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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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chamber in king tut's tomb. >> thank you for joining us. >> have great day. thanks so much. the first round of air strikes by russian war planes in syria as a showdown threatens between the u.s. and russia. right now we're waiting for a briefing live from the pentagon on those strikes. the pentagon hosting deconflict deconfliction talks. russia as conducted about 20 strikes insisting they are bombing isis targets. the pentagon and witnesses on the ground in syria tell a completely different story saying that doesn't appear to be the case with strikes hitting to the north and east. russian positions earlier in september stretched along
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eastern syria to the mediterranean. is all of this building up to a new alliance russia, iran, iraq and syria? eight yesterday, 20 today. the news we're getting now is they are not striking or even trying to strike isis. what is russia up to? >> simply this. the pressure on assad for last year has been growing. the russians got spooked. they said we got to do something or the regime could be in trouble. here comes russia to actually prop up the regime that we've been talking about for a couple of days. the pressure that they have been getting is not from isis. the pressure has been from these other rebel groups.
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some of them moderate. to the north of them and to the south of them the attacks to the north and south that you see taking place in the three provinc provinces, eight strikes yesterday, 20 strikes today, are all against non-isis targets. in other words the targets that have been putting the pressure on them. that's what this is about. why are they saying this is about isis? that is purely for the consumption of the russian people. they have told the russian people they're going to syria is to fight the radicals in syria so they're not going to come to russia. that is the false narrative that they are portraying back at home. they know they're not doing it. they know that the americans know exactly where the targets are. they know that the free press will pick up on the fact they're attacking. they only care about the russian people. >> does this create a new
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alliance, russia, iran, iraq and syria? how dangerous could this be? >> you put your finger on one of the problems i have with the administration that wants to coordinate wi coordinate thinks with russia. the hezbollah who is in there by 5 to 10,000 depending on what month it is and the force from iran. these are all killers of the syrian people. >> let's take a look at those two maps once again. it shows us where russia is striking and where they are not striking. there they are. they are striking in syria. >> i can talk to that. that orange part on the map that we're all looking at is part of the leads up to the turkish border north of damascus. this is where most of the pressure has been put on the regime. over there where you see the targets by the coast, it's been
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significant pressure being put on that enclave which is where assad's political base is. this is all about non-isis rebels who are in this area putting pressure on the jet stream. >> doesn't that detract from the whole point of us going to syria? when we started doing ire strikes in syria it was to wipe out isis. now you have these other countries getting involved. what should the u.s. response be milltarially? >> this conciliatory tone and attitude that we have has got to stop. we should be dealing with the russians and foreign minister that we saw on tv is condemnation and determination to do what we need to do. in no uncertain terms we should be telling the russians we here to defeat isis. we'll fly where we want and do
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what we want, and you should stay out of our way. if you don't stay out of our way then you'll get confrontation. to avoid confrontation you have to be willing to get confrontation if you follow my logic there. they have got do feel the pressure of an assertive united states that's determined and has resolve to defeat isis in syria. the problem we have is our strategy has been failing and the russians know it. >> before i let you go i want to get your reaction to benjamin netanyahu, he clearly is slamming the united states and the other five world powers for doing a dwell the devil and that's tehran. i want you to listen. he talks about how you do a deal with a country that's not willing to compromise. >> iran's rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people and the response from
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this body the, the response from nearly every one of the government's represented here has been absolutely nothing, utter silence, daeafening silence. >> wow. he plans on meeting with president obama november. your reaction and what's that meeting going to be like? >> this most passionate and determined speech that i've ever listened to netanyahu make. his frustration and that entire u.n. body, what he was talking about is the number one general have threatened to destruction of the state of israel as recently at as last month.
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nobody ever speaks out against it. that's ha that was about. he is bound and determined not to let iran hurt israel and we all know it. he's giving fair warning about it. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> good talking to you. israeli prime minister wrapping up his speech to the u.n. general assembly just a little more than an hour ago. his first address there since the u.s. and five other world powers reached that nuclear agreement with iran. we've been talking about a deal. he obviously firmly opposes. check out this chilly moment where he stares down the u.n. we apologize. that's coming from capital hill. these are live pictures from capitol hill where senate
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lawmakers are hearing the obama administration's plan to resettle nearly 200,000 refugees over the next two years, including 10,000 from war torn syria. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is live. what are some of the ideas that we're hearing from democrats about this refugee issue? >> reporte >> it will be fascinating to hear what comes out of this. dick durbin said the u.s. shoud accept 100,000 refugees. the initial offer to accept 10,000 syrians is too modest. i had chance to ask the how democratic leader about this difficult issue earlier today. >> i'm very concerned about it. that's why i support many more refugees coming into the united states and also supporting refugees where they are in neighboring countries, jordon,
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turkey, lebanon. >> senders are getting the views of experts on this refugee crisis. >> what are concerns republicans are expressing on this really difficult issue? >> some passionate language from people like chairman bob corker who said the syrian refugee crisis should quote, challenge every moral fiber within us. he blasted the obama administration for not getting involved in the syria crisis earlier enough to make a difference. another top senate republican is criticizing president obama for lack of leadership on this issue. >> it is tragic, my fellow americans, that we have reached this point. a syrian conflict that's killed more than 200,000 people, created the worst refugee crisis in europe since world war ii. >> some leading republicans have expressed concerns about the
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vetting of these refugees trying to make sure we know who might be coming here to the united states. >> mike emmanuel live. thank you very much. fox news alert now for you. u.s. hurricane isncenter just upgrading joaquin to dangerous category 4 storm. it's expected to strengthen as it turns toward the u.s. right here. record rainfall promising to pummel east of the east coast already facing flooding concerns. authorities reporting one death in south carolina where several cars were submerged in high water. >> joaquin is our third hurricane of this pretty mild season based on standards historically. as you mentioned moments ago the national hurricane center said the strength of joaquin has grown from a category 3 to category 4. winds of 130 miles an hour. right now the eye of this storm is about 300 miles
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east/southeast of miami. the bad news in the bahamas is this storm is not going anywhere fast. joaquin is swirling around in one spot dumping rain and wind on the islands. joaquin is pounding the eastern and central bahamas from san salvador island west to nassau. up to 20 inches of rain expect today and tomorrow. right now joaquin's winds are steadily blowing 130 miles an hour. as the storm moves to the southwest at only 6 miles an hour but tomorrow forecasters expect joaquin to head north and pick up speed. that's when most of the east coast is threatened. governors of virginia and new jersey and now north carolina have declared states of emergency. new jersey's governor warning his people to prepare but not
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panic. >> at this point it's just too soon to say with any certainty whether or not joaquin is likely to have a direct impact on new jersey or not. those paths cha of times as you've seen over the course of the last 48 hours. >> collectively all the hurricane models and cones of uncertainty really are going two ways. one has it going up and slamming the north carolina island, the outer banks for virginia or off to new jersey maybe early monday morning. the other way this could be going is out east over bermuda out into the ocean. it's too far out to make that kind of determination yet. >> all right. thank you very much. live from miami. you might remember hillary clinton pushing the reset button with her russian counter part. what if she knew then what is expected now.
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the pentagon briefing under way now. peter cook being asked about the russian strikes in syria. let's listen. >> any communication with russia so far including on this call that would be a warning to them to say we warned the syrian government to stay away from u.s. operations or risk some sort of retaliation and united states have any legal authority to strike russia were it to go after moderate syrian rebels supported by the united states. the united states said it would go after assad's force ifs it were to strike syrian rebels.
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has that position been transferred toward russia and has the pentagon communicated? >> i'm not going to get into the detail of the calls itself. this is was a professional exchange between the two governments and defense departments. we have made clear the importance of the moderate syrian opposition in terms of political future and anything done to harm that modern syrian opposition is counter productive to the end result that we believe is necessary and that's a political transition in syria. this isn't going to be solved milltarially. we made that point to clear from the start and we'll continue to do so. >> regardless of whether the russian or syria or isil?
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>> i'm in the going to get into hypothetical situations here. right now our focus is the fight against isil. there are moderate opposition forces that are getting or support now. we belief the russians should be doing everything they can to take the fight to isil as well and push forward while there's this military action separately on a political transition to support a political diplomatic effort to try to bring peace to syria. we think those things moving in parallel are the most important steps that can be taken now. >> thank you. the russians are hitsi inhittin islamic state and it does not appear they are hitting the islamic state. it doesn't appear they are hitting the islamic state. have you or has anybody been asking the russians for proof they are hitting the targets?
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>> our assessment as you heard yesterday is they do not appear to be hitting targets. we have encouraged them to focus their attention on isil and asked about their intentions going forward. i think that's part of the conversation that began today with this video conference. we'll see where i goes from here. >> thank you. >> we have breaking news of shooting in the pacific northwest. what's beginning on? >> it's a very serious situation. we've been told by police here is what we have confirmed. a community college in roseburg, oregon. i believe it in that one right here, this is a street view from roseburg, oregon. the police have confirmed only there's an active shooter situation. the social media set up suggests this is something much worse. rival news networks are reporting multiple people dead.
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we cannot confirm that. we can tell you that traffic on social media indicates this has been a very bad scene indeed. is there a shooter in custody? with do not know yet. the latest word is they are reporting an active shooter situation. so often the facts of the matter come later than we can bring it to you. this is an overhead view. this is the main building. it's on complete lockdown. john glen is working our information specialist. >> they're talking to new york paper. he says that more than 20 people are hurt and the shooter is down. we don't have it confirmed but that's what we got so far. >> only one shooter. >> so far. >> all these folks up here
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working different social media for us at the moment. what we've been able to pull together is frankly a very disturbing scene. i don't like the get ahead of the fact as reported by the police because i don't think it serves us well in any way. there's suggestions that many, many people have died in this shooting. one shooter. reported from the authority to a new york state newspaper is the shooter is down. the one and only shooter. as far as what the shooter has been able to get accomplished today that's another matter indeed. we have reports of as many as 20 people hurt. there's reports on rival networks that as many as ten people have been killed. we can't really get ahead of ourselves with. our team up here is working on different reviews. you're looking over twitter and facebook. what are you find something.
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>> similar to what you just said. seen the reports of the ten dead. still not confirmed from officials and about 20 hurt. we're still checking and trying to confirm. >> thanks. do we have any idea how this began, what the circumstances or is all that still sort of muddled? >> still muddled now. >> are you getting anything? you're working on facts for the 3:00 show? >> yes. >> i've been trying to get onto@uonto the umpqua community college website. none of the pages are coming up through google. >> this one here, the shooter reported. this has been going on for quite some, for the last 22 minutes. we're monitoring this from multiple news rooms especially in our west coast news. we have a number of west coast
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news. what are you seeing? >> the reports that you guys are getting of the ten dead at this college in oregon is coming from the oregon state police. they have not contacted us back. that's where the number is coming from. umpqua community college is in roseburg, oregon is between euge eugene, oregon and medford. it's a pretty good size school. we're talking about 3300 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students going to this. you mentioned when you showed the overhead view, this is one of those schools that has the vineyard, an active wine growing and producing program. that's what the basis of this school is. that's the overhead. it's much bigger than that. there's some 16 to 18 buildings that are actually on this campus. what we've been told is the shooter was actually going from
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building to building. again, in the early going in these types of things as we all now the information coming out first is often wrong or at least partly off base. again, the report of the ten dead and the multiple injured is coming from the oregon state police. we're trying to get them on the phone now. we know there are multiple agencies on the scene right now. we're talking about everybody from every surrounding town has now been called to the junior college and they are trying now to figure out, get us more information on what the numbers are. we'll work on it. >> our eyes on the ground are limited at the moment. we're we lying on the local reporters for that area. this is roseburg and douglas county paper. the word from police here is not good. they are reporting that upwards of 20 people have been shot. multiple ambulances on scene. according to this newspaper, i can't confirm this myself, at least 15 students are said to be dead. they are echoing what you did
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when they say they are clearing out the science building and going building to building to building as they work now to try to make sure that everyone else is okay. we know from the authorities now that the shooter is down. we do not know how that happened. it's our belief that there was but one shooter. what happened from the time that the initial reports came in and now that's the part that's quite murky. david jakepublisher. what can you tell us from the police? >> we've had a couple of different reports. i've had a conversation with the sheriff. the numbers are ranging from 15 to 25 victims. we have heard from scanners there were as many as 15 dead. that is not confirmed.
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we've heard the shooter was down and updated reports he's in custody. the question is, is there more than one shooter? we have one of the staff members son on the campus right now in the classroom that's been locked down hiding behind desks. he said that unusual things from text message is he did not hear any shots. they think there may be a group involved but that isn't confirmed. they aring le looking for other suspects. >> do we know, david, anything about this shooter? where this person came from? what this person's beef was? anything about the person? >> absolutely nothing at this time. we're trying to get that from various sources. it's real stretchy. everything is still developing. we have one other person that
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contacted us through text message who is a veteran on the campus. they wanted the veterans wanted to take action. they were told to stand down and kept in the class. that's another piece of information. at this point no idea who the shooter was, is he connected to anyone else, what the motives are. >> do you know how long ago this began? >> well i'm going to put it, it's kind of, time just seems to shut down here since it started happening but i would say about 30 minutes ago plus or minus. i could go back and look at my text when they started coming in and calls. i would say that's pretty close. >> thanks very much. tell me more about this campus, if you can. i know there's about 3,000 students. what kind of school is it? >> it's a community college. it's a beautiful campus. kind of spread out. it's not in one big building. there are different kind of
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modules around the campus. it's beautiful. i think everybody here is in shock. this kind of thing doesn't happen in douglas county. we have a lot of hunters and people that have firearms. you wonder if somebody -- i don't know who thwarted the shooter. this is what we're looking for. every one in this county is shocked. s >> i'm looking at an overhead of this campus. over to the tennis center and aquatic center, do you know where this started? >> we were told that the shooting broke out in the science center. i don't know if you can tell from the aerial what that is. we'll be trying to get information to confirm that. we were told it happened in the science building is where the original shooting occurred.
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>> i can imagine how busy you are. if you can stay in contact, we'll appreciate it. >> we will. >> the latest word out of umpqua community college is there's a horrible shooting on campus. mul initially we were told the shooter is down. all reports indicate that the shooter is incapacitated either taken into custody or has been in some other way incapacitated. we have nothing to suggest at this moment there's any other shooters. the police have not told us that. there's been no reports on social media or otherwise. about this shooter we have no information in this early going that we're comfortable going with. we don't flow -- we're led to believe it's man. aside from that we don't know anything about age, whether this person has any connection to the college, exactly what happened or why. we know nothing about his origin, his hometown, nothing.
11:30 am
we do know that at least 20 people have been injured in one way or another. i don't want to say shot because the initial reports are injured. sometimes the chaos are you aware sounding it causes people to get injured. somebody that's perfectly understandable. that's how initial reports are confusing. i'm getting new information from john glen who heads our information specialist, what are you seeing. >> the fire department just tweeted out it's a code four situation which means they don'. there are major casualties. >> when you get information about need to further assistance that means whatever is causing harm can't do so anymore? >> that's what it means. >> there's nothing to knock the report of many people being shot. >> nothing yet. >> i know you're all working on this. i'll shoel you the mw you the ms
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is. this is eugene, oregon. you can see the small town of roseburg here. this is florence, lincoln city. salem, oregon here. it's just off this national forest and right on interstate 5 this is where the community college is. this is on google street view. here we can see or we could a moment ago in bat 5 the aerial view of the place. they're working on something else now. we have gotten initial reports of a shooting on this campus, an active shooter situation. the number of reports of active shooter situations across the country on a daily basis, that number is high. sometimes when the police report we have reports of an active shooter sometimes car is backfired or somebody slam a door too hard or most anything could have happened and they begin with the assumption of
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active shooter. you have to wait and be patient to make sure that what they are reporting is true. in this case we waited about 15 minutes and it became clear that what we had here was an extraordinary serious and violent situation. we don't know how the shooting went down but we though students were going about their regular day. the first reports we got, i can't tell you when it happened but the first reports that began to come in from authorities and social media were around 2:00 east coast time. about 11:00 a.m. on the east coast. classes would have been in session on a thursday morning. students inside the classrooms and then this shooter. we don't know where he began but early reports are somewhere around the science building. we can only presume it started inside the science building. we can't know that for sure. we don't know whether specific people were targeted. the early reports of ten people dead would have been backed up by scanner traffic. in this day and age you can listen to scanner traffic.
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the folks in this room and our affiliated stations around the country do that. we don't report specifics of what we hear on scanner traffic because none of that is confirmed until police get there and confirm it. in this case the worst fears were realized when authorities got to scene. we have just gotten the most recent confirmation, one in a series of them. this one explaining that there are multiple casualties. it's a code four situation meaning they don't need anymore assistance there. nothing to indicate there's anymore suspects. anyone else that's trying to do harm. the harm has been done and world as we know it has changed for this tiny sliver of oregon where on a beautiful morning at umpqua community college a gunman has entered the campus and ended the
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lives of a number of people and caused the chaos that no one will ever forget. they have a lot on their hands. >> it is. they believe it's stable. they have called more ambulances to the scene. they are setting up a triage situation. there is a swat team on campus now. we talked about a code four and the fact they believe it's stable and they are going bui building to building. there's a master set of keys and the swat teams are going and clearing them out. that's not an indication they believe there are more shooters because it's our understanding the shooter is down or incapacitated but it is our understanding that they don't know just yet. they are going from building to building making sure they clear these things out, making sure there are no students still
11:35 am
hiding inside and the focus seems to be on the science building. we do not know why the focus is there. the reports of the dead coming from the oregon state police. we still have not gotten the confirmation. we don't want the go with any numbers until we can get the police on the phone. when you cover these year after year even the police misconstrue the initial numbers. almost exactly one hour ago is when this shooting broke out. this is an all hands on deck. roseburg is not very big. about 150 miles outside of portland. all of those towns will soon be involved in this and our
11:36 am
information right now is this college of about 3,000 full-time students, 16,000 part-time students is on lockdown. swat teams are on scene going building to building. they have a set of keys. they're not breaking down doors. we don't know if it's to check for more people or clear the buildings and look for more victims. the victim number keeps going up. we're not going to give you exact numbers but we can tell you the numbers we keep getting keep going up. >> the reason for my hesitation and i know you're in similar situation, this is the location right along the five freeway. the coast over here washington state above. the small town of roseburg right here directly on interstate five. i might as well show you why it is we're being to hesitant about these numbers. for instance, this is one of our recording services that we use daily. they're citing scanner reports. they really aren't good enough
11:37 am
to go with the numbers they are talk about. they're talking about suspects being down. we have that confirmed. this is a diagram of the campus. i can pull that over here. you can see that one. most of what we're getting is from scanner traffic. this is not a large police force. it's small town with a small police force, small fire department. the reports are from the oregon state police who if they're own scene are on scene in very small numbers and citing local reports. we're quoting agencies that are
11:38 am
quoting local reports. >> do you feel like you're safe? what do you know? >> we don't know anything yet except that supposedly there were two shooters and only one in custody. we're a bit worried. >> i understand smast something you would hear and that's the sort of thing that sort of thing that you get quickly. it's every bit of good information that we have is the only shooter in this case is down. did you hear shots or not much of anything? >> no. that's the thing that was surprising to everybody. we didn't hear anything at all. supposedly professional or they have something -- >> they what? >> nobody here heard anything. we're supposing they have some
11:39 am
kind of silence weapon or something like that. >> this campus frankly is quite small. this is the science building. these are parking lots around the outside. you can see the aquatic center up top. this is the spot where all of this began. i would assume classes are under way at 10:43 a.m. just under an hour ago. >> yeah. classes would have been beginning. campus is about 3,000 kids? >> i think so. >> no one is saying do anything in particular. you're just sheltering in place? >> yeah, we're all hiding in a room. we haven't heard anything from outside except for cell phones and texts. >> we wish you the best. 17-year-old student on campus. in the early going i was mentioning it would be difficult
11:40 am
to get anything in particular because the authorities are busy doing what they have to do on scene. it's not as if the small police forces have a gaggle of media relations people to tell us what's going on. there's a number of people who have been shot and killed and a number of other people that need medical attention. by now we would have aerial pictures or something from the ground. this is so far for many heavily populated areas. this is the school itself. i showed you the area on interstate 45. a good distance from any major metropolitan area especially where they might have have a helicopter for a television station or anything of that nature. this is a college. it's one i never heard of before right along interstate 5. you have to pull out just a little bit to get near a major city. trace, initial reports of 15 to 20 people killed.
11:41 am
sounds like kids don't know if there's another shooter or not. the information is just not flowing. >> it's not flowing because there's really, they're getting all hands deck. they are calling, you can hear on scanners and we don't want to go with a lot of that information but they're calling for public information officers because they are getting so many phone calls. they can't handle them which is why the information is not getting out. i don't know fp you can put the map back up. you said number 13 is is science building. number 12 is schneider hall. our information is that a lot of this went down in, around or near schneider hall. a bunch of the apparent dead and wounded happened in that area. we told you the big focus of the investigation, the search, the swat teams right now is is science building. schneider hall, number 12, directly next to it. i can't point it out here but if
11:42 am
you look to the bottom of your screen there right there where there's a big building on the right hand side of the college campus, number 12 appears to be the third building from the left. our information says that's where the focus of this shooting happened. that's where the majority of the deaths and injuries were in schneider hall. the police are just getting to the scene. we've been tole it's code four. everything is under control. the shooter is either down or incapacitated or no longer a threat. we have confirmed the shooter is no longer a threat. we do not know if he's the only shooter which is why you have swat teams using the school's master s eer keys to go from bu to building. you talked to the student in one of the back buildings. that appears to be the case in other buildings around there which is why the swat teams will go in and make sure they identify themselves and tell the students, as you might imagine, are quite concerned. they've been given no
11:43 am
information. go in and tell the students exactly what's happening, exactly where a threat may or may not be. whether to shelter in place or come out. that will take the next couple of hours for the police, the swat teams to get on scene and be able to sift through the information and figure out exactly where they stand. the number of dead and injured as we've been told goes up. we don't know specific numbers. we don't want to give specific numbers until we get concrete information from police. right now we don't have that information. >> we have just gotten the dispatch from the county fire department serving douglas county. douglas county, umpqua county community college is the name of the place. multiple casualties have been transported to area hospitals. getting further dispatch backing up what you've said about the
11:44 am
science building and the one next door as being the center of this shooting activity to the best of our knowledge thus far. i can show you these two buildings. the science building, building number 13. i showed you the satellite map a minute ago. the parking lot and the entrance to it here. the science building here and you were mentioning schneider hall which is building number 12. these are all the buildings that serve them here. it was established by vote of the greater douglas county residents in 1964. it's only been around 50 years or so. for the first few years conducted classes in various rented facilities inside the county seat of roseburg. they're all on scene. now some of the local tabloids
11:45 am
in new york city are sending out alerts on this matter. we don't know the full extent and waiting to find out exactly what we can learn. this is breaking news from the local newspaper. multiple deaths reporting from shooting rampbage at ucc umpqua community college. the first reports came 10:45 a.m. on the west coast. exactly one hour ago now. which is part of the reason that the information has been so scattered. we got the information early but we couldn't get the rest of it quickly enough. gunman has shot up toward wards of 20 people on campus. scanner reports indicate the suspect is down. multiple ambulances on scene. early reports indicate 15 people are dead. students reporting on social media they are trapped inside classrooms. we spoke with one a short time ago. trapped might not be the right word to use by shulterring in
11:46 am
place. it afears the shooter is down. there's no reports of another shooter. police were clearing the science building. we told you a moment about ago mercy medical center that that would be the spot where anyone injured would be taken. they hadn't received anyone but first hand reports that people have been taken. a reporter at ucc described the scene as pure chaos. the latest dispatch came at 11:39 a.m. local time. just a few minutes ago, a nursing student said he heard shots and everyone was running. he's locked down in the cafeteria with 50 other students
11:47 am
now. they've heard there's a shooting but can't know exactly what's going on. get over here and find this cafeteria for you. they lay out what all the buildings here are. as far ascafeteria, i don't see it. it could be in the campus center for all i know. what we are sure of is students are sort of sheltering in place in multiple buildings as our reporters for those and other organizations have been talking to them for the last few minutes. local coverage coming to us from kezi in oregon. that's our network news service affiliate there. let's listen. >> we're going to check back with you. be ready for that call. we're going to want to know exactly what the police are saying as soon as they say it about this situation. sarah madison a reporter from kezi. she was telling us that she was seeing multiple ambulances.
11:48 am
she saw a student bloody. school buses going in. the school on lockdown. police going door to door, room to room trying to confirm that the shooter is down as we're hearing from most official sources down there. >> we're hearing from other reporters, tv and newspaper reporters who are sharing your information. >> reporters have confirmed some other information for us along the way. one is that this incident did begin at schneider hall, building number 12. the best information that we have at this moment just about an hour after the first reports of this horrible shooting in age have come in from this oregon. it started here in general academics building and continued next door in the science building. we've gotten reports of students sort of holed up waiting for police instructions. instructions from other
11:49 am
authorities. right next to the southern oregon wine institute. this is about the extent of the information we have from this place. waiting still for a police report. the latest that we have here from associated press. multiple casualties occurred today at a shooting at a community college in south western oregon. the local fire district has advised people to stay away. it's about 180 miles south of portland. as i reported there's about 3,000 students there. our information specialist explained the website is down at the moment. a phone message left at the school by associated press was left unreturned. extremely concerning and sad.
11:50 am
andy hardigan who is a spokeswoman who is the board that something from police at any moment ultimatum but a horrible scene in umpqua a historic -- umpqua community college if the early reporting is true. and unthinkable human tragedy has taken place. according to everything we have been able to brings together -- and i'm comfortable in the following reportingsomeone has entered the campus, entered at least one building, and taken the lives of a number of people. whether they are students, faculty members or otherwise, remains to be seen. but all reporting indicates a number of people have been killed here. the high end of the reporting on this matter, as many as 15. the authorities confirmed the
11:51 am
shooter is no longer able to cause chaos or harm and there's nothing to indicate there are any other shooters or otherwise violent people in the mix here. they've asked the students to lock down in place and just stay where you are. students who got that word less than an hour ago, haven't received any updates so understandably they're just staying put. as for updates from authorities they have been hard to come by. the only way this has been described as a sad scene of chaos, with people trying to get the injured to hospitals, with authorities on scene, initially making sure there were no more shooters involved, and enough trying to figure out who is alive, who is dead, and how to get those who are struggling to hospitals where they can get care. we were expecting to hear from cops but i'm quite confident that they've been busy with other matters. the local reporting has come to us from rt-today, the local newspaper, and some local television stations which aren't baseed in roseburg but have sent
11:52 am
reporters to cover the breaking news. when you're 180 miles from portland, the largest city around, getting there and getting information to people from the area is something that's been very difficult to do. the latest we have now, this from "usa today," 20 injured, a shooter, one shooter, opening fire at umpqua community college in southern oregon, injured as many as 20 before he was downed. quoting a douglas county official. katu television is reporting oregon state police say there were multiple fatalities but that couldn't be immediately confirmed. a county commissioner told a local television station, kgw-tv -- this is a county commissioner maimed chris boice -- he reported to local television stations that 15 to 20 people were injured, including one woman shot in the chest. again, this is from the
11:53 am
reporting of "usa today" newspaper. boice says the shooter was, and is i quote, brought down, unquote, according to the kgbw reporter. the police revved a call at 10:45 -- these are the first pictures from the newspaper we have been quiting which serve douglas county and roseburg in southwestern oregon, and you see the pictures along with me for the first time. local medics trying to get people some care. the stretcher there in the foreground and there we see at least three ambulances lined up. looks like a fourth one there in the background with the hills around on a fall day. and you can imagine this community college of about 3,000 people, probably one very much like the one in your community, serving kids in the region, going in for another normal day of class in oregon, when suddenly somebody opened fire in one of the building there on campus, building number 12, and
11:54 am
then moved on to the science building, according to the best of our reporting, and has taken the lives of a number of people, and injured, it appears, many more. the -- one thing we are assured that multiple people died. what is unclear is the actual numbers or what the circumstances surrounding this were. it's so easy to jump to conclusions, maybe if a disgruntleed student but since we don't have any indication of how it happened we'll save that for reporting later in the day. i can tell you multiple affiliates have people on route to location that local newspapers, television stations, radio stations, are working to get their reports together. the initial reporting came from scanner traffic, police and fire scanners, as people called 9-1-1, and then the local authorities dispatched -- one more time -- the local authorities dispatched their own people.
11:55 am
mark is trying to talk to me and i am not hearing what your saying. lightning bolt. that means check the "associated press" wires because there's something new. douglas county board assistant says preliminary reports indicate -- again, this is from the county board assistant -- we just gotten word from he first authority to confirm at least 15 people are reported dead in a campus massacre that has taken place this morning in the tiny town of roseburg, oregon, in the southwestern corner of the state of oregon. continuing the reading. douglas county board assistant says preliminary reports indicate at least 15 people are dead after oregon community college rampage. again, here's the location. in the next few founts -- minutes we'll get the detail and learn who the person was, what this person's beef was, why these lives were forever changed. at this moment we have but these pictures of first responders who
11:56 am
arrived to try to bring peace to the chaos, and in so many cases, this is the beginning of all we see. these people who put their livessen the line for us every day to try to make sure that when the unthinkable happens around us, that we're at least able to get to place where doctors and nurses can take care of us, and in the case you must imagine there are so many moms and dads who are sitting at home across oregon and across the region saying, my child was in school this morning, in the 10:00 hour, when somebody walked on to this campus and began shooting, and i need information on my child, and i need it now. the fact is there is no information to be had at this moment. if anybody who is from a small rural area understands it's all hands on deck situation. nobody has time to be dealing with the news media, certainly not the national news media. the first pry tort get information to parents and the students holed up inside classrooms across this campus, wondering what to do next. the locals are covering this the
11:57 am
best they can. kezi is our local television station there and they're live on campus. so let's listen into their coverage so we have more here. listen. >> this all came in as a call around 10:30, the shooting in a classroom, as well as 10 people confirmed dead at this point. no word on exact injuries. we want to know more about the shooter. was he a student? was he a student? what was the motive? >> this is the -- unfortunately we have experience in these situations. unfortunately we have experience with this situations in our own community. and these are a lot of the questions we're trying to answer we firmly believe in getting things confirmed. we don't want to cause any unnecessary concern or try to answer questions we don't have the answers to. so we're trying to make phone calls to law enforcement to emergency responders, but we also need to understand they have a job to do and their job is to respond to this emergency first, not necessarily to talk
11:58 am
to media. so we need be to patient. we're doing our best to gather information, and there's a press conference coming up shortly, and we are efforting to bring that press conference to you live. >> if we are able to get the news conference we will as well. our thanks to kezi for their local reporting. we'll be watching that here, and should they go back to the campus for a live report we'll dip into that. it's an abc station there and we thank them for the information, as horrible as it is. kezi confirming locally at least ten people have been shot and killed at umpqua community college. the building on the right-hand side on the monster wall, you see snyder haul there on the left, and the science building on the right. it's every bit of information that we have suggesting to us that whoever she shooter was, whatever his intention may hey been, he went into snyder hall and began shooting not randomly but inside a particular classroom. as you remember, we got reports
11:59 am
from the science building next door there was shooting there. here's the possibility, though. it's possible that people in that science building might have heard something from right next door in snyder hall, so we can't confirm there were ever shotsed in science building. we know that this began in snyder hall, or at least there was shooting in snyder hall, and you can see the first pictures coming to us from nr-today. i've called it many different things today and i apologize. these are the only pictures we have that we can share with you. certainly pictures on social media but the rules of the trade are, you must have permission for people's content. certainly students have taken pictures and posted on social media, but as a for-profit news organization we can't show those pictures to you without the permission of students. we have been lisping to local television news feed, and one school official said the shooting was in snyder hall. other reports say the science building weapon can't be sure if they were just hearing something
12:00 pm
from next door. there are at least five ambulances on scene and we just heard from another local reporter describing the scene on campus, it was described as pure chaos. block can. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and a tiny school of ump -- umpqua minute knowledge in roseburg, oregon, where a campus shooting has taken place and authorities confirm at least ten people are dead at umpqua community college and a number of other people are injured and have been transported to local hospitals after a shooting rampage happened this morning on campus. the best of the information that we have together is for you as follows: sometime between 10:00 and 10:45 pacific daylight time this morning, a lone gunman entered the campus of umpqua community college, made his way in one way or another to snyder hall, an academic building. made his way into snyder


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