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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 1, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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planning funerals and a lot of them have not been notified whether their kin were involved in today's tragedy to say nothing of 20 others who were injured. so much the rest of the world has to get into. imagine being them trying to get into this. here's shep. neil cavuto, i'm shepard smith with breaking news, we're going to lead today with some of those disturbing things i've ever read. we're very careful to report what witnesses have said, especially when it involves religion and activities like have happened today. we know a number of young people have been murdered on a college campus. and now we're getting some clarity about what happened. according to multiple reports and now the reporting in the last 12 minutes of the "new york times" newspaper and i quote -- a witness said the gunman asked about religion. and i quote, courtney moore, an 18-year-old from rogue river, oregon, was in her writing 115 class at snyder hall where all
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of this happened. when she heard a shot come through the window. she said she watched as her teacher was shot in the head. the gunman was inside the building at that point, she said. and was ordering people to get on the ground. ms. moore said the man asked people to stand up and state their religion. and that then he began firing. ms. moore said he was on the floor or that she was on the floor with people who had just been shot. we do not know the death toll. we know that the sheriff of the local county clearly two and a half hours after the shooting began, came to the microphones and said he could not tell us how many people were dead. could not tell us in how many classrooms the shooting happened. could not tell us in how many buildings they went down. could not tell us the number of injured. but the governor of oregon has now told us the gunman was 20 years old. and authorities have explained, including, including the
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attorney general of the state, saying 13 people are dead. and officials say the shooter was shot and killed by police as well. after the now we know 20-year-old gunman opened fire at umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon. we've been saying roseburg, it's roseburg. officials say the gunman was a 20-year-old man. we don't know his ties, but we understand some sort of warning had been placed, if not on facebook, as suggested in the news conference. on for chan, the details will come. the specifics are immaterial at this moment. the school, umpqua community college, is located 180 miles south of portland. we first heard reports of a shooter on campus, 10:38 a.m. pacific daylight time. 1:38 p.m. eastern time. and about three and a half hours ago. images from today show police patting down students and checking bags. the fbi reports it's sending teams to help. officials say the threat is
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over. >> officers from around the county immediately responded to the college. and upon arriving there, they located the shooter in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspect. there was an exchange of gunfire. the shooter threat was neutralized. and officers continued to sweep the campus. looking for other threats. >> trace gallagher with further details live if our west coast news hub. trace? >> we had the dueling news conferences, we had first the sheriff there, john hanlon from douglas county and the governor and both of them gave us very little information. surprising, some two hours, two hours and 15 minutes after the news conference. the thing the sheriff did clarify was the fact that there was an exchange of gunfire. the police officers, the first
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police officers who arrived on scene, not the s.w.a.t. team, not special units, the first two or three police officers who arrived on scene, actually exchanged gunfire with the shooter and the shooter was killed. what they didn't elaborate on, shep, is where the the shooter was in the building. we understand he was in snyder hall or very close to snyder hall. where we believe all of the shooting took place. >> the fire department told the affiliates that the shooter was outside a single classroom firing inside the classroom. which is where all the dead bodies were found. and apparently we're told that some of the victims came out and they were in other classrooms. but all of it confined to snyder hall. the governor would say he is 20 years old and there are reports you've read in "the new york times" about him saying stand up and state your religion. we haven't confirmed that. we're investigating reports that sometime in the past 24 hours.
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somebody went online, to a website and posted a warning, in fact the exact warning was -- don't go to school tomorrow. in the northwest. now that was posted by -- >> trace, i'm interrupting. because we're getting local eye witness reports. let's listen. kezi television. >> there's a lot of question at this point about who those people are who may have been killed or injured. i just spoke with a couple of people who are looking for their brother. they haven't heard from him. they know that he was in snyder hall. so as you can imagine, they are certainly concerned. i'm also here with sarah, she is concerned about somebody that she's been looking for. you mentioned are you, you are only a student of four days here. >> four days. >> at umpqua community college. walk me through what you heard, what you saw. >> today i walked into class, it was kind of like an off-day for some reason. i don't know why it felt weird. it was only about 20 minutes into class. i heard a loud bang and i was
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like, that's kind of weird. i looked over and there's no textbook. i thought it would be a textbook on the floor or a table or a desk ramming into a wall. it was kind of loud. i'm like what is going on. i looked out the window, there was a couple of girls running like sprinting away from the building and then i hear screaming after the first gunshot. and then i looked out and i saw the people running and i said to the teacher, we need to get out of here right now. and then we heard the second and third gunshot and she had opened the door and before i knew it i was at the student center because i ran, hoofed it over there. i stayed in the financial aid area during the lockdown and stayed there until we were told we could come out of that spot. but we had to stay in the building that we were in. we couldn't leave the building at all. >> four days as a student. how are you feeling at this point? >> he don't know what to feel right now. i'm terrified. i'm stressed out about it. i was so excited to start college here and it was going great for the first couple days and this happens and it's like i
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don't want to go back there for a long time. i don't -- i don't know how to feel about this right now. it's so scary. >> and you're also looking for a friend of yours who also goes here? >> yeah, there's a friend of ours, her son goes to the school. and she hasn't been able to contact him at all. he hasn't contacted her. so we're still trying to find him for them. because they're two hours away, they're near medford, they wouldn't be able to get here quick enough. we're trying to find him for them and let them know what's going on. >> how are students pulling together on campus here. lots of people are joining together, i'm assuming talking about what happened and how they're feeling about everything. >> yeah. like i've seen a lot of people joining together, i mean i've just moved here from eugene a couple of months ago, i know nobody and i've already met like 30 people today, just we've all joined up together. it was a very awful time for
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everyone. so we all were all able to cope with each other and some people still are kind of not knowing what's going on. lots of people are in tears. i was for a long time. some people are just, they don't know what to think. they're kind of a lot of people have anxiety about it, too. >> i do hope that you find your friend, thank you so much. we will continue to bring you the latest on this horrible shooting here at umpqua community college. and like i mentioned, buss are still coming through here there are still several groups that looks like friends, family members, waiting for loved ones. i did also speak with an employee at umpqua community college. she is a counselor and she mentioned that she didn't hear anything, but she immediately got some electronic communication telling her that she needed to go into lockdown. so there was a lot of frantic emotions there.
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and i did meet up with her as she was coming off of the bus. and she met up with some of her friends, a lot of tears as you can imagine as they hugged and reunited. we will continue to bring you the latest, we'll send it back to you. >> our thanks to our friends at kezi television. trace, hearing from one, one family member. one person who was at school after another. we wonder where our friends are. so little information coming. but we're getting a live feed now. trace from kval television, who has moved to another location with, another live report for us. let's listen. >> i don't see anybody saying no.
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>> the situation is if you look at these cameras and the people who are so hard at work here, they don't have a lot of help and they've got a lot of what we call one-man bands. the reporter is is a photographer, is a technician, is an engineer. this, if us doing this, there might be 15 people there. this person has himself. so they're trying to get hooked up for live reports and making sure that their neighbors have time. but the bottom line is we're hoping that the sheriff will have a little more information for us. that he did just a few minutes ago, i know anybody watching us from the area there in oregon is hoping so. so many people unaccounted for and so little information about their whereabouts, they're, everyone hoping maybe he or she is in a hospital. maybe he or she didn't show up for school today. maybe we just haven't heard from them today. maybe there's hope amid all of this. the truth is we don't know how many people died today. we don't know precisely how many people are injured today. and frankly we don't know the
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exact motive or identity of whoever did this. the reports are rampant. including at "the new york times" and local newspapers, about questions about this and that and what's your religion and shots being fired. we weren't there, we don't know. the truth is law enforcement officers have interviewed witness after witness today. and they're beginning to put pieces of this puzzle together. for law enforcement, there is no great rush as far as what happened and what led to this. because they want to make sure to get it right. there is a rush to make sure anybody who was injured today is helped. and anybody who doesn't have information about a loved one gets informed. aside from that, they're trying to preserve this crime scene and get as much information together as possible. you can see the scene there. the person who we're watching from kval is ready to go. others from the local media are not. they will be descended upon by national and international news media over the next day or two. and umpqua community college will become part of a national
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dialogue. as has columbine, as has luke woodham. as has little rock, as has pearl, mississippi. including the inspeakable tragedy that happened in connecticut, just such a short time ago. with all those little children who were gunned down. and the national questions will continue, how we as a society respond to this. why we in the united states are subjected to this. or victims of this, more it would seem statistically than people in other parts of the world. and what exactly would be the right course of action for us as a society. is see something, say something enough? to what degree do we need to increase security? how much would that make us feel better about ourselves and about the situation? but protect us, how much bet centre how many metal detectors, how many armed guards are going to solve these problems? how much of this is about counseling and getting to know our neighbors? finding out who needs help and why and what people's concerns are. hopefully at some point we'll get answers to these questions.
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for this moment we're waiting to hear from the sheriff who is there live in front of a group of cameras in a slightly different scene from before, hopefully with updated information. you'll remember a short time ago the reporters asked this very sheriff, can you tell us how many people have died? and a follow-up question might have been, can you confirm a minimum number of people who have died? it is almost impossible to consider what local authorities are dealing with. we know this started outside from multiple reports there was a shot through a window. we know it moved into a classroom. now we're led to believe the shooter might have moved somewhere else. we know at some point. according to this very sheriff that the sheriff that some member of law enforcement confronted this shooter. and shots were exchanged according to to law enforcement and at some point the shooter fell dead. not before he had ended any number of lives, we don't know how many exactly. not before any numb of people were injured. we know of 12 who were take ton a local hospital. at least two more taken to a regional trauma center. we know from the life flight
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helicopter operators, they brought at least six choppers in there to try to care for the wounded. as far away as they are from large metropolitan areas, they did all that they could and the sheriff said earlier, he was happy with the response of the locals, as trace gallagher, in los angeles, should this get, do we get to the meat of this. we'll take people back there. in the meantime watching pictures of these kids with th heads, it's such a vivid reminder of columbine and all that's happened since. >> and all the shootings we have been to over the years, shep. that's a great reminder. it gives you an idea, when you hear from the sheriff, he has no idea what the death toll is and the state troopers have a different number. nobody has the same number of dead. the attorney general of oregon, still a different number all the way around. and as you point out, they were away, you were two hours from medford, an hour and a half from eugene. three hours from portland,
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oregon and you have a small police force trying to contain this and the sheriff told us that it was the first two or three officers who were on scene. that actually exchanged gunfire with the shooter. killing the shooter at the time. though the sheriff wouldn't tell us exactly where that was happening. inside or outside snyder hall, which is where we believe the focus of the shooting was. at that time. we saw split screen as couple of tiles, there it is again, shep. what you have now is you have the investigation and you have the search warrants being issued. the search warrant for the shooter's home. they want to go there to make sure nothing was left behind. any notes, any reasoning, was it booby-trapped. they brought the canine dogs out, the bomb squad out. they're going car to car, making sure none of the cars were booby-trapped. by now, the police, though they won't tell us, they know the identity of the shooter and they know what kind of car he was driving. a 20-year-old male. they know the car he was driving. they want do make sure that there was nothing left in
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anybody else's car. we talked about the warning that was posted online. it was an anonymous warning, but it was posted prior to the shooting and it said, "don't go to school tomorrow in the northwest." again, we have no idea who posted it. if it was the shooter, if it was somebody who heard him talking or read what he was saying online. but that was the warning that was posted online. we are hoping in the minutes to come, and maybe the hours to come, that somebody will give us an idea exactly how this went down. we know it started at 10:38 west coast time we know that within three minutes they were talking on the scanner about where the shooter was positioned. they were talking about where the shooter, where the victims were running. but they didn't give us any concrete information and still haven't yet, shep, exactly how many wounded, exactly how many were killed. and exactly what and if the new york times report is true, about
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the temperment, the mood, the motive of the shooter in this case. >> no way to know. we know that that report is legitimate. it comes to us from a local newspaper. it appears that "the new york times" reprinted that newspaper. i should say republished. as they did so on their website, it was stamped 4:48 p.m. eastern standard time. they've since removed it from their website. that's not to say that the local newspaper in roseburg. the report remains and it stands. quoting a student, courtney moore from rogue river, oregon, i can think of no reason for her to give an inaccurate recounting of what happened in her writing 115 class in snyder hall when she heard the shot come through the window and her teacher shot in the head. no reason for her to lie about that, and no suggestion that she did. but what i can say is, we're very early in a very, very
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serious situation. the best of the reporting that we have is from the oregon attorney general, who tells us 13 people are dead and 20 people are injured. and the lives of small community are forever altered. and our coverage continues on fox news channel after this.
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? roseburg, oregon, it is roseburg, corrected and recorrected. where the latest word that we have comes from the state attorney. or i should say the attorney general. the number of dead is 13, the number of injured is 20. however many it is is a tragic number. a student said she was walking to class when she heard the first gunshots. what happened after that? >> i got to school around 10:30, 10:40 and i'm walking to my class, it's like i hear four things, four pops at the time. i didn't know it was a gunshot. i mean you don't -- you don't think hey, there's someone shooting on my campus right now. and i proceeded to class and then teachers started telling us to close the curtains and turn off the lights. and get in the corner and it was, it was really surreal.
2:23 pm
>> the shooting at snyder ha hall, maybe at the science building next door. what building were you in? >> i was in jackson hall, a few buildings over. >> right across the quad really. or across the center. and kind of diagonally from it it's not like from the hall you would have heard anything did people shelter in place or what did you guys do? >> that's all we could do. they closed us, they closed us in the classroom and wouldn't let us leave for like three hours. >> have you spoken or do you know, spoken with or do you know anyone who was in snyder or the science building at the time? >> i don't, i don't, i don't know anybody who was in there. as far as i'm concerned, everybody that i, that i know right now is okay. yeah. i haven't heard, yeah. >> you're mighty fortunate. i know it's been confirmed to us that the person who did the shooting is a 20-year-old man. beyond that, we don't know much. except that we're told locals know him. they have his car there and they
2:24 pm
think they have an idea about motive. do you know anything on these matters? or would it just be hearsay? >> it would just be hearsay. i did hear that he was shot and killed by police officers. so other than that -- >> police have confirmed that. i wonder, how old are you? >> i'm 23. >> i don't, when i was 23, i think i was still getting things off my bib and -- >> right. >> i'm not suggesting such a thing for you. i wonder how you're handling this and what sort of support you have. >> you know i was actually really surprised how the community came together. i wasn't able to get to my phone. and all -- i mean everybody was, was blowing my phone up. and i didn't know how to feel. sitting in the room. i mean i could just envision like whatever was going do happen. windows blowing out. i mean -- you don't think that thing is going to happen in such a small community like roseburg,
2:25 pm
oregon. and i feel, i felt, it felt a little bit more real when s.w.a.t. team came into the class and told us to put our hands on our head and rifles drawn and -- i just -- yeah. it's surreal. >> courtney renney, with us from campus, it was 16 years ago that columbine happened. >> yeah. >> so courtney would have been seven years old when america first sort of began collectively dealing with the pictures that came out of columbine. with children with their heads above, with their hands above their heads and processing something that no adult could really help them with too much. we hadn't been there, thankfully. and now again, another day with hands on heads and today, people of all ages at a community college where so many come from continuing education as an older person, maybe with kids at home. and today they're -- today in
2:26 pm
snyder hall, in the science building. unspeakable horrors, about which we will learn too graphically, i'm confident. in the days and hours ahead. our fox news channel at the bottom of the hour will update next. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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back to breaking news of the deadly shooting rampage at the community college in southwest oregon. it's douglas county. the sheriff minutes ago said police confronted a shooter in a building on campus where there was a shoot-out and the suspect is now dead. no officers hurt. oregon's governor says the gunman was 20 years old. >> we're holding the community of douglas county in our hearts today. the work that first responders have done is harrowing. to our first responders, thank you for your work as this community reels from grief. >> the oregon attorney general says 13 people died in the shooting, officials say 20 others were hurt. we've just gotten our first, through the courtesy of oregon
2:31 pm
live, we're getting 911 calls as they came in to the local area. and details as the police were first sending people out as we watch this video, let's listen. >> snyder hall, the somebody is outside one of the doors, shooting throughout door. there's a female in the computer lab. we do have one female that has been shot at this time. we're still looking into it further. >> that was the first call and if you remember. witnesses said someone shot from the outside of the building into it. in fact, one witness so far has been quoted as saying by a local newspaper, rt today, that she saw someone outside the window fire into the window and that her teacher was hit in the head. continuing now. >> better look to where that is on campus?
2:32 pm
>> you get the gist of it, that's exactly how it all began. the local hospitals report they're treating victims, some arriving by helicopter. cops say the shooting was confined to a single classroom. local news outlets report the shooting took place in snyder hall. the sheriff says the 911 call came in, at 10:38 a.m. pacific daylight time. the sheriff deputies say they have bussed students and faculty to a local fairgrounds, so parents and loved ones can pick them up. and a local news reporter describes seeing a young woman covered in blood outside the campus and parents crying. the white house reports that president obama's homeland security adviser has briefed him on the trace gallagher with an from our west coast news hub. trace? >> i think the fascinating thing about what you just played there, the scanner traffic is that was coming in. we were listening to that in real-time. you can see how close the police department was to the campus, because if you looked at the time stamp of the scanner
2:33 pm
traffic and the dispatcher giving instructions to police officers as they'ring about to arrive on the scene, police were there in a matter of moments, we will go back to several shootings we have covered and the shots were fired in a matter of seconds, when police arrived on campus, the two or three local police officers who arrived on campus, they encountered the shooter and we believe the shooter was still close to the actual shooting scene. some classroom inside snyder hall for those who don't know we're told there are six and eight classrooms inside that building. so if the shooter was near the scene, it gives you an idea of how close police were to the actual area when the scanner traffic and the dispatcher started sending them in there. it was an exchange of gunfire, the sheriff john hanlon has confirmed for us, exchange of gunfire. the shooter fired at police, who police were injured, police officers fired back and they killed the 20-year-old shooter. what we haven't gotten yet is
2:34 pm
any kind of perspective on where this happened in or around snyder hall. that would be a big help to give people an idea of exactly how long this whole thing took. remember, we had witnesses who were in buildings, who had wounded students that rap to other classrooms. warning students that there was a shooting under way, and those people sat inside their classrooms for what seemed like an eternity. but in truth was only maybe four or five minutes waiting for the first responders to come to them to tell them the scene was clear. or at least to shepherd them to safety in some capacity. we know they're in the process of clearing the parking lot of umpqua college because they don't know exactly if there's any other dangers there. they believe the scene is clear, they believe there's code 4 as they say, which is all stable. but the canine dogs are still going car to car, making sure that no explosive device might have been left behind. police are also in the process
2:35 pm
of securing a warrant for the shooter's home to again go there, to see if they can pick up more clues or any clue as to motive. we keep going back to the fact that one of the students reported to a local newspaper that he stood up or he went in to the students, state your religion before he opened fire and we have other reports that someone online in the past 24 hours under anonymous posted a warning, telling people not to go to school in the northwest. it was posted before the shooting. we have no idea exactly who posted it. more information as we get it. shep? >> one of the problems now we're almost exactly four hours since this happened, and at this point, there are still people apparently who really don't know where some of their loved ones are. where is my friend who was supposed to be in that hall? where is the teacher who we thought was there? why haven't we heard from anyone? well we're starting to get a picture of why you haven't heard from some people, thankfully.
2:36 pm
"the new york times" published a student's facebook post. an expletive has been removed. this woman, amy l. fair writes, i'm home i was in the classroom that share as common wall with the classroom where the shooting began. i have no cell phone, car keys, house keys or wallet. so glad to be safe but still a little shell-shocked. she goes on, those of us who were on campus, they weren't telling us anything as they pus on buses and drove us off-site. big thanks to authorities and to our ucc umpqua community college security and administrative staff who stayed organized under incredible pressure. she said i have no cell phone, no car keys, house keys, no wallet. no way to tell her loved ones that she wasn't one of the ones who will never walk out of that building. it is the case we're led to believe for person after person. they weren't allowed to take their cars, they dropped what
2:37 pm
was there, ways of communication, of entry and exit all lost at least for the time being in the middle of a crisis nobody could ever have dreamed of and now a moment none of them will ever forget. the former president retired from umpqua community college is joe olsen. he is on the live line. i cannot tell you how very sorry i am to be speaking to you under these conditions. thank you for coming on with us. >> shepard, i appreciate it. and i have a very close affinity to my former campus. and to my former staff. and i know how much we prepare for things like this. recognizing that we never thought anything like this would ever happen. >> but the drills and the trials and the preparedness was all in place, tell us about it. >> we work closely with the douglas county sheriffs
2:38 pm
department, with the city of southerland police department. to prepare for something like this. and as much as we prepared and did things and service, no matter how much you prepare, when the first responder comes to the campus when there's an active shooter. the chances are, within three or five minutes the shooter has already conducted, you know, whatever damage he or she wants to do. >> mr. olsen i would never interrupt you, except we've been waiting for information on the injured and the hospital is holding a live news conference, please tay stai with us and let's listen together. >> two of those patients went to the operating room and one is being admitted and still undergoing further work-up and diagnostics. conditions i can't tell you right now. i don't know the exact conditions, this is kind of an ongoing process. we'll learn more as time goes. we have been working closely
2:39 pm
with mersey medical center, and the physicians down there and they've been doing a great job of helping to communicate with us. in addition to that, we prepared for this, we called in multiple extra resources, surgeons, emergency physicians, nursing. and others. in the meantime, we've been preparing outside of the actual medical arena by helping support some of the families by setting up family resources. lodging and area force children for the families, pastoral care so we can help support the families in this difficult time. as we go, we'll learn more. at this time we don't know that we're going to have any further patients coming to us. but we're ready to take more if we need to and transfer, we're waiting to hear further word from mercy. and the people in roseburg. the focus is down there and i
2:40 pm
think that they're doing a great job of trying to manage this completely difficult situation. to say the least. so we hope to hear more from them. >> i think that's about all we have. >> were the patients flown in or brought in by ambulance. >> we had them flown in. >> all three? >> all three. i believe two were by helicopter and one by was fixed wing. >> so the long and short of things here this is one of three hospitals that is involved in the treatment of patients this is dr. hans notenboom the co-medical director at peace health sacred heart medical emergency department. he is saying they have three patients there, all women, all fema females, 18-34 in age. a couple brought in by helicopter. you'll remember, he said we're speaking with people from another hospital which told us earlier they had nine patients and were expecting three more. that was two hours ago.
2:41 pm
officially, they're still saying we're expecting three more. maybe those three went to this hospital instead. that would be a total 126 which we believe from the very beginning, plus two that we know of. two people who have gone to a regional trauma center, one with a gunshot wound to the chest. one with a gunshot wound to the back. we did not get officially their condition. but given those injuries, they need some care. the latest is from the attorney general from the state of oregon who says 13 are dead, 20 are wounded. we're waiting for details from local authorities. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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2:46 pm
relatively small community with an enormous task at hand. and trying to save the lives of people who were gunned database senselessly by a 20-year-old gunman on a community college campus, about four hours ago. type o blood if you're in the area and you have it. they need it. doug boice is the douglas county commissioner here it talk to us about what happen on the campus today. it's still, sir, very hard it process all that's transpired in your community. >> it is, it's chris boice, shep. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay, thank you. >> i wonder if you've spoke with people there and if you could give us a sense of things. >> i have, a few people and it's, it's a pretty solemn mood in roseburg and obviously our community is distraught and we're still trying to deal with the beginning stages of the aftermath of an absolute tragedy. >> i wonder if you have reports on any of the injured in hospitals. if it looks like there's good news for some of them?
2:47 pm
>> you know, i really don't at this point. i just know that there was a lot of people injured and that our hospital, is fairly small in this community. so they've reached out to some neighboring hospitals for help. >> we're dmt ws business here. the who is for later date. we know what's happened, we know where it's happened. we don't know why. do you have any clue about what the motivation might have been? who the person is? >> i don't have any clue. i don't. i think maybe there's some people that were involved in the incident out there, some survivors, maybe, who might have some idea about that. they might be the only ones at this point. we just don't know. >> it sounds like that's what authorities are looking to, doesn't it? >> yeah. the investigation is already under way of course. >> it's my understanding and it sounds like you're sort of indicating it as well. that there's some other people they really want to talk to. >> i don't know that.
2:48 pm
to be honest with you, i just know that we've got an entire community here that's looking for answers. >> i don't know where you turn next. i know that counseling has been made available for people who need it. i'm guessing if you're a young person or an old person or whatever you are, who happen to be in and around snyder hall today. it wouldn't hurt to talk to somebody. >> that's correct. we do have counseling opportunities set up and available for people at the fairgrounds. at the douglas county fairgrounds. >> chris boice. i don't know what to say. but i wish you all the best. as all of this dies down, peace on some level and thank you. >> thank you. >> it's 12 minutes before the hour. we're expecting at some point soon we'll know with some degree of certitude, if you will, who this shooter was, the shooter is now dead and 20 years old. we have it on pretty good authority, local authorities are speaking with the necessary people. after all they admit they've
2:49 pm
found his car. they have admitted they know who he is you would think they've contacted his friends and family to find out what the beginnings of all of this were. and when we know those things, we will bring them to you on fox news channel. >> know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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. a breaking news now from the white house. the president of the united
2:53 pm
states will speak, 6:20 eastern this afternoon. 3:20 pacific daylight time in oregon. the president will address today's mass shooting in oregon from the white house. and y andrea dennis is a student at umpqua, where are you now? >> i'm at home now, i'm doing okay. >> tell us what happened, what you were told and what happened after that? >> i was outside, the shop, welding when this happened. >> outside the shop welding? >> we have an outside portion of the shop. >> okay, go ahead. >> my teachers came outside and told us to go inside. he was trying to keep us calm. nobody really knew what was happening at that point. >> and you went inside and for how long and ha happened next? >> i think it was about a half hour, but i'm not really sure. i wasn't paying attention to the
2:54 pm
time. >> how many of you were in there? >> quite a few, there's about 20 of my welding class and all the automotive students were in there with us, too. >> was there a discussion? was there, were there questions, what's going on? what happened? >> we were sitting there, my mom was texting me updates from the scanner at home and several students were listening to scanners on their phones. >> many of our viewers may know you can access scanners from anywhere in the country and we've listened to the ones from there. if you were listening to that, for me it was a frightening thing to listen to. just the report after report of what was going on. i guess with you just being right there. i wonder how that affected everybody sort of holed up there? >> it was kind of nerve-wracking. >> andrea, nice to talk to you, appreciate your time. the best to you and your family.
2:55 pm
>> we'll have updates throughout the afternoon. for anybody on the east coast, it's a very important update has just come to us from the national hurricane center. hurricane joaquin, i'm going to give you what we know about this. here's the headline -- sounds better than it did earlier. last night. and better than it did this morning this is hurricane joaquin. it's continuing to sit and spin on the bahamas. remember there's two competing pressure systems here. that's low over here and a high over here and the thinking is eventually this thing is going to get on the move. right now it's spinning over the bahamas. the lower islands in the bahamas are getting spanked. but nassau and the ones you might know about are just to the north of it. they're getting wet. but it doesn't sound like a hugely destructive storm. here's what we know from the national hurricane center. forecasters say this could be very good news for the united states. rolling forward. if you could, please. a strolling majority of the forecast models now are in agreement on a track farther away from the united states east
2:56 pm
coast. so going like that instead of like that. forecasters now say they're optimistic that the carolinas and the mid-atlantic states will avoid direct hits from joaquin. carolinas and the mid-atlantic will get wet, but will not get hit. still they are not completely ruling out some effects on the east coast. they warn that residents should continue to follow the progress of joaquin over the next couple of days. again, this storm does not make a final decision until it does. it's no longer a big weekend event. we believe. it's most likely a first of the week event. stay tuned to your local news and weather for updates along the east coast. our coverage of the events of the day in oregon will continue in just a moment. "special report" with brett baier begins right after this commercial break.
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this is a fox news alert. authorities in southwestern oregon are reporting at least 13 fatalities tonight from a shooting rampage at a community college. the shooter is also dead. umpqua college is in roseburg, about 180 miles south of portland. let's go live to trace gallagher in our west coast news room for the latest. >> the shooting happened after 10:30 west coast time. 18-year-old kortney moore, a student inside snyder hall where we believe the shooting was confined, said a bullet pierced a window, hitting her teacher and the shooter walked in, saying state your religion and apparently opened fire


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