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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  October 3, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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year. >> make money by obama care. >> moving to a six hour work day. it's good for the swedish. >> neil take it away. >> horrible. so russia is in syria and the donald has no problem with it. to hear trump tell it don't be mad, be glad. >> if you look at syria, russia wants to get rid of isis. let them do it. what the held do we care? >> well, give the billionaire this much. if it's isis that the russ canadians are backing. let's just say that some of my colleagues have their doubts. welcome everybody. i am neil and along with adam and charlie. first time in weeks we have got the original gang.
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>> the gang is all here. >> yep. >> now, you have spoken to trump on this and other subjects. does he believe that? >> yeah, a lot of people said that trump already has the egg on the face. over the last two hours a lot of folks have come around to say who are the rebels? just because they're ashad does not mean that they're our friends. secondly, let them blow each other up. we have to make the situation worse in a lot of in stances if we're honest about this. would they exist if susan was still there? is that worse or better? it's tough to force it in places that they have. >> he is doubling down on it. >> yeah, it's naive to think that putin would do anything in the u.s. interest. he refuses to read up on certain topics. he has good political instincts,
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but this is stupid. putin is going to do what is in the best interest of russia. >> you don't believe that he is going after isis? >> no. he is creating chaos. >> let me write that down. i am not going to say that he is creating chaos. >> come on. really. >> no way. he is doing more than that. >> yeah, he is saying it like that. maybe if he is going to hike it. >> wait. wait. >> what is he doing? >> wait maybe. he does not appreciate it or he does. >> i don't think that he does. cannot separate isis and syria and isis and iraq while putin is building more power.doing a dea intelligence, you're going step back and letter error take over. let me finish before you
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interrupt me. i can smack you. to say let everybody kill each other is president obama's policy. >> here is my objection to what you're saying. it's far to intelligent. you're being far too analytical and insightful about a situation that charlie has 100 percent identified. donald trump could care less about this. >> he does not want to read up on it. >> he has good political instincts. he is saying words that will play well. they will play well. >> well, if i understand what trump is saying he is saying let him go at it and fight the guys. isn't that the asurchs that he is going after isis and not the guys that we're trying to get to over throw or he does not mind the particulars. let them look like they're going after it and we don't have to both er it.
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>> well witfirst thing mr. putis trying to dispute that and he is going after the democratic forces and not going after ashad. he is a troublemaker everywhere that he goes. but as carter and smart secretary of defense and excellent opponented by president obama. he said to let him do it. the russians have made mistakes in the muslim countries. we know that from afghanistan. i expect that's another mistake. i know that mr. trump understands that. >> yeah that's ash carter saying that. donald has given 30 seconds and spoking to that. >> yeah, he spoke with nobody and for us to hang policy and the policy debate on some guy that just -- >> well, charles he is the front
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runner along the republicans. you're right. that might be short lived. what i am saying is that a reckless strategy. >> listen. there are people out there that have given a billion years to this and do not have the solution. what is the solution. boots on the ground? who is the less er of the evil? we have a policy that's left to void, and that's why russia moved in in the first place. >> isn't he also saying why should we squaund er billions and let the russians do it. >> there are a lot of things that you can do in syria and no fly zone and something that other candidates are talking about. >> let me increase and finish my thoughts and the air strikes in the region. >> you can smack him. he is right there. [ laughter ] >> our policy -- my toe is bigger than you are.
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our policy is one of retreat that created a vacuum. that's what it sounds like donald trump is doubling down on. >> does it make it look naive? >> who knows. i will just say this. it should. here is why. if you read more about that he says and i can work with putin and putin would be able to faea me. i don't think that he has used those words and that's a context of what he is saying. he does not fear trump. working with him is like working with don leon. >> i want to add something. charl charles is right. this subject has frustrated serious people that know a lot about the middle east, but i would rather they continue to address this and not someone that's just having no idea what he is talking about.
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>> when we say address it, we mean talk about it. >> sure, but i have no common to address the policy. >> charles, with the respect to charles this guy is a mad man sadistic poison gas killer. >> you're talking about putin? >> both. why would we want to throw in the law with a horrible guy like that. >> you say that -- >> that's like aligning with -- no i am saying that they're both horrible. they're both horrible but we know that ashad is horrible person. why don't we go with the democratic force if there is any. >> you recently -- i think there's a end game with trump. you can help me with this. he knows americans are weary and fatigue. they do not support the obama administration and they also feel like we don't want to get
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knee deep in this region of the world. here is the guy that spaengs for the frustration with this and if the russians are going deal with isis and they're not going to deal with it, we will support that. he is going to come out of this. that's trump. looking pretty good. >> listen. you're right. there's a middle and triangle going on here and that's why i president the political. you do have to give this more of 30 seconds of a thought. >> i will ask this. how can you say that you're going build the world's and biggest military in the world and have the biggest stick and not use it. >> what did he say? >> it's interesting. he thinks that he has something special. he has something special like michael jordan had in basketball. >> like magic dust. >> with the big military and putin that he would be able to persuade people in the way that others can't. >> you know what american people
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know don't trust anybody who is ex and with the former soviet union and the influence and great less influence in the middle east will bring a bigger terror threat on to the shores and trump's policy. >> do you think that americans are okay. >> we're not talking about it. >> i said talk about the air strikes and no fly zone. we have not done it. how do we know. >> we do it everyday. >> more -- >> you give it too much on trump's poll sichicy. >> i am going put a maybe on trump. >> when we come back they might be outside of the main stream but very much in the money. it's in credible. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪
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the u.s. coast guard resuming their search after a ship got caught in hurricane joaquin. 30 crew members are on board. meantime joaquin is losing strength, and it's not expecting to directly hit the united states, but parts of the east coast are still experiencing heavy rain and flooding. the man charged with the murder of university of virginia student hannah graham but not tried for the murder, will die behind bars. getting sentenced to three life terms for an assault on a different woman. in addition to graham, he was charged with the murder of morgan. he faces the death penalty in the graham case. i am lindsey graham and now back to them. you know sometimes i am glad that you're not here during the
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break. we have been saying it and the fundraising and the candidates are not bad and ben and bernie are racking in millions and not from the big guys but the little guys. in this case. >> yeah, it was a parallel that we saw and the candidate that came out of nowhere and obama raised a lot of money and small donations. >> yeah. he worked the internet. he knew -- >> he worked the internet but all of that stuff came later. sometimes money follows through the time. these guys are gaining the traction and 650,000 individuals and 650,000 for carson. these are people that are going to vote. >> well, it's right now and sanders. >> well, i would say this just in terms of obama fundraising back in 2008. he had a lot of small donations but what he did at first was get the wall street support and provided the ground money.
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guys at bank of america and they provided him with the base and to reach out and do the events. bernie sanders does not have this. we found two broarack obam brok. >> yeah,. >> i asked a guy that and he said whatever. >> yeah the argument is that passion gets money and money gets passion. here we go. who has that going the strongest right now, and can it get to the finish? >> well, people love bernie sanders because his name to be a verb. burn. burn. burn it up or down. >> yeah. >> it's affective. >> it's fascinating. but sanders has refused that and the thinking is that he needs
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money donors and a lot to get past a couple of the early primary competitions. big carson and big super pack. >> big money. >> yeah and a huge network of people who do home schooling. very tight knit group for ben carson. >> home. >> yeah, home schooling. >> i never thought that was a big thing. >> it's a powerful network of political supporters. yeah. >> i am educated. >> okay. ben what do you make of this and who do you think helps? >> well, let's put this into per portion, that's two tenths of the population. there are a lot out there that are disappointed and bitter
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people and they go to people like bernie. on the other hand there are a lot of christians that feel that they have been disappointed and left out and disstained by the political establishment and going for carson. it's a huge country. it can afford a lot of money. it does not show one thing one way or the other. >> i don't know why we did a segment on it. [ laughter ] >> adam? >> i do know this in the polls on the republican side refer the candidate and i will even throw in ted cruz. he is a senator and outside. what do you make of just that. what that is saying and what that money is going? >> well, that's polling. that's money. >> i know. i told you that and said that it's polling. >> well polling and i think that the better comparison is howard
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dean than obama. howard dean ran this kind of campaign and slammed out. he is a democratic party insider. >> adam, he lit himself on fire. >> i know and in experienced. the other politicians will too. i said it. i said it. we will have time to talk about it. >> i agree on the fundraising and the polling aspect. if you talk to the people at the campaign the margin of error is high. these are the public polls and trump -- >> where do you think it goes when the dust settles? >> i don't know. here is the thing that i cannot figure out. i am not an expert on this. i talk to the guys. we don't know if there's some sort of a size ship here that people hate the establishment so much that they will not vote for a figure. >> they did not come out last time. >> i know.
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>> this stage in the campaign and we often see this right? >> is this a moment or will things go back to normal when they go back -- >> i think the answer is that the john leaving the speak of the house. i think it's real and tangible and brewing for almost a decade and come back out. >> very good. >> that's the subject and we're going force it. >> money follows the winner. if you win a contest, it will follow. meantime a storm churning off the east coast. another one that's already her,. but no one is watching. that's carl's way of saying that you should not learning. today on forbes what does it say when a labor union is looking to team up with trump trump and not hillary clinton. changing who runs the house. is it such a mess that we have to change the way that it works? we report at the top of the
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coming up, all eyes on joaquin. should everybody be listening to carl icahn? the disaster he sees
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and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. the reason to raise rates is you are building bubbles as we speak. >> so they are creating a bubble and we'll regret it. >> absolutely. hey, look. the rates when they went down, to fight the 2000 debacle the rates went down.
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that was to sow the seeds of the housing bubble. that's not the only reason but it sowe d the seeds. what happened is so after that, lowered the rates but it was too late to lower the housing bubble. it may be too late. >> there is another housing bubble now? >> i think there is. you haven't seen it yet. i really say there is a great risk it could be disastrous. >> what do you think? >> i have a good -- >> that's not it. >> praise baby jesus. >> ben stein, you're done, fired. >> what are you saying? >> i think he's being a fear monger. i don't think we will have the type of housing bubble we had that burst -- >> it's not the housing bubble. it's another thing. >> that's what he said, weren't you listening? he said housing bubble.
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>> we can have an issue similar to 2008. the fed kept the interest rate this is low. >> i don't think 5 million people will lose their homes. by the way, we don't have any inflation in wages. >> by the way, the commodity bubble has collapsed. in the process right now. >> what do you make of what he's saying. this is a little obscene. >> we were having a bubble. he was correct about that. the commodity bubble burst with a vengeance. the stock market is correct but not as much as it might correct in the future. you cannot have endlessle monetary ease, low interest rates without creating a bubble.
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will it be like what it was 7, 8 years ago, i don't think even close. as much as i respect carl icahn -- >> so there is no bubble. he's a smart man who happens to have a. >> he's got so much money. spend more on the next video so it doesn't look like a cult r recruitment video. >> i want to thank charlie. carl, if you are listening, their opinions are their own. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator
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>> how about some stocks. what are the markets doing? >> lock it is heed martin is safe because the world is unsafe . >> iyk good for volumele till times. >> sdy which is a highly diversified emphasis on
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dividends which tends to keep the price steady. >> are we through the worst of the volatile times? >> more volatility for a while. i'm off and rolling. >> okay. we'll see. we continue right now. did you see the bummer for j jobs? maybe that's why one of the largest unions gave hillary clinton a snub. hi, everybody. welcome to "forbes on fox" the steamsteres holding back from endorsements planning to meet with candidates on both sides of aisle including donald trump. they haven't backed a republican since ronald reagan and george h. bush. some say the jobs picture may bring us back to the future. are they right? let's go in focus to fine out with lizzeth macdonald, mike ozanian, bruce and mike. with the lousy numbers could the


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