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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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writing to the facts. please remember this, ben stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, new details when a deranged gunman opened fire, reportedly tar getting christians. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. president obama ordered flags flown at half staff. in rosberg, oregon, the investigation is underway into that 26-year-old gunman. we will not name or show you the face of this shooter, as is the policy of this program. but we are learning more about who he is. an army basic training dropout who specifically targeted christians and shoeed a fascination with the country's worst mass murderers.
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we're hearing exactly what happened when the gunman burst through the classroom door. a young woman severely wounded and playing dead sends us this picture. her father joins us with her story and says how the gunman spared the life of one man so he could deliver the message. a 30-year-old army vet and father who risked his life to save others. and survivors are painting a sering image of what it was like to see a madman taking innocent lives. >> he didn't really know how to control his motions. he was shooting the ground and i thought he was shooting people. >> we begin tonight with dan springer who is live in oregon. dan? >> reporter: megyn, two big developments late this afternoon.
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first, asked the question why umpqua community college. first, the shooter was enrolled at the and, in fact, was a student in the class where the shooting began. the victims are lucero alkarez, 19 years old. quinn glen cooper of rosberg, 18 years old. >> if sheriff continues, 59-year-old kim dietz, 18-year-old lieu kal ibel, jason johnson, 67-year-old lawrence levine was the only teacher killed, 44-year-old serena moore and 18-year-old rebecca carnes. there will be more to come and many more stories of the lives cut short.
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we learned more about the gunman who witnesses said asked the victims to state their religion. if it was christian he shot them in the head. anywhere else, he shot them in the leg. he has been around guns most of his life and has had access to many guns. there were acts of heroism. knowing, not knowing. that's what scared me the most. i didn't know. it was a good hour before i got to talk to her on the phone before i actually knew she was okay.
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>> classes here at the college will be cancelled all of next week. but the college will be opened to students who need kans counseling on monday. >> tonight, she is recovering in a hopt room. now, we are joined by her father, stacey boylin. thank you so much for being here with us tonight. how did you first learn about the fact that there was a shooting incident at the college yesterday? >> i received a phone call from my brother while i was at work. it was shocking. it was completely unreal. my brother got in the car and found out where she was being life lighted and headed down
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here as soon as possible. >> how did you first learn she was one of the ones that had been shot? >>. >> so she had gotten ahold of my son who is also a student here. when he received a phone call from her, she screamed i'd been shot. there was so much fear and panic in her voice, she just said i love you and he told her how much he loved her over and over and over again. as soon as that call was over, he just tried to get ahold of anyone and everyone he could to get the news out that this had happened. so i knew right away that she had been shot. >> when were you first able to speak with her yourself. >> not until the hospital.
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she said dad, i didn't know what he says to do. i was on the ground and i was praying and i kept hearing your voice and i kept saying don't move. just stay down. don't say a word. don't move. there was so much pain, she doesn't even to this moment know why he went passed her. >> he came into the classroom, he shot the professor first, i understand. and then what happened? does stacey remember -- i mean, does anna remember when she was shot? >> she was shot from the initial, is what she understands. she slid down to the ground. she heard more gunfire. there was another gun shot and then she heard him say the
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gunman say i'd been wanting to do that for a long time. and then she said that his laugh was just not human. she just laid still. there were more gunshots and he started shooting. he told everyone to come to the middle of the room. and then he started asking people to stand up. they would stand up and he started asking what their religion was. some brave people who were faithful said i'm a christian. he said good, you'll meet god in just about a second. and he would shoot them in the head. and then others who didn't answer specifically or mumbled or too afraid to speak, he would
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wound and they would drop to the floor. >> there was a moment when he spoke to another young woman in the classroom about anna. tell us about that? so my daughter was in the same class with her friend. he said the young girl with the blackjack et and the blond hair, stand up. that was her. he looked over to the girl next to her which was her friend and said is she dead or alive and her friend said i don't know. and he didn't continue to shoot my daughter. >> you have a cross tattooed on yourself. you have one, your daughter and your son, as well. she was worried he would see it, correct? >> she knew.
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he was killing anyone who said they were christian out right. and if he had seen that cross on her neck, she would probably be dead. >> what was the advice that you had given her in the wake of this? >> i told her that this kind of terror and fear, to not let it get inside of her. if she continues to be scared, he will win. there has been an incredible out pouring of support. even people i didn't know coming around from the woodworks for
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this activity. >> she has recovered well from the surgery. it could bt have gone better. they were able to extract the bullet without injury. my daughter is stubborn and tough and she's not going to let this drag her down. by the grace of god, i'm able to have this conversation with you and tell you my daughter lives. and, yet, i feel horrible and so badly for the families that lost loved ones. >> thank you so much for tell ing your story. thank you for being here, stacey. >> thank you, megyn. >> unbelievable. well, for the second time in as many
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demanded new laws in the wake of this shooting and went from attacking the nra to attacking republicans. we'll take up this debate right after the break. and then the new york times publishes a profile of donald trump's wife that is anything but flattering. they've already had to make five corrections to it. t-bones you.
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the people who are troubled about this have to be as adamant about this as folks on the other side who are absolutist and think that any gun safety measures are somehow an assault
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on freedom or communistic or a plot by me to take over. there are all kind of crazy, crack pot conspiracy theories out there. so we've got to change the politics of this. >> that was president obama earlier today attacking the gop on the issue of gun control during remarks at a press conferencement he doubled down on his demand for new laws in the wake of the oregon shooting. despite the fact that the guns we now know were owned legally and that school was a gun-free zone.
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jeremy, let me start with you. what specifically could have been changed to prevent the shooting? >> look, i'm not sure. each one of these incidents is completely unique. what the president was saying both last night and today is inaction is just not an option. and we know that states that have this law in place reduces gun violence. >> i think we need a national
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background check. >> but that background check doesn't necessarily detect mental health problems. >> well, it would help. it would be one step. there are steps that we can do. we're not going to solve it all. we need a comprehensive approach to solving this problem. but where he need to do something and stop just thinking that the status quo was okay. >> president obama said we can't sort through and identify ahead of time who might take actions like this. the only thing we can do is make sure they don't have an entire arsenal. it sountz like he's giving up on the mental health piece of it. >> first of all, we have ample evidence that the president usurped his authority. he expects the rest of us here at ground level, ordinary citizens, average citizens to have to out source their
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personal safety to the government. i'll answer your question what law should be changed. we should get rid of these gun-free zones, we should allow people, you know, under certain circumstances, to be able to play a role in their own safety. i think it's heartless to expect people in these gun-free zones to be lined up and slaugt you ared with no way to defend themselves. these gun-free zones have become killing ground. so what are your thoughts on how we prevent somebody like this
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from getting a gun? >> there's no absolutes. here's some things that i think might work, though. first of all the, we'll eliminate the likelihood of this not happening again. the only thing that stopped that incident yesterday was when a good guy with a gun showed up and able to neutralize that situation. in other words, this guy comes and starts lining people up, it's the craziest thing in the world to have to rely on an unarmed security guard for safety.
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>> he gets off a shot or two, and that's about it! did you hear how the shooter specifically targeted christians? up next, we'll take a look at that issue. plus, a new poll today for changes in the republican field. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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>> good for you, sheriff hanlin. the sheriff of douglas county, oregon, says he will not give this shooter the notoriety he seeks. we'll talk more about that in a moment. but we do know that he was specifically targeting christians. you heard the father talk about that at the top of the hour. but you probably haven't heard much about this from the media or from the elected officials. trace gallagher with more. the shooter inquired about the religion of the victims. some major media out lets skipped over the shooter ordering students to get on the
6:25 pm
ground and then told them to stand up and state their religion. and the father of witness anna boylin recounting to the kelly file and some brave people who are faithful said i am a christian. and he said good, then you'll meet god in just about a second and he would shoot them in the head. in his comments, president obama also didn't talk about the religion aspect of the crime. when he ordered federal flags to fly at half staff, he said only that it was, "out of respect for the victims of gun violence." authorities said he left the hate-filled statement of the world being against him.
6:26 pm
>> what was known by no one is now known by everyone. all in the course of one day. seems the more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight. in his final noet, the umpqua college shooter also reportedly wrote that he'd be welcomed in hell and embraced by the devil. >> trace, thank you. i have been saying this for a long time. we need to be more responsible, more careful in our own role in fanning these flames. we make these men infamous. what say you? >> there was a study done in 2014 looking at this. we know that with suicide, for example, and kids, there's an effect where one child commits
6:27 pm
stds, it encourages others to do that, as well. but we also know there's also an effect or copy cat phenomenon. so when we celebrate it, when we publicize it in someway, we promote it in that 20-30% of these killings can be atributed to the ones before that are copying them. look at his own words. remember what this killer said. a man who is known by no one is now known by everyone. his face splashed across every screen. his name across the lips of every person on the planet all in the course of one day. it seems the more people you kill, the more you're in the lime light.
6:28 pm
>> he got exactly what he want. as the media, they need to be more responsible. not focus on the graphic content. yes, the media has to report the news, but maybe just say his name one time and refer to him as the shooter or the killer. >> i'm not saying this will solve it. but it can't hurt to dial it back. >> let me know your thoughts. >> on the middle of the third day of the russians flying air strikes across syria, there are growing questions about whether the obama administration ignored warnings about a failed strategy in the run-up to this mess. >> you may recall mike flynn. he's a friend of mine. mike went to congress and laid
6:29 pm
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the last point i want to
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make about this. it was insu fisht for them to send money. >> that was president obama. but, as the commander in chief accuses his criminal and counter part, the headlines see it dichbly. putin wants to humiliate obama. the weekly standard calling this an extraordinary show of weakness. economists suggests, while putin dares, obama dithers. >> we have mark tiesen with a fact check of president obama's claims. but we begin tonight with the former director of the defense intelligence agency. general michael flin. let me start with tony schaeffer left off. you had been trying to warn about this situation. it led to you being forced out as dia chief. is that true? >> oh, megan, what i would just tell you is i believe the
6:34 pm
intelligence assessment that the president has received over the last few years have actually been pretty accurate. and i know the intelligence that we provide, that my agency provides. and i think we're spot on. now, i think what we learned this week with putin playing russian forces if we ever see a reset. i don't agree with what the president said today. this is not out of weakness. : the other thing i wanted to mention is the unmentioned redlines that putin has had in the middle east. and potentially the fall of asad, potentially the falling of
6:35 pm
the syrian army with isis. it's kind of like the old thing when i was a kid. first things first. what we have to do is decide what is the greatest threat that we face there. it is the radical, islamic mill tants. that's number one. >> who he's not killing. he's not killing them. he's killing the people he trained over there. >> i'm not going to apologize for anything that the russians are doing. but i don't know. we'll have to wait and see what the real results are there. but i would just say we have to decide to do something because the russians just made a big move we can't just say, mr. putin, go home. i watched it today. hoping he was going to say
6:36 pm
something. >> what do you think we should do? >> i think right now, we're going to have to decide that we have sort of one enemy that we know that we have in common. and that is the radical islamics that are in the islamic state. we have to decide that that is the greater despite all of the problems with a guy like asad. >> what should we be telling him? >> i don't thi we should listen to putin at all when it comes to that. i think we should in no uncertain terms tell him how we operate and what we need to do.
6:37 pm
we're sort of passed that point. and i also think that, at this stage, because the ruxs, i think you're right, the russians are going to keep asad in power. and what we need to do, we need to say at the international community, we're going to deal with the islamic radical threat first. and internationally, maybe we go after asad in an international accord or something like that. but this situation just changed radically. we are actually moving closer to greater conflict. >> we appreciate you being here tonight, thank you. >> thank you, megyn. >> joining me now, a former speech writer for george w. bush. mark, let's pick it up with what president obama said.
6:38 pm
we don't want to get involved in a quagmire. >> it's not because he's insecure, it's because he's a bully. what he's finding in obama is absolute mush. >> that's what donald trump said, as well. >> barack obama expressed more about what congressmen are doing
6:39 pm
nothing about gun laws he did nothing while asaad crossed his red line and mastered his people with chemical weapons. he did nothing for five years while isis turned that country into a terrorist sank chew ware. >> but, now, mark, he says we don't want to go to war with russia. >> of course we don't want to go to war with russia. we sat on the sidelines for five years and did nothing with syria. now we've got this air campaign now. we're doing 11% of stories now and they come back without their bombs dropped. putin looks at the air campaign against isis, the fact that we didn't enforce our redlines.
6:40 pm
first he went into ukraine and now he's going into syria and he's going to be in baghdad soon. i guarantee it. >> and the end result of that to us is what? why is that a concern? >> the end result of that is putin is in syria and is going to go into iraq and be in the middle east for one reason. hep's at the invitation of the iranians. they're trying to extend their influence out the region and they're trying to push us out. them a security agreement with baghdad, too. also breaking tonight, new
6:41 pm
reaction that mitt romney may jump into the 2016 race. >> the man who's been called the architect of romney's last campaign has raised some eyebrows, too, and he's here. flus, it's make et or break it time for the 15 republicans still in this race. we have a brand new poll out tonight on who is suddenly facing real, new trouble. and then, as i said, the new york times publishes a profile on donald trump's wife. staid tuned. y dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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or you. only go. the media has covered virtually every move. and now two high-profile are covering his wife. they're calling her a new model for first lady. both pieces focus on mrs. trump's career as a model flt both reports are creating some controversy. >> so this, from the new york times, howie, that talked about her modelling career referring to her as a mannequin, instead
6:46 pm
of a model. focusing on her he lashs moments in her modelling career. and then writing she may be the same as any trophy spouses in new york. >> that jumped off the page at me. it is so condescending, trophy spouse, and what other potential first lady gets treated like this. there was later a tweet that was deleted. it's being sell lashs and condescending. >> they seem to be irritated that she's not some strident feminist and isn't walking the runway as a model. >> it's probably easier for her when her husband was a democrat.
6:47 pm
he is a republican now. they are treating her. this is not the first time we've seen a candidate spouse treated this way. senator mccain got pretty rough treatment from the press and for some time. i will say technical term is grody. >> if someone else did this, the new york times would call it sexism. it's really disrespectful. it is disrespectful to her. let's move on. there is something in the polls polls today that is not good for jeb bush. a new poll has come out. way down the line is jeb bush at 4%, howie. 4.
6:48 pm
>> this is just a stunning number for the former governor of florida. it's toim toe say it out loud. his campaign is not working very well. he's not showing much passion. >> what happened to all the republicans that didn't have any cares? and jeb bush has got a conservative record in florida. what's happening? >> i mean that this cycle, with
6:49 pm
what you saw mitt romney was, he faced a series of four or five alternatives who shot up and then went steady. he wasn't splitting the vote up with any other kabd dats on the more traditional side of the ballot. this time, jeb bush has real competition. not just in the form of ben carson. not just in the form of car carly fiorina. first and foremost, marco rubio. >> it's still early. you know what he's about to do? he's about to scramble his eggs. he's going to make a new campaign out of this because what they've done to this point has not worked. and you cannot be running fifth or sixth. you cannot be at 4% and make a credible argument that you are the inevitable one. >> even though they say it's causing cancer, it's so much easier to fry an egg on. >> well, we also have new
6:50 pm
reaction tonight, two suggestions that mitt romney might yet jump into this race. one of romney's chief 2012 advisors. steerd stevens joins the kelly file next. kelly file next. here at fidelity, we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. call or click to open your fidelity account today. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day.
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former 2012 republican nominee mitt romney and his wife ann romney announced in january they would not be running for the white house again after trying twice, but with no clear nominee yet in sight and loyal supporters pushing mitt to get back in, could they change their
6:54 pm
mind? stuart stevens joins us now. he's been called mitt romney's top political adviser and he's the author of a new book. stuart, great to see you. >> thank you. >> is there room for hope? >> i don't think mitt romney is going to run. he's pretty straightforward. what you see is what you get. >> why are they obsessing? >> there's no dominant frontrunner, i think, they would be comfortable with, but i don't think he's going to run. >> so you're saying there's a chance. so let's talk about the current frontrunner. mitt romney made news when he
6:55 pm
came out and said donald trump is not going to be the nominee. why did he say that? why do you believe it? >> the idea that i think anyone is going to be the nominee that's not been elected to some other political position is very, very remote. >> you rule out carson and fiorina too. >> yeah, i do. i have a lot of respect for them. i don't think they'll be the nominee. this could person be elected of the governor of the state they're running in. not in a million years. >> but he's leading a lot in those polls. >> in 2011 in april, donald trump was getting 26%. we were joking about it with mitt romney. there's a certain percentage of people that like -- we laughed about it. there's a certain percentage of people who like to vote for donald trump and say they are, but i think that after january 1st, the big difference in this
6:56 pm
year is that the iowa caucus is february 1st, not right after the new year. from january 2nd to the 1st of february, you'll have an intense period in the race and there'll be a lot of movement. >> fascinating man. you've done in a lot in politics. great to see you. >> great to see you. thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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the army vet, needs help. he's facing a lot of medical bills and rehabilitation. we're going to post his go fund me account. thank you for watching, everyone. this is "the kelly file." tonight, russia continues to walk all over the united states. donald trump is here to explain how he would deal with vladimir putin's power play in syria. plus -- >> i'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria as part of this mass migration. if i win, they're going back. they're going back. >> the republican frontrunner will weigh in on the growing refugee crisis. >> this is something we should politicize. >> and governor mike huckabee slams the president for politicizing guns. >> because you're a


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