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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  October 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we'll see you next "fox news sunday." breaking news at this hour. enough water to kill. leaders in south carolina warning everyone to stay indoors right where they are. do not go outside. six people have reportedly died in a massive rainfall that's punishing several states along our east coast at this hour. emergency crews, national guard troops making more than 100 rescues and we're told to expect more to come. some areas could see the rain pound for the next 24 to 48 hours. bridges, highways across south carolina as an example shut down, washed away. businesses, schools set to remain closed as we head into the new work week. and this is the beautiful city of columbia.
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south carolina governor nikki haley says this is something her state has never seen before. >> this is different than a hurricane because it's water and it's slow moving and it's sitting and we can't just take the water out. so as long as it sits, we just need to do the best we can at controlling the environment around it. >> fox team coverage now on what is now considered one of the worst flooding events in our nation's history. senior meteorologist janice dean is standing by in the extreme weather center as we see. let's go first to garrett tenny who's where they've seen some of the worst flooding. garrett. >> reporter: harris, governor nikki haley said her state hasn't seen this much rain in 1,000 years. right now safety is the number one priority. they're asking folks to stay at home and keep off the roads if they can. this is why. right now we're in the middle of a neighborhood. these are streets that cars would normally be driving down. today though, people are getting around on these kayaks.
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we've seen them going up and down the streets from the neighborhoods here and all across the state it's not just the roadways being flooded that officials are worried about, it's also the safety of the roads themselves. officials say that the streets are so saturated that they're simply 234not safe to drive on. the video in columbia with the roads and the rain and the waters. a lot of roadways being completely washed away entirely with massive floods going through that area. you can see in these pictures as well, the roadways, both the ground on the underneath being swept away by this. that is why they are saying keep off the roadways. it's not just roadways, bridges. they're concerned about sinkholes and the growing threat of landslides as this rain continues. tonight going into tomorrow more rain is going to be on the way and that's what they are so concerned about. over the last three days already
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south carolina has received more rain than it typically does in the entire season. harris. >> garrett, thank you. let's bring in senior meteorologist janice dean watching this from the extreme weather center. you saw it was still raining there on garrett. this isn't going to let up for a while. how much rain are they getting? >> in some cases, harris, we've seen totals of over two feet of rain. columbia, south carolina, to put it in perspective usually gets about 45 inches in a year and they have seen half of that in just a matter of 24 to 48 hours. incredible. now you can see this. we've been talking about this fire hose of moisture because we have all of the atmospheric conditions coming together where we have the storm, joaquin out in the atlantic, and we have the area of low pressure off the coast and the winds associated with both of those are funneling all of this moisture into south carolina. south carolina has been the bull's eye and it's not going to
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let up until tuesday. look at some of the rainfall totals, historic we're certain here. over 24 inches boone hall plantation, georgetown close to 20 inches. pinewood, close to 20 inches. you get the picture. and it's not over yet. we still have rain surging into this region. flood advisories have been posted really since yesterday morning all along this area. civil emergency in effect for south carolina. officials are urging people to stay inside. do not venture out. flash flood warnings continue along the coast here. and we've got very gusty winds. so all of this moisture is being moved into the regions with these strong winds. wind gusts 20, 30, close to 40 miles an hour in some cases. there's the forecast radar. it shows you, harris, really not letting up until tuesday evening. so, i mean, this is an historic event. it will go down as one of the worst flooding disasters in u.s.
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history. >> the kind of thing that i know first responders are saying they're witnessing a change in the landscape down in the carolinas. things are washed away they won't put-back together again. >> i'm sure the pictures will be telling. >> we'll come back to you if the news warrants. thank you very much. >> this fox news alert. the search for the 33 people missing on a cargo ship in the bermuda triangle. nearly all of them americans. search and rescue crews reporting they found a second debris field. 225 miles square of styrofoam, wood, cargo, other items. now that's roughly the size of the city of chicago. the company which owns the ship says the container they found earlier appears to be from the ship, and earlier crews found a life ring with the ship's markings, but so far no signs of that cargo ship itself. brian yoenis is here. brian, what more do we know about that debris field?
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>> harris, this is the second debris field found today. day four of the search for the elbarro. the latest debris field spotted by the hc 130 airplane 88 nautical miles northeast of the bahamas. the coast guard describing the debris field as saturated with thousands of pieces of styrofoam, wood, cargo doors, bumpers from a ship and multiple 55 gallon drums. the debris field was so littered it looked like a driving range filled with scattered golf balls. none of the debris we are told looked like random ocean trash. from here today the coast guard spotted a separate tee brings field 75 miles southwest of the ship's last location. included a r two life rings, an oil sheen and a cargo container. the coast guard has not confirmed if any of the recent debris belongs to the ship but the coast guard managed to pull
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one life ring from the water that did belong to the ship. as we speak crews aboard helicopters and coast guard vessels are now at the scene doing what they can to confirm that this debris belongs to the ship, harris. >> wow. we've seen family members gathered who are waiting to hear any word. so hard for them. >> do these debris fields provide any clue as to what may have happened. >> the u.s. coast guard is adamant that these do not definitively prove what happened to the ship but it does validate that they are searching in the right area which really, harris, in the vast expanse of the ocean means everything. they reiterate that this debris could have easily fallen from the ship during the storm. if you look at this satellite loop the white arrow is an approximate last known location of the ship. it's in the middle of hurricane joaquin at the height of a category 4 storm. it left jacksonville en route to
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san wajuan. the ship lost power. it was leaning 15 degrees. it had taken on water but they had contained the flooding. the coast guard plans to continue this search throughout the night weather permitting, harris. >> i have chills because you said right when that was happening joaquin was still a beast churning out there. bryan, thank you very much. for the very latest on the devastating flooding and the missing container, tune in tonight for justice with judge jeanine. now more. the united states and afghan governments are both investigating after a hospital facility was damaged in a bombing. that facility run by the group doctors without borders. at least 22 people are dead. doctors without borders is blaming the u.s. for the strike and says it may be a war crime in their opinion. it's the fifth largest city in afghanistan. , kunduz. if the taliban can control that
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city, it would be the biggest victory since 2001. connor powell has more from the middle east newsroom. connor? >> reporter: harris, doctors without borders disputing the attack on its hospital in kunduz. it left ten patients dead and 12 hospital workers. the pentagon says american and afghan troops came under fire in, quote, the vicinity of the hospital. coalition forces responded. so far there are no reports of taliban fighters among the dead in the hospital. that's a key point. because representatives of doctors without borders say there were no taliban fighters inside their building and it was a completely calm and normal night until coalition airstrikes started. doctors without borders say they were hit at least four times over the course of several hours, even after they called the u.s. military to tell them of the situation. civilian casualties has been a hot button issue protecting
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civilians has been the key objective for the u.s.-led coalition. the incident while under investigation is just the latest in a long line of civilian casual at this mishaps which have eroded afghan support for the u.s. in the last decade. harris. >> thank you. a social media posting about some kind of an attack at a local college in philadelphia area sometime tomorrow. this from the fbi statement now. here's what we know for sure. no specific college or university was identified in that posting. we encourage students, faculty, and employees at area colleges and up verse cities in the philadelphia area to follow the guidance of their campus security officials. the fbi is encouraging the public to report any suspicious activities in their areas in and around those campuses. it's a developing story and as you can tell we don't have much detail as we learn more we'll bring it to you. at a high school now in
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northern california police say they have topped what could have been a shooting on campus there. they arrested four students for an alleged plot to, quote, kill as many as possible. they alerted school officials after over hearing someone talking about it. >> i felt like she was safe but she is scared. she is scared. she said, mom, i don't want to go to school. i'm scared. what do you tell her? you'll be safe? >> there's been so many incidents recently that it's just scary. >> authorities say the students had detailed plans about who to kill and how to do it. and they were in the process of trying to obtain weapons. right now a political clash of the front-runners. republican donald trump, democrat hillary clinton trading jabs on the campaign trail and on tv. plus, who will get the speaker's
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gaf gavel. jason chapin throwing his hat into the house. why chapin is entering the race in his own words. you're watching "the fox report." i'm harris faulkner. and start planning your own. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly
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join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. i'm just so darned bummed. all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, uh, you're all losers? >> her campaign put out the word to show hillary clinton's lighter side. that was her on "saturday night live" just last night. is it working? she's still the front-runner for the democratic presidential nomination but she's been sliding in the polls. kristen fisher live with the news tonight. kristen, where do the democrats stand in iowa and new hampshire? >> harris, the latest poll out just this morning doesn't show too much of a change. clinton still leads in iowa. bernie sanders still ahead in new hampshire. watch what happens when you add
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joe biden. sanders lead grows to 14 points. he's 9 points ahead, 48-39. listen to how clinton responded on one of the sunday shows if she could lose new hampshire or iowa and still win the nomination? >> well, that certainly has been the case in the past, but i'm not going to lose. i'm going to really work as hard as i can to make the case first in the iowa caucus, then in the new hampshire primary. >> there's nine days until that first democratic debate and we still don't know if the vice president will be there. harris? >> meanwhile on the gop side? >> reporter: well, trump still on top but his lead is shrinking. according to the same nbc/wall street journal poll trump is beating carson. and in new hampshire he's ahead and he's dropped 17 points. his opponents are up. carly fiorina has jumped 10 points to 16%. jeb bush up by 3, marco rubio by
4:17 pm
7. trump didn't let the latest numbers phase him on the sunday shows. >> right now i love polls because i'm winning everything. if that changed and that went in a different direction and if i thought that i wasn't going to win like there are numerous people running right now that are not going to win, okay, i would certainly want to get out. i'm not a masochist. >> reporter: and that latest poll also shows ben carson down a point in new hampshire, three points in iowa. here you have two of the political outsiders, carson and trump, both showing signs of slipping in the important early states. >> trump still on top. thank you very much, kristen. utah congressman jason chafitz announcing his run for speaker of the house. word a short time ago, republicans are pushing to delay the vote to choose a new speaker. that's the report. first to chafitz who say americans expect a fight and he's ready to challenge senior republicans for the job. >> i think the american public
4:18 pm
wants to see a change. they want a fresh start. there's a reason why we see this phenomenon across the country and you don't just give an automatic promotion to the existing leadership team. >> chaffetz says majority leader kevin mccarthy does not have the support to win. florida congressman daniel webster is making a bid for house speaker. a house vote is scheduled for thursday. reports that may change. we'll keep you posted on it. more executives should have gone to jail for causing the great recession. that from then chairman of the fed reserve ben bernanke. bernanke said the government concentrated on indicting or threatening to indict firms. it would have been my preference to investigate individual actions because obviously everything that went wrong or that was done illegal was done by some individual and not some abstract firm.
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he ran the central bank from '06 to '14. a championship golfer launched his own personal protest against the pga by declining an induction into the hall of fame. can you think of any other instance in which an athlete turned down the hall of fame? plus, a little french bulldog protecting his human family. you go, boy. going berserk on some bears. you've got to watch the rest of this. stay with us. look like this.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. tom watson recently declined to be inducted into the pga. part of the statement, quote, while i was very flattered by pga president darryn sprague inducting me, i could not accept in good conscious how they fired ted bishop. joining me by phone is sportscaster and fox news contributor jim gray. he's not by phone because i can see him. jim, it sounds like tom watson has a problem with the political correctness in the pga. that's what i'm reading.
4:24 pm
>> well, i think it's just atrocious that they fired ted bishop. this went on just about a year ago. they fired him because he got into a twitter spat with ian pulp, a european player. he responded by saying to polter in effect, don't be a little girl. well, immediately all of the sexist police were on him saying it was wrong. bishop apologized immediately but the pga of america where he was going to retire one month later fired him and wouldn't accept his apology. now tom watson is turning him down. tom watson is already in the world hall of fame. i guess he figures pga of america, they need him more than he needs them. this is a principal oriented man. >> this isn't going to get his friend's job back, right? >> absolutely not. you have to understand tom watson. he's always been a man of high
4:25 pm
integrity and character. go back, harris, to 1990. he resigned his membership at kansas city country club in kansas city because jews were not allowed to join and he had put up for membership henry block of h&r block and he was a jewish man. he did not get in. at that time tom watson's wife was jewish. you're not going to have a master's and british open champion if you're not going to allow my friend in who's jewish. he's to be admired. >> i remember that. i lived in kansas city shortly after that. real quickly. we put our brain room on this. we couldn't find anybody else in sports who had walked away from a hall of fame. are we right on that? what do you know? >> i can't find anybody either. i'm sure somebody will let us know if there has been one. i believe that possibly the rolling stones didn't show up for the hall of fame for rock and roll in cleveland. i don't know that they didn't accept the honor. it's very, very, very rare.
4:26 pm
the pga of america has left the door open to him saying he's a great champion. perhaps with time this will h l heal. >> jim gray, always good to see you. >> political correctness in the cross hairs. >> that's why donald trump and all these people are rising, because they say what's on their mind. >> thank you. >> you're tom watson. he has a good reason. >> we have the political insiders coming up. we might have to include you, my friend. >> no, i'll stick to sports, harris. >> okay. well, a small dog stepped up in a very big way when some bears wandered into the backyard. you know it's a problem, a major problem in monrovia, california. the homeowner said he got the french bulldog to help out and did he. >> they're in her yard and there are children here and she doesn't want that. just 20 pounds of fury and it's just -- she's 20 pounds of heart. >> i love it. it really is not the dog in the
4:27 pm
fight, it's the fight in the -- yeah, you know. the owner says some of his neighbors may be attracting the bears. says one of them even leaves out meatloaf for the animals. that dog has it handled big time. some big shifts in the political race for the presidency according to new polling. a fellow political outsider is closing in on donald trump. fox news insiders are getting micced up. we know you like to rock two screens at once, your tv and your mobile device. while you're watching us on tv fire us up on fox news social media. our pages, facebook and twitter. stay close. to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us, a search for a cargo ship in the bottom of the bermuda triangle has turned up a debris field. wood, cargo, styrofoam. thousands of pieces. 225 square miles of this stuff. that's the size of the city of chicago. containers, life vests and an oil sheen near where it vanished on thursday. this comes one day after a life ring turned up from the ship they feel because it had the ship's markings. pulled that from the water. but there has been no actual sign of the ship. 33 people on board. crew members, 28 of them americans. and historic rainfall is slamming south carolina for two days now. bringing dangerous flooding to the state.
4:32 pm
here's jonathan serri reporting from the scene. >> reporter: the city of columbia is on a boil water advisory because the fresh water reservoir is over flowing. you can follow the flow of the water. it's going past the electric plant into the broad river which merges with the river to form the congarene river which will carry more flood waters downstream. this is the gervais street bridge. it's closed to traffic right now. >> and the rain/flood waters have killed at least six people in several states. new polling in the key state of new hampshire is signaling some big shifts in the race for the white house in 2016. donald trump with 20% of the votes if it were held today. carly fiorina just five points behind that with 16%. senator marco rubio and dr. ben carson tied with 10% each. on the democratic side now, senator bernie sanders leading
4:33 pm
with 48%. new hampshire is right next door to his home state, vermont. hillary clinton trailing with 39%. that's a big gap. the fox news political insiders are here. you can join us on facebook and twitter. i know you are aware they are getting some rain down there in south carolina so our prayers to all of those there. doug schone, former pollster and a fox news contributor. john laboutierre for new york. let's start with donald trump still leading the pack. >> yeah, i think trump has been watching political insiders because he unveiled a tax plan last week which he now talks about in interviews and on the stump. it's what a candidate needs to do. he needs to move a little bit now into more substance and it will solidify his lead as the front-runner, which he still is ien thou even though the media's trying to say, ah, he's losing support. >> all three of you have said
4:34 pm
this. when you sit out front for a while you're going to have some ebbs and flows because people are gunning for you. it's doing what i've heard you say for hillary clinton to do, through the e-mail scan, stick on point to your plan. >> oh, boy, is that true. he made it clear on syria that he does not want and will send back any refugees. whether you agree or disagree, he's been clear and una.mbiguou. i think the other thing we've commented about remains the case. the new hampshire numbers ferret out. the outsider candidates are getting at least 45 to 50% of the votes. there still is an insider primary and there's nobody who's emerged. there's been some evidence that marco rubio's moving up but it's very, very small right now the outsiders continue to dominate given fiorina and trump who's in the lead of course. >> all right. pat, could we talk about kind of the penal that -- people that we
4:35 pm
thought might be different. jeb bush. he came up a tiny bit in the poll but he's still struggling. why do you think that is? >> he is spending more money than everybody combined. i mean, millions now trying to push himself up. we're going to find out whether tv works. the other candidates have not. rubio has always believed he's been the dark horse. meanwhile, as doug says, the insiders primaries goes on and dominates. what i find interesting despite writing for the washington post chief political reporter, those all three don't matter. back to the insiders is that what was what we will see for hillary, with a minor not to be made much of two point drop for bernie sanders in new hampshire, trump isn't the end of the world. they never figured him out. they are desperate to grapple
4:36 pm
for any sign. even if trump were to go, we would get another outsider. >> colleen whitman writes on twitter, who is trump's biggest threat. rubio or fiorina. what are your thoughts? >> fiorina. she's the hottest one since the second debate. she did well in the debate. i think that mr. trump needs to watch what she did in that debate and try to do the same thing. in other words, a little more rehearsed, a little more less spontaneity, less vective, more meat on the bones. not tap into the anger that everybody is a stupid i idiot in washington. let's show how smart you are by telling us specifically what you're going to do. >> he got very detailed on the tax plan. >> he did. and doug said on syria. there's more. how about health care? what are we going to do about that? >> randy writes on twitter as well, what ticket did democrats
4:37 pm
fear the most of showing trump/kars son, cruise/rubio. what are your thoughts? >> i think this point given that trump is not polling that well as a general election candidate, the democrats are probably less worried about trump probably the ticket that they worry about most would be rubio/kasich though i think we have made it very clear and i think the voters more important to us to make it clear there has to be an outsider on the ticket. the republican brand is patent, jonathan's saying, is really compromised far weaker than the "wall street journal poll." and what outsiders do is revive, resuscitate and give new life and meaning to a brand that's pretty tired. >> 25 positive, 37 negative for the gop. terrible numbers. >> jason chaffetz who has put
4:38 pm
his hat in the ring for speaker of the house running against kevin mccarthy. one of the things he says he's bringing is that outsider perspective to the speaker of the house job. >> let me tell you, this fight that is now becoming apparent is going to come this week. this is a huge issue in everything that we've talked about tonight. >> why is it so important, the house speaker at this point? they've pushed against john boehner. they didn't feel like he fought hard enough for some of the things that people say that they wanted to fight for. >> because he is the top republican on capitol hill. mccarthy's debut was an unmitigated disaster for the republican image and it's the only good day in a year that hillary clinton has had because this guy stupidly handed her a get out of jail card for the benghazi hearings at the end of
4:39 pm
october. >> do you really think it's that serious, pat? it's one of the worst political mistakes in my lifetime. >> oh, my goodness. >> just back with this. i think he should be disqualified just for that. if you can't figure out giving her -- telling people our partisan hearing is what's really doing this when tre has worked so hard and gotten such credibility. then to allow her to back up her argument about it in the media that this is a right wing republican plot going on on benghazi. if they elect him they all ought to be shot. >> oh, my goodness. i know you mean figuretivelily. politically. >> figuretivelily, yes. >> but he did go on to clarify his remarks. doug, i want to get your -- >> they didn't do a very good job on that. >> we get your drift, pat. doug, jason chaffetz, there might be others that put their hat in the ring.
4:40 pm
possibly the vote for thursday will be pushed back. your quick thoughts? >> well, time is on the side of the opponents of kevin mccarthy. i agree with them that it was a big, big mistake. you've mentioned hillary clinton. what the numbers are now showing is that joe biden causes her real problems dividing her vote. weakening her in iowa, new hampshire. so that story is yit to be written, too, harris. both are in play. >> we're in play, too, because we're coming right back. next we turn to foreign policy. russia calling for the west's cooperation in syria. calling for our cooperation, us. us. that could be a tall order. as many say russia is propping up syria's president. the fox news political insiders are coming back. remember, we love it when you tune in and chime in. seems liked block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes!
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syria's controversial president, bashar al assad, say they must succeed or the whole region will be destroyed. russia is stepping up the presence in the region. it claims to fight the terrorists. they say he's there to help the president. >> mr. putin had to go in to syria not out of strength, out of weakness, because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling and it was insufficient for him to send them arms and money. now he's got to put in his own planes and his own pilots. >> pat codell said his head almost popped off when he heard that. >> it was amazing. this man lives in his own fantasy world which he spins a
4:45 pm
narrative that is truly terrifying. any person with common sense and rationale. the russians taking over the middle east. they're driving the bus. he met with putin in new york and putin turned right around after he warned putin, putin turned around and started airstriking against whatever moderate troops are there. we have so screwed syria with any deal. but the iranians are moving in there. once again, the president who has -- on iran who is just an amazing stuff with this treaty is allowing the iranians to send troops into syria to help the russians. we are nowhere to be found. we are -- he is a joke internationally. >> by amazing you mean not amazing. >> the press covers him up. >> there's more than just syria. the last thing you would ever call vladimir putin is weak.
4:46 pm
he's in egypt. the russians are there and he says this time we are not leaving. who was in moscow ten days ago? our best ally, the leader of israel. used to be our best ally. beebe netanyahu goes up and meets with putin in moscow. everywhere where obama has alienated our allies, putin has moved in. >> were you shocked to see that? >> dmo, when you think about what's happened, why wouldn't netanyahu stick it to obama by meeting with putin. netanyahu's election, the opponent was defended by obama. he came in and put his campaign aides in there. what do you think he's going to do. >> pam freeman writes, what do the insiders think a conversation between obama and po
4:47 pm
putin consisted of? >> silence. >> i think they went back and forth with talking points. after the conversation as pat and john have pointed out, putin moved forward with real action. just now we've seen press reports suggesting that it's been a complete failure to try to train the moderate opposition. just yesterday tragically we apparently bombed a hospital in afghanistan, killed 19 innocent people underscoring the failure of our strategy there. the iraq strategy is failing. the yemen strategy is failing. putin is acting. russia's winning, we're losing. we're weak, they're strong. it's that simple. >> ambassador bolton told me what we should have done was go in and do airstrikes that very day against isis. >> even if we had, this isn't isis. he is really there bombing the anti-assad people.
4:48 pm
>> wouldn't that have shown we were hitting isis and they weren't? >> none that have will do any good. isis can survive these airstrikes. somebody has to go on the ground and fight the bastards on the ground and nobody including the arabs want to do it. >> pat, i want to come back to you on what the solution really is because whether it's president obama or the can gets kicked down the road for a while, the next person has to dealing with this, too. we're going to have to deal with something in syria. is this like in afghanistan where the russians leave and we go in after. what's the future? >> let me say that i don't think syria is a place we're going to be doing very well with arabs on the ground who are willing to fight. but, you know, the russians are there. they've got them. they're going to save their client. they're going to help him preserve. we are being out flanked as doug suggested and john. the ultimate insult, can you imagine a russian three star
4:49 pm
general shows up with an -- an hour before in our embassy in iraq and says, you have an hour to get out of the air space and we don't respond to that? putin is sticking it to him every way you can and we don't have a strategy. every day that goes by whoever's going to succeed obama as president is going to be handed a disaster and we -- it is right. it is truly scary. >> isn't this an opportunity for some of these candidates to put forth their ideas? you were talking about tax reform plans and so forth. we're going to see the first democratic debate coming up on october 13th. i'm sure it will come up in a question there. not just a foreign policy speech from one of these people but a targeted speech on what you would do differently than what the president is doing now. >> some have done it. we have rubio who's very much in the camp of the neocons. >> lindsey graham, we're quite certain what he would do. >> i forgot he was in the race.
4:50 pm
>> that's not -- >> very militarily oriented. then you have trump who's playing the domestic side about it about not taking the syrian refugees. you know what's happening in the republican party? we have two polar opposites. we have the hard neocon and the noninterventionists, isolationists. we need a happy medium between them. >> can an outsider get you there? >> oh, yeah. nixon and reagan, their foreign policy was the right balance of being strong militarily. >> a guy like senator rand paul? >> no. he'll be out of this race before thanksgiving. >> to support john's point, let me just say -- to support john's point. the republican candidate who understands that obama has given for the general election a major issue to republicans into the country and makes that issue
4:51 pm
will bins w-- win. >> we'll come to you after the break. historic rain, we'll cover that. breaking updates. stay with us. mfs investment ma, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. [engine revving] ♪ ♪
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and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. i promised before the break to give doug a chance to weigh in. russia, syria, the presidential candidates. go. >> well, we are destroying america's position in the world. it is an issue of confronting a resurgent russia and china. it's dealing with terrorism, dealing with the scourge of nuclear weapons. it's a question of nuclear leadership and the way ronald regan did, both parties, democrats and republicans have to deal with it. it's not just politics, it's
4:55 pm
global leadership. gentleman, always good to have you. i'll see you next sunday. thank you very much. we're going to roll on out and cover some of the updates with the weather affecting the state that, pat, i know you couldn't get out of. you're down in south carolina. that state under a state of emergency. roads washed out, bridges closed. schools will be closed tomorrow. officials telling people don't go outside, don't go out in the water. janice dean is keeping an eye on all of this from the extreme weather center. janet. >> especially now. darkness has fallen. we'll see the damage as the sun comes up. the rainfall estimated precipitation in the past 48 hours, over 24 inches of rain so a historic event has happened in south carolina. all of this moisture is being ushered into south carolina, parts of north carolina, and again the threat of more flooding overnight tonight and into tomorrow. we're not going to really see
4:56 pm
this clear out until tuesday so the potential for 6 to 8 more inches of rainfall along the coast here, really a disaster. catastrophic. harris, this will be lingering until tuesday. schools will be closed. everything will be shut down in south carolina tomorrow. back to you. >> janice dean, thank you very much. we'll be right back. but by night, beautiful, smoother and ready to impress the other party animals. dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi
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we have been excited and
5:00 pm
abuzz all over the building about the rollout tomorrow. don't miss it on the radio. let's pop up pictures of south carolina. interstate i-95, 75-mile stretch shut down because of flooding. that's a major route from miami to new york. ask not what your country can do for you -- >> that was then. now politicians tell us we should ask, no, demand that our country do more for us. politicians celebrate victims. >> so many women still earning less than men on the job. >> working longer hours for lower wages. >> apparently america is filled with victims. >> i've been verbally abused because of my religion. >> i was also a victim as a child. >> i wouldn't say i was not a victim. >> america, a country of victims? that's our show tonight.


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