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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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kennedy monday flu thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern 35rks pacific on the fox business network. kennedy fbn. e-mail kennedy i love you. i really do. i really do. and i'll talk to you later. but not tomorrow. okay. bye. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to fox news headquarters. >> hurricane joaquin may no longer pose a direct threat to the u.s. but millions along the east coast tonight are still facing high winds, heavy rains and massive flooding through the weekend. we will have full fox team coverage. also a new poll finds donald trump holding his place atop the crowded gop field but shows he may have less room to expand his support than any other republican in the race. we'll sift through those numbers for you.
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and the united auto workers union reaching a tenttive agreement avoiding a strike at a key ford assembly plant. but to know that may not be the case for another major automaker. they're currently at the bargaining table. we'll take a look. we begin this hour with hurricane joaquin and what one meteorologist is calling a slow motion disaster. as president obama declares a federal state of emergency in south carolina due to extreme flooding in the state. the storm is well offshore, but its effects are being felt in full force. parts of the mid-atlantic are being drenched by record rainfall and the soggy ground, well, just can't keep up. rivers are overflowing, and there is severe coastal flooding from south carolina to new york. landslides are even possible in the carolina mountains. we have team fox coverage. senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm for the fox extreme weather center. but first we go to garrett tinney. he is live in virginia beach,
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virginia. garrett? >> reporter: arthel, today was like halftime here in virginia beach after nearly two weeks of almost constant rainfall. as you mentioned, officials have said that there is simply nowhere left for this water to go. the rivers and streams are just overflowing. the lakes are filled beyond capacity. and the ground is so completely saturated. on top of the rain, you've had the wind and the waves that have been pummeling the beach. especially you can see here in the video we have from this afternoon in virginia beach of what that is doing to the beaches. beach erosion is seen all along the coast. with that beach erosion the high surf has been taking out the sea walls as well that is there to protect the homes and the businesses, moving closer in to the inner part of these coastal towns. and while hurricane joaquin certainly would have made things worse, residents here along the shore are saying that because of the duration of how nonstop this weather has been over the last
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two weeks that the damage is actually worse than what you would typically see whatever a hurricane. and i mentioned how officials have said there's nowhere left for this water to go. well, tonight and tomorrow more rain is on the way, meaning more flooding as well. we will be here to cover it. arthel? >> yeah, flooding is never a good thing. garrett tenney, thanks so much, garrett. eric? >> right now we're waiting for the next advisory from the national hurricane center to get an update on the storm track that's going to come in about an hour from now. let's go to senior meteorologist janice dean in the weather center. we just heard garrett say more rain is on the way and you look at those pictures. the massive flooding. it's something these people are up against, janice. >> this storm has been incredible. close to a category 5. 157 miles per hour makes it a cat 5. we're at 150 right now. just an hour or so ago it was up to 155. so incredible storm. i'm sure has done so much damage to the bahamas. of course hearts and prayers to
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those living in the area that saw the wrath of this gigantic storm. moving northeast right now, it's starting to pick up speed. bermuda needs to pay close attention to the storm over the next 24 hours. category 4 right now. very warm waters here. but as it continues to move northeastward it's going to encounter cooler waters and some wind shear. it's going to weaken and then turn extra tropical and really start to accelerate as we get into tuesday and wednesday. a close brush here with a hurricane. perhaps a major hurricane for befrmda sunday into monday. dwlur tropical models. again, way offshore here. but eric and arthel, we are feeling indirect effects from this hurricane. there's the hurricane. we have a cutoff low here across the southeast. and all of this moisture is being funneled in like a hose. i mean, it is just continuing to pound rain into south carolina. record rainfall. the last -- one of the last advisories i saw, over 16 inches
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of rainfall. so we have flash flood watches and warnings, flash flood warning right now in and around the charleston area, meaning that it is continuing to come down and we are seeing life-threatening situations for south carolina up toward north carolina. and it is going to continue not only this evening but into tomorrow and even monday, eric. so again, life-threatening situation. people are urged to watch the forecast and listen to their local officials. back to you. >> that's pretty vivid when you say it's life-threatening situations in the carolinas. >> yes. >> get news is that joaquin will stay offshore and not hit the mainland. >> absolutely. if there is a silver lining, that's it. >> that is. janice, thank you. arthel? >> janice, eric, meanwhile an intense search under way for a missing cargo ship in the waters off the southeastern bahamas. the ship vanished during the height of hurricane joaquin. 33 people were on board including 28 americans. it was headed from jacksonville, florida to puerto rico.
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brian llenas is in our newsroom. >> day three of the search for alfaro and its 33 crew members. the coast guard sending two c-130s on the search early this morning as well as a helicopter and u.s. navy and air force also assisting with a p-8 reconnaissance plane. the search could go into the night, but that all depends on the weather. they're dealing with 25 to 30-foot waves, low visibility and high winds. the coast guard searched 850 square nautical miles yesterday through hurricane-force winds. >> at that point you hope that the ship is stable enough and we can try to find it or we're going to look for any signs of maybe survivors if people went into life rafts. >> ship left jacksonville, florida tuesday en route to san juan, puerto rico. but at approximately 7:20 a.m. thursday a distress call on board indicated the ship had lost power, it had taken on water. it was leaning 15 degrees to one side. but all the flooding had been
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contained, so they said. the ship, though, has not been heard from since. its last known location near the crooked island in the bahamas. this satellite image shows a white arrow as the approximate last location of "el faro." the cargo ship went missing in the milled of hurricane joaquin while it was still a category 4 storm. the coast guard fearing the ship became disabled right near the eye of the storm where there were 20 to 30-foot waves and heavy winds, which could have destroyed the ship's communications. tote maritime gave the cargo ship "el faro" the go-ahead to sail despite the threatening weather, confident the crew could handle changing weather situations. >> the captain in this case had been monitoring the track of this tropical storm for a number of days prior to departing. >> arthel, 33 crew members missing at this hour. >> okay, bryan llenas, thanks so much.
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and the death toll remains on the rise from that air strike at a hospital in northern afghanistan. officials say the target may have been mistakenly hit by the u.s. doctors without borders say 12 staff members and at least seven patients were killed when its kunduz trauma center was bombed. defense secretary ash carter now opening a full d there are repo taliban gunmen may have hid in there and fired from that hospital. molly henneberg. >> reporter: what pears to be a deadly air strike by a u.s. military aircraft on a doctors without borders-affiliated hospital in kunduz in northern afghanistan. carter went on to say, "the area has been the scene of intense fighting the last few days." he says, "while we are still trying to determine exactly what happened, i want to extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected." we're also just getting some information in from our pentagon correspondent jennifer griffin, who has spoken to a senior u.s.
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defense official, and here's what jennifer got for us, that this official tells her that the taliban has been in control of the area around this hospital in kunduz since monday. taliban guarded the hospital and drew u.s. special operations forces into a firefight near the hospital. taliban fighters were among those being treated at the hospital. u.s. forces called in an air strike because they were under fire and needed cover. while spokesmen for the u.s. armed forces regret the loss of innocent life, the loss of life could have been avoided, this is what jennifer's getting from defense officials, if the taliban had not used a hospital as a base and civilians there as human shields. and the u.s. military is continuing to investigate. also, one fox military analyst says part of the problem may have been the result of inadequate training of afghan soldiers partnering with u.s. forces in kunduz. >> it was not an overt attempt by the united states to bomb a hospital. of course not. but if you don't have reliable
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people on the ground to spot for the bombs, eventually the bombs are going to go where they shouldn't. >> reporter: the numbers have been changing, but at this point doctors without borders say 12 staff members and at least seven patients including three children were killed. 37 people were injured. and now the medical humanitarian group is demanding answers for this "horrific loss of life." the group insists that the coalition knew where the hospital was located and "wishes to clarify that all parties to the conflict, including in kabul and washington, were clearly informed of the precise location," the gps coordinates of the facilities in kunduz, "including the hospital." a u.s. defense official tells fox that a one-star general has been sent from kabul to kunduz to investigate this bombing. eric? >> all right, molly, thank you so much for those details. arthel? eric, we have new details now about the mass shooting at an oregon community college. law enforcement confirming the gunman did in fact turn the gun
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on himself after killing nine people. the victims, ranging in age from an 18-year-old freshman starting his first week of college to a 67-year-old retired teacher returning to the classroom. dan springer is live in roseburg, oregon with the latest. dan? >> reporter: arthel, we knew the first responding police officers got to the scene fast. now we know exactly how fast. and it definitely saved lives. that 911 call came in at 10:38 in the morning. six minutes later two roseburg police officers and an oregon state trooper arrived at the scene. two minutes later at 10:46 they were in a shootout with the gunman. and at 10:48 they report that the suspect is down. ten minutes of terror that we now know ended with the shooter take his own life, possibly after being shot by the cops. >> i want to express my most sincere appreciation to those most directly touched by this
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incident. the two roseburg police officers who responded and stopped the shooter from killing dozens of other people who were in that classroom and in the immediate vicinity. >> reporter: now, an fbi team of behavioral specialists is now here in roseburg to answer the question why. the picture we're getting seems fairly typical for these mass killings. young male, angry, loner, anti-government, anti-religion, thinks the world is against him. the killer's family issued a statement today. it reads in part, "we are shocked and deeply saddened by the horrific events that unfolded thursday october 1st. our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers go out to all of the families of those who died and were injured." one of those injured is 16-year-old cheyenne fitzgerald, who graduated from high school a year early and is studying to be a nurse. she lost a kidney in the shooting and is still in
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critical condition. >> i don't want my daughter to be scared of a noise. this is very upsetting to me. >> reporter: and bonnie schaan went on to say that that killer also gave an envelope to another student and told him to go to the corner of the room. his life was spared. apparently, he had that note inside and that envelope that would tell his pathetic story. arthel? >> pathetic indeed. and our prayers of course are there with the family and that entire community. dan springer, thank you so much. now it's time to turn to the campaign trail. donald trump out there today holding a rally in tennessee earlier this afternoon. pointing to his leading poll numbers on an upswing after that slight dip after that second republican debate. meanwhile, the other candidates are continuing to push their own proposals as the jockeying continues. kristen fisher has more from
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washington. >> reporter: the one issue that almost every presidential candidate is talking about today is gun control. after that mass shooting in oregon. >> taking guns away does not solve this problem. and thomas jefferson way back then said, you know, the only people who are hurt when we take guns away are the law-abiding citizens. >> these political calls immediately after a shooting are not being made rationally. they're being made emotionally. >> reporter: but jeb bush is the candidate taking the most heat from democrats and gun control advocates after a comment he made on the campaign trail yesterday. here it is. >> look, stuff happens. there's always a crisis. and the impulse is always to do something, and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> at the same time a new pew research poll shows bush taking a sharp dive with just 4% of the vote. ted cruz is now two points ahead of him. marco rubio and carly fiorina are tied for third. ben carson's in second, and donald trump still on top with 25% of the vote. on the democratic side tonight the vice president, who still hasn't said if he's running, will be the keynote speaker at the annual dinner for the human
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rights campaign. but earlier it was clinton's turn and she used the platform to attack republican rivals on the issue of lgbt equality. >> we're going to face some ridiculousness, especially from our friends in the gop. in fact, it's already begun. ben carson says that marriage equality is what caused the fall of the roman empire. >> now, tonight clinton's expected to make a surprise appearance on the season premiere of "saturday night live" before heading to new hampshire early next week. eric? >> you've got to stop on "saturday night live" if you're running for president. kristin, thank you. >> i'll definitely watch that. a priest facing charges for allegedly pointing a gun at a young boy. what witnesses say happened. and we just showed you the poll numbers. well, there's a new kind of poll that the brainiacs have come out with that shows that donald trump may have some growing pains and marco rubio could be the guy with the most to gain if the race was held today. who could go up and who could go down. kind of like the stock market. we will show you ahead. >> i had to do this. i had to do this.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. one person is dead and three
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more injured after an apparent explosion and fire in a building here in new york city. crews arriving on scene in borough park, brooklyn to find the front of the three-story building completely torn off. a new jersey priest is in custody after he allegedly pointed a functioning musket at a young boy inside the church's rectory. 54-year-old reverend kevin carter facing charges of child endangerment and aggravated assault for pointing the firearm at the 8-year-old boy. now, local reports say it is because the boy was a fan of a rival sports team. a virginia mother outraged after she says she ordered a play sort for her son and got some very real bullets instead. jamie -- jasmine is her name. jasmine stevenson says she ordered the foam sword from the toys "r" us website. when the gift arrived for her 7-year-old son, she says it came with 800 rounds of 9-millimeter bullets inside the box. the company says it's looking
3:21 pm
into the matter. wow. well, they say it's a new kind of poll showing just how much staying power each of the republican presidential candidates have over the long haul. the "wall street journal" in the survey did not just ask voters who they would vote for now but also asked who they would be open to voting for. essentially who was the number two choice. take a look at some of the results. you can see that on your screen. if you look really closely, 21% say donald trump is the first choice but 47% say they'd be open to voting for him if he was on the ticket. that means he's got according to this formula 26 points to grow. got it? look at marco rubio and carly fiorina. they just are at 11% but they have more growing room. 60% say they would vote for either candidate if they were on the ticket. so you've got 50 points' worth of growing room. what does the growing room numbers mean? is it really anything? joining us is betsy woodruff. political reporter for the daily beast. it's like the stock market. you've got a stock that's low.
3:22 pm
you think it can get really high. sow buy it. or if you have a stock that's already at its high, let's say, trump, it may not have that much room to grow. is that similar? and does it really mean anything? >> i think that's a totally fair comparison, yeah. and one argument people have made for the past few months about donald trump is that he has a ceiling, there's a certain number of people who are going to love him no matter what but that what could potentially hinder him going forward is look, he's very controversial. and the big question was does his appeal translate? does it translate to people who aren't trump diehards? and this survey indicates that that might not be the case. right? it indicates that beyond the folks who are on board with him it could get a little tricky. the fact he doesn't even top 50% in terms of people open to supporting him, that's not awesome. that's a problem p. >> carson's got a lot of room to grow it seems. it seems someone who's got a lot is jeb. up side is 7% or so. at a second choice he'd be at 58%. but what if he's stuck in the polls? what if you don't grow?
3:23 pm
>> well, then you're in trouble. all right? but at this point i guess for jeb's folks especially this is a great number to see because they've said even though his poll numbers have really nose dived over past few weeks they say we've got tons of money week, stick around, we're in it for the long haul, and we can make converts. and these numbers indicate that that's a realistic point that they can argue. now, the problem in these numbers i think who's in the most trouble is rand paul. he has only about 35% of folks say they'd be able to support him while just 3% or something support him right now. that's rough. that's -- those are some tough numbers to look at. >> let's take a look at the numbers again. and rand paul's folks. they have about $2 million in the bank and they're defiant and they're continuing for now. the person with the most room to grow as you pointed out is number 3 there. 52 points potentially, rubio. remember back in 2010 what happened to florida? he was 40 points behind at one point in the senate race. this is a guy who has come back like secretariat. i mean, what's going to happen going forward?
3:24 pm
could he make up some of that difference since he has the most, quote, room to grow? >> i think he certainly could. rubio is no stranger to being down in the polls or to facing politically bleak circumstances and then turning numbers around. remember, after the 2013 immigration debate, when he spearheaded an effort to do comprehensive immigration reform, that failed, and that won him a lot of criticism from conservatives and from the tea party right. a lot of folks said, look, rubio's over, he's not going to be competitive on a national sce scene. conservatives and republican brierm voters will never get on board with him. but this shows that's not the case. he could get some turnaround magic he's had in the past. certainly someone to keep an eye on. >> what do you think's going to happen? >> well, i think first if numbers don't get better for rand paul that we're not going to see him stick around for just too, too much longer. second, i think we're probably going to hear some interesting and very optimistic but cautious prognostications from jeb. and third, i think trump's
3:25 pm
probably going to say none of this matters because his numbers are huge. >> his numbers are huge. and he's got that huge bank account. and he's going. betsy, thank you. thank you so much. we'll check in -- we'll probably do this again in like a couple of months. we'll check in again with you when they do that. take care. arthel? >> okay, guys. the white house and the kremlin locked in a high-stakes face-off over syria. what president obama's showdown with vladimir putin means for america in the fight against isis and stability in the middle east. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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it is the bottom of the hour and now time for the top of the news. hurricane joaquin may be well offshore, but you know he's feeding a second low pressure system and that's causing record rainfall. and dangerous, life-threatening, said janice dean. life-threatening flooding in the carolinas and along some parts of the east coast. that's forcing president obama to declare a federal state of emergency in south carolina.
3:30 pm
so please, folks there, be aware. >> absolutely. and police refusing to name the shooter who killed nine people and himself at a community college in oregon. the trend growing among law enforcement officials who say revealing shooters' names glorifies them and encourages copy cats. and the foreign minister of hungary warning europe may become destabilized he says if countries can't control their borders and decrease the influx of refugees who continue to flee the chaos of the middle east and elsewhere. russia launching air strikes in syria this week in support of the country's president, bashar al assad, a long-time ally. the russian military claims it's targeting isis. but its fighter jets reportedly hitting syrian rebels basket by the u.s. president obama criticizing russian president vladimir putin for his military approach in syria. >> mr. putin had to go into syria not out of strength but out of weakness.
3:31 pm
because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling and it was insufficient for him simply to send them arms and money. now he's got to put his in his own planes and his own pilots. >> aaron david miller is a former adviser to six secretaries of state. he's also vice president of the woodrow wilson center. okay. so aaron, do you see it the way president obama sees it? >> i think the president's right. russia's going to be in a trap. it's not crimea, it's not ukraine. no common language. no contiguous borders. the russians lack an intimate knowledge of syria the way they have of ukraine and crimea. but the reality is life's relative and the truth is in comparison to the cards we have the russians actually have leverage. they have three things that we don't. number one, at least this administration doesn't. number one, putin has time. a year and change barack obama will no longer be the president of the united states. and putin is in this for the
3:32 pm
long game. number two -- >> hold on, before you go to number two. so if president obama is no longer there of course because his time is going to run out and someone else is going to be elected, do you not think the next president will not get engaged with putin? it's the same problem. >> i think by the time the president -- this president is no longer president that you'll probably have some sort of russian-american negotiation. a deal, i'm not sure. but there will be an effort to negotiate some sort of end state. that's one of the reasons putin has played his hand, because he wants to strengthen bashar assad's hand at the end game. >> okay. >> so i think that's one. number two is allies. and the truth is we don't have any. $500 million program to train, quote unquote, moderate syrian rebels. and the distinction, i might add, between moderate and non-moderate is a pretty blurred line here. you have islamist opposition
3:33 pm
elements fighting bashar assad. you have isis. you have us in rnusra which is affiliate of al qaeda. you have a number of other groups that appear to be independent. but none of them could be described as reliable pro-western or certainly not pro-american allies on the ground. so iran, hezbollah, and now putin's got 30 combat aircraft. the capacity to send more. long-range artillery. and probably you're going to see the deployment of a limited additional numbers of russian ground forces. and finally, one more point. putin's got goals that are consistent. supporting bashar and bombing isis actually are coincident with one another. we on the other hand really aren't clear about what it is we want to see happen by syria. it's defeating isis for sure -- >> let me jump in there. >> sure. >> because you're getting to a point i want to raise, and that is whether out of weakness or not, is putin's aggression
3:34 pm
completely in vain? is he not gaining power and a position of strength in the middle east? >> well, it depends what you mean in vain. the reality is putin has had a relationship with the assad family for 40 years. you've got a russian naval base at tartus. the last water port outside the former soviet union. and you've got a military base now at latakia. putin is determined to assert himself, particularly when he sees a risk-averse president. putin is risk-ready. and in the end, given how complex the syrian situation is, long term syria could bleed russia, but for now putin's playing his cards pretty well. >> that's what i was getting at. so let's go here now. now that president obama has shared his take and he's pointed that he has a unique perspective as president, how should mr. obama proceed strategically, aaron? >> well, you're now four years
3:35 pm
into a hopelessly intractable syrian civil war with so many participants. and frankly, you know, great powers should only meddle in the affairs of small tribes if they really have the will and the skill to do so. and the truth is we really don't. we are not going to confront the russians on the ground or in the air. >> so what happens in syria? >> i think what we're trying to do is ensure there is no conflict with the russians. and we're probably going to wait. we'll continue our campaign to degrade isis to the extent we're succeeding, and we'll wait until putin decides. and i think this is the problem with putin acting and america reacting until he decides that in effect the winning hand has become a losing one, and then you'll see a negotiation in train. but this is not going to be easy and it's not going to be quick. and my prediction, and i don't like making them, is that bashar al assad will probably be in power -- certainly vladimir
3:36 pm
putin will be in power after barack obama leaves the white house. >> okay. and the next president, whoever he or she will be will deal with it? you've got to be quick because i'm running out of time. go ahead. >> yeah. although i'm telling you, on syria i wouldn't expect much of a fundamental change no matter who's in the white house from the policies we're currently pursuing. america just doesn't want and americans and congress don't want to get stuck with the check for what an american presence in syria's going to cost to put that place back together. >> yeah, that's what the president said. he goes that if you start something you have to be able to finish it. so much more to talk about, aaron david miller, but i do have to go. but i appreciate your time this afternoon. >> and thanks so much to you too. >> absolutely. >> he is always perceptive. >> yes. donald trump says he can deal with vladimir putin. no endorsement. just something i know he said. >> we'll see if that happens. because while he is leading in the republican polls, she is leading in the democratic polls.
3:37 pm
but new reports show that some of hillary clinton's donors, they say, could be taking their money elsewhere. plus these girls found selfie stardom at a baseball game. oh, really? they turned down free tickets to another. we'll tell you why. >> don't make fun of them. >> oh, my gosh. here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who explored their treatment options by getting a comprehensive second opinion at cancer treatment centers of america. call today or go online to schedule your second opinion here. learn more at
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the sorority girls who started a social media frenzy by taking selfies at a baseball game, they're making headlines again but for a different reason. the ladies of alpha kai omega at arizona state university, well, they became really famous. a lot of people were tweeting this out. after the tv announcers noticed them taking selfies during the game. well, the diamondbacks offered the sorority free tickets to another game, but they declined. instead they're asking the team and fox sports to donate the money to victims of domestic violence. what a selfless cause from those selfies. >> okay. very good. we'll move on.
3:42 pm
some potential bad news. potentially bad news for hillary clinton. a new report indicating some of her supporters may be jumping ship in favor of a joe biden run. they are quoted in the "wall street journal" saying instead of being ready for hillary we're waiting for joe. let's talk about it now with susan estrich, usc professor of law and political science and a fox news contributor. always good to see you, susan. >> good to see you. >> thank you. so if some of these donors are defecting, to what extent is this happening, susan? >> oh, i think we're hearing about it and reading about it because everybody thinks right now or everybody inside the little chattering class club, that hillary's campaign has stumbled, you know, the numbers have dropped. she's clearly not handled this e-mail controversy very well. and so you're hearing all kinds of chatter. and among the chatter you're hearing is that some of these
3:43 pm
donors are moving. if that was all that was happening. if the only thing going on were some donors moving to maybe get a better place in the food line and maybe because they're old-time biden supporters, we wouldn't be talking about it. but it's kind of a sign that the campaign is stumbling in spring training. >> so if some of these donors, susan, are waiting to see -- waiting to put their money on vice president biden, should he run, and there are some reports saying that the vp might announce, make a major announcement that he's in this coming week, we're not sure, but could this support actually nudge the vp into actually definitely getting into the race? >> i hope not. deciding whether or not you should run for president should be based on more than the support and who calls you, you know, the weekend before. i will never forget as a total newbie in politics i was practically a teenager, in senator kennedy's office, seeing
3:44 pm
this long line of people coming to him in 1979 saying, you know, you run for president, we'll be with you. and i'll tell you, the day after he announced, 3/4 of them had headed for the hills. so i hope joe biden, and i think he's been around long enough to know you that don't count on the people, you know, who come or won't come. you've got to decide in your own heart of hearts whether you're up to the challenge, whether you want it that badly, whether it's right for you and your family. >> that's a good point. meanwhile, hillary clinton, she'll still the democratic front-runner. listen, you well know, susan, that hillary has faced scandals and controversy before and she rose up like a phoenix out of the ashes. is this all premature? i mean, the election's still more than a year away. this point?y clinton be counted >> no. of course not. there's lots of reasons she's still the front-runner. and she's still the only candidate most people can even imagine as president of the united states. and you know her campaign seemed
3:45 pm
to have this pattern of they have these rocky periods and then generally you see women coming back to her and lots of liberals coming back to her and saying hey, wait a minute, we didn't actually mean to destroy your candidacy. so i think there are lots of good reasons that hillary is still the front-runner. and the only message here, and i think it's probably a message that's come through loud and clear, is when you have incidents like this you've got to stand up and take responsibility even if as a legal matter you may not be legally responsible. still we're in the political season. and what matters is, if you dare me, looking honest, seeming authentic, seeming trustworthy, and that's what's gotten lost a little bit in this e-mail scandal. but luckily, as i say, it's spring training. most people aren't paying attention. and hillary's got lots of time to make it back. >> a lot of people are paying attention i think because --
3:46 pm
again, not endorsing mr. trump but he's brought a lot of excitement to this race and people are paying attention early on. i want to say before we go that so far hillary clinton's campaign has raised 100.6 million in total fund-raising and she has $32 million in cash on hand. so just, you know, being fair across the board there. susan, thank you. >> thank you, art. take care. >> okay. and don't forget, you can read susan estrich's syndicated columns in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. and coming up here on the fox news channel, they're trying to get back to the negotiating table. the united auto workers union attempting to salvage a new labor agreement with fiat chrysler. what it means for labor and the legend of the american auto industry. now, fox news headlines 24/7 is on sirius xm channel 115. breaking news. money market moves. sports and entertainment. every story.
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rejected a tentative contract of earlier this week. so can a deal be reached? what's it mean for the storied american auto industry? joining us now, president of the consultant. now on the negotiating. will they be in an agreement? >> i think they are. this is negotiating, flight the unions gave up a lot in 2009 to get the companies to the point to be successful today. and you look at the profits, second quarter profits, for ford, up over 44%. i think fiat chrysler up 66%. gm five times the earnings a year ago. they're making money fist over fist and unions going we gave up a lot. where's our share of the profits. >> do they have a point? rolled backs with the economy and what happened in 2008, now they say it's the time to reward us. >> not only reward us but one of the -- part of the agreement of
3:52 pm
new employees hired, the compensation different. they're fighting for the new employees but i think really fighting also for the life of the union itself. we have seen union membership way down over the last number of years. >> talk about the legend of the american auto industry in detroit. up to detroit, see the remnants and the legacy. now half the cars in the country made in the non-union shops. in right to workshops. >> they shifted the 0 fuss cough manufacturing south because it was non-union labor, getting the cars manufactured at a lower cost. higher profit margins. this trend continues and unfortunately may shift offshore to mexico. >> you talk about mexico. donald trump making announcement said he'll stop that billion-dollar ford plant taxing every vehicle that comes out of there to sell it and shut it down. do you think that would work? >> maybe on the imparts of this
3:53 pm
country and add van they you to building in mexico, they have the 40 free trade agreements with 60% of the world economy and shift out of mexico to germany and france and italy an china and not pay the tariffs. there's a huge, for american labor, union labor, a huge problem with the new plants in mexico. >> you're saying that what we used to build in detroit now goes down to mexico and doesn't have to come back back here to be successful? >> from detroit to the south, right, where we had the union free zones, now to mexico so, look. corporations whether they're u.s. or foreign automobile companies are going to go where the lowest cost labor, energy, a competitive advantage especially with energy in the country. we might be losing it. >> what's it mean for the future of the american labor movement in the country and the union?
3:54 pm
bloomberg says in 1999, 85% of the cars manufactured in this country. now it's down to 52%. man, just going like this. >> it's difficult. my heart breaks for them. looking at the average salary of the assembly line workers, between $25,000 and $50,000. they get bonuses, benefits, pension. average salary $25,000 to $50,000 depending on years of service and not like they're making a million dollars a year and working hard and now an opportunity to reap some of the benefits for the sacrifices they made in '09, they're penalized. >> hunt die, south carolina, bmw, they would say, they got jobs. >> they got jobs. that's what this is all about. >> all right. we'll see what happens with that contract, when we drive. thank you. >> thank you. they're cleared for liftoff. hundreds of balloons heading up, up into the heavens for the 44th annual international balloon
3:55 pm
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4:00 pm
>> i have no excuse. >> you are lazy. get with the program. okay. that is going to do it for us. >> we're back tomorrow at 12:00 noon here and 4:00 and for now, julie is up next with "fox report." we start tonight with a fox news weather alert. folks along the east coast battling a historic amount of rain as the coast guard searches for a ship lost in hurricane joaquin. i'm julie banderas. welcome. the u.s. isn't expected to see anything like this but the threat of major flooding here at home is still very real. severe weather alerts now in effect from georgia to new england. south carolina already seeing record breaking flooding. meanwhile, a major search under way right now and it continues for a krg ship missing in hurricane joaquin. 33 people on board, including 28 americans. the crew made


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