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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 4, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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there. >> vitamin d. >> get your thyroid checked. your sugar levels checked. sleep when you're supposed to do. decrease stress and exercise. >> excellent. >> thanks. this is a fox news alert. u.s. coast guard now revealing brand-new information in that massive search for a missing cargo ship off the bahamas. welcome. i'm shannon bream. >> i'm leland vittert. the ship vanished thursday as it sailed into the path of hurricane joaquin with 28 americans on board. brian is following the search for us. what do you hear from the coast guard in. >> the u.s. coast guard says they found some items in and around the last location of the missing cargo ship. two life rings have been spotted in the water as well as a life
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jacket and oil sheen and cargo container. the u.s. coast guard, though, tells fox news they cannot confirm yet if they belong to the cargo ship el faro. this comes after last night's discovery of a life ring confirmed to be from el faro found 75 miles northeast of the ship's last known location. the white arrow shows the last known location as hurricane roy keen slammed the area. this is the fourth day of the search, so far the coast guard has covered 30,000 square miles of ocean, but the search conditions have been very challenging thanks to hurricane joaquin. 100-mile-per-hour hurricane force winds, 30 to 40 foot waves, one of the search planes yesterday suffered damage to its interior panels flying near the eye of the storm. today presents the best hope of finding the ship and its 33 crew members. >> if the ship is out there,
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today is our best chance to find it. we are also going to look for any signs of survivors or any signs of the vessel itself. >> the u.s. coast guard remains optimistic about finding the ship and survivors and so does el faro's operator. releasing a statement saying, quote, while this reflects that the ship was caught in rough seas and extreme weather, it is in no way indicative of the ship's fate. small items such as life rings and life jackets are lost at sea frequently, particularly in rough weather. the ship left jacksonville, florida, tuesday, en route to san juan, puerto rico. but at approximately 7:20 a.m. on thursday, distress call on board indicated that the ship had lost power and had taken on water at the height of hurricane joaquin. it was listing 15 degrees to one side. but the call said all the flooding had been contained. we will continue to monitor the search efforts and bring you
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updates when we have them. more items found and we'll wait for the confirmation if they belong to el faro. >> once the coast guard cutters get on the ground and figure out what the items are. bryan, thank you so much. shannon has more. for the latest on the weather conditions, let's go to meteorologist janice dean. she's tracking it all. >> the good news is that conditions are becoming more favorable in and around the bahamas area. this is hurricane joaquin, category 2, this time yesterday this was almost a category 5 storm. conditions were extremely rough in and around the bahamas, really over the past couple of days. but as we look at the forecast radar through monday, we'll see some passing showers through the area, but the wind gusts will be low, which is great news. you can see 15 to 20 miles per hour here. and then the wave height has
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decreased substantially over the last couple of days. so good news is for people who are searching the area, the weather conditions have improved immensely over the last couple of days. back to you, shannon. >> all right, janice, the other big story here in the continental u.s., millions of americans dealing with flooding, high winds, all along the eastern seaboard. what can you tell us about that situation? >> the situation across south carolina is dire right now. we have epic flooding, people are urged in the state of south carolina to stay where they are. not to travel. the pictures that are coming out of columbia, south carolina, most of that city is underwater now. it is incredible. it is so dangerous and you can see the pictures on your screen right now, unfortunately the situation is going to continue throughout the day today. and in through monday as we see abundant moisture in this area, courtesy of the hurricane. we have the winds surrounding
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the hurricane as well as an area of low pressure. and all of that is being funneled into the bull's eye of south carolina. we have seen measurements of 18 to 24 inches of rainfall in this area in just a matter of days. and you can see the forecast radar still looking at this bull's eye of heavy rain across the carolinas, and that's going to continue. this is the potential rainfall on top of the historic rain that we have seen in some cases an additional 8 to 12 inches, so, again, this is a big emergency in the state of south carolina, the pictures are incredible. the damage is going to be unfortunately, you know, widespread through this area. and you can see it is like a fire hose of water just completely streaming into south carolina and, again, that's going to continue for the next 12 to 18 hours, the flood advisories for much of the state of south carolina, columbia, charleston, georgetown, it is
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unfortunately such a life threatening situation, shannon, i can't stress that enough. i'm hoping people that live in this area are being told to stay indoors and you cannot travel in this weather. back to you. >> we always see this, with all the storms that we have covered. i'm sure you have. that people try to venture out and think they can make it and that's when it turns tragic. sounds like not an option. >> it is not. for the whole state of south carolina. >> janice, thank you very much. >> okay. be sure to tune in tonight to justice with judge janine, all the very latest on what we know about the missing cargo ship and all the catastrophic floods on the east coast as well. high school band competition has been canceled in north carolina but it is not because of the bad weather that janice is talking about. more than two dozen high school students were hurt, one is now suffering potentially life threatening injuries when a concrete awning collapsed on to them.
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the students were standing under a walkway roof when a box truck backed into a support beam and that brought the canopy crashing down on them. >> i got out of the way. a couple of my friends got hid in the head, weren't bleeding too bad. i was able to help them out, make sure they got the attention they needed. >> the band sxe ticompetition w being held at the high school in the town of olin, north of charlotte, north carolina. today, here, i am announcing my intention to run for speaker of the house of representatives. >> congressman jason chaffetz making a bid. mike mccarthy is considered the top contender for boehner's job but may not have enough votes. congressman king is joining us
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now. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> so i got to mention something this is what you're quoted as saying on cnn earlier, saying of boehner's retirement and departure, it signals the crazies have taken over the party. what do you mean? >> what i mean by that, as far as i know this is unprecedented that in the middle of a speaker's term, constitutional officer, you could have maybe one fifth or one sixth of the party, 35, 40 members, ask that the speaker step aside and that happens. this has never happened before unless there was corruption or some illegality. we are not a european parliam t parliament. this is a dangerous pathway we're going down and the 35 people who are asking for this, no real concrete objections. they want different committee assignments or different issues being pushed. that is not a reason to remove or ask to remove a constitutional officer. it is very dangerous precedent being set by all of us. >> what do you say to those who
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are disappointed in the house and the senate saying they went out and voted for republicans, expected things to be different. they know certain thins will go to the president's desk and be vetoed, but they want to see republicans stand up, and push those things forward. they have been disappointed in republican leadership in the house and the senate, feeling like they haven't delivered on their campaign promises. >> in the house of representatives, we repealed obama care more than 40 times. the tax -- the spending increases have been decreased dramatically. the percentage of spending part of gdp has gone down. these are significant increases, but the fact is elections have consequences. the president of the united states is a democrat. anyone who is saying you can repeal obama care when president obama is the president or shut down the government, because of planned parenthood, i'm 100%
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pro-life. i have campaigns run against me, i stood up for pro-life, but 71% of the american people say you don't shut down the government because of planned parenthood. just like two years ago it was wrong those who followed ted cruz in shutting down the government to repeal obama care. we're not a banana republic, dwoe we don't change leaders from month to month. true conservatives believe in stability and working within the system to make the change. >> okay, so we have majority leader mccarthy in, chaffetz and dan webster. here is what he says about why he thinks he would be the right person to change things as speaker. >> i'm running against a system, a congress that has been operated by power for many years. if we don't break that, it won't
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matter. it will always be the same. if we can replace it with principle, then the public i know will take notice. principle and power cannot c co-exist. >> what do you say to those who believe that mccarthy will be more of the same and that's not the best thing for the house or the country? >> who is saying this other than the small minority? john boehner had the support of at least 200 republicans out of 246. that's about 80% he had, almost 58% of republicans supporting john boehner. i don't think 10% or 15% of a party should be bringing down leaders or blackmailing the congress. to say kevin mccarthy and great regard to jason chaffetz, but if kevin or jason gets majority of republican votes in our conference, the way the system has always worked, and the two-party system, not europeans, and we're not benana republic, that you then vote for the
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person who is chosen by your party. can't have splinter groups, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 people saying they'll blackmail the house and not have a speaker of the house unless you go with them. that's the problem i have with jason. if jason is saying he's running because these 40 people support him and no one else, only 40 people determine the fate of 247 people who are elected by the people of the united states. the great majority did not vote for that 40, they voted for the other 217. >> so webster, mccarthy and c f chaffetz, thank you. we want to hear from you at home. who do you think should be the next speaker of the house? tell us why if you can in 140 characters or less a at @shannonbream. we'll try to read some later on in the show. a senior defense official tells fox news the taliban was
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using a hospital as cover and its patients as human shields. when special forces called in air support during a fierce fire fight. the air strike killed at least 22 and now the international medical charity doctors without borders says it is leaving the afghan city of kunduz because the air strike destroyed the group's hospital there. conner powell was following it all. >> that account by the pentagon is being disputed by doctors without borders. that death toll increased to 22 as you said with ten patients being killed in 12 staff members being killed as well during that attack on the hospital in kunduz. the u.s. military opened an investigation into what exactly happened. but already we're getting reports from doctors without borders who say that sometime early in the morning, about 2:00 in the morning, they began taking fire from coalition aircraft. not clear if it was a helicopter or plane, but according to
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doctors without borders, they say there were no taliban in their build ing or compound. and that even when they did call the u.s. military to tell them what was going on, the military continued to fire on the hospital, which has been completely destroyed, forcing doctors without borders to leave kunduz in that area. the issue lab a key point in a hot button issue for the u.s. in the last decade or so in afghanistan. protecting civilian casualties has been the key objective for the u.s. military in afghanistan. in the past, rules of engagement for u.s. troops and coalition troops put an emphasis on protecting civilians meaning that u.s. troops weren't supposed to fire on buildings unless they knew there were no civilians there, unless they were in immediate danger. meaning that unless they were at a meeting in danger, the u.s. and coalition were not supposed to fire on buildings. there was a fear there could always be civilians in the buildings. one key point that doctors without borders is making today
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is that there are no reports of any taliban fighters inside there, in terms of the dead, inside the compound. the u.s. military said in a statement that the soldiers and afghan coalition forces took fire from the vicinity of the hospital, not necessarily inside the hospital that is a key point. but it doesn't explain why the coalition aircraft were firing on the hospital itself. a lot of questions that still need to be answered. >> a lot of questions need to be answered in a u.s. military investigation called the 15-6 has begun and we'll see what comes out of that. in iran, thousands of mourners attended funerals for pilgrims killed in the hajj stampede last month. there were several services for dozens of victim whose remains were flown back yesterday. some mourners shouted death to the royal assad family. the disaster stoked tensions between the with rivals, iran
10:16 am
blames saudi arabia for the stampede. 465 were iranians. can't help put laugh at this one. hey, bartender. hillary clinton sets them up for her double as she takes a shot at showing her warm and fuzzy side. the latest poll shows donald one, but not all good news for the republican front-runner. we'll break down why. the supreme court justices go back to work tomorrow and here is the -- an election year and possible hard feelings. promises to be an exciting term. shannon bream has that coming up.
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the first presidential primary is just four months away. today we got a new look at how voters in iowa and ham hnew hame are feeling about the contenders. kristen fisher has more with the poll numbers. >> hillary clinton has joked about her e-mail issues in the past. but she didn't touch it last night on "saturday night live". she did make fun of donald trump and then she attacked the
10:21 am
character of his campaign on one of the sunday shows. here are the highlights. >> he has been stoking prejudice and paranoia, he's been really appealing to the worst instincts of human nature. i think it is dangerous, his demagoguery is no longer amusing. >> so far trump hasn't commented on either of those appearances. last night trump held another big rally this time in nashville, tennessee. this morning, he made two sunday show appearances. >> right now i love polls because i'm winning everything. if that changed and that went in a different direction, and if i thought that i wasn't going to win like there are numerous people winning right now, they're not going to win, i would certainly want to get out. i'm not a masochist. >> the latest polls show donald trump on top. his lead is shrinking in two key states. according to a new poll out just this morning, trump dropped five points in iowa since september.
10:22 am
ben carson down three points. carly fiorina and jeb bush are up. in new hampshire, trump's drop is bigger, he lost seven points. ben carson gained ten points. on the democratic side, not too much has changed. hillary clinton holds on to her lead in iowa. bernie sanders is beating her by nine points. if you add joe biden to the list, it may be one reason why clinton didn't touch any jobs about bernie sanders or joe biden. >> thank you very much for that. what are the polls that kristen was talking about really mean. what better to weigh in, doug thornle at skd nickerbooker. and ian pryor for american cross. thank you for being here. doug, we saw a couple of weeks ago this discussion by the clinton campaign they would
10:23 am
begin to try to make hillary appear more approachable. did "saturday night live" do the trick? >> i think she did a good job. she came across as funny. it was a good skit. had a good stretch of the past couple of days, she won the nea endorsement, good speech at the human rights campaign and kevin mccarthy saying what he said about the benghazi committee will help her when she has to testify before the committee in october. i think she's in a better position now than she was in the beginning of september. >> if you look at the poll numbers, coming out of a place like iowa, it does show you that bernie sanders has risen in new hampshire. he's taken over there. joe biden is jumping in the race, hasn't gotten in yet. things are tight. in this sense, do republicans keep going after hillary as the presumptive nominee or is it time to start looking at a wider range of people to attack on the democratic side. >> i think for right now,
10:24 am
hillary clinton is still believed to be the front-runner and will continue to put pressure on hillary. as doug said, we're talking about unions, just friday, we found out that the firefighters union did not endorse hillary clinton because they're waiting for joe biden. i think that speaks to a larger issue with hillary is there are people out there waiting for a better alternative that is not bernie sanders. you see this in the polls in iowa and new hampshire, where she's leaving double digit support once joe biden gets into the race. we'll have to see. once biden gets in, people have to reassess. >> now simply because we can, we're going to show you how saturday night live dealt with the republicans. >> he would say things that didn't make any sense. things like -- >> come next november, i rick santorum will be president of the united states! >> he wasn't making any sense.
10:25 am
he was muttering kim's in jail and i go got to go get her out jail and i'll be in jail and this will make me president. >> he's been having episodes. >> the gallup poll has me up to 1.2% in iowa. white house, here we come. >> it makes the point, though, that the republicans have more than a dozen candidates still out there running. we saw how donald trump dealt with that on the sunday shows. there are some people who aren't going to win. scott walker, rick perry figured that out on their own. is it time for a few more republicans to say, all right, i'm out, and allow the party to coalesce around a given candidate. >> that's going to happen naturally. is it time? when that time occurs, i think will be the right time. >> the interesting thing in 2012, you saw moments where everyone had their opportunity on the top of the pedestal. and there was a rotation. so if you're a candidate right
10:26 am
now, you're thinking, why should i jump out now. my time might come. >> if it comes right around iowa, look at the polls now as it stands in terms of the republicans, especially when you look at new hampshire. does the fact that donald trump's lead -- this is iowa. trump and carson within five points, plus or minus 4.75 points. does that speak to your point who knows whose time on the -- who doesn't have a chair when the musical chairs ends? >> look at carly fiorina. a month ago we weren't talking about her. on the second debate on your network and she did a great job, got on to the first debate and then now she's surging. so you never know when you have that opportunity. you got to be prepared to take advantage of it. >> you need to look at some of the other candidates. look at marco rubio in new hampshire. he's up at 10%. had two great debates. looks like what rubio is doing is like a race car driver drafting behind three or four
10:27 am
front-runners. he's waiting for -- >> front-runner, hold your ammo and then move forward. >> look forward to in the next couple of months and see where he goes in new hampshire. >> some sort is strong. it is skinconsistent. he's been around 20, 24 points. >> we'll see how long they believe and when they go to the caucuses or polls coming up. doug and ian, thank you. still to come, we break down the supreme court as it returns to work tomorrow. the justices are expected to take on several highly watched and politically charged cases this session. shannon will break it down with her legal panel. plus, south carolina is under a state of emergency. and you can see why there on the radar as residents try to stay afloat in what has become record-setting and potentially deadly rain. >> help people get through these next two days.
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i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. new information from the coast guard on their massive search for the missing cargo ship el faro. rescuers spotted shipping containers, life jackets and oil slick in the search area off the bahamas. but they have not been able to confirm the items are from the missing ship. they say they have to get there on the surface to figure that out. the company that owns the el faro says they are hopeful they will be found. meanwhile, that hurricane is churning away from the east coast and toward bermuda. but that is little consolation for millions of americans as a slow moving storm is drenching eastern seaboard. you can see the rain and what they're now calling epic flooding that has washed away
10:33 am
bridges and some homes. at least five people have died. people police in south carolina say they performed mon more tha swift water rescues. heavy rains and flash flooding have killed at least 16 people on the french riviera. many residents were caught off guard by a sudden downpour. you can see the result. some victims were trapped in cars at a campsite and also some other folks at a retirement home. in southern china, a strong typhoon is moving inland after roaring ashore. tens of thousands of people have been evacuated ahead of the storm. at least one person has died. as of now, 30 fishermen are missing on the high seas. the supreme court kicks off a new term full of more controversial cases. let's talk about it with carrie severino and elizabeth widerick.
10:34 am
great to see you both. the end of the term, there were some nasty back and forth. maybe cooled off a bit over the summertime. let's talk about some of the cases already on the docket we know they'll see. again, affirmative action and higher education, you don't think we have done this a few times before. >> this exact case, the court said we mean it, you have to get strict scrutiny. the constitution doesn't require a state -- the university of texas is trying to bring into thedmissions process. they sent it back in the fifth circuit, rubber stamped it, maybe more clarity from the court as to how that is supposed to look because it clearly still happening in a lot of cases. >> it is tricky because higher education institutions want to be able to use certain criteria to make a certain student body. how they go about that, it feels
10:35 am
like we need -- we have gotten guidance from the supreme court, but people say it is time for clear cut guidance. >> the university of texas is a wholistic process to try to achieve diversity in its classes. they use race and ethnicity as a factor of a factor of a factor. but i think it will be interesting to see what happens because last term we saw justice kennedy leave the court. this time when the court considers the constitution permits the use of race or ethnicity in a sensitive manner if achieving diversity, i hope an equal opportunity for education for all to overcome a fair shot. >> do we think it is 5-4? >> justice kagan may be recused so we may be looking at 4-4.
10:36 am
>> another case in education, but about unions. this has to deal with teachers in california. even if they're not forced to join a union, paying some union fees, whether they want to endorse the message of union or not. >> the supreme court made clear if you're a member of a union or have to be to keep your job, you have a right to -- that portion of your piece is taken out. the problem is in the public employee sector, all of your fees are used for political lobbying. anything to do with hours, wages, terms is lobbying. the petitioners in this case didn't want -- didn't agree with? things. they thought the process was out of control that the state is strapped for money and shouldn't be increasing or maintaining teacher funds and everyone else is getting cut. they thought their money was being put to political views they didn't agree with. the court has been pushing back on the issues in the past,
10:37 am
talking about the importance of government employees, first amendment rights, they probably will do the same thing in this case. >> critically important case for unions. >> yeah, even justice scalia and kennedy recognized that because unions are required to represent everyone in the workplace, members and nonmembers alike, it makes sense to have the fair share fees that cover the bargaining that unions do that benefit everyone, better working conditions, fairer wages, and so this novel first amendment theory could undermine the ability of hard working americans to come together and work together for better workplace conditions. >> we're just about out of time. in one sentence what is the case you're looking for that the court may take because they're still waiting to see how they fill out the rest of the term. >> find out whether -- forced to provide contraception to their employees, they'll be given an exemption, like houses of worship are. >> in part, elizabeth, what are you watching for?
10:38 am
>> texas versus u.s. a challenge to the president's initiative to defer action for parents of american citizens, and this is a hot political topic, but when it comes to the supreme court, it should be pretty easy for them. the conservatives on the court have also joined the liberals to say this sort of discretion, used by presidents of both parties, is something that is constitutionally granted the president through executive authority to decide hey it makes more sense to focus on those who man a security risk. >> executive action and immigration all tied up in that case. i'll see you there tomorrow. thank you, both. still ahead, a massive search is under way now for hundreds of people missing in a mudslide. we'll bring in the very latest on the hunt for survivors there. russia launches air strikes in syria, but not hitting many isis targets. instead, it seems putin set his sights on rebels battling assad.
10:39 am
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10:44 am
russia, of course, claims it is targeting isis, but world leaders and facts on the ground say it is just an act so the russians can bomb rebels trying to kick their ally out of office. for some perspective, let's bring in our panel, zeb. he this used to be a sensitive play, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. things seems have gotten more complicated. >> yeah. it is now the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. and we're also not quite sure who our friends are anymore, at least not as much as we once were. in the old days, the assad family was in control in syria. the saddam hussein family was in control in iraq. and everything was easy to
10:45 am
figure out. these days it is not easy to figure out. frankly, the u.s. government is not very easy to figure out either. >> how is this making israel feel? are they feeling more isolated and alone or how is this playing out? >> you know, i don't know that israel feels isolated. the other day, prime minister netanyahu went to moscow and met with vladimir putin, israel has pretty good relations these days with russia and does not want to -- doesn't want to get into the middle of this. israel tried throughout the syrian civil war to stay out of it as much as possible. we, after all, have a common border with syria. as far as the united states is concerned, and the western world, i think everybody here is looking on in wonder at the sort of extreme incompetence and confusion of the administration. >> you call it extreme incompetence and confusion.
10:46 am
strickly speaking, we don't have a syria policy when i asked what the syria policy was. would you agree with that? >> i think not only do we not have a very good syria policy, but the world doesn't understand what the u.s. policy is. even though obama has been articulating for four years that assad should go, the turks are totally with us that assad should go. we have done very little to make that happen. i spent the whole week last week at the u.n. listening to u.n. diplomats, arab diplomats, regional players, and all i could hear over and over again was the reality is, the russians are there, they're going to prop up assad, they're not only challenging u.s. policy with words, they're challenging u.s. policy with military hardware. and the arab diplomats and the regional players are going to
10:47 am
immediately start deferring to the russians as the leader in the region. that is the reality. they have to deal with the reality on the ground. >> the reality on the ground is that the russians are the ones who are willing to use the most force. my experience would tell me they're the ones who everyone defers to. listen to what ambassador ryan crocker had to say about that issue. >> it is a big deal for vladimir putin and for us. what we're seeing is the nature abhorring the vacuum. in the case of iraq and syria, the vacuum we left when we disengaged is being filled by people we really don't like. we may not like them, but are they quickly now -- isgoing to stable or more stable? >> the iranians, the syrians are all now going to be working with
10:48 am
the russians. the next president of the united states is going to have a very long, hard, road for the next 20 years of appealing the russians out of the middle east, especially if after propping up assad, they it turn and defeat isis. imagine if they start bombing isis. >> zev, quickly. >> look, i have no idea what russia is going to do. and i this i nobody else does either. but it is very clear that what happens here is going to be the russian s calling the tune and not the west. >> so far as you point out, the russians haven't listened to what we seem to care about. zev and rick, appreciate your insights. thank you. coming up, floods swamping the east coast, particularly the carolinas and it is far from over. stay with us. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. . just getting word that a 75-mile stretch of is closed now because of all of the flooding in south carolina. authorities are warning people to stay home, stay off the roads. you see this. .
10:53 am
the situation has become very dire. hundreds of people have had to be rescued. it's putting law enforcement personnel in danger as well. they are out there saving folks across the state. here's a live look at the weather radar. you can see the sheer size of the storm. garret is live in myrtle beach. >> reporter: this is the result of rain falling for a week. we're right in the middle of an intersection in north myrtle beach, one of the lowest tidal areas. the lakes are completely full and the rivers are either at or above flood level all across the state. columbia is where we are seeing some of the hardest hit areas today by the constant rain and flooding. evacuations are under way there as well. emergency responders, they have
10:54 am
been sent on more than 200 swift water rescue missions in the last 12 hours alone since last night. those operations are under way, as are the evacuations. across the state, bridges and roadways are also a major concern. that's why the state of emergency operation center is asking folks to stay where they are if they are someplace safe and stay off the roads, if at all possible, because the roads are simply not safe. we have a picture here just outside columbia of some of the roadways. one of the concerns now is the water, the ground is so saturated that it's just not stable to be driving on, washing out roadways, bridges as well. you can see the railing along there. it's been knocked off. it's completely away from the road with the water that is just falling off to the side there. bridges, roadways, those are the concerns moving forward, as well as the potential for landslides. this is ongoing because tonight
10:55 am
and early tomorrow morning, that's when the worst of the rain is going to come. so, sadly, for these folks it's just a hold on and try and make it through type of time. shannon? >> garrett tenney, thank you. stay safe. we'll be right back.
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
who do you think should be the next speaker of the house? jean says, i want to see marsha
10:59 am
blackburn run for speaker of the house. she's a true conservative. and another "chaffetz for speaker!" . >> we'll see what the members of the house have to say about that. more than 500 hot air balloons took flight for the festival fiesta at the park and packed from pilots from 20 different countries and spectators watched them soar up into the sky. it's absolutely gorgeous. it featured a host of festival characters, including balloons made to be like pigs, chickens and there was even one balloon that was the star wars villain dart vader. there's yoda. that i could fly in.
11:00 am
not sure about darth vader. >> i think it would be a lot of fun. my husband doesn't want to get into anything that doesn't have a steering wheel. >> or jump out of a plane that's perfectly good. >> we'll see you next sunday. i'm chris wallace. a big potential shakeup in the speaker of the house. congressman chaffetz says he's seriously considering a run to leave the republican majority. today, he'll announce his decision on "fox news sunday." >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? so we put together a benghazi special committee. her numbers are dropping. i did not intend to imply in any way that that work is political. >> majority leader kevin mccarthy was the front-runner for the job but now he's facing criticism from republicans for his gaffe. we'll discuss the future of the gop in an


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