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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we'll see you tomorrow for another edition of "the factor." >> breaking tonight, here we go again. another mass shooting in a gun-free zone. and another presidential statement attacking gun rights supporters. at this hour, we are awaiting a news conference following a mass shooting. we are getting a lot of new information about the killer and what cops have found at the scene. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. >> a community shaken to its core.
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he then opened fire. one horrified witness describes what happened next. >> see, i was oids center hall. it's in my jeep. talking to gun recruiter. we heard a gunshot. i saw the gunman with a small-caliber handgun. then we went in towards snyder hall. i heard three or four shots. from what we understand, he went into multiple classrooms, at least two, we're told. when it was all over, at least ten people were dead, seven more injured. they just updated those numbers moments ago. we were just getting reports that four guns were found at the scene.
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three pistols and a long riechl. we're also hearing that police may have found a cell phone that helped them identify the suspect and his car. but, as of right now, they are still, 9:00 p.m. eastern time, not publicly sharing that information. our own dan springer has just arrived with the very latest. dan. megyn, as you can imagine, this is a county of only 107 people. local, state officials on the scene going through the community college, which is about a mile and a half down this road. we are being kept that far away, the tape is up, we're being kept that far away as we process the incredibly large scene, the shooting scene at the campus. also, interview all of the witnesses that heard or saw anything. the number of dead and wounded seems to be in flux. you mentioned that there are ten people dead. we know the sheriff john hanlin held a short news conference an
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hour ago and said there are ten dead and seven wounded. since then, the closest hospital has reported that one of the critically injured taken there had died. and to make matters more confusing, the state's attorney general first reported at 10:38 this morning. a lone gunman walked into a classroom and reported everyone to lie face down on the ground. >> i looked out the window and there was a couple running away from the building and then i heard screaming. i looked out and i saw the people running.
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i said to the teacher we've got to get out of the heefr right now. >> now, two or three officers arrived quickly. the closest state patrol office is just about a mile away. they got into the shootout with the gunman. again, as i mentioned, a gun-free zone where a gunman was able to get four weapons on the campus here. i want to tell you that it's being described that there's
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only one security officer at the campus this morning. >> joining us now, kendra where the shots were fired. >> well, i first heard one single gunshot. and my class didn't understand it. we thought it was the science class. and then we heard another one go off. one of the students in our class ended up leaving and she came back and told us there was a gun. >> so a female student got up and decided to go toward what was the danger and she came back shot? >> yes. >> describe what happened when she walks back into the room and you saw her injured? >> she stumbled back. she was shot in the arm and then
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stumbled back. she didn't say anything for 20 min you wills. >> did she collapse? what happened to her? >> she collapsed and we were trying to keep her alive while keeping ourselves safe. >> what did the rest of the class do. how many times was she shot and where? she was shot twice. >> they shut the door, shut all the lights off. we did what we were taught as we were younger to hide under the desk. but what's that going to do for you? >> they just went off. it was an automatic. it had to have been.
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eight rounds went off in five seconds. i mean, it was -- i never heard that many gunshots in my entire life. >> do you believe that that was the moment he was killing the people next door? >> yeah. i mean, it doesn't -- yes, it happens easy 50 rounds went off. >> i was huddled up with some of my other kwlasz mates. >> when you walked out of that
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classroom and finally arrived, what was the scene? >> bodies everywhere. injured bodies. people laying on the ground, people holding themselves together. blood. it was something you don't think you would see. it's not something that you expected to see. it was traumatic to say the least.
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i'm so grate vl that you're still here to tell the story. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. these kids are trying to get an education and improve their lives. wheel we await more information on the shooter, we're trying to find out why. >> is this just part of a landscape now. that is what president obama said earlier tonight. is this a new normal? a fox news contributor and
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author of "things that matter" now out in paperback. charles, the president says this has become ru teen. he comes out and says we have become numb to these repeated, mass shootings. >> look, i don't think that anymore are numb than we are with the 10, 20, 30,0 0 traffic deaths a year. and we accept it. look, here, we don't accept it and we know that this -- these are acts of evil or of madness, which always make us uncomfortable. the question is do we have a solution to it. and for the president to come out and speak immediately about this before we know who did it, before we know what kind of weapon was used, before we know
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how the weapon was attained and to make a case for gun control, i don't think this is political in the sense that he thinks it's going to gain in the constituency. but i do question his judgment. obama himself said we treat terrorism in a very different way. it's not an issue of gun control. no one knows whether this is the act of a madman or terrorists. >> what about mental health? we were going to take a hard look at that in this country. what ever happened to looking at mental health in the country? >> look, i've been on this case for 30 years. we have become far more, i guess the word is libertarian in the
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way that we treat the mentally ill. >> one of the reasons we have people dying in the streets because when i was in practice many years ago, it was much easier to commit someone who was clearly psychotic, had no one to help him or her and to put them into treatment and at least they would get some help. it's much harder to do anything like that now. >> the question i have for you is is it going to stop? it's much easier to be disconnected. is that just the reality of america in 2015? we're going to see more shootings? >> it's a reality. but we are desensitized because we are involved in our iphones. it's not because of any change in the psyche of the country. it's because we're a country of 300 million people. we believe that almost no one does.
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they were begging for the authorities to do something. but under our laws, which allow maximum freedom, the mother couldn't do a damn thing until he killed. and that's a problem in our society to balance security and liberty. and we had tilted towards liberty, which is completely understandable. and, as a result of that, and the same with possession of guns, as a result of that, we who live in the far more liberal in the sense of believing in liberty society, that any other in the west we have these incidents. that are a result of that. whatever we choose, we're going the lose something. >> charles, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> as charles mentioned,
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president obama stepped to the mic a couple of hours ago, admitted we didn't know much about this shooting and launched into a fiery gun control. next, a fact check of some of the president's claims. plus, russia ignores white house requests and is now ramping up military operations in the middle east at this moment. back for that story with what it means for u.s. allies around the world. and, we are entering a critical stretch with some of these folks facing a tough kwuple of weeks ahead. a new no cuss group research on who has the future here and who may not. >> we cut taxes, made government smaller. you need to be willing to stand up to congress and tell them what you won't do.
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we are not the only country on earth that has people with mental illnesses or want to do harm to other people. we are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kind of mass shootings every few months. >> that was president obama just hours after a gunman opened fire. we do not yet know the gunman's motive or owl he got his hands on those weapons. this is yet another tragic reason for new gun control law. we have no idea how he got those guns. none. no idea. he could have stolen them from a law enforcement officer, for all we know, who had the guns legally. and, yet, the president already out there saying this is about tightening restrictions.
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>> yes, it's mystifying when we absolutely hardly know anything about the fatalities. we know about the injured. but we know nothing about this individualment we don't know the motivation, aside from according to a number of witnesses. he and our thoughts and prayers by the way. i pray for the people of roseburg and of ucc. it was incredibly disappointing to see the president at a time when he should have been holding the country together to make such statements. >> when you have more gun control laws, you have fewer shootings. >> we know states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest deaths. so the notion that gun laws don't work will just make it harder for law-abiding citizens and criminals to get it done.
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>> you've literally written a book on this. is that true? you can't even driver through illinois without having your firearms stored in a certain way. we were just talking. i know it was all over the news how many there were last weekend and the week end before that. all of these incidents, just like the one in rose burg, is a tragedy. they have quite a few gun laws, as do washington, d.c., new york, new jersey. the list goes on.
6:21 pm
we have friends of ours, allies of ours, great britain, australia, countries like ours. so we know there are ways to prevent it. >> what say you? >> not true. australia, they had a confiscation program. they didn't just have gun control, they confiscated firearms. and, i should note that while everyone is celebrating australia's low crime rate, australia's gun possession ownership is back to what it was before its preconfiscation levels. there are stimshootings that take place. we could also look at the violent gun rate and how they're classified over in britain. brazil, mexico, other countries
6:22 pm
like hon doris, they have different laws, stronger laws than ours, and they see a higher homicide rate. they have the highest murder rate in the world. >> just bottom line it for us. what is the bottom line? people look at this and say we've got to get rid of the guns. >> gun-free are criminal protection areas. the evidence and the statistics, it's all right there. you can't refute numbers. look at the cities here in the united states. i want to make a point, too, where the president and other people have been talking about we have 45 masked shootings this year alone. that's not true. the majority of them, gang violence.
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>> we also have breaking news on hurricane joquin. now a cat 4 storm. we'll tell you where it's heading. apparently, unpersuaded by our criticism that they were being unprofessional. but, now, iran is joining forces with the former soviet military. charles crowdhammer is back on what this means for america. and, also, the israeli ambassador weighs in with a warning for the world. >> 70 years after the murder of 6 million jews, iran's rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people. goals is to ve them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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who has been shot in oregon. now, we're getting several reports of the shooter's identity. consistent with our kelly file policy, we will not be revealing his name. it has been released by several news sources that you can find on line. this is a 26-year-old man which contra dikts that he was 20 relevant potentially because the legal age to purchase a gun is 21. if he was 26, obviously, he would be over the age. in any event, we're keeping our eyes on that situation and those surrounding his house. meantime, breaking tonight, akroz kroz the middle east despite our stern lecture. bearing the brunt of this assault.
6:29 pm
at the same time, you're getting new reports that iran is sending thousands of ground troops and moscow, simultaneously, has drafted 150,000 more troops in its own country. >> we agreed on the imperative of as soon as possible. perhaps even as soon as tomorrow, but as soon as possible with having a military to military decon flix discussion. >> obviously, we would prefer on going construction. >> we have encouraged them to focus on isil. there's room for conversation. >> i mean, we would prefer -- we
6:30 pm
encouraged them what are we doing? >> nothing. never had a strategy and now is utterly humiliated. we actually have a president spokesman today saying that the russians have lost influence in the region. this is really a problem. the russians are on the rise who are now accounting in syria. they are invited by the iraqis, as well. they are essentially taking over syria. they are our allies, the few remaining opposition forces who are not jihadi, the russians are hitting it.
6:31 pm
the russians were completely taken in under the pretense that the russians would help in the war against isil. they are now saying we would be gravely concerned if we're not attacking isil. we are not. they lied to us. the administration, for all of its concern, is talking about not getting in the way of russians. and they not getting in the way of us. which is completely beside the point. are we watching the end of our status as a superpower? >> we are watching a culmination of president obama. that's all he cared about. he didn't care about holding our games in iraq.
6:32 pm
he evacuated the place. it falls apart. the militias have come in. it is no surprise. you evacuate the area. it's a superpower. everything imploeds and our allies are in absolute panic over the fact that the umbrella america has held over the region for half a century has been folded deliberately by barack obama.
6:33 pm
>> in fact, while russia and iran are consolidating their power, the israeli prime minister was speaking to the united nations, sounding a powerful warning. watch this about the dangers of iran growing power. 70 years after the murder of 6 million jews, iran's rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people and the response from this body has been absolutely nothing. utter silence. deafening silence.
6:34 pm
perhaps you can understand why israel is not joining you in celebrating this deal. if iran's rulers were working to destroy your country, perhaps you'd be less enthusiastic about the deal.
6:35 pm
powerful moment there. 45 seconds he stood in silence and shamed those presidents for their failure to condemn the rhetoric and intentions of the iranian regime. and, yet, hasn't that ship already saled? >>. >> no matter what decision was made, it was important for the prime minister. and i think you saw that right now, to convey a sense of what israelis feel. >> he talked about how the commander will help annihilate israel, for sure. he quoted saying there will be no israel in 25 years.
6:36 pm
they can say these things. they can come right out and state their intentions. what we've been told here, that's just bluster. >> yeah, that's what they said 70 years ago. they said it's all domestic, political consumption. it's an out rage. i'm very proud of what the prime minister did today. i think that those countries all had to understand what every single person in israel feels 70 years that you can have a leader of iran who will call for the annihilation of another member state. >> in the meantime, we're seeing iran grow. it's going to prove very dangerous, according to the experts, as they join in partnership with syria.
6:37 pm
does he report the russian effort? >> there's all sorts of intentions in syria. the prime minister is responsible. my god, so we're photogoing to go quite to my question, but the position on it as far as israel fans is keep iran isle way from us. >> well, the growing list of states now preparing for the worst. declaring a state of emergency ahead of hurricane joquin. and earlier this year, mitt romney said he had ruled out a 2016 run.
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you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. that's what a type e* does. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. mplts breaking tonts, joining a growing list of states as hurricane joquin moves in on the east coast. our chief meteorologist is live in the fox weather center forrous tonight. >> the strongest storm we've had in the atlantic for four years. last niergt, we had a big talk about who we like better, the european model or the american
6:43 pm
gsf model. all the other models were indicating the labd fall across the northeast. take a look at what's happened. we're not going to be looking at a direct land fall. that said, look at this storm. this is a future radar. there is a big tropical connection to rain we're going to see here across the carolinas all weekend long. and by the time we're done with this, we could be looking at 18-20 inches of rain. that would be historic, catastrophic, the worst flooding we've ever seen in that area. >> developing on the campaign trail, this october has been called the make it or break it month. how voters react to it, more
6:44 pm
critical than ever right now. what americans really want. really. what they really want is more of adds like this one. watch. >> people are so concerned about the future. the big message is that this country was designed around we the people. and that we need a government that actually understands that. and doesn't think that it is the ruler of the people. >> learning from crowds that they are hungry for some integrity and honesty.
6:45 pm
not so interested in party bickering. he talks about integrity and government. by the way, one of the big differences is it is ben carson hymn. we feel we know exactly what they want to show. >> do these ads really translate into votes? >> we don't know now. chris christee is not many
6:46 pm
people's first choice. the ad can have an impact on pushing those people over the line. >> the democratic legislature, the americans for tax reform just said that chris christie has made more tax increases than any governor in american history. we cult taxes. made government smaller. you need to be able to stand up to congress and tell them what you wasn't do so you can drag them to doing what the american people want them to do. >> very powerful. incredibly powerful. he takes on congress and does so with the issue that republicans care about, which is taxes as well as veto any tax increase. that's what the american people are saying to congress.
6:47 pm
anybody you think is done? >> i think the factor of donald trump is still alive. he continues to do some of the things he said surprisingly well. it's really very powerful that he still continues to do that well. >> you ended on a positive note instead of a mean note. good to see you. even though he has denied it, he still -- later, guess who's turning 100. today. and you're invited to the party. stay tuned. we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all
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reports popping up repeatedly now that mitt romney is considering jumping into the 2016 race. wait until you hear from ann romney told our co-host of "fox & friends." >> i asked her about the response to her book. he says people are calling all
6:52 pm
the time for our pastor saying it is time to think about it again. we are assessing. >> we are assessing. >> it is really intriguing because donors calling. so i called larry from the university of virginia and he essentially says there is a panic in if the republican higher-ups right now that donald trump is leading the way he's leading and that he would be possibly an alternative. if he was to jump in, he would jump in among the top, however he would hurt jeb bush the most. here's what he would run on -- i was right. >> she also told you that she and mitt do a high five every morning saying aren't we glad we're not in this. >> then for a weekend she did think about jumping in again. i sense they felt as though they should have won the last time. think it is in the back of their mind should the opportunity happen. >> that would be major news. moving on to more pleasant topics like weddings.
6:53 pm
apparently there is a couple that has sent bill for the wedding dinner to a guest who pulled a no-show at the last-minute. >> jessica baker. a stay-at-home mom with husband was unable to go to the wedding. she did not show up and did not call. i am for the bride and groom. you know how much it costs? $31,000 to throw a wedding. i sense it was more than one person not to show up. >> the bride and groom said no children allowed at our wedding so she she couldn't even take her kid. >> the answer? supermarkets. supermarkets have cork boards that say we have baby-sitter situation wanted. >> put the kid in the cart! >> no, i don't know what you're thinking! have a depth chart with your baby-sitter. you can't be one and done. >> i say they both committed a faux pas. you say you are going, you are
6:54 pm
going and if you can't go, you at least call at the last minute. you volunteer to pay. >> if you wanteded to do megyn kelly on etiquette -- >> is it good etiquette for iranian men to be women to play on their soccer team? apparently nine of them were doing that. >> they claim they were in the middle of a sex change operation but in the end when they retired they retired as men which goes to show you, how do we trust iranians to inspect our nuclear equipment if we can't trust them to inspect their own personal equipment? because in the end these men dressed as women still can't be ranked as the top 50 in the world. we can't really tell if you're a man or a woman. limits where you earn bonus cash back.
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>> what was your best year? what was your best age? >> when i was got married. i was 23. >> happy birthday. goodnight. welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert -- we are waiting a police press conference on a deadly campus shooting at a community college in oregon. authorities at this hour are still trying to determine why a gunman went on a shooting rampage earlier today that left ten dead. >> the name of the shooter is out there. we haven't independently confirmed it with law enforcement so we will hold off for the time being. the governor of oregon said the shooter is 20 years old but we now hear he is 26 years old. one of the students said the shooter shot a bullet through the windo


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