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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 3, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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president obama doubles down on calls for new gun control legislation in the wake of the oregon campus massacre. this, is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. president obama is putting the blame for mass shootings like the one that took nine lives yesterday in oregon squarely at the feet of congress with a strong emphasis on republicans. his comments come as we learn more about the young man who pulled the trigger. we have fox team coverage. kevin corke at the white house from the president's comment from an afternoon news conference. we begin with dan springer in roseburg, oregon tonight. hello, dan.
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>> a full day after the mass shooting at umpqua community college. police have still blocked access to the campus. a makeshift memorial grows, lots of flowers and a sign that says pray for roseburg. many helped where they could by giving blood. nine people were killed. almost all students, several more were injured, three are still fighting for their lives. among those shot was chris minz, who tried to keep the gunman out of the classroom and shielded others. >> tried to blom the door do keep the gunman from coming in. shot three times, hits the floor. looks up at the gun mman and says's my son's birthday today. >> the gunman was 26-year-old chris harper mercer, who died in a shootout with police. officials say he had no apparent connection with the school, but was filled with hate. several witnesses say he asked victims say he asked them what their religion was, shooting christians in the head.
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he said he felt depressed and felt the world was against him in other postings he voiced admiration for shooters. it may be why local authorities are taking a stand. >> you will not hear anyone from this law enforcement operation use his name. >> mercer had no criminal record or history of mental illness. neighbors in southern california said he was around guns and would go target shooting with his mother. the atf said he had body armor, five magazine clips and access do 13 guns. >> six recovered at the school. and seven recovered at his residence. >> were they all purchased legally? >> they were all purchased legally, yes. >> oregon's governor, democrat kate brown alluded to the gun's pro gun laws and alluded to possible changes. >> we must and will do better to prevent these types of senseless violence. this is a conversation that we will have. but today is not the day. >> just minutes ago, officials
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announced the names of the nine innocent victims, 19-year-old lucero alvarez, 18-year-old quinn cooper. quinn dietz. jason johnson, lawrence levine, 44-year-old serena moore. 20-year-old trevan anspach. in the coming days, we'll know more about them and their dreams that were senselessly cut short yesterday. >> sad story. dan spring anywhere roseburg, thank you. a short time ago, the president reiterated his call for new gun legislation. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house with more. >> for the second day in a row, a frustrated president obama told the nation he would politicize the oregon college shooting because it wasn't just a tragedy, it was a choice. >> i'm going to talk about this. on a regular basis, and i will politicize it. because our inaction is a
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political decision that we are making. >> the president blamed lawmakers, he says are fearful of the powerful gun lobby for not doing enough to stem gun violence. >> the nra has had a good start. they've been at this a long time. they've perfected what they do. >> you got to give them credit. they're very effective. >> they're become common from newtown to aurora, milwaukee to charleston. now roseburg, devastating mass killings by perpetrator who used guns owned legally. the house has called for more regulations, including background checks for all gun sales. a ban on assault weapons and an end to the freeze on gun violence research are more gun laws really the answer? the president's home town of chicago for example has been besieged by gun violence, despite having some of the strictest gun laws in america. the windy city has had over 1700 shoot this is year. up 20% from a year ago and 349 people have been killed by gun
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violence in 2015. numbers that some on capitol hill say underscore the need for a more comprehensive approach to the problem. >> there is more to it than just laws about guns. i would say what we need is more laws dealing with those who are mentally ill. >> in cleveland overnight, a 5-month-old baby was gunned down in a drive-by shooting. police are searching for the killer and answers. >> tough. this should not be happening in our city. >> heartbreak doing see that story. tonight the president has issued a proclamation, ordering all flags at government facilities be lowered to half staff. the proclamation taking effect immediately. the flags will be flown at half staff until sunset tuesday night. >> kevin, thank you. president obama said today he will not sign another
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temporary funding bill to keep the government open, insisting that the u.s. cannot cut its way to prosperity. >> i will not sign another short sighted spending bill like the one congress sent me this week. we purchased ourselves ten additional weeks, we need to use them effectively. the president said he's not negotiating on a debt ceiling and he's demanding a spending plan, with congressional republicans to lift a freeze on the budgets of both the pentagon and domestic agency, the so-called sequester. meantime, wall street today took another tumble, after disappointing news about jobs. but then recovered in unusually strong fashion late in the trading day. the dow finished 200 ahead, the s&p 500 was up 27 1/2. the nasdaq gained 81. for the week, the dow and the s&p 500 gained about 1 percentage point. the nasdaq was up about .5%. joining us from our sister network, fox business networks,
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liz clayman. what can you tell us about the job numbers. >> the job numbers were shockingly dus appointing, brett. that's what amazing to see what you just showed us. that was a massive pivot off the floor. when the numbers first came out this morning from september they were a huge disappointment. we saw build of just 142,000 jobs instead of what was expected, 203,000 jobs. so it was a huge miss. boom, the markets opened at 9:30 a.m. eastern. tanked. they started dropping, more than 200 points. what then happened? they rocketed off the floor on what's called program trading. this is interesting to people who have 401(k)s or 529s or pension funds. these are massive program or electronic trades put in place by the big investors, the vanguards of the world or big hedge funds, that shot the markets back up and we saw the biggest reversal in four years. the market had a swing of more than 400 points and you saw the dow ended up more than 200.
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what does it mean? it means that the markets at least today because it changes from day to day believes that there is close to no chance we will see an interest rate hike this year. in fact, the betters bet down on it. it doesn't look like we'll even see. we've got two more meetings left, october 28th and then in december. with that data point, brett, it's bad enough that it doesn't look like the fed will have the courage to do it. >> everybody will be watching closely, liz claman in new york. the lowest participation rate for the labor participation we saw in the latest jobs numbers. some international pushback to russian leader vladimir putin over his bombing of targets in syria. and what the president said about the situation. this afternoon at the white house, definitely raised some eyebrows, correspondent peter deucy has details from the pentagon. >> seven powerful countries said they don't believe vladimir putin when he says russian jets are in syria to take out
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terrorists and they don't believe that nobody else is getting hurt. with a joint declaration that moscow's strikes led to civilian casualties and did not target daesh. another name for isis and now president obama has a declaration of his own. >> an attempt by russia and iran to prop up assad and try to pacify the population. is just going to get them stuck in a quagmire. >> this is the first time since world war ii that american and russian war planes have conducted air strikes over the same country and it seems chaotic. but critics think putin's plan is crystal clear. >> if he can wipe out all the nonisis elements on the ground in syria. they can turn to the world and say, okay, guys, here's your choice. isis or assad. there's no one left. >> why does the pentagon just defend c.i.a.-trained rebels against russia? it can't. the u.s. official tells fox legal issues and rules of engagement prohibit american forces from targeting anyone but
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terrorists from isis or nusra front. in other words, they can't cogression. something else the u.s. won't do, coordinate with syria's military. that's the reason that russia's foreign minister told the u.n. they like putin's hands on approach. >> air strikes are useless, unless they are conducted in cooperation with the syrian army. >> the syrian army is in shambles, because many potential soldiers are refugees, walking across europe to get away from assad. >> a lot of refugees are draft-age kids, running out of syria, because they don't want to be in his military. >> president obama said today he's rooting for russia to beat isis. even though it's not clear the kremlin is actually trying to do that. then the president promised there will not be a proxy war between the united states and russia, because he does not think syria is a super-powered
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chessboard. brett? >> peter deucy. live at the pentagon. up next, several states bracing for the effects of severe weather as a hurricane spins offshore. first hear from some of our fox affiliates around the country. fox 25 in oklahoma city. the state's highest criminal court indefinitely halts three upcoming executions because the prison system received the wrong drug for a lethal injection. that led to the postponement of the execution of convicted murderer richard glossip on wednesday, now the timeline for other two death row inmates is also on hold. fox 25 in boston with news that 2 of 26 arm killed in a transport plane in afghanistan were deployed out of massachusetts. four airmen were debloied from a base in texas. and this is a live look at seattle from our affiliate q 13 fox, the big story out there tonight, a data breach at one of
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the three major credit bureaus is affecting t-mobile customers. e ex-per onsays hackered. t-mobile ceo says it will review it's relationship with experion which has been involved in data breaches. a live look from outside the beltway.
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weather forecasters are telling us tonight that hurricane joaquin will stay far out to sea. that is good news. but it does not mean residents along the east coast are out of danger from severe weather. correspondent jonathan serrey is in a wet kill devil hills in north carolina tonight. good evening, jonathan. >> hi, brett. well high surf and heavy winds continue battering the outer banks even though hurricane joaquin is hundreds of miles out
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at sea. take a look at this video from the bahamas where the hurricane ripped roofs from houses, uprooted trees and caused flooding. the u.s. coast guard is searching the nearby waters for a missing cargo ship with 33 people on board. the 735-foot-long boat was en route to puerto rico from jacksonville, florida. when the crew reported they had lost engine power near the eye of the storm and then they lost contact. the current forecast track keeps joaquin at sea, well away from the u.s. coast. that doesn't mean the southeast and mid-atlantic states are out of danger. >> there is joaquin and there's another disturbance in the two of those kind of together are still going to cause big impacts for us, in fact we've had the front that's been stalled out across the east coast and take a look at the rainfall totals we've already seen this week. a lot of areas in the five to eight-inches of rain. >> that rain is causing trouble far inland in such places as upstate south carolina. in spartanburg, a woman died
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after her car became submerged in a flooded underpass. emergency crews rescued several people whose vehicles fell into a creek after part of a bridge washed away. and in charleston, nonessential city and county government offices closed, along with public schools and colleges. that helped reduce traffic in this low-country region. that is prone to flooding. forecasters are predicting the rain will continue to cause problems throughout the weekend. brett, many people stocking up on groceries and other supplies in case there are power outages. >> jonathan serrie, live in north carolina, thank you. president obama's education secretary is stepping down. arne duncan will leave in december. he's one of the few remaining members of the president's original cabinet. the president has tapped a senior department official to become acting secretary. we're getting two different versions of how pope francis met the kentucky clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue
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marriage licenses to same-sex couples. kim davis originally said the pope encouraged her to stay strong during a meeting in washington last week. today, the vap vatican said davis was part of a receiving line with dozens of others and the pope meant no endorsement of her position. the vatican insists the pope's only real audience was the day before with a former student who is openly gay. and his family. but davis' lawyer said his client met individually with the pope at the vatican's request. still ahead, a look at how some of the republican candidates want to fix the tax system. on the campaign trail, with the contenders.
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in campaign news, the campus
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murders in oregon have become a central topic on the campaign trail. here's senior political correspondent mike emmanuel. >> on the day after the community college shooting in oregon, republican presidential candidates faced questions about the second amendment. >> look, stuff happens, there's always a crisis. in the impulse is always to do something and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> are you going to have these things happen, and it's, it's a horrible thing to behold. >> with trump leading the republican field nationally and in the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire, he continues hiring staff and was asked if elected, would he hire fellow candidate dr. ben carson? >> i would, yes, absolutely. i would love to have that. absolutely. >> a new pew poll has trump leading with 25% support followed by carson with 16%, with senator marco rubio and carly fiorina tied at 8%. followed by ted cruz at 8% and jeb bush at 4%.
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carson played to his expertise, sharing his ideas on fixing the health care system, including health savings accounts for lower income people. >> we have to think how we use that money effectively. to let them begin to take care of themselves. a lot of people in washington of course say absolutely not. in new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich seemed to enjoy reports that jeb bush's superpac is digging through kasich's files at his hometown library in ohio. >> come on jeb, you got better things to do than investigate me. >> obama was asked about bush's comments that stuff happens. and he said he didn't think he needed to comment on that. >> mike thank you. on to the democratic side, hillary clinton is in florida today. where the front-runner is hoping to turn the page coverage from an email scandal to more positive news. chief white house correspondent ed henry is in davie, florida,
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tonight. >> hillary clinton campaigned in the critical battleground of florida. as she tried to stop a double-digit slide in some national polls. >> i'm not running for my husband's third term or president obama's third term. i'm running for my first term. >> part of her comeback strategy is to lean harder on one democratic president, while distancing herself from another. former president bill clinton will be taking on a more aggressive role. with the jefferson jackson dinner tonight in west virginia and then a beefed-up fundraising schedule across the country. after democratic socialist senator bernie sanders surprised the clinton camp again, nearly matching her dollar for dollar with a $26 million fundraising haul in the third quarter of the year. for the second time this week, clinton tried to distance herself from president obama on syria. after telling msnbc the administration's plan to help the syrian rebels fail. she told whdh 7 in boston -- >> i would be advocating for a
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no-fly zone. >> a break from the president and vice president, joe biden. who teased the crowd at the washington ideas forum about his possible challenge to clinton. >>-day have an announcement to make -- i am still intimidated by dr. kissinger. >> at his white house news conference today, the president gently pushed back at clinton. >> i think hillary clinton would be the first to say that when you're sitting in the seat that i'm sitting in and the situation room, things look a little bit different. >> democratic race is so unsettled, even al gore is refusing to rule out running. >> i'm a recovering politician, i've said that before, but it's still true. and the longer i go without a relapse, the less likely there will be one. >> asked whether it's too late for joe biden to get into the race, the vice president punted, saying he loves the president but has his own decision to make. >> thank you. utah republican congressman jason chaffetz plans to challenge house majority leader kevin mccarthy for the role of
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speaker. replacing the retiring john boehner. that is according to multiple news reports tonight. chaffetz and his staff have not returned calls requesting comment. mccarthy is taking heavy criticism you may remember for comments earlier this week about hillary clinton and the benghazi committee. chaffetz will be a guest on fox news sunday with chris wallace. no grapevine tonight. when we come back, republican candidates vie for votes, with new rules for the tax man. ing ) - okay, josh, do your stuff! - okay, people, you know the drill. - ♪ ...what you believe ♪ open your arms, 'cause that's where it starts ♪
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few issues provide red meat to the republican faithful like taxes. and with this season's crowded presidential field, coming up with a popular tax strategy could be a game-changer. tonight correspondent rich edison looks at what we know so far about the candidates' plans. >> overhauling the tax code requires multibillion-dollar decisions on a seemingly endless number of tax questions. the type of detail politicians usually omit from speeches and talking points. analysts say this year is different. >> we have probably never seen a presidential campaign in which we've had this many presidential candidates issuing very detailed tax reform plans at this stage
1:31 am
of the campaign. >> four in particular -- says the conservative tax foundation. donald trump, jeb bush and senators marco rubio and rand paul. they all would cut individual tax rates from a high of 40% in the current code. trump exempts those earning less than $25,000 from federal taxes. hits income at 10, 20 and 25%. bush's plan features three tax brackets. 10, 25 and 28%. rubio's proposal offers even fewer tax brackets at 15-35%. paul supports a flat tax at 14.5%. new jersey governor chris christie has released a framework calling for three brackets, ranging from single digits to 28% and for businesses republicans are offering a tax cut. >> reducing the corporate tax rate and fully expensing capital investment will create a renaissance of investment in our own country. >> at 35%, the united states has the highest top corporate tax rate in the modern world.
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trump would drop that to 15%. bush to 20%. rubio to 25. paul would institute a 14.5% consumption-base tax. christie joins rubio in calling for a 25% rate. cutting rates this deeply would create a dangerous fiscal imbab. to avoid that, these tax plans also eliminate or curb the majority of tax deductions families and businesses claim. exposing more of their income to the newer tax rate. >> my belief that the economy will do so well, that even though they won't be getting certain deductions, which aren't fair for them to be getting, that they'll end up doing better. >> trump cuts deductions for families and corporations and also hits businesses with a 10% tax on their foreign cash holdings. bush and rubio also tax foreign cash at lower rates. for families, bush would eliminate the state and local income tax deductions and cap the value of others, rubio ends deductions except those for mortgage interest and charitable deductions. paul and christie, the same.
1:33 am
even with the taxes on foreign cash and fewer deductions, the republican plans would still bring in less money to the the federal government than the current system. trump denies his plan would add to the national debt. the tax foundation disagrees, even factors in the effects of economic growth, analysts there say trump's plan would cost $10 trillion over ten years. bush's, 1.6 trillion. rubio, about the same. and paul, less than a trillion. >> it's a trade-off between what's good for government and what's good for taxpayers. and that's what a lot of the republicans have decided we'd rather go with taxpayers over government. >> democrats disagree, and say these republican plans are nothing more than schemes to cut taxes for the rich. >> that's a sure budget-busting give away to the super wealthy and that's the kind of bad economics you're likely to hear from any of the candidates on the other side. >> clinton has released no comprehensive plan. she's proposed specific tax credits and endorsed president obama's plan to subject all
1:34 am
those earning at least $1 million a year to a minimum 30% tax rate. clinton is also calling for a substantial increase in the taxes wealthier earners pay on short-term investments. clinton's challenger, senator bernie sanders, promises to raise taxes on wealthier families and businesses, while republicans say they would abolish the estate tax, sanders said he would keep it and raise it for those inheriting more than $3.5 million. as republicans call to cut federal spending, democrats promise to use the additional tax money on education, research and infrastructure. while most plans focus on maintaining the current tax system, others propose a radically different approach. fair tax transforms the process by which we fund social security and medicare, because the money paid at consumption is paid by everybody. >> including a illegals, prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, all the people freeloading off the system now. >> governor mike huckabee recommend as national sales tax
1:35 am
to replace the income tax. it offers lower income households, checks. ben carson and senator ted cruz are voting for flat tax system. >> the chances any plans become law in their entirety? none. any process proposing to cut value tax deductions will meet resistance in congress. candidates are discussing the tax code and tax reform advocates say if their issue becomes a white house priority it may have enough moment toum finally scrap the current system in the next few years. brett? >> so you're saying there's a chance? thank you. russia bombs syria. president obama says vladimir putin is playing a dangerous game. we'll talk about it all with the panel, when we come back.
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mr. putin had to go into syria, not out of strength, but out of weakness, we're in the
1:39 am
going to make syria into a proxy war between the united states and russia. that would be bad strategy on our part. this is a battle between russia, iran and assad against the overwhelming majority of the syrian people. our battle is with isle. and when i hear people -- offering up half-baked ideas, as if they are solutions, typically what you get is -- a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. >> president obama spent a good deal of time at his news conference fielding questions about syria. about russia's influence in the middle east. and about his meeting at the u.n. can vladimir putin. what about all of this? let's bring in our panel. david kenton, the senior application writer for ""u.s. news & world report"" and sheryl atkinson, author of "full
1:40 am
measure." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. welcome. first time on the panel. you listen to the news conference and you see what's happening over in syria. with vladimir putin, sheryl. it's doctoring to see the dichotomy between the two. >> it is. and you know when president obama said what would be a bad strategy or what is half-baked what is our strategy? what is a good strategy? i ask the question because i interviewed the former u.s. ambassador to syria last week who quit last year because he felt that the obama administration was not articulating a clear policy and would not follow his recommendations, which he said were much like that of the c.i.a., the military, and the state department. so what is the strategy? not just for syria, but in the region. i don't know the answer to the question. but it seems to me one should be able to be articulated. >> charles, mr. putin had to go into syria, not out of strength, but out of weakness, we heard this from the press secretary, josh earnest, yesterday. to you, can the president make his case, how putin is weak.
1:41 am
is interesting. >> as part of the argument for why we are the strong, russians are the weak party. he said, he actually said in the press conference, after all, the russians only have a coalition of two. two countries, iraq and russia, we have 60 on our side. you're a secular anti-government fighter in homs, you've just been savagely attacked from the air. you're lying in the rubble and your buddy says what are we going to do? and you say, don't worry we have the belgians on our side. >> the idea that somehow the phantom coalition is a sign of strength. the fact that only the iranians and the russians are on the other side are really delusional. the iranians are flooding the area with revolutionary guards. they're going to have boots on the ground. they have hezbollah, the best of the fighters in the region already on the ground and now
1:42 am
they have the russian air force who is going to fly air cover and attack the secular, the good guy, what's left of the free syrian army. >> obama has said in the press conference, we're out of here. we're not going to do anything. obama said it's a quagmire and everybody in the region, the syrians opposing the government, the syrians who are opposing isis and the allies in the gulf and elsewhere, america is gone, you're on your own. that was the message of the press conference. he said the reason is the russians are doomed to fail. he said i know it because i can see deep into history here. >> that was the stunning part. he was asked a couple of times about what he would do with the u.s.-backed syrian rebels. i want to play there are a number of people voting different things to do in syria. one of them is hillary clinton. >> i personally advocating for a no fly zone and humanitarian corridors to try to stop the carnage on the ground and from
1:43 am
the air. >> to what degree did hillary clinton's endorsement of a no fly zone put her in a half-baked category that borders on mumbo-jumbo. >> hillary clinton is not half-baked in terms of her approach to these problems, she was obviously my secretary of state. >> but i also think there's a difference between running for president and being president. >> he said all of these things coming in. it's not i had to walk back a little bit on that statement. >> you're seeing a big break away of hoyle on the obama foreign policy. this is a pretty significant break because she is siding with republican policy on this.
1:44 am
>> the republicans with hillary clinton, aligning against obama. it will be doctoring to see if his coalition of democrats on the hill start to break away from that. >> sheryl, the president said today that russia has allies in iran and syria. we have a coalition of the u.s. and the rest of the world. >> when you read things over there talk to allies, it doesn't seem that way. >> i think charles made good points along those lines. >> the issue of hillary clinton distancing herself from president obama, it's not a bad idea to distance herself from a policy that seems weak and isn't working. on the other hand she's very much intertwined with the policy that many believe led in part to the situation this is a regional issue that was born many people think of the failed arab spring movements. that opened doort to terrorist winter. that opened the door to many of the terrorist actions. and caused the refugee crisis, she may try to distance herself from it. is she not intertwined with it? >> what does putin think when he
1:45 am
watches this news conference? >> he's the luckiest russian ever to have a drawn and opponent like obama who is acting like a faculty club liberal living in a fantasy world. he's taking advantage of it and he will for the next 16 months. next up, 2016 news and yes, candidate casino. s of harmful rl show up on your skin.
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first of all, you have very
1:49 am
strong laws on the books. but you're always going to have problems, people are going to slip through the cracks and even if you did great mental health programs. people are going to slip through the cracks. >> stuff happens, there's always a crisis. the impulse is always to do something. it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> you got to be cabreful that you don't solve the problem. there's a problem in the, defect in the law, fine. but sometimes you're imposing solutions to problems that doesn't fix the problem. and takes away people's liberty and rights. that's the point i was trying to make. >> comments about the oregon shooting and what goes on from here. from donald trump and jeb bush, got some attention today. a new poll is getting attention. pew research center poll, here it is, donald trump with another big lead in this poll. in fact. nine points over ben carson. there you see marco rubio, karlie fiorina. the real surprise in this poll
1:50 am
is a national poll, jeb bush at 4%. in this poll by the way, trump is leading every demographic, including women, young people and those who earn more than $735,000 >> a a few differences with jeb bush at 9% in that presidential. so, this brings us to candidate casino. and we do this every friday. we have been a little remiss lately but we are back with the candidate casino. $100 in chips. you get to put wherever you want to put the chips as far as who will be the republican nominee. dave, let's start with you. >> i put a lot of chips on scott walker. that's a disclaimer out there. >> caveat. i have $40 on marco rubio
1:51 am
hot hand. very press yent in the last few weeks about the last top puck we discussed on russia and syria. i put $30 on ben carson and then 10 for trump, fiorina, and even jeb bush is just falling out of nowhere in this race. >> okay. cheryl? >> i'm going with the outside are. i'm putting 40 on carson, 40 on trump. 15 on fiorina and throwing five in there for bush because sometimes the establishment pokes through and who knows. >> in the end. okay. we have a couple people on twitter who weighed. in george, for example, says 30 on rubio. 20 on trump. 15 on cruz. 15 carson. 10 fiorina. 10 bush. not a lot of decisions being made there a lot of chips all over the place. len lionel redburg says 50 on marco rubio. 25 on cruz. 20 on bush and 5 for charles krauthammer. if nominated i will not run. but if elected i will serve. i'm just lazy. well, i am staying with
1:52 am
rubio as my frontrunner. i have been with rubio before he was cool. before he had the good debates. before he showed the press yens as you said on russia. i still think he is the one to be the most acceptable to everybody else as a second choice at the end of the day. bush 20 although you could see it was unnecessary to say stuff happens, especially the to be of that when these people are lying dead. you say this is unavoidable. it's just a matter of nuances, but he shows again that he is sort of wobbly. foreign that rising 15. trump 15, of course, cruz at 5. and then with the yom kippur behind us i go back to wine, women and song. 10 bucks. i want to say trump, of course. >> because he is the frontrunner. your past betting has not indicated. >> my past betting i expressed some skepticism, but, you know, when the facts change, my opinions
1:53 am
change. >> all right. there you go. let's go to the "wall street journal" story out about donors on the democratic side. some hillary clinton donors are defecting to joe biden. resisting treaties from the frontrunner's campaign to stand by her despite declining poll numbers. some have gone public with presidential preference. unstead of being ready for hillary we are waiting for joe. says one of the founders of one-time donor of mrs. clinton's friendly super pac. so, with that we head in to the democratic casino. as you see fewer choices. but still some choices. dave? >> you know, i wanted to put less money on hillary clinton but it's still hard for me to imagine that she is not ultimately the -- ultimately the nominee. i still have $60 on hillary. just a little bit better than a coin flip. i throw $20 on joe biden. mane he decides by christmas. who knows. and $20 on bernie. >> all right, cheryl? >> i'm not a political reporter but i'm putting 100 all of my money in one place
1:54 am
on joe biden. >> 100 on biden? >> i think he is coming in. >> you don't often see black chips at this table. >> is coming. in as soon as he does, i'm sorry he is blowing everybody else away. they are not going to let this socialist and hillary clinton has her problems. >> wow, charles? >> can i take the other side of that bet? sure. i want to be the house on that one. so, i have got 70 on hillary and, gotten, that's a 30% bet that she gets either indicted or there is something smoking in her emails. in the absence of that, she wins. so, if she gets knocked out by something like that, biden has twice the chance that a bernie does. >> one more twitter to put up there. steve writes in 60 odds on biden, warned, putting them both together. 30 on sanders. five on clinton and a he wants to play slots with $5. thank you all for playing candidate casino. next up, the panel brings in winners and losers for the week.
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folks i you know do agree with owe he bama that syrian's president is weak and that's why russia is there. perception marries and the perception is we are weak and retreat and he is strong and a leader. for the lose error secret service by being caught by the inspector general's office, using its color of authority to retaliate
1:59 am
against congressman jason chaffetz who is leading in an investigation against him. it's pretty shocking and bad stuff. >> aman be running for speaker now. that's interesting. he is also on fns this weekend. winners and loser. >> winner of the week soleimani the military chief of the iranian revolutionary guards. the guy who went to moscow illegally he after the signing ever the nuclear deal between us and the iranians who was essentially in charge of iranian forces in iraq. and in syria he is essentially the military war lord of under russian protection. quite a statement considering he is a guy who had his hand in the killing of hundreds of americans in the afghanistan and iraqi wars. the loser of the week is ashton carter, secretary of defense, who gave one of the worst press conferences in the history of the press. in fact, he was so bumbling in explaining our position on syria, he made obama today look forceful and eloquent in his press
2:00 am
conference. >> strong letter to follow. panel, thank you very much. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. thank you for watching, everyone. this is "the kelly file." tonight, russia continues to walk all over the united states. donald trump is here to explain how he would deal with vladimir putin's power play in syria. plus -- >> i'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria as part of this mass migration. if i win, they're going back. they're going back. >> the republican frontrunner will weigh in on the growing refugee crisis. >> this is something we should politicize. >> and governor mike huckabee slams the president for politicizing guns. >> because you're a


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