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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 4, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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ask a question about the media. no political speeches. i read them all. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. see you then with the latest buzz. fox news alert. record setting rain soaking parts of the east coast on this sunday. a state of emergency now declared in south carolina as you can see water filling the streets. sadly, washing out bridges and even homes. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hurricane joaquin may have veered out to sea, but its moisture has combined with a separate storm system drenching kchbs in the carolinas, virginia and even parts of new jersey. garrett tenney is live in myrtle beach with more. >> reporter: you can see the rain has not let up. just a few minutes ago even it was actually pummelling us out
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here. in north myrtle beach since friday, they've received nearly a foot and a half of rain. and across the entire state of south carolina over the last three days, they have received more rain than they typically do in an entire season. that is prompting widespread flooding throughout the state. the state emergency management operation center issued a warning today, a statewide alert, asking folks to stay where they are unlts their homes are in danger of flooding. emergency responders have been busy all throughout the state using boats in some areas to traverse neighborhood roads to rescue individuals whose homes are being flooded. state transportation officials say nearly 100 roads across the state are flooded, including at least three interstates, parts of three interstates. that's particularly around columbia and charleston areas. the ground here is so saturated it's not only flooding that's a concern.
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landslides as well as sinkholes is also something that officials are keeping their eye out on. that's one reason they're asking folks to stay off the roads if at all possible. the scary part is, though, the heaviest rain hasn't even hit yet. that's expected to come in the overnight hours, prompting even more flooding tomorrow. back to you. >> people have to heed all the warnings of the officials because the flooding can be very, very dangerous and it could cost lives. thanks, garrett, for that report. eric? the search has resumed now this morning for that american cargo ship with 33 people on board. it went missing off the southern east bahamas right during the height of this hurricane. the intensive search by the u.s. coast guard and navy aircraft so far, sadly, has turned up only a life ring bobbing in the sea. no other signs they say of that ship. it was on its way from jacksonville, florida, to puerto rico. it lost power and communications
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on thursday. while it was being battered by massive waves at the height of the hurricane. >> let's bring in meteorologist janice dean. she's tracking the storm from the fox weather center. this thing is still out there, veering to the east but nothing to play with, right? >> no. we have the atmospheric conditions favorable for winds to continue all along the east coast. we have an area of low pressure off the east coast. you can see it here. then this hurricane working together to bring epic rainfall and very strong winds battering waves, coastal beach erosion, all along the east coast. so the bahamas breathing a sigh of relief, now bermuda watching the potential for a brush, maybe even a direct hit from this hurricane as we go through time. and then as we go through monday/tuesday, it will eventually accelerate to the north and east and we'll be done with it. however, this has been a slow moving storm, and with it the potential for epic rainfall. i've seen pictures coming out of columbia, south carolina, that
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you will not believe. part of that city is completely under water today. that's because we have had 18 to 24 inches of rainfall across the southeast coast in just a matter of three days, like a water hose just going into south carolina, and it continues to inundate this area. this is historic. the pictures coming out of south carolina are incredible. it is -- it's amazing and people need to take this so seriously. a life threating weather event. you can see this is the radar estimated precipitation over the last 48 hours, but again, i've seen totals of 18 to 24 inches, two feet of rain, in just a matter of days. and it all has been focused on south carolina. and this is the potential for more rain in the forecast, potentially 8 to 12 inches. again, this is really a severe weather event that they have never seen in this area before. the flood advisories, of course,
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flash flood watches and warnings, flash flood warnings for much of the state of south carolina. back to you. >> thank you so much. incredible. we'll be following this throughout the afternoon and into the evening. stay right here with fox news. j.d. and her team will have the latest. we'll get to politics now. a new contender throws his hat in the ring to become speaker of the house. jason chaffetz from utah announced on fox news sunday that he plans to run for the position. he is currently the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. his bid underscores the turmoil in the house gop since speaker john boehner announced his surprise resignation. chaffetz's run is considered a long shot challenge to majority leader kevin mccarthy. congressman dan webster of florida also running for that position. iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the
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moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. >> as president obama discussing russian president vladimir putin while air strikes are continuing to be carried out both by russia and the u.s. and syria, but they are hitting different targets. u.s. officials announcing coalition forces are hitting the positions of the radical islam group isis as russian military sources claim that they've carried out several flights also targeting isis positions as well. but russian president putin not heeding the calls from president obama to strike only at isis terrorists and not hit the syrian rebels as putin shows no signs of backing down. what will happen? john bolton a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. ambassador, moscow claims they're attacking isis, are they lying? >> yes, very definitely.
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the purpose of the deployment of these air assets in syria is to help prop up assad because the assad government has been facing increased battlefield pressure not only from isis but al nusra and what's left of the moderate syrian opposition. but it's not as the president seems to believe because russia's coming from a position of weakness. i think russia understands that this is a moment of opportunity for them. they can prop up the assad regime. they can help iran. they can expand russia's influence all across the middle east, indeed challenging the united states for dominance in the region. not because of syria's weakness or russia's weakness or iran's weakness but because of barack obama's weakness. >> well, how can you explain, then, ambassador, what the president told us that it's putin who's weak and in a corner by doing this? >> because i think he's living in a parallel universe. it's been the president's policy
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for a year now to say we wanted to degrade and ultimately destroy isis but we've taken no effective action to that end. the president talks about a coalition basically of the entire world, which is embarrassing to say the least. but the fact is there's no real effective coalition led by the united states going after isis. and until that happens, isis will simply continue to consolidate its territory. look, putin is happy to focus russia's initial air attacks on non-isis targets, anti-assad but non-isis targets, because it reduces the pressure on assad. that's what russia is primarily concerned about in the near term. >> what do we do? it sounds like actually you're agreeing with president assad in an interview quoted in the ap. let me read you what assad says. quote, what is for certain is that the western officials are lost, lack clarity of vision, and are feeling the failure of their plots towards syria. now the western governments are paying the price of their failed
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policy in syria because terrorism has been exploited to them as well as a huge influx of refugees. do you agree? how could we have prevented this? >> proving that even a stop clock is twice a day. i think assad understands that the president's confusion, his inability or unwillingness to act against assad over time coupled with his unwillingness to do anything effective about isis is what is creating this vacuum, this lack of outside influence that russia is now attempting to exploit. and not just in the syria/iraq context but i think more broadly across the middle east. so it's no wonder that assad and the russians are feeling up it these days because they've taken advantage of this vacuum and they are filling it. >> and finally, what should we do? no fly zones? hillary clinton is for that. humanitarian corridors? should we bomb assad's helicopters so they can't drop the barrel bombs or is it too late? now that russian war planes are flying in the skies?
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>> i think our policy is so hopelessly misguided that the best i think we can hope for is that the president goes to sleep for 16 months until we get effective leadership in the white house. the problem really stems from the president's determination to do this nuclear deal with iran and his failure to recognize that what has propped assad up through thick and thin these last four years has been the support of iran, directly and indirectly, through the terrorist group hezbollah. and his willingness to take iran on is what's caused this dilemma for him had and the world as a whole with the tragedy ongoing in syria. >> and there's an overwell ming humanitarian catastrophe. thank you, mr. bolton. >> thank you. investigations continuing into the deadly bombing of the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz killing at least 19 people including 12 of the
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group's staffers. doctors without borders blames the u.s. air strike while afghan officials say helicopter gunships returned fire from taliban insurgents hiding in the hospital. conor powell has the latest from our mideast bureau. what's the truth here, conor? >> reporter: the u.s. military says they've opened an investigation into the attack on the doctors without borders hospital, an attack that some are calling a war crime. now nearly two dozen people were killed, including ten patients, several which were burned alive in their own beds and 12 hospital staff. there are no reports of any taliban fighters among the dead at the hospital. that's a really key point. the pentagon says u.s. and afghan troops came under heavy fire in the vicinity of the hospital and coalition forces responded. but representatives of doctors without borders say there were no taliban fighters inside their building or in their compound and that it was a completely calm and normal night until coalition air strikes began
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about 2:00 in the morning. now, doctors without borders said they were hit at least four times throughout the night over several hours, even after they called the u.s. military to tell them what was going on. the issue of civilian casualties has really been a hot button issue for the u.s. during the last decade in afghanistan. protecting civilians has been really the key objective for the u.s. coalition there for the last four, five years now. in the past, the rules of engagement there had really prohibited u.s. forces from firing at buildings unless they knew there were no civilians inside, which is almost impossible to know, or unless u.s. and coalition troops were under a sort of imminent threat of this attack. i'm told the rules of engagement haven't changed d there in afghanistan so it's clear this investigation is going to probably come back with somebody either screwing up or information not being passed to the right people. either way, it is a really deadly and tragic incident that u.s. officials haven't apologized for but have xentded
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their condolences to both the doctors without borders and also to the afghans that were there. >> definitely an unfortunate situation there. conor powell, thanks for the update. we are learning more about that horrible shooting rampage at the oregon community college last week. it's the latest mass shooting. it claimed the lives of nine people. and now some of the survivors of that attack are speaking out about just what went on during those terrifying moments they endured. will carr is live in roseburg, oregon, with the very latest and their stories. hi, will. >> reporter: for years, roseburg's been known for being in the timber industry, but that's really struggled in recent years so many people have gone gacback to class to try to reinvent themselves. that's what so many were doing here thursday at umpqua community college when nine people were gunned down. those nine all innocent lives
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cut down thursday. two still in the hospital as well. over the past couple of nights we've seen a number of prayer vigils, number of services, all in honor of the victims. >> our community has just been torn apart. >> it's just hard to process the whole thing. i'm still in disbelief. >> witnesses say 26-year-old chris harper mercer told the class he had been waiting to do this for years. he gave one student an envelope, told him to go in the corner, said he would let him live to tell the story. then proceeded to ask if students were christian and unloaded on the classroom. as for the motive, he posted online recently he had frustrations about not having a
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girl dprend, that he felt alien ated from the world. his mom posted online that her son had struggled with as burger's syndrome. as to what led him here, that's continuing with the investigation. the school reopens tomorrow, though classes are canceled for the near future. and, as you've heard, the gun debates going on here in roseburg as well as all across the country. mercer's father coming out and saying that he thinks there needs to be more gun laws because he doesn't understand how his son was able to get so many guns. he brought six here to the campus, had seven others at his apartment. the father, though, hadn't seen his son in the past two years. but people here on the ground, the first woman i spoke to, said she hopes they don't take guns away from the good people. >> will, thank you so much. will he or won't he? that seems to be the question of the moment. concerning a possible joe biden white house run. and as the vice president steps up the tempo of campaign-like
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appearances, how hillary clinton is reacting and just what does all this mean for the democratic deba debate? earlier this morning, catholic in our nation's capital, they're praying for the supreme court. coming up, we'll tell you why. s capital, they're praying for the supreme court. coming up, we'll tell you why.
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catholics in our nation's capital praying for the united states supreme court this morning. it's the 63rd annual red mass in washington. it marks the beginning of the high court's new term. prayer mighti be a good thing because the justices have a lot of work to do, beginning tomorrow the first monday in october. including the fate of public sector unions, affirmative action in higher education, and even possibly the first major abortion case since 2007. we are just days away from the first democratic primary debate. and while joe biden may not attend, he could still be running for president. the current vice president is said to still be deliberating his answer to come as early as this week. meanwhile, supporters in several democratic fund-raisers are waiting with beated breath,
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waiting in case the veep says yes. but time may not be on his side as several ballot deadlines approach. lets's talk about daniel halpert. lots of talk. the question to you, will vp biden run possibly announcing this week? and if so, how quickly will the money flow into his campaign coffer and how quickly will potential voters flock to camp biden? >> this is washington's favorite parlor game right now, trying to determine whether or not the vice president will in fact run for the presidency. here's what i think he's probably thinking. the top front-runner hillary clinton is under fbi investigation, the person in second place is a 74-year-old socialist from vermont. that leave a's wide opening for a credible serious candidate to come into the race. that's why i think he will ultimately run for president. i think the path is too good for him to opt out. obviously there's a lot of challenges he would have to raise a lot of money. hillary clinton has a huge
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head-start in building a campaign infrastructure and she has very structural advantages. but it's not unattainable and not something that can't be done. ultimately i think he does decide to do it. whether or not he wins is a completely different story. >> now, with biden in, does that mean an automatic toppling of hillary clinton or would this be a dog fight? >> oh, i think it would be a massive dog fight. a brawl basically. look, you have the vice president and you have the former secretary of state both serving the same administration. it would be in their interest to push negative narrative about their candidates. that's how campaigns tend to work. so imagine hillary clinton saying, well, the vice president didn't do a very good job serving barack obama and you have somebody from the white house, joe biden, saying, the secretary of state didn't do a very good job of serving the president. and you have an interadministration brawl of the sorts we've never really seen. i don't think we've seen two people from the same
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administration run against each other in such a high-profile way. it would create a really crazy dynamic, i which i think would be fascinating to watch for political observers like ourselves. it's something i really look forward to. it would be a huge -- i'm also not really sure it would be good for barack obama's presidency and his legacy. so that haes something that he has to deal with himself. >> let me stay here on point for a second. if you are saying this would be an intramural political brawl, if you will, what would vice president biden's vulnerabilities be? >> well, imagine -- you can imagine different stories that they would try to leak about him not being very up for the job, given different situations who knows of what sorts they have in mind. >> but they have to be careful because if they play on the emotional issue of vice president, of course mourning the loss of his son, that could be dangerous. >> totally. totally. it's a very dangerous high-stakes game. i mean, this would be -- like i said, of the sorts we haven't seen before.
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he doesn't have vulnerabilities. he's run for president twice before in '88 and in 2008. and he has achieved exactly 1% of the vote in iowa in both presidential runs. so he hasn't proven electoral success across a wide margin at being at the top of the ticket. of course he was able to be reelected as vice president under barack obama so he does have vulnerabilities. clearly he has shown that he's not very controllable. he's not a very eloquent speaker. but this debate, this election does seem to favor awe thent tisty. that's why people like bernie sanders and donald trump seem to be doing very well. they appear authentic. joe biden does seem to be a thent ick and that would help him tremendously. >> with biden in the race, how does hillary clinton change her strategy? >> well, i think she doesn't really change her strategy
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ultimately. i think it does make it more of a dog fight. she can't be inevitable. she does have to dig in and actually earn votes, earn de delega delegates, lay out a vision, why do we need her to be the next president of the united states. i don't think she's made a very compelling case where an average american can say, we need hillary clinton because this needs to be done and she can only do it exclusively. i think she needs to continue along those lines. "saturday night live" was great but doesn't -- >> i watched it. it was funny. no endorsement. i was saying that was funny. i laughed. dani daniel halper. >> it's not enough, though. >> of course. we're watching for policy. people want to know who will be the best candidate, look out for them. that's the bottom line, absolutely. we'll keep an eye on this. nice to see you. well, meanwhile, coming up here, you know what's next. sunday housecall with the doctors. we'll take a look at a very serious issue because it's breast cancer awareness month. and we're going to see how the doctors are rethinking not
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our doctors but doctors across the board are rethinking the way that they treat this terrible disease. retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there.
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join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. hello. welcome to "sunday housecall." >> joining us is dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology and chief of robotic surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel professor of medicine who is also the author of "the inner pulse: unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." doctors? >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> we are going to begin today with breast cancer. october is breast cancer awareness month t. is a disease that touches 200,000 families each year. dr. samadi, i want to start with you.


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