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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr so you nev weekend. this is a fox news alert. hurricane joaquin battering the bahamas and fueling up powerful rainstorm threatening our east coast. torrential rains expected up and down the click seaboard. a huge cargo ship is missing and has dozens of americans on board. the search plus the track of this hurricane. we have live team coverage and new information about that kill his or her murdered, slaughtered 9 innocent people at an oregon community control. "on the record" griff jenkins son the ground there right now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu goes "on the record" just one day after slamming the iran nuclear deal. during an address to the united nations, prime minister netanyahu and i sat down to discuss the deal and
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the future and safety of israel. >> mr. prime minister, nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you again, greta. >> welcome to the united states. >> well, thank you. before we dig into some deeper issues, going on with the u.n. i do want to say that i'm very sorry to hear about the two young israelis who were essentially executed the other day. >> murdered. >> murdered. palestinian terrorists who brutally murdered a young father and mother. leaving four little orphans in the back. and they knew they were killing a father and mother it's horrific. we grieve today and we grieve with the people of oregon. our people are together on a day like this. >> backseat of a car, a 9-year-old, 7-year-old,
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4-year-old and four months old and they execute the parents. >> yeah. you know what's untenable? secretary kerry issued immediately i a power condemnation. and i have yet to hear president abbas from the palestinian authority any condemnation and worse, i hear two of his chief lieutenants in the fat fat talk to to the. if they don't fight terror we will. and we are. >> there is one suggestion it may be in part reaction to president abbas saying that he considers the accord off the table at this point. >> there is consistent insizement in hamas, from the islamist movements and unfortunately from the palestinianian authority just just continuous
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incitement against israel and continues praise of these terrorists. you know, these terrorists who murdered sharl. they name public squares after them. if we have isolated cases in which jewes perform terrorism we all condemn it i went to the hospital of a terror victim, a palestinian terror victim. we condemn this. we fight terrorism. we don't care where it comes from. and they have to get on -- you know, they have to get on the case and they have to understand that if they don't, it means they don't want peace. >> you have mentioned secretary kerry. you just met with him. what did you discuss? >> well, we talked about -- how can i put it the day after. we had a profound disagreement on the iran nuclear deal. and president obama and i he both said well, this is a disagreement within the family. and i appreciated the fact that president obama called me while that deal was being discussed and said, look, we can talk about bolstering israel's security now or later. well, this morning, was
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later. this was the day after it began today. and we're going to talk and we started talking about what we need to do and i think there are three things we need to do route now. one is we have to keep iran's feet to the fire. we have to make sure it abides by its obligations under the nuclear treaty. under the nuclear deal. second, we have to bolster those forces that are working against iran's aggression in the region. it's growing. and the most important party that works against iran's aggression in the region is israel. so i appreciate and i look forward to the opportunity to discuss with president obama how to put flesh on his serious commitment to bolster in the face of new challenge. third we have to tear down iran's global terror network. it's not only increasing aggression in the region. building terror cells on
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five continents including in this hemisphere. >> that brings me to your speech yesterday because all the focus is on the nuclear weapons issue. but, with the relief from the sanctions as you spoke about yesterday at the u.n., with the relief from the sanctions, iran is going to be flush with cash. they are going to have billion dollars of dollars. you talked about it they can do what they want i assume with it and you mention the fact that they're going to fuel cells around the world. how does israel, how does the united states or any other nation stop the money from the sanctions relief from being used to build all these cells? >> president obama has said that he is committed to preventing dangerous weapons coming into the hands of iran's proxies. that he wants to prevent iran from destabilizing countries in the middle east. there is no better partner for that than israel. you know, israel stands in the breach in this deteriorating region. it's just collapsing. states are disintegrating. militant islam either the shiite variety led by iran
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and its proxy hezbollah is rushing into the void or isis, the sunni, the radical sunnies rushing from the other side. the one party that is standing there 10 miles from isis, a few hundred yards from iran's murderous proxies is israel. we are protecting ourselves. in so doing, we are also protecting the neighborhood, israel has no better ally than the united states. and the united states has no better ally than israel. and he think the order of the day now, after the deal, is to make sure that israel and america's other allies are strengthened in the region against this iranian aggression. and i look forward to this conversation with the president. >> how do you stop? i mean, can i see you making sure they don't buy big weapon systems and doing things like that. the two people who were killed in israel this week. the young couple, that was expensive weapons. i assume iran is going to have a lot of money if they
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really want to create more problems in the region with weapons like that. >> there are two different problems. one is defending against what i call local terrorism. but the other is defending against strategic terrorism or strategic threats. i you mean, iran is pouring in to lebanon precision guided missiles, they want to be able to hit every part of israel with precision guided rockets. not just the 80,000 statistical rockets that they have which are not precise, but have precision-guided missiles to hit every target in israel. their proxies are putting into lebanon super sonic cruz missiles that can hit our gas rigs. in the mediterranean. they are putting in the most devastating weapon around us. they are trying to build a second front. terror front of the golan heights. they send iranian generals
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there to prop up another terror front. and i have made it very clear what our policy will be. and that's to fight this. if we are attacked, we attack back. we have done it in syria. if we see iranian arms being transferred through the territory of syria, we try to thwart that that's a very clear policy. i think israel has to be strengthened to be able to defend itself against iranian aggression. but also to deter iranian aggression. and this is a very important conversation that we have to have in the wake of what is happening now, in the wake of the deal with iran. in the wake of the change, enormous change that has taken place in the middle east. there is no better partnership. no better alliance than the one between israel and the america. and this we agree. >> well and i understand we have a very strong friendship between our two nations but we have got another problem in that putin is now seriously moving into syria. and a lot of, you know, the united states is very frustrated by you.
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this i don't know what the president is going to do but that certainly creates a bigger problem with you because it's in partnership with iran. >> well, that's true. i flew to moscow and i said to president putin, look, you have your goals in syria. here are you my goals in syria. i don't want syrian territory to be used for attacks against israel or for the transfer of lethal weaponry to ms. and lebanon. and we take action against that. now,. >> what did he say? >> he said he understood. but i said that we should make sure that we don't bump into each other. and so we set up a mechanism to discuss what said in the jargon deconfliction. that means let's not have our forces gang up against each other. that we're going to do. but, i he said i have to
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take care of the security of israel. that's my responsibility as the prime minister of israel. here is what we are doing. here are our red lines and i think it's very important that we maintain the relationship that israel has had with russia in recent decades. we used to be an adversarial position. many years ago. i don't think we want to get back there. and i you know russia doesn't want to get back there. and we are doing our best to make sure that it doesn't happen. and i don't think it will happen. but the important thing for me in moscow was to milwaukee clear what our defense policy is, and we will continue to take action to defend our security. >> you can trust putin? i mean, look, he surprised the united states when he walked into the baghdad embassy and said -- he didn't but his general and said we are going to start flights, air strikes in an hour. you can trust him when you meet with him? >> i think the most important thing is that he understands where i'm coming from. where israel is coming from.
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i you think we made that have clear. >> in terms of your speech for the u.n., you had a 45 second silence. >> 44. >> thank you for the correction. what point was driven home, do you think? >> look, you know, the u.n. is celebrating now, not celebrating but marking its 70th anniversary. 70 years after the defeat of naziism. in many ways the u.n. was established after the horrors of world war ii and especially the holocaust. now, 70 years after the murder of 6 million jews. iran's dictator khomeini promises to murder another 6 million jews, the citizens of israel. and with one or exceptions. outrageous. and we learned nothing? nothing? we are condemned to repeat
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these grave errors of history? >> i thought i would bring that point home by that deafening silence. >> you talked about how the u.n. has been bashing israel. what's the function of the u.n.? what do you think the u.n. is doing right now? how would you describe it? >> well, it's not living up to its great universal role of being a force for promoting peace because it's bashing israel. 660 percent of the resolutions of the u.n.'s human rights counsel are directed not against iran. not against syria. and not against all the other places where these horrible -- this horrible carnage is taking place and where millions are being displaced and murdered. hundreds of thousands are being murdered. against the one in the middle east israel. iran is ritual like quotey
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yogi bare ravment i said it's deja vu all over again. it's t. just happened again and again with no reference to reality. israel is standing in the breach there, protecting civilization. fighting the forces that ravage people. ancient treasures of civilization. u.n.? israel. i think it's time to rail against democracy and i did. i will continue to do that. >> mr. p.m., it's nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> thank you. always nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> the speaker of the house newt gingrich knows prime minister netanyahu. he is here to go "on the record." and just briefly first, mr. speaker welcome back to fox news. you are back with us now. by the way, that was a very good interview. let's take it apart.
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what do you think about what prime minister netanyahu had to say? >> well, i agree with vuret tale everything he said. i probably am a little more troubled by putin coming into syrian than he is the record of the united nations is embarrassing, hypocritical something we should be talking about more. the threat to all of us from what's going on in the region is very, very real. and it's interesting to watch, he is very disciplined, deep counsel deep disagreements with secretary kerry and president obama. but he look, we are really on the same side. we are really close allies. and, of course, part of that president obama and secretary kerry that they have made promises to israel that they need to keep. >> you know, as i was
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sitting there asking questions. i thought he was like what you were saying threading the needle, wanting to repeatedly say that we are good friends of the united states but trying to make sure to make his point that he is deeply disappointed, very much worried about the security of his country. so you sort of got the fact that he was sort of dancing around that issue. but, you know, i certainly felt sitting in that room that was deeply disturbed about the security of his country, the way the u.n. was treating them. all the resolutions have been against israel. one he said yesterday he was against syria. and that, you know, is almost like a loner out there defending his nation. >> well, you know, if you think about it from the standpoint of being the prime minister of israel. you go into this body that's supposed to care about humidity. it's supposed to care about human rights. it's supposed to it be a place to protect the innocent. and you realize it is a totally rigged game. it's at least 60 or 65% stacked against israel. many of those countries would dislike to see israel
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even survive. and, yet, you have got to act a the part of a civilized, responsible statesman, and i think netanyahu does a very effective job in a very difficult situation. >> you know, it there is no question that there is no doubt that and president obama have had a chill relationship. you know, over the past couple of years. yesterday, when he spoke before the u.n., secretary kerry was not there. ambassador to the u.n., samantha powers was not there now secretary kerry as i understand, obvious will he we are dealing with this crisis with russia and on video conference with the president. said that samantha powers was as well. you know what? i would have thought at least the ambassador samantha power could have been there or at least. off 30 minutes one direction. >> that excuse is sleuth total bologna. the secretary of state and the united nations ambassador could both have rearranged their schedule.
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particularly remember this is at a point where prime minister abbas and president abat has said that the palestinians are no longer going to honor the oslo agreement which was the major step towards peace between israel and the palestinians. so, in this setting, to not have the american secretary of state and the american ambassador there, i think has to be seen as a deliberate brant insult and a deliberate brant signal to the world. >> mr. speaker, thank you, like i said welcome back and we will see you here often, sir. >> good to be with you. >> and president obama blasting russian president vladimir putin about syria. what the president just said next. also "on the record," live on the ground investigating the vicious deadly shooting rampage at a community college in roseburg, oregon. we will take you there life. plus, get ready, hurricane joaquin is threatening tens of millions of americans. team coverage all along the team coverage all along the east coast.
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where we are now is that we are having technical conversations about deconfliction, so that we're not seeing u.s. and american fire fights in the air. but, beyond that, we are very clear in sticking to our belief and our policy that the problem here is assad and the brutality that has inflicted on the syrian people, and that it has to stop. >> hawaii congressman woman and iraq war veteran he --
11:22 pm
congressman woman. welcome from a very wet new york city. >> alocal ha from beautiful sunny hawaii. >> you say you that at least assad should stay for a while. is that right? >> what i'm saying, greta, is that the most important thing for us is the united states is to remember exactly who our enemy is. it's these islamic extremist groups like isis, like al qaeda. and we need to dedicate our resources directly into defeating this enemy. we should not stand by and allow turkey to continue their bombing attacks on the very same kurds who we have found to be our most effective fighting force against isis on the ground in iraq and syria. number two, we should not support the overthrowing of assad. if we do that if assad were to be taken out tomorrow, what we would see is ice sis and al qaeda taking over the entire country of syria,
11:23 pm
presenting a threat to the united states, the american people and the world like we have never seen before. >> and i take it sort of the -- what you are sort of pointing to is about what happened in libya when gaddafi who was also a horrible man. all right. secretary of state hillary clinton says that she is in favor of a no-fly zone. president obama is opposed to that he said running for president is dirve than being president. >> what are the pros and cons of being president? >> i you share the concerns of the pentagon here that if you are talking about a no-fly zone. you are talking about dedicating real hard tangible american military resources and service members to that effort with a very real likelihood. and possibility of a quickest can a legs into a larger conflict, which really is not our focus. once again, my position is strongly that we need to focus on exactly who our
11:24 pm
enemy is that enemy is isis, al qaeda al news are a. extremists who have continued to gain more territory. support the kurds who have been most effective in fighting against them and not be distracted by these other missions as you mentioned that would saw happen in iraq, with saddam hussein and also in libya with qaddafi supporting regime change and nation building. >> all right. is supporting the kurds enough, like with training and weapons? or are you suggesting that we may even have to have american boots on the ground to fight isis? >> i'm not suggesting that we have american boots on the ground because, for the very reason we already have an effective fighting force on the ground in the kurds, i have introduced resolutions, introduced amendments, the defense bill in congress to say, hey, we need to directly support and arm these kurdish fighters. both in iraq as well as in syria. in syria, as an example, the kurdish fighters there over 25,000 strong,ed arey to go and attack raqqa, the heart of isis strong hold and all
11:25 pm
they are asking for is a little bit more support from the united states so that they can do this and claim this desighive victory over isis which is exactly the objective that we share. >> one quick question and you see the woman, a young woman who was sold into slavery. she testified before congress. your thoughts, you are pro-poeting some sort of bill to sort of help these people? >> yeah, i was there, greta. and i had a chance to hear from her and the heart wrenching story that she shared that she and so many others have gone through. we have got a serious problem now where we have christians other facing genocide. my resolution seeks to deal with two problems. first the administration has called for very large increase in the number of refugees from the middle east that the united states will be taking in. there is a national security concern there. that those may be islamic extremists that may provide a threat to our homeland. to our domestic security,
11:26 pm
and the second is that we have got these christians, you you facing this genocide, sold into slavery. my bipartisan resolution with congressman duncan hunter seeks to address those issues, these refugees should be christian minorities and making sure we are dealing with the national security concern. >> congresswoman, nice to harr from you. the woman you spoke about is actually going to join us right here next week "on the record." and it's nice that your bill is bipartisan. so from wet new york, aloha. >> aloha, greta. >> a massive investigation now underway into the vicious killer who murdered vicious killer who murdered 9 innocent in cold ♪ vicious killer who murdered 9 innocent in cold ♪ ♪
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ruzburg with the very latest there. griff, we will start with you. >> greta, an emotional afternoon here as authorities release the names of the 9 victims killed. the sheriff becoming emotional. ages range from 18 to 67.
11:31 pm
we have learned that the number of injured has risen from 7 to 9. six of whom remain in the hospital including that army veteran who so bravely tried to fight the shooter chris merge. now, we have learned also that the number of guns that the shooter had had is a total of 13 six were recovered on scene and some were in the apartment he lived in with his mother paint a picture of disturbed loner, targeted christians. online ramblings suggested that he admired mass shooters like the one we recently saw in roanoke, virginia. spent time at that apartment come plex talking to neighbors to see what we could learn. >> said -- wednesday, about 11, 11:30 in the morning. >> was throwing. >> after we found tout who it was.
11:32 pm
i said this man has black rimmed glasses, that's the same gentleman we saw wednesday. >> his mother mentioned how he just stays in his bedroom all the time on his computer with the door closed. >> would be pacing back and forth. always looking over his shoulder i got wad feeling from him. i have two dogs that come out to play. i watch them luke a hawk. >> something out of the ordinary? >> yeah it didn't sit right with me. >> many of v. wondered why this community college, well we have learned towed tonight that he was indeed a student here and enrolled in the class where the shooting began. greta? >> griff, thank you. these horrific crimes leaving many in oregon and the nation with more questions than answers. live in california close to where the killer's father lives. stefanie, what's the latest there? >>? well, greta, members of the media have been camped out
11:33 pm
in this quiet neighborhood all day long. it's been quiet here. just in the last few minutes, a little bit of act tuft. we had a neighbor come up and hold a sign basically criticizing the media for nonstop 24/7 coverage of mat shootings. but the home itself we know that ian mercer lives here. he is the father. lives here with his wife and stepdaughter. one neighbor tells us about the last 10 years. mercer left the house this morning. did stop to talk to the media last night he did make a brief statement expressing shock and sadness over the incident. he declined to spook further about his son. neighbors here tell us that that they had very little interaction with the shooter. they only saw him visit a few times. another neighbor we spoke to said he never saw chris harper mercer are and didn't even realize that the shooter was his neighbor's son. so, again now, this is california. we are learning more about chris harper mercier, that he lived in nearby
11:34 pm
attorneys, california in an apartment. when the pair moved to oregon. neighbors there described him as a quiet lombardier. we also understand that he graduated in 2009 from switzer learning center. that is a school that it says helps children with learning disabilities and autism. greta? >> within hours of a deadly shooting rampage president obama addressing the nation, taking a forceful tone and turning the killing rampage into what some say is political. >> the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings. how can you, with a straight face, make the argument that more guns will make us safer? >> fox news white house correspondent kevin corc is live in washington.
11:35 pm
the president is getting a lot of heat from for his statement. people say it is political right out of the gate. >> politicizing gun violence usual solid a terrible its decision. you think what's happening, greta, is the president is being a little counter intuitive and is he taking a gamble. he is he figuring people as they keep hearing about the fact that congress hasn't done something, maybe they will shift the blame on congress instead of pointing the finger at this commander and chief. and speaking of politics, i want to share something very briefly that the president was asked today during his news conference. he was asked about comments jeb bush made about the oregon shooting. it was a very interesting response. listen carefully to how the president responds to this question. >> i have to get you to respond to something that jeb bush just said. to be fair to governor bush i want to read it directly. >> okay. >> asked about the drive to take action in lights of what happened in oregon. look, stuff happens, there is always a crisis.
11:36 pm
the impulse is always to do something and it's not always the right thing to do. how would you react to governor bush? >> i don't even think i have to react to this one. [ laughter ] i think the american people should hear that and make their own judgments based on the fact that every couple of months we have a mass shooting. and in terms of owe-and they can decide whether they consider are that stuff happening. >> listen, words matter. and you have to be careful because sometimes you can use the wrong phrase and it gets muddied. your message gets muddied. i think it's important to say, this greta. you hit on it a little bit earlier. by politicizing, this the president runs an enormous risk because people don't want to see this politicized. especially when you consider all the carnage that has happened not just in oregon but all over our country. >> kevin as always, thank
11:37 pm
you very much. >> you bet. american hero eric skarlatos awarded highest. today he returned home to his hometown of roseburg, oregon to the community college he attended. alec goes "on the record" next. plus, 31 americans are right now missing. lost at sea. a 700-foot cargo ship loses power in the heavy rains and wi welcome to today's working world. companies everywhere are working harder and investing more. but achieving the right outcomes has never been more difficult. xerox engineers a better way for people, process and technology to work together. improving how the world shops, travels, pleases customers, learns, banks, and stays healthy, so... life works better. work can work better. with xerox.
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the merge hero who had been on the record before put his life on the line it to stop an august terror attack stop a train head haded to paris. community college taking some time off. alec told us yesterday after hearing that nine of his fellow students were murdered. he rushed back from his dancing with the stars rehearsal to return to roseburg, oregon. alek skarlatos is live there now that you are home. come back from "dancing with the stars" rehearsal, what
11:42 pm
are your thoughts tonight? >> i mean, i'm just trying to, he guess, take everything in. i mean it's absolutely insane to have this kind of thing. i just need to be home, i guess is kind of the only feeling i have. >> you you were supposed to be on a plane out here to new york city because the prime minister of belgium also wanted to give you an honor for your heroism on that train in france. you decided to go home. why was that more important to you? >> well, the prime minister of belgium giving us that was a huge honor like i said, i just need to be with my friend and family here in roseburg we heard of chris, he has a hero at the community college and trying to stop the gunman there and much like you did in the paris train i like to think
11:43 pm
that i might do so but i have to admit on such circumstances i probably would have got on on the floor and hid. i know what you did on the train what would you have done this time? >> you mean, i honestly have no idea. it's anybody's guess, frankly, because i'm -- every circumstance would be different. i mean, i don't know if i would have acted the same spencer act the way he did and as far as chris goes. i mean, that's just amazing. and nope can say how they are going to act in a situation like this until it happens. >> it's all these terrible tragedies that we keep ing and we focus so much on the horror. every once in a while we see some extreme goodness in some. whether it's the people rushing in to help people or chris or even you and your buddies on the train. i mean, i assume you have the same sort of sense of appreciation for the heroes there.
11:44 pm
>> absolutelily, people need to learn to do something when these things happen because you are probably going to i do anyway. you might as well give it a shot. you may get lucky and live or maybe save other people or save yourself, frankly. >> alec, thank you. thank you for joining us again. >> thank you very much, appreciate that. >> and brace yourself, hurricane joaquin may swing east and miss the united states. but, that by no means lifts the danger for millions of americans. get ready straight ahead. >> october 5th, fox news headlines 24/sirius xm. fox news headlines 24/7 need to hire fast?
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this is a fox news alert. 31 americans are right now missing at sea. the u.s. coast guard is desperately searching for a missing 700-foot cargo ship caught in hurricane joaquin. more danger back on mainland. tens of millions of americans bracing for winds and heavy rain. we have live team coverage. jonathan serrie is live in kill devil hills, north carolina. but, first, chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking. >> greta. that cargo ship really had been right in the center of where this hurricane has been for around 36 hours. it's very hard to malg imagine how that was able to even be in that area and why that would be the case. but certainly that search goes on. this is what is going on right here. that is joaquin. now we starting to see some of that moisture pull up into what has been this kind of station marry front that has brought very heavy rain
11:50 pm
this week across parts of the eastern seaboard here. we have already seen so much flooding. it's going to get worse as we start to see more of this moisture make its way in here across the carolinas. you are already seeing that and very dangerous night tonight and for much of the weekend. i will show you more are of that in a second. this is joaquin. begun to make northerly turn. winds come down a little bit. 1125 miles per hour. it was 130. it has weakened just a little bit. we think it's going to stay off towards the shore. information, we are sure it's going to stay off toward the eastern seaboard. that's the good news here. thread the needle between bermuda and eastern seaboard. maybe at the very end, sunday into monday, we will see a shower or two across cape cod and the islands from it this right here is joaquin. then there is this area of low pressure here. this has been a really complicated weather pattern to forecast. what he we are going to see over the next couple of days is joaquin pull off towards the northeast. you will notice the moisture from it will continue to be pulled in here across parts of the carolinas. and that's where we are going to be be looking at the very heavy rain.
11:51 pm
a future radar picture of it you can see that connection this right there is joaquin. you see that connection going all the way back here. we are going to get rain here this weekend that is likely going to be many areas over 6 to 10 inches. and a few isolated areas. we could be be seeing 18 inches or so, maybe even 20 over the weekend. incrdable flooding, potentially historic. stuff we have never seen here before across the carolinas. starting tonight. it's a very rough weekend ahead. we will continue to track it all right here, greta. >> very dangerous for all those people. rick, thank you. >> you bet. even though hurricane joaquin may slide east missing land. millions are still in danger as rick noted. live in virginia beach where more than 2 feet of rain has already fallen. garrett? folks all along the coast are breathing a i sigh of relief tonight now that joaquin won't be making landfall. there will be plenty of rain. after a week of near constant rainfall, flooding and storm surge is a real
11:52 pm
concern here. >> we thought one bullet, there happened to be two in the chamber. the other bullet is what we have to deal with this weekend which is this cold front that came in and went across the state. >> on a normal day here in virginia beach. you would see people eating here outside. but today you saw schools of fishes there having a snack. the water levels rose so much during high tied that a couple unks of water covered nearly the entire floor of the restaurant, even running out into the parking lot it happens almost every big storm though so they are used to it actually even open for dinner this evening. but with more heavy rain expected, as much as a foot of rain over this weekend, officials say more flooding like this is expected. greta? >> garrett, thank you. and there is more horrible news that frantic search underway right now, 31 americans are missing. they were or are aboard a cargo ship. that ship lost power near
11:53 pm
the bahamas as hurricane joaquin beat down on it it jonathan serrie is live in kill devil hills. jonathan high winds and heavy surf continue pounding the outer banks. officials here in the u.s. are most concerned about all of this rain. the rain causing major problems not just on the coast but also inland communities such as upstate north carolina' in par santa ana tan birg a woman died under past. emergency crews rescued several people whose vehicles fell into a creek after part of a bridge washed away. today hurricane joaquin continued to batter portions of the bahamas. the u.s. coast guard and hurricane hunter aircraft have been searching the nearby waters for a missing cargo ship with 33 crew on board, including 31 americans. the 735-foot long elfaro was carrying cars and shipping containers from jacksonville, florida to puerto rico thursday when
11:54 pm
the crew reported they had lost engine power somewhere near the eye of the storm. their communications went down. shortly after that. now, greta, as rick pointed out earlier, these rains are expected to continue through the weekend. and emergency management officials expect that will cause even more problems. back to you, greta. >> jonathan, thank you. and coming up, the nfl has a new problem tonight. one of its records. i will tell you off-the-record of course, off-the-record of course, that's when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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let's all go off-the-record for main. yep, i'm a big football fan. even a proud owner of one share of stock in the great green bay pack ares. what you don't know though is that i have been known to make some fun of some of the statistics we hear. out of the blue announcement's something like this is the first time any player has ever advanced three yards fifth third sunday of in the month temperature 70 degrees and the player's birthday. big deal.
11:59 pm
have you heard those though, right? silly. well, today you hard about a new record. one that i didn't think was particularly funny. shocky. "u.s.a. today" collected data on nfl player ref isn't 2015 was the first month the nfl has gone without a player arrest since july 2009. do the math. that is 7 '3 straight months in an nfl player has been arrested. disgraceful. 73 straight months. football players are supposed to be role models, children wear their jerseys and look up to them. i they there are decent players. a few rotten apples poison the game. by the way it sure does not help that the nfl has been known' to run cover for players pretending it did not know. case in point? ray rice. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. so you monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. follow me at the handle @greta. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from new york
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