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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  October 3, 2015 9:30am-11:01am PDT

9:30 am i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ]
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u.s. forces were operating nearby, as were taliban fighters. at least a cargo ship in the about a mamas is missing after hurricane joaquin pummelled the region. we'll bring you an update on the surge and tell you where joaquin is headed next. investigators are naming nine victims who were killed in an oregon shooting last week. more on these and the rest of your top stories when i see you at the top of the hour. welcome to "journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. russian warplanes began
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launching air strikes in syria, targeting opponents of bashal al assad's regime, two days after president obama and vladimir putin sat down to discuss the syrian conflict on the sidelines at the u.n. general assembly in new york. so brett, all of this seems to have caught the administration unawares. >> they didn't see the relationship with iran that russia has now coming. what does this mean for u.s. interests in the region? >> briefly we're essentially being booted from the middle east as an important geopolitical player. it's happening piece by piece. the iraqis have started turning to the iranians and the russians
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in syria. we might see it in afghanistan as well. the united states is not seen as an especially reliable great power protector. it's not seen as an effective force. we have a president who has set red lines and retreated from those red lines. into this vacuum the russians, the iranians and others are moving, and moving i would say very definitely and much faster than anyone expected. >> dan, what is vladimir putin after here? what does he want? other than, as brett said, pushing the u.s. out. >> i think he wants to be effectively the bigfoot in the middle east, the primary player. the idea, which the white house is putting out now, that russia itself is going to get sucked into the middle eastern quagmire, is totally false. i think the russians who are now working in concert with the irani iranians. >> they seem to have cooked this up. >> they seem to have cooked this
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up. the prime minister of iraq has been sharing intelligence information with the russians, again, as a surprise. look, they're going to set up the middle east so it's basically there at a low boil. putin is perfectly happen to have isis and the terrorists running around up there and pushing back against them. all those other countries, egypt, jordan, saudi arabia, are now going to be calling moscow to see how they can make an accommodation. >> wait a minute. putin went to the u.n. and said this is my anti-islamic state coalition. you're saying he really doesn't want to defeat isis? >> i don't think he wants to defeat isis particularly. i think he's happy to secure assad in damascus and the surrounding area and let -- you know, they'll sort of fight isis to a stand still. >> wait a minute. why wouldn't he want to defeat jihadists, some of whom have been coming from russia and
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might return? >> there are a range of positives for putin. first of all, the investment is very small. this is not an afghanistan-style soviet quagmire, hundreds of thousands of troops returning home in body bags. this is 2,000, 3,000 men. they're not going to be on the front line. his goal is the cannon fodder, the shiite fanatics. they'll be on the front lines. but they'll be shoring up the assad regime and its strongholds. >> with air power? >> exactly, with air power, perhaps special forces, calling in strikes. there's a lot they can do. they cemented an alliance with iran. they're humiliating the united states, which was always something that putin has been after. and by the way, not unimportantly, he is essentially generating a diplomatic card in syria that he can use in any number of other situations, whether it's over future
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sanctions in ukraine or bargaining for the future of a country like moldova, the baltics. there's a world of opportunity that's opening up for him at a very low cost. not just future sanctions. maybe he can go to the europeans and say, those refugees flooding your doors, i can help you with that, i can slow that down. but the price, you have to lift those ukrainian sanctions you already have on, which some of the europeans don't like anyway. >> let me try to extend brett's point. on september 9th the russians said they would like to start building ground bases in the former soviet states in central as asia. they're making permanent the ground force bases on the border of ukraine. he's establishing his presence from central asia to the eastern mediterranean. it's a thought-out plan, he sees his opportunity with barack
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obama as president, and he's taking it. >> putin's ambition has always been to restore russia has a great geopolitical player. you would say this country doesn't have the resources to do it, with a gdp about the size of italy. >> that's what the white house is saying, you can't pull this off, it will tax them, extend them, and they'll pay for it. >> but again, this is a 2,000-man deployment. a great britain or a smaller power could carry this off equally well. he's not having to make a particularly big investment. it's like donald trump putting his name on a building that he doesn't necessarily own. >> getting royalties. >> he gets a lot of royalties and a lot of prestige. >> thanks, guys. we'll be following this for a long time. next, the battle for the next house speaker heats up.
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congress avoided another shutdown this week, passing a bill that keeps the federal government open until december 11th, and pushing the fight about planned parenthood funding down the road, a week after john boehner's surprise resignation. a leadership fight is playing out on capitol hill ahead of an election scheduled for next week. so joe, let's step back for a second. the republican house elected its biggest majority, the people elected the biggest majority until the house since 1928, i believe. why can't they get 218 votes to governing? >> i think in a lot of cases they have unrealistic expectations. and they don't understand the virtue of political patience.
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the more conservative wing of the republican party wants to repeal obamacare. they want to cut spending. those are things that are very hard to do when you only control one of the political branches. i also think there's just a lot of hyperpolitization in washington. john boehner was an example of that. you have an uncompromising president and a republican wing that just want to fight with him. on spending, you made modest progress. on entitlement reform, with a medical bill that passed congress this year. there is some accommodation to be had. >> so kim, the republicans now debating who is going to be their next leader. kevin mccarthy, current majority leader, is the favorite. but the conservative rebels who pushed out boehner don't have a candidate of their own who can win, do they? >> no.
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and that's what makes this so strange. not really having a leadership race. we're about to have a leadership interview. because, you know, it's an odd thing, these people are unhappy. but as you said, they have not put up their own candidate. that's how you would normally go about it. two sets of approaches, different ideas on policies, fight it out, see who is victorious. but that wing, they like to complain. they don't have not put anyone forward. what's going to happen is kevin mccarthy will bend the knee to some of these groups to try to get to 218 votes, see what their demands are, see what he is willing to give. they'll decide whether he's acceptable to him. >> they will be a blocking, wrecking crew, they just can't be a governing crew, the badge benchers in the house. -- back benchers in the house. what does that mean, dan, does this group essentially have a veto power over the rest of the
9:44 am
congress? >> to some extent, paul. they just passed this government extension into december. there 151 against doing it. it passed because of the democrats. the democrats are now going to have this, and the republicans, a serious negotiation over a longer extension. but if the democrats want to step back and not do business with the republicans, this group could appropriate a government shutdown. and the republicans get blamed for that. >> if you're the majority party and you can't put together the 218 votes together to pass what you want, then you have to go to opposition and say, okay, i need your votes, what do you want? then suddenly the debate and the agenda move left. >> and i think that's why john boehner stepped down. he probably would have needed democratic votes to save his speakership. the example i think republicans should be following is actually
9:45 am
nancy pelosi in 2007. >> the new speaker then, at that time. >> under intense pressure from the democratic left to defund the iraq war. she said, hold on, hold it together. she didn't shut down the government. president obama went on to win in 2008. they had unified control of the government and passed 40 years of liberal wishes. >> kim, is mitch mcconnell next, the republican leader in the senate? he's obviously been the target, with john boehner, of conservative ire. is his job in jeopardy? >> look, this gets to why this is happening. this group in the house, they are channeling what is truly a huge frustration out there among their constituents and the base. they feel that not a lot gets done, that there's dysfunction, that the part does not have a plan. and they want some scapegoats. that has been john boehner and mitch mcconnell. this gets to the question of unification. to present the other side, a lot of these people in this wing of the party, what they argue is,
9:46 am
we just want a leader that's got a plan and that's going to show us a little bit of fight. they mentioned for instance the trade fight that happened, and said, look, put at much effort into some of the proprietors th -- priorities that we care about as you did on trade. and when it comes to questions on government shutdowns, we'll have your back. that's what they claim they want out of the leaders. >> we'll see if they can get it all together. when we come back, hillary clinton's e-mail woes deepen as classified messages continue to pile up and as the fbi confirms it's looking into her server setup.
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the state department released the latest batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server this week. and the number of messages now
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considered classified has grown to more than 400. wednesday's release also revealed that russian hackers targeted her personal account at least five times during her tenure as secretary of state. f comey confirmed thursday that the agency is looking into the security of clinton's home brew computer system. so, kim, what have we learned this last couple of weeks -- main things we learned about e-mails and her server? >> the main thing is that most of the things that mrs. clinton said at her press conference are being proven, one by one, to not be true. we have more than 400 e-mails that the government has deemed to contain classified north of. this, despite her saying there was no classified information on her account. she also has claimed her server was secure the whole time. we at least know now about five attempted hacks by russians.
9:51 am
we do not yet know if she clicked on any of those attachments that came through, if she put her information at risk. that's what the fbi is looking into. we also found out that there is a two-month gap in her e-mails. she claimed she turned them all over. it turns out at the very beginning of her tenure as secretary of state, she was using her personal e-mail address, but not yet using that server. so, those e-mails were on some other server and her campaign claims to not know where they are. those are simply missing. >> so her big vulnerability is that it's classified information, mishandling of that. if the fbi, which now is investigating, applies the standards to mrs. clinton -- that is, applied to other former officials like david petraeus and former cia director, it will be very hard for them not to say that she committed a misdemeanor, at least, in mishandling classified informing. if that's the case, then that's
9:52 am
legal vulnerability. >> it's real legal vulnerability. there's increasing concern that they're going to get out there to a point where she is going to have to answer for this and they will be left without a candidate. that's why, for instance, in the past three months, hillary raised $28 million. bernie sanders raised $26 million. he is right there with her. who would have think it? >> wait a minute. $28 million is a lot of money. >> so is 26. >> well, it is. >> a guy who doesn't want to raise money because he's above all that. but the issue of hillary clinton's candidacy is simply -- 28 million. still there's -- basically she is the front-runner. >> absolutely she's the front-runner. at about 50% in the polls, 20% for sanders. another 20% flowing to somebody like joe biden, who hasn't even announced yet. i think there is a dissatisfaction with her, kind
9:53 am
of a lingering, low-level running dissatisfaction with her among democrats because this highlights her big vulnerability, which is that she's untrustworthy. people don't trust her. and all these questions that continue to leak out are going to continue to hammer her campaign. >> it's been head-to-head with republicans. joe biden beats them all. she does not. the pressure is their fault. >> the pressure is on biden to get in. >> yeah. >> i talked to a clinton supporter this week, though, kim, who said she did not think biden would get in. if he did, the best day would be the day he announced. all his other vulnerabilities will come in. she called up maybe as late as last week, bill clenten came in and weighed in on her defense. so, you know, when you bring in the big dog, you must be worried that there is some problem here, you need him to come in and try to put out the fire.
9:54 am
>> they are worried. you're talking about the money, the establishment. they very much still view hillary clinton as their person. they view her as the horse that's going to get them into the white house. when you look out and see that support surging to bernie sanders, there's a frustration among the democratic base, that they aren't really getting a choice, that the parties seem to have coronated her. that's why you see so few debates that will happen on the democratic side. i thinker think there's a question of why bernie sanders' support is because of how much they like sanders and how much is a protest vote that they don't want to vote for hillary clinton. >> he beats all the republicans in those head-to-head polls. the only republican that hillary clinton beats, donald trump. >> right. >> he is tied with all the rest of them. biden says i can win. that's a pretty good argument. we have to take one more break.
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time now for our hits and misses of the week. kim, start us off. >> a miss, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren for her ugly attacks on brookings institution scholar robert lichten, for the record is a liberal but has the misfortune of being an honest literal which means he wascriti. instead of engaging in debate she engaged in character assassination, questioning his ethics and causing such a firestorm he was forced to sever ties with an institution he was tied to for years. >> joe? >> another miss this week, this one for hillary clinton. tanked the biotech market.
9:59 am
gave a big speech last week endorsing price controls on pharmaceuticals. shares plunged, raierasing $150 billion of money that won't be used to search for cancer, alzheimer's, aids. remarkable period of innovation but politics have a way of injuring the real economy. >> dan? >> paul if a book -- if a photo is wort a thousand words then the book is being written on barack obama, photo of him extending his hand to raul castro of cuba, smiling broadly. then there was that famous photo of him trying to shake hands with vladimir putin, looking at obama's hand like he's offering him a dead fish. he had to be more or less forced to meet with the president of ukraine. he has a lot of time for anti-democratic dictators but very little time for democrats trying to survive. >> remember, if you have your
10:00 am
own hit or miss, follow us on twitter. hope to see you right here next week. millions of americans on the eastern seaboard facing severe flooding and high winds, as a nor'easter remains stalled over the eastern part of the country. and hurricane joaquin makes its way up from the caribbean. we'll get the very latest forecast, fox news extreme weather center. meanwhile, massive search is under way for a cargo ship and its crew of 33 lost in the middle of joaquin. the last message, crew reported the ship listing and battled by 30-foot waves. brand new details about the victims killed in the oregon school shooting this week and more on the heroes that helped bring down the gunman. and we'll talk to a top house republican who wants to
10:01 am
replace john boehner as speaker of the house. votes expected to come next week. congressman dan webster says he's in it to win it. >> thanks for spending your saturday with us. >> welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> the death toll continues to rise in afghanistan. it's unclear if the attack was a mistake or to take out taliban fighters operating around the facility. doctors without borders say more than a dozen of its staffers and patients are dead and many more missing after being hit by what appears to be an american air strike. molly henberg is following the story as the u.s. military promises a full investigation.
10:02 am
>> that's right, leland. on a hospital in kundzu in northern afghanistan, calling it tragic and that a full investigation is under way. carter went on to say, quote, the area has been the scene of intense fighting the last few days. u.s. forces in support of afghan security forces were operating nearby as were taliban fighters. while we are still trying to determine exactly what happened, i want to extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. a u.s. official tells fox news u.s. special operations forces embedded with afghan military unit were under fire from the taliban. they called in a u.s. military aircraft circling overhead. that aircraft reportedly hit the hospital affiliated with doctors without borders. afghan officials insist taliban fighters were hiding in the hospital. u.s. official says it's unclear if the taliban were firing from inside the hospital or from a
10:03 am
position nearby. the numbers have been changing. at this point, doctors without borders says 12 staff members and at least seven patients, including three children, were killed. 37 people were injured. and now the mlt medical humanitarian group is demanding answers for this, quote, horrific loss of life. the group insists that the coalition knew where the hospital was located and, quote, wishes to clarify that all parties to the conflict, including in kabul and washington were clearly informed of the precise location, gps coordinates of the doctors without borders facilities in kunduz, including the hospital. an official tells fox news that a general has been sent to kunduz to investigate the bombing. leland? >> the fighting in that town continues between afghan and taliban forces. molly, thank you for following it in washington. millions of americans up and down the eastern seaboard are
10:04 am
preparing for dangerous flooding as unrelenting rains continue to come down. east coast appears to have dodged hurricane joaquin. another powerful storm is bringing lots of misery. it hit the bahamas hard but is now moving out to sea and no longer poses much of a threat to the u.s. the big problem for the eastern seaboard is a stalled out nor'easter stat rating states from maine to the carolinas. neighborhood turning lakefront property into up to a foot of rain. cars that weren't under water were trying to make it to higher ground. and the coast guard is on the lookout for a cargo ship lost at sea. it sent a distress signal when it was entering the path of hurricane joaquin. we're tracking the storm in the extreme weather center. first, let's go to garret henney in virginia beach. hi, garret. >> it's a much different scene
10:05 am
here than yesterday. flooding has mostly receded and folks are back out here, enjoying the beach. down here in the carolinas, this storm has not let up. the national weather service is calling it a once in 200 years rainfall event. this storm has already brought more than a foot of rain to some areas and is expected to dump another foot in the next 48 hours. overnight in myrtle beach, police have blocked roads from all traffic. in wilmington, north carolina, weather teams were deployed last night as a storm dumps more than a foot of rain in a few hours. out in the atlantic, the search for that cargo ship continues with 33 people on board 48 hours ago when it was last heard from by the coast guard, it was stuck in the bahamas, losing power while getting slammed by hurricane joaquin. the coast guard has already
10:06 am
covered more than 850 square nautical miles and in the last couple of hours we learned that the u.s. navy has launched a plane to assist in those search efforts. while those search efforts are continuing, back here along the virginia coast we are expecting more rain overnight and tomorrow to an area that officials say simply can't take any more water. there's nowhere left for it to go, meaning more flooding is expected. elizabeth? >> garret tenney reporting live. thank you so much. >> you got it. we are get iting an amazing view from space, courtesy of nasa, of just how massive hurricane joaquin is as it barrels through the bahamas and heads north. as joaquin heads out to sea to the east, record rainfall from the nor'easter is soaking east coast of the u.s. and could cause historic flooding. meteorologist has been tracking both these storms from the fox weather center. big thing to talk about. the nor'easter may affect more
10:07 am
people. >> yeah. leland, i want to clarify when we say nor'easter, a lot of folks think doesn't that just happen in the northeast? no, it doesn't. it qualifies because the winds of the storm are coming from the north and the east. but we are feeling indirect impacts from hurricane joaquin. i want to make mention that the last advisory has brought this up to 155 miles sustained winds, which is almost a category five storm. that is the highest you can get on the safir-simpson scale. very dangerous storm. we'll see some awful pictures, unfortunately, coming out of the bahamas. as we look at the track, we have very warm waters here. that's why we're seeing the strengthening. as it continues its north-northeast track, we'll see cooler waters being interacted with this storm. the strength will come down over the next couple of days as it moves toward an extra tropical storm. as we head in through sunday into monday, bermuda watching this storm very carefully.
10:08 am
and then it's going to continue to skirt north and east and we'll be done with this. you can see the indirect impacts because we have counterclockwise winds helping to funnel in all of this moisture from our nor'easter. winds coming from the north and east. incredible, historic event happening across portions of south carolina where over a foot of rain has already fallen. i've seen estimates of over 16" of rain already. we've got evacuations under way. and this is going to be, again, an historic event, one that they have not seen perhaps in their history. so, looking at the flood advisory, you see that funneled moisture into south carolina. we've got flood advisories, watches, warnings in effect. especially for the charleston area. that's a flash flood warning, meaning it is imminent. flash flooding is occurring. we also have the wind gusts coming onshore here. beach erosion will be an issue. high waves. people are urged to stay off the
10:09 am
beaches here. 27, 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts onshore. coastal flood advisories remain posted really from the coast of florida all the way up to new jersey, long island through sunday. beach erosion and most seriously through the near tide cycle. leland, a lot of atmospheric conditions making it favorable for flooding along the east coast because of joaquin and our nor'easter as well. back to you. >> one of your colleagues called it a slow-motion disaster that will happen the next couple of days. >> yeah. >> obviously we'll come back to you throughout the weekend. thanks, janice. >> of course. >> naming nine victims killed at the community college in oregon just this week. grieving families are starting to share memories and details about their lives. troubled gunman, details are
10:10 am
emerging. christopher harper mercer had an arsenal of weapons. the latest in the investigation. hi, dan. >> hi, elizabeth. gunman chris mercer appears to be like a lot of these mass killers. a loner who is depressed and also angry. he expressed a lot of sympathy and admiration for other mass killers and the infamy that they gained for their act. a student at umpqua community college. in fact, he was in that class where the shooting started thursday. most of the focus here in roseburg, douglas county is on the victims, nine families that lost loved ones. those killed are all trying to better themselves. eight were students. one was a teacher. jason johnson was in the process of really turning his life around. at 34 years old, he got clean at a salvation army rehab program, got his high school degree and was just starting college. his mother, obviously, devastated. >> that morning, he was happy
10:11 am
and carefree. i love you, mom. see you later. and he never will again. >> nine people are recovering from injuries suffered, three are still in critical condition. a big backlash about president obama's comments in need for gun control laws in the wake of the shooting. we spoke to a state representative from roseburg. >> it makes me sick. you don't have a car crash happen and instantly one of the victims still laying there on the ground, crying out for help start spreading your agenda about how this car crash -- you fix the car crash, get the victims the help they need and then you address it after the facts are known and the trauma has died down a little bit. >> there are several ways that people can help the victims with the costs of burials and outstanding college debt. a ucc relief fund has been set
10:12 am
up. text a donation or local folks are doing their part. hundreds showed up at a drive yesterday. we expect those in the coming days and vigils and outpouring of support for the victims. so many people knew or had a connection to one of the victims here. tight-knit community, only about 170,000 people in the entire town. >> very sad. thank you, dan. for insight into the investigation, former d.c. homicide detective fox news contributor rod wheeler joins us now. rod, in times like this, the instant place you go is what could have been done to prevent it. coulda, should'a, would'a. is there anything that law enforcement missed that could have prevented this? >> it doesn't appear so, leland. i was really impressed with the
10:13 am
police response. they got there pretty quickly. according to the witnesses, they got there within two to five minutes of receiving the first 911 call. because of our new way of attacking these situations, our new protocol, all across the country, leland, police departments now are immediately respond i responding to these situations and then the uniformed officers from the street are the ones that actually go in and try to take -- or engage the active shooter. it used to be a time a long time ago where we would wait for s.w.a.t. or one of those units. that has changed. because of this new protocol, police officers are doing a better job now in terms of taking care of these situations. >> so this could have been a whole lot worse is what you're saying? >> absolutely. especially when you look at the amount of weapons that this monster -- i like to call these shooters monsters. the amount of weapons that this monster had. this guy had maybe up to six weapons with him and a flack jacket on the scene there at that community college. >> obviously, you think about how much damage that could have
10:14 am
done. >> absolutely. >> you call him a monster. the sheriff out there in oregon says he will not utter the name of the shooter, chris mercer, in terms of he doesn't want to give the shooter the fame r infamy that he sought, that we heard about in his manifesto. do we name, do we not? we talk about the victims, talk more about the shooter. is there any research that you've ever seen that says that not naming these people might actually try to deter any future attacks? >> i think that's an excellent question. there are a lot of people, looking at that phenomena today. do we name the suspect or not name the suspect? one thing we're always concerned about are copycat shooters. sometimes when you name the suspect it's like a reminder to others out there that, you know, i want to be sensationalized like the monster from that college or the monster from south carolina at the church. so, you know, i'm kind of -- i think i'm of the opinion that we should not name these monsters. we don't want to give them any
10:15 am
sensation. and what we do want to name are the victims. we want to talk about the heroic things that those victims did that day. >> it seems as though at least a couple of victims, one in particular -- we're putting up the pictures there of those who were killed. at least one person who was injured who tried to take down the shooter himself. and as far as we know at least, he was unarmed. >> we're just learning about some of the identities of one of the victims. one victim threw himself -- he ended up being kill but threw himself in front of three or four other people so he could save their lives. all of these situations, they are heroes this is really what our country is about. it's not about the monster or sensationalizing this monster or mentioning his name. >> we appreciate your insights and, obviously, coming up a little bit later we'll talk about the politicization of this case that dan springer mentioned with our political panel. we want to hear from you at home. what thoughts would you like to send to the family of the victims, who you just saw
10:16 am
pictures of the organize shooting? send us your responses @leland vittert or @anhqdc. we'll read those later on in the show. well, we're still more than a year out from the 2016 presidential election. but you can't tell by looking at the candidates that we scheduled. hillary clinton is set to make an appearance on "saturday night live" in new york. on the republican side, carly fiorina and donald trump hit the stump in tennessee and new hampshire. in the wake of the shooting in oregon, many candidates are facing questions on gun control. kristen fisher has all the latest on the campaign here. >> one issue that almost every presidential candidate is talking about today is gun control after that massive shooting in oregon. >> taking guns away does not solve this problem.
10:17 am
and thomas jefferson, way back then, said the only people who are hurt when we take guns away are the law-abiding citizens. >> these political calls immediately after a shooting are not being made rationally. they're being made emotionally. >> jeb bush is the candidate taking the most heat from gun control advocates after comments he made on the campaign trail yesterday. here it is. >> we're in a difficult time in our country. i don't think more government is necessarily the answer to this. look, if something happens -- there's always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> at the same time, new research poll shows bush taking a sharp dive with 4% of the votes. ted cruz is ahead of him, marco rubio and carly fiorina tied for third. hillary clinton still has a huge 21-point lead. joe biden, who still hasn't
10:18 am
decided if he is running, is at 8%. he will be the keynote speaker at the dinner for the human rights campaign. earlier, it was clinton's turn and she used the platform to attack her republican rivals on the issue of lgbt equality. >> we're going to face some ridiculousness, especially from our friends in the gop. in fact, it's already begun. ben carson says that marriage equality is what caused the fall of the roman empire. >> now tonight clintn is expected to make a cam yes on the season premiere of "saturday night live." from her e-mail issues to donald trump being donald trump, i think it's safe to say those writers have a lot of material to work with. elizabeth? >> as always. thank you, kristen, so much. we appreciate it. later this hour, campaign cash. how the leading candidates are locking in donations. national political reporter. >> check out these pictures. 300 feet of mud came tumbling down a mountain in just a few
10:19 am
seconds, burying an entire community. to find who might be buried alive. plus, vlademir putin is flexing his muscles in the middle east. appearing to target not isis but anti-assad rebels in syria while the obama administration remains largely silent. we'll have our analyst take a look at what putin wants. the race is on to replace john boehner as speaker of the house. we'll talk to representative dan webster who says he is the best choice for the job. while rank and file republicans just want someone to stand up to the white house. >> we need to make sure that we have a strategy to be playing offense with the administration. in other words, asserting the article i power of congress. right now it seems like the administration is being aggressive on this and that and the other thing. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles...
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♪ search iing for is your havi evers of the massive mudslide in guatemala. there are fears that hundreds of others could be buried, possibly buried alive. rain-soaked hillside collapsed on to a neighborhood at
10:24 am
guatemala capital thursday night. emergency official there says as of now there could be 600 people still missing. and on capitol hill they're preparing for the end of the john boehner era. resignation set off a race to fill the vacationanncy. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> great to be on. >> representative kevin mccarthy, some say, will be the next speaker. what do you say to that? >> i am in a battle with the institution itself, people that don't like the congress, the way it operates, which is a power-based system where a few people at the top of the pyramid of power make all the decisions. what i want to replace it with is principle based. i did it in florida. we pushed down the pyramid of power, spread it out so every
10:25 am
member had an opportunity to be successful. >> when you talk about pyramid of power you do need those votes to get that power you're vying for. in january, 25 republicans voted against boehner last time to unseat him. of the 25, 12 were voting for you. including yourself. you need well over 200 votes in order to get the speakership. how are you going to do that by october 8th? >> well, number one, i'm selling my message. i think it's sticking. no one wants to go back to the power system where one or two people, maybe five, ten people, make all the decisions. congress is made up of a large group of people. through principle, we can push down the pyramid power, judge everything not by power but by principle. that's the message i'm giving one on one, like every other campaign. you go to their door, get them on the phone or text them, whatever it takes to get the message out.
10:26 am
>> when people think about the republican party, they think about the republican party being splintered right now. would it behoove the republican party to stand behind one possible speaker and not splinter the vote at all? >> i think the system or process that i'm talking about actually brings unity. what we do is not exclude people, which is what the current means is. with a power-based system. principle-based system includes everyone. if you do that, i know in florida we did that and our numbers turned right side up because we did the right thing. >> speaker john boehner was not able to create a cohesive unit within the house of representatives. what makes you think that you'll be able to take that job? >> i think we take the rules that we have which we never use, 39 pages, and begin moving the process and we take up the most important issues first, not last, when we run against these
10:27 am
deadlines. that's when there's a problem. we end up having only one option. you take up things early, you have plenty of options. that's what we need to do, commit to take up the appropriation bills and other reauthorizations earlier as opposed to pushing right against the deadline, debt ceiling, extension of programs or even the appropriation. then we'll have a much better congress and the people will take note. >> what's your reaction to this week when we saw representative mccarthy get quite a lot of backlash, hillary clinton dropping poll numbers within the house of representatives. >> like what i've said, i'm not running against a person necessarily. i'm running against a system, a congress it's been operated by power for many, many years. if we don't break that, it really won't matter. it's always going to be the same. if we can replace it with principles then the public, i know, will take notice. principle and power cannot coexist.
10:28 am
>> representative daniel webster from the sunshine state, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> leland? undeterred. russia is continuing its air strikes in syria. many are now questioning if the russian military is hitting the right target and what the u.s. plan is to possibly deal with it. >> syria as an example of that where we have no strategy. i don't believe that there's any concerted effort on the part of putin either to deal with isis. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert
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10:33 am
the syrian people and that it has to stop. >> exerts will tell you that plan is unlikely, at best, to get support. this is all happening as iranian and hezbollah troops are preparing. major general bob dale. president obama says he does not want a proxy war between the united states, its allies and russia there in syria. is there a way to look at this as something other than a proxy war with us losing? >> it's impossible at the moment, leland. i think the united states right now is just trying to sort this out, trying to take a knee, maybe breathe into a bag for a while. our entire strategy in the region, the air strikes, the train and assist program,
10:34 am
weaponizing syrians is over. it's bankrupt. we're backing off. and russia -- and, oddly enough, the iranians along with hezbollah, are filling the gap. what do we have? a combined arms team. iranians along with hezbollah, providing the ground forces. i think mr. assad is safe in power for a very long time. >> mr. assad is safe in power. and take a listen to what one rebel commander who has been backed by the united states said to a cbs reporter. >> translator: i don't think president obama is sincere, he told us. the americans let us down and i don't trust them. >> we can argue whether syria matters in the grand scheme of the world but when you have that kind of message about the u.s. letting down what was its all is, what does it mean to the u.s. when it comes to china,
10:35 am
when it comes to relations with every other country around the world? >> i think you nailed it, leland. literally, no one trusts the united states military to be able to put together a regional strategy or use force. oh, by the way, how about israel? i mean, mr. netanyahu going to russia to ask for military favors is just another indication that our allies, all of our allies no longer treat us as the serious military power in the region or anywhere for that matter as long as the american military doesn't have the ability to influence the situation on the ground. we have a bankrupt local strategy and all we can do is back off and let events play out. >> ability to do it or political will to do it. one of the places we haven't had the political will to do much lately is the ukraine. how much does president putin
10:36 am
enter into syria? get the media to focus on syria. then he can do whatever he wants in ukraine? >> this is one clever dude. two points here. number one, russian people are getting a little skeptical about where putin is going in the ukraine. so this is something of a head fake to the northeast to say i'm going to protect the russian people from terrorism. putin has a very, very small force to do both wars, to include the crimea. he only has 80,000 effectives to fight three wars. what he's doing is playing an economy of force battle in ukraine, playing a pickup game in syria. so far, at least, he is able to
10:37 am
do both. >> in large part because the u.s. hasn't done anything to stop him. >> exactly. the president was extremely hesitant and very evasive and had sort of a blame everybody else attitude about our failures in the mideast. make no mistake, these are failures of cosmic proportions and it will take decades to dig our way out of this. >> one place that has taken at least a decade to dig ourselves out of, and we still haven't. >> we've seen the aftermath there of the doctors without borders hospital where more than a dozen people died. what's your thoughts on this? seems more so even today. >> remember i said on fox several months ago that this was inevitable. if you conduct an air campaign
10:38 am
without eyes on target, without the use of experienced, well-trained forward observers with high tech equipment that are able to separate bad guys from civilians, if you conduct without the ability to see the target directly that's when bad things happen. that's what happened in kunduz. it was not an overt attempt to bomb a hospital. of course not. if you don't have reliable people on the ground to spot the bombs eventually they're going to go where they shouldn't. >> we can imagine the casualties that might happen there as well. appreciate the insight, sir. >> thank you, leland. >> you bet. elizabeth, what's next? >> fight over robin williams' estate reaches a major milestone. what the actor's last wife and three children from previous marriages decided to do. it doesn't matter if tess a republican running for president or democrat. campaigns of both parties have
10:39 am
one thing in common. it's a need for cold, hard cash. how are these candidates doing when it comes to raising money? we'll find out when we come back. ♪ ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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10:43 am
bitter legal battle of robin williams' estate is over. his wife and three children from a previous marriage have settled. she will get to stay in the home he shared with her and money to cover expenses. williams' claim she was negotiating for more money than
10:44 am
required to maintain the home. with the presidential election more than a year away and poll numbers changing by the day, how do you figure out who is in it for the long haul? some say it's easy. just follow the money. and this week, we got a look at who has what stashed in their campaign war chest. national political reporter for real tore of politics joins us now. appreciate you being here with us on a saturday. so, does the money follow support or does support follow the machiny? >> that's a good question. sometimes it really goes hand in hand. we've seen candidates stock up a lot of money, hoping to see that return in the polls. we've also seen candidates rise in the polls and the money kind of follows after that. depending on how well they do in the campaign. we have seen a couple different scenarios here. jeb bush, as we remember, really stocked up his super pac before
10:45 am
announcing they raised over $100 million. we have seen his campaign raise a good amount of money, too, but not really see that return on investment in the polls necessarily. >> his poll numbers are really sputtering. as you look at where the fund-raising is right now, ben carson had a huge surge over the past few weeks. take a look at what is now the huge three numbers that have come out the past couple of days. ben carson more than doubled what he brought in, in the second quarter. on the other hand, rand paul, his poll numbers have absolutely tanked, brought in less than half. a lot of people are saying that paul may have to drop out. take a look and listen to what he said about that fact on an upcoming interview with howard kurtz. >> i think the rumors of my demise are somewhat exaggerated, to say the least. >> you can watch the full interview with rand paul and howard kurtz coming up at 11:00
10:46 am
eastern. meantime, caitlyn, what do you make of him even having to answer that question, given his fund-raising efforts? >> right. his fund-raising numbers were starting and they do follow his poll numbers. we have seen him drop toward the bottom of the pack. we have that next debate coming up. it is a question about whether he will be on that main debate stage. although his polling right now says he should make that cut. but he is also running at the same time for his senate seat and raising money for that. and he has turned some of his focus on raising money for that seat. he is the only candidate in the cycle running for two seats. that kind of signals to donors that maybe he's not necessarily in this for the long run. although his campaign insists that he is. but he hasn't been able to keep momentum and the fund-raising as follows. >> everyone insists that they are in it for the long haul until they're not anymore.
10:47 am
on the democratic side it's pretty interesting to see what's happened. you mentioned that the money follows the surge in poll numbers. exactly what has happened with burner bernie sanders, who brought in more than double what he brought in q two. what i'm interested in is your thought on this. wall street journal article, headlines, hillary clinton donors, movement. at what point is hillary clinton's problems in the polls and trustworthiness going to become a major money problem for her? >> the democratic party is kind of a little bit divide here. we have the establishment side of the party backing hillary clinton. there's still a question about whether joe biden will get in. he has signaled he will not participate in that debate. that kind of suggests that he will wait and see how hillary clinton does. on the other side, you have really the -- kind of the base and the heart of the party signaling that they are liking
10:48 am
what bernie sanders is saying. his fund-raising numbers were really remarkable. and what the difference is, he's tapping into kind of the grassroots donor level whereas hillary clinton has focused a lot of her time and energy on fund-raisers and really cultivating that establishment support. sanders can really go back to these donors again and again because they are giving him those small donations. and that suggests to me that he does have a lot of passion behind those numbers. >> that's what we saw, the small donations over and over again in the 2008 campaign. perhaps history may not repeat itself, but it does -- thank you for following the money for us. volkswagen admitting that it rigged its vehicles to cheat an emissions chest. we'll speak to one attorney
10:49 am
general who is spearheading the fight against the company. looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. eta is accusing one of the world's largest car companies of suiting vehicles with devices to circumvent public health
10:53 am
regulations. they were able to emit 40 times the legal limit of certain pollutants. the allegations forced volkswagen ceo to step down causing both stock to fall 80 points. state attorney's general have started an investigation. leslie rutledge is one of them. she's here to join us. as a consumer, break down what's going on. we have congress investigating, internal investigations, a class action suit that is continuing to build. so for someone at home who may feel a little overwhelmed. the consumers out there, they need to call the attorney general's office. and to get the help because the attorney's general are the only ones who are pushing back and investigating volkswagen on the
10:54 am
misrepresentations to those consumers. >> how are they doing that and you are working with the 30 attorney generals? >> correct, i am one of the states on the executive committees leading the investigation into volkswagen and what they've done to cause americans across the country. it's very early on in the investigation, but certainly, we're looking into were state laws violated? are there certain health issues and concerns we have to look into? it's early on, so there's no door we're going to close with this one. >> before we get on potential damages, i want to read a statement from volkswagen and get your response to have both sides of the story. as environmental protection and sustainability are among volkswagen strategic corporate projectives, they take this matter seriously and cooperating with the investigation. we commit to making this right and prevent this from happening again. we will keep the vehicles into compliance with the federal and state regulations. in no means or way are they denying what happened.
10:55 am
but can you give me a stage of the potential damages that we're seeing here and who is affected? >> just because many wrong doesn't make it right now. as the attorney general and attorney's general across the country, we're going to investigate and look into the damages and look into the violations and protect the people affected and whether it's economics or health, push back how we pushed back against a big company or the federal government that's overreaching such as in the water of the u.s. case where the attorney's general banded together. if you're calmly impacted or citizens impacted and the welfare of your state impacted, we're going to go after this. >> if you're a consumer and have perhaps a diesel vehicle in your driveway right now, what do you do? you're running a family household right now, very overwhelming. what do you do? >> like i said, if you're in arkansas, call me. call the office. call the attorney general's office and we're going to help
10:56 am
you. if you're in another state, call the attorney general. we're going to help and go after this company. we want to make sure that you're protected as against fraud and deceit. >> thank you, leslie. the health of millions of people affected. thank you very much. with we appreciate it. coming up, we'll have more news ahead. the second hour of america's news headquarters. we'll see you then.
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thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm elizabeth prann. >> there was a bombing apparently by u.s. aircraft but was the taliban using the hospital as a hideout? >> plus, what are we learning from the latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails to the public including then secretary of state complains that the white house operator taking her call didn't believe it was her. sheriffs in several states across the country fight to keep a bumper sticker on their cars. what do the bumper stickers say? why in god we trust is now unde


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