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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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brat wurst. organizers say the celebration designed to promote tourism and local pride in lacrosse. >> probably more local pride than tourism in wisconsin. >> thank you for joining us. see you next week. fox news alert. we are waiting for an update out of oregon right now. there as we speak, a live camera positioned in roseburg, oregon. state police expected to hold a news conference at any moment. we watch the camera for you to hear what they have to say on thursday's tragic shooting. nine people were killed and nine others injured when a gunman entered a classroom at umpqua
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community college. hurricane joaquin not directly making landfall on the east coast. hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm julie banderas. many suffering through joaquin's powerful wind and bracing for flash floods. meanwhile, the u.s. coast guard is resuming its search for a cargo ship that is missing after being caught in the hurricane. on board, 33 crew members including 28 americans, the ship apparently lost contact near the bahamas. we have team fox coverage for you standing by tracking the storm from the fox upstream weather center but first garrett on virginia beach, virginia, with the latest there. i can see the winds are whipping up waves right behind you, garrett. >> we're in a bit of a lull in the storm picking up the next 12 hours. the major concern all along the
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mid-atlantic coast is flooding. tidal flooding, in particular, has been an issue. and right now, i want to show you, you can see how dramatic some of the effects are of those high tides with the beach erosion. with the storm, the winds that we've been seeing. the combination of the strong winds, the big waves, they come together and actually raise the level of the ocean, bringing it further up on the shore than it would normally be. the beach as it goes, that brings the water closer up to the homes and businesses all along the shore. more inland the rivers and streams, raises the water level above running over into vestree and people's homes. much more of that tomorrow. back out in the atlantic though, the search continues for the missing ship with 33 passengers on board. the u.s. coast guard last heard from that ship more than 48 hours ago. it was stuck in the middle of hurricane joaquin and lost power. they have now searched more than
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580, rather, 850 square nautical miles in that search. that is as of this morning. planes are back out again today. the u.s. navy has planes assisting in that search now. back here on the shore though, they're bracing for more of this nasty weather overnight and tomorrow is more of the rains and winds expected. officials say the ground is so saturated, the rivers, the streams, the lakes are overflowing as it is. there is simply nowhere left for the water to go meaning flooding is certainly going to be an issue. jul julie? >> on virginia beach, thank you very much. a look at where the storm is heading. meteorologist janice dean from the fox weather center. you've been watching coverage all week long and hit the nail on the head. you predicted this would continue along the coast but not necessarily make landfall and just going to head out into the ocean, right? >> yes, absolutely. but the problem is that some of the moisture and the winds
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associated with this hurricane are being funneled in to the southeast, the mid-atlantic coast. and that is what is adding to the flooding concerns. this is a monster storm though. category four storm, the strongest storm that has lasted or formed this far north in the atlantic basin. okay? so it's already made history. it's almost a category five meaning that winds are 155 miles per hour. one mile shy of being a category five storm. it looks like we are seeing some weakening, which is great news. the waters are very warm along the bahamas. so that's why we saw rapid intensification. but as we go through times, it's going to continue north and east. bermuda keeping a close eye on the storm and then it will eventually turn extra tropical and zoom very quickly to the north and east. so there is the track as we head sunday into monday. it's going to weaken but bermuda keeping a close eye on this and eventually to the north and
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east. however, the battering waves. we'll see coastal beach erosion from florida up toward maine over the next couple of days because of a couple of features in the atmosphere and of course, the potential here for a very strong hurricane to come very close to bermuda. those are your tropical storm models. and again, bermuda watching this very carefully. forecast radar. you can see the moisture being pounded into the southeast coast. we've got the hurricane. we've also got this cutoff low. it's almost like tooth paste coming out of a tube. all of this moisture streaming right into south carolina and in some cases, we've seen over 16 inches of rainfall. and that's going to be ongoing. not only today, but sunday and also into monday. flash flooding concerns as you can see all along the coast but the bull's eye here for south carolina, people are told to evacuate if they can and we are
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seeing incredible amounts of flooding and really life-threatening conditions for this region, julie. >> thank you janice dean. of course we'll have more on the missing cargo ships, speaking of life-threatening knconditions. the u.s. coast guard captain leading the search joins me later in the show. stay tuned for that. a fox news alert. we are learning more about the victims of the deadly shooting rampage at the community college in oregon. as we await a news conference from police there, the victims range in age from an 18-year-old freshman starting his first week of college to a 67-year-old retired teacher who has decided to return to teaching. police release the names of each victim, officers read aloud statements from the grieving families. >> they felt that jason had finally found his path. his family says that he will be loved and missed. >> i don't know how we're going to move forward with our lives
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without quinn. our lives have shattered beyond repair. we send our condolences to all the families who have been so tragically affected by this deranged dwgunman. no one should ever feel the pain that we are feeling. >> the sadness and heartbreak there is palpable. dan springer joining us live from oregon with more details. dan? >> reporter: yeah, kelly. and now we're learning more about the gunman but fits the same profile of other mass killers. depressed, angry, loner, self-absorbed. certainly had a fascination and admiration for other mass shooters and the infamy they obtained from their shootings. we also know he was a student at umpqua community college and in the class where the shooting began on tuesday. but the focus is on the victims, the nine teams that lost loved ones. those killed all trying to
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better themselves and eight students and one a teacher. got clean in the salvation army rehab program. just got his high school degree, just starting college. his mother is devastated. >> that morning, he went happy and said i love you mom, see you later. and he never came home. never again. >> reporter: nine people are also recovering from injuries that day. three are still listed in the hospital in critical condition. we're also hearing a big backlash against president obama's comments about the need for gun control laws in the wake of this shooting. we spoke with a state representative this morning from ro rosebury. >> it makes me sick. because you don't have a car crash happen and just instantly one of the victims still laying there on the ground crying out for help, start spraying your agenda how this car crash could have been avoided. you fix the car crash, you get the victim the help they need and then address it after the
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facts are known and the trauma has died down a little bit. >> reporter: there are several ways people can help the victims with the cost of burials or outstanding college debt. the united way of douglas county. the ucc relief fund, text give to this number or a blood drive drew several hundred people. kelly? >> dan springer, thank you for the update. and obviously, our prayers and condolences to the families out there. we are still awaiting that press conference and police are supposed to give us an update any minute. we are monitoring and we'll bring you that news conference when it happens. the death toll continues to rise from an air strike on a hospital in afghanistan that may have been mistakenly hit by the u.s. the hospital was affiliated with the charity, doctors without borders. the group said at least 19 of
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its staffers are dead and many more missing. defense secretary ash carter now saying a full investigation is under way. molly is live in washington with this tragic news. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, julie. he learned about it overnight and called this air strike on a hospital in kunduz a, quote, tragic incident. carter went on to say the scene has been the area of intense fighting the last few days. u.s. forces in support were operating nearby, as were taliban fighters. while we are still trying to determine exactly what happened, i want to extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. we just got a statement in afghanistan and here's generally what it says. u.s. troops working alongside and assisting afghan security forces were under fire when an aircraft conducted an air strike to try to help them. it was, quote, in the vicinity
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of the hospital. afghan officials insist taliban fighters were hiding in the hospital but u.s. officials said it's unclear if the taliban were firing from inside the hospital or from a position nearby. one fox news military air analyst say it may be the result of inadequate training of afghan soldiers in kunduz. >> it was not an overt attempt by the united states to bomb a hospital but if you don't have reliable people on the ground to spot for the bombs, eventually the bombs are going to go where they shouldn't. >> reporter: the numbers have been changing from time to time, but at this point, doctors without borders said 12 staff members and three children were killed. 37 people injured. and now the medical humanitarian group is now demanding answers for this quote, horrific loss of life. knew where the hospital was located and wishes to clarify that all parties to the conflict
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including in kabul and washington were clearly informed of the precise location. gps coordinates of the doctors without borders facilities in kunduz including the hospital. a u.s. defense official tells fox that a one star general has been sent from kabul to kunduz to investigate the bombing. julie as many. >> molly hendenberg in washington. thank you so much. now take you to the campaign trail. a live look as donald trump is going to be speaking at this rally in frankland, tennessee. the latest poll showing him still on top with ben carson and carly fiorina not too far behind him. and the human rights campaign before heading to new york city for an appearance on "saturday night live ". kristen fisher has more from washington. >> reporter: one issue everyone
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is talking about is gun control after the mass shooting in oregon. >> taking guns away does not solve this problem and thomas jefferson may back then said the only people hurt when we take guns away are the law-abiding citizens. >> these political calls are thot mademade rationally but emotionally. >> reporter: jeb bush on the campaign trail yesterday. >> stuff happens. there's always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> reporter: at the same time, a new pugh research poll show bush taking a sharp dive with 2% of the vote. marco rubio and carly fiorina 8% and donald trump on top with 25% of the vote. the democratic side today, the vice president who still hasn't said if he's running will be the keynote speaker of the annual dinner of the human rights campaign. but earlier, it was clinton's turn and she used the platform
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to attack republican rivals on the issue of lgbt equality. >> we're going to face some ridiculousness, especially from our friends in the gop. in fact, it's already begun. ben carson said marriage equality is what caused the fall of the roman empire. >> reporter: the season premiere of "saturday night live" before heading to new hampshire early next week. >> kristen fisher reporting in washington, thank you very much. and again, right now, we want to be waiting for our top story of the day, police in oregon giving an update on thursday's shooting. it's happening right now. let's listen in. >> i am the douglas county sheriff. i address a number of issues and details this afternoon.
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i will start with the investigation. specifically on tips. we are still in need of any tips, photos, videos that are relevant to this investigation. if you are unsure as to whether you have a relevant photo or video, please go ahead and call and let us decide. the tip line is 1-800-call-fbi. again, that number is 1-800-call-fbi. option 7. the timeline. we have a timeline here today on the board. you'll get an opportunity to look at it closer. the timeline, the basic timeline as to the events as they unfollu unfolded in the first hour of this incident. as you can see, officers responded immediately. the roseburg police officers and oregon police state trooper were
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the first officers on the scene that arrived within five minutes. two minutes later, the officers tell dispatch that they have engaged the shooter. two minutes after that, dispatch reports the shooter is down. you can see how things progress beyond that. moving on to the investigation process. this, again, is a complex investigation with many, many different facets. the shooting event at the umpqua community college, the shooter's background including how he obtained his weapons, the use of force by the initial responding officers. we have to run down hundreds of
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leads and interview hundreds of people including victims, witnesses, neighbors, and others. conducted searches at the school and residence as well as of the shooter's vehicle. we've seized evidence from multiple locations including the weapons and ammunition, dockens and digital media. the oregon state police crime lab as well as the atf and fbi laboratories are well engaged in this effort to move forward with processing of this evidence. i want to let you know that investigators located one additional handgun during the search of the shooter's residen residence. bringing the total number of guns seized to 14. now to the officers involved this shooting investigations. i've been asked to release the following information by the
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oregon state police on behalf of the oregon state medical examiner. the medical examiner has determined the cause of death of the shooter to be suicide. the oregon state police is conducting the investigation on the officer involved shooting. at this time, i would like to introduce the douglas county district attorney, rick wooezenberg. >> thank you, sheriff. good morning. as the district attorney for douglas county, it is my responsibility to review all deadly force incidents to determine if the force that was used was justified under oregon law. it is my understanding that the officer-involved shooting investigation that is currently being conducted by the oregon state police is nearing the conclusion. i expect to be presented with
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that case and that investigation early next week. once i receive the case, i will do a thorough review and make a determination on whether or not the use of force was justified. >> i realize you may have questions. please hold those until the end of the conference. now i'd like to introduce roseburg police chief jim burj. >> good afternoon. beyond this initial incident, we want to be clear about the fact there are no current threats against any school or facility in our area. saying that, i know that parents and students have concerns. we have police officers and firefighters getting the same questions about whether or not
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they are safe in this area and in their schools. i'm sure the general community have the same concerns. as we move in to next week, i want to reassure you that the roseburg police department and the douglas county sheriff's office will continue to work to ensure that your school is indeed safe. thank you. >> and now, i'd like to invite fire district number two, fire chief greg to the podium. >> thank you, sir. good afternoon, my name is greg marlar and i'm the fire chief for fire district number two. or community has been rocked by a horrendous incident and i'm proud of our community and the resilience we have shown in the face of such tragedy. our fire district is comprised of over 120 personnel. and i know we've had some
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incredible people within our organization. but the professionalism and the strength of character that i witnessed in the last couple of days would absolutely confirm that. prior to this incident, we've had numerous mass incident casualty drills, and i saw that work come to bear on campus this past thursday. there is no doubt that the exceptional patient care and the proficient use of life-saving measures saved lives that day. at the scene, we had over 45 fire and ems responders including ten paramedic ambulances. our crews worked quickly to establish a system to sort through the casualties and identify those critical patients that needed advanced life-support care such as airway control, bleeding control and gunshot wound control. we then worked very quickly to
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arrange transportation and transport those patients as quickly as possible to the appropriate facilities. it was all hand on deck for our organization and their focus and dedications has made this an effective operation. also greatly appreciative of the law enforcement partners to allow our crews to safely operate and treat victims on that day. however, it is with great sadness that we learned that our firefighter lost his son, treven taylor anspach. and lost rebecka that day. i've rallied how they support our families.
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i've been involved. the briefings are available for the personnel and those who responded to the scene. and deal with their families and help with their recovery. please respect their privacy so that they can spend time with their family and friends. if you have further questions regarding our organization and our incident response, i will be making myself available after this news conference for additional interviews. i haven't stopped thinking about the many other families that have experienced an unthinkable loss. the entire fire fighting and ems community is praying for everyone during this time. we're also thinking about those nine that were injured. and those are patients and we wish them a full and speedy recovery as quick as possible.
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the direct support that we receive from agencies throughout the state has been incredible. we specifically wanted to identify and bank the city of roseburg fire department, bay city's ambulance and both the roseburg police department and the douglas county sheriff's department for their partnership and help during this call. saying while we deal with this tragedy on two fronts both as a community and within our fire and ems family, our stations are open and our crews are here to serve our communities and we're proud to serve and nothing or anything will stand in our way to continue to serve our community. thank you. >> thank you, chief. and now vanessa becker, the chair board of trustees with umpqua community college. >> good afternoon. community college is working towards helping the community,
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the staff, faculty, and really working towards developing a sense of normalcy and reopening our campus. i'm going to read off a lot of details right now and want to let folks know, we'll release these in a press release and also on our web site today. first of all, community partners has come together to provide mental health services for our students and staff. they offer no cost grief counselling and sharing from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. through sunday at the ford family foundation which is at 1600 northwest stewart parkway and at the still community health alliance, 201 medical loop suite 180. also beginning on monday, october 5th, our grief sharing will also be available on our campus. 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and then the campus cafeteria. community health alliances staffing a 24 hour hotline and
12:26 pm
those numbers are as follows. 541-440-3532. or 1-800-866-9780. our plans to reopen campus will be reopening for students and staff beginning at 7:30 a.m. on monday, october 5th. classes and events are still cancelled throughout the week. and they will resume on october 12th. we're getting a lot of questions about donations and there are a couple of local organizations that are mobilizing and working with us for that. the first is the greater douglas united way, accepting donations via text and online. their web site is as follows. that is the greater douglas united way. and accepting online on our web site,
12:27 pm
and then donations. i encourage people to go to the web site. and recommend the donors cast a careful eye when considering other funds. some are not charitable organizations and might have high administrative fees and also, unfortunately, at times like, unscrupulous people to set up false accounts. i really encourage you to look at our local donations and what we're doing to mobilize that. as far as community support, community organizations are creating an eye on ucc and ucc strong decals. we have some lawn signs and other things that are going to be floating around town. i encourage you to go our web site to find out. we are getting those worked out right now and we'll have those on our web site and in the press release as well. and then again, just in closing, starting sunday, also the school
12:28 pm
issue news advisory beginning at 3:00 p.m. with pertinent information every day until further notice. thank you. >> i want to clarify, we'll open at annex b not suite 80. go either the ford family location or annex b. thank you. >> mental health resources. i want to talk about those for a second here. we have the health and human services national disaster mental health team, 16 people in total, who have flown in to help our community recover. they are providing immediate assistance and developing a strategy for long-term support of our community.
12:29 pm
the executive director of the unit health alliance, janet hollen, who just spoke, is with us today and will be able after the press conference for one on one interviews. looking ahead, we are still collecting investigative information from various sources. those details will continue to come in over the next few days and weeks. we have service teams working with the families to provide any help they may need. this includes counselling resources, helping to make any arrangements related to upcoming funerals and more. the fbi's behavioral analyst team arrived on the scene. and will assist with helping us to understand the why of this event. this is our last planned press
12:30 pm
conference. as the need arises, however, we will continue to provide information through the douglas county sheriff's office and our local partner agencies. i cannot understate the support we have received from our local, state, and federal partners. if i were to read you the list of all of those supporting agencies right now, we would be here for a long time. so we will post that list on our press release site and you can visit that to see who those partners are. i cannot say thank you enough to each and every responder, investigator, victim specialist, analyst, and all the many others that have responded to help. your help has been invaluable getting through the most
12:31 pm
difficult event and helping douglas county to move down the path of recovery. and finally, i want to express my most sincere appreciation to those most directly touched by this incident. the two roseburg police officers who responded and stopped the shooter from killing dozens of other people who were in that classroom and in the immediate vicinity. the student who by all reports charged the shooter and suffered multiple gunshot wounds. and to the families of the victims, our hearts are with you. and you know that our hearts will be with you forever.
12:32 pm
please know that we consider your loved ones to be our heroes. they will never be forgotten. at this time, i will attempt to answer a few questions. solve the aspect in the general sense what you're looking for now, why the investigation needs to go on. >> really, the biggest question at this point, well, we want to ensure we have all the information and the potential details of this sort of situation gathered and primarily, at this point, what we really want to do is try to gain an understanding so we can work together with law
12:33 pm
enforcement agencies all across the country in an attempt to try to prevent future types of situations. and of course, like i mentioned many times over our focus is on the families of the victims. and they deserve to know the answers. >> sheriff, can you tell us about the digital media? were they handed over by the government? where did you get them? >> the question is -- >> the digital media that has been recovered. where did they come from? what did the gunman, reported before at the shooting? >> i can tell you that that is part of the ongoing investigation and that details of that will be forthcoming. at this time, we aren't prepared to make a statement about those specifics.
12:34 pm
[ reporter asking question ] >> i'm having a difficult time understanding. >> was the student enrolled in the writing class? >> the shooter was a student. it was the class he was registered in. >> did he hand over a box to one of the victims? >> a box? >> a box? did he hand something to one of the victims? >> we're not commenting on something he may have done. >> the police officers who are heroic brought him to a stop and how the shooter was stopped and he did commit suicide but we understand he was shot first by two officers and then ran and continue. >> that's part of the officer-involved shooting investigation which is being handled independently of the
12:35 pm
overall incident. i can tell you that as those two officers arrived at the scene, there was an exchange of gunfire. the shooter was neutralized at that point in time and as far as the very specific information regarding whether it was an officer's bullet or his own bullet, we aren't prepared at this time to -- >> one more question today. how recently has the shooter passed a background check? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> thank you. >> all right. that is the end of this particular news conference. the sheriff, douglas county sheriff john stating this has rocked the entire community as we all can surmise and imagine. a terrible week for them. nine people killed and went on
12:36 pm
to fight the responders, who helped contain the gunman, the shooter he admitted shot himself committing suicide. but just something that has rocked this entire community. >> we learned the cause of death of the gunman, whose name i will not utter on our channel. he looked for recognition. who carried out these cowardly murders get more attention for the more people they kill. no attribution today but will say he was shot and killed by himself and in fact, suicide was the ruling cause of death by the medical examiner. we do know there were many heroes in that classroom including the 30-year-old who had a military background, had a 6-year-old son who ambushed the gunman, shot six times and survived. there's also talk about that box that they just mentioned in the news conference. he apparently had told one of the victims who told their mother they saw him pass a box over to one of the living and
12:37 pm
said i need you to have this. that's something they're investigating as well. a lot of facts are not going to be sharing because they still need to get. >> the sad reality is that when the first responders got there, the ems and the firefighter, the son was among the dead and the ems, his niece was among the dead. tragedy all around, even for the first responders as well as for the victims and their families. again, sheriff thanking the entire community and people throughout the united states have been responding to this as well by sending their condolences and their support as well. mental health units on the scene. the campus will reopen on october 5th. classes are still going to remain closed until october 12th. but they're trying to get this community back to a sense of normalcy and that, as you know, will take some time because of the scope and the magnitude of this tragedy affecting this small town. >> certainly a very emotional news conference. members of the sheriff's
12:38 pm
department becoming weepy during this. >> including the sheriff. >> rocked the community and law enforcement. so we'll have much more on that as far as they do updates. they're saying now 3:00 every single day, updating until further note. of course we'll stay on top of it. >> we'll be back with more. you're watching fox news. ♪ ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. mr. putin went into syria not out of strength but out of weakness because his client, mr. i didn't see after he made that speech in the united nations suddenly the 60 nation coalition that we have start lining up behind him. iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. >> that's president obama speaking about russia's military campaign in syria. moscow launching air strikes in
12:43 pm
e syria this week alongside bashar al assad a long time ally. claims it's targeting isis but reportedly hitting syrian rebels backed by the u.s. some critics saying that russia is simply getting the better of the obama administration. how can president obama gain the upper hand on putin? lieutenant colonel ralph peters is a fox news strategic analyst with some perspective on this and how does the obama administration gain the upper hand on vladimir putin? >> the obama administration will never gain the upper hand on putin. it's just not going to happen. obama is going to be gaone from office and putin will be there. vladimir putin is burning down our strategic house and the president's response is, oh, don't worry. he's going to run out of matches. putin is not operating from a position of weakness. good god, has he retreated one inch in crimea or ukraine?
12:44 pm
he has gone in, timed beautifully because iran is trapped by the deal and has to shore up an ally and he is acting decisively. it's not a kwaquagmire for russ. putin is a genius at getting big returns on a small investment. >> let me ask about that. your training, we should point out colonel peters, is in soviet russian analysis. you spent a lot of time there in russia. so based on your understanding of the russian leadership and its culture, what is vladimir putin up to with his moves to not only back assad and syria but also cooperating with the iranian regime? >> kelly, that's a critical point because it's thnot just a syria. working with bashar al assad and the iraqis. they're not working with us. primarily with russians and iran. he is building a wall or a
12:45 pm
highway if you will of shia dominated states from iran through iraq through syria and lebanon to the mediterranean and the alliance, that powerful in the middle east will be anti-u.s., pro russian, iranian dominated. the first magnitude. i want to repeat that putin decided to bet on the shia against the sunni and making things worse. he is going to have a very powerful effect in syria because he's willing to do whatever it takes to win and what we're missing when we say, he's going to make the refugee situation worse, yes, on purpose. he loves driving the refugees out, not only to disrupt europe and nato but because bashar al assad wants to drive the sunnis out. they'll populate the country. >> in addition to that, i want to get back to one of your earlier points, cannot sustain its military involvement in
12:46 pm
syria. get bogged down as you heard him say in a quagmire but is russia putting his troops in harm's way? most of the fighting on the ground conducted by assad's groups? they're sending their bloodshed and just reporting the air power. >> yeah, it's a real alliance with iran. because putin is putting in air power. he will use special operations forces, possibly some paratroopers for special missions but just as you said, the bleeding is done by the iranians putting thousands of troops in by the remnants of assad's army, buying in. putin is too smart to get bogged down. the obama administration is in wishful thinking. the british defense men said their analysis of what russia has been doing over the last four days, one target out of 20 isis, the rest of the missions flown against civilians and relative moderate and the insurgents we back. >> quickly as i'm running out of time, colonel, what will the
12:47 pm
middle east look like if putin has his way? and how would that affect the u.s.? >> it will affect us powerfully because if he establishes the arc of russia-friendly countries, netanyahu already in moscow and will have a de facto against the persian gulf and saudi oil supplies and we are the losers. >> lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thank you for your perspective. good to see you. the predicted path of hurricane joaquin shifting. the massive storm turning north a bit but millions of americans are not out of the woods yet. plus, the desperate search for the cargo ship lost in the middle of hurricane joaquin with dozens of americans on board. the coast guard leading the search will join us live with an
12:48 pm
update. >> we want answers and we want that ship home. the answers are not sharp enough. they don't know where the ship is. we just want our husband and dad home the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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friends and family members are demanding answers. in the meantime, the ship's owners are hopeful and have faith in the experienced crew. >> there is a strong sense of family. of closeness that you see in this community of mariners that were all part of and a great sense of hope and optimism. the captain in this case had been monitoring the track of this tropical storm for a number of days prior to departing. >> captain mark, coast guard seventh district chief of response. thank you very much, joining me now.
12:53 pm
if you left port, knowing this storm was in the area, should this captain have stayed put and maybe not have gone out? >> i can't comment specifically on his thought process, but certainly, every mariner that goes to sea watches the weather closely in anticipation of the route. losing propulsion, losing motors and electric. that could potentially be the biggest blow to a ship when you're being tossed about in the middle of 20 to 30 foot seas.
12:54 pm
as the captain, what does he do in that scenario that could have potentially saved the lives of this crew? >> it's obviously a very dangerous situation. so even though this ship is 737 feet long, without propulsion and listing like that, you're very vulnerable to seas and you're anticipating seas 20 to 30 feet if not a little bit higher in the middle of this hurricane. so at that point, you hope that the ship is stable enough and we can try to find it or we're going to look for any signs of maybe survivors as people went into life rafts. >> 15 foot seas is about the highest i've ever been but one thing important is to keep moving as soon as you stop moving and try to navigate into the waves, if you cannot, you're going to get hit broad ship and that's where lifting comes into play. let's talk about the cargo. cargo, of course, can help. because the more weighted down a ship or a vessel is, the harder it would be to lift so to speak. >> you're right and sound like
12:55 pm
an experienced mariner here. you're exactly right. in this case though, the ship was about 391 containers topside and 294 other automobiles below. it's certainly a lot of weight. the surgeon is that when they become disabled, they're susceptible to the wind at that point because of all the topside material on there, all those containers and that's just increases the danger of the situation. >> right. and when you lose control and you're getting hit from the side, typically, you want to go into the waves. but if you're hitting broadside 20 to 30 foot waves, that doesn't even include swells that could have peaked much higher. and this vessel was that already taking on water. do we know why and where? how the water was actually coming on board? apparently, they had solved the problem and then it became a problem again. >> right. we were hoping, we knew they had some water intrusion through a
12:56 pm
hatch. one of the topside hatches and that came in. we knew about the 15 degree lift and the last word is that they were hoping to pump the water overboard to kind of dewater themselves. we're not sure if that ever happened. >> if the water made it into a hatch, that's water crashing over the hull. >> it is. or the rain combination of a few different things in that situation. because they were basically disabled right near the eye of the storm. >> when you're disabled if the middle of the eye of the storm, you're overcome by terrible conditions, uncontrollable ones. we hope the best for that crew. captain mark, thank you very much. and we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator.
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hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. the rain is not letting up on much of the east coast. flooding a major concern through the weekend. and we are tracking the storm. >> the death toll rises from the bombing of a hospital compound from north afghanistan. could a usair strike have been responsible? and and vladimir putin engage anything a game of geo-political chess. >> iran


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