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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  October 3, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> breaking down lately they will buy it on the dip. >> buy it on the dip. >> you can say that about the market. that's it for forbes on fox. thanks for watching. keep it here. donald trump, the forbes cover boy coming up next on cashing in. hey, america. it's the moment you have been wait for. donald trump for the full 30 minutes on cashing in. let's go now. >> he 's been the great divider. it's more of the same. he's using it for his own purposes having to do with guns. not a big second amendment man. this is going to happen.
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i was on a show this morning and said this is going to happen whether we like it or not. people will slip through the cracks. they are mentally ill. it is a huge mental. >> murder by gun rates have plummeted in the last 20 years but the mass shootings haven't. >> go back thousands of years and go forward. people will slip through the cracks. it is a mental illness problem. you can make areas like new york city better and areas where they have let go a little bit. in some cases let go a lot. even if you do it, usually the guys are loners. nobody talks to them. they have a lot of problems. what do you do? put somebody in jail or an institution because he fit it is mold of somebody that could do this? you're going to have problems. it's not even politically correct to say it. no matter how well you do, guns,
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no guns. whatever you do, you're going to have mental illness and you're going to have things happen. >> i'm not suggesting people who allow people with mental illness to get access whether they give it, sell them or allow access should be or could be prosecuted. >> it's all true. everything is fine. whether you don't give them guns they will get guns. now 200 or 300 million guns out there. they will get guns. it's not a gun problem. it's a mental illness problem. >> has to be a gun-free zone. >> that was a gun-free zone. >> to foreign policy -- >> by the way, if they had guns in the school they may have been able to stop them before they did the damage. that was a gun-free zone. the only one that had a gun was him. if they had guns maybe they would have come out better than they did. the police stopped them early. a gun free zone. he had the only gun. >> target rich environment. >> that's not good. >> a little bit of foreign
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policy. president putin decided to do air strikes in syria. in the past you said putin is a good leader. >> he's a leader, respected. unlike our president. i don't take issue with good, bad or indifferent. he's a respected leader. respected in his country. he's actually liked which is hard to believe. he's essentially a dictator. they do polls done by our companies. not by him. there is an 80% approval rating which is, you know, any politician in this country would love to have. he looked strong, tough and made our president look bad. we have putin, netanyahu. >> his delay during the speech was amazing. i had never seen that before.
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what he did was terrific. it's a horrible deal were israel. the iran deal. a horrible deal for us. it should never have been made. one of the reasons iran is now getting involved with russia is they are a wealthy country. they are going to have nuclear weapons and they are going into syria. we gave them $150 billion. the whole experience of watching what took place over the last couple of years with the iran deal is just, to me, unbelievable. i cannot believe they did the deal. >> now we have netanyahu, vladimir putin, barack obama, donald trump, four leaders who want to rank those in order of leadership skills? >> i won't include myself. because i think that would be inappropriate. but certainly our president would rank last. the other two are doing a good job. for their respective countries and also the way they represent. they are both leaders whether we like it or not. b.b. is doing a good job.
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his speech was terrific. >> the refugee crisis happening because of syria. a lot of refugee s are going throughout europe. the number went from 3,000 to 10,000 or so in america. we may take as much as 200,000. thoughts? >> i heard about three weeks ago when i saw the migration as they call it. they were talking about 3,000 people coming here. you say who are they, do they have papers? 3,000 people. you can say, well, maybe we should do a humanitarian thing. then i heard 10, 25. now 200,000 people. if you look at this migration it is mostly young, strong men. they look like fighters. the first thing i said is why aren't they fighting for syria if in fact they come from syria. then i said how are we going to take 200,000 people? this could be one of the greatest military coups of all time. if they send them to our country, young, strong people
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and they turn out to be isis. some of them definitely in my opinion will be isis. >> can we talk about that for a second? a trojan horse. >> it could be like a trojan horse in a sense. 200,000 people coming to the united states and let's say a lot of them would be isis. they come in here and we are unprepared for it. in addition to which we owe $19 trillion. we are a debtor nation. we are messed up. everything is wrong. the infrastructure. everything is bad. so i said, absolutely. then i said, look. obama wants to bring 200,000 people here. i said if i win the election, they are going back. they're going back. we can do free zones, safe zones. zones in syria where we put people. that's what everybody should be doing. germany will be a mess. a lot of other countries. interestingly the gulf states aren't doing anything. they have tremendous money. they are not accepting anybody. and they are right there.
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we have a big problem in this country. >> is there a problem that russia said they wanted to fight isis. so they are helping bashar al assad fight isis but they might be dropping bombs on the free syrian army. >> they don't want isis going to russia. in the meantime they are fight ing iraq is a total mess after we spend 2 trillion and thousands of lives. among the largest oil reserves
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in the world. isis has oil also from different sections. we probably have the dumbest and worst foreign policy certainly in the history of our country. >> you said isis may be laughing at us. >> they are. they think we are extremely stupid people. assad is laughing at us. assad is fighting isis. we come along. assad is supposed to be our enemy but we are bombing isis. assad is probablile send ago thank you letter to president obama. what's going on? >> we'll bring it home. ben carson made a comment two weeks ago. he said if i were going to vote for an american people. he or she would have to declare the constitution superior to sharia law. he got a lot of flak for it but raised money with the comment as well. he put up $20 million in the quarter. your thoughts? >> i watched him. he took it back a little bit, i guess. frankly a lot of people didn't necessarily think what he said was so bad.
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we are a country where religion is not supposed to enter into it. you run, go through the process. you win. you're the president of the united states. he took a lot of flak. >> would you want the president to say, i will promise to uphold the constitution over sharia law? spimt's an argument. it's not my argument. >> maybe i can find an argument you will get into. donald trump will stay with us for the show. when we come back, his tax plan and a special visit from one jeb bush recently. we'll weigh in on that in a minlt.
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friends a long time. pretty sure you never walked into my office. you're welcome to. he sits down and we talk. i say, tell me about your tax plan. i said, well, tell me about donald trump's tax plan. he said, it's like mine. he may have lifted parts of it. i don't know. did you copy it? >> it's more dynamic. it's a bigger, bolder plan. much more dynamic. bigger tax cuts for the middle class. we have to bring back the middle class in this country. it is best word is it's a dynamic plan. it will bring back jobs. we are going to really do something great with the plan. i think they wish they thought of it. it's not at all. >> i love the money stuff.
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to bring revenue back. >> maybe better than that. >> the economy will expand exponentially. jobs will expand tremendously. people not paying tax will be paying tax. we cut out a sebs. they need the money to live. those people will be working. they will get good jobs. open a certain amount. we could have a 6% growth. china has a growth of 7,le 8, 9, 10%. you look at ipd yan and other countries. they say you can't achieve 6%, 10%. if we create incentives for people.
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one of the things with my plan i will put out soon and it is an important part. is cutting. we are doing tremendous cutting. >> how much? >> billions and billions. >> we spend $4 trillion a year. that's what the expenditures are. where do you cut? >> billions a year. bush and so many other candidates. they love common core. >> where? >> that's -- energy? >> i want our children educated locally in iowa, new hampshire, in any state you're talking about. south carolina. i want our children educated locally. edgele indication through washington. it is so bad. it could be absolutely cut. if you look at environmental. it's a disaster in this country.
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they might have destroyed a river. no one knows. you have five or six major departments where you can cut. >> half a trillion? >> i will announce it in two weeks. >> ballpark? got to be. >> i won't give you a ballpark. i will announce in a couple of weeks. it will be significant. coupled with my tax plan it will be great for the country. >> here's what i love about the tax plan. i have been talking about it for the better part of seven years. i had people, congress and senators calling to say i love this. it is the repatriation idea. it's fantastic. >> that's right. >> question. companies can bring two and a half trillion back. >> more than that actually. >> whatever number. why a 10% tax rate? how about zero? >> i thought about zero. i'm a business person. they will pay 10%. let 's make money. nobody knows how much money is out there. it's money out in other countries that we can't get back
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into this country. we have stupid laws and far too much tax. i'm lowering the tax rate to 10%. i would do it all the zero but we'll get to 10%. if that didn't work i would lower it further. i believe they will bring it back at 10%. that's three times lower than it is now. >> but they have already been taxed. >> honestly, it's unfair to companies. they are now going to bring $2.5 trillion back. it could be double that. it must be much more than $2.5 trillion. then my plan is even better. >> it's better on a one-time basis. will that stop the tax companies going overseas to do business there and stay there? >> inversion is a problem. if you look at inversion it's a huge problem. companies leave this country for two reasons. because they get better taxes and they want to get their money. you have companies in this country with thousands of employees that want to go to other countries to get their money. they have money over there they can't bring back in.
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it's corporate inversion. it is a disaster. >> it all works together. >> one more quick break to this special edition of "cashin in" as donald trump weighs in on hillary clinton and i asked him how much he benches. stick around.
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don't go anywhere. coming up, donald trump stays with us at the beautiful trump tower. we'll talk about hillary clinton, al sharpton. how much me bench presses. how he stays
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we're back with a special edition of "cashing in." donald trump, the republican front runner, is sitting down with us. hillary clinton said about you that you appeal to the worst
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instincts in human nature. are you surprised at her tone? >> well, she's become very mean, very nasty. she's become a very different kind of a person. she's getting beat up badly. she night not be allowed to run. the e-mails situation is a disaster. it was so stupid to do it. you can say it was crooked, it was dishonest, and it is all of these things, but above all, it was stupid that she did it. she must have known she would get caught, especially if she's thinking about running for president, and she's doing this? she's become nasty. and she criticizes me, i am, you say say, the front runner, by a lot, so she criticizes me. >> you financially supported her. >> i supported everybody. when i was in the world of business, and can you believe it, three months i've been a
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politician, i'm almost embarrassed to say that, but i supported everybody. one of the magazines said i was a world glaclass businessman. i get along with everybody. i get along with democrats, republicans. i get along with everybody. but now i'm in a different world. if you look at hillary's record, it was terrible. i would say it will go down as the worst. maybe kerry will beat her because of this horrible deal with iran. all you have to do with look at the world. the world imploded during her administration, during her time as secretary of state. >> i want to ask you about yourself. a lot of these interviews go, there's a big rush, there's not a lot of time. are you having fun? >> i am. i think you see it. i am. i don't think other people are. but i'm having fun. a lot of people didn't predict this was going to happen, where trump would be so far in the lead. and a lot of them said, number
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one, he won't run, and if he runs, he doesn't know anything about politics, which they found out i do, more than most of the politicians. i'm having a good time. but i think a lot of people aren't. >> what about your family? are they having fun? >> i think so. i think they respect what i'm doing. it's all about making america great again. that's why a lot of people thought i wouldn't run, because i have a good life. i built a good company, i have a wonderful family. but i'm going to make america great again. i know with the other people, that's not going to happen. we have to make new trade deals. we have to repeal obamacare and come up with something that's really good. and we can do that. >> is melania okay with you on the road this much? does she come with you? >> she loves it. she respects it. she loves this country. she went through the legal process. she's from europe. she came in and went through the legal process. and she doesn't like when she sees people pouring across the
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border with border security standing there, not their fault, they're under orders, just let everyone come in. but she loves what's happening. >> how do you stay in shape? >> well, i would say it's very interesting. in new hampshire, we had thousands of people the other night. in oklahoma we had 20,000 people. in dallas we had 20,000 people. in mobile, alabama, we had 35,000 people. you know, when you're out there and you're speaking, and it's a 100 degrees out -- >> you don't hit the gym? how much can you bench? >> i don't know. it's not my thing. i honestly don't know. >> we did this interview maybe three months ago right before the first debate, and you said one of the biggest things about jeb was going to be his energy level. you seem to have an abundance of energy. can you keep that up? >> well, i have great energy, i've always had great energy. you know what gives you energy? when you will you halove what y.
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i think you're born genetically with more energy than others, which is fine. i have energy because i love what i'm doing, whether it's my business or now running for president. we're going to make america great again. >> donald, we'll let you go. continue your energy and your campaign. >> thank you very much. >> that's a special edition of "cashing in." tell us what you think. #wakeupamerica. >> bye, everybody. does everybody know him? eric bolling. at mfs investment management,
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