you can still get reviewed. all a person has to do is create a profile for you using your cell phone number and you can't opt out either. creators say it is to promote good feelings about people to better choose who we hire, date, become roommates with. they won't allow profanity or private health conditions. if a negative review is said about you you have 48-hours to dispute the claim. when can you get your hands on the app it is set to be released next month and the date is not yet known. >> it will be fun to read about
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other people. >> what if they write something that is not true? >> i suspect lawsuits down the road. >> lots to talk about. does this go too far or will you be rating people you already know? >> you heard our opinion. send your comments on facebook, twitter and and we will share them later on in the show. shopping for new employees. toys r' us laying off american workers. wait until you hear who the company is bringing in instead. ♪>> love that song. kelly clarkson gone from the stage. ideal she canceled the rest of her world tour. flush
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>> it is thursday october 1st. a fox news alert. urgent meeting after russia's air saassault on syria. days after president obama and p putin had the meeting. >> hurricane joaquin gets stronger with muany under water. >> hurting our heros. the medical program for all of the 9-11 first responders. what happens when they need the healthcare to survive. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. russia launching air strikes in
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syria in support of president bashar al-assad. >> they are scheduling urgent talks concerned to the conflict could escalate. we have the developments that have broken overnight. >> russia said it was going to join the fight against isis. it has been building up the military presence in syria supposedly to do this. yesterday secretary of defense ash carter said they weren't anywhere near isis instead they bombed roots opposing syrian president bashar al-assad. >> it is like pouring gasoline on the fire. >> our position is clear that is lasting defeat of isil and syria can only be achieved in parallel with a political transition in
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syria. >> u.s. officials caught off guard about the news have been concerned about russia's intentions in syria all along. secretary of state john kerry and russian counterpart sergei lav rov met together yesterday afternoon and agreed to have a military to military deacon flikted discussion as soon as possible. >> they demand they stop the air raids until the intentions are made clear. thanks, garrett. as russia strikes syria syndicated columnist krauthammer strikes the administration saying we are humiliated on the global stage. >> it is one thing to be humiliated, it is another thing to have that demonstrated to the world where our allies are
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looking at us and wondering who is in charge here. united states is told by russia one hour earlier they are going to go and attack isis. the soviet ministry announces they hit isis targets. every one knows it is a lie like all of the lies that were issued in the ukraine. they were not hitting isis. they are hitting our allies and we do nothing except have a statement with russian foreign minister as if nothing happened. >> two weeks ago at the secondary pub candy bait marco rubio saying russia would launch air strikes in syria targeting those fighting in the assad regime. >> i have a feeling i know what they are doing. he wants to reposition russia juan once again as a geopolitical force. the russians will fly combat missions not only targeting isis but to help assad. rubio says this move
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diminishes america's importance in the regions. >> we are beginning to look like a junior partner under barack obama. saudi arabia, egypt and others look and say america, we have had a tough time getting them under barack obama doing anything meaningful. they talk about how they are going to get out of here. maybe russia would be a good partner to be working with. >> what does it say about the global standing and how other countries see us? log on to fox friends first facebook page for a live debate frien #keep talking. will joins us with the latest developments. >> more than 4,000 new clinton e-mails released. coming with this data the shocking revelation hackers linked to russia were trying to
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beat down the door. they eastbounding may goed clint -- they e-mailed clinton on the guise tickets she needed to printout. it could have potentially exposed communications, steal data and possibly enter other u.s. agencies. the clinton campaign is trying to slug off the russian hack attempt saying they were simple spam messages. along with the hacking the batch contained 212 messages retro actively marked classified. other e-mails shows her doing presefrp ti preemptive damage control after she through out the word mother and father. who said they would take out mother and father and replacing it with parent 1 and parent 2. we will be facing a huge fox generated media storm. clinton telling huma abedin she
2:36 am
is quote fighting with the white house operator trying to prove in fact she is hillary clinton. 37 percent of the e-mails have been released they are all expected to be released by january. >> will carr live for us. thank you, will. in another big stories the bahamas battening down the hatches as hurricane joaquin churns on the coast. a category 3 storm with 120 mile per hour winds. it is expected to dump up to 20 inches before possibly heading for the east coast. people from the carolinas all of the way up to the jersey shore now preparing for what could be record setting storms. maria molina is tracking the storm. >> we have a major hurricane we are dealing with. hurricane conditions with strong winds. we have maximum sustained winds
2:37 am
at 120 miles per hour. stronger gusts than that expected with the storm. they are moving west, southwest. in addition to all of that we have storm surges we are dealing with about 2-4 feet above normal tidewaters out here above the bahamas. light conditions and forecasts continue early tomorrow morning across the bayham m -- bahamas. when does this turn arred the north? that should help us get a better idea as far as what that means for the eastern u.s. before it does that it could intensify more. we are talking it could be potentially a category 4 storm by the time all is said and done early tomorrow morning. we will keep an eye on that. as far as where syria goes and where the storm will go we have a trough that should be pulling the storm northward and should be accelerating as well. when it makes the turn toward the north high pressure will go between the two systems.
2:38 am
we will see how close it gets to the coast. we saw an update of the track of the storm. we could be looking at land fall this weekend across north carolina. take a look at the latest track. it has been updated further toward the east. any one that lives across parts of north carolina, the outer banks all of the way across the northeast coast we will keep tracking the storm and regardless of the land fall and wind impact we know heavy rain is forecast through the next several days with flooding possible many areas reflecting potentially 4-6 inches of rain in the next several days. flooding will be a big issue as well. >> thank you maria. >> a south carolina community is in mourning today after a police officer is gunned down at a mall. this happening when officer greg alia was responding to a call for a suspicious person near the richmond laul in columbia. hall is accused of killing the
2:39 am
officer after a struggle using a stolen gun. the 32-year-old officer is a 7 year police veteran. he and his wife just welcomed a baby son. you see him in the picture earlier this year. a go fund me page is set up to support officer alia's family. they have already raised 100,000 dollars. a convicted killer was released from the louisiana prison by mistake. benjal johnson was supposed to serve 40 years on a manslaughter and weapons conviction but was set free after receiving sentence on a second charge. they are blaming a computer blimp. you can buy recreational marijuana in oregon. a 25 percent tax won't kick in as well until january. adults 21 and older could buy 21 ounces per day without a doctor's recommendation. a task force expected to
2:40 am
announce new limits on the naked women and other hustlers today. that includes new zones restricting their activity and doubling the amount of police officers. >> it is now 39 minutes after the top of the hour. a football fight in the stands. why young players are paying the price for parents throwing punches. off the took katelin jenner will not face deadly charges for the crash but there still could be trouble ahead. >> a huge move by target that could change your holiday shopping.
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>> test. >> test. test.
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>> an armed national guard soldier refused service at a kentucky waffle house. willie welch sat down in uniform
2:44 am
hoping oh orde-- to order. he was told by the waitress he had to ditch his gun. welch said he was uncomfortable leaving his gun outside and decided to leave. waffle house has not apologized. instead reiterating their anti gun policy>> toys r' us are using temporary visas to bring in foreign workers to the u.s. for training and then the company is going to alove americans using dogs overseas. the company brought them in to shadow and then they returned to india where they trained other workers to do the job while the americans were laid off. the move is necessary to save money. >> targeting the competition. big news from the retailer that could change your holiday
2:45 am
shopping plan. >> cheryl is here to explain. >> i am your favorite shopper, just admit it. good morning. you know what? starting tomorrow, target is going to match 29 major retailers prices in stores and on-line. another way to get you to shop there. this is a big move for the discount chain who completes with wal-mart and best buy. they are going to price match stores like bed bath & beyond, macys, colekohl's. what is interesting is the costco and sam's club competition. there's still a question of whether you have to be a member of one of the clubs to get the price match at target but you are competer for buying toilet paper. you have twiets as many days to make a price adjustment at target. now it is 14 days.
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it was 7. kohl's as many of their own brands at the store. those cannot be matched. check out the retailers on "fox & friends first".com. it will all be there for you. >> sounds very complicated to me. >> thank you very much. are you feeling tired? cheryl casone apparently is not. forget your coffee. pour yourself a class of orange juice. it boosts your a lertness and reaction times. people who drink orange juice in the morning were more awake by the middle of the afternoon. could be plant chemicals in the juice improves blood flow to the brain. also has a lot of sugar. >> it is now 46 minutes after the top of the hour. incredible survival story. how a man-made it out alive. after his sportscar as you can
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see splits in half. >> scared de cat what spooked the mountain lion leaving him stuck dozens of feet up. first, steve doocy here to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> now that he is occupy there, now what? >> don't put him in our backyard. >> good morning ladies. continuing live coverage as hurricane joaquin gained strength over the atlantic over night heading to the east coast of the united states. but where? we will tell you what we know. a closer look inside hillary clinton's newly released e-mails in the attempted hack by the russians five times. good grief. we have donald trump talking to us. also nascar driver kevin harvok and bob massi is going to answer your e-mails regarding money. we have a busy three hours. starts 12 minutes and 20 seconds from right now right here on the channel you trust for news.
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the danger to help save lives after the september 11th terror attacks. now a crucial program to provide health insurance to those heroes has expired. robert moses joins us live with the latest. good morning, robert. >> reporter: ainsley, good morning to you. the air was a toxic stew in lower manhattan in the days, weeks, months following the 9/11 attack. as the clock struck midnight the zagroga act expired. there's no immediate change in the care they receive. however, those who operate say
2:52 am
the money could start running low in february and the program could start shutting down by next summer. that will be devastating for heroic police officers and firefighters like ray pfeiffer who may be forced soon to make brutal choices. >> if they take this away, a lot of people are going to die. do i take this pill for $9,000 or do i pay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> reporter: new york city's mayor bill de blasio released a statement calling on congress to stop putting politics ahead of the health of these heroes. heather, back to you. >> robert moses live for us. thank you so much. caitlyn jenner will not be charged in the california car accident that left one woman dead. the los angeles district attorney just rejected jenner's case citing insufficient evidence. jenner still faces separate lawsuits from the victim's family and another driver involved in that crash. kelly clarkson put on vocal
2:53 am
rest. ♪ ♪ >> the singer canceling the remainder of her piece by piece tour in the u.k. and canada after straining her voice. clarkson releasing a statement saying in part, i'm working hard to get better as fast as possible. a driver's lucky to be alive after that horrific crash. splits this car totally in half. the 20-year-old was speeding when he lost control of the silver sports car and slammed into that tree. the front of the car with the engine broken away from the rest of the vehicle. the driver only suffering minor injuries but is expected to face charges. >> that's amazing. the time now is eight minutes till the top of the hour. eye on the east coast. what we can expect from hurricane joaquin today as millions brace for the worst.
2:54 am
from a tv show to reality, the new app that lets you rate other people and you cannot opt out of this. does it go too far? your e-mails are pouring in. we'll read them next. you get used to sweaty odors in your car you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy.
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[ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator. three ments before the top of the hour. hurricane joaquin battering the bahamas. the category 3 storm expected to dump up to 20 inches of rain there.
2:58 am
preparations up the east coast where it could hit this week end. urgent talks scheduled between russia and the united states after russia launched dozens of airstrikes in syria. the target, opposition groups instead of isis. the u.s. says this will inflame the situation going on in syria. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu set to address the united nations. he is set to discuss the iran nuclear deal and growing unrest in the mid east. here's a surprise for a florida teenager fighting leukemia. >> what's up? >> tim tebow visiting 13-year-old nathanial nelson. he's a huge fan of the university of florida where tebow played and he was the quarterback. two new football teams kicked out of the league after the parents got in a fight in the stands.
2:59 am
fans were asked to sit on separate sides like you always do. one guy refused and you have the brawl. the cat stuck on the 35 foot utility pole. time now for your e-mail responses. it's like yelp for people. a new app called people with a double e allows you to rate and review every person you know using a 1 to 5 star rating scale. friends, co workers, romantic partners, even your xs. >> you join the app using your facebook profile page. all a person has to do is create a profile for you using your cell phone number. if a negative review is posted about you you'll have 48 hours to review that claim. >> if you sign up, fine. but have someone create a profile for you, no. >> matt on facebook writes i don't have a problem if people
3:00 am
want to use it. it's their choice but i'm staying away. >> jim also on facebook says i see this almost in court before it launches. wa a horrible invasion of previous simpt i agree with you, jim. >> thanks for all of those responses. fox and friends starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you. it's thursday, october 1st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. bracing for impact. hurricane joaquin picks up strength over the atlantic with millions of people in its path. this morning parts of the east coast are already underwater. we are tracking the storms here for you live. it is now a cat 3 hurricane. plus, a fox news alert. russia strikes unleashing bombs across syria and demanding the united states retreat but the targets they're bombing, not isis. wait, that's what they told us. they're not telling the truth? what's going on. did our administration make a gigantic mistake? we'll tell you what we


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