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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 2, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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seven wounded. we're hearing possibly some going home today from the hospital. this is story we've been covering since it happened. that news conference expected any moment. adam, thanks for coming in. expertise covering colorado shootings was grateful. >> hearts and prayers to all the folks. >> get to hawaiiing now. "happening now." you can hear them moving and crying. >> mass murder on an american college campus and sending
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shockwaves from a tight knit community in oregon to the white house and beyond. plus, a monster storm looks like it will not hit the u.s. mainland. the problems that hurricane joaquin poses on the east coast to millions. plus the day's new job numbers and what they reveal on your bottom line. it is all "happening now". we begin with the oregon college massacre. as the investigation picks up speed. welcome to "happening now". i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. the gunman killed nine people and hurt seven others before officers killed him in a shootout. witnesses said he suspected out his victims and asking them if they were christian before shooting them. we learned more about the
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gunman, chris harper mercer. authorities searched his apartment and found weapons. we are learning more about the weapons in this case, will. >> reporter: that's right. authorities are trying to figure out why mercer stormed the college campus. at the crime scene they found five handguns and a rifle type gun and numerous clips and body armor. inside of his apartment they found more weapons. he showed up yesterday ready to do damage when he went inside and unloaded on two separate classrooms. he lined the victims up and asked if they were christians, if they said yes, he shot them in the head. on my space he was seen holding the gun. he is sympathetic to the
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catholic- irish army. he has sympathized with the man who murdered the television reporter and photographer in virginia last month. mercer's mom in the past, told neighbors her son had mental issues. he was anxious and wore the same military style outfit every single day. and the investigation continues, we are learning more about the victims including army veteran chris mitt who was shot seven times trying to save his classmates. >> he got three times and hits the floor and looks up at the gunman and said it is my son's birthday today. and was shot two more times. >> reporter: amazing he is still alive and hopefully will be able to celebrate plenty of his son's birthday in the future. the other victims, three are still in critical condition,
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jon. >> thank you. investigators are digging deep in the the background of the shooter. michael mahoney, you have talked about the difficulty in looking at past behavior and seeing how it could telegraph future behavior. why is that so challenging? >> psycheicology does not predict. in mental illness it is unpredictable especially untreated. if you knew he was making statements, it is a warning sign, but it is not a predictor of the behavior. >> it is interesting, we have sound from neighbors that lived with the gunmen in l.a. where he spent most of his life until recently. >> i did see him leaving his apartment and coming home with what looked like gun cases, him
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and his mom both. and he did say he used to go shooting in a range. >> he was silent and didn't speech much. he seemed hesitant. >> not huge red flags. >> that is a problem that the states in the country have been dealing with for a while. a lot of states think about a preventative detention law. >> tell us about that. indiana, texas, colorado, have taken the concept of bail, and we'll not give you bail and we'll keep you in custody because we believe that you could pose a serious threat to yourself or society. >> you have to be arrested. apparently the shooter didn't have a criminal record? >> no, under mental hygiene laws there is ability to put a person in a mental health lock down and commitment. >> you think that is something
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that more states should consider as we look at shootings. this is a mass shooting. is it a local, state or federal issue. how do you so it? >> i think it is a combination. and it has to be a layer approach. there is no one silver bullet. >> what is the priority in the layered approach. >> the reaction of the community. social media monitoring and what types of threats are out there and communicate it effectively. and one- button lock down and you take the school and notify people instant alert and being able to take a look at good screening for mental health. how do we make sure we identify the individuals that need assistance and get that. and the debate about guns. >> i want to ask you about the guns and preventative measures. the school is a gun- free zone. and you look at the school
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policy and you can conceal and carry on campus and it is it a gun- free zone. when we talk about armed guards on campus like the one in the community campus. how many would you need to make a difference? >> schools are not built or meant to be secure facilities. they are meant to be open and free and academic interaction. and it is inconsistent to have armed presence. in addition to the timing, these events happen so fast. in virginia tech it was nine minutes from the first to the last the shooter. >> i was reporting in israel. they have armed guards including the elementary schools and they did have a fence and an armed guard and he was in his 20s that got out of the israeli military. it was not too intimidating. and he checked every parent and
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no one got on campus unless they had a reason to be be there. >> israel is in a constate fair of threat. >> it is an issue but no where near what israel faces. not sure the models. >> the president mentioned statistics of terror and mass shootings. i am interested in your perspective. we talked about terrorism before. what do you think of that comparison for posture of terrorism and mass shooting. >> targeting the civilian there is a comparison. but terrorism is designed and something that you will go out and get these people engaged and do a certain goal. here, it is just somebody who goes out and does mass violence because of demons. >> we have breaking news. jon, news out of florida?
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that's right. a terrible explosion of some kind in a brand new condominium. sunny oifls, northeast miami-dade county. this condo structure was only built earlier this year and may not be fully occupied. there was a reported gas leak in the building. according to a firefighter on the scene two people are stuck in the elevator to the third floor. there are many critical injuries reported as a result of this. nine critical we are told, and other people who have been taken to the hospital. these pictures are coming in to us from wsvn in miami-dade county. 34 people injured in all. two of the 34 are burn patients. there was reportedly a gas leak in the building that was capped. the building chateau beach was
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built this year in sunny isles beach, florida in north miami beach are area. obviously a beautiful building and beautiful place and all kinds of terror coming to the residents of that structure today. when we get more information about what happened and the situation of those injured in miami-dade county, we'll bring it to you. we have a fox news alert. u.s. coast guard is searching for a container ship that is missing after being caught in the hurricane joaquin. this is happening near the bahamas where the hurricane has been settled over the last several hours. officials say there are 33 people on board. the ship is big. 735 feet long en route from jacksonville, florida to san juan, puerto rico and it sent out a distress. it is a big mystery as to where it is right now.
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the crews are searching for the missing boaters is where the category 4 storm. the hurricane is moving slowly and battering that island chain with high winds and drenching rains and dangerous flooding. as the storm moves north, millions of people on the u.s. coast line is prepares for what the storm will bring. in north carolina, we are seeing another system as well. johnathon? >> reporter: indeed, the hurricane is well out at sea and not expected to make land full. but the conditions are blustery and it is raining and causing flooding. you can see heavy surf and there is a high surf advisory in affect and for that matter, the governor declared a state of emergency in all 100 counties of north carolina, most of the state is under a flood watch. it is not just coastal areas that are affected but far inland
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in charlotte area, tree limbs and other debris from the creeks to prevent the backing up. and officials are urging every day citizens to help out in the storm response. >> lastly, be a good neighbor. watch out for your neighbor. checking on the elderly person. power out or localized flooding that is threatening someone's home make sure they are okay. >> reporter: meanwhile south carolina, street flooding in low- lying neighborhoods in charleston. the city and county offices are closed today and along with the public schools and colleges in that area. and upstate south carolina, flooding damaged an autodealership in spart an burg. the rain is expected to continue and causing problems throughout the weekend.
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jenna, back to you. >> john, thank you. >> we are waiting the new's conference from rose berg, oregon. we expect that 17 minutes from now. when it does, we'll certainly bring it to you live. plus, a huge political debate centered around the man who wants to be third in line for the presidency. and why there is so much back lash on kevin mccarthy. >> i did not intend to imply that that work is political. it has not. look at the way they have carried themselves out. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time...
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response in the coast guard that is responding in this crisis. so what do we know about the ship? >> the el fa ro, u.s. flag ship 737 feet long left jacksonville on tuesday and scheduled to arrive in puerto rico today. we know it became disabled yesterday morning at 7:00 and 30 miles to the north of the crooked island in the bahamas. we received an electronic distress alert and contacted the shipping company that told us that the vessel had lost power and was adrift and they had taken water on with a 15 degrees list. and so the real problem where they became disabled is nor the
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eye of hurricane joaquin. we are concerned about the safety of the people no on board and trying to get our coast guard units cloe close as possible but they can't get through the storm to locate the vessel. >> how do you get close to where the vessel is? and getting the men and women out there. >> we have c- 130 aircraft. and as the storm moves slowly. we are bringing in the aircraft behind it and fly lower than the hurricane hunter flies. they fly 10000. and we have our aircraft down at 2000 feet so they can see through the rain and sea spray that the hurricane is causing to find the vessel. they are flying at the limits of their ability. >> what is the risk of that? >> they are operating at that
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limit and they are putting themselves at risk and this is what we do. we are trained to do this. and if there is a life to save, we'll do everything we can. >> when was the last time you had human contact from the ship? >> the shipping company talked to the vessel 0700 yesterday morning and that's the last time. we have not talked to the vessel directly. >> is there concern that the 33 individuals are on the ship or are you concerned that the ship is still above water. >> we are trying to get close to the last known position. >> what is on the ship? >> it is carrying containers. 391 containers and 294 trailers and automobiles beneath decks and they had a lot of cargo and it is built to carry that. but when a vessel is disabled and a list and in heavy seas, 20
10:20 am
or 30 foot seas right near the hurricane eye, it is it a dangerous situation. >> how much longer can they stay in the air to figure out if they can get in behind the storm and find these individuals. >> we'll continue. and soon as an aircraft needs to leave and refuel, we'll have another one behind. it we'll do the best we can in daylight hours to maximize our effectiveness. and we are call nothing extra aircraft in the coast guard and working with dod partners in the air force and shifting assets to use for the search. >> it is incredible, remarkable what the coast guard does in tough situation. and you are so generous of your time. and we appreciate the new information and wish your team the best of luck, thank you. >> thank you very much. fox news alert back to sunny isles beach, florida.
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miami-dade county, basically northern miami beach, there has been a building explosion at a building called chateau beach off of a1a. 33 people were hurt and nine critical. it sounded like it was a result of a gas leak that authorities said it was capped. there are reports that people are trapped in the elevators in the brand new condominium build nothing miami beach. you can see the glass or other debris that blew out of a wall in a mechanical room in the top of a building and that may be why they are stuck on the elevator shift. and you can see some of the firefighters rescue equipment on the ground. 34 people hurt nine are said to be critical. we'll have more on the story
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>> new speculation on the fallout from kevin mccarthy comments on the benghazi investigation. some political analyst said his slip up could impact hillary clinton's campaign and his political future. and this is what mccarthy said on tuesday. everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. and what are her numbers today? they are dropping. >> this is how he back tracked that on fox news channel. >> the committee's sole purpose is to find the truth why four
10:26 am
americans were killed. that's what they have done and hearings they have done and applauded by all sides of the aisle. it was not my intention to say that. >> nina easton editor of fortune five magazine. and susan is a congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. >> there is a two- track political question. what is the affect on hillary clinton's presidential asspiration and what is happening to kevin mccarthy to be speaker of the house and third in line for the presidency and is that derailed? >> it is interesting. kevin mccarthy rated house speaker boehner's tenure with a b- minus. i would rank his comment a cminus or d. it was a bad move and plays to the hands of clintons and
10:27 am
hillary clinton and bill clinton said the e-mail server controversy is a right wing conspiracy and it feeds that. i don't think it will hurt mccarthy's chance at speakership because of the lack of alternatives at this point. >> susan, how do you see it? >> there is a lack of alternative to kevin mccarthy. but the statement he regrets saying about benghazi, could not have come at a worse time for him. he did not have the 218 points to be the next speaker. conservatives have doubts about him. >> stay with us for a moment. >> going to oregon where the sheriff is at the microphone. we'll listen in here for the freshest information. >> good morning, everyone. this morning, i want to start with the victims and the
10:28 am
families. we have teams of investigators and victim's specialist working with each of the families. the purpose is to help facilitate the next of kin notification and provide counseling services and insure that each one of them and the families receive the high elf level of support. these families are currently living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible. i would ask that the media respect their privacy and let them grieve in their own way. as notifications happen, we hope to share their names and a little bit more about them in the future press conferences. on to the issues related to the campus. if your car is still parked on campus, we need to meet at the fairgrounds today at 3:00 p.m. at that time, buses will be
10:29 am
there to take you back to the campus to retrieve your car. at the college they will assist you in the attempting to retrieve it from one of the buildings. there are mental health counsellors stationed in the fairgrounds including counsellors being provided by the community health a liiance. and students and staff in need of assistance are strongly encouraged to seek out that help. also, in talking with the community college, partners this morning, current understanding that they intend to reopen the campus early next week. please stay tuned for more information on that. we expect that the medical examiner will release the name of the shooter sometime later today. again, you you will not hear
10:30 am
anyone from this law enforcement operation use his name. i continue to believe that those media and community members who publicized his name will only glorify his horrific actions and eventually this will only serve to inspire future shooters. at this time, i would like to introduce atf assistant special agent in charge salinis munez. >> i am the assistant special agent in charge and i wanted to talk about the information about what we have. we have krofred 13 weapons. out of 13 weapons, we currently have in custody six, recovered at the school. seven recovered at the shooter's
10:31 am
residence. all 14 are traced to a federal fire arm's dealer and all in did different stages of the tracing process. eight of the 14 have been traced to first trace purchasers. seven have been purchased boy a shooter or family member all within the last three years. in addition to the weapon's recovered, we also were able to recover a fla nk jacket. it had steel plates and five magazines. an additional amount of ammunition was recovered at the apartment and that's all we have at this moment. i want to thank our seattle and phoenix field division and our north carolina field division and l.a. field division for working diligently in obtaining the tracing information for us.
10:32 am
[inaudible] >> yes. >> 13 or 14. >> we have 14 currently. 14 weapons and one of them he actually traded back to the store for one of the firearms recovered at the school. >> did you find all 13 or 14 at the school. >> no, six recovered at the 6 and 7 recovered at his residence. >> they were purchased legally? >> they were purchased legally. [inaudible] >> not all of them. >> they were purchased legally by the shooter? >> some were purchased by the shooter and some were not. >> open it up for questions here in the end of this as well if you let us get through the rest of this real quick. >> this is a very active investigation still. we are resources committed and they were conducting follow-up vchgzs and i want to remind
10:33 am
everyone that we have a toll- free number set up to collect tips from those in the community. so if anybody in the community as information about this incident or if you have video or photographs relevant to the incident, we ask you to please call 1- 800- call fbi. choose option seven. and i want to remind everyone that we have a number of mental will health resources available beyond those in the fairgrounds and college. anyone who is feeling anxious about this incident, again, i encourage you to seek counseling help. it is available. you can find a listing of resources on our press releases. so at this time, i will be willing to answer a couple of questions.
10:34 am
>> can you confirm the photograph of the shooter and give confirmation of that? >> no, i cannot. >> in the magnitude of weapons and ammunition and could one person -- is it nofrmal for a person to have that amount? >> in oregon, this is it a hunting state, and firearms are popular in most households, yes. [inaudible] >> what was the connection. >> that i do not know. that is part of the investigation that is ongoing. we don't have information on. that [inaudible] >> has there been any notes recovered and reports suggesting that perhaps the gunman gave someone a flash drive with information about -- >> again, we are in the middle of this investigation and any information pertaining to that would be irresponsible of me to
10:35 am
comment on at this time. >> [inaudible] >> i am sorry. yes, total of ten fatalities. that number hasn't changed. >> that includes the shooter? >> that includes the shooter. >> you are coming under attack yourself. how do youhe politicalization of this tragedy? >> i said numerous times already this morning, my focus right now is on getting this investigation completed and taking care of the victims and the families of the victims and now is not an appropriate time to talk about that. >> last question! last question. >> the shooter would make it easier for us to focus on the the victims if we know who they are. you must have notified the families. >> regarding the name of the
10:36 am
shooter. >> no, the victims, we have to know who they are. if you name some of them now? have you been able to identify them? >> i cannot. it is a mass casulty incident. there is protocols in place that notification be uthorrized by the oregon state office. and we hope those will come by the end of today. at this particular point in time, i am not able to answer that. >> no more questions. no more questions. >> short and informative news conference from the sheriff who is running the investigation along with federal partners. because of the mass casulty nature. we have michael here with us. two headlines coming from that. we know that 13 guns in possession of the the shooter and six at the school and seven
10:37 am
at home and all purchased legally and some purchased by the shooter and some are not. how does that change the investigation or impact it? >> it means that it is less likely that anybody is compliceit in this. was it a unique gun? they were run of the mill handguns and a rifle. it is indicative that he went through the process himself and no one picks up the fact that he has an issue. >> it shows that there may be holes in the process. >> we wondered how real these types of protections are. they haven't had a prior arrest record or mental will health issue they will get around the issues. >> it is one of those issues. and there is agreement on how that translates into action. michael, thank you for staying
10:38 am
with us, we appreciate it. jon? >> we'll have the latest on a breaking news story. the building explosion in florida. 34 people hurt in the luxury condominium on northern miami beach. sunny isles. nine are critical. we'll have that next.
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>> fox news alert out of florida. 39 people injured and nine critically. steve? >> reporter: jenna, they suspected a gas leak caused massive explosion in the roof of a luxury condo build nothing sunny isles, florida. right on the water. a luxury tower and they coast 3- $6 million. it is category level three mass kasmirumenty. nine of them are critically
10:42 am
injured and two of those is burn victims. what is complicating matters the elevators are not working. some people are trapped in the elevators and the explosion decimated the top of the building. that gas leak is capped and they are rescuing people outside to get them out. >> it is scary. we saw the live pictures moments ago, steve. thank you very much. >> we'll have more on the hurricane joaquin. >> yes, jon, moisture pulled from joaquin down in the bahamas. it is very heavy rainfall in the carolinas and eastern areas of the carolinas and for now western carolinas, i will show what is about to happen to you.
10:43 am
this storm is pummelling the bahamas. and category 4 storm sitting over one spot, it is bound to cause problems. it is out of here tonight and tomorrow morning. but the track stays offshore. that is good news and not expecting a direct landfall from the storm. that said, we'll have big impacts from this. this is what is joaquin. that disturbance right there will bring us a lot of moisture. we'll watch it pull out to see. but moisture will be pulled in from the disturbance and look at what happens in south carolina. you can see the forecast radar and see the attachment to it right there. that is all of that moisture and watch this. this is incredibly heavy rain that will fall in all weekend long in south carolina.
10:44 am
by the time it is all said and depu done. 12- 18 rainfall amounts. and this has had very heavy rape last week. we have seen incredible flooding pictures from charleston and mountain areas. 12 inches of rainfall, that water has to go somewhere. the ground is saturated and will cause flooding problem. we are dealing with a historic situation in south carolina and maybe north carolina and virginia. it is difficult to say where these line of storms are going to line up. but we know that somebody in here, a lot of people will get incredible rainfall that will cause many problems and areas of west virginia and virginia and north carolina and spots there that may be looking at those rainfall totals over the
10:45 am
weekend. up to the big cities from dc and philadelphia and new york and boston. that is a cut off. washington d.c. could see heavy rainfall and localized flooding. and the new york city area. things are going to be looking fine and maybe winds and certainly we are going to deal with rain from time to time. computer models here. we have a big spread and discounting these out in the western side of the picture here. i would give less than two percent chance. that verifies. that that is keeping it out to shore. that is good news. rainfall in the carolinas. and that will be our story all weekend long. one other thing to deal with is beach erosion. showing you this one more time. all of the blues here are winds that are 30- 50 miles per hour. you can get those kinds of winds and it is already windy and
10:46 am
rainy and seeing the beach erosion. cape cod and the islands and jersey shore and mid- atlantic. winds 30- 50 and major problems on the beaches. >> incredibly with the eye that far offshore and still having the problems. >> thanks. >> back to the oregon campus shooting. this is sparking discussion of how schools prepare for incidents like this. the former co-chair that advises schools on issues like this is here with us next. why do so many people choose aleve?
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> investigators saying they found six guns in the college. and seven more at the shooter's
10:50 am
home. the gunman asked students their religions before opening fire and targeting christians and telling them they were about to see god. and this is restarting discussions of how schools can prepare for incidents like this. bob strain is co-chair of the terrorism fantastic force. and ceo of the investigative management group. this school had done preparation after a high school shooting a couple of years before. and it sounds like that probably saved lives this time. >> even in connecticut with the other shootings, schools are getting better and better at prevention. it is not only policy in place but practicing that. and making sure the administration and faculty and students know what to do when there is an active shooter or any kind of crisis... it is it
10:51 am
an ongoing process. every second matters and you have to move quickly. >> one of those worst in memory was the columboin shooting. the authorities waited for the swat team. and experience since then in that incident and since then turned it on its head. first responders are usually running in the door. >> they are. it is unfortunate they learned so much from the incident. the sooner that you can have a police officer or armed individual to stop the intruder and stop the killer, the better. ten minutes is a long time. it took ten minutes for the police to get there. they were in the area. and if you have someone armed at the school to take them down right there it might be better. >> the school had one security guard unarmed and they had had
10:52 am
sdupgzs on whether to arm security guards and decided not to. i imagine that will change in the future. >> i hope so. there should not be a security guard without a weapon. if you are in uniform, sometimes they have badges and should have a weapon. this is what we do training in schools. we coordinate and make sure the security guards are trained by the local police and it is it a community and team effort. what you are trying to do is reduce the time from where you have an active shooter and those individuals that are attacked and where you can intercede and kill the active shooter. the quicker the better. better. >> bob, thank you. >> thanks john. it's the immediate y's job to show people half a world away what's happening. russian president vladmir putin has been interesting perspect e
10:53 am
perspective. moscow is tree to shape its own narrative. here are some headlines we found over the last 24/48 hours. russia must be prepared for falsification over actions in syria. russia has 100 chances of success in fight against islamic state. russ russia's operation in syria is changing the balance. it's interesting to see the headlines. they are definitely different than the ones we see in america. how effective are chose headlines in shaping the narrative? >> 100% chancesuccess. talk about not being fair and balanced. having state control of the media which putin does. it brings advantages you can shape the narrative. putin can buff his on image and put out propaganda as fact. i would argue that this iron
10:54 am
fist approach to the media has its limits in social media age. >> how do you think social media is changing things. they know that they not getting the whole story. when the internet came of age many people started to reach out. now on twitter they also have ways of finding out what the outside world is saying. right now there's a lot of criticism. i think that it's hard to put a bubble over an entire country now because of the reach of social media. >> quickly, do you think, of course we enjoy freedom of the press and free speech. is that put us at a disadvantage
10:55 am
internationally because people see that not everyone agree. >> in some ways, i think you could say that. i could see where presidents could be frustrated and say you're underlining the war effort of where war propaganda but i think it's a sign of strength, the health, the vitality of our democracy that we do debate these things openly. >> i agree. what's coming up on media buzz? >> we'll talk about the coverage of the oregon shootings and the 2016 campaign. i have an interview with rand paul who says the media might be a bit premature in writing his obituary. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back with more happening now. side effects. side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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one young man from maine traveling all the way to minnesota to rescue his dream dog from a shelter. only problem is he didn't have enough money for it to get home.
10:59 am
he remains hopeful. >> i have faith that we'll get there pretty soon. as long as we get some help. >> that faith is paying off. we hear he managed to secure transportation back to maine raising enough money for a plane ticket on his go fund me page. time now for our final 30. customs sergeants seized 115 live scorpians. officials they they were going to be sold on the internet. the man known as the king of tight rope walking walked across the china border. >> congrats to this alabama police officer. he's retiring after a 35 year career. he has never taken a single sick day. >> i don't know. that could be bad for the force. he came in with the flu or
11:00 am
something. maybe he never gets sick. >> congratulations, sir. thank you for joining us. >> have great day everybody. the real story with gretchen starts now. murdered for their faith. that's one of the possible motives police are looking at in yesterday's deadly shooting at an oregon college. this is the real story on that and much more today. nine people killed when the 26-year-old shooter opened fire. seven others injured. gunmen killed in a shoot out with police described by neighbors as a loner who appeared to spend time online, which we've heard a lot before or with his mother. the sheriff refusing to say his name. >> you will not hear anyone from this law enforcement operation use his name. i continue to believe that those media and community members who publicized his name will only glorify this horrific action. >> like that sheriff, we hear


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