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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 1, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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you know, where's that storm going to go? we're going to dispatch correspondents up and down the eastern seaboard and send some members of our staff. tune in tomorrow to see where it's going. >> all right. see you tomorrow, everybody. after the show-show. ville. bill: thank you, guys. breaking news overnight. russia is on the move, announcing a brand-new round much airstrikes in syria. moscow says they are targeting isis. the united states says it's not true. russia is hitting those who oppose assad, the same groups who are being helped by the united states. pat require'states. patti ann: vladimir putin using the threat of isis top attack
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the opposition to bashar al-assad. >> bill: you will hear russian counterparts disagreeing and slamming the pentagon. >> it does appear they were in areas where there probably were not isil forces, and that's precisely one of the problems with this approach. >> don't listen -- russian threats. bill: don't listen to the pentagon, just ask me says the russian foreign minister lavrov. >> reporter: in homs as you mentioned and civilian casualties are part of the deal, the russian defense minister is
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saying something entirely different. the a.p. reporting the russian defense ministry said it destroyed 12 targets belonging to isis. russian attack planes have mounted 20 sort why is thus far targeting only militant positions and not civilian areas. ash carter said he trusts what the russians aree but he also added they are making a big mistake. >> i take the russians at their word, they are clear about what they are saying and their actions reflecting what they said they were going to do. my problem isn't that it don't was they are doing. my problem is i think what they are doing is going to backfire and is countser productive. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate armed services
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committee said i can absolutely confirm to you the strikes were against the free syrian army, groups armed and trained by the cia since we have communication with people there. reuters appeared to confirm exactly what senator mccain said. russian airstrikes hit a training camp of syrian rebel groups trained by our cia. these developments are occurring rapidly. bill: doug, thank you. patti ann: white house press secretary josh earnest not saying for sure which targets are being hit but he did compare russia in syria with the united states in iraq. >> certainly no more than russia was able to impose a military
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solution in and there are three decades ago. patti ann: we have more coming up with ambassador bolton. president obama's policy in syria seems to be collapsing. bill: marco rubio predicting this would start happening. he did that in california in the last debate mid-september. >> i have an understanding exactly what russia and putin are doing. he wants to reposition russia as a geopolitical force. the russians will begin to fly combat missions in that region not just targeting isis, but in order to prop up assad. bill: wow! chris stirewalt he knew something everybody else did not. rubio got it right. >> he absolutely got it right.
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through a combination of foresight and good fortune which he tends to have, rubio was right on the money, and also right on the money is he presents himself as the republican candidate with the strongest foreign policy portfolio. it's something he likes to talk about a lot and it's something especially as it relates to dealing with bad neighborhoods like syria and bad actors like isis that the republican electorate is tuned in on. so this is a magic moment for rubio. bill: you make the case it helps him. who would you make the case for whom it hurts. >> it's bad news for hillary clinton and joe biden. they are attached to a policy as it relates to russia and syria that is not very popular with voters. this is going the wrong way. this is embarrassing and yet it gives hillary clinton the chance
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to differentiate herself from the current administration, but not in a way pleasing to he donors who are rushing to give support and money to bernie sanders. it's tough for jeb bush because any time we talk about this region we talk about you heard from the poad imof the white house when josh earnest evoked american failure in iraq to condemn russia. it's past baggage and it's tough for donald trump. he seemed to be okay with what putin was doing. bill: carly fiorina with sean hannity, here is what she said. >> syria and russia who have had a long-standing relationship. iran and iraq are forming an
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unholy alliance. russian's intentions are to shore up and stabilize the asaid regime. isis is sort of a cam flawng. there is no doubt that russia will be conducting airstrikes against anti-assad rebels. whether they happen to strike a few isis folks as well is to be determined. bill: she is a quick study. >> she is and she studied this for some time. for her and ben carson who are outsiders in the race who are taking an anti-russian, and anti-putin stance. they have to pass the commander-in-chief test. people look at a person and say do i want to give this person the nuclear code. fiorina says he can pass the
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test, carson says he can pass the test, too. but these are sheep and goat moments in the race. bill: chris stirewalt in washington. good to see you. patti ann: a new report shows dozens of secret service employees tried to retaliate against jason chaffetz by leaking information that could be embarrassing to him. he grilled joe clancy. >> you are the director of the secret service. it's almost three weeks after the incident and you don't know why it takes three minutes to pick up the phone and say metro police department, we have a problem and need your help. it takes 27 minutes to secure
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the scene. what if there was a real bombing? >> it started 18 minutes into that congressional hearing on the secret service scandal. as congressman jason chaffetz was grilling clancy a secret service employee looked into his record and saw that he unsuccessfully applied to the secret service. as they continued their investigation into the secret service, an assistant director into the agency ed lowery suggested leaking embarrassing information about the
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congressman just to be fair. >> the inspector general found every employee who shared or viewed congressman chaffetz file and didn't report it may have violated the secret service secrecy act. any employee who has violated the policy k will face appropriate disciplinary action, according to clancy.
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bill: hurricane joaquin packing wind and moving west-northwest. bahamas right here. a category 3 store is something that some had expected, but perhaps not at this moment. it's moving to the west-northwest. now, you see florida off to the northwest here. the models right now suggest joaquin could go out to the atlantic ocean. it hits the jet stream and goes off. other models suggest it could hit the carolinas. and some suggest it is new york city in the cross-hairs. were watching joaquin because she became a monster overnight. patti ann: russia, is it striking u.s.-backed targets in syria. we are learning russian hackers attacked hillary clinton's email
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server five types. did that put our national security at risk? bill: is language like this presidential? >> they hate each other. they hate. >> they hate so much, they hate more than anybody in this room hates their neighbor. but it's political [bleep]. you understand? it's true. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. . (0617fox555a.ecl)
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bill: a group of russians tried to hack hillary clinton's private server. they tried five times. karl rove is with us. apparently they were not successful. what does this tell you stont outside? >> it tells us it's further prove this was a reckless act when she decided to use a private email server to conduct her business. if you look at this exchange that pops up between the director of strategic planning and cheryl nils, chief staff and hillary clinton, you can see they knew what their private server was providing, which was an opportunity to hack hillary
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clinton's private email. bill: there was no breach is what we are being told. but sydney blumenthal is sending emails and she is forward. this after qaddafi is on the run. he says i have information he's hang out in chad. >> out of the 3,849 messages released this week, nearly 6% of them, one out of every 20 contains sensitive classified information. over 200 at the lowest level but three of them at the top secret level. hillary clinton said no classified information traveled through this network. then she changed it to say no material that was classified at the time of sending went through this network. that's complete baloney, that's
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why you have a secure email system. a lot of it will be considered classified once people look at it. sydney plumen that sendsd -- se- plumen that says he may be hangingn out in chat. that's classified information. bill require's an active topic of conversation. as someone who there was an attempt to hack, yes, i was once. the irony is obvious. >> there is a great piece by shannon kaufman, a white house
6:19 am
colleague of mine. this exchange points out three things. we were aware there were security risks, and they knew private accounts would draw hackers. they ordered the rank and file of the state department to conducts their business. all the while they are using private accounts to send emails. bill: 37% of 30,000 emails have been released. what is next? >> he month we'll get similar revelations that will add to her continuing problem. these are two polls from late september. do you think she is honest and trustworthy? yes, 32%, no, 63%.
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is she lying in the fox news follow, yes 58%. no, 32%. we'll get evidence this was reckless, it was wrong and in violation of the rules. we'll get insights into this. sydnesaid. stand up and say our policy w persistent and steady and as a result we removed qaddafi. our policy became anything but consistent as we let the country descend into a mess.
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patti ann: in presidential politic money talks and ben carson may have a lot to say. we'll tell you how much he pulled in a short period of time. a report shows he ca shows extrt spending at planned parenthood. >> they spent $60 million on fundraising. they are pretty good at it. they don't necessarily need taxpayer dollars to pay for it. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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bill: donald trump strengthening his lead in a crowded republican field.
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but he's getting company. ben carson and carly fiorina tide at 13% where trump is 23%. rubio and bush round out the top five. but ben carson is raising the bar. he pulled in 23 million in the past month. >> reporter: new allegations of wasteful spending with planned parenthood. they spent $14,000 a day. many employees flew first class or charter. planned parenthood spent $32 million on their corporate
6:26 am
office. the proposal don't take money away from women's health. it just divert the funds to other women's organizations that are not so controversial. those not accused of harvesting fetal tissue. >> when they talk about women's health, they mean abortions. not breast cancer or ovarian cancer. they have say a politician is bad on women's health if they are pro-life. they want to divert funds to organizations that don't harvest baby organs. tissue is a sanitized word for what's going on. it's not medically accurate. they are harvesting baby organs
6:27 am
and that sounds scarier. patti ann: as you reported in this report from the house oversight committee, it says planned parenthood can you are strive without the federal help. but as their revenue has gone you have, the committee chair says they are sperndle on these health -- the spending on these health services has gone down. >> they had $120 million more in revenue than expenses. but between 2005 and 2013, a big part under misery chards' leadership, a 53% reduction in cancer screenings. 42% reduction in breast exams and breast care. i don't understand why.
6:28 am
patti ann: can planned parenthood get by without the $500 million from taxpayers? >> i think they probably could. generally the show is oversight committee's strategy was poorly conceived. it's outrageous plan -- that planned parenthood claims to be a women's health when their core mission is about abortions. they want to say they are like other health providers yet they have huge parties and huge salaries, they treat themselves as though they are high on the hog. they didn't concentrate on these videos in these hearings and they sort of got bogged down in this bean counting stuff. the republicans have been
6:29 am
proving they are not good at getting a serious argument out into the american bloodstream. patti ann: chaffetz was accused of bashing a woman for a good salary. it's not about the salary, it's about who is paying the salary. they gave money to their pac that goes to democrats. so taxpayers essentially paying for plan * t -- for planned parenthood to give money to democrats.
6:30 am
you have planned parenthood and they are essentially -- there are all these enterprises that have a one sort of stated public function, but then there is the side function to be this slush funds and money laundering operation to get democrats elected who then once in office send more public dollars to these organizations to help them fundraise. it's incredibly incestuous. bill: here comes joaquin taking aim at the u.s. now a category 3 hurricane. maria molina is next. patti ann: some say vladimir putin is running roughshod over president obama. first here is john mccain.
6:31 am
>> we should have said we are going to fly any place, anywhere, anyhow and you better not get in the way. that's what american leadership would do, not begging on our knees.
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bill: hurricane joaquin gaining strength as it threatens the u.s. it will batter the bahamas before heading north. but where it goes we don't know. parts of the east seeing flooding. the numbers are change by the hour. what does joaquin look like now? >> reporter: it's a category 3 storm with maximum sustained wind at 120 miles per hour and it's currently lashing the bahamas with life-threatening conditions.
6:35 am
we are looking at potentially 20 inches of rainfall. storm surge 2-4 feet above tide level. it's moving slowly at 5-mile-per-hour. so because it's such a slow mover areas across the bahamas will see significant impacts for a long period of time, possibly through tomorrow morning. we have been talking about how it could take a turn toward the north. but further indication is forecast. it could stab category 4 hurricane by tomorrow with maximum sustained winds at 140-mile-per-hour. warm water across the bahamas allowing joaquin to intensify. you think about this, monday of next week maybe there is landfall. is it that far away? >> i want to share with you the
6:36 am
national hurricane center track. it potentially impacts parts of the eastern u.s. you have areas like north carolina, parts of the atlantic and the east. you can still feel impact from joaquin farther west from the donor farther east. originally the american model was taking joaquin farther inland. but the latest run shows it staying offshore. so we could see major changes to that track as we head into the 11:00 a.m. forecast. the spaghetti plots all over the place. you have the trough across the east and the high pressure over the atlantic. the two system will be sheering the storm system.
6:37 am
a lot of heavy rain potentially in the carolinas. patti ann: the u.s. and russia disputing who russia is targeting in syria. russia claims it's going after isis. russia says there is no evidence of that. secretary of state john kerry chalk it up to technical differences. >> we agreed the military should get into contact with each other very soon. >> we agreed on the imperative of as soon as possible perhaps even as soon as tomorrow. but as soon as possible. >> we all want syria democratic, united, secular. but we have differences as for the details on how to get there.
6:38 am
but we agreed on some steps. patti ann: ambassador john bolton is a fox news contributor and former ambassador to the u.n. is this a proxy war? >> i think what putin is trying to do is strengthen assad. and he has many enemies. so i think what they are doing is in these initial two days of strikes going after the people who are the most immediate threat to clear that up. but continue is bidding for dominance in the middle east over the uni patti ann: john kerry said
6:39 am
russian planes are in syria simply for force protection. let's listen to that. >> for the moment it is the judgment of our military and most experts that the level and type represents basically force protection, a level of protection for their deployment to an air base given the fact it is in an area of conflict. patti ann: he said we have technical differences with russia. what do you make of that. >> the comment on fours protection is inane. we inserted the force protection force to protect itself. obviously there was something going on and the complete blindness of the administration was reflected in their confusion when these airstrikes began. this is a long way from force protection. i'm afraid the administration already moved to legitimize this force protection in syria.
6:40 am
we tried to minimize the military presence. now the russians have an air base near israel's northern frontier, something they wanted for a long time, and this administration appears to be acquiescing. patti ann: we have heard defense secretary ashton carter say we are coordinating with them because we don't want their planes to see our planes, but this doesn't mean it's a coordinated effort. >> we had a joke about this when somebody says are you informing me or consulting me. we were informed. it would be a mistake to get into any deconfliction process with the russians. israel wanted deconfliction codes with our planes so they could fly and we said no to israel. our position should be we want
6:41 am
these russian planes on the ground or out of there. if we agree to deconfliction procedures with them we are legitimizing their role in the middle east. patti ann: what can we do now? >> we should say we are in control of the air space over syria. if you come up in the face of that, any incident in the air is your responsibility. we have got to show friend and foe alike in the region that the united states is not completely withdrawn. this is part of a larger strategy. russia pursued arms sales to jit. our friend are tearing their hair out, the israelis, the gulf arabs, they see power fration our hands to the russians and the chinese. parts of this alliance putin put together with iran, assad, hezbollah. this is an extraordinarily serious problem.
6:42 am
patti ann: a lot more to talk about on that. bill: donald trump taking on the refugee crisis out of syria. >> putting the people on notice, the people coming here from syria because of this mass migration, if i win, they are going back. i'm telling you. they are going back. bill: what about that foreign policy? hear what else he had to say and see the latest polling we have from "usa today" about where this race stands. patti ann: this go-pro camera goes to an unexpected place. this bird took a trip around the shore.
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bill: new polling in the republican presidential race shows donald trump is up by 10 points over carson and fiorina. gentlemen, good day to both of you. trump is up 10 points, doug. >> he stayed in the mid-20s in virtually every poll i have seen. he's come out today -- i think we'll talk about it, with a powerful inyou on immigration involving syria. no candidate is breaking through other than fiorina's excellent
6:47 am
debate performance. the field is divide and he has about a quarter of the votes. >> if you look at the average in polls the last three weeks truck has hit the peak and he has begun to fall back to earth a little bit. i think he understands more than anybody the moment his campaign ceases to be provocative, it ceases to exist. bill: you want provocation, josh, i'll give it to you. new hampshire last night. roll it. >> they ask bush, what do you think, rubio comes out and he talks about bush. what do you think of rubio. he's my dear friends. he's so wonderful. i love him so much. so they ask rubio, what do you think of bush. he's my dear friend.
6:48 am
they hate each other trust me. they hate so as much, they hate more than anybody in this room hates their neighbor. anyone. give it's political bloom. billit's polite -- it'spolitica. bill: donald trump, is he saying what the american people are thinking? >> he has an anti-p.c. approach which is a breath of fresh air. most campaigns try to get those who are a threat to them to fight with each other and they do it subtly through the press. but there is nothing subtle about the press. i guess wants bush and rubio to fight. bill: immigrants from syria,
6:49 am
watch here from last night. >> i'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria as part of this mass migration, that if i win, if i win, they are going back. they are going back. i'm telling you. they are going back. bill: what about it, doug? >> i believe we have an obligation to take substantial numbers of them, but that being said as a matter of cold, hard politics, donald trump did the right thing. if there is concern as there is about mexican immigration and support for this fence, rest assured to have up to 180,000 syrians come in where we are not able to vet them, we have no idea what the cost will be with, their medical history, this has to be a powerful position vis-a-vis the american people. i think this is smart politics in a republican primary and will only help. as josh was saying, trump has to
6:50 am
say provocative. i think we can all agree this is pro rocis -- this is provocativ. >> you can't treat 10,000 people like a bad pair of pants and slap a return label on it. where would you send them back? they are refugees, that's why they are refugees. patti ann: cite can are pointing to president obama's open nuke moment for part o -- open mike s part of the reason for tensions with russia. remember this? is the president's foreign policy falling apart? bret baier joins us live.
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bill: tourists learning a tough lesson. hold on to your gopro camera. a bird takes off with the camera. lands again, and eventually returns back to that ledge. watch the view off the coast. nicely done. he got the camera back. patti ann: a handful of the gop presidential candidates are rolling out their tax plans. rich, what do the candidates have in store for tax rates? >> four candidates released specific proposals all of them
6:55 am
represent a significant tax cut. donald trump would eliminate federal income tax for those earning less than 25,000 a year. jeb bush would have a top tax rate of 28%. rubio creates two tax brackets. senator rand paul favors a flat tax rate of 14.5%. each of these plans varies widely in detail. rubio offers a new child deduction and a personal credit and the other proposals get rid of the estate tax. they vary quite widely. patti ann: is it a tax cut? >> overall, absolutely. these candidates propose closing
6:56 am
billions in tax loopholes bust conservative tax foundation says they failed to cut enough of these preferences to pay for the cut in tax rate. bill: we are keeping a close eye on a strong storm. thicker joaquin make preparations now. where is the latest storm head? mitt romney telling barack obama that russia was your biggest threat. here is romney in 2012. >> i have clear eyes on this. i'm not going wear rose colored glass when it comes to russia or mr. putin.
6:57 am
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bill: there are geeing concerns, for good reason, about the powerful hurricane churning off the bahamas at the moment and where it goes next. hurricane joaquin, category 3, 120 mile-an-hour winds, could become a category 4 later today. we'll get an update from the national hurricane center within this hour. stay tuned for the latest on the path for that storm. big one. meanwhile russian hackers targeting hillary clinton private email system while she was secretary of state. the latest bombshell as the fbi conducts an intensive investigation to see if clinton's server was compromised. a lot of questions here. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." bill hemmer here, with patti ann browne there. what is happening? patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. state department releases another wave of hillary clinton emails. hundreds of them contain classified information. it is not clear if hackers
7:01 am
gained access. the clinton campaign is brushing it off as no big deal. quote, as we said before there is no evidence that the system was ever breached. all these emails show like millions of other americans, she received spam. bill: chief white house correspondent ed henry on her campaign live in washington. good morning to you. >> good to see you. bill: new developments now tell us what? >> reporter: the clinton campaign is right there is no evidence she was hacked, that server, however they have got some big problems. number one the fbi is doing criminal investigation to see if in fact those russian hackers succeeded or others, chinese, who knows what was going on with the server. that is why the fbi has criminal investigation. that could not be legally damaging splitchy damaging to hillary clinton who is already suffering in the polls. the other issue is look, what came out yesterday, huma abedin there, close aide to hillary clinton, she forward the at one point in 2011 an email to hillary clinton that had
7:02 am
sensitive details about then secret talks going on in oman that paved the way for the iran nuclear teal. that is one of the most sensitive secrets happening inside of the obama administration happening at the time. one of over 200 emails in this one batch, now deemed classified by the state department. the campaign continues to say they were not marked classified at the time but obviously hillary clinton's critics believe she should have known as secretary of state this was sensitive in some cases classified information. she denied that was on the server, bill. bill: she has another problem too, that is bernie sanders because bernie sanders, she is raising a lot of money but so too is sanders. what is going on there, ed? >> reporter: she shattered records at beginning of the year for the first quarter. now in the third quarter raised $228 million. bernie sanders says his campaign raised 26 million in the third quarter. that shows enormous strength for
7:03 am
him, enthusiasm. here is the difference, hillary clinton is spending sometimes, one, two, three days a week traveling around the country raising money. bernie sanders is mostly collecting this through the internet, folks who want him to win. so he has enthusiasm, he has the energy. obviously we'll have to see if he translates that into votes. bill: we shall. talk to you later today. ed henry back in washington. patti ann: the white house is going to have some explaining to do today after a new round of russian airstrikes in syria. we know that the bombing runs are targeting rebel groups trained by the cia, not isis. there are also reports that iran is in the mix. sending hundreds of troops for ground operations against those anti-assad groups. russian president vladmir putin today is saying it is coordinating with u.s. intelligence and the pentagon on all of this. this all flies in the face of the administration's claim that russia's attacks are out of desperation to keep their biggest ally in power.
7:04 am
>> clear they made a significant military investment now further propping him up. the fact that russia has to take these noteworthy steps to ramp up their support for assad is an indication of how concerned they are about losing influence in the one client state they have in the middle east. patti ann: peter doocy joins us now live from the white house. peter, how is the white house planning to respond to this latest round of russian airstrikes? >> reporter: patti ann, the white house continues to insist russia is operating from a position of weakness. they're only helping syria's president assad because he is their only friend in the region. here's the thing, putin's forces are not targeting isis terrorists. they're targeting assad's political foes to try to prop him up. that is a problem since some of those foes are from the free syrian army and trained by cia. that is what senator john
7:05 am
mccain revealed in an interview this morning. even though the evidence point to big contradictions in the russian story, the pentagon says they take the russians at their word because they usually don't act like this. >> i have been dealing with them for a long time. this is not the kind of behavior we should expect professionally from the russian military professionally. >> reporter: another huge element to this story, officials say president putin definitely did not give president obama a head's up about what he was about to do in syria when they sat down four days ago. patti ann. patti ann: peter, are these strikes changing the way the world views the united states? >> reporter: administration critics certainly think this is making the united states look really week. they think russia has replaced the united states as the most reliable partner, outside force in the middle east. >> beginning to look like a junior partner under barack obama. you saw that play out this week
7:06 am
at the united nations. nations in the region, saudi arabia, turkey, egypt, jordan and others america, we have a tough time getting them under barack obama to do anything meaningful. >> reporter: republican senator bob corker says if he watches the obama administration let putin act without consequence he feels despondent. patti ann. patti ann: peter doocy, live in washington thank you. bill: bret baier, anchor of "special report." good morning to you. analysis what you're hearing down there, what is next in all of this. how do you get caught flat into the footed on this? >> the critics on capitol hill are pretty loud now. bob corker, chair of the senate foreign relations committee saying obama foreign policy is now feckless and the country looks really weak. many people up there on capitol hill who say things. bob corker is somebody who
7:07 am
worked with the administration and seems to be exasperated as is senator john mccain and others. bill, you're seeing a fracturing nows of really u.s. influence around the world, something that we have seen develop over months but now with respect, in the respect of other countries, you wonder where the u.s. stands. bill: a lot of stuff is coming across the wire right now. reuters is reporting a lot of this, 11:00 a.m. eastern time a videoconference between russian and american officials. we'll see if comes up with that if anything. reuters saying hundreds of iranian troops arrived in syria ten days ago. i don't know if this is news to you but it crossed three hours ago. >> right. bill: putin says out of moscow coordinating actions in syria with u.s. intelligence and pentagon. what is true and what is garbage? >> the coordination part is garbage because the u.s. was caught flat-footed. russian general boeing to the u.s. embassy in baghdad was one-hour warning to get out of
7:08 am
syrian airspace. the fact that yesterday, in the midst of this where russia essentially gives you know, gives the u.s., stands up to the u.s. and really kind of embarasses the u.s. just two days after the presidents obama and putin meet at united nations, the same day to have secretary kerry stand side by side with sergey lavrov at the u.n. saying they were going to have the military talk very soon, after the bombing runs had already started, was quite something to see. bill: we just watched the photo-op while you were talking there, that lasted about seven section. this was vladmir putin and president obama in new york. the day before president obama stood before the world said we can not back a dictator, assad, you can't do it. and many suggest that we did not know what putin's intentions were. perhaps that is true but when you think about the forcefulness
7:09 am
by which he delivered that line, were they on to something? >> they were trying to send a message but it was not, not getting through to putin. and, the speech that putin gave at united nations says you can't do anything but support the assad regime in direct contrast to that. remember that president obama really lost a lot of clout after drawing the red line in syria about chemical weapons. once that happened, once chemical weapons were used and u.s. didn't do anything, then you had the issue of president obama saying dozens of times, that bashar al-assad's days are numbered. they are numbered. the numbers seem to be going up though. bill: indeed. bret, thanks. see you at 6:00. full analysis then. bret baier in washington, d.c. ten minutes past. here's patti ann. patti ann: back in 2012 mitt romney warned about something like this. here was the president's response. >> when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat
7:10 am
facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. patti ann: who should the 1980s be calling now? we'll get senior advisor from romney's campaign to weigh in. bill: we're watching the east coast watching a dangerous storm. which move will joaquin make? the latest move from the national hurricane center on the storm. patti ann: new polls vice president joe biden would win with any gop matchup. people think we're heading in the wrong direction. why pick president obama's number two. >> biden is the vice president. he does everything that barack obama wants. why would you vote for them? talking points thinks the answer is kind of cruel. many americans are simply dumb.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
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7:14 am
>> in terms of syria, at this stage i believe you do have to concentrate on eliminating isis. that means using our resources to help do so. you don't let the russians tell us that we can't fly over syria. bill: mitt romney, slamming president obama's russia launches airstrikes inside of syria calling the president a foreign policy disaster, making the case russia is america's most dangerous foe. eric served as senior advisor on
7:15 am
romney's team in 2008 and 2012. knows him quite well. eric, how are you doing there in boston, massachusetts? >> thank you, bill. bill: i want to thank you back to a moment in 2012. let's talk about this. first, play it. >> a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. >> i'm night wearing rose-colored glasses to mr. putin and will not say to him, certainly give him for flexibility after election. of after the election -- bill: how about that, eric. >> there is no satisfaction being right in terms of american power and prestige around the world. no question that the president's blind spot on russia led to a frightening turn of events. it is not just what is happening in syria. we can go back to russia marching into the crimea,
7:16 am
annexing that territory. we can look at the fact that they're trying to destablize the ukraine because putin has his eyes on that country. but look, you know, i do believe that these exchanges between obama and romney back in 2012 are really a historical footnote at this point. romney is no longer a candidate. obama is a lame duck but it is very much relevant for hillary clinton. because that back then -- bill: that is interesting do you remember, quickly, the circumstances by which he was going to deliver that comment in that debate? >> no, you're talking about which comment? bill: how did you arrive, hey, listen he will say al qaeda and we're going to say putin? >> well, look, this had been an issue going back much earlier in 2012 when the governor first mentioned the fact that russia was our number one geopolitical
7:17 am
foe. at that time hillary clinton came out said romney was wrong to say that. that risch that no longer posed the same challenge to us. now she's a candidate in 2016. she needs to be held accountable. it's that type of erroneous thinking by hillary clinton and president obama that has led us to this current sad state of affairs. bill: i don't think it was just hillary clinton and barack obama this criticized romney. it was joe biden too. >> joe biden said romney's thinking was dated and reflected an antiquated cold war mentality. look, they were wrong on this the problem now is as governor romney pointed out yesterday he, that at an earlier time, america had a good set of options and choices where we could have positive influence on events. that is no longer the case today. i think hillary clinton, joe biden, should he become a candidate need to be held
7:18 am
accountable for the errors in their thinking. bill: interesting. when will mitt romney endorse? >> well i'm not sure he is growing to endorse. he made -- bill: not at all? >> he said yesterday he expect as mainstream conservative who has a strong grip on foreign policy to emerge as the nominee. he would support donald trump or whoever else became the republican nominee. i think his tendency is to let the primary run its course. now he has said that if the race narrows to two people and one person is more aligned with his point of view, then the other, in that type of circumstance he might step in and endorse but for now he is neutral. bill: i got the suggestion he doesn't think trump will be the nominee. that -- >> that's not an uncommon point of view in the republican party. look, the race is entering a new stage. it is true that trump has shown a good deal of durability in the
7:19 am
polls at this point. we're now in more intense phase. these early states are relatively small states the ground presence matters. see many candidates like jeb bush and marco rubio are focused building strong organizations and obtaining endorsements of local officials because they bring their organizations and networks to bear. you know, we don't have a national primary, bill. people don't get on their cell phone and text their favorite candidate over their cell phone. bill: you're right. >> it's a state by state battle. bill: ground game matters. >> it matters. bill: thank you, eric. we'll talk again, out of boston, massachusetts today. >> thank you, bill. bill: nice to have you back. patti ann. patti ann: some republican candidates are on the cusp of being cut from upcoming debate. why some hopefuls may not make the prime time event and how it could affect their candidacy. bill: what led to very unsportsmanlike behavior by some of the parents of the players.
7:20 am
>> clearly everybody saw it. as soon as it happened i see everybody on, in the stands just. in awe, so, it should have been, a flag. >> as a parent of a player if my son got kicked in the face i would be very upset.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
bill: oakland athletics hiring the officers female coach in major league baseball history. she will be in the fall instructional league in mesa, arizona. assist the a's development staff both on and off the field. >> i wanted to be a coach since i was 16 years old. i worked towards this kind of moment but the outpouring of support has just been incredibly heartwarming. bill: cool stuff there. shes watt first woman to coach
7:24 am
professional players in 2009. the first to pitch batting practice for six major league teams starting in 2011. patti ann: well the third gop presidential debate is coming up. some candidates might not make the main stage. cnbc is setting a higher bar for candidates to get into the prime time debate. they must have average of at least 3% in nationally recognized polls to earn a spot. candidates like senator rand paul and governor chris christie may be up so-called kids table, earlier debate. fox news media analyst, host of "mediabuzz" howard kurtz joins us. hi, howie. >> hi, patti ann. patti ann: the prime time debate will have as many as candidates that poll 3% or more as of september 21st. see the latest "real clear politics" average. there are some candidates right on the cusp. what do you think of this standard? >> this arbitrary 3% threshold
7:25 am
feels like blatant attempt of cnbc to limit candidates and produce a better television show. the question has to be asked, who is cnbc to decree credible candidates such as mike huckabee, rand paul, chris christie, might be potentially barred from the prime time stage? make no mistake the huge audiences debates are drawing, effect on fund-raising if any of those guys, a couple could not make the cut, that could be start of a death spiral for their campaigns. patti ann: you know, those who don't make the main stage though will still be in the under card debate. there was talk there wouldn't be anymore undercards. some people in the republican committee saying we're having too many candidates. it is splintering the field. time to whittle it down. but others say there are some great candidates polling low right now. there is still time for them to rise up as others fade of the are you surprised there is an undercard? >> yeah, i have the sense, i don't know know this but i have the sense cnbc bowed to a little
7:26 am
bit of pressure there not eliminating second debate. i wouldn't have any problem if they went with one. at this stage of the campaign there are not that many other candidates to fill out and undercard, now with dropouts by scott walker of course and rick perry. here is the thing. i understand any network's rules will seem unfair to those excluded. fox got criticism only including top 10. cnn bent the rules, went to 11 to carly fiorina made prime time stage. look what a difference that made to her campaign. but to pick a number, 3%, the way polling fluctuates, that doesn't strike as the way to go. patti ann: cnbc, it's a business network, they say this debate will focus exclusively on money, job growth, taxes retirement. do you expect it to draw a lot of viewers? >> i think so because i think people are really interested in money and economy and jobs and taxes. sometimes that has gotten short-shrift in the wide-ranging debates.
7:27 am
here is another weird thing about the cnbc lineup, six total questioners, three main people moderating debate. then some flashier personalities, like "mad money" jim cramer who is big democratic donor and clearly leans left. rick santelli, some people helped inspire tea party movement leans right. all could make for good television. doesn't mean to me like as much of a straightforward debate having top journalists at cnbc doing moderating. patti ann: six questioners. it is a lot. could be interesting. >> they will be elbowing each other for airtime. patti ann: just like the candidates. howard kurtz. thank you very much. bill: millions along the east coast on alert. category 3 hurricane bearing down on the bahamas as we speak. slow-moving storm, just about five miles per hour. but the winds 120 miles an hour. what you need to know before joaquin makes its next move. patti ann: battle against isis in syria overshadowed by
7:28 am
disagreements between moscow and washington. does moscow have the upper hand? >> this is a bad day. it is a time for american leadership and it's a time that president obama woke up to the realities in the world and reassert american leadership. faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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7:31 am
patti ann: fox news alert. hurricane joaquin is now a category 3 storm and it is getting stronger. forecasters say the storm is gaining strength as it barrels toward the central bahamas and parts of u.s. are also likely in its path. along the east coast people are battening down the hatches in preparation. annie hu live in alexandria, virginia. what is going on right now? >> good morning to you. we're dealing with a lot of rainfall right now. a lot of rainfall, a lot of wind, certainly feeling effects storm. with joaquin strengthening
7:32 am
governor terry mcauliffe wasting anytime, declaring a state of emergency saying that the state is mobilizing all of the resources or prepared to what is possibly to come. we're along king street in old town, virginia. this area is prone to flooding. usually you would see the sandbags lined up along streets here but we haven't seen that yet. the city put as pile of sandbags for residents and businesses to grab. we have not seen those preps. we did see crews out here early this morning cleaning out storm drains to prevent overflow because the potomac river nearby can generally, this street blend in, when it becomes flooded here. familiar scene to people that live and work here. you know, i think the foles here know, truly the impact of what hurricanes can bring, especially with hurricane sandy three years ago. people experienced widespread power outages, tree damage and flooding, things like that.
7:33 am
bracing for the worst. so far we haven't seen long lines at grocery stores but i'm sure that is coming tomorrow. back to you. patti ann: annie yu. live in virginia for us. thanks. bill: it is extremely fluid situation this morning out of syria. breaking now, a new batch of iranian troops have arrived in syria. fox news confirms that happened about 10 days ago. military sources telling fox it has been well-known among defense officials this was the plan all along. talks between the u.s. and russia expected in 30 minutes. they have got a lot to talk about. kt mcfarland, deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration, fox news security analyst. welcome to you, kt, a lot to go through, a lot of headlines of the as we report this, if it is on syrian tv sometimes hard to believe. >> correct. bill: if it is russian media reports it is sometimes hard to believe. let's sift through what we're learning today. iranian forces by hundreds went to syria 10 days ago.
7:34 am
>> correct. bill: with intent. >> absolutely and before that, a month ago the leading iranian general went to moscow to cut the deal. so we now have a new alliance in the middle east which is russia, iran, iraq, syria, assad. a shiite crescent throughout the region. they have iranian troops moving back and forth across borders. russian aircraft is in the region. the problem with it, we're not sure where it is going and we're not sure who they are targeting. bill: if it is true in the end we did not know this was happening -- >> everybody thought it was going to happen. bill: did they? >> when the quds force general, iranian general goes, breaks embargo and sanctions and he travels to moscow, what do you think they're going to talk about? bill: i get it. everybody is acting, hey all of this is such a surprise. really? if it was a surprise, why didn't we do our job to keep an eye on what was happening? >> well it is the same intelligence failure that led president obama to say, you know
7:35 am
that isis a jv team. we continue to be surprised by malevolent actions by either. the world is not kumbayah. the world is dangerous place. president putin is that president obama is not going to acknowledge malevolent intentions. bill: hitting isis targets, eastern syria, western part of iraq. greg palkot asks a great question. are we going to defend the detractors of assad, who apparently now are under siege? >> under siege and being attacked by russian forces. there are two problems with this we have allies in the region. that is who russia is bombing. second part of the problem, we're flying in same airspace russians are flying. secretary of defense said we'll have committee. we'll make sure to deconflict we don't bullp into each other. what happens if you and i are
7:36 am
sitting here this morning we're reporting u.s. drone is struck down or u.s. aircraft shot down. russian response, a mistake. fog of war. we told you we were going to be there. we're sorry but this is accident. really? bill: look at that map, put it up there one more time, rob. as of yesterday where the russian strikes took place, that is not areas where isis exists. >> correct. bill: there was a news flash moments ago based on, again, syrian television now, that there were airstrikes in raqqa province. we know in that province isis exists. >> right. bill: let's see whether or not that can be confirmed by the pentagon. >> the pentagon is going to tell you that, well, i don't know what the pentagon is going to say at this point because they have been in a fetal dog position for last couple weeks and yesterday's reaction -- secretary of state, white house press spokesman what this dough
7:37 am
he come out and say. russians pun of us in the jaw, sending three-star russian general in embassy in baghdad, we're many bombing syria, one hour get out. what is our response? this is committee. part of our plan. people in moscow yesterday were breaking out vodka and caviar, to say look what we did to the americans and look at their response. they're lying down. they're taking it. let's go. ref the jets. bill: last point, while the world is watching what is happening in syria watch the other hand. >> watch ukraine. if i will pick your pickket, bill, i will not tell you look at your pocket. i will divert your attention and then pick your pocket. bill: kt we'll rely an out quite a bit. kt mcfarland in new york. patti ann. patti ann: money can be tight. guests at one wedding ended up with a bill for the night. tell you about that. bill: joe biden is president obama's right hand hand man why
7:38 am
would americans fed up with the administration say they would rather vote for him than any other republican candidate? bill o'reilly asked the questions. are americans losing it? >> you don't have to live in the real world anymore. used to be drugs and alcohol obliterated reality. now it is your handheld device or your pc.
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bill: pot shops, pot shops in oregon can offer products to anyone over the age of 21. come and get it. states allowing businesses to sell marijuana for recreational use. some vendors celebrating offering discounts and free food for anyone with the munchies. a bike store is giving tours of pot stores in portland. there is a free marijuana cigarette, a joint at end of that oregon one of four states that legalized marijuana for recreational use. it is still illegal however under federal law. patti ann: bill o'reilly is
7:42 am
wondering if americans are losing it. he points to a new poll that find 62% of americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. only 30% say it is heading in the right direction. the same poll finds that vice president joe biden would beat any of the republicans running for president. >> how can these results happen when 2/3 of the country believe the country is in trouble? biden's the vice president. he endorses pretty much everything barack obama does. so why would you vote for him? talking points believe the answer to that question is kind of cruel. many americans are simply dumb. they don't know what's going on. they don't pay attention. they don't care. no question the machines have allowed individual american to create his or her own world. you don't have to live in the real world anymore. used to be drugs and whole obliterated reality. now it is your handheld device or your pc. patti ann: well, marjorie
7:43 am
clifton, former consultant to the obama campaign and principle at clifton consulting. kevin mccullough talk show host for salem media group and columnist. thanks for joining us. you both object to the word dumb but you concede uninformed. marjorie, why is the public uninformed? >> one we have media environment unlike we've ever seen. we're inundated on daily basis by different networks and different opinions. frankly the news isn't what it was. people largely don't trust it. pew shows 70% of americans do not trust the government. i think that is indicative of frankly an environment that, doesn't have a lot of substance to it. it is a lot of platitudes and talking points. women i talk to especially say, i don't like all the yelling. i don't like all the crazy disagreement. it feels unsafe. it feels unkind and doesn't frankly feel fair. when i talk to people, they say,
7:44 am
you know, i don't feel like i have the truth. i don't feel like i have good information. so they tune out. we saw 72-year low in voter turnout in 2015. that is indicative of people not trusting at large what is being said and what is being done. patti ann: kevin, she hit on a lot of different point there, one of then being the fact, people start out caring. if they feel like they can't get to the truth or helpless to change reality, makes them too upset. makes them anxious. makes them depressed. they have to tune out because they can't handle the truth. is there something to that? >> i think there is. i do take objection to bill's wording all these things, the words i come up with are confused, exhausted, isolated, misl.e.d., disillusioned. people working very hard, trying to pay their bills, staying on top of their life, people working multiple jobs trying to make their living today, some of it comes down to time management.
7:45 am
we don't know necessarily what ts going on. to marjories point, the culture at large is investing $4 billion a day ,o keep us all confused. couple that with politicians of both parties directly mislead, what i mean by misleading very simple. they promise x. they deliver y. go back and tell the voter they delivered x. doesn't matter what which party you're talking about. that is what you're getting from washington, d.c. there is reason why bernie sanders, donald trump, carly fiorina are the names people are talking about. it is because they don't have anything to do with the names we are associating with traditional politics like hillary and bush. patti ann: yeah. the politicians really refined their spin machines to the point where it us very difficult for the average person at home to figure out where the truth lies. but o'reilly, marjorie, says social media, allows people to pretty much only expose themself to views they already agree. both sides become entrenched in
7:46 am
their own parallel realities so to speak. do you agree with his point about the rise of the machine? >> i do actually agree. in my own case i read three different media sources from very different perspectives to try to muddle through what is the truth. we absolutely as humans become endangered exposing ourselves only to that which makes sense to us or confirms our view of reality. i think that is frankly the danger of where our political parties have gone. that is separating themselves. i won time asked a member of congress why do you think it is so divided? used to be that members families lived in washington. they stood on edge of soccer field together on saturdays and had conversations that went outside of the political diatribe. we walled ourselves off. we excluded our elves from anyone that share our viewpoint. that is dangerous. i agree with o'reilly's point that we have limited ourself to people that echo our own viewpoints and reinforce them. to civil dialogue to pope
7:47 am
francis's point we need to be okay hearing something different and compassionate why they come with that perspective. >> the echo chamber. kevin, the back to o'reilly's initial premise about biden. we'll look at the latest poll showing biden ahead of any republicans would actually beat them. o'reilly said, wait a minute. i thought they were all against the status quo. people feel heading in the wrong direction, why would they vote for the vice president? you could say first of all the vice president doesn't have a lot of power. >> sure. patti ann: but beyond that point, what do you say to the biden phenomenon? >> biden is the guy everybody wants to have a beer with but nobody in the last seven years is really soon him do much of anything except, you know be at some public event and so forth. my bigger issue with this right now, is that polls at this stage of game mean absolutely zero. marjorie knows this anybody worked on campaigns this far out, these are meaningless. in many ways biden represents
7:48 am
politics of years gone by, last time he competed anything. people affect gnat for the loss of his son many in ways. i don't think that poll means a thing. gop nominee is down to one person and that person to build a case, joe biden if he is the nominee, will build his case. they will have public discussion, people will begin to pay more attention. reason i know this, i was reading very right-wing websites on my twitter feed, while marjorie was talking, i he can checked it out in my own parallel echo chamber. patti ann: we'll leave it there. got to go unfortunately. marjorie and kevin thank you. bill: read some more. jenna lee next on "happening now." what are you working on? >> very busy news day, bill. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to speak at u.n. we have line up of experts with full analysis. hurricane joaquin we're watching. heading to bahamas. we're keeping eye on the storm's
7:49 am
path as you potentially know it could hit the united states this weekend. new polls show trump lead gop field as outsiders cars soon and fiorina continue to surge. larry sabato at the top. hour. bill: jenna, busy morning. one couple trying to recoup the money they lost when guests did not show up on their big day. how is that going to work out? ♪
7:50 am
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7:53 am
bill: more in a moment. you might know a bridezilla, entirely on top of wedding. a minnesota bride is trying to recruit money from those who did not show up. invited guests getting a bill in the mail for $75. carley shimkus, part of our brand new channel, fox news headlines, 24/7, xm 115. starting on monday. >> we're so excited. you're going to be there. bill: tell me about the bride in minnesota. >> this couple was fetting ready to go to a wedding. their babysitter cancels. they can't go. everything was fine until the bride sense them a bill in the mail for $75.90 for two hours of herb crusted at that lap yaw. can't miss that the guest post
7:54 am
this is on facebook. it goes absolutely viral. everybody has an opinion on this most people think the bride shouldn't have sent the bill. i take the bride's side. bill: why? >> because you spend your whole year planning this wedding. you have to go. if you can't go at least send a gift. bill: people choose not to show up. >> yeah. it's a bummer. bill: i think you're a little biased here. >> why is that? bill: you've been married 30 days. >> yes. bill: were you a cool bride or were you a bridezilla. >> marriage licenses is still hot off the presses for me. if happened to me. it is a pretty bold move to send a bill. if it is a some bride's style i can't blame them. bill: carli, no explanation for no show, call or text would have be appreciated. >> this bride is getting hammered on the internet. i'm here to stick up for her. bill: you are? >> yes. bill: i kind of see where she is coming from a little bit. >> the bride? bill: yeah. >> i know. bill: her friend chose not to be here. she has been insulted.
7:55 am
>> turns out the bride and guests are related. thanksgiving will be really fun. bill: that turkey will be cold. once again on monday, tell me what the new channel is all about. let our viewers. >> fox news is teaming up with siriusxm radio, 24/7 news, news around the clock. it will be a fox news product. you obviously know it will be good. listeners hear latest news, entertainment, sports what is trending reports where i come in. channel 115 on siriusxm dial, one click up from the fox news channel already. bill: i love it. >> i heard you're turning switch on for us, bill. bill: i think i will stop by, 6:00 a.m. monday morning. >> the voice listeners will hear. it will be great. bill: i think it will be terrific also. >> really exciting. bill: rehearsals and trying to nail everything. >> news you need when you want it. bill: we'll see how we do on monday, right? >> absolutely. bill: don't send me a bill, okay. >> time is money.
7:56 am
this is $75 to order the talapia, carly, see you monday morning. >> thank you, bill. bill: patti ann, what is next? patti ann: we expect any moment to hear from the national hurricane center from the latest path of hurricane joaquin. will the storm steer closer to the united states? the latest track just minutes away. th, i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b
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bill: is you reckon that or bride's going to get her money back? patti ann: there was a groom involved, right? didn't he sign off on this? bill: you reckon? patti ann: i would think so. they're a couple now. bill: details on what's happening overseas today. patti ann: "happening now" right now. jenna: a cold war-style showdown over syria, the united states and russia beginning what's being called deconflict talks from the pentagon. we've heard that word a lot, there's a big question how it's
8:00 am
going to be applied. i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. those talks come after russia launched a new round of airstrikes in syria. syria president bashar assad, russian officials claim their fighter jets were carrying out strikes on isis targets, but folks here in the u.s. and on the ground in syria are claiming the strikes are killing civilians and u.s. allies. doug mckelway live at the pentagon with the latest. >> reporter: jon, things are happening on multiple fronts in this fast-moving story. first, as we speak, a spokesman for centcom in baghdad is expected to brief reporters momentarily on these latest issues with the soviet airstrikes. the pentagon press secretary, peter cook, will then brief reporters here at the pentagon shortly after that. in the meantime, to make a complex situation even more difficult, fox news has now confirmed that iranian troops have now arrived in syria


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