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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is a fox news alert. three big stories. slaughtering 13 innocent people and 20 more injured. the police shooting the suspect and right now detectives are trying to piece together this shooting rampage. "on the record" will take you life to the scene. that is not all the breaking news tonight. look out. hurricane joaquin getting stronger by the minute as it threatens the east coast. governors in three states already declaring states of emergency as they brace for this category 4 hurricane. our team is tracking hurricane joaquin. it's predicted path straight ahead. and also breaking right now israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu strike deal. we start with horrific school shooting. fox news correspondent trace gallagher is live in our los angeles bureau. trace, what are we learning? >> >> greta. 18-year-old courtney moore was in the classroom in schneider hall. she says a bullet pierced a window her teacher. the shooter walked in and told people to get on the ground and then started asking them to stand up and state their religion. we don't know what answers he was looking for but then he apparently opened fire. authorities say all of the fatalities were inside that classroom some students wounded were apparently to get out of the classroom and run to safety. police arrived on the scene moments later confronting the shooter. though it's unclear where the suspect was in relation to the classroom where the shooting started. police and the gunman exchanged fire. the shooter was killed. oregon governor kate brown confirms the shooter was a 20-year-old male. we don't know his nationality, his religion, or even whether he was a
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student at the college. the motive also remains unclear, although some time prior to the shooting someone anonymously posted a warning online. don't to to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest. authorities were asked about that and refused to comment. the death toll also remains uncertain. the oregon attorney general says 13. but others say it could range anywhere from 7 to 17. bomb squad, canine units still on scene at the college going car to car in the parking lot looking for explosives. a warrant has reportedly been secured for the shooter's home as police continue looking for more evidence. here is a student who describes what she heard after the shooting. >> i looked out the window and there was a couple girls running, like sprinting away from the building. i hear screaming after that first gunshot. and then i looked out and i saw the people running and i said to the teacher we need to get out of here right now. and then we heard the second and third gunshots. >> some students say they
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hid in darkened classrooms until police showed up to escort them out. doctors at a nearby hospital say some victims are still in surgery at this hour. the extent of their juries are unknown. the exact number of wounded is also flux waiting anywhere between 15 and 20. families with students who attend it the college are still at this hour trying to contact their loved ones. greta? >> it seems rather odd that we still don't have the name of the shooter. it's been several hours since the story broke. >> well, they know who he is clearly they know who he is. >> we don't. >> there has been a warrant for his arrest. we don't know who he is and why that is. sometimes they withhold these things, but in fairness, greta, this is 180 miles south of portland. it's an hour from eugene. it's two hoursome other major city in oregon. the police officers who responded quite frankly have no idea even what the death toll is the governor, the attorney general, the state
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police all have different numbers on this. it's not as if the agents have all gotten together and agreed who is taking the lead on this. we believe the sheriff has the lead but the fbi and the atf are also on scene. it's unclear who is making the decisions if, and when to release this student's name if, in fact, he is a student. we are talking about the shooter and it's clear now that this plays a big role because they are checking out his social websites, his social media websites and the fact that some students say that he walked in asking what different people's religions are. brings up the point to what his religion is and what part that might play in all of this. greta? >> trace, thank you. and, of course, students scrambling in panic and fear as the first gunshots began to ring out. in the end 13 people murdered, slaughtered in cold blood. >> at approximately 10:38 this morning, the douglass county emergency communications center received phone calls from
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the college reporting an active shooter in one of the classrooms at the college. officers from around the county immediately responded to the college. and upon arriving there, they located the shooter in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspect. there was an exchange of gunfire. the shooter is deceased. >> kendra goaden was in the room directly next door to where the first shots came from. she joins me opt phone, good evening, kendra, first, i should ask, how are you? i've been better, that's for sure. >> you bet you v. >> you got to school about what time? >> i got to school around 9:50 and got to class at 10:00 so at about 10:30,
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10:35 is that the first time you knew what was going on. >> we got the -- 10:38 -- one of the students from my class left to go check on the other room and she was shot in the arm and in the stomach and ran back to our classroom and told us that there was a gun. >> so, you say was your room adjacent? >> it was next to the room. we heard all the screams, all the shots, heard everything. >> and so one of your classmates left your classroom to check on this? >> we thought it was the science lab making little fire crackers. we didn't know what it was. she went to go check and she saw the shooter and he shot her as she opened up the door but she was able to return back to your classroom. she ran back to our class and after she entered the class she collapsed. >> do you happen to know her
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condition tonight? >> i have no idea. she was barely breathing when she left the classroom. >> i imagine that, you know, your whole classroom, the whole school is in absolute shock not to mention the grief of having classmates gunned down. >> yes. it's something you don't expect to happen in a small town like this. >> what did you do after she returned to the room and collapsed? i you mean, did you guys lock the door and drop to the floor? what did you do at that point? >> yeah. we locked the door, i mean, as best as we could. we barricaded the door and shut the lights off. and hid under desks. and just hoped that our class would not be next. >> did the -- did the student who left the room and came back, did she say how many guns she saw? >> no. she -- after she said there was a gun, she couldn't speak anymore. she was unconscious. >> and how long then did you all remain in the room
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before -- in that classroom before you could leave? >> i believe it was about 20 minutes. until we started hearing cops yelling at the shooter telling him to put husband gun down and then the shooter was shooting at the cop. and then somebody yelled that he had been apprehended. and we were safe it was about 20, 25 minutes. >> i assume at that point your classmate got -- someone came in to provide some medical care for your classmate at that point? >> yes, a policeman came in and noticed that she was critically injured had a paramedic come in and take her away. they had had so many people to deal with, it was hard to get her attention. >> kendra, thank you for joining us tonight. i know it's a very tough night tonight but the american people genuinely
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care and they want to know what happened. i appreciate you joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> well, this gruesome and cruel shooting leaving at least 13 people dead. 20 people injured and an entire community in fear and grief. lorianne drews lives directly across the street from the community college. she heard the gunshots. she saw the chaos that followed. lori joins me on the phone from roseburg, oregon. lori, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> lori, take me back to about 10:38 your time this morning. what did you see? what did you hear? >> well, i thought somebody had left over fireworks. because it happens all the time on the river i didn't think about it until i heard screaming cop cars. there is one, there is two. i they just kept coming. i never seen so much noise and ambulance. and i walked up there and there is just everywhere. everywhere. there was so many many
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ambulance, we saw seven leave with their lights on. you knew that people were critical injured. >> did they lock your house down because you were right across the street? >> we couldn't leave. and when i did, i have to show id to come back in. that you have to be a homeowner. >> did there come a time when you saw students leaving the school? >> yes. they bused them all out and i saw them come out of those classrooms and they detained them and talked to them for a while. and the ones that i witnessed they took away in police cars. >> and i assume that -- this was about what time? 10:38 the shooting occurred. so at about what time -- how soon after the police respond, how soon after were the students evacuated from the school? >> i had already walked up there. i would say it was a good half an hour.
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before they let the students out. >> did you actually walk up to the school building? >> yes. >> did you see anything? >> no. they let you get so close and with all the swat teams and all the rifles and everything, no. and the shooter went to schneider hall where the parking lot is the last building and it has a back entrance that way where you can't see. he went clear to the back of the campus. >> lori, thank you for joining us this evening. >> thank you. >> this morning started like any other in roseburg, oregon, but quickly the first day in october descended into violence and chaos. the first 9111 call coming in just after 10:30 a.m. >> it was like an off day for some reason. i didn't know why it felt weird. i looked out the window and
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there were a couple girls running, sprinting away from the building. i heard screaming after that first gunshot. ill looked out and saw the people running and i said to the teacher "we need to get out of here right now. >> ." >> the gunman has shot it 20 people on campus. multiple ambulances on scene. earl earlier reports indicate 15 people dead. students reporting on social media they are trapped inside classrooms. >> there is a friend of ours, her son goes to the school. and she hasn't been able to contact him at all. so we are still trying it find him for them. >> it started here in schneider hall, a general academics building continued we are told in the science building. we have gotten reports of students sort of hold up, if you will, waiting for police instruction and instruction from other authorities. all of the shooting involved here today was confined to one classroom. >> i don't know what to feel right now. i'm terrified. i'm stressed out about it. >> 13 people are confirmed dead on this campus. >> the shooter is deceased. >> he is a 20-year-old male.
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>> sometime in the past 24 hours, somebody went online and posted a warning, don't go to school tomorrow in the northwest. >> somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine. the conversation and the aftermath of it, we have become numb to this. >> police in roseburg, oregon, saying they confronted the 20-year-old shooter in a building on campus there was a shootout and the suspect is now dead. the investigation into this massacre has begun. officials want to know who is the killer? did he have any help? former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and katie phang. >> i'm surprised and i don't know why the information usually leaks out it's been several hours that the name
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of the killer has leaked out some place and we would know more about him. >> i'm surprised also, greta. because by now you would think that the authorities would possibly want the shoot are's name out there in the public domain so they could have the help of the public. there are many questions as you have said that have to answered here. was there others involved? what was husband motive? did he very a vendetta against somebody? was there some form of mental illness? it's just a potpourri of requests that need to be asked during the course of this kind of an investigation. >> katie, the most ominous thing and, of course, it's the memory of one student and there is, you know a lot more to investigate. but at least one student is saying that the killer came into the classroom and said -- had people stand and announce or state their religion. so naturally, that's, you know, put up red flags for everybody. i don't know in what direction. s that about the only clue we have. >> it suggests that the perpetrator in this case who is now deceased was looking for maybe a hate-based crime in terms of the religious bases of the victims.
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but what unfortunately happens when you have somebody like the shooter dead is you don't get the answers quickly enough. and it is true you want to be able to find out if anybody assisted. we knows there were posted on online forum where people were encouraging him to go forward and shoot and kill and if it's the same anonymous post are online, he actually said that his name was going to be in the news but he is usually insignificant. i think you heard from president obama tonight as well, greta and ted, that this reignites the debate over gun control. currently 2 he 0 states, including my home state of florida banned concealed weapons on colleges and university campuses. another 23 states allow individual colleges and universities to decide their own gun policies. if there had been a concealed weapons policy at this school, maybe somebody would have responded. maybe it would have before the first responders came. we don't know and we will find out as the investigation continues. >> i think ted what i would most want to do is get into this kill canner's house and get into his computer. for some reason i think if it's a one person 20. probably a lot of fingerprints so to speak on
4:16 pm
the computer as to what happened. >> you are absolutely right. law enforcement is going to have to walk this back. they are going to have to look at computers. they are going to have to look at social media. you and i will were around during the virginia tech shooting which was similar. >> i would go back to columbine. >> oh my god, we were there. one of the things i'm concerned about is on this campus you could carry a weapon. a concealed weapon on this campus. so i don't think i are going to find too many people hollering out saying that people should have guns on the campus. that's another debate that's political. >> i think tonight what we should worry about is did he have help? is anybody else out there? s that what i want to know. >> i agree. ted and katy, thank you both. "on the record" is following this college mass consider. we have a live report. and we talked it to a student who you actually know. have you met him here and he would have been on campus today but for some other unforeseeable event. that's coming up. plus, "on the record" griff jenkins is in route to the seen. and straight ahead. israeli prime minister
4:17 pm
benjamin netanyahu taking a very hard line against the iran nuclear deal. the prime minister giving very stern warnings to members of the united nations. that's next. also, as hurricane joaquin moving closer to the united states. the east coast is preparing for the worst. what you need to know coming up. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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the gunman is now dead. "on the record" will bring you much more including a live report. and this is a fox news alert.
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12 people are dead after a u.s. c 130 transport plane crashes in afghanistan. the cargo plane went down jalalabad airport. of the 12 dead, five were u.s. service members, five were contract civilians, two were afghan civilians on the ground. at this hour the cause of the crash is unknown and the investigation is underway. and right now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu taking aim at the iran nuclear deal. the prime minister warning the member nation at the u.n. had very stern words. this iran nuclear deal will not promote peace but instead make war more likely. this speech is his first to the u.n. since president obama announced the deal with iran. >> so after three days listening to world leaders praise the nuclear deal with iran, i begin my speech today by saying ladies and gentlemen, check your enthusiasm at the door.
4:22 pm
does anyone seriously believe that floodingradical thh weapons and cash will curb its appear tied for aggression. i have long said that the greatest danger facing our world is the coupling of militant islam with nuclear weapons. and i'm gravely concerned that the nuclear deal with iran will prove to be the marriage certificate of that unholy union. i know that some well-intentioned people sincerely believe that this deal is the best way to block iran's path to the bomb one of history's most important jet least learned lessons is this: the best intentions don't present the worst outcomes. 70 years after the murder of six million jews.
4:23 pm
iran's rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the government's represented here has been absolutely nothing utter silence. deafening silence. >> deputy general of the foreign ministry gold goes "on the record." mr. ambassador, nice to talk to you, sir. >> my pleasure. ambassador, today the prime minister of israel in a very forceful speech to the u.n. talking about the dangers of this deal with iran. do you have the sense that any one in that audience gets it, gets what prime minister netanyahu is trying to convey to them? >> i think the team that
4:24 pm
prime minister netanyahu put forth is not just the possession of nuclear weapons in the hands of iran which in itself is a sufficient subject. what he also wanted to it stress is how iran is going to exploit the moneys that it's going to obtain with the removal of sanctions and continue its, basically its military expansion in the middle east. that's threatening a number of countries that he mentioned by name of course syria and kuwait and parts of yemen and, of course, israel. the ayatollah al khomeini spoke of militarizing the west bank. we are watching how weapons are going to come to the areas around israel. and i think the prime minister warned about that today. >> i actually -- i actually agree that's almost the greater danger because it's once the sanctions are relieved and they have all that money they can do
4:25 pm
whatever they want with it hard to put the toothpaste back. the nuclear weapons you have k. probably stop a program in process. one of the other things he talked about, of course, is the relationship with the united states. is that a frosty relationship? i know we are very close friends, but, there is a deep divide between the prime minister and the president on this. >> well, you know, i think what unites us is greater than what divides us. i think that came through in the prime minister's speech. you know, just each on even on the issue of hezbollah and activism. they are here in the western hemisphere. they were planning a mass casualty attack in washington, d.c. aiming at the saudi ambassador to the united states. and they did that even before they had this nuclear deal, now with a possibility of obtaining nuclear weapons, iran will be much more active here. and the money they are getting from this deal will allow them to also pose a threat to the united states. >> i thought it was very interesting talking about
4:26 pm
the icbm iran is trying to develop. iran can reach israel route now with the missiles. what he told that audience there is that if iran has an icbm and can put a nuclear war head on it at some point it will reach everybody. >> that's absolutely true. iran has been working on space lift vehicles. put very simple pay loads into or not. once you can put a pay load, a weapon into orbit, you can also have an ucbm to strike at the united states. just think let's say in 10, 15 years iran will be able to produce as much weapons grade uranium as it wants. well, then it could basically outfit an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons, of nuclear tipped missiles that will pose a thrited threat to the united states and europe in the near future. >> benjamin netanyahu will be right here to go "on the record" that's tomorrow 7:00 p.m. right here "on the
4:27 pm
record." student slaughters students college. american. community college student eric who has been "on the record" before goes "on the record" again tonight. plus, get ready hurricane joaquin is headed this way. how bad is it going to be? well, get ready, news.
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fox news alert.
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back to breaking news coverage shooting at a college in oregon. right now 13 massacred and at least another 20 injured. police say the lone gunman turned his weapon on police before the police fired back killing the killer. fox news correspondent dan springer is on the phone from oregon. dan, what's the latest? >> yeah. greta, that 13 death toll will is really a fluid number because the only person who has said that is the attorney general of the state of oregon. i can't get confirmation of that number from anybody else, including local police or people from the school there. so we know that there are reports of 13 dead and 2 0 more injured. many of those injured were air lifted and driven to numerous hospitals in the area. what a horrific day and it sounds cliche but when they say it could happen anywhere, this is case number one i have been to this area of roseberg many times typically on logging stories. this is is a very rural community. only about 107,000 people in the entire county. this school, the community
4:32 pm
college only has about 3,000 full-time students. many of them people being retrained. adults being retrained who were in the logging industry or some other blue collar industry and wanted to better themselves and move somewhere else. we don't know anything about this shooter. the only information we have been given is from kate brown who is the governor of oregon who said the shooter is a 20-year-old male. nothing more about him. there has been all kinds of reports and rumors about postings on a web page that were made yesterday afternoon and then went silent about there that there was going to be a shooting in the specific northwest. that has been unconfirmed. police will not mention anything about it is one of the worst shootings ever in the country and the worst in oregon. >> dan, thank you. a strange twist of fate. alex was one of the brave americans that thwarted a would be terror attack on board a crudded train in france. turned outline alec used to
4:33 pm
be be a student community college, he left the college after his heroic act. rehearsal "dancing with the stars" alec got the news and immediately sprinted out of the studios to call his friends and family at home. a short while a agricultural election skarlatos went "on the record." >> alex, thank you very much for joining us. >> hello again, greta. >> i was enrolled for the fall. >> train in paris you would be in this school today. of course you diverted to "dancing with the stars." your heart must be broken. >> yes, it is. i'm still waiting on names to see if it's anybody i know. >> even your stepmother worked there? >> yes. my stepmother. i mean i have good portion
4:34 pm
of my friends from deployment are enrolled if there. i mean, it's a really small community and like i said, it's just everybody knows everybody. so it's heart breaking really. >> i understand the student body is about 3,300. so you say everybody knows everybody. so chances are you know, you will know somebody. >> chances are i'm just waiting on the names again. like i said, it's a really small community and that's the only college around, so everybody goes there and tragic. i mean, it's horrible for the community. >> you know, it's so hard for me to sort of comprehend, you know, you look at the school and it looks so beautiful. it looks so peaceful. i guess you having just come off that train in paris. maybe violence is not so far away in your head after what you and your two friends did. it looks so peaceful when i look at these pictures.
4:35 pm
>> it is a beautiful campus. i mean, it's tons of trees. very open layout. yeah. it's just crazy. >> what is it -- it's a community college so is it a four year college? >> no. i think it's just a two year college they have four year programs there like they have nursing program. they have law enforcement programs. they have all sorts of stuff there it depends on what your major is. >> and do you know anything about where the rumor is, of course, we are trying to find out a little bit more about where it happened. do you know anything about the area where it happened? >> yes. one of my friends is a cop there, told me it was biter hall, the science building. that's right by the entrance of the main building of the college. >> well, it certainly is so disheartening another school shooting. all of our hearts are broken
4:36 pm
for all these people tonight. think about it alec, they went to school and though thought they would be packing up books and going home and maybe studying tonight and now this. >> yep, you never know what's going to happen, i guess. >> anyway, alec, thank you very much for joining us. i'm very sorry that this, you know, that this happened at your school because you know this is something near and dear to your heart. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. bye. >> today's horrific campus massacre leaving at least 13 people dead and that number could rise at least 20 more or injured with the death toll this high. vearttle going through this tragic crime. world renowned forensic pathologist dr. bae den goes "on the record." you investigated some of these. what is the pathologist' job here. first thing have to do is to identify each of the bodies. and to prepare the bodies as a quickly as possible for the families to go about and
4:37 pm
make whatever arrangements they wish. burial or cremation. all the bodies will have the autopsy. to find out what happened and also to remove all bullets that are in the bodies, to see if, for the ballistics people to see if they came from the shooter's guns or from somebody else we have a motto the bullet left behind is a bullet from the different gun. that's going to be important in confirming that it was a single shooter. but, greta, what's also -- families have questions. and they will -- question the medical examiners, did my child suffer, could anything have been done to save the person? and the medical examiner has to be prepared to answer those questions. and to give the families the answers that they are seeking. >> it seems almost like why would you want to pull out
4:38 pm
every bullet because, you know, but because it seems pretty obvious. but it really does matter because there could be that wild chance that there is somebody else. one in a million or one in a billion. >> it can happen just like ted brought up the previous segment, that they have to confirm that it's a single shooter. one of the things is they are going to do the most autopsy examination of the shooter. was there drugs on him? did he have any brain or neurological conditions that can be identified? and that will be thorough examination. >> dr. bae den, also nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and this could be a giant problem for former secretary of state hillary clinton. she has claimed no classified information was on her private email server. well, tonight, new emails show otherwise. that's next. plus, brace yourself. you may be the target. hurricane joaquin is headed our way. when and where it could hit you coming up.
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breaking news now, at least 13 people are dead and 20 more injured in the heinous and horrifying deadly shooting rampage on a community campus. a lone gunman now dead after he opened fire on innocent teachers and students before turning his gun on police. it happened at umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon. >> and this is a fox news alert. tonight, new troubles for former secretary of state hillary clinton, the state department now confirming 403 emails containing classified information have been found on clinton's private email server. this coming as we learn russian linked hackers had their sights set on the former clinton's email and the former secretary's emails. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. >> these are the five fake emails that were sent to mrs. clinton about traffic tickets and it says they are from the new york city department of motor vehicles. and based on our reporting today, this has the signature of a base, a group of russian-based hackers who
4:44 pm
specifically targeted the state department in 2011 with this phishing scheme. if you opened up the attachment, it would infect the computer and then everyone else who came into contact with your email traffic. so, the key thing here is that it has been a hypothetical discussion that her email account could be targeted by you a foreign entity. now we know in the end that it was targeted in 2011 by these russian based hackers. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> those hackers disguised speeding attempts. hoping she would click on a link and infect her computer. how does this work. if it worked how much information could hackers have gotten. rust reader joins me. tell me about your thoughts on this. >> how are you doing, greta? it's scary. here is the state department with a phishing attempt. not only the head of the state department had clicketd on that attachment and opened it up or if one
4:45 pm
of her aides that has access to her email opened it up, it could not only affect the machine that they were on, it could then go across into other machines potentially. >> let's say independent of secretary clinton but another person who she works with with at the state department has a private email account and got the same type of attachment and opened it up but then had had conversations by email with secretary clinton. could that original infection of the colleague somehow compromise her server. >> if someone could have attachment to the email that hackers that were associated with russia sent out as speeding tickets. so no matter whomever would have clicked on that attachment. >> if you have a potential machine, do you infect everybody else you come in contact with? >> so they would be able to see all communication on that machine and then potentially use that machine
4:46 pm
as kind of their home base behind the fire wall to gain access to other more secure area. >> is there any way to determine whether she clicked on any of these attachments? >> so they do have the server and they will be able to see if there is malicious code left behind on the server. al malware should leave traces behind. not only check her server but her aide's servers as well just to make sure that there was no trace of this what is so peculiar to me. if i got like five emails from some nigerian email said i get $25 million i just have to supply my social security number, i would be a little suspicious you would think she would tell somebody. it's a little weird to get that. >> if the head of the state department is not solving that problem for all of us, right? all of us get millions of americans every day get these phishing attempts. so shouldn't our government
4:47 pm
try to help us with that so i means that just one of the in cyber security this is a major issue should would have been the great person to raise the awareness if it's happening to me it's happening to everyone. >> any idea to ho these people are? >> they do a good job to make sure they cannot be found. >> we keep calling them russian. how you do we even know that? >> so, back in 2011, in august 2011, i think and even september, there was a research firm that went in to evaluate the specific malware and they found that if you would have clicked on that, infect your pc or your server, and it would isn't all the information on your server to three different servers elsewhere. one was in russia. that's a tip. if i heard everybody is being investigated fox. i you got the same thing a
4:48 pm
month ago that would be a tip to me might raise a red flag to her. anyway the investigation goes on. >> hurricane joaquin is gaining power as it barrels toward the united states. the east coast preparing for what could be historic rainfall and flooding. rick reichmuth is next with your forecast.
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this is a fox news alert. officials in roseburg, oregon are giving conference about the terrible shooting. call fbi. when do you this, you choose option 7. again, this number is to help reunite and provide information to the families
4:53 pm
of the victims. this event has been deemed a mass casualty event which brings with it hundreds of resources to this small community. along with those resources and the fact this is a mass casualty incident brings specific protocols that we must follow that includes specific processes by which the state medical examiner's office may manage identification. is because of these protocols and reaching each family we don't anticipate releasing the names of the fatalities for 24 to 48 hours. the law enforcement investigation into the shooter and into his motivation is ongoing. we are not ready at this time to it make any comments about him reunification
4:54 pm
continues at the douse douglas county fairgrounds. family and students should gather there. there are courtrooms at the it -- counselors at the fairgrounds to all those down there. at this time i would like to have my public information officer, corporal hudson address some other issues. >> thank you. >> so we are going to continue to use the #ucc shooting on our twitter account which is douglsacoso. further written updates will be posted to our social media accounts our flash alert we have a number of agencies that have provided a lot of resources. and we'll be right back.
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this is a fox news alert. hurricane joaquin now upgraded to a category 44 as it gets closer to the east coast. rick reichmuth is live at the whether or not, rick? weather center. >> category for and rocking the bahamas. damage likely. we do expect this to talk a northerly you turn. yesterday we were very confused on what was going to happen. a little for guidance today. everything trending toward the east. very good news for a potential direct landfall across the u.s. cannot rule it out just yet but things are looking better. we do have one big cawf yacht along with this. that is we are going to see incredible amounts of rainfall influenced by this storm across parts of south carolina. greta, we are talking maybe 12 to 18-inch of rain here. we could be talking about catastrophic flooding this weekend across the carolinas. >> rick, so is it not going to hit the hurricane is not going to do a direct hit?
5:00 pm
i'm not going to say it just yet but heading that way. >> tomorrow night israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu here to go "on the record" don't miss it. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> shots


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