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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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if you can't watch live dvr "on the record." you never want to miss "on the record." nobody does. watch it 11:00 at night. any time. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> all i could focus is on please don't care me i have a family. they were christian. they were shot in the head. but if they stated other or didn't answer, this were shot in the leg. >> the day after nine young americans were shot dead by you a deranged gunman, a pro file of the killer is emerging. and it's the same old story. a young man very troubled. talking points will analyze. >> polls have you down fifth or sixth in single digits. a guy like you should be higher. >> jeb bush enters the no spin zone. and is provocative in his assessment of the republican field there is a a point past you just can't keep saying people are idiots. >> governor bush ahead.
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>> also tonight, jesse watters with the naked women in new york's times square. >> what does your family think about all this stuff? >> some of them think it's terrible and some of them get it. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ huh i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. portrait of a kill are that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the factor will not name the 26-year-old man who killed nine young americans in oregon yesterday and wounding seven others. we respect this point of view. >> you will never harr hear me mention his name. we would encourage the media to it avoid using it we encourage you to not repeat it. we encourage you not to
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glorify and create sensationism for him. >> sheriff hand loan -- hanlin is correct. another mass murderer shot dead by police fits the same pattern as so manies or. young man was a momma's boy. sharing a one bedroom apartment with his mother. was a loner. he liked guns. liked nazi memorabilia. he admired previous killers. he despised organized religion. had no criminal record that would know about. he attended a school in los angeles for special needs children. he was obviously disturbed. there are millions of people all over the world that fit that profile. the oregon guy is similar to the maniac who shot down nine people in the charleston, south carolina church and the killer in new town, connecticut. what happens is these mall adjusted people want to kill themselves. instead of just doing that they take innocent people with them because they have no respect for human life and no feelings for anyone but themselves.
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now, last night i told you two things. that all the gun control laws in the world will not stop maniacs from committing murder. and that as the world becomes more something could you larr, civilized restraints to bad behavior drop. if you believe in nothing, anything goes. it seems the oregon killer was targeting christians. that doesn't surprise me. there is an intense battle between good and evil on this earth right now. and good people are becoming targets. summing up, another mentally unstable person commits mass murder but it was really asuicide play. that's the memo. we have two reports on the oregon situation tonight. beginning with the president of the united states blaming guns for the continuing carnage. with us now, jonathan guilliams, former navy seal and fbi agent. you heard president obama say that last night. how did you react? >> well, i think it's the same argument every time. it's it the psalm political are the rick that offers no effective solutions. and i think that's the thing that we can really
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concentrate on here. we don't have to say the name of the shooter. i understand that but the name we can say is barack obama. he has no effective plans. no effective policies to combat any of this stuff. it's just extremist talk. >> well, he would like to have very strict gun control laws. okay. i mean, that's a policy. >> it's not effective though. >> you know, they banned guns in australia, then they walked that back a little bit. they point to that as a victory in gun control. there is no doubt this guy had 13 guns. 13. most bought legally. you think some were given to him. and i'm taking the devil's advocate because if you saw me last night i rebutted the president's remarks you i think pretty effectively by pointing to chicago illinois which have unbelievably strict gun control laws and holocaust there with gun murders. anyway. i'm going to tell you, 13 guns and this is obviously
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an unstable individual. is there anything that can stop that man from getting 13 guns? >> well, i don't know. i mean. see, when you do have gun laws. and we do have the constitutional right to have these guns. you are always going to have these types of issues. stopping somebody from something having the guns is going to be a duff thing and should not be done because it's the constitutional right for everybody to have these. how we screen particular individuals and what we do loading up to the point where somebody buys a gun, those are effective things that we can target. and what i mean by that is, we have two problems in this country. we have an extremism problem which has been responsible for some shootings and we have a mental health issue, that is also a lot of these people are responsible for these things. we have no effective policies from politicians. but what we do have is every time something like this happens, people say this guy was odd. we knew about this guy. the police knew of him. that happens quite often. even inside mosques when we
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deal with extremism. the reason i'm looping these two things in together is that people see these things. they see these odd behaviors. they have no way to communicate this with authorities and authorities have no way of ranking it. >> but the authority can't do anything anyway because of the aclu. you can't just pick someone off the street for being odd. >>s that true but you can look at these people when they have this type of odd behavior. a lot of times these things are reported to law enforcement let's it go because there is nothing they can do. >> and they don't want to get their hands dirty and be sued. remember, if you ever taken in for evaluation, you can sue the aclu will pick up your case right away. look, i don't want to do it but in this case,in oregon, the guy lived with his mother. and his mother wasn't going to turn him in. >> right. >> bagh by all accounts the mother was unprotective of the guy. you know, and so, even if you put in tougher mental health laws where you could observe people who a judge ruled was acting crazy this
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guy wouldn't have qualified for it, because his mother was protecting him. same thing in new town connecticut. you remember. the mother -- look, this mom in a one bedroom apartment had to know he had 13 guns. >> it's no different than the wife up in boston with the tsarnaev brothers. i don't care what anybody says. i know that woman had to know. >> of course she knew. >> what i'm getting at here is that probable cause to go get a warrant to look at somebody has to be -- look, all these special interest groups that we are talking about on the left have attorneys. they take this stuff to court. the route needs to start taking these things to court to get policies changed so they can at least look at people. the other thing is, almost all these cases whether it be terrorism or are a deranged person like in oregon, gun free zones are a policy that is ineffective. again, policies, they did not in oregon, at that college, they did not have to have a gun free zone because the state of oregon allows people to carry. >> but the gun free zone
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is -- because the criminal is not going to respect it. >> that's correct. the. >> the big mistake at that community college was they didn't have any armed guards. none. >> that's where i think lawsuits can come in. because people can now say look, if you are not going to allow us to carry a within, then you have to provide security. if you don't provide security and this happens, we are suing. >> that's negligence. >> that's correct. >> all right. mr. gill i didn't mean, we appreciate you coming in. thank you. >> you got it. >> 18-year-old fighting for her life after being shot in the back. and 30-year-old chris mince. army vet. he charged the shooter. he was shot seven times but survived. we will have these two personal stories. then later, fascinating interview with jeb bush. wait until you see this. the factor is coming right back.
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30-year-old chris was in class in umpqua college when the shooting broke out. the arm vet charged the gunman and shot seven times for his trouble. joining us now on the phone wanda mince chris' aunt who spoke to him briefly today as recovers in the hospital. how far is he, ms. mince. >> he sounded very weak and he was in a lot of pain and he wanted to speak to his -- >> i understand you spoke to his girlfriend who did get the story from his himself. can you relate that story to us? >> well, chris is in class and hears what he knows is gunshot. and he tries to calm people down and goes for the door. with, he comes face to face with the gunman. shoots chris three times. chris hits the ground, and chris says today is my son's birthday. please don't do this. shot him multiple times. chris tried to call away.
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tried to move but he couldn't move. and that's about all chris remembers. >> okay. so was brave, what did he do in the army, mrs. mintz, do you know? >> was infantryman, and the army was very good to chris. and i was very proud of him. >> was deployed overseas? >> no, sir. was not. he was at fort lewis. >> goes and confronts the gun p gunman and the gunman shoots him but is he still conscious enough to say, listen, it's my son's birthday. >> yes. >> this was yesterday? >> yes. >> please don't kill me and his son is, what? six years old? >> yes, sir. >> okay. so the gunman doesn't care and continues to shoot him. now, he has got seven rounds in his body, it's rick columbus that he even survived is, it not? >> it's a miracle and did not hit a vital oregon. he was in surgery seven hours yesterday and eventually he will have to have more surgery. but he is a walking miracle. but he is young and strong and he took good care of
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himself. >> well, he sounds like a very courageous man, all our prayers are with him. >> thank you, sir. >> you know, this is so sad and so tragic but you must be very proud of chris. >> he we are very proud of him but he said i just want'ed to do the right thing has been raised like that we are proud of him and we appreciate all the prayers and all the good wishes, sir. >> if there is anything we can do for the family, including the little boy, the 6-year-old you let us know mrs. mintz. >> thank you, sir. thank you. >> second personal story joining us on the phone from roseburg, oregon, janet willis whose granddaughter 18-year-old anna boylen was shot in the back. how is she tonight, mrs. willis? >> i received a call this morning saying that she had some sleep last night. they have been finished the surgery. the surgery, they believe, was successful. they were very worried because they didn't know because it went down her spine and into the lodged in the bottom area of her spine. they were worried about that.
5:15 pm
it looks like the surgery was successful. but she is pretty tired and pretty distraught about all the things that went on. >> now, she wases in class at the time of the shooting? >> yes. most of the shooting was in one english class. and i think -- i think maybe all of it was. but i'm not certain of that and i don't know if she was shot first, she had only one shot and it went down her spine as i said right along the edge of it. >> there is no sign of paralysis now? she is going to be okay? >> they think she will be okay. she is out of surgery. it takes a while to find out. >> sure. they believe that they were successful. and i think they have her condition was soarous. she was life flighted about 100 miles north of us to the hospital up there. >>s that good hospital. we talked to them last night and that's a very very good hospital. she is in good hands. what kind of a girl is anna?
5:16 pm
>> she is a typical teenager. an 18-year-old. living life and trying to have a good time just starting college. she is a person who is a fighter? you see, a lot of has to do with will on this. >>y, it was will. i have to say in this was definitely god was with her because she had -- when she went down, the gunman called to her friend who was on the floor to and said is she still with us? is that blonde girl still with us? and her friend knew she was but said she wasn't. so he thought she was dead and didn't shoot her again. >> and what happened it the friend? >> and the friend, the friend lived through it it and i'm not exactly sure what status she is in or if she was shot again or not.
5:17 pm
i don't -- we haven't been able to get information yet. >> okay. mrs. willis, you never have to be hesitant about mentioning god on this program. >> i know. because all of our prayers are with you and your family and anna. and, you know, we are with you. we believe that, you know, someone surviving something like that certainly god is with them. and -- >> -- we are so with the people that o-whose children did not survive. >> that's right. and these tragedies can never be explained but they are part of the human condition, mrs. willis, please give us obest to anna and we appreciate you coming on the factor tonight. >> thank you very much. >> okay. directly ahead, jeb bush, why is his campaign having so much trouble? i put that question to him. and, later, watters confronting the naked ladies at times square. up ahead. 3 minutes, 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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yesterday, i spoke with governor bush here in new york city mr. gorve i want to talk to you today. i want to open with this. were you surprised that the campaign this time around opened with this populist anger, these people are really furious on the republican side about president obama and his policies. to the extent that outsiders, not seasoned politicians like yourself. now dominating in the poll. >> i think the an are toward president obama is legitimate but i think it's also an an are against d.c. my challenge is to share the jeb story. talk about my record of accomplishment, who you am and give people a sense that i can disrupt washington the
5:22 pm
way i disrupted tallahassee. >> however, your bush name is attached to the establishment no way to overcome it. you are going to have to convince the voters that you have a better vision. >> yep. >> so far and i'm saying this with all do you respect because i have said many times on this program that you did an excellent job in florida overall. have you been flat. you haven't shown the passion and the anger and outrage that the voters are feeling. therefore you are missing connecting with them am i wrong. >> you are wrong in the sense that i'm not angry we are on the verge of the greatest time to be alive. i'm not angry. i'm passionate about fixing the things that are broken. i tell the story as governor of florida where we balance budgets 8 years. led the nation in job growth 7 out of 8 years fetion frift school. third was florida. greatest learning gains in the nation were in florida.
5:23 pm
we reduced workforce by 11%. i took on the government unions and would won you you can see how they relate though that skill mattering. >> all the things that you say are true but kasich has the same story in ohio. christie has a fairly good story in new jersey although there is a tax problem there but the voters want you yourself to be as angry as you are and you are not. see, i'm angry. i'm angry. i don't want to see baby body parts cut and sold. i'm angry that an alien convicted felon could be deported five times and come back and shoot a woman in the head. >> i support the law that you you have referred to. >> i'm angry. so, viewers connect with me do we just want to stay angry or fix it? that's the difference you
5:24 pm
won't get the chance to connecticut it. >> we will see. >> unless you connect with the voter. polls have you down fuft or sixth in sints. a guy with the recognition you have should be higher. >> i'm convinced when people see my record and see my passion and conviction for fixing these things that broken. they will support someone who can sit behind the big desk and handle these things. the part you last brought up is the foreign policy stuff. we have donald trump. is he an outsider. maybe today changed his mind but he is supportive of putin's involvement in syria for crying out loud. >> he said did on this program this book. putin is now taking over what we started. and he is going into syria. and he frankly wants to fight isis and i thinks that a wonderful thing. you know, i said that a year ago and everybody said it's terrible if he wants to fight isis let him fight isis. >> support hums solely because of his passion. you must understand that.
5:25 pm
>> yeah except when this start hearing his views on things. >> duble strump is a dangerous man, a demagogue, someone like huey long in louisiana? do you believe he is at that level. >> i think he is not a serious person. >> believes he is he serious. >> he is smart. >> and a americans are taking him seriously. >> the people who support him i understand why they are because they are angry as you say. but is he not a serious candidate. ifwas he wouldn't be having these views on foreign policy that would destabilize the world. >> here is why you may be wrong about his candidacy being serious. the media has bought into his policy. this don't particularly like him the liberal media in general. but everything he does gets covered to the extent that you can't even dream of. >> that's right. >> that alon, that media finance no, ma'am numb that is taking place has got to diminish your candidacy and the others in the republican field. >> it doesn't diminish mine. i can't control what i can't control. >> you would be polling much higher if donald trump were not in the race and you know
5:26 pm
it. >> you think at thenned of this he is not going to be as formidable candidate as he is right now. that's what i totally believe. because i don't think people are going to want to have someone who has a view, for example, of deporting 12 million people over two years it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. >> the courts would never lou it to happen. i told mr. trump that. >> you are the only guy that's actually, you know, standing up to him. everybody let's him. >> i stand up to him but i think has been good for the political process. >> do you know where he has been good? >> he brings people in. >> those last two debates, 25 million and 23 million that's trump and i give him credit for that. >> and i want our politicians to be as outspoken as donald trump. >> i just got to tell my story, 4.4% growth. we created 1.3 million jobs. people's income rose during my time. florida was better off because you applied conservative leadership consistently. and when you get closer to this, this is what starts to matter. the show is fun. look, it's entertaining to see him disparage people i'm
5:27 pm
sure there is a point past which you just can't keep saying people are idiots. >> final question, how is your father? >> my dad is doing well, thanks for having. >> would all admire your father. husband whole career and his world war ii service. and just that kind of gentleman he is. >> i love him dearly. just don't write a book just yet about killing bush. >> tell us how he is. >> he had a cracked vertebrae. he fell down. he is recovering. and in good spirits. spiritually he is in a great place. >> mentally? >> mentally is he strong stopped watching csi reruns and stopped watching fox. >> now is he becoming stronger. >> because he wants his boy to become president. >> next debate is a democratic one. october 13th and the republicans get together again on october 28th. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dana proximate result reno will react to the bush administration and perino situation. i have another talking points memo on the collapse
5:28 pm
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5:32 pm
so how did you think the governor looked in that interview. >> i think it's good they are coming on your program. i think all of the presidential candidates would want to come on. when you asked him about the anger. like were you surprised about the populist movement and there was an are. >> i think what you were trying to say as a candidate you are not matching the mood of the country so there is frustration. what i thought was it is hard for somebody to not be authentic. is not one, jeb bush isn't the guy of guy who expresses anger well. if you do it inauthenticly then you will get called on that as well. >> that's an excellent point is he passive aggressive governor bush? >> i don't know him well enough to know. >> i don't say that in a negative way. you say he doesn't express anger owe overtically. is cool, he is measured. >> think about his parents and how he was raised. 41 can take anger and channel it through, dug any find response. >> very controlled. >> right. was w different? did w get heated?
5:33 pm
>> sometimes people say he is a little bit more like his mom. would be able to pop off now and then. >> so w said bring it on. people said he bring it on. people said he is too angry. >> by point to governor bush i am doing it with all due respect. i'm not trying to cheap shot him. he is caught in a time where voters want a champion. they want somebody not only to have good policy and create jobs and all that, but to vanquish the people who have caused in their opinion america to decline. i don't know if he sees that champion vanquish thing. >> he might not, but, remember, one of the people you talked about was donald trump. is actually trying to match that anger, right? he matches it but carson is almost neck and neck with donald trump and he is the anti-anger candidate. >> is mr. mellow. >> a lot of people don't
5:34 pm
like trump's style. all right? sothey will go to carson. carson is indig incident in but he is quietly indignant. they both don't like the system. whereas governor bush, hes is he shook it up in tallahassee and probably did. he doesn't come can across as t.ed off about the system. i think that's what hurt him. >> maybe he can dial that up a little bit. if you do it inauthenticly we would nail him like we do with hillary clinton when her team says now she is going to be spontaneous and funny. we make fun of it. >> "saturday night live" is going to lambaste her this saturday. i think your analysis is excellent. i don't say that lightly. if governor bush tries to be someone other than himself, ultimately that will hurt him. talk about somebody i would like to be other than himself putin. putin waltzes into the united states and basically runs roughshod over the president 'of the united states. this makes people angry. you see? >> um-huh. >> when you have putin and
5:35 pm
you have trump versus bush, who do you think -- well, you know, trump says he is going to make putin his friend. but, you know,, you know what i'm talking about that americans want a strong president to stand up to this thug. >> i absolutely agree. but, remember, in the interview that you just showed, so donald trump said it's a good thing that putin. >> that's a policy matter. >> putin wants to fight isis. buff then we find out putin is not fiteing isis he is he bombing our guys. >> who thought he wouldn't? >> i'm sure that trump would probably show anger about that now. >> right. >> maybe say he will beat up on putin, call him an idiot. >> the bottom line of all of this stuff is that the candidate this time around in the republican field if they don't show that they are going to be the conqueror of the evil doers, no matter where they may be, here in the u.s.a. and overseas, they will lose. >> make america the strong horse again. >> okay. but do it with an edge. have you got it do it an w. an edge. you know hillary clinton and joe biden. you think biden is getting into the race, right?
5:36 pm
>> i have strong feelings that yes. i think by november 1st is going to make a decision. >> you know whoside he is getting into the race. >> i'm sure it was said here first. >> describe the guy blue eyes, 6'4". >> very tall. exceedingly handsome. oh, can he we book her for next week. dana perino, everyone. we come right back, the collapse of american foreign policy in the middle east. i'm angry about it and i have a special talking points commentary. and then watters, barely functioning in new york's times square. >> do you go to church a lot? >> i confess here and there, you know. >> probably a lot to confess. >> then she had to leave to take the sats. moments away. suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment tonight it. the collapse of the american foreign policy in the middle east. that's the subject of this second talking points memo this evening. it's clear that the putin in iran taking over syria. working together iran sending in ground troops. russia providing air cover for them. overall plan is to keep the brutal syrian dictator assad in power but really take over the entire country so russia can dominate the entire middle east.
5:41 pm
even though putin told the world in syria to attack ice sits. bombing moderate syrian rebels funded by the regime and ci. >> a. supports those rbles. wouldn't be paying for them if didn't. putin is really attacking american interests, is not? of course the president and secretary of state john kerry have no cogent response to the russian action. add to this the taliban capturing a major city in afghanistan. iraq still being dominated by isis and middle people in the novato and africa trying to get out of the terror ridden countries and europe. all of this is happening because president obama has not used american power effectively to blunt aggression and terrorism. all over the world, america is in retreat. and that's the memo. now for reaction. will the american military begin to publicly oppose president obama? joining us from washington lt. colonel tony shaffer. will they? >> i think you are going to see a very clear move
5:42 pm
towards trying to redefine our strategy and, bill, let's be very clear on this. the military has to do things to be effective in defending the country. what has happened is is the president and his policies have prevented the military from doing their job. you listed out pretty much ever single issue where we are failing. it is not a failure because of military capability, lack of strategic understanding or tactics. it is airline because of the politicization of the intelligence process as well as the operations process i think we are to the point where you will see generals getting to the point they recognize they cannot be of effective service anymore and you will see them walk or you may see them going to congress. you may recall lt. colonel mike flynn you have had had him on the program several times. is a friend of mine mike went to congress and laid out what was going on with isis. that was one of the direct things that led him to be kicked out of dia. >> petraeus did the same thing. is he already out of
5:43 pm
government. former secretary of defense leon panetta said the same thing. there aren't really two sides to this story. i mean alan colmes, i think, would have to admit that the foreign policy is a mess. you can make an argument and colonel peters has made that argument, that the generals in the pentagon, the people who run the military services in this country are culpable. because they know the obama administration's policies are weakening the nation, yet, they have not said anything, haven't resigned, haven't read the, put up the red flags for the public, so you can milwaukee an argument that generals are colluding with the president in the weakening of this country. >> i think you have generals, bill, who have to walk a very fine line. let me try to define. this you have generals who recognize they have to protect the troops, protect the planning so that no matter what we have the military capability that's available to the civilian
5:44 pm
leadership. the problem is, you would agree with me on this, bill. the civilian leadership. it's the panettas, it's it the frankly the ash carters. who are the ones simply not pushing as hard as they should against the white house. >> look, panetta laid it out. no matter what he said, the cia guy and the defense head obama is ignoring him. you can't force the commander and chief to do anything. is the commander and chief. one real quick thing. >> yes. the big issue is this weekend is going to be the planes. putin is bombing the moderate rebels that want assad out. all right? and u.s. is bombing isis. it's just a matter of tomb between those planes are going to get real close to one another. do you know what orders the u.s. pilots have? >> bill, i honestly don't know. i will find out. this is a situation reminiscent from the old movie ice station soon bra where you have national powers coming at each other. simply put, you are right. the fact of a potential
5:45 pm
miscalculation both sides go at each other is huge. >> you bet. >> putin is doing things we should are been doing. is going to it stawble blis the country. i don't believe i don't agree where it's going to be stablized. he is acting in our an as soon as. someone has to prevent syria from becoming ungoverned space. magnet for terrorism. >> no doubt that with putin in the air and iran on the ground and russia and iran cooperating, they are are going to run syria. and that's what's going to happen and obama is not going to be able to do anything about it. >> okay, crnl. appreciate it waters on deck. some semi naked women times square causing controversy. we sent watters to mediate up next. or visit
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight, watters world, the barely there edition. warning.
5:49 pm
barely there ladies coming up. big controversy here in new york city. seminaked women posing for pictures with tourists. the picture takers are expected to tip the ladies of course don't declare it to the u.s. that's caused angst. the families don't want their kids seeing that don't want their kids exposed to it pardon the pun. we sent watters to times square to sort it all out. >> how long does it take to get painted in. >> it 0 minutes. sometimes an hour. >> how did you go from philadelphialy to here? >> i'm a professional topless dancer. i want'ed to come out here to pursue my career. he you just walked by one day and i was intrigued and i started asking questions and then i got involved. >> i i responded to an ad. i was in school still. i was looking for something i can do on the side. i met the guy had who originated this and start wanted the next day.
5:50 pm
>> what religion do you practice. >> i'm catholic god doesn't judge remember that. >> what does your family think about that. >> some of them think it's terrible. some of them get it. >> my mom is very open-minded she supports me, she doesn't judge me. >> she is my number one supporter and number one fan. she shows all my -- her neighbors my photos. >> how does your he has some reservation. >> was your dad ever in the picture? >> not really, you know. >> at first, he was a little iffy about it. and then he was like, you know what, go for it. you're may by by girl either way. have a good time! how do you feel about all of this controversy? >> it's ridiculous. i don't feel like i'm doing anything wrong. >> there's a lot of gender inequality going on. plenty of women all around times square showing their bodies in advertisement. the biggest part of what i'm doing isn't just being an
5:51 pm
entertainer, it's also to create a discussion. if somebody has something that they feel offended by, i'd love for them to come and express their opinion. now that we've gotten all of this attention, i feel like we don't have enough of what you're doing. it's actually finding out who the girls are, what each individual girl is representing out here. >> what are you doing here today? >> i run security. i just make sure that they stay safe. >> when people criticize, these ladies out here, how do you respond to that? >> i don't. >> anybody can hold their own opinion. >> how do you make money? >> i work on tips. it's just donations. >> what's the average tip? >> i don't talk about that. >> okay. >> i do pretty well for myself. i don't go into numbers, but if there wasn't enough for me to be out here, i wouldn't be out here. >> do you guys ever get in trouble? or do you take care of yourself? >> there's always a bad apple in the bunch, always people being rude. but i just ignore it.
5:52 pm
>> do you ever feel unsafe? >> no. >> our biggest customers are probably married women. >> really? >> yes, married women. >> do you ever get a reaction? >> yeah, some women put their stroller right next to me and ask to take a photo. i've had women hand me their children. you know, we have a god time. >> did you go to college for this? >> jesse? >> did you go to college? >> i did. i went to hunter collegement. >> what was your major? >> media studies. >> how do you feel about what he has to say? >> i don't care what he has to say. i feel like he needs to come, t have a few laughs. >> i don't know if he's ever been here. i thi he's spending far too much money and far too much time.
5:53 pm
>> did you ever watch waters world? >> i don't know. >> i'm waters. and you're in my world right here. >> all right. so deblasio, the socialistic mayor, he wants to tax these girls. so my question is how are you going to get the receipts maybe if he said they were homeless, he'd leave them alone. >> now one thing that you didn't mention. these girls have managers. so when they get the money, they give it to some guy. >> that's a little hazy. we don't like to talk about that. >> who's we? squl >> i feel like i'm a part of these girls now. >> so here's the deal. they all have guy that is bring them in there and then they give them the money. >> there's some hazy guy lying around and dating some of these girls. >> so the deblasio guy wants his piece of the action. >> right. >> now you'll be back on monday with a story about dearborn, michigan.
5:54 pm
a third muslim. >> yes, very provocative. i may get dressed up in costume. so stay tuned. >> all right, waters, everyone. in fact, your tip of the day, what is a modern man, according to liberals. the tip, moments away. ♪ ♪
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helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. back for the tip of the day. the number one slot on the new york times list. most read eres like it, and i think you will, too. if you buy killing reagan, you get a free copy of the constitution along with it. if you become a premier member, you get any of my books. after the slaugter of school children in sandy hook, i was shocked the american congress did not pass even modest gun
5:57 pm
control measures. dana kirk dt ppatrick, all guns illegal and gun charges? catastrophic. >> in the history of america, no one has ever been shot by a person who did not have a gun. >> you were spot on challenging president obama's gun control comments. as a 20-year veteran of law enforcement, i know police cannot stop homicides because we cannot be everywhere. that's why citizens need to protect themselves. sandra martin, please tell the president that we are not numb. >> when i was a kid running around with scissors was considered dangerous. now i have to explain to an 11-year-old what to do if she sees a man with a gun coming at her. >> kerry taylor, las vegas. my heart is heavy. but as a single lady, i will arm
5:58 pm
myself for protection. >> alberta canada, we are grateful for fox news as most media outlets are far left, americans should be gratele for fnc. >> i tell my friends that president obama is largely responsible for the mile grant situation in europe. how could he not prevent this with his coalition. valid question. even though i'm a democrat, i'm thinking about becoming a bill o'reilley premium member. >> i'd love to have you. >> toronto canada cannot put killing reagan down. i'm struck by how similar things were back when he defeated jimmy carter to the way they are now. >> finally today, the tip of the day.
5:59 pm
listing 27 ways to be a modern man. when the modern man buys shoes for his spouse, he doesn't have to ask her sister for the size. and he knows which brands run big or small. >> what? what guy bees shoes for women? who does that? george clooney? >> number 17, does the modern man have a melon baller? are they talking about american men or french guys? >> finally, number 25, the modern man is no use for a gun. he doesn't own one and never will. the tip of the day, if you want to be a modern man in new york times, enjoy the melon. that is it for us tonight, please check out the fox news web site. also, please spout off a fact anywhere in the world. we cannot be cantankerous in
6:00 pm
writing to the facts. please remember this, ben stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, new details when a deranged gunman opened fire, reportedly tar getting christians. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. president obama ordered flags flown at half staff. in rosberg, oregon, the investigation is underway into that 26-year-old gunman. we will not name or show you the face of this shooter, as is the policy of this program. but we are learning more about who he is. an army basic training dropout who specifically targeted christians and shoeed a fascination with the country's worst mass murderers.


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