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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 3, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are learning a lot more about the college campus gunman who took the lives of seven people as president obama doubles down for more calls for gun control. >> the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this on a regular basis. and i will politicize it because our inaction is a
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political decision that would are making. >> but does the president wants argument make sense? we have got the numbers. >> hillary clinton has a brand new scripted surprise up her sleeve. >> thank you for coming. i love your outfit. [ laughter ] >> well, i love your outfit. >> thank you. >> i do you want the earrings back. >> o, okay. [ laughter ] >> well another appearance on "saturday night live" save her struggling campaign? "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ we have a busy morning for you. look at those boxes there. let's get to extreme weather storms. governors up and down the eastern seaboard declares states of emergency as rain saturates the coast causing widespread flooding. >> more rain is also
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expected as hurricane what joaquin heads north. category 3 storm searching for missing cargo ship. >> team coverage tracking the storms with jonathan serrie live in kill devils, north carolina, and rick reichmuth here in the weather center. we are going to start this morning with jonathan. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning to you, right now we are enjoying a brief break in the rain that has been seemingly constant this entire year and forecasters anticipate it's going to be raining for much of the weekend. later this morning he we expect the rain showers to return are. that's causing problems even far beyond the coastal areas. north carolina state troopers believe that saturated ground may have led to a tree falling across i-95 in cumberland county. it struck two cars and killed one pass jr. in south carolina a woman died after her car sank in floodwaters at an underpass in spartanburg. out at see the u.s. coast guard rescued 12 mariners
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who had abandoned rough seas northwest. the helicopter pulgd the crew to safety from a life raft where think had sought refuge after cargo vessel had taken on water and starting listing. >> that vessel subsequently sank shortly after we housed those people. shows you how much danger those folks folks were in. >> the coast guard continues the search for another missing cargo ship, a larger vessel. the u.s. flag vessel elfaro 5 u.s. citizens and poll lush nationals lost power neither identity theft storm on thursday. since then has been out of communication. here on land, officials are urging people to drive cautiously. telling people if they see standing water on the road in front of them not the to take any chances, to turn around. and in south carolina governor nikki haley is warning clemson fans if they are driving to tony's notre dame game in upstate, south
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carolina to expect traffic lays and detours because of the rainy conditions. back to you. >> unblooivel. get offer to rick reichmuth now. obviously states of emergency and worries of flooding. >> that game that's going to go on tonight. i no people want to go to that game but good idea to stay home from that. severe weather could see tornadoes in south carolina in addition to spots that will maybe see 12 inches of rain. that's not really from joaquin. a separate system we are watching. a few things going on. this is joaquin. i tell you, think about this. this storm was right over the baum islands as a cat 3, cat 4 storms for the better part of 36 hours. like being in ef 3 tornado that long. incredible damage there and would don't have the pictures just yet. those are are openfully be coming this morning as the storm pulls north and away from it the storm still there within eye. still a cat 3 storm.
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going to put off to the northeast. not see a direct landfall from this. impacts from this associated with high pressure off actual toward the north have been pummeling a lot of wind for days and we have seen beach erosion. stalled out front right here. and that's now beginning to tap into some of this moisture from what is joaquin. can you see that here into south carolina. we have been expecting south carolina likely taking the brunt of it parts of north carolina as well. some of these areas by the time we are done here today lukely over 12 areas. biggest rainfall they have ever had and it will cause massive flooding there. >> ever? >> ever in this short of a period in across south carolina. this is going to cause massive problems for them. see uncredible damage pictures. stay home in south carolina today unless you are evacuated. >> amazing. plus identifying the nine people killed in the ump kauai community college shooting massacre.
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>> this as we learn more about the gunman's pass. >> william la jeunesse is live with the very latest. good morning, william. >> good morning, you know. like anyone, this is going to take time to heal. roseburg came together yesterday. hundreds showing um for a blood drive to pick up the pieces emotionally. also we did learn more about the shooter and his mental health issues. went to a high school for troubled kids. was kicked out of the army left a hate filled, antireligious, antigovernment message where he gunned down his nine classmates also enrolled in that writing class. the atf uncovered six queps on campus, family medical leave act jacket and seven more weapons at home. all purchased legally. he was not ineligible to buy those guns because of his mental disabilities. ages 18 to it 67 have now been made public. >> the victims are lucera
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alcaraz 19 years old. >> quinn was 19 years old just graduated from high school. >> jason johnson age 34 was proud to be a christian. >> we have been trying to figure out how to it will everyone how amazing lucas with was but that would take 18 years. >> others include kim dietz, lawrence lavigne, serena moore and rebecca carnes. among the survivors, two in stable condition, one in critical including chris mintz that 30-year-old veteran. took seven bullets to stop the bullet and protect others. 6-year-old son with autism. is the up a go fund me page for his medical bills hoping 10 grand, they got offer $500,000. the university of oregon, oregon state will be wearing decals on the back of their helmets this weekend to commemorate the people here.
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>> the president not wasting any time saying he will double down and politicize this issue in the the wake of the violence on the oregon campus. >> here is the president yesterday blaming guns for the problem. listen to the president. >> the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this on ing are basis. i will politicize it our inaction is a political decision we are making. it's because of politics. interest groups fund campaigns. feed people fear and in fairness, it's not just in the republican party. although the republican party is just uniformly opposed to all gun safety laws. and unless we change that political dynamic, we're not going to be able to make a big dent in this problem. >> we hear you, mr. president. so we have taken a look at the numbers. we will break this down for you. producers gave me this information from a 2014
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general social survey that only 32% of americans own a firearm or live with one in their household with someone who does compared to about half in the 1970s or 80'sment it's reached a low. the same low we had in 2010. yet we are seeing more of these massacres. >> so the idea that access to guns causes mass shootings has been demonstrablably disproonge. if that were true you would see more guns, but there are fewer. any social scientist you talk to will tell you this. there is no basis to the president's claims. there is another agenda here. he wants to disarm the population. who knows why. it has nothing to do with appreciating mass shootings. you didn't notice any concrete recommendations. no law you can point to that would stop the mass consider. >> what stops a gun? >> donald trump saying that a guy like this was able to get a gun in the first place
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legally. though sheriff david clarke backs up these statistics you are talking about. lowest number of legal gun on or abouts in owners in the country. >> i get tired of listening to somebody that has platoon of armed individuals that cover him and his family on a daily basis and the rest of us on ground level ordinary citizens have to outsource their personal safety to the government. we should get rid of these gun-free zones. they have become killing fields. that is the one constant in all of these mass murders. >> can you can imagine a gun control advocate having a big knee on sign over their house where their children are innocently in bed sleeping saying gun free zone. they are sitting ducks. kids in school that were killed while they were just trying to better themselves better education. >> it's this simple. anyone calling for gun control laws which would have prevented this you will never get an answer because
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there isn't one. >> we will continue to follow these stories because we need to get to the news head loons. may have killed three doctors without border in afghanistan. the medical charity says more than 30 people are still missing after a trauma center was hit overnight. u.s. officials say the air strikes targeted insurgents who were believed to be hiding inside the hospital and began firing on afghan forces. >> director of secret service plan republican congressman jason chaffetz well before the hit the media admitted to hearing his employees talking about the plot on march the 25th before april 1st, the date he previously stated allegation reportedly leaked chaffetz's personal file specifically. a 2003 job application to the secret service to, quote get back at him for his investigation into the
3:12 am
department's misconduct. 74 people overdosing on a new, more dangerous type of heroin over the past 24 hours in chicago. doctors are worried because the standard overdose treatment is not working. they say that heroin was probably laced with a pain killer fentanyl. the dea is working to track down its source. and do you know the answer to this jeopardy question? these contestants sure didn't. >> his widow, tea talks about their life together and coping with with his death at a texas gun range. the man was chris keil. "american sniper." >> really? keil's book american wife was referred to on the quiz show but all three contestants did not know the an was chris keil despite his own best selling book and big hit movie about his life an american hero. >> those are your headlines. coming up next, live from new york, it is hillary
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clinton. >> well i love your outfit. >> thank you. >> i do want the earrings back. >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> former secretary of state making yet another appearance on "saturday night live" tonight. will it make her more likeable. we with will brung you details. >> this ring bearer and flower girl walk down the aisle as children 17 years later they have done it again. this time bride and groom. the incredible love story going ahead. ♪ your life is now ♪ your life is now
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hillary clinton expected to make an appearance on premier "saturday night live." supposed to be a surprise but we just told you about it. >> the cat is out of the bag. the candidate has been giving softball interviews with. "weekly standard's" online editor and author of clinton incorporated. nice to see you this morning, dabble. >> likewise, thanks for having me. >> we heard she needs to get out there and appear more likeable. will "saturday night live" help it. >> it may it's worth trying it does run a risk. here is the thing with hillary clinton she does much better when we don't see her historically during went up when she was secretary of state. she was traveling the world. she wasn't in the domestic news wasn't in the newspapers for getting involved in political fights. her numbers are in and her numbers have come back to earth. this are worse than earth, they are low. this are in water. she is not doing with. it does run a bit of a risk
3:18 am
appearing on these shows more beings posed, out there. it's not necessarily a sure bet. go talk to people that are friendly with you. get your message out there and hope that people will like you. >> i get you anything the staff of that show prefers bernie sanders. her husband the other day says hillary does really well when reporters cover the substance of what shah does, the -- she does better. tenure at secretary of state awkward, wouldn't they. >> especially now the crisis syria, russia. her russian reset. it hasn't gob nearly as well as she would like to have gone. nobody is pressing her on that. it would be very hard if she came on this show and sat down for an interview with you guys for her to an questions about how that russian reset is doing. she wouldn't be able to do it convincingly. she would stumble and it would hurt her a lot going on "saturday night live" talking to lena dunham and
3:19 am
ellen degeneres. you don't have to worry about those questions coming up. it's less of a concern. better strategy probably. >> left her off the hook for her ten you at the state department giving her a pass. is that an accurate assessment? >> carly fiorina has come under a lot of fire for her time as ceo of h.p. stories "new york times" and other prominent publications. if he runs for president he has to worry about this. you don't see those stories about hillary clinton. it's not to say that all the press is favorable. people aren't questioning her record and her past in quite the psalm way they are doing so for other candidates. it does milwaukee you wonder are. >> it does. she says she feels persecuted by the "new york times." they are too right wing. >> unbelievable. you can't even comprehend that i you will say one thing on the spontaneity on showing up at these events. she showed up at a concert
3:20 am
in miami for marc anthony a big singer. i was reading billboard magazine apparently it didn't go so well. she was cheered by many people but also jeerd. the writer of the noticed some people were shaking their first at her. the problem with showing up and being spontaneous and light and humorous. some people want to go to the concert and enjoy the concert. some want to go to snl and laugh and not necessarily involve politics. >> daniel hall per. thanks a lot. >> thanks. >> explosion at high rise apartment building raining down narrowly missing drivers below. we have got the video. >> donors to a colorado college get a plaque and they inscribe any word they want as long as it's not lord, god, or jesus on the plaque. the former football player fighting to promote his faith up next.
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welcome back. quick headlines for you. gitmo in colorado? a pentagon team is scoping the state out possible location to transfer the remaining 114 terrorists held at guantanamo bay. the colorado state penitentiary in a maximum security federal prison in florence right now are at the top of that lust. leading common core advocate arne duncan stepping down as secretary of state of education. spent seven years in the obama administration. architect of the race to the top program encouraging states to adopt his controversial program. he will leave the post in
3:25 am
december. >> religious fight for freedom. form are football player who tried to include phrases from the bible on his donation plaque. the school refused to allow the words lord, god, or jesus. so he is filing a lawsuit. does have a case? joining us now to discuss that is the former defensive player michael lucas and his attorney with alliance defending freedom natalie decker good morning to both of you and thanks for being with us. >> good morning, thanks for having us. the two verses that you wanted on the plaque -- were you surprised when the school said not going on the plaque? >> well, the verses spoke to me. primarily because they meant a lot to school primarily colossians 3:23 just about being part of something that was bigger than myself. the michael 5:9 really just a standard football rhetoric, pump the team up before going into battle. was i surprised? i was very surprised.
3:26 am
and frankly a little disappointed in my former alma mat are there. >> what surprises me about this as well is the way the verse reads in colossians 3:23 for example, whatever you do work at it with all your heart as working for the lord not for human masters. something great from michael 5:9 as with. doesn't seem like it's hurting anyone. quite innocuous. another plaque that's allowed, natalie that says give them hell. >> that's right. >> i'm a bit concerned why one is allowed and the other isn't. >> sure. and, you know, one thing that's interesting and important to keep in mind is that the school itself established no perimeters. really not any guidelines as to the type of messages that donors were able to include on these personalized name plaques. to for them to allow quotes like gird your lions, taking your whiskey clearer and give them hell and then to turn to mike and tell him
3:27 am
that somehow to suggest that a near reference to the bible verse, without even including the actual text of the verses is somehow inappropriate is just utterly ridiculous. >> well, another bit of concern words lord, jesus or god is not on there it would be the chapter and verse number, right? >> correct. there was just a reference to the verses themselves. >> yeah. that sunt seem to make a lot of sense. your critics on the other side would say what if your case against this is freedom of speech, would it be okay if somebody wanted ala akbar, god is great? what would you say about that? would that be too offensive to be on there or for freedom of speech could that be there, too? >> well, first of all, freedom of speech applies to everyone of course, there is constitutionally protected speech and speech that is not protected.
3:28 am
the issue isn't whether you or i or the school of minds agrees with the message. i you this the bottom line here is that public colleges and universities are supposed to embrace and encourage free speech and free exchange of ideas. of the constitution simply does not allow for these public university officials to be picking and choosing who can speak and who can't. it's not permissible. and then to argue that the first amendment and their antidiscrimination policy, which by the way, prohibits the school from discriminating on the basis of religion, which is exactly what they have done to mike. it's just unbelievable. >> well, let us know how this all pans out. thank you for your time and keep up the fight. >> thank you. coming up on "fox & friends," severe disaster. slow storms driving up the east coast and soaking several states.
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back with extreme weather alert for you this morning. torrential rains and high tides bringing flooding to seven states up and down the eastern seaboard. the state of north carolina some residents evacuating as floodwaters rush into their communities and the problems are only gunning. >> rick reichmuth is tracking all the storms. rick, what is the very latest? >> you see those pictures of flooding. that's been before the bulk of the moisture has got to that area. the ground is saturated. we have already had flooding and now there is going to be more. high tide cycles you are talking about is incredibly posh. we have been seeing floods across the cowgill areas that are maybe the second and third worse we have seen. persistent on shore wind we have had had all week long not necessarily from joaquin but high pressure to the north that's been funneling tons of wind like a persistent nor'easter and all that water keeps getting pushed up on to the shore. that's going to continue all weekend long where winds are going to remain in the 30 to 50 mile-per-hour range. we are not out of the woods for that we also have a lot more rain going.
3:34 am
this is in the last week across parts of the carolinas into virginia. you see some spots pushing 10 inches of rain already. now we will see a few areas that see another maybe 12 to 15 inches of rain especially south carolina. under the gun. south carolina and western north carolina is going to be where we see the heaviest of it. and this goes on all the way through monday, guys. it's a system that is stuck there and that's why thee rainfall totals are going to be so high. >> a lot of people hear oh we dodged a bullet with hurricane joaquin. a second system that's causing big problems. >> not joaquin but a second system causing damages that would be like you have from a hurricane. >> thanks. >> 34 minutes after the hour. look what's making news at this hour. president obama says russian air strikes in syria are coming from a place of weakness. this is the first time the president has commented on russia's air strikes since they started. he says putin is backing syrian president bashar al assad rather than attempting to find a solution to the political turmoil in syria.
3:35 am
mr. putin had to go into syria not out of strength out of weakness because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling and it was insufficient for him simply to send them arms and money. iran and assad make up putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. >> obama says moving assad out of power is the only way to solve syria's issues. the university of louisville and the ncaa investigating claims that former andre mcgee hired prostitutes toen ties athletic recruits. the allegations published in a book released yesterday by one of those escorts she says between 2010 and 2014, she and other women would dance, strip, aerform sexual acts with players, recruits, and their fathers. the athletic director says he just wants to uncover the
3:36 am
facts. and a gas explosion sends concrete debris raining down on drivers in china. you can see the dust and chunks of high rise builds falling on to a roadway narrowly missing two cyclists there. four people were killed and five more injured. the he can explosion believed to have come from the ninth floor of the residential building. the blast still under investigation. two 5-year-olds took their first walk down the aisle 17 years ago as flower girl and ring bearer. enough to they have done it again. this time as bride and groom. and it wasn't always wedding rings and roses for brook and adrian franklin. brook says it took her years to pay attention to her recess let alone fall in love. if you want to hear more about this time defying love story stick around why will be talking to this lovely couple at 8:00 on "fox & friends." >> men can be kansas. thanks, anna. a story you won't forget any time soon. a young pakistani team was
3:37 am
gunned down by taliban militant. after surviving this horrific event she won the nobel peace prize in 2014. her story "he named me malala" hits theaters next week. step in the spotlight vp of marketing. she is remarkable. >> incredible store. malala has been an inspiration to many. now her story thanks to fox search light is going to spread to even greater audience. let's take a look. >> there is a moment when you have to choose whether to be silent or stand up. >> malala her story shocked the world. in 2012 the young pakistani teenager was gunned down by taliban militant on her way to school. she recovered becoming a symbol for human rights across the globe. >> one child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.
3:38 am
[ applause ] >> now, the nobel peace prize recipient shares her story, her struggles, and hope for a better future in the new documentary from film maker david gugen heimer. i have these young girls. want the right to education. they are standing up for it their voice can be heard. this is the deal. this is what i want. >> i always said that once upon a time she was my daughter but now i'm her father only. people know me as her father. she is not only your daughter she is our daughter. i say yes. >> if i was an ordinary, if i had an ordinary father and ordinary mother, and a family conservative family -- >> after watching the film, it was so beautiful that it made me so happy that it can
3:39 am
reach many people and can inspire many people to come and join us. >> i tell my story not because it is unique, it is the story of many girls. the shot on the left side of my bullet. thought that the bullet would silence us. but i am the same malala. >> pop culture we celebrate the antiheroes so great to sit there for 80 minutes and see the story of this courageous young woman who literally stood down the face of evil. >> is it a good movie? >> it really is it moves quickly. something about her that is just so magical and wonderful. >> she is just beginning. >> she is just beginning. >> she is only 18 years old. i mean, the future is hers.
3:40 am
it he called me malala the hits theaters nationwide. check out in the fox or follow me on tut twitter and instagram at fox light michael. >> some of us already do. >> you do. you are great that way. >> thanks musical. >> obama cower for ill local immigrants. the latest plan to get more people to sign up for the healthcare plan who aren't even citizens. they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. chocolate may be even better. we will explain the blessing from above coming up.
3:41 am
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discharge. retiring the look on thursday. but the green has lost favor among troops partly because of the stiff dated pollsster fab bruck. blue uniforms will permanently replace the green. chocolate so healthy it can be taken as medicine. scientists american company finding a way to naturally sweeten it with 35% fat and sugar. it can help lower blood pressure and increase good cholesterol and make you smile. all right, tucker, over to you. >> thanks, anna. obamacare was supposed to be off limits to illegal immigrant. not for long if one house democrat gets his way. watch. >> it allows you to go into the exchange with your money and make -- if you qualify for the subsidies and you have to pay taxes. you have to be registered with the government but it allows you whether or not regardless of your immigration status.
3:45 am
you should have healthcare. >> democrat louise gutierrez of chicago. what he is not telling you many of the obamacare beings changes are facing massive short falls as of today. leading some to speculate illegal plot to bailout obamacare. is it? joining us now republican political strategist edmund siegfried and senior political strategist at shone consulting. welcome to you both. i'm old enough to remember the debought over obamacare. >> even i'm old enough to remember that. >> it was pretty recently. they told us again and again and again in unequivocal terms this will never affly illegal aliens. >> it hasn't. >> they didn't mean it they want it to. these are their voters. >> these are the voters, the illegals are their voters. >> they would like to see them become stuns and this is the first system. >> a majority majority of ameris would luke to see them become citizens. >> but to obamacare. never apply you to illegals. and gutierrez saying apply to illegal. >> pay into the system is. a pop logs that the majority of them are going to be between 18 and 34-year-old
3:46 am
demographic which is who we want to be buying into obama ircan a. it's going to help the program. we will get people healthcare which should be a goal for everybody. they are going to be adding money into our system which is great thing. i actually don't see how we lose here. these 11 million people are not going to be leaving the country. we know it's going to cost 400 to $600 billion to deport them. so this are here. why shouldn't she have healthcare and be contributing. >> what world is this? is there another. >> it's my world. >> show up illegally breaking the laws of that country by definition and somehow get entitled to taxpayer subsidies? >> i'm unaware of one. the real problem here isn't that,'s testimony that the government is now relying on 11 million illegal immigrants to bail them out for a problem they never really figured out in their policy. let's think of it this way. what happens with social security? do we start opening it up to people in france and united kingdom when that goes buff. >> people live in the
3:47 am
country. we are talking about people who are living here and contributing to so the. >> they are still not legal citizens. therefore i don't think we should be -- >> -- to deny people healthcare when they are going to be paying for it we are not talking about a freebie. there is very constructive narrative that illegal immigrants don't contribute to the he economy. in 20,128.1 million immigrants crust $11.8 billion in state and local taxes. >> that's one side of the equation. what percentage of immigrants in this country are are on welfare over 50%. are you willing to defend that? is that a number you are going to ignore? a net plus for a country or net drain. >> they are a net plus. >> if you want to do the math on it what is the cost so public schools infrastructure and healthcare you don't factor those? >> take out the cost of the emergency rooms for healthcare and let them buy healthcare that's one of the major entitlement cost people talk about. let them have healthcare and let them be citizens, actually. >> of course, that would be
3:48 am
a great boone for the democratic party. let's take a look at part of the jobs report that calm out yesterday shock, shock to wall street. it was bad for most people. as of yesterday 262 native americans were not working that would have otherwise been working. that was for americans. for immigrants plus 14,000 jobs. all the job growth has gone to immigrants. why is this good for native-born americans? >> it's not good. that jobs number isn't good for anybody, let's be honest. the real problem is foreign born immigrants who are legal and are getting these jobs have mostly come from countries with better education standards than the united states. the united states ranks 14th now in the world for education. right behind russia. whereas you have south korea, hong kong, finland in the top five. >> really quickly, fewer americans working now that any time in the last 30
3:49 am
years. look into the camera and tell them why we need to import more labor in when there are fewer americans working. any time in 30 years. why do we need to import more people when so many of our own people don't have jobs. >> this is not a good jobs report for anyone. but we have seen 13.1 million jobs added underred obama economy. 8 million in the last three years. we haven't seen growth like that since bill clinton was president. >> boy. >> boy what? >> there are fewer people working in 30 years. >> labor force participation rate is terrible. i understand that i noe the reefl unemployment is far above 5.1%. i would also add the jobs we are adding are lower paying jobs and a the fact that foreign born are getting those i don't know if i buy your argument. >> you are awake for this early. president obama wasting no time making his mark on the oregon school shooting. politicizing. >> i will politicize this
3:50 am
issue. this is something we should politicize. >> is it too soon to politicize something he doesn't understand? we will ask presidential candidate mike huckabee at the top of the hour. if you want a mortgage, you better clean up your facebook page. new rules banks are making certain your status is good. financial expert lauren lyons has that story. stay tuned coming up. ♪ she works hard for the money ♪ so hard for it honey. she works for the money ♪ so you better treat her right. pleasure
3:51 am
i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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3:53 am
facebook friends responsible with money. new technology allow banks to look at your friend's credit histories before
3:54 am
approving you for a loan. we will get through. this trust me. here to discuss is personal finance lauren lyons kohl. what is going on. >> developing countries have been doing. this facebook might be noticing a potential revenue for the future. that's why they are reserving this issue. in developing countries, people don't have credit histories like we do in the u.s. this is a pretty good idea over there. here it's a different story. >> walk us through this. if i am going to get a loan, the potential is that banks now will have access to this information and god knows they will want it because if you have gone to try to get a loan any time recently you know it's 80000 pages of paperwork to fill out. onerous. of course banks want this information. looking at my friend's credit history and that will effect me. >> the more information get. last thing the bank wants you to do is have you default on the loan. look at more information to determine whether or not you are a credit risk, they dual it. one thing to keep in mind is you have to authorize them
3:55 am
to do this. they are north going to be able to do this willy-nilly approve,y, they can access this. >> through the bank? >> exactly. when you are applying for the loan. this isn't happening yet. it does happen, you can choose them not to authorize. do we have figure out which of our friends are dead beats and terrible credit histories and unfriend. >> i'm not saying you should do that it is interesting that we tend to associate with with people who are like us. so if you don't have a great credit history, which you would be the exactly the type of person the bank would be wanting to gather more information about, it is an interesting things to think about. >> if you have got a grate credit husband tri you probably don't have much to worry about. >> exactly. the bank is going to be falling over backwards to give you a loan. more of a loan than you actually need. in that case it's really not going to impact you at all. >> you better go through my friends feed this morning and milwaukee sure not unassumely characters in
3:56 am
there. thank you for joining me. >> thanks for having moo. >> desperate to find a ship that has been lost. live report from the storm zone is next. president obama wasting no time politicizing the tragic mass shooting in oregon. is it too soon for the gun control debate? we will ask presidential candidate mike huckabee. he is going to join us straight ahead. ♪ freedom. you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. that's what a type e* does. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy.
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you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. good morning, the third of october, 2015. i'm anna kooiman appears it's a fox news alert. missing at sea. 28 americans on board hurricane joaquin continues.
4:00 am
this as a massive storm surge creates deadly conditions up and down the east coast. live on the ground seconds from now. >> learning a lot more about the college campus gunman who took the lives of those nine people as president obama immediately politicizes the tragedy. watch. >> the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this. on a regular basis. and i will politic suez it. because our inaction is a political decision that we are making. >> does the president actually have a plan to stop mass shootings? governor mike huckabee joins us in just moments. >> then this texan as a message for all those people hawght on his southern style. >> we hunt, we fish, we burn up the ozone layer with our four wheel drive trucks. we refer to dear, darling or sweetheart. not as a perm offensive but as a term of endearment. >> more from a man that will not apologize for his southern accent,
4:01 am
sweethearts. "fox & friends" hour two starts receipt now. ♪ ♪. >> friends, we are going to get right to that extreme weather. storms battering our east coast and causing widespread flooding. >> more problems are expected as hurricane joaquin heads north from the bahamas. we have live team coverage this morning tracking the storms with jonathan serrie live in kill devil hills, north carolina, and rick reichmuth offer in the weather center. first a fox news alert about that messing cargo ship. have you heard about this? rescue crews continue to brave the category 3 hurricane right now in the atlantic searching for any sign of a missing cargo ship with 28 americans on board. reports indicated the began taking on water near the eye of the hurricane joaquin and soon lost all communication with the the coast guard on shore. joining us now with the latest on the desperate search is chief of response for the coast guard's
4:02 am
seventh district captain mike fador. nice to have you on the show this morning. what is the latest? >> the latest, sir, is yesterday we tried to get some air crafted to the vessel's last known position. we were unable to do so because joaquin was sitting over that last known position. so this morning, right now, actually, we have two c 130 our craft and a jacques helicopter that is searching that last known position. so, we are hopeful that we will be able to get to that last known position and find some sunnies of a ship or any survivors. >> captain, have there been any electronic signals from the ship since thursday morning? >> there has not. that's been the last communication with the ship was about 0, 700 thursday morning. >> i understand that some of the last communication that you had with them that the crew had told officials that the ship had taken on water but they were able to contain the flooding. tell us about the ship.
4:03 am
735-foot ship, 35 people on board. 28 of them are americans. what do you anticipate? what are they going through right now in these weather conditions as they try to stay alive, you know, if that's the case while they are out at sea? >> right. so even though it was a very large ship, it was carrying about 391 containers, top side. and 294 trailers and automobiles below deck. so had a lot of cargo on board as it was -- so it became disabled thursday morning. and what happened at that point is when a ship loses propulsion it basically falls within the waves. and it has no means of propulsion. so the waves kind of hit it from the side. that's a dangerous situation even for a larger ship. when they took on that water, it caused them to list. basically lean over 15 degrees. again, another dangerous situation. >> and also the dangerous situation for you guys trying to, you know, carry out this rescue mission and these aircraft's. you are flying into a category 3 hurricane in these aircraft.
4:04 am
what kind of danger does that look like for you? >> that's right. our crews really were operating their craft and pushing themselves for the extent of operating capability. they were putting themselves at risk, that's what we do. that's what the coast guard is trained to do. we are going to try to get as close as possible. normally hurricane hunter aircraft fly at 10,000 feet. we try to push ours down to 2,000 feet so we can see and try to get a few of the ocean and see if we can lay some eyes on that vessel we were unable to do so even with sophisticated system on board. >> these storms were predicted, wire would it be there? >> all we know he is that they were transiting. this left jacksonville on tuesday and they were suppose supposed to arrive in puerto rico on friday. i don't know why they chose that route. >> we certainly are crossing our fingers for them and hoping for the best in dangerous conditions out there. >> thank you for your bravery, captain. your pilots are brave. >> you are welcome. those crews are brave.
4:05 am
thank you for that. >> you can imagine being up in the air with those winds whipping around. >> no. not even imaginable. >> storms flooding the east coast. several areas already under water and in north carolina many areas forced to evacuate. jonathan serrie live in kill devil hills with the latest. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning, anna, tucker and clayton. we are enjoying a brief break in between rain showers. take a look at this. we are even watching the sunrise right now. this is drawing a number of visitors out to the beach here to enjoy the beach while they can. look at how choppy the waves are there is the potential for dangerous relationship current -- rip current. people are staying out of the water. people enjoying the beach while they can before the rain resumes. this constant, seemingly condition distant rainfall is causing problems far beyond the coast. talk a listen. >> the hurricane is expected to remain east of the state, the highest rainfall totals
4:06 am
are actually lukely to be in the central and western portions of the state from now through sunday. because of all of this, all 100 counties are under a flood watch or a flash flood watch. >> north carolina state troopers believe saturated ground may have led a tree to fall across u-9 a in cumberland county, north carolina striking two cars and killing a passenger. in south carolina a woman died after her car sank in floodwaters at underpass in spartanburg that in south carolina. very dangerous conditions driving out there. back to you guys. >> jonathan serrie live in the heart of it all. ' these conditions out there, how many feet of water do you have to have. >> about a foot. you wouldn't drive into a river. so when you see that water there you have no idea what the road is like below it you have no idea if that's washed out or what's there.
4:07 am
>> takes only one foot to make it difference. >> to move your car completely away. >> not worth it. >> you have no idea how deep it is. you certainly don't want top do it. this is joaquin, still watching this. bahamas really hard to imagine how they handle 367 hours of being in winds around 130 miles per hour. it's going to be re rough this morning. ed when sun comes up and the storm is moving away. would will start to get some pictures out of there and see what happened. the storm has made this noorlly turn. obvious a very difficult one for us to forecast. we are very confident it stays away from the u.s. seaboard and that's good news. however, the impact are going to be very strong still with very persist tent on shore winds causing a lot of flooding up and down the coast. we will continue to watch this plume of moistures that partially related. there is moisture being pulled up from joaquin. see where this band is going across interior sections of the northeast. the heaviest of it here is down across south carolina. that's going to be our target really for the storm all day long today tomorrow and monday as well.
4:08 am
pivot here and wherever these lines of storms line up, that's where we will see the heaviest of flooding. difficult to predict who is going to get 18 inches ever rain and 18 inches of rain. pockets in both of those. a lot of people getting 8 inches of rain. that's why we are so concerned about that flooding. you can get a storm in one town that gets 8 inches of rage and causes flooding. when you get entire state. entire region to get at least that much plus more in isolated areas that's why we are so concerned about the flooding today. >> 8 minutes after the hour on saturday morning. on to the rest of the story making headlines in fox news alert. u.s. led air strikes targeting taliban insurgents may have killed three docks without borders this happening in afghanistan. the medical aid charity says more than 30 people are still missing after a trauma center was hit overnight. u.s. officials saying the air strikes targeted insurgents who were believed to be hiding inside the hospital and began firing on afghan forces. police identifying the 9 people killed in the umpqua.
4:09 am
ages 8 to 67 includes a teacher and aspiring pediatric nurse. father talking about emotional moments after the shooting. >> when i got to the hospital, they were prepping her for surgery. when she got there, she reached my hand and i just held her and she said, dad, i didn't know what else to do. i was on the ground and i was praying and i kept hearing your voice and i kept saying don't move. >> wow. glad she is alive this morning. learning more about the gunman's troubled past. a student enrolled in a writing class at the college and in the army one month before he was kicked out. guns connected to him. six at the school and seven inside his home. an alleged hitman in the
4:10 am
murder for hire shooting death of pediatric kendra hatcher is is behind bars this morning. 33-year-old shown here in unrelated mugshot is accused of hiring him. police say delgado hired 31-year-old christopher love to kill hatcher and her upscale apartment parking garage. police have already arrested an alleged get away driver in the case. says delgado gave her a jeep and $500 for her role. delgado is on the run and wanted for capital murder. >> former teen idol and heart throb david cassidy is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving with expired tags. police say the 65-year-old sideswiped a truck, then tried to cover up his license plated. cassidy denies the gave police his registration before driving off. those are your news headlines. >> time has taken its toll. families beginning to -- not
4:11 am
stopping president obama from weighing in on a very political way. watch this. >> marijuana thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this on a basis. and i will politicize it. because our inaction is a political you decision that we are making. >> does the president actually have a plan to stop shootings like this? governor mike huckabee joins us in just a moment. but i couldt do it on my own. i needed help and chantix was there. and i did it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures.
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4:15 am
about the shooter. we didn't know his motive. we didn't know who he was. what his background was. that was before we learned that he stood people up when they said they were christian and shot them in the head. it just seemed that the president was ready to talk about gun control before he was ready to talk about the victims or even the intent of the motive of the shooter. i found that absolutely stunning. >> and what law, what proposed law even can the
4:16 am
president point to that would have stopped, this governor? >> >> that's about the problem with shooters. when we have them. there is always this. here is the call by politicians. we have to do something. we just have to do something. that sounds so compassionate. but the fact is if you do something that doesn't help, and, in fact, if you do something that may do more harm for example, take the ability it to defend oneself out of the hands of law abiding citizens, then how you have protected innocent people? you haven't. that's why i find that these political calls immediately after a shooting are not being made rationally. they are being made emotionally. issues like crime rationally. >> i don't understand the agenda. you mean obama is a smart guy. he knows that gun ownership has actually dropped so clearly more guns is not the cause can of more mass shootings and wants to disarm the population? why?
4:17 am
what under girders this? >> look, people on the left just hate firearms. most of them didn't grow up with firearms. they have this decided view that firearms -- the actual weapon is the reason people murder. but the fact is, the lowest murder rate in america is utah. murder rate by guns. so, if you take gun murder, one of the states that has some of the most liberal gun laws, utah, has the lowest murder rate. one of the other states is texas, which has very clear and kind of wide open laws about gun ownership. you know the most dangerous state? california. and you know what? it's the most gun restrictive state in america. so, it just doesn't wash to say that the presence of firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizen. and tucker, one of the things we have got to remember. who stopped that shooter? who stopped him? it was a cop who had a gun.
4:18 am
i just think sometimes that we want to say this emotional we want to do something. look, if you want to do something, here san idea that the president could come up with. and i'm not suggesting that the government do. this but why don't all the tv networks just refuse to ever give this guy his due. he wants fame. he even said in his social media he wants to be famous. never mention his name. never put his face on the screen. >> we are not. >> refer to him as a savage. an animal. a monster. never refer to him as anything other than that. >> he would not doing that here. this idea obviously you are running for president. can you do nothing? in this happens on your watch and asking for change to desensitize. how do you stop this kind of mass killing which in this country? >>s change me need is a moral change. why do people kill each
4:19 am
other because they don't respect each other. they elevate their own self-interest among others. maybe mental shealt big part of it. if -- it comes down to if we are a society that believes we can just murder people, then we have coarse and evil society you can't address that by changing a law. you have to address that by changing human hearts. one thing the president could do is remind people that self-government, the idea that you have a responsibility to control yourself and to be a responsible personal to be a moral person. the fact is we forget that ultimately nobody can govern us down to the last thing we do. that's now how we were designed to be as a society. >> we do have to be vigilant for signs. thanks for that brilliant perspective. >> thank you. >> the callly news, cover the "new york times," oregon killer described as man of few words except on topic of
4:20 am
guns. signs of mental illness. you want to stop these mass shootings before they ever happen. >> be worth having a real conversation about that. >> coming up next, millions of americans along the east coast are bracing for potential disaster. flooding. some families already fleeing the fury. the question is are you ready for what's coming your way? we have got the supplies you need to protect your house next. >> plus, this texan has a message for all those people hating on his southern style. >> here we hunt we push, we burn up the ozone layer with our 4 wheel drive trucks and diesel engines. believe it or not, no matter what the media wants to tell you we get along by and large with people who are not just like us. whether it's differences in the color of their skin or othe country they come from and yes even those of you up north. come on down. >> open doors for ladies, say yes, sir, yemen, the man who will not apologize for his southern accent. yeehaw. so,as my personal financial psychic,
4:21 am
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td ameritrade. you got this.
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good morning, time for news by the numbers. yes, there is math on this test. first up 4.6 million. that's how many scott trade clients had their information compromised by a data breach. hackers had access to their social security numbers, emails, names and their addresses. next, the first time in history a song sam smith writing on the wall for specter has were number one. >> people luke to drink in
4:25 am
sweden and alcohol is expensive. friend stairs in utter horror as friend picks way pieces and makes i had way to the cash register. >> hurricane joaquin may be -- slamming the coast causing dangerous flooding. what should we do to protect ourselves and our homes from storms like this? here with some important tips this morning is dennis coffman from the home depot. nice to so you, dennis. >> thanks for having moo. >> storm kits. obviously we saw people packing into home depots all up and down the coast yesterday to try to keep' gte themselves ready how storm kit. >> where you live and the outcome of what's going to happen to you. number can have a bag. i predict get a bag, pack it with what your necessities are. live by the water, pumps, hoses, things of that nauert. if you have an apartment, flashlights, batteries. the common kit is the same threat. >> we have water. we have some light sticks. >> great for the bathroom. throw them in there illuminates all not. walk around if you need to go to the bathroom. >> flashlight.
4:26 am
led lasts longer and energy. >> what is this. >> radio. 20812 hours and charges your phone satellite and radio in case tv goes out. >> listen to know a noah weather ray -- radio. >> you have to talk care of it. >> run a coats, no one's to be outside doing any type of work. getting soaked adds to the fury. and problem you are going to have already. hoses, everybody comes in sump pump and radialize they need a hose for the sump pump. where are you going to put that water once you put it on. slowing down feature. >> tarps, really important too. all the tarps as well. >> cover it up. all the sandbagging here. this is fantastic. what is this. >> sump pump. sandbag off to the left here. >> this is how it comes. it's actually one point. >> so this is it. one pound. this is a sandbag? >> that's a sandbag. as soon as you would drop it into water or water huts it, start absorbing water luke a
4:27 am
kid in diaper. >> fills up? >> to 30 pounds. >> holy smokes. reuse these over and over again. once it dries out of it, one pound. swell back up. reusable. >> that's genius. how long have these been around. >> these just came out to the market for us for a year now. it's been in production 10 years. navy has it h. it we have been using it manufactured. >> backup general rarts are important and then get to the windows in a moment. >> you got it generators -- beings tension cord. get a heavy duty one. don't go out with the light one. burn out cords. gas can, have a generator but if you don't have a gas can. get a big gas can that covers the size of your tank so you can fill it up once and done. most people use it and put it away at the end of the year. they go to start it doesn't work. fuel safer in there good for all year. this one is electronic start. will derly or people that
4:28 am
can't get the pull start going. push a button starts right up. >> let's talk about the windows. see these up and down storm time. >> average person comes in covering the window high winds. comes in with measurements of windows. on average your window is 2 by 3 or 3 by 4: don't drill into the actual window once you do that you break seals bigger problems. quickly predrill it. put the screws in first. high wind area during a storm most people they will pan nuclear. put it in first, put it up, and mike sure you cover it if you want to drill away. drill away. >> whoa. >> don't hauer me. don't hire me to fix your house. >> you can go for the other one. see if i can get these in. o, you know what? it was in reverse. >> we set him up. >> they set me up for failure. >> they told me to set you up this morning. >> there we go. the job goes so much smoother when you predrill
4:29 am
it. >> all right. got o'reilly's office protected back there now. >> thanks, dennis. appreciate it great seeing. >> you thank you. >> coming up on the show, this texan has a message for all those people hating on his southern style. >> we hunt, we fish, we burn burn up the ozone layer with our 4 wheel drive trucks and diesel engines we refer to women as darling or sweetheart not as a term offensive but as a term of endearment. more from a man who will not apologize for southern accent. plus, think you know how to pour beer? odds are, you are doing it wrong. the science of suds coming up next. ♪ red solo cup ♪ i fill you up ♪ let's have a party ♪ let's have a part ♪ i love you red solo cup you g to hold'em. ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ she thinks my tractor's sexy ♪ it really turns her on ♪ she is always staring at me ♪ while i'm chugging along ♪ >> not your truck. your tractor. your john deere. >> and your truck by the way. >> so chad operate are, you saw his image there on the screen over there he jumps on youtube and talks about all kinds of stuff.
4:34 am
talks about parenting. talks about living a good life. well, one day he saw a comment thread on his youtube channel that said something about him sounding dumb. >> because is he a southerner. >> because is he a southerner. he decided to do a whole video it's now over 1.3 million views. he says, look, i'm going to be a southerner and proud of it listen to his retort. >> i grew up in the state of georgia where southern dialect really was our only option. now after living all these years in the state of texas nobody yet has stopped me for using a phrase such as y'all or gonna or fixen to it. you say it makes me sound less than intemghtd. you can stop listening. nobody ever invited you into the conversation. that's okay. walk away. if that is all it takes to offend your feeble mind, however, let me remind you we have a lot of guns down here, we hunt and fish and burn up the ozone layer with our trucks and diesel engines. refer to women in our lives darling or sweetheart not as a term offensive but term of
4:35 am
endearment. most of them tend to like it. teach our children to say ma'am and sir to elders a sign of respect no matter how old they get. believe it or not, no matter what the media wants to tell you we get along by and large with people that are not just like us. whether it's in the differences in the color of their skin or country they come from or yeah even those of you up north come on down. >> what's so interesting about this. we watched this morning with our producer good afternoon trying to determine whether this guy was reading off a teleprompter. the verdict is no he is not. this which is unbelievable. he is supernaturally articulate? dumb? he is the opposite. evidence can talk better better than anybody i know. >> anybody hating on chad, i'm southern, too. you don't like the way we talk, you like the way we eat skillet cornbread and business cuts and our grave and our bourbon and our tan lines and our cut off jeans. >> i didn't understand half of what you bojangles. >> you won a lot of people
4:36 am
over. >> the daisy dukes. he had to take time out of his day to deal with internet troll. normal thing. gets irate comment. sees one negative comment and that put him in the worst mood so much so decided to milwaukee a video dealing with this one internet are troll. >> it's more than just a troll. i have to say. i don't want to blow this out of proportion. but where i live on the east coast and a on the west coast where i used to live there are a lot of people that do assume if you are not from the coast and you have a southern accent and you are a who are ron and your politics are based in bigotry and. there is a lot of snobbery who run everything from people like that. very annoying. >> maybe not one internet troll but speaking to all of those trolls. let us know your thoughts on it. >> let us know your favorite southern friday foods while you are at it. >> bow berry business cuts. >> good with the icing on top. 36 minutes after the hour.
4:37 am
other stories making headlines right now. three life prison terms the sentence for the man suspected of murdering college students. jesse math to you that was given the huest possible sentence for the attempted murder and assault of a woman back in 2005. he pleaded no contest in june. next year he will face trial for the murders of hanna graham and morgan hearingson and could face death if convicted if either trial. graham was found dead last october. and d.n.a. evidence linked matthew to that case and to the harrington murder from 2009. the university of louisville and the ncaa investigating claims that former staff andre mcgee hired prostitutes to entice athletic recruits. the allegations published in a book radio leased yesterday by one of those escorts. she says between 2010 and 2014, she and other women would dance, strip, and perform sexual acts with players, radio recruits, and their fathers.
4:38 am
the athletic director says he just wants to uncover the facts. meet the miracle dogging from florida 12-year-old pekinese shocked its owners after surviving 11 story fall from their apartment balcony. he somehow flipped through the balcony rung before making the 120-foot plunge. this tough little guy only had one broken rib and was in and out of his bed in also than a week. like a cat with nine lives. extreme weather. torrential rains and high tides bringing flooding up and down the seaboard. >> state of south carolina flood floodwaters have made some roadways look like rivers and the problems are just beginning. rick reichmuth is tracking the storms. >> you were just seeing video out of massachusetts. this is the scenario. high pressure up towards the north up across parts of canada and then this low pressure associated hurricane joaquin to the south where you have those
4:39 am
two things that strong that close together you have got a lot of air that's trying to be funneled in between those two. that's what we have been seeing for around five to six days now and that's what's caused all the problem across those beaches. this is going to continue over the next really probably about three to four days. he would not going to be out of this yet where with you you see these blues 30 to 50 miles per hour. and that's going to continue to push water in towards the shore. continue to create flooding you will and up and down the eastern seaboard across those beaches and then add in the rain on top of that. coastal areas specially places like charleston are going to have problems get high tide flooding coming along the coast and then you have rat rain also and that's what's causing the problem. future radar look of what is javier -- i'm sorry joaquin not javier. moisture pulled in across south carolina today that's our target area and that's where we will see 12, maybe up to 18 inches of rain and will continue to cause all
4:40 am
those problems. send it over to you. >> rick, let's talk a little beer. shot of the morning. today we are learning about how to pour the perfect beer. beverage director. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you very much. thank you for having me. >> we love beer on the show this morning. i learned the other night at a tech event a beer mast are was telling me we have been pouring our beer wrong all this time. >> it's very possible. very possible. i will tell you this. one of the greatest ways to start with the perfectly poured beer is just with the right glass. not really about the glass itself but just making sure that it's clean. >> that's easy enough. >> you would think. most of is all like cloudy. >> you don't want to have any soap scum or any dirt. you don't want to have anything in that glass that is going to play with the flavors of the beer. >> everybody says the perfect beer doesn't have too much foam you disagree with that. >> i remember being a novice beer drinker you want to get as little foam. the problem a lot are going
4:41 am
it tell you look for at least a centimeter or one inch of foam to get the proper aromatics off the beer. >> the way i would do it is normally keep the glass like this. oops. i would go like that to get not too many foam you say we ought to be doing this. >> the main if a is the of pouring a beer are is different. how it's made the structure, the style. >> not a set science. i always start with a beer sort of all the side like that and as i'm pouring judge it. if i see right now i don't have much building up. i will lower the beer. steady the stream and try to get to that foam level where i want. once i see where it is i will pour slow. if i find i have too much foam. let it sit, let it rest and make sure i end up with what i want at the top of the. >> this is not your father's solicits. this sin fused with coffee. the darker beers, the alleys require -- ales a different
4:42 am
atlantic unique. >> vary the beer based on what you are looking for. at the end reasonable amount of head get you what you want out of your aromatic. >> reveling in that beautiful question by the way. >> that was very insightful on the porter question. i have been wrestling with that for years. >> i haven't had a beer in many years. i feel like i'm missing out because beer has really improved. >> it is beer season right now. football, starting to feel like fall weather. great to he so you this morning. >> thanks so much for having me. >> in brooklyn, thanks so much. >> ties to al qaeda and usama bin laden. according to one art exhibit. he is a poor, misunderstood young man. why are they lionizing this guy? we will tell it you coming up. >> and a new service gives you the ability to rate people just like you would rate restaurants. creators are here to address their critics. that's next. ♪ ♪ it wouldn't make sense if you turned on something in one room
4:43 am
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4:46 am
i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit one of the youngest prisoners at get mow. spent 8 years there after being identified as al qaeda courier with direct connections to usama bin laden. is not there anymore. he is now the subject of an art exhibit. watch. >> told me that, you know, you see this building, and we build this for people who are staying here forever. you are one of them. we throw the key in the ocean. i didn't know that one day i would be a free man and walk
4:47 am
the -- throw the key. i'm walking by the ocean a free man. >> well, the art community loves this man. a new art project called habeas corpus at the park avenue armory let mohammed share his stories from gitmo. the next guest says the whole thing is a slap in the face. medical department officer at gitmo during the time mohammed was. there author of saving grace at guantanamo bay. memoir of a citizen warrior. it's great to see you this morning. the obvious question, first off is why isn't this guy in jail? >> it's a very good question. he was released, you know, under the auspices of the i believe the obama administration the end of the bush administration. but the fact that he is he free and brought back to the united states is a slap in the face to everyone who has been a victim of terror. their friends, their families, to veterans. to military personnel and
4:48 am
especially to the memory of those who gave their lives so supreme like lorianne derson could leave free and produce something luke this. >> he was without question on the other side acting as a courier for al qaeda. why would we celebrated him? that seems like the definition of decadence to me. >> absolutely. what's next? are we going to have a candle light vigil for the 19 hijackers at ground zero. desis he creation of a u.s. army facility. this is where this is being produced. >> i mean, that's not too far. ethel rosenburg this week who gave the adam bomb to the soviets our arch enemies was celebrated by the new york city council. what is it about the left in this country who wants to line nice people who hate us? what's that about? >> i don't kno from jane fonda sitting behind anti-aircraft gun in north vietnam while american soldiers were dying in the jungles of south vietnam during the vietnam war. it may seem over zealous
4:49 am
what if neo nazis wanted to produce something about what hitler did at auschwitz? it doesn't make any sense. >> people would recognize that as appalling. you met this man when you were at guantanamo bay. >> i will never forget it it. it was february 9th, 2002, it was the first group of detainees coming in about 24 hours before that 38 detainees were brought. in he stood out. he was about 6'2". 20 years old. at the time we thought he was 16 because that's the information that we got from him. he was tall they thin about 6'2". in our opinion he was a liar. we believe he faked collapsing in the showers during in processing. we put two 22 gauge ivs in him and pushed floods into him. he was very talkative. he wanted to know why he was there. when he was going home, et cetera.
4:50 am
so, he was very reluctant to go through the in processing. >> fascinating and now he is a hero to the art world here in new york. does feel like late stage rome. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, ring bearer and flower girl walked down the aisle once as children. 17 years later, history comes full circle but and they have done it again but as bride and groom. remarkable but unexpiring story next hour. new service gives you the ability to rate people like restaurants. creator is here to address the critics who say this is appalling. you will hear from them next. ♪ i want you to want me.
4:51 am
when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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4:53 am
4:54 am
what if we could rate people online the way we rated restaurants? >> i'm kind of old fashion there has to be some sort of way to have checks and balances. >> i don't know about rating human beings. >> new app. called peepe with two es come out next month. slander as a service and an app. that milwaukees us question our humanity. the app.'s creators say it's all about pot positivity. here the creator julia is with us. >> good morning, guys, thanks for having us. >> julia, julia, julia. a lot of people say this is encouraging ugly behavior in got sip society we live. in controls like we see he on twitter and family but
4:55 am
you say it's different, why? >> you know, what's important about this app. concept is it's a safe place for you to manage your online reputation and be uplifted by the penal that love you and care about you and come across you. so, what we know right now is in the internet space, everybody is anonymous. ands that not not good enough. we really don't think that's the best way to go you can opt out of this? >> we will consider that. beta testers. >> what if you are somebody who hadn't said i want to be part of it and haven't been able to opt out of it. only post the things that are positive online. who decides what's positive? if somebody says i went on a date with this person at this park at this time that could be dangerous. couldn't it? couldn't it be a security issue? not just a privacy issue? this won't be a security
4:56 am
issue. when we look at positive ratings, it's very clear that you are leaving a positive rating out of three out of five stars. any reading that's considered positive is three stars and higher. we do have checks and balances in the app. to ensure that a positive review truly is positive. >> all right. quickly want to get this. this i love yemen and trip advisor there are a lot of businesses out there that say that they have been blacklisted because of a couple angry customers who have got on on there or people who may not have been customers and posing as customers. >> what is so great about our app. is those businesses can now really showcase how amazing they are as business owners and get that leg up to really tell the truth about how amazing they are about behind their vision and dreams. >> we will see if. >> some people love them and share that information through social media on our app. that's another thing we don't actually love about
4:57 am
yelp they have that ability to be harmed whereas with our app. they have the ability to be uplifted. >> we will see once it actually launches. i apologize we are coming up against a hard break. we if it becomes as popular as facebook and twitter he.
4:58 am
i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising.
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and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. saturday, the third of october 2015. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. missing at sea, right now, a desperate search for dozens of americans on board a ship lost in hurricane joaquin. this as a massive storm surge creates deadly conditions up and down the east coast. we are live on the ground just seconds from now a crazed sicko with a history of mental problems took the lives of these innocent people. meanwhiles the president says he wants to take your guns away. the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this on a regular basis. i will politicize it because our inaction is a political decision that we are making
5:01 am
is that ivan true? do the facts back up the president's argument? we will have that for you coming up. >> and they tied the knot two weeks ago but that wasn't the first time they walked down the aisle together, flower girl and ring bearer just got married 17 years later. they are here live this hour. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. look, friends, we have got a lot going on this morning. if you are waking up for us you will be informed the get to the extreme weather alert. storms are battering our east coast and causing widespread flooding. joaquin heads north from the bahamas. this morning rescue crews braving the category 3 storm searching for missing cargo ship. >> it is a crisis in the weather. we have team coverage tracking the storms this morning. jonathan serrie is live for us in kill devil hills. rick reichmuth in the weather center.
5:02 am
we begin this morning with jonathan. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning to you you. here on this portion of the outer banks, we are actually enjoying a brief respite in all of the fowl weather. the sun came out this morning. people are using that to come out and on joy the beach. you will notice that no one is going into the water because of the heavy surf. now, out at sea and in the actual hurricane, the u.s. coast guard rescued 12 mariners who had abandoned 212-foot long cargo ship they had encountered extremely rough seas northwest of haiti and their vessel was taking on water and listing. a helicopter pulled the crew from a life rath. the coast guard continues the search for another missing cargo ship. the u.s. flag vessel el faro are five u.s. citizens and polish nationals lost engine power near the eye of the storm thursday and since then has been out of communication. >> we have two c-130
5:03 am
aircraft and jacques helicopter searching that last known position. we are hopeful that we'll be able to get to that last known position and find some signs of a ship or any survivors anna tucker and clayton. these aircraft are flying at extremely low altitudes. 12,000 feet above the sea. remember, this is in less than ideal weather conditions. back to you guys. >> that's for sure. really scary. thanks a lot, jonathan. >> let's get it over to rick now. just talk about, you can imagine being on that ship being rocked back and forth? >> no way. listen to this. a category 4 hurricane. this was the strongest hurricane we had in the atlantic since 2011. and it just sat there and the location of that ship is exactly where the center of that storm was. so they would have been in that 24 to 36 hours, an ocean that would have been completely unforgiving. this morning, we will probably start to get some images coming out of the bahamas. where the center of that was we couldn't really get any
5:04 am
pictures. if you have seen any baum video or pictures lately probably from areas not really dealing with the center of this. that now is finally beginning to it move off get some images, made that turn finally. pull off toward the northeast. very strong storm. the good news is you notice on this cone in this track stays away from the eastern seaboard and that's the very, very good news. that doesn't mean we don't have the impacts we will continue to talk about it already very heavy rainfall across much of the eastern seaboard here, areas 8 to 10 inches of rain and we have a lot more coming towards that area today. maybe 10 to 15. >> a lot of people thought hey we dodged a bullet with hurricane joaquin not making landfall here in the united states. he we have got a lot of flooding to worry about. >> a lot going on. >> clemson notre dame game two undefeated teams. >> still playing. you could have a lot of people there trying to get out of a bad situation. potentially. i would stay away. >> scary. tough thing to say to a lot
5:05 am
of those fans. >> thank you. >> police still on the scene in oregon after that horrifying mass shooting the other day when the president took the stage to offer a very political solution to what had just happened. take a look at part of what the president said. >> the marijuana thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this on a regular basis. and i will politicize it. because our inaction is a political decision that we are making. it's because of politics. it's because interest groups fund campaigns. feed people fear. and, in fairness, it's not just in the republican party. although the republican party is just uniformly i opposed to all gun safety laws and unless would change that political dynamic, we are not going to be able to make a big dent in this problem. >> political dynamic is the
5:06 am
things that need to be glanged most dishonest thing i have ever seen in 30 years in washington. >> take a look at some of these numbers and the number of american households with guns has actually gone down as these mass shootings have gone up. so are guns really the problem here? >> yet, obviously facing a mental health issue in this country. mental health crisis issue in this country how does a person with this type of background get their hands on a gun? we saw what happened in sandy hook up in connecticut, of course. governor hike huckabee on the show earlier said gun control would do more harm than good though in this country, take a listen. >> here is what is normally said by the politicians. we have to do something. we just have to do something. well, that sounds so compassionate. but the fact is if you do something that doesn't help, and, in fact, if you do something that may do more harm, for example, take the ability to defend oneself out of the hands of law-abiding citizen. then how have you protected innocent people?
5:07 am
these political calls immediately after a shooting are not made rationally. who stopped that shooter? who stopped him? it was a cop who had a gun. >> there is a reason president obama didn't offer a specific solution because he doesn't have one. one legislative solution that actually did work was stop and frisk which pretty effectively took illegal guns out of those that shouldn't happen new york. who is against that the left. we have to get illegal guns off the street but we shouldn't stop people and check for illegal guns. i would love to no the answer to that. >> where do we see this happen? gun free zones more often than not. can you imagine somebody more gun control gun free zone in knee on letters in above their house while their children were sleeping upstairs. these kids were trying to get a better education and they end up dead. >> state of maine, everybody has a gun in the state of
5:08 am
mearn. this tell its you a complex problem. it's not as simple as disharming the population and politicians who pretend otherwise are doing a grave disservice to the rest of us. they are lying. >> topics on the campaign trail this book. brand new polls out this morning, showing donald trump remains number one in the republican presidential field. was talking about mental health as a reason for this oregon shooting. and also jeb bush sinking to sixth place following comments that he made in the wake of the oregon college massacre. so were his comments simply a misstep or more proof of mainstream media bias. chris citizen fisher in d.c. with the latest on this. >> good morning. just in case you had any doubt that political outsiders are in 2016. check out the latest poll from the pew research center. 65 brs of republican voters favor candidates who bring new ideas and different approaches compared to 29% who prefer experience and a proven record. so, it should come as little surprise that according to this new polls the top 3
5:09 am
candidates in the g.o.p. field are still political outsiders. donald trump is on top with 25% of the vote. followed by ben carson with 16%. carly fiorina and marco rubio tied for third at 8%. ted cruz at 6th. real story here jeb bush is way down with just 4%. at the same time, bush is taking some heat for a comment he made yesterday about the mass shooting he made in oregon. listen. >> look. stuff happens. there is always a krzyzewski. the impulse is always to do something and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> it's that stuff happens is the the comment people are having trouble with president obama asked for his reaction. here is how he responded. >> i don't even think i have to react to that one. [ laughter ] i think the person people should hear that and make their own judgments based on every couple of months we
5:10 am
have a mass shooting and they can decide whether they consider that stuff happening. >> liberal democrats and some in the media distorted my words to advance their agenda in the wake of tragedy the day it happened president obama said this is something we should politicize and that's exactly what's happening now. tucker, anna and clayton? >> kristen fisher, thank you for that report. >> thanks a lot. >> 10 minutes after the hour. other stories making headlines now. fox news alert. nine doctors without border staffers now dead after a trauma center was hit in overnight air strike. u.s. officials confirmed attack which targeted taliban insurgents near the hospital. of the medical aid charity con denial ago strike and this are demanding answers. they released a statement reading in part: the bombing continued for more than 30 minutes after american and afghan military
5:11 am
officials were first informed that its hospital was struck. 37s or were seriously hurt in the attack and several more are missing. the organization expects the death toll to go up. police have identified the nine people killed in the ump kauai community shooting massacre in oregon this morning as we leisure more about the -- learn more about the troubled gunman's class. he was in a writing class and also in the army for one month before he was kicked out. police found 13 guns connected to him six at the school. seven in his home. as for the survivors, the father of one woman breaking his silence right here on fox news when i got to the hospital they were prepping her for surgery. when got there she reached my hand and i just held her and she said dad, i didn't know what else to it do. i was on the ground and i
5:12 am
was praying and i kept hearing your voice and i kept saying "don't move." >> the nine people killed range in age from 18 to 67 and include a teacher and inspiring pied at trick nurse 74 people overdosing on a new more dangerous type of heroin over the past 72 hours in chicago. doctors are worried because the standard overdose treatment doesn't seem to be working. they say the heroin was probably laced with a pain killer fentanyl. the dea is working to track down its source. >> a messy neighborhood dispute for facebook founder mark zuckerberg 31-year-old set to fossa a jury on fraud charges for backing out on land developer in 2012. he tried to buy property owned by that gospel tore make his san francisco-million-dollar mansion a little more prosecute. he agreed to the deal only if he could meet the
5:13 am
silicone valley elite which he says never took place. he wanted to meet mark zuckerberg. >> and all the elite. >> he became hero for stopping a school shooting. it's happened again. hero football coach has something to say this morning you do not want to miss. >> donors to a colorado college can inscribe give them hell on donation plaques but god or jesus, no way. that's offensive, they say. meet the football player now fighting to express his faith. he is going to be joining us next. feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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5:17 am
could lives have been saved am ump kauai college if. >> absurd to rely on armed security guard. if there was armed that are could have been avoided. >> next guest know what is it's like to stare down the barrel of a a gun. stormed his ohio high school in 2012 killing three students. he says we need armed guards to protect our kids joidges us now is the former chardon high school coach frank hall. great to see you back on the show. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you guys. >> for those people not familiar with your story, what happened back in 2012? >> came to school that day, that morning, we started off in the cafeteria and there was a young man that came in. and wanted to kill our kids. and that day we lost three young men and i was able to
5:18 am
confront him and chase him out of the school. we were able to save lives that day and just need to learn from that situation what do would learn from that situation. how could oregon been different if they had armed guards at that school? not just armdz guards but police officers trained. sr school resource officers. they are there ever day working with the students, working with the administration. look as a school administrator when someone comes and tells you that someone has a gun or someone has a knife. as an unarmed person, we are expecting to go and confront that person with a weapon or something like that. we need to protect our children it's not a blue or red state issue. it's a children's safety issue. >> you know, it seems like because this school in oregon is a gun free zone that the wording of its policy seems to imply that
5:19 am
the state law that allows conceal carry arms actually would trump the school's policy. so, shouldn't that have been the policy that the gets trumped by state law. >> absolutely. the police officers that went against protocol and went in on their own and took down this killer, imagine if they had been there on post. if they had been there perhaps we lose one life. perhaps we lose two lives. but i guarantee you if they had been on duty on post on station at that school, lives would have been saved. and you know, for us to sit here and to bicker about whether state law supersedes this or that. it's ludicrous. we need to save people's lives. the only way we are going to do that is to have people there to protect them. >> the other on the other side is which we can't have guns locked up in a locker at schools. that's dangerous for the students. what do you say to that? >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> i'm saying to critics on the other side argue the reason we have gun free zones we can't obviously
5:20 am
have guns near our students. we can't have them locked up in a locker safely at certain checkpoints around the school. that's a derek to our students. >> look, every day in america kids bring guns to school and knives to schools. not just inner city schools. middle american schools. issue going on right now gun safety and mental health issues are very important. we need to have the conversation our schools need to be protected. that's the bottom line. we need to protect our schools and have people in there that are trained and have the ability to do that. >> and there is another hero in all of this too. chris mintz shot seven times i you would be remiss if i didn't get your thoughts on that. what did you think of him being shot seven times chasing down killer. >> those are exactly the kind of people we need in our schools to protect our children. that young man has a child at home and yet he went ahead and did this what if that young man was sro, i guarantee you he would have stepped up, done a great job in protecting those people we need those type of people
5:21 am
in our schools. >> frank hall well said. great having you here on the show as always. thanks so much, frank. >> thank you. >> we will have more "fox & friends" in two minutes. go to our facebook page this morning. tell us your thoughts on this story. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. hand apparently, they also lovee what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those?
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5:25 am
broke. jason chancey committed to hearing his employees talk about secret service. heard about the story only when it broke the follow month. keel keep you posted on what happ anna? two weeks since high school sweet hearts officially tied the month but wasn't the first time that they had walked down the aisle together. 17 years ago they were the ring bearer and flower girl in a family friend's wedding in the very same church. how cute are they? joining us now those newly bedz weds. good morning. >> good morning, thank you this is fairy tail story brook stuff. okay. tell us about how this has progressed over the years. because i understand, brook, have you been trying to get adrian's attention for a long time and unusually he wasn't having it what would
5:26 am
happen? >> we were young. i had had a crush on him and i was infatuated with him he could not stand me. i tried to play with him at school and church. and he made sure stayed away. >> ultimately she did get your attention, adrian and you say that you kind of had the classic i like you, you like me, check yes or no method of being girlfriend. had you her bend over and writing on back. how did that work? >> with yeah. we were sitting on the couch little love birds, writing on each other's back. in this would be a father text full-time to ask her. you wrote it out. total silence and all. didn't get anything like her nervous about to have a heart attack are you going to say anything? you didn't put a question mark. waiting on the question mark. >> what do you two say? you are 221 and 22. >> and you said you had some
5:27 am
folks you are simply too young to get married. you don't know what role love is who are you putting at the center of our marriage? >> we took god first and foremost in the center of our relationship. we know it's him who has directed our paths together. even 17 years ago and even up to today. we know he is the one that's ordained our marriage and we're looking forward to all he has for us in the future as he directs and continues to guide our steps. >> this is so cool that the venue you is the same church where you guys walked down the aisle. weigh in almost two decades ago. were they -- was that family friend present at your wedding? >> the bride was, but the husband has to cease now. but she was there. and was very happy for us. and we love her good friend of ours today. >> all came full circle. what do you think when you look back at pictures so young? >> it's definitely brings
5:28 am
back a lot of memories because we had known about that we were together in a wedding but we sort of forgot about it being so long ago when she brought the pictures it was like all the memories flooded back and it was great. we are glad we have those for the future and be able to show our kids one day hopefully. >> what a blessing and make sure you head on to your pictures the flower girl and ring bearer at your wedding. brook and adrian thank you so much. what a great story. >> thank you. >> good luck in your marriage. 228 minutes after the hour. here is what is coming up. a college campus banning some seriously bad words like lord, god, and jesus. up next, meet the former football player fighting that ban. and it just may be clayton's favorite day of the year. national techy's day. we are checking out his favorite new gadget, including one that will allow to you skill all those commercials with just one press of the button. ♪ renegade, had it made ♪
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5:32 am
we are back with extreme weather and close eye on the east coast this morning as storms continue to rip through the area. that weather causing widespread flooding up and down the eastern seaboard like right there. looking at it right there in north carolina roads look more like rivers. >> several governors are
5:33 am
declaring states of emergency. >> rick riewk mouth standing by. tracking the storm. what's the lawsuitest? >> images out of knowledge is very -- images out of new jersey very interesting. wind pushing all that water on shore. high tide cycle we will continue to see pictures like that. very hard to imagine that kind of flooding when you are not even anywhere near the center of this storm. days and days of persistent winds. strong winds pushing all that ocean water in towards that area. here is a look at the it picture we have got going on. joaquin, a moisture feed going in towards areas of the eastern part of the u.s. and the heaviest of it right now and all day long is going to be targeting south carolina. get ready for that. you should be ready, in fact, stay inside unless you are evacuated, which is likely going to happen in some cases today as the water is going to rise very, very quickly. here is what is going on. we have what is joaquin and
5:34 am
another system right here. really it's this system across the southeastern part of the u.s. that's bringing all the moisture. as this pulls away, we still have moisture from joaquin that's going to continue to feed in here. this right here is that bull eye where we are going to see some 12 plus inches of run a by the end of the weekend. probably some areas, guys, 18 to 20 inches. that's our concern. >> that's unbelievable. >> thanks, rick. >> you bet. now to other stories making headlines and this is a fox news alert. russia launching brand new air strikes this morning. supposedly against isis in syria. other reports suggest it's more of the same. attacks on syrian rebels backed by the united states. still, president obama says he is not threatened by his russian russian counterpart vladimir putin. >> not out of strength but out of weakness. because husband client, mr. assad was crumbling and it was insufficient for him simply to send him arms and money. iran and assad make up
5:35 am
mr. putin's coalition at the it moment. >> the rest of the world makes up ours. >> obama says moving assad out of power is the only way to solve syrians issues. the university of louisville and the ncaa investigating claims that former staff andre mcgee hired hookers to entice his young athletic recruits. the allegations published in a book released yesterday by one of those escorts says between 2010 and 2014, she and other women would dance, strip, and perform sexual acts with players, recruits, and their fathers. the athletic director says just wants to uncover all the facts. a religious fight for freedom between a colorado school and a former football player. musical lucas tried to include phrases from the bible on his donation plaque and the school riewfd to allow the words lord god or
5:36 am
jesus. lucas is now filing a lawsuit. he joined us earlier alongside his attorney. >> well, the verses spoke to me primarily because they meant a lot to me in school. was i surprised? i was very surprised and frankly disappointed in my former alma mater there. >> lucas also says there weren't any guidelines on phrases he could and could not have. running late for your flight? definitely don't try this. a italian man called in a fake bomb threat to prevent his plane from taking off. that plane heading to rome was forced back to the every single bag was searched. and while the 46-year-old succeeded in delaying the flight, police tracked him down and arrested him. he faces a prison sentence and could be banned from flying for life. all right, tucker and clayton, let's check out the gadgets. >> well, thanks so much, anna. it is national techy's day. there is such a thing.
5:37 am
guess who is celebrating? clayton morris. he brought us his favorite gadgets the ones he has in his house. >> i feel like oprah favorite things. >> you get a car. >> pretty cool, actually. >> you get a car. you get a car. >> my favorite gadgets of 2015. my guilty pleasures and some of the best on the markets. let's start with home automation. as simple as possible you land from your airplane and you get off the plane and you want to make sure your airconditioning and heat is on in your house. new echo b thermostat. wi-fi you. works with apple's home kit. amawzing. launch sire and turn on the airconditioning upstairs. it has little censors so put them in different parts of the house. so if you want it 70 degrees in the bedroom and you want it 68 degrees in the downstairs, it will know to moderate the temperature based on where you put the censors in -- sensors in the house. >> here is my next guilty
5:38 am
pleasure. the amazon came out with echo product this year. you set it out on your counter. even from across the room it activates with voice. it's a guilty pleasure. it responds to voice commands using the term aelection savment i say aelection, is a what's the forecast in new york city right now? >> right now in new york, new york it's 49 degrees with with cloudy skies. today's forecast has irani weather. >> alexa turn off. >> does she listen to your conversations? >> what is the square root of. >> alexa what's the. >> sorry, that's just one of those things i don't know. >> you could be across the room in a kitchen and say alexa, set timer for 15 minutes if your hands are covered in cooking material and she will set an alarm for 15 minutes. >> are they all alexa? >> you can change the name to a different name. that's the one that defaults. alexa, play blues music. >> blues play list from prime. top prime songs, blues.
5:39 am
♪ >> no way. >> you could be across the room doing that all the way across. alx is a, turn off. do you think your privacy is violated by having alexa in your kitchen. >> no, i love alexa. >> next guilty pleasure and smart phone on the market is iphone 6 plus. alexa, turn off? she is obedient little girl. >> sorry, i don't have the answer to that question. >> alexa, i'm unplugging you. [ laughter ] >> the brand new iphone has the best screen. 3-d touch built into it fan tags particular. new 12 mega pixel camera. killer. best smart phone on the the market. i think i spent -- spend more time on this phone than. >> 6 plus. >> it's a huge upgrade from last year's model. you are about to get it i know you are. >> this is my favorite home entertainment system.
5:40 am
brand new came out from tivo. tivo bolt now it let's you skip commercials one touch. tap it, it skips the commercials. also has a smart universal search. if you want to search for a movie, it will search across netflix. amazon prime. all of those sources even what's lied on television. plus it has many, many, many hours of recording technology and plays back in high def. >> you should watch the ads. >> does it come with ben and jerries and potato chips. >> you don't leave the house. >> this is like a camera, 198 a camera. >> this is my favorite camera i have ever purchased. sony ar 72 it is a beast. this thing has a 42 mega pixel sensor. mega fast. unstead of throwing out five or six. um immediately focuses on the thing you are trying to
5:41 am
capture in the portrait. best camera ever made. fully-mile-an-hourless. full image sensor in it and-mile-an-hourless. look how impact that is. >> clayton knows his stuff he especially when it comes to photograph. >> coming up next, nypd must now report any use of force under brand new rules. sounds reasonable but what will it do to the crime rate in new york city? bo dietl joins us live with with a full report. >> meet the man who is making it his mission to bring them to our heroes for free. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free
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[ male announcer ] to make sure people don't break john deere tractors on accident, we try to break john deere tractors on purpose. test test test test test test
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test test test test test test test quickhood lines for you now. scientists have a plan to save the world from armageddon. >> we do this thing from the inside? >> how. >> we drill. we bring in the world's best driller. >> you need bruce willis for that, right? just like the movie u.s. scientists hope to crash unmanned probe on 25-foot wide as destroyed to see if the impact will change its orbital path. it launches october 2020. and more surprises as we patiently wait for star wars the force awakens. ♪ >> can't wait. stone president kathleen kennedy spilled beans about the flick. movie goers will get to it see more of the sky walker family lineage. most of the main cast already have the force in the sequel. look at all those guys.
5:46 am
and i think nine straight years of movies after that tucker? >> thanks, clayton. the crime rate here in new york city is rising and, yet, cops in new york might be spending more time writing reports than actually fighting crime new rules coming down from the commissioner from the nypd. police will have to report any use of force they engage. in here to tell us whether this is a good idea or not and whether it's happening in the police department. the storied and legendary our friend bo dietl. good to have you this morning. >> good morning. i talk to cops all the time i feel honored that i can talk and don't have to be afraid. you have got a police commissioner who is a great police commissioner bill bratton. is he being directed by this big bird mayor who in turn has a city council out of control. inspector general. a federal machine tore. everybody is monitoring the cops. what are the cops doing? they had, i think in the last four years i think 175 incidents of unnecessary force. that means about 35 a year.
5:47 am
you are talking about a million interactions back and forth. my fear is as follows: i talk to cops every day. every time i leave fox, i talk to cops outside. their attitude is we are not going to get involved. because you know what they are going to do? they are going to be report takers. they are north going to be proactive. when i was a cop and detective and all that kind of stuff. you would go out there to stop crime. you would go there to he request. now you have a stop and risk we use to have. now if you talk to somebody, you have to fill out papers. now the person, if he doesn't like the way you talk to him he is he going to make a complaint. enough to all of a sudden start piling up complaints. cops have to be respected. people have to respect cops. when you give them this ability, how many times zaction, you are going after someone because you think they are doing something wrong. if they have the opportunity to come back and try to hurt your job, they are going to do it. >> the only reason normal people live in new york city, the businesses are based here. property values are high is because the crime rate went down under giuliani.
5:48 am
this is going to have a direct effect on the crime rate, is it not? >> absolutely. we can take the big incident that just occurred with blake who i heard is a wonderful man. my friends johnny nice --ize greatest guy in the world. the fact is they were investigating a felony, credit card usage over around there. also came out that they were known to carry knives. now, when he went and grabbed him, his part are ins were across the street grabbing some or guys. you are going by yourself, tucker. what is in your mind. is he a possibility. he is being directed by a witness. he did nothing wrong, that cop. now, when you take him off the street and put him and modify an assignment you say to cops don't get involved he didn't do anything wrong. he put him on the ground. felt as though he was arresting a felon who is possibly armed. so what do you do? you get him down there, get him cuffed so he doesn't hurt you or number else. how you can go against that cop and suspend that cop, this is all the influence of
5:49 am
everybody in the city council, big bird mayor de blasio this ig call who has no clue about what guess goes on in the street. i feel so sorry for these officers out there who want to do their job. you know what's going to happen? they are not going to do their job. they will take a report after the fact. not going to be proactive policing. >> the city will fall apart and rich people will move to florida and people stuck here who can't afford to leave stuck here like they were before. >> i love this city. been in this city my whole life i don't want to see them take and the heart and soul out of this great police department. >> bo dietl, great to see you as always. the man on the front line thank you. >> thank you. >> republican presidential candidate ben carson will be joining us in just a moment to explain what he would do if elected. we hire trump? he will tell us in just a second. and service dogs can save a veteran's life but not everyone can afford one. up next, meet the man who is making it his mission to bring it to our heroes for free ♪
5:50 am
♪ brought to you courtesy of the, red
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
seven minutes before the top of the hour. one in credible organization promises to place any veteran that's served the country with a perfect match. they provide highly trained animals. they cover all of the cost. joining me now is army major peter way retired special forces
5:54 am
medic and then director of training. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i love when you bring puppies. you get extra points. >> how does he help you? >> well, he has changed my life. he has helped me with with physical issues bracing and balancing. getting around in the wheel share, up when i floor, opening the door, retrieving things around the house. >> it's in credible to watch. while you're in the chair and having a hard time to get the door open, what will he do to you. >> he will poll the door open and let me roll me chair in and then release the hold and close the door and keep ongoing. >> amazing. feels like you have the in dependen dependence. >> yeah, i do. >> tell us about the program. these animals are $50,000 and more. you do it for free.
5:55 am
how do you do that? >> we do that by donated dollars. there's no government funding. it's all donations through the community and public, you know. we're always asking for dollars and donations so that they can place the high quality dogs with veterans. >> your facility is about an hour away from here in new york. what do we see here? >> well, it's a beautiful campus in smith town, new york and then training with all of the types of dogs that we train whether they're service dogs, saeizure dogs, guide dogs. you see students eating and training. >> major way what is unique is that it's not special for just one war. when you're there on campus, who are you talk to go and conversing with? >> yeah, it's great. i will meet fellow veterans that
5:56 am
are in the same places and afghanistan where i have been and get to meet world war ii and vietnam vets. it's unique to see how we're alike despite different nasty parts of the world. >> it's a district war history. >> yeah, there are a lot of puppies. >> thank you so much and friends at home for more information visit vet and you can make a donation if you want to. thank you so much and thank you for the service. >> you're welcome. coming up the desperate search is on for a cargo ship lost in the middle of joaquin. there is there any hope? what is carson's plan to overcome donald trump? we will ask him when he join us
5:57 am
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6:00 am
hi friends and good morning. it's a fox news alert. lost at sea. a ship vanishes in the path of hurricane joaquin. there's deadly conditions up and down the east coast. we're live with the latest on all fronts. then we're learning more of the victims in the horrible oregon shooting when the gunman opened fire on the campus. they're calling for stricter gun control laws. one candidate is sending this message and ben carson is here to react live this hour. it's a problem that parents have been trying to solve for decades. if you want your kids to eat their veg gis, we have an
6:01 am
answer. we're going to hypnotize your kids. f fox and friends starts right now. we do begin with a fox news alert. a frantic search and a cargo ship sending a distress signal after hurricane joaquin. >> yeah, the reports say that they began to take on water and soon after it lost all communication with the coast guard on shore. joining us now be the latest is the president of the angle mar corp. and former ceo and industry enterprises. >> okay. what do you make of what is unfolding. we have not heard from it since thursday 12 thursday? >> well, look it could be that the attend that broke and in 130 mile an hour wind, nobody is
6:02 am
going go out there and fix it. the latest report says that it had engine trouble and taking on water and lifting. in these types of seas, you know, it could be kind of a dire situation. >> what's so striking is that it was an enormous freight er. over 700 feet long. >> it's at risk only because they had engine trouble. when you have that, cannot navigate the ship to go through the waves and now the waves could be hitting it from the side. it's just, you know, without power you're kind of at the mercy of the waves. it's a big ship and built to with stand this type of stuff. the structure of the ship and it's called a roll roll. things roll on and roll off to the lower deck and then containers on the upper deck. so the gravity of that ship is a little bit higher on the water
6:03 am
line, so the center of gravity, you know, woebbles a little bit more. if it starts to take on water or lift, the nature of the cargo don't forget you have 300 cars on the lower deck. if one car goes into the other car it can start to shift the cargo and change the balance of the ship. so the type of the ship and fact that it does not have power all converge to make it a potentially bad situation. >> we do know that one of the last calls with officials is that they were taking on flooding and stopping the flooding. this weather is making it hard for the coast guard. we have been talking about hurricane joaquin for a long time. are they under pressure to deliver? >> well, you have to balance delivery pressure with safety. i cannot talk to why the ship
6:04 am
decided to go where it was going. any guess is that if it did encounter the engine problems, it's a normal kind of transit. it's only a day or two and they probably thought that it was not a problem. i do want to say that these ships have trained crew men and lifeboatsme lifeboats. this is something that's tragic and problematic, but they train for this all of the sometime. hopefully they're safely in the ship or lifeboat. >> 28 americans on the crew from jacksonville area. thank you for joining us on the show. >> you're welcome. >> rocking back and forth in the water must be horrendous. >> yeah, this is not a normal storm but a category three or four hurricane. they're not waves that are coming in one direction.
6:05 am
it's a turbulent sea. this is a look at the satellite image for the last 48 hours. right there and the last contact that they had with the ship and impacting the area for the better part of 48 hours with those kindins of winds. it's a difficult scenario with this storm. i will tell you that this storm is pulling off to the northeast. that's the good news for this. we have to moisture feed for this in the eastern seaboard and into south carolina. if you have any pictures and can get them to us, please do so. you can send them to us and we can share them on the show. okay. over to you. >> thanks it's an amazing story. police identifying the nine people killed in oregon. >> this as we learn more about the gunman's path. >> william is live in oregon with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know obviously this tragedy is not something that roseburg
6:06 am
would forget. they did not want to join the times like sandy hook. yesterday they came together for a blood drive physically emotionally. to help the survivors and one critical and two stable. and the hero, army vet. he has a six-year-old son that has autism. yesterday the family set up a go fund me page. she is recovering from a bullet to the spine. she pretended to be dead when the gunman told her to get up. here is her father stacey. >> he heard more gunfire. there was another gunshot and then she heard him say the gunman say i have been wanting to do that for a long time. he started asking what their
6:07 am
religion was. some brave people that are faithful said i am a christian, and he said god you will meet god in about a second and he would shot them in the head. >> poli >> reporter: police released the names of the victims ages 18 -5. we also learned about the shooter. he attended a high school for mentally disabled individuals, trouble teens and kicked out of the army after 30 days. he did leave an angry hate fill message where he killed classmates that were enroll in the writing class, and despite the mental disabilities, he was able to buy the weapons legally along with other family members. six of those found her on the
6:08 am
campus. i want to tell you guys that the university of oregon and state will wear a decal over the weekend to commemorate the victims. >> thank you. we had frank hall on and you may remember him from 2012. he was the hero from ohio and the former football coach when the mad man came in and shot and killed flee t three students. he charged him and prevented more mass casualty zp. >> he says when these happen, it always takes him back. he says that we need to protect better. >> as a school administrator, when someone comes and tells you that there's a knife or gun we're expected o o go and confront that person with with a weapon or something like that? we need to protect our children. it's not a blue state issue or a red state issue.
6:09 am
it's a child safety issue. the schools need to be protected. we have to have people in there that are train and have the ability to do that. >> what was it that took him down in oregon? was it a fist or a punch? no, what did it was a gun. >> there are a lot of politic n politicianinpoliticia politicians that like to disarm the population. we're mising out on a conversation of what is causing the shootings. it's dropped over the past ten years as they vents have risen. what is this about? wouldn't you like to see someone in power talk a look at this and trying to see why this is happening? nobody is. >> we have the mental illness component to this and we have to have a deep confusion about. you have the bread crumbs on the
6:10 am
internet and saying that if you're good and in the oregon area, you may not want to come to school in the next few days. we knew that there were thoughts about that. what channels are we monitoring? that's a healthy channel to see as well. >> yeah. we have other stories that we're following. nine volunteers with doctors without borders are dead this morning after an air strike in afghanistan. they confirmed the attack. the medical aide charity condemned it frantically and calling as bombs reigned down from above. despite the plea, it happened for an hour. 37 others seriously hurt in the attack and several other volunteers remain missing. the director of the secrete service new of a plan before the story hit the media we're
6:11 am
learning. clan si admitting to hearing them talk about it on march 24th before the date of april 1st. they leaked the personal file and a job application to get back at him for the investigation into the department's miss conduct. and free health care for illegals? that's what bernie sanders wants to do. while speak to go the hispanic caucus, she says that he is in support of some purchasing it through obama exchanges but only if they use their own money. he endorsed the bill and the house expanding health coverage to illegal immigrants. those are the news headlines. >> well with, thanks so much anna. donald trump say that is he would hire ben carson if he is elected president, the question is would carson elect trump?
6:12 am
we will have him on in a second and ask him. and he is the coolest guy around. >> he is the most interesting man in the world. >> i don't always drink beer, but when i do i prefer. >> the most interesting man in the world maybe the cheapest. now he is heading to court. ♪
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
president bobama wasted nota moment after the shooting in oregon saying that republicans are partly responsible. >> the main thing that i am going do is talk about this on a regular basis, and i will
6:16 am
politisize it because the in action is a political decision that we're making. >> dr. ben carson does not agree with that. he says that we ought to be focussing on the victim's faith. the candidate hear to explain and dr. carson, thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> why are they happening, and what can we do to stop them? >> well, in the shootings, it's people with mental disturbances. we need to study the people and see what are the early warning signs and intervene in the lives before it happens. taking guns away does not solve this problem. thomas jefferson way back then said the only people that are hurt when we take the guns away with the law abiding citizen. that does not make sense. >> that seems like a logical response and not surprising because you're a physician, but
6:17 am
why are we not doing that ask trying to see what they have in common and combat it from that snend why not? >> i am not sure why there isn't. in a carson administration, there would be. we would start to look at data and evidence and base decisions on that and not making decisions on ideology. the president talking about what he talked about, why is he not talking about the hate crimes ask christians are being targeted. i don't think at that he mentioned the word christian. >> maybe he spoke before the details. how brave is the second person that stood up when asked if they were a christian. the president said that he would like to bring in at least 100,000 refugees from the civil syrian war. he has not explained why and how this benefits america. where are you on that?
6:18 am
>> we have to be logical. if you're bringing in those people from the world and that they want to destroy us, kbr in fact would you facilitate that for them. that does not make any sense. i do feel compassion for the people that are over there and for the refugees. i have no problem with helping to settle them in that area of the world and financially and with expertise, but to bring them here when we have tens of millions of people here already that were not taking care of. when do we start to put americans first? >> well, there are a thousand of american citizen sleeping outside of our studio here in new york city. >> no more than you have a moral obligation to house anybody that comes and knocks on your door.
6:19 am
obviously we have discretion in that. the wond wierful thing is that god lord gave us a brain. i they at some point he expects us to put it in gear. >> donald trump said the other day if elected president, he would hire you and would not hesitate for a second to bring you in to the election. if you were elected, would you hire donald trump? >> i they he has many admirable and traits and i think that he would find a god spot in the administration. >> where in the administration would you say? >> well, that would remain to be seen. >> okay. so you said the other day when trump is gone after you you visualize him an an infant and that helps you put that into pe perspective. has he mentioned that? >> no, i said people that act
6:20 am
irrationally and i imagine them as a little baby. i say that used to be a cute baby and what happened to them. that makes it easy to do and not get angry. >> dr. ben car sornson, thanks coming. >> thanks. this man has southern style and he that proud of o it. >> we refer to woman in our life as dear darling and sweet heart. a term of endearment. >> they say y'all, but i am not stupid. more from the man that does not apologize for being below the mason dixie line. the next guest may have solved a problem. a trick guaranteed to work. we have a system that we're going to test on them when we come back. ♪ if you're taking multiple medications,
6:21 am
does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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6:24 am
hi everyone. happy saturday. let's get up and moving. quick headlines for you right now. a pentagon team is scoping the state out as a possible location to transfer the remaining 114 terrorists held at gitmo bay. right now they're at the top of the list we're told. leading common core advocate stepping down as secretary of the education. he spent seven year in the obama administration and was in the race for top program and that was to encourage them to adopt the program. he leaves the post in november. okay. eat the veggies.
6:25 am
>> that's a problem and that it is. nine out of ten kids do not eat enough greens. now a simple way to get them to eat more. here with with more is carrie and welcome back to the show. >> nice to see you. >> what does this say out of texas a&m? >> well, we know this has been a problem and the most resent research is saying if we eat the vegetables alone or we pair them with foods that are were not their favorite, they're going to be more likely to eat them. so for example having the broccoli with grilled fish is probably -- you're going to have a better chance getting them to get those down. >> so the less er of two evils? >> i don't like to think about it that way. >> how are you doing?
6:26 am
are you eating the vegetables this morning. >> so you say serve food at dinner restaurant verses family style. >> so what we do is in my house we serve in the kitchen, so i plate everything in the kitchen and then i have an extra big serving of vegetables on the dinner table, so if they want more food the only option in front of them or staring them in the face is vegetables. >> okay. so that's a smart move. >> have multiple options. that's another start move, what do you mean by that. >> yes. we have a raw vegetable and cooked vegetables. you're increasing the chances of getting them in. even if they like the cooked broccoli, they may like the carrots. >> is that tator tots or chicken
6:27 am
nuggets. >> serve sveggies first. >> give them that with anything else around like a little appetizer. when i am prepping table, i put things out so they are hungry and get in a pep were or celery stick. it's something. they're eating that when they're most hungry. >> and then you bring out the main course. >> exactly. >> be a role model. >> yes, of course. we know that we have heard this and so many parents are not being the best role models. not slamming parents. we have to work hard at eating the vegetables and not saying no. >> my dad used to hide them under the napkin and pretended that they eat them. >> yeah, a lot of parents are eating their broccoli like in and that they don't want it. we have to have the veggies. >> don't talk.
6:28 am
what do you mean? >> well, we often over talk and get the vegetables in. have you eaten them. what did you eat? we teach certain habits like brushing the teeth and we do not over talk it. they see us doing and do. if they're not eating them every single night, do not stress out about it. continue to offer so that they know that it's apart of healthy living and do not over talk it. it's hard to do. it's hard for me to do, but i try hard. >> i love it. carrie, great to see you guys. eat your vegetables guys. coming on the show millions of people on the east coast experiencing a flooding disaster. this coming from us online. where is the storm heading next? we're tracking it for you. they tied the knot two weeks ago. the flower girl and ring barrier reunited years ago. ♪
6:29 am
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6:32 am
we're back with extreme weather and the east coast cannot catch a break this morning. high tide bringing floodings to states and more problems expected for the weekend as hurricane joaquin heads north from the obama. >> this morning we're getting a look at the damage that the monster left behind and the
6:33 am
chairs and what looks like an over turned vehicle and the airport. >> yeah, tracking the storms for us and what is the latest? >> well, this is out of the obama's and certainly scary. pictures out of the u.s. and getting in credible amounts of rain. we have seen six inches and that's on top of what we have seen. this is how one person is getting around town and that's a paddle board. you have to stay off the roads. we're getting reports of the water rescues going on. keep sending us the pictures so that we can share them. a lot of areas have seen six to 11 inches of rain, and we have a lot more rain coming in and we will continue to see the moisture being pulled up and from another disturbance out there. move forward one here, and we can see that and continue to see the ploom of moisture and that's the target for it. now you're wondering is not
6:34 am
joaquin or not? as you move forward, this is an idea and that's the future radar. that's joaquin pulling off to the east. you can see the connection from that, and that's the moisture that's going to feed here in the south carolina. by the time we're down some will see ten to 15 inches of rain. it's not in the question that you can use a 20 inch rainfall. it's not just in one spot, so it's a very very wide area and by tomorrow morning there's going to be a lot of damage. >> 20 inches is going to cause damage. ten inches will cause a lot of damage. >> wow. thanks. >> you bet. >> the thoughts to down south for those dealing with its. if you're a southern ner, yu may be like chad prat hher and
6:35 am
heard someone saying that he sounded dumb because of his accent. he decided to take back to youtube to talk about the troll. >> i grew up in georgia where southe southern dialect nobody has stopped me yet i don't say that it makes me sound less than intelligent. you can stop to listen. nobody invited you into the conversation. it's okay. walk away. if that what it takes to offend your mind, let me remind you that we hunt, fish and refer to woman in our live as dear darling and sweet heart as a term of endearment. we teach the children to say ma'am and sir to their elders and to do so for the rest of their lives is a sign of respect no matter how old they get.
6:36 am
believe it or not, we get along with people not like us whether it's the skin color or country that they came from or up north. y'all come on down. >> if you're a grad living in brooklyn ask yourself, could you talk that arctic lit? >> yeah, it's because you have your smart plglasses on. >> you like our biscuits covered in gravy and corn bread and cut off jeans and tan lines. you like it all, don't you? >> you had me at cut off jeans. >> yeah, i cannot respond to that. there's an attack on southern culture. it's having attempt with people on authority with the coast. they spend a lot of time
6:37 am
outdoors with the family and all of this stuff and have kids. there's really a lot of stuff to the people down south and none of is justified. >> since our kids moved down south i learn that we're rude. we need to treat people with more southern hospitality. >> jenny says this is my standing answer to those that say that i talk funny. there are two kinds of people those that talk this way and those that wish they could. i might add a y'all to this. >> i love this. a southern accent is not a sign of stupidity. we take longer to say something, so you better listen. we do. >> let us know your you thought that on that. meanwhile we have a fox news alert. yeah, we're going to get to this. russia launched air strikes and others say that it's the same. backed by the united states and
6:38 am
president obama saying that he does not feel threatened by the russian counter parts putin. >> he had to go to sir kbra not out of strength but weakness because his client was crumble, and it was in sufficient to send them arms and money. iran and ashad make up the coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. obama says moving them out of power is the only way to solve syria's issues. 74 people overdosing on a new type of heroine over the past 72 hours in chicago. doctors are worried that the standard overdose treatment is not working. it was probably laced with the painkill painkiller amphetaminal.
6:39 am
they walked down the aisle as flower girl and ring barrier, and this time they're doing it again. they stopped by fox and friends earlier to share a story of a lifetime. >> we were young, and i had a crush on him. i was obsessed with him. he could not stand me. i tried to play with him at school and church, and he made sure that he stayed away. >> well, he eventually gave in and the two tied the knot on 19th of september in the same church. stay thirsty for cash. >> he is the most interesting man in the world. >> i don't always drink beer when when i do, i prefer do dos equis. >> the most interesting man in the world maybe the cheapest. the guy behind the adds is being sued by the former manager. he say that is he stopped paying
6:40 am
him last year and saying that he gave him enough. he was supposed to collect ten percent of the interesting man's paycheck. >> just a little top for that. all right. well listen to this a three bedroom two bedroom house for under 80 grand. real-estate michael is here to tell us where to find them. have you ever had this argument in your house. >> you just said that you want me to help you do the dishes. >> i want you to want to do the dishes. >> why would i want to do dishes? >> who wants to do the dishes? the study that says that washes difshs is good for you. first we're going to check in with your pal on what is next on the cost is freedom block. >> good morning. a lousy job report. it's a good thing that republican candidates are tripping over themselves to get the biggest tax cut. what is this about? donald trump says to let russia
6:41 am
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we have got some quick headlines for you. first up it's your time to shine. there's a pill that minimum ixs the affects of exercise. eight drugs are in the stages of development. some help with muscle growth. they will never be a are repl e replacement for gets off the couch and moving. washing dishes does not have to end in an argument. >> you said that you want me to help you do the dishes. >> i want you to help me do the dishes. >> why would i want to do the dishes? >> washing dishes can be a pleasant experience claim people that have done it. florida researchers had them read a mindful passage about dish washing as they cleaned. it was grounded while doing an activity and making the mode
6:45 am
better. no word on what paid for that study. >> dawn, the detergent company. talk about a major bargain and homes for under $100,000. is it possible? real-estate market lined up some gems that are great starter homes. he is the founder of find it, fix it, flip it. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. you're right. if i were to say to someone can you buy a house for under $100,000, everybody would say nope. even with the houses rising, yes you can find it. i did. we have four of them that i can show you. it's great cities and great towns across america. >> okay. so let's head out to missouri. you found a three bed and two bath. tell us about this one. >> yeah, in missouri this one is 78,900. it's three bedroom and two bath. it's a charming one and beautiful according to realt
6:46 am big front were porch and beautiful home. it has a lot going on. it's 1.5 stories, and updated kitchen and wonderful green tile in there but also a huge backyard. here is the best part of this, if you want to see the mortgage payment it's about $291 a month. >> should be paying attention if you're thinking about buying the first property. then to san tone tone. >> yeah, it's for sale for $87,000. it's a three bedroom and two bath. this is in move in condition. it has a really bright living room. it has an opened kitchen and open floor plan and wonderful really big backyard with a patio and a purge la. it has privacy fences around all and with with this property it's
6:47 am
on it's own because you have no back neighbors. a lot of privacy going on. the mortgage payment on this would be $321 a month. it's a great starter home. first time buyer home. wonderful spot. >> go to dayton, ohio and used to live there south of them and great homes out there and affordable. >> yeah, in credibly affordable. they have some really really affordable homes. this is $63,500. it's a three bedroom and two bath. another wonderful craftsman. it has a huge front porch and open living room and floor plan in the living room and then a gas fireplace that's all brick and then a wonderful full basement. this one your mortgage payment is going to be $234 a month. of course you have to add the taxes and insurance to that. what an amazing deal.
6:48 am
>> it's an amazing deal and for those thinking of rental properties, 600 minus 200, you're walking away with three 300-$400. what did you find out in florida? >> well, it's hard to find a home in the price range that has amenities to it. it's a smarter home and about a thousand square feet and three bedroom and two bath. it's living room dining room come boechlt it has a kitchen and vaulted ceilings. in the backyard it has a swimming phone. so for 94,000 you have a home with a pool. big fenced in backyard. i don't know how they did that with the price. the mortgage payment is about $350 a month. >> wow, i know state tax either or income tax in florida.
6:49 am
>> yeah. >> smart move. michael, good to see you. thanks for joining us this morning. >> nice tie. >> thank you. for more information go to "fox and friends" and our friends thank you. does this look like your house outside? home depot is telling us what you need to protect your house. we have it all when we come back. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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6:53 am
hi friends good morning. joaquin gearing away from the united states. >> yeah, are you prae paepared storm like this and what should we do to protect ourself and homes? >> thank you for having me. >> it's such a big thing and so many times you're caught off guard. a lot of times it's preparation that should be done already or keep in the home. >> people wait until the last minute. it's like grocery shopping go to the last minute and there's nothing left. s same thing with us. get the batteries and check it. go to led. it lasts longer and better run time. get a radio that works off power. charge your cell phone and get a bag. water proof for that matter and pack it. leave it in the garage or closet
6:54 am
and have it ready to go. when you go into your bag and you're looking for things, cannot find duck tape. if you find it? is it water proof? follow up with tarps? are they the right size? >> right. >> bungy cords. >> yes. >> so many times we get stuff that we do not realize that it needs another item. >> yeah, the attachment. >> yeah, the tape or that sort of thing and taking in the lawn furniture and everything that's inside that might become projectile. >> yeah. >> for the neighbors. so you have sandbags. one thing that you can go out and make sandbags, but you have a product that's an easy sandbag. >> yeah it's called quick damage. this is the item here and it weighs less than a pound. as soon it, it hits water, it turns into this and that's a 30 pound sandbag. it's a same principal as a bay
6:55 am
bay baby's diaper. they're $36. one can get up to five feet tall. >> talk about generators. we saw this in hurricane sandy and something like this can really save you money. >> yeah, this is a lifeline. if you have a generator, you're better than most. no pull start. all you have to do is push a button and fire it up. it's ready to go. a lot of people is that people do not buy the extension cord and gas can. you get it and have no way to get the power to your house. >> finally boarding up the windows. >> you got it. >> this is you anna. >> okay. so window make sure that the window is bigger than the plywood and cover the window and that's the same size. >> ready. i did not do a good job.
6:56 am
>> put a little bit of pressure. this one over here. >> it's all about protection. [ laughter ] >> this is why you do this -- >> you got it. to do this when the rain is happening. >> no, you don't. >> thank you. >> over to you. more "fox and friends" coming up. stay tuned.
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hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new ♪
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katy perry. >> big show for you. >> it's wet and cold. we hope that we warmed you up. >> come on now. >> welcome to "fox and friends." fewer jobs being created as more americans drop out of the workforce. the disappointing jobs report coming as the republican presidential candidates keep on pushing tax cut plans. they say that's the answer. are they right or wrong? hi everyone i am brenda and this is bulls and bears. here they are and this week gary smith, john layfield and along with susie and emily sesman. okay. the tax cuts is that the best way? >> i think that they are brenda. look there's -- research comes out everyday and the latest says that there's a


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