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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 2, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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answer a question in one-tenth of the time of the president of the united states. not that there's a comparison. i only pointed out, because president did praise the pope. well the pope, it is what it is. we'll see. hello, i'm dr. greg forbes, along with kimberly guilfoyle. juan williams, eric bolling and our prom date with an electroel dana, "the five." president obama said the mass shootings seemed routine. it's true but what if we actually treated such crimes that way? routinely, not incidents that drown out world events. perhaps then we would no longer create an appealing path for a cop incat creeps. it's the contagion of infamy. shooters find inspiration in the
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press that previous shooters get. it's a fact, press that we offer in spades. the worst question is often the first -- who is the shooter? which powers an engine of attention that eggs on future atrocities. and loser sees he can garner fame unmet in prior obscurity. i'm with this guy. >> let me be very clear. i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. >> i continue to believe that those media and community members who publicize his name will only glorify his horrific actions. and eventually, this will only serve to inspire future shooters. >> we know this -- shooters are obsessed with previous shooters. which is why we must share some blame and separate losers from the limelight. treat this crime like teen
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suicide and deliberately downplay it to block its spread. at least that's a solution. not pointless passion. at a press conference. what did we do before cable? where we transfixed in an agitated state to news? >> no, we heard a bulletin on the radio, expressed grief and changed. now it's changed. we get 911 calls, eye witnesses, friends of eye witnesses, texts, tweets, friends, witnesses, summa summaries, we create feature length films around the actions of a fiend. we become the marquee for infamy. we spend hours on motive when let's be honest, we are the motive. kg, the sheriff has the right idea. don't say the creep's name. but i don't think it's far enough. i think we have have coupleability in the coverage that we offer nonstop. am i wrong? >> your usually wrong. maybe in this instance you're
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right. i think it's fair to do the examinations, to say what part of the responsibility do we bear in terms of glorifying a situation like this that encourages others to come forward and commit heinous acts of violence, taking innocent lives. i wish i never had to cover another one of these cases ever again, that no one had to. at the same time i feel that we have a responsibility to cover it. perhaps maybe not saying his name. but at what point are you not doing your job as a journalist by letting people know what's going on and highlighting the problems, because there are complexities that are presented on all end. >> it feels to me that a media has a vested interest in making this big, if you have a certain assumption politically about it. >> i think on both sides, think there's an agenda to be pursued. because people are so deeply invested in their opinion on one side of the issue or the other.
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but what struck me from your, your memo was that you know, he was fascinated with this kid who did the shooting in hollywood, i believe it was. >> so he is talking about that kid, he's talking about the mass murderer. in virginia. just recently committed that crime and he's talking about how that guy got attention. what you're saying is not speculative. it's a fact. >> a spree killer references another spree killer and they're always trying to beat the number. that's why -- at least this is a solution, eric we know these losers track each other. >> why not do -- my only issue with the whole thing, yes, there's a contagion of infamy. trying to outdo the last guy. bigger, better. i will end up dying for it that's something i'm willing to do. as a journalist, as someone who works at a news channel, our
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responsibility in my opinion is to bring the information forward. so other people can recognize some of the things, some of the attributes of this guy, what he was doing on social media. what he was doing in life. saying hey, you know that guy down the street, kind of reminds me of the mass killer in denver. or in oregon, maybe we should see something, say something. >> it never happens. >> we don't know. can i just -- dig one level deeper? what's causing these people besides the desire for infamy? are they becoming more and more, a loner, go on social media see a perfect selfie. see what a great life those people are having. i don't have that, i can't get in that. they get more disaffected and more angry. now i know there are people who are mentally ill. there's chemical imbalances going on. i'm not talking about those. i'm talking about the feel who feel like they're outsiders, the social media. who exacerbate that problem.
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who say i'm never getting in that club. i see what a great time they're getting in that club. i want to screw that club up. i want to kill people. >> oar saying a lone wolf type, right? >> the social media makes someone who is unstable even further destabilized. and you think about this a lot, maybe. >> but you could argue that social media alleviates hostility. for example, might be less likely to go on the street and yell and dana when i would rather go on twitter and call her names. so that would -- this is true. >> it's an outlet. >> if you have an outlet on line that can reduce the hostility in reality. because we actually are seeing declines overall in violence, could that be part of it? who knowns, dana, hypothesizing is what i'm doing at this point. >> you want me to do the same? >> i would like to see your perspective before we move on to the president. >> i would like to compliment the sheriff, his first reaction was to say let's not give him the recognition and the fame
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that he wanted. and today when he did the follow-up press conference. he said he believed the coroner would be releasing the name of the individual later today. but you will not hear his name uttered by anybody here in my police department. i thought that was strong. >> it would be a great trend you will not hear his name as a movement. that would be something that everybody just says, you will not hear his name. >> we did hear from president obama last night. he said it's okay to politicize these events, because it may be the only time you can actually say anything. roll it. >> what's also routine is that somebody, somewhere, will comment and say obama politicized this issue. this is something we should politicize. i would ask news organizations, because i won't put these facts forward. have news organizations tally up the number of mempb who is have been killed through terrorist attacks over the last decade,
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and the number of americans who have been killed by gun violence. and post those side by side on your news reports. this won't be information coming from me, it will be coming from you. >> so kimberly, he's giving the okay, i'm assuming for everybody now, to politicize it. so he did it with those things and another guy can come by and say actually the facts show that there have been no rise in mass killings and where there are gun permits, there's less crime. do you think he's actually saying that? that it's okay for you to politicize it? >> he's saying it's okay as the president of the united states and he's going to choose when and how to address this issue. it's something very consistent with his personal ideology and his core beliefs. he wants to do something about gun violence. his belief and his path is different from others. we also have a responsibility to bring up the facts about soft targets. gun-free zone. put up those numbers as well, mr. president. to show people that have been
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victimized and gunned down because they simply were sitting ducks. >> if had you said that immediately, someone would accuse you of politicizing it. >> but i waited for -- >> does politicizing mean lie about it? because that's what president obama did right there. he said we need to compare terror versus gun violence. that's not what this is about. you want to do a comparison, president obama, do terror against mass shootings. if you do the number of people killed in terror attacks, we know 3,000 happened in one day. and mass shooting is what, five to seven, ballpark or so and it happens what, every couple of weeks or so? no question the terror outweighs the mass shooting. it's unfair to say all gun violence. you want to point at gun violence, can you compare gun violence to mass shootings and say gun violence includes cities like chicago or cities like baltimore where there are elevated number of murders and deaths at the other end of a gun versus other cities and find out what the reason that is the
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case. i couldn't think more alike with president obama on any issue than this issue. i mean, i feel passionately about this. because i -- >> passion is not enough. >> let me say, you said politicize, right? >> right. >> why would the president politicize it? >> i know why he's doing it. >> i think, i think that the nra has politicized this all along and they've done it so successfully and they have driven it as a wedge issue in our society. so we can't have even an honest discussion because usa, oh, 3,000 killed on one day by terrorism. but eric we have a rolling scene of terror across the country from gun violence. >> that's not true. if you look at the definition of mass killings, at least four killed. according to the congressional research service, there are on average 20 incidents annually and the increase is negligible. so 20, you're saying 20 mass murders -- >> what does the president say, compared to any other
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industrialized western nation, and we are at the bottom of the barrel. >> but whenever they institute more gun laws, the murder rate goes up. >> the problem of the president saying it's okay to politicize is that we end up having this discussion. >> exactly. >> so he has the power -- and i think it would have been powerful for the president to say -- all right. i'm not coming out here in anger, i'm telling you tomorrow morning, i want the head of the nra and the head of the mental health organization in my office, 8:00 a.m. breakfast, we're going to talk this through. >> does it have to be that early. >> that's a solution. >> him saying it's okay to politicize, i don't think that was the word he meant to use. i really don't. i think it was a mistake. >> the thing is, there were no solutions, he was venting, he was passionate about offering anything practical. that would be practical. people -- >> i'm persuadable. if they were able it show me that an actual policy position or new legislation would prevent these types of mass shootings, i
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would love to hear that. >> he knows that there isn't a policy decision that he can implement at that level, that's going to -- >> at least we could have background checks. >> we have background checks. >> we do not have universal background checks. >> but all the guns found in this scenario, by the atf, they said they were legally obtained. >> i'm just saying -- >> maybe the background checks need to be changed. but there are background checks. >> coming up, the military's frustration with the president over russia's air strikes in syria may be reaching a boiling point. retired military officials are fuming. will obama listen? you owned your car for four years. you named it brad.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. russia stepping up air strikes in syria. the pentagon is weighing the use of force to protect u.s.-trained rebels trargted by the russians. and a coalition of countries, including france, germany and
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the u.s. is calling on russia to immediately stop attacking the syrian opposition. and focus on fighting isis. the seemingly flat-footed response by the obama administration has many u.s. military leaders frustrated with the president's handling of the situation. here are retired army colonel jack jacobs and retired four-star army general jack keen. >> the most outrageous thing imaginable was the secretary of defense publicly saying yesterday, his criticism of putin was, that putin was not professional. that the way that russia was doing it has not professional. the worst thing that you can say about somebody is that he's not jgenteel in waging war and making you look like a dummy, then you've got nothing to say. >> the conciliatory attitude we have i think has got to stop. >> we should be telling the russians, we are here to defeat isis, we going to fly where we
2:18 pm
want, when we want and do what we want. and you should step out of our way. >> moments ago, president obama sought to assure americans that he is in control of the situation. >> i said to mr. putin that i would be prepared to work with him if he is willing to broker with his partners, mr. assad and iran, a political transition. mr. put-to go into syria. not out of strength, but out of weakness. because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. >> i thought he was talking about bad guys, right? it sounds like some kind of wutherring heights novel. the way he refers to mr. assad, mr. putin, heathcliff. this isn't wutherring heights,
2:19 pm
it's the middle east where we have been compromised. >> the president tends to go on for a long time when answering questions, at a press conference. he said wait, what was the question again. the question is, what are we doing? what's happening and i think, i don't think his answer was as reassuring to the americans as they would like. but i understand also that having gotten themselves into this position, they don't have a lot of room. i think one thing to watch over the weekend was any action by turkey. turkey is now also fighting against assad. but they're fighting assad along with us. they're a nato partner. russia is now saying that they're going to prop up assad. they're attacking our people and the free syrian army. this is a very dangerous situation. i would imagine that one of the things that russia is making sure they do not want to do is get into sort of a tangle with turkey that puts all of the nato countries in a very difficult position. >> how do we manage this? >> a lot of competing interests there. but the u.s. needs to be decisive. and have a strong voice and we haven't seen that yet from the
2:20 pm
president. >> i don't even know what the president is supposed to do. is he supposed to bomb syria, assad? is he supposed to bomb isis, is he supposed to bomb both? until they work out, honestly, we do a lot, we spend a lot of time talking about this. i'm not sure who is on our side and who's not on our side any more. clearly assad is not on our side. but i'm not sure the free syrian army, if they're all united in not in cahoots with some syrian groups we know some of them have, some isis groups, we know some have left to join isis. who do you support? one group versus another, it's so scary. you shore up iraq and push isis back into sir yayrisyria. don't hit a russian fly base because that will cause a lot of problems. >> it sounds a lot like what the president said in the press conference. the president said it's a very
2:21 pm
complicated issue. we have obviously a difficult decision to make. i don't see any great alternatives coming from any other source. and he went on to say that when people have this kind of imagination about russia that was the question he was asking, kimberly, he said oh, putin play you for a sucker, basically. and his response was hey, let's look at whose economy is struggling. let's look at who is acting out of weakness by going into syria. >> that's a line he uses -- >> juan, do you really believe that? this is a lie. josh, well their economy sucks, you made us look like idiots in the middle east. but you got no money. what? that is the worst response, i would rather them zip it than say something that ridiculous. >> given what's going on now, they missed the opportunity to give russia a no fly order. they didn't do that, they missed that. that's the mistake. >> who created this mess? who created the mess?
2:22 pm
>> now you have to let this thing play out. now you're playing with another superpower with a lot of allies. >> they let it play out and they redlined it and they equivocated. now look. >> that's water under the bridge. going forward what do you do? >> the terror house that they built. >> you got to get rid of kerry. he's all helmet and no bike. and you're looking at, how did this happen, how did this happen? you first had to deal with iran. who is iran? pals with? russia. who is russia pals with? syria. so basically when we told everybody that isis was the jv team, we are the jv team and jv stands for jarrett, valerie. it's all under her umbrella. it goes back to iran, from iran to russia to syria, valerie jarrett runs this game. >> we agree right now. it's become, because of obama, the reason why is because they didn't fix this early.
2:23 pm
-- >> no, juan is shaking his head yes. >> no, no. >> too dangerous. >> the know what president obama could do to show strength against putin? arm the ukrainians. >> i heard you last night from killmy. he said romney was right, russia is the biggest threat and now romney is thinking of getting into the race. >> that's all we need. >> you're saying this administration was caught flat-footed. as a member of the flat-footed nation, i'm tired of being smeared by the white house. i'm also web-footed. >> you have a lot of problems, web md can address your problems. >> directly ahead. the fbi reveals new details about the clinton email scandal. was hillary's secret server hacked by others? . then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. moments ago douglas county
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sheriff john hanlin readed names of the nine victims for the first time. here are his emotional words. the victims are, lucero alkarez of roseburg. 19 years old. quinn glen cooper, of roseburg, 18 years old. kim saltmarsh deitz of roseburg, 59 years old. lucas eibol of roseburg, 18 years old. jason dale johnson of winston, 33 years old. lawrence levine of glide, 67 years old. m mr. levine was the teacher. serena dawn moore of turtle creek, 44 years old.
2:29 pm
trevon taylor anpatt of southerland, 20 years old and rebecca anne carnes of myrtle creek, 18 years old. >> those are the names of the nine victims from the shooting yesterday. the sheriff would not name the shooter. but that's an emotional moment for us to finally learn the names and ages of the people who were shot. >> it's the most powerful part. you hear, it's just kills you. emotionally. >> several of the people were only 18 years old. colleges have become your community college, it's called that for a reason. i think it becomes where all your hopes and dreams are being sewn together for the future. i think that's one of the hardest things when it happens at a school. >> when you have people from all different walks of life and ages, some starting out in life trying to hope for a new career. others coming back to try to
2:30 pm
broaden their life, horizons and finish their education that they had started years ago, now that they have the opportunity. it was kind of a melting pot. reflective of our society. it's so important that we take this time and break it into the show to honor those who have fallen, to give respect to their families that are suffering so greatly. give their names, show their faces, think about them for a moment while you watch. not about that guy and what he did. >> what a shocking moment it must have been, eric for families to hear that the words that their loved ones didn't make it. >> i have a son going to college in a year. you think, you send your kid off to school, he goes there with all the hopes and dreams, bigger than life and one day some crazy person walks in and snuffs out nine other people's lives. the other strange thing, roseburg, oregon, 1959, there was a truck filled with explosives, pulled up next to a building, blew it up, killed i think 19 people or so, and then the hero, the american hero who
2:31 pm
stopped the terrorist attack in the paris train, one of them was enrolled at one point in this college as well. you know, you don't know what inspires a sick person to do something. is it something to do with that? we have to find out motives down the road, it's sad for that community. i think what, when juan, when we talk about not wanting to politicize, i think this is one of those moments where you take a step back from politics and focus on that. >> there's no politics to i don't know what the politics or the political affiliation are of the people who died. it doesn't matter at this point. what struck me from listening to the sheriff, two things. one, a community college has more older people than a normal four-year school. you heard a number of people not in their 20s, but in their 40rs and a professor in his 60s. i believe it was a debate class. i don't know if the shooter had been in that class. and the second thing is the
2:32 pm
sheriff. the sheriff is a guy who is opposed to gun control. and wrote a letter to vice president biden saying we don't want that around here. that is a rural community. guns are part of the culture and the place. i don't know how he deals with that at this moment. >> i think it is remarkable how poised with the crisis. i think the sheriff has been remarkable and we can follow his lead. up next, mayor bill de blasio is under fire for alleged injustice in new york city schools. details on the racially charged classroom controversy next. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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2:37 pm
boards. take a look. >> because he lives in a wealthy neighborhood this 6-year-old will attend a good school. because he lives in a poor neighborhood, this 6-year-old will be forced into a failing school. so he'll likely go on to college. but he'll likely never make it there. we are one new york. divided by two public school systems. mayor de blasio, stop forcing kids into failing schools. half a million children need new schools now. >> i tell you, that's a powerful ad. but guess what, some people are saying it's racist. in fact you know, bertha lewis, who used to be with acorn, racist she says because it calls to account the teachers' union. i'm going to go around the table and say is that a racist ad to you. >> you lost me when you said acorn. the credibility is out the door. do you have a better person saying that? >> i'm going to tell you, i can imagine there are people, i know
2:38 pm
the arny dunk -- everyone rne duncan, education secretary who is resigning. he supported scharters, put more money into charters recently, but it's not popular with the democratic rank and file. >> that ad is not racist. just stating facts. >> the vast majority. there is a bifurcation in schools. not just in new york, but across the country. why not fix it? how much money does the department of education have to spend? can't pay final sum of it? >> listen. >> away from the common core and into things like school choice? >> but you see, this is so crazy. but -- >> de blasio tried to close charter schools. >> this a rally and they had 15,000 people. people really want it. >> the biggest rally during the mayor's election.
2:39 pm
in that run-up to that race. was, down in brooklyn and it was actually mostly african-american families who showed up that said we want charter schools. so i think the ad is effective and it's a hit dog hollers. when the mayor complains -- >> dana perino. >> it's an old-fashioned western saying. >> we don't encourage this at home. >> it's interesting the thing about leftist. when the child is in the womb, they're pro choice, and once it's born, there's no choice. they don't want you to live and they don't want you to learn. the reason why a good idea is frightening is because it threatens your power base. and nothing scares the liberal more than being exposed as unnecessary. and they've always talked about how open-minded they are, until there's an idea that threatens their status quo, then they shut down. >> i don't understand how if the status quo is you condemn a child to go to a failing school,
2:40 pm
right, you hear all this talk about the cradle-to-prison pipeline, right? >> right. >> if you have the opportunity to break it, why wouldn't you say, we're going to do everything, we're going to experiment, we're going to have charter schools, magnet schools? >> gay marriage and pot legalization, but not school choice, because it's power. >> why is it? >> the teachers' union. you offer school choice, you offer charter schools, you point the finger at schools and teachers and administrations that aren't performing and the union doesn't like that they want all of them to make sure they get paid the right level. >> well they say that most kids of course aren't in charter schools, and you don't want to relegate the rest of the kids to some dump that you say we don't care about. but that's not the issue and believe me, if you can save some children, save them now. ten years from now, that kid is maybe beyond saving. >> that's what the ad says, he
2:41 pm
probably won't even get to college. >> they're saying step up, de blasio, hello, what have you done for us or children ever in this city? >> what would you say to a teacher who says i feel threatened by all this? >> become a better teacher. >> don't suck at your job. >> go work in a charter school. >> maybe you're not good enough. >> directly ahead. hilary returns to "saturday night live," surprising twitter news. and eric is going to love this. sorority selfie time at the ballpark, all next. for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time. but you can quiet the ringing with lipo-flavonoid, the number-one doctor-recommended brand.
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relieve the ringing with lipo-flavonoid.
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welcome back. time for -- the fastest seven minutes on television. three awesome stories. seven minutes. remember this "saturday night live" skit from 2008. >> thank you for coming, i love your outfit. >> love your outfit. >> why, thank you. >> i do want the earrings back. >> oh. [ laughter ] . . >> do i really laugh like that? >> well fast forward seven years to the season premiere of "snl"
2:46 pm
41, hillary clinton is scheduled to appear this weekend. the latest in high-stakes appearance in her current push to show her funny personable side. she'll be assisted by a truly funny female. kate mckinnon. >> action. >> citizens, you will elect me, i will be your leader. >> don't worry, we'll just delete that one off your phone. we know a thing or two about that, right? >> kg, hillary returns. >> that's very funny. i love it when they do the hillary clinton you know impersonation. golden gate to say that's the one, okay, one reason to vote for her. >> you like the sarah palin one, too? >> i think she does a nice job. >> when hillary shows up for her appearance they're bringing in the very best puppeters, so she doesn't appear stiff. >> you have the pez? >> i didn't bring it. >> did you like amy pole centre.
2:47 pm
>> i like her a lot and i loved her book. >> i -- think this is smart for hillary clinton. i don't know how much it actually gets her. think she's in trouble. i think biden's people, check out the story in "the wall street journal" today, posted this afternoon. donors in the democratic party quietly leaving hillary's camp. waiting to see if biden gets in. >> what about "snl," they're giving her a little boost. the happy, heartful and funny hillary. >> jeb bush was the first guest on colbert, right? i thought it was good. i was surprised that bush did that. because i think it's a risk involved. but he came out terrific. i imagine hillary gets a little boost out of this. let me just tell you. i think there's pressure on "snl" to show that they're not biased. so imagine that they do -- eric, let's put together a skit right here. imagine hillary trying to handle her email and screwing it up. now does that help or hurt her? >> i don't think they'll do
2:48 pm
that. think they'll do something else, i think they'll find another way. >> think they'll find a way to make fun of us for focusing on hillary clinton. >> you look at how they handle the donald trump skit. omg, wth, twitter may get longer now, a new report by re/code says twitter may be planning to increase the 140-character limit. twitter long will be keeping the character limit, but soon the long links, twitter handles and hash tags like #wakeupamerica won't count any more. >> i like 140 characters because i like the quick, pithy responses. like how it makes you focus on getting the best word, tight language. i love it. i would not go for the longer. i think that the your twitter handle name, if that doesn't count, that's good. >> i think hash tags have to count. you're flooded with hash tags that are so stupid.
2:49 pm
the worst thing about twit certificate political commentary that isn't necessary. you'll be tweeting, wow it's really cold outside. and someone will tweet, just like obama's heart. no, twitter is not for that leave that out of it. it's supposed to be pointless. >> it's for dog pictures. >> i think it's great because it's 140 characters. it's to me defeating the whole idea. >> sometimes these links are 100 characters themselves. >> they have to meet the demands of the market. this is what the people want. listen, #listen. >> spoken like a true capitalist. >> you guys love twitter. >> they say america's youth are our future. keep that in mind when you watch this clip possibly the funniest thing you're going to see all week. sorority girls at a ball game cheering on the diamondbacks? no. watching the game? no. finding every possible angle for that perfect selfie.
2:50 pm
watch. >> hold on, take a selfie with a hot dog. selfie with the churro. selfie of a selfie. one more, now. >> better angle. >> check it, did that come out okay? >> that's the best one of the 300 pictures i've taken of myself today. >> every girl in the screen is locked into her phone. welcome to parenting in 2015. they're all completely transfixed by the technology. >> juan, that's great stuff. >> that was good. >> you know this reminds me of once in the new york knicks game here in new york city. walt frasier the announcer, he's sitting there, a ball goes flying out of bounds and it hits a woman in the front row in the head and brady says, she should have been watching the game. in fact they -- they keep going back to the girls, ball one, they go back to the girls, ball two, the next pitch, the batter hit a line drive up the middle
2:51 pm
and they stayed on the girls, they never saw the play. >> this is actual lay little snapshot, a selfie of social media today this is the reality. this is what's happening. people are constantly doing this. they run it through five different filters and they tan themselves. but yes, this is what's happening out there. honest to god. i'm happy they're at the game. >> i would much rather have that sitting behind me than a drunk eagles fan urinating on my head which has happened. >> this is an improvement. this is an improvement. my head does look like a toilet. >> don't we have the failed pucker picture? do you have that one? >> can i tell you something, eric, if you're a sorority girl and you buy a ticket to the diamondbacks game. you don't go to watch the game, you go to hang out with your friends and see the boys. >> they're not hanging out with dudes, they're not getting nothing. >> where's the pucker picture. do we have it? there it is. >> yeah, that's original. >> wait, you know what those girls are going to do?
2:52 pm
they're going to sue the announcers for mocking them. >> we have a very special thing coming up next.
2:53 pm
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does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. time for one more thing. kimberly? >> thank you. new york city's finest showed up today to pay respect to one of the greatest detectives in nypd
2:56 pm
history. joseph coffey, he was laid to rest at st. monica's roman catholic church in a service led by father peter colaieptro. coffey had a 140 iq, the bad guys were no match for him. the black panthers. taking the confession and putting away the son of sam killer, david berkowitz. and john gotti? paul costelano. he danced with nancy reagan one night when assigned to guard her. big joe was an incredible family man with an amazing three children and six wonderful grandchildren. and his son, joe, is a great gd father to my son ronan on behalf of myself, ronan and his father eric, the guilfoyle and valencia
2:57 pm
family, we love you and we miss you dearly, god bless you big joe. you were world-class. >> well done. >> juan? >> well so here's a little bit of great news. tim tebow surprised a young fan who is suffering from cancer at a hospital in jacksonville, florida. 13-year-old nathaniel nelson, a huge gator fan, broke into tears just at seeing tebow. listen to this -- >> i've heard so much about you. you probably had like 15 people contact me and tell me about you and how awesome you are and how so many people are praying for you and i said, i just have to come see him. >> wow, thank you for visiting me. >> of course, it's my pleasure. >> talk about tim tebow being a class act, that's wonderful. >> all right, eric. >> good man, good man right there. and pray for that young man as well. tomorrow, i plan to sit down and spend a full 30 minutes on cashing in with the gop front-runner, donald trump.
2:58 pm
i want to ask him about the oregon shootings, should you be politicizing tragedies. do a little foreign policy with syria and iraq. whether or not president putin is big-footing the united states. some domestic policy, i plan to ask him about his tax plan. i want a few things cleared up and then his personal life. i want to ask him what it's like to be on the campaign and how does he keep the energy up. and what does he do to do that. i think it's very interesting. 11:30 tomorrow morning, cashing in. i took a trip to nashville with my husband, we went with our 17th wedding anniversary. i got to meet dierks bentley and his dog. we were at the opry. we got to go backstage. it's the 90th anniversary of the grand ole opry. it's a piece of americana, if you haven't visited, you should. i plan to go back. jasper was a little annoyed that
2:59 pm
i got to meet jake bentley and sent a little picture my way. but he forgave me when i got home. >> grandole opry. >> two dog pictures? i think you cheated america. >> i can make up for it next week. >> one minute left. >> sunday, 10:00 p.m. watch. first, greg's halloween tips. halloween is just 27 days away. i want to warn you, when you're picking out a costume. you got to make sure it's loose-fitting. last year mine was too tight. made it very hard for me to move around. as you can see by this footage. i was moving quite slowly. and also the helmet, i forgot to put eyehoes and the great thing about it is i tracked it quite a crowd as i ventured out into the woods. but anyway, actually if anybody is wondering, this leopard got tranquilized and the helmet got removed. he is moving to vermont and owns a bed and breakfast.
3:00 pm
>> is he making jam in vermont? >> who doesn't make jam in vermont. >> i love vermont. >> who doesn't love vermont? >> bernie sanders loves vermont. >> we'll be back on monday. president obama doubles down on calls for new gun control legislation in the wake of the oregon campus massacre. this, is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. president obama is putting the blame for mass shootings like the one that took nine lives yesterday in oregon squarely at the feet of congress with a strong emphasis on republicans. his comments come as we learn more about the young man who pulled the trigger. we have fox team coverage. kevin corke at the white house from the president's comment from an afternoon news conference. we begin with dan springer in roseburg, oregon tonight.


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