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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. the rain is not letting up on much of the east coast. flooding a major concern through the weekend. and we are tracking the storm. >> the death toll rises from the bombing of a hospital compound from north afghanistan. could a usair strike have been responsible? and and vladimir putin engage anything a game of geo-political chess. >> iran and assad make up mr.
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putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. >> is president obama right? but first millions bracing for hurricane joaquin. getting a bit of a break. it will avoid making landfall in the u.s. that doesn't mean the threat to the east coast is over. heavy rains causing massive flooding from the carolinas all the way to new jersey. we have fox team coverage from the fox news weather center. live on virginia beach with more details, garrett, what can you tell us? what's it like down there? >> reporter: kelly, flooding is a major concern on virginia beach. tidal flooding is a major
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concern. we have been seeing near constant rainfall. it has been building up rivers, streams, and lakes here. you can see as the wind and waves the last to weeks had been building and coming on shore. it has been pounding the beach, eating away at the sand. this is the beach erosion. this is where it normally would be. we're looking at three to four feet of sand that has been eaten away, getting closer to the homes and businesses all along here. it's been heating up some of the beach wall that has been put up here along the beach to help protect these homes and businesses all across the coast here. this is what we are seeing. it's not just here along the ocean with the rivers and streams as they have been building up. officials say there is simply nowhere left for this water to go. any more will just lead to more problems. tonight we are expecting more rain. tomorrow as well. they say flooding is going to
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happen because there's nowhere left for this water to go. kelly? >> for that area, that's always a bad thing. having lift there, i know so well about beach erosion. it is a very, very difficult thing for virginia beach and the other areas along the coast there. garrett, thank you. >> reporter: you got it. let's take a closer look at joaquin's path. janice joins us. as you mentioned earlier, regardless of whether this is making landfall, it will still be packing serious winds that will causality of damage. >> absolutely. we have coastal flood advisories battering the coast not only today but through the workweek. this storm is already historic. almost category 5. 150-mile-per-hour sustained winds. this is the picture taken from our satellite up above.
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and you can is see, i mean, well defined eye here. a perfect looking storm on satellite. again, this is one that battered the bahamas for really over 48 hours. the pictures i'm sure will be devastating coming out of the bahamas. we're at 155. at 156, 157, that's when it becomes our highest, the most powerful storm on the scale. we have a cut-off low helping to funnel all the moisture off the southeast. that is what is stagger this storm to the north and east. bermuda is going to have to keep a close eye tomorrow into monday. so you can see. here's the hurricane. here is our cutoff low. the moisture pumped into south carolina. in some cases, historic rainfall. over 16 inches in parts of south carolina. and it's not done yet. julie, back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, janice dean.
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kelly the u.s. coast guards is searching the waters for a cargo ship that disappeared in the bahamas at the height of the hurricane. the crew reported their ship lift to go one side just before they lost contact with authorities. as the storm moves out and planes and helicopters move in, the search for the missing crew and their cargo ship. brian is in new york city with more details. >> reporter: we are in day three of the cargo ship missing with 33 crew members on board. the u.s. coast guard sending a search plane early this morning. meantime, the u.s. navy assisting the effort, launching a p-8 reconnaissance plane. the cargo ship was carrying groceries, cars, retail product to puerto rico when it went missing. it left jacksonville tuesday en
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route to san juan. approximately 7:20 a.m. thursday a distress call on board indicated the ship lost power and had taken on water and was listing 15 degrees to one side. the ship has not been heard from since. it was last heard from at crooked island in the bahamas. the cargo ship went missing in the middle of hurricane joaquin while it was still a category 4 storm. the coast guard fearing it became disabled at the eye of the storm. the coast guard has searched 850 square nautical miles on friday through hurricane force winds and bad weather. but still there is no sign of el faro. >> we just want answers. we want that ship home. this is unacceptable.
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the answers are not sharp enough. they don't know where the ship is. we just want our husband and dad home. >> reporter: they said el faro was given the go ahead to sail despite the threatening weather, confident the crew could handle changing weather situations. kelly. thank you very much, bryan. a deadly hospital bombing in afghanistan. at least 19 people were killed when a clinic in the northern city came under attack. the medical facility belonged to the charity doctors without borders. the u.s. is now confirming it was in the area when the air strike happened. molly is live in washington with more. molly? >> reporter: hi, julie. doctors without borders, a humanitarian group, had been informed, had been given the gps coordinates of this hospital in
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northern afghanistan. they say an air strike by a u.s. military aircraft hit the facility and killed 19 people. that's according to doctors without borders. u.s. forces in afghanistan, however, said the strike hit, "in the vicinity of the hospital." ash carter called it a tragic incident in an area where there has been intense fighting the last few days. he said a full investigation is under way. it's not clear if taliban fighters were using it as a shelter to fire on troops. afghan officials insist they were. coalition troops had been trying to oust them. u.s. special operation forces imbedded with an afghanistan military unit were under fire from the taliban. they called in a u.s. military aircraft circling overhead. doctors without borders says 12
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staff members and seven patients, including three children were killed. 37 injured. now the group wants answers. in a statement the president of doctors without borders said this attack is abhorrent and a grave violation of international humanitarian law. we demand total transparency from coalition sources. we cannot accept this horrific loss of life will be dismissed as collateral damage. a one star general has been sent from kabul to kunduz to investigate the damage. on the campaign trail now, donald trump holding a rally in tennessee and holding on to his spot as a front runner according to the latest polls. the other two outside, carly fiorina and ben carson are not far behind.
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>> reporter: one issue almost everyone is talk building today is gun control. >> taking guns away does not solve this problem. and thomas jefferson way back then said the only people who are hurt when we take guns away are the law-abiding citizens. >> these calls after a shooting are not being made rationally. they're being made emotionally. >> reporter: he made a comment on the campaign trail yesterday. here it is. >> look, stuff happens. there's always a crisis. and the impulse is always to do something. it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> reporter: at the same time bush takes a sharp dive with 4% of the vote. ted cruz is two points ahead of him. carson is in second. donald trump still on top with 25% of the votes. on the democratic side tonight the vice president still hasn't said if he's running. he will be the key note speaker
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for the human rights campaign. but earlier it was clinton's turn. she used the platform to attack republican rivals on lgbt community. >> in fact, it has already begun. ben carson is said marriage equality is what caused the fall of the roman empire. kristen fisher, thank you. he may be the gop front-runner right now, but does donald trump have the staying power to remain the top spot in the presidential race for the long haul? a new poll answers just that. plus, a california mayor is detained by homeland security as he returns from china. what caused him to be held by authorities? >> i don't judge other people. i hope wouldn't judge me until they have all the facts.
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them and encourages copycats. four men are dead after a small plane crash in south carolina. they were traveling to the clemson/notre dame college football game. no word yet what caused the crash. >> the california mayor detained at the airport on his way back from a conference in china. anthony silva stopped by homeland security who took his laptop and other electronic devices. silva says they won't find any contra band. our sister publication wall street journal is using its own poll numbers to analyze the staying power of the remaining gop candidates. and how will they do in the long haul? while donald trump remains the preferred pick at the moment, only 47% are open to vote issing for him, giving him only 26 points to grow.
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look at the numbers. marco rubio and carly fiorina sport 11%. their room to grow reaches to 50 points for beth of them, the highest among other candidates. could this poll be an indication of what's to come. thanks for joining us this afternoon how you see this new poll by wsj. since we are talking about the republicans and you're a member of the gop, what say you about the trump factor? is it waning? >> look, what i have been saying for quite some time, his numbers in the low to mid-20s. if you notice, it hasn't changed. despite all the attention, all the efforts, him being 24/7 news, it has remained quite steady. in a year before the election, that's a danger zone effectively. you're looking at people responding to an environmental situation, not necessarily the
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person. as the questions become more detailed, as people look more closely, more people look at the race, you are looking at the other numbers like fiorina and rubio moving up. >> carson. if you look at the numbers again, opening to voting for. 69% of those polled ranks him pretty high. >> it does. this is what the american people are doing. and even the democrats. they are deciding who they want to be in the race and who they want to be president. they want certain people in the mix because they like them. or mr. carson's persona, he's nice. when it comes down to world events, like the ones unfolding in the middle east, people will start to look more seriously. >> i have to bring our buddy here. ellen, from the democratic side, what are people saying about trump, fiorina, carson, rubio?
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>> i heard a lot yesterday. i was in iowa. so i heard a lot about this. what they are saying is the three top people in iowa, fiorina, trump, carson are people they have are saying, hey, we don't want the traditional people in politics. we want somebody from the outside. in terms of room for movement, anybody who is a traditional candidate has room for movement. chris christie, jeb bush, or even marco rubio. the issue is are the three top ones that are outside the political process going to stay there? and i think that's a very, very good question. >> what does this mean for the democrats? when they look at the field of candidates they will be competing against. >> it's interesting. eventually the democrats will of course have either hillary clinton who still leads in the polls by quite a bit. bernie sanders has very much of
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a grassroots populus behind him. you have governor o'malley. programs the vice president is getting in the race. we don't know. but certainly hillary clinton is still having an actual point lead. >> all right. so, tammy, what's missing here is jeb bush. >> yeah. >> he seems to be firing on empty cylinders. that can't get you that far. >> people know him. the tickets at the gop establishment expect it, which is bush or kasich. neither one is doing very well. >> that's a surprise. >> it is. ann romney made an interesting comment that she and her husband were assessing the field. remember, they met with jeb bush when they were deciding whether to run. they effectively said, okay you can do it. if jeb bush is failing, i would suggest to everyone watching don't be surprised if in fact, mr. romney decides maybe it's time to get in. because jeb bush is certainly not doing well and not
1:21 pm
performing as people expected. >> i'll give you the final word. are you surprised at the performance of jeb bush throughout this campaign so far? >> i am surprised. i ran into two members of congress a year ago i said who are you putting up and they said jeb bush. things change, don't they? >> they certainly do. >> who would have guessed donald trump would have made all of this noise. the question is, is it all noise? >> he is adding a lot to the conversation. there is something to that. but i don't think he will end up being the nominee. >> thank you very much. the white house in a high-stakes faceoff overseer ya. what will president obama's showdown against vladimir putin mean for syria? how she overcome personal experiences. >> he was just trying to show
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welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. hurricane joaquin may not be making landfall in the u.s. parts of the east coast are still getting soaked by a separate lower pressure rain maker causing massive flooding and evacuations. 16 people were killed in a health clinic that was hit by what may have been a usair strike. defense secretary ash carter opening an investigation into the investigation while offering his condolences. migrants break into a
1:27 pm
terminal on the french side. vladimir putin's forces ramping up operations in syria, launching air strikes in areas reportedly under the control of moderate rebels trained by the u.s. at a news conference yesterday, president obama reacting, noting vladimir putin's calculations to involve himself in syria actually revealed his russian counterpart's weakness. listen. >> mr. putin had to go in to syria not out of strength but out of weakness. because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling. and it was in sufficient for him simply to send them arms and money. now he's got to put in his own planes and his own pilots. >> my next guest is a veteran journalist and the author of the new book "imperial gamble." former moderator for "meet the
1:28 pm
press" and fox news contributor. marvin, great to see you. >> thank you. >> president obama yesterday, as you heard, criticized putin for his military approach in syria, saying he was pursuing a recipe for disaster that would require and result in a quagmire of sectarian violence. what does putin really want? >> you know, you asked that question, it was a fundamental question that i asked myself when i started doing "imperial gamble." terrific book, by the way. the question then and the question right now seriously is what does putin want? what at the end of the does will he settle for? i think the answer is the same, roughly the same with respect to ukraine and now with respect to syria. he wants to see russia recognized around the world once again as a major power and putin believes win mill strength,
1:29 pm
accommodations will follow. president obama is acting on a softening of the american position with respect to president assad in syria. and interestingly, so is putin. so there is the possibility that the two sides may be able to get-together after a dangerous round of military escalation. >> president obama also said that apparently mr. vladimir putin had gone to, quote, go out of syria not out of strength but out of weakness because assad's regime is crumbling and sending money and arms isn't enough. is president obama right? >> well, he's right certainly that putin has gone in a big way militarily. and right now, according to what
1:30 pm
we hear and according to the information from the pentagon, the russians are bombing anti-assad but sort of pro-western positions in syria. in other words, the people the united states has been supporting. this is one of the large reasons why it is so dangerous now. let us say, for example, that these rebels get american anti-aircraft missiles. russian plane comes over. they shoot up at it. shoot it down. and the russians say you, the united states, was responsible for that for killing russians. that is what i mean by the danger inherent in the situation. both sides are going to have to play it very close to the vest because on any given day not by design but by accident something dreadful could happen. >> president obama also reject calls for deeper u.s. intervention in the conflict.
1:31 pm
he asked that the u.s. is not about to get into a proxy war in the middle east. do you agree with that assessment and what are the dangers in the current buildup? >> some of those dangers are very well articulated. the most important being that by accident with, with our planes over the same area, they with their planes went to hit the other, and you're in a terrible, terrible mess. what the president means by not a proxy war, he doesn't want the united states to be on one side of a rebel insurgency and the russians to be on the other side because the president does not see any advantage to that for the united states. he would like very much for there to be what he calls a phased, kind of accommodation, phased transition that gets assad out of power. and actually the russians seem to be moving in that same direction but it will take time. and it's very tricky. >> is there room for political
1:32 pm
compromise in syria? >> there is room. there is room. the language has begun to change. and secretary kerry has said it is not all that important whether assad stays around for another day, another month or, quote, whatever. and that is what the russians seem to want now too. in other words, you have a notion. assad is sort of a part of that negotiation. a new government takes over. assad is there for a limited period of time. and then he goes on vacation in russia. i mean, that is a fanciful formulation, but it is possible. >> marvin kalb, let's hope. thank you very much. >> thank you. two weeks ago we showed you the contribution to building the legacy of motown records. the sound of america. she was there in the beginning as the only female of motown's
1:33 pm
first signed group the miracles. we continue our focus on the first lady of motown. >> hit after hit made them a household name. behind the scenes, they struggled building a family. enduring multiple miscarriages. >> i had a total of eight miscarriaging. >> smokey who by then had become one of the top songwriters in the world wrote a song that offered her comfort and hope. >> he was just trying to show that irregardless of whatever happens that the children didn't make it or whatever, that we had each other and he was giving his love. ♪ >> that song, more love, became another hit for the miracles.
1:34 pm
more importantly claudette prevailed. she gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl. today claudette has a monday profit called miracle baby that helps women deal with the emotional scars of miscarriages. her marriage to her childhood friend did not last. they came to a work in a row and ended their 27-year marriage. they remain a respectful friendship that began during their childhood. looking at pictures of her past is like looking at history of motown's rise to success. she was there to witness the beginning stages of others who emerged as stars. >> there are a lot of talented people. but then there are people that i call superstars. i would have to say smokey is one of those. >> stevie wonder? >> oh, boy, he played many instruments. there were times you would think
1:35 pm
is stevie really blind? i have a picture of stevie and bobby and i. he was my cousin. we were helping him ride a bicycle. >> the temptations. >> the dancers of light. they were number one as far as our routines and the choreography that they had. ♪ >> marvin gaye. >> genius talent. handsome. loved by all the women. very much a gentleman. >> the impact of his song. >> i think that will live forever. way ahead of his time. even today it means a lot. >> diana ross. >> diana had something from the very beginning. she was born to be a star. >> berry gordy. >> he had a dream and vision from a genius point of view to really think he could put this all together. >> the jackson 5. >> the jackson 5. when i first saw those little guys come to motown, you know when they did that first audition, i was there.
1:36 pm
just wondering how in the world could this little guy have that much talent. >> claudette robinson, a pioneer and trailblazer. i woman who believes in miracles and she prays for all people to be blessed with miracles that will help them live beyond the dream. ♪ >> you know what i really love about that? what i love about claudette robinson and all the people of motown, they were just kids growing up in the hood or the inner-city of detroit. and they had a dream. they went out and lived it and fulfilled it and changed american music. changed music around the world. >> certainly didn't let their environment keep them down. it inspired them to get out of that life and do better for themselves. >> and no quitting. moving on. >> next we will show denzel washington. so that's in next week's "beyond the journey". >> if you're eating right, and we try to do that. >> we try to do that. >> you may think you're on the
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okay. i have to illustrate. doing this with your cell phone while on a date, it could have more consequences than you might think. a new study from baylor shows phubbing can lead to lower levels of affection and higher levels of depression. be mindful of how much time is
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spent to the phone with a partner. >> a little tip. you do it when you're in the bathroom. excuse me. you go to the bathroom and do a little texting and come back. i have never done that before >> a lot of us are ingesting harmful chemicals and don't know it. the chemicals from our plastic containers are getting into food. that's from the researchers from the university of texas, austin. others may be hiding in our soaps and shampoos. dr. nina radcliff joins me now. thank you for talking to us. this report basically states no matter how healthy you eat. in fact, where you store your foot could be using really harm to our body. how true is this report? how serious? >> i think this is very interesting. this group, what they said is is
1:43 pm
that there are chemicals that we consume that increase buy dietz and obesity. it affects 60% of all americans. diabetes half of all americans. diabetes and prediabetes. their answer is these are chemicals we come in contact with daily. we cannot deny there has been a shift from the '70s. >> when you go to microwave something, you know if it is heated to a certain temperature it could release chemicals. but what could they do to potentially cause cancer. because that is so startling. one might rethink ever using a plastic container ever again. >> some of them are called endocrine disruptors. they can elevate or decrease it. to give a background. hormones can affect every single hormone. they tell it how to grow. they can even affect the
1:44 pm
behavior. this can be a problem. they can increase our risk for cancer. they can increase our risk for obesity. >> and early many child brain development that's another scary one. are we talking about plastic containers we're taking out of our fridge from last night's dinner. so left overcontainers. >> is we're talking a number of different chemicals. they can be in the plastic containers, metal can-can, water bottles. >> sippy cups. >> bpa. we had a whole movement about removing bpa from other items. they can enter our body in different ways. that's why this study is important. we need to look at this. over 85,000 chemicals. what we need to do is we need to pay more attention to what is in these chemicals. our manufacturers are paying more attention.
1:45 pm
but there needs to be more checks and balances on this as well. >> soaps and shampoo. a lot of people tend to go with more natural ingredients. sun tan lotion having so many different chemicals. should we go natural to avoid putting ourselves at risk. >> there is never an excuse to try to go natural. you want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. avoid things that have been processed or put in containers. it is not to panic. we need to make smart choices. instead of plastic concerns, use glass or stainless steel. we have a lot of power. when manufacturers are seeing we're not consuming something they do make differences and changes. and that is powerful. >> dr. nina radcliff, thank you very much. thank you. ava va mother says she ordered a play sword for her son and got very really bullets along with it. jasmine stevenson said she
1:46 pm
ordered the sword from the toys "r" us website. she said when it showed up it came with ammunition. inside the box, 800 rounds of 9 millimeter bullets. she called toys "r" us but they were not too much of any help. >> you're ordering from a toys "r" us you don't expect to get ammunition. i said what do you want us to do? they said send it back. that's all i got from them. >> the company says it is looking into the matter. a after over 2,000 miles, they finally reached the end of the appalachian trail. now some hikers are illegally marking the occasion. just what officials are doing to put a stop to the troubling trend. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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now for a quick check of headlines. hurricane joaquin. no longer much of a threat but the east coast is not catching a break as another powerful storm is creating winds and record flooding. forecasters say more weather-related problems are expected throughout the weekend. crews in guatemala, frantically searching for
1:51 pm
survivors after a deadly mudslide defollmolished a villa. more than 30 dead. that number expected to climb. authorities reporting all four men who died in a plane crash in south carolina were from indiana. they were flying to attend today's notre dame/clemson game. the faa has not yet given a cause for the crash. and now for a look beyond the headlines here's author and journalist liz trotta's weekly commentary. >> reporter: russia's stunning entry into syria once again leaves our perceived weakness exposed. president obama's become an easy mark for our enemies. the russiansening jolted the middle east by launching a bombing campaign against groups opposed to syria's president. their good friend, bashar al assad. although the russians insist the
1:52 pm
targets are islamist jihadi groups, their planes are hitting rebels backed by the cia. proxy bombing raids for a proxy war. in short, russian aggression filled the vacuum created by america's failure to take on radical islam in syria. whether the theory that talking solves everything, the president once again showed lame understanding of foreign intentions. none involvement and withdrawal are his trademarks. an easy deal with cuba, notwithstanding. as terrified syrians streamed into europe by the thousands, russia's president vladimir putin told a purchase tesper tu bed barack obama he would go his own way especially show showing an uncool like for the kgb spy.
1:53 pm
rocking the pentagon and threatening'll bombing campaign in syria, the words resorted to odd euphemisms assuring us both powers will work to stay out of each other's ways, to de conflict their respected air strikes. part of the russian surprise included an announcement that russia, iran and iraq have agreed to pool intelligence. it calls to mind an ongoing investigation into charges that in an effort to please obama, u.s. central command was pressuring intelligence analysts to present a rosier picture of the war. let's not forget the bummibling admission admitted to a committee, after a $5 million effort to train 540 syrians a year, only four or five are still in the program.
1:54 pm
creating foreign local armies, a backbone of obama's strategy, almost never works. some say why not join mr. putin and his quest to shore up assad's power? fewer lives lost and isis history. the president, however, would make a moral issue of his policy and it's too late for him to smother his pride. so the quagmire crowd is back with the theories of russian failure. let the forces of rush, iran and hezbollah try to rescue assad, and they'll end up sinking into middle east madness. it's just as einstein defined insanity. he said, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. appalachian trail officials looking to crack down on bad behavior from hikers. a growing number of hikers in maine, in fact, openly drinking and using drugs at a state park
1:55 pm
at the trail summit. as a means of celebrating the end of the long distance journeys. well, the national park officials saying they are working with trail officials to protect the area. science helping us settle yet another romantic debate. is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? rereveal the latest study answering this age-old question. what if one piece of kale
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so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. a brand new study telling us why beauty may really be in the eye of the beholder. >> researchers comparing data from hundreds of identical and fraternal twins finding people's experiences and environment including groups of friends and even what you watch on tv play a bigger role than genes in shaping who they find attractive. >> that's interesting. >> okay. >> i always say what's inside matters most. not what's on the outside. >> right. beauty is only skin deep. >> exactly. that's going to do it for us. "kennedy" is next. what are you watching at 7:00? >> you. the fox report. julie banderas.
2:00 pm
where else would i be? >> all right. see you at 7:00. have a good one. double high five. welcome! i'm watching bernie sanders bring new socialist converts to the fold, or as i like to call them, future libertarians, and he soaping up a can of fund-raising whoop ass all over hillary. i admit it, i'm an immature and vengeful person. i love seeing hillary clinton lose, whether it's the rodding stench of her evil server, the seer of joe biden take a bite out of her lead on colonel sanders, so much fun to see her stumble and bernsy a man of the people. they're not smart people, but they are shaking the coins loose from their piggy banks t


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