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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  October 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at >> what does it look like when you become the most powerful leader of the world? what is more classified hillary clinton's e-mails some call it yelp for people i call it the worst idea for children. >> evil, dumb or stupid. pick one of those. >> feels immature. >> it would be funny if it
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weren't so tragic. >> he is incompetent. >> welcome. as obama acts calm russia drops bombs. for people who think he is pulling a tom sawyer, think again, putin is not painting it he's unexing it. as much as we would like to think syria is no longer a problem he is taking a crazy ex off our hands. sadly not even admiral long face has a clue. we agreed on the imperative as soon as possible, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow but as soon as possible having the deacon
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fliks discussion, meeting, conference, which ever, whatever can be done as soon as possible. >> the way leg warmers fire masculinity. speaking of leg warmers here is a blast from the past? >> what is the biggest geopolitical threat facing us al qaeda. not russia, al qaeda. >> that deserves one of these. >> (laughter) >> how funny is it that it is obama bringing the 80's in the cold war back? maybe put tin should wear a cosby sweater just to rub it in. he compares this to chess. >> our battle is with the entire international community to resolve the conflict. this is not some, you know, super power chess board contest. >> chess board contest. that's the ticket. when you are trying to dismiss
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russian power your analogy is a game russians could destroy that. stick to kir plunk, it is more your speed. >> that's our foreign policy. watching the white house caught off guard with russia's unexpected power grab a stockbroker tries to cop a feel. what did you expect? this is the end result of a leader with domestic transformation. obama spent seven years trying to turn our nation into a benton ad. confront islamist extremists. he won't even say the word. >> you are quite right every religion has its extremists but we have to be frank the biggest problem we have today is the islamists extremist violence that has given birth to isil, to el shabab, el neal new al-nusra.
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>> they are so polite they make a smack down sound polite. they a look who is sending troops into syria now? iran. maybe they are just picking up olives from ms. jarrett's martinis. hillary's negligence kerry's stumbling the party's foreign policy is reassuring it is spreading a rash. turns out obama had it backwards. the jv quad is us. >> period. >> mind blowing stuff. let's welcome tonight's guests. >> she is so bright children are told not to look directly at her because they will go blind. fox news national security analyst. he splits more sides than a butcher on meth. it's the hail lir why yous rob belong tv writer producer and founder of her favorite color is vodka.
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it is op he had ca op ed from n review. chairman of the very board it is our liberal xanl panel. you are the expert. i know a lot as well. >> pretty darned good show. >> tell me what happened this week from your perspective. >> we walked away from the middle east. we have abandoned our allies in the middle east and russia. a new russia persian alliance is taking charge and it will result in the genocide of the sunnis and christians and israel is now alone. the other thing that you didn't mention that is fascinating. this is u.n. week, putin talked, obama talked, the crisis continues, but when the israeli prime minister went to speak at the u.n. the american ambassador was told not to be there. that is one of the biggest symbols. in other words, obama is
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leighileaving the middle east leaving on defense of themselves thae a knnew reality and obama likes it. i used to think they were incompetent. it is on purpose. >> in obama's mind set america is the problem we are the evil problem we are polluting the planet taking too many resources. we go to war we are terrible. america we always take a step back from global leadership to somehow kumbaya, woodstock to global international order break out. what in fact has happened it is global chaos in china, the middle east, russia and et cetera. >> that was up beat. >> rob i think there's a lot of people looking at this differently there's a relief that rush how is going there it is no longer our problem. i used the metaphor takes a crazy xeks off your hands i am sure you are aware of because you are unmarried and everyone you date is psychotic. >> everyone is psychotic.
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look, that is the argument. that's argument that a lot of people make. the frontrunner, the republican field right now is making which is that it is really not our fight. look, it's okay to be realistic about what is happening in syrian civil war okay to say there are 27 militias and they are all an ti american. one thing we have learned in the region is we can't turn people into pro democracy america militia proxies. can't do it. can't do it in afghanistan and can't do it in iraq. that ooargues when you walk through a tough neighborhood you want to stick with your friends. that argues for a stronger alliance in israel. it's okay to be cynical. it's okay to be realistic and say the syrian civil war is going to be a giant bloody mess. these are borders almost one century old. it will be a disaster. you don't walk away from your friends. there's only one country there that is a democracy only one
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country that stood by us and only one country you can trust. it is one country the president continually consuinsulted and betrayed. >> the other thing i get it if u two enemies fighting each other let them go at it. don't get in there. what is the middle east? if you have russia aileened with iraq, iran, saudi arabia eventually you control the world markets and natural gas exports. you control the world energy market, you control the world economy. this is a whole lot more than just a syrian civil war. this is obama's play to try to control the world economy. >> it is unclear it is going to happen. >> unclear but i think it will happen. >> you are suddenly going to find the reasons the jordanians and saudis get over their problem with israel. >> or what's happening is they are all starting to trek to moscow. you see the egyptians, the israelis, the jordanians, the saudis they are all going to
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moscow. why? because they think our emperor has no pull. >> the american leadership vacuum is always a big thing. >> oh, i hate cleaning. >> should i bother to explain that? >> no, she is absolutely right. >> all of my talking points. >> i think it's impossible to predict anything even if we unseat a leader a horrible leader we have learned from iraq and afghanistan. doesn't really solve anything. and there's really nobody we can trust or stand behind. i don't have a problem with the fact that we are not jumping in if we are not sure what to do. don't attack me. >> image not attacki-- i am not attacking you. >> you have to be careful with the relationship with the analogy the x. you don't want to cut ties because your x knows where your parents live x nos what allergies you have. to not sort of be in contact or still know exactly what is going on what your x ex is plotting t
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do to you you are putting yourself and family at risk. >> you are coming from the perspective of the ex. >> might start your car on fire. >> put a garden hose right into the mailbox. >> let me bring in the liberal panel. i have a panel that the obama's apology tour of 2007 set the stage for this lack of respect that we are seeing now. he actually welcome it had. he is like a third base coach that was waiving putin to steal. >> i have no idea what you said. >> that's because you are dumb. >> no, i am a liberal soul trapped in this wall forever. all of you conservatives are excited. i am happy you are excited. i haven't seen conservatives this excited since the late 90's. you have been awaiting for russian evil since 1984. that is what is happening here.
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>> rocky 4, was that in the 90's? >> that was in the 80's. the point is conservatives have been waiting for cold war forever. >> that's not true. i married a russian under the assumption it was going to be great. >> it is going to make for interesting table talk. we have to go to a break. but first another helpful video for all of the young diplomats out there. if you have dreams of becoming the next bonke moon or gut troes valley here's the next on the united nations and latest installment of news for kids. >> so, what is the u.n. general assembly and why do we need one? we don't. an assembly is a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose. in this case to see whose speech can bore the audience to sleep first. eerie year the competition grows stronger. once nap time is over the
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leaders are forced into a speed dating round where they must pretend to enjoy each other's company. these awkward exchanges include forced smiles icy stairs and alcohol. like a bad date the person you end up meeting with might be out of their damn mind. if you are crazy, you can still get an invite. at the end of the week long ever vent nothing is accomplished and no one changes their mind about anything. if you wish to prolong suffering and injustice in the world, the best place to be it is he where things won't get resolved, but they can get worse. make sure to skacatch this usen nonsense again at the same place and time next year. this has been news for kids. >> it is the worse thing in new york. every year when the u.n. arrives all they do is shut down stores and go shopping and take over restaurants. still ahead, hillary's pile of classified e-mails continues to grow like a thing that grows like a tree or a slump maybe. stick around.
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oo eon thursday night after the oregon massacre president obama talked about the routine of mass
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shootings. >> the reporting is routine, my response here at the podium end up being routine. the conversation in tand the aftermath of it, we have become numb to this. what has become routine is the response to those who oppose any common sense of gun legzation. >> the facts tell us this shooters are obsessed with previous shooters. until we start treating it like teen suicide it will keep happening. 2012 following the sandy hook massacre, one wrote in the atlantic magazine quote the detailed and sen sayingsnallist reporting of the killer's steps just before and during the shootings may be creating a vicious cycle of copycat effects similar to those found in teens and other sue sides.
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in this week oregon has the same idea. >> i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. i continue to believe that the media and community members who publicize his name will only glorify these horrific actions. it is only to inspire future shooters. >> let's talk about this with hugh hewitt post of the great hugh hewitt show. you have been tweeting a lot about this. what do you like to say? >> it was completely callous for the president to walk out when the bodies were on the campus and announce and declare he would politicize the moment.
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i do know two families who lost young people in the last week and the greief is awful the mourning goes on for a long time and for the president to make declarations, they were vak uous statements which i thought were heartless. i hate to follow kt mcfarland, but on the day after his complete collapse of middle eastern foreign policy why would any one think this president is any better at gun policy than he is at middle eastern policy. he is utterly vacuous and at this point he is callous. >> if any one else treats this as a political football from the other side, they will be condemned like if the nra were to come out and say this is why you shouldn't have gun free zones this is why you should have armed security ever are i where if they had done this the moment it happened they would be accused of horrible activities.
10:20 pm
it is only poke to politicize the issue if you agree with the politicizer. >> i don't know if you read the saturday new york times editorial. i don't know if you ever do. >> ever are i moichg. >> they treated it like a theater review. the president had under stated fury. it was all a set fees not taking into account the fact that nine real people are dead. nor did they mention in september in chicago 59 people were killed by hand guns. 249 people -- 349 people in the entire year before that. in oregon they have had 90 murders. this is not a question of craze the white beta boys in their basements. that is a problem. it is much larger issue. every single solution on the left. there are 13 so-called common sense gun proposals not one of which would have done anything to int near with the last 12
10:21 pm
appro shuster rist acts by people in the united states. not one. >> hue, i have a solution which i talked about on the five yesterday and i keep bringing it up which has to do with muting the media response to such things almost treating it as a mundane event like a tragic event that you have to move on from. president obama has used this very same argument when discussing isis. don't play up isis's deeds because they encourage recruitment. that's the same argument one could use here the more you play up their deeds you encourage recruitment into what is an isolated death cult. >> it is 100 percent correct. eric harrison is laughing at home somewhere. when nbc news made the move when the virginia tech killer to show the videotape they have crossed a line they have subsequently come back from. the president walking out giving a performance trying to be the
10:22 pm
most outraged performance in america the most grieving person in america is not the way to disincentivize shooters like that. the president should have written letters to the people who lost loved ones and said nothing else rather than saying i am going to politicize this. that was shocking. >> lastly, it indull guess the hysteria where the mid yaw reports on now an active shooter now when they hear a car back fire or somebody slamming a door and we create this whirlwind and you can now get the president's attention. we have to go. thank you for coming on the show. talk to you soon. >> great to be here greg. thank you. >> hillary clinton's fall. the worst idea ever. edward snowden joined twitter. my favorite toys stories that will make you sad, angry disgusted and angry though not in that here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor?
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >> hundreds of hillary clinton e-mails were released that contained classified information. sound brings back memories. the number of messages being classified from the private account doubled with the latest state department totalling 400 e-mails now. that's almost 500 kt. russian hackers attempted to
10:27 pm
hack her account five times. the e-mails were described as parking tickets and contained a link. she did exchange e-mails from the delightful nigerian prince. they are now engaged. i hope i am invited. some of the more amuzing e-mails include her arguing with a white house operator who doesn't believe she is hillary clinton. also asked an aid with a fubar means it means fed up beyond all recommendations. could be her slogan. not very bright when it comes to modern technology. this person should not be in charge with national security especially in the age of cyber terror if she can't handle e-mail. >> she is making the same mistake that richard nixon did. he thought he could control what the public thought about him.
10:28 pm
he had white house tapes, he got sustain subpoenaed he wouldn't give them up. hend up resigning. hillary thinks i have learned from this i want to control what people think about me but i am going to do it on my e-mail so i am going to delete the ones because richard nixon never destroyed the white house tapes i am going to be smarter i am going to de llete them. you can't ever delete anything. at the end of the day she is going to have the same results. she was on the watergate committee investigating richard nixon. >> things go full circle. it doesn't sound smart. looks good. >> thank you very much. things have come full circling. >> only time will tell. >> they were warning each other about -- cheryl mills was
10:29 pm
warning ooech other about using private e-mail. it is like preaching mondogamy t an orgy. >> i like the fact that she needed someone to turn the ringer on. i have sent text and e-mail to my assistant with the ability to do certain things. what i love about this unlike richard nixon she came really close. she was admired and she really was trying to put to bed that type of dragon lady wicked witch of the west image she had. until willy recently. it shows you you can't get away from stuff. >> her spokes people cracks me up. all this proves is she got spammed like every other american. not every other american was secretary of state. all of my spam is not from russia trying to get national secrets. >> every other american deletes their spam. you are supposed to when you know someone is fishing which she assumes they were.
10:30 pm
why would you save that? of all of the ones you select tively delete. >> i do keep some of my spam, the urban viagra. just in case. it could be a great gift. >> freineding no means something pops up i have to spend hours trying to scrub my server. >> you are trying to be super clever. it is clever to have your own server somewhere in colorado. g mail takes care of all of that stuff. >> she could have gotten away with all of this. but i think president obama, the obama administration decided they don't want her. they are sabotaging her. >> she is twisting in the wind. >> when i worked in the white house you have free government agencies investigating her unless the president of the united states have given the green light. you have that many people
10:31 pm
investigating they are going to find something. >> the liberal panel must be thrilled over this your candidate bernie sanders will step in. >> listening to you makes me want to puke sawdust. the hillary clinton e-mail, did she e-mail putin? no. >> did she? >> what's the point? because she should not be in charge of anything that has to do with terror security if she can't handle being hacked. she is vulnerable. >> she should be using snap shat then you wouldn't know what they were doing. >> she already made that joke. >> she didn't mean to e-mail putin. he was reading her e-mails real time. >> that's true. what i find interesting is her allies are saying it's unfair that her policy plans are being ignored as everybody focuses on the e ma ills. but if you looked at her policy plans, the e-mails are helping her. she is anti wall street.
10:32 pm
she is using edge fund legacy of trump. she mentions national security but she has no specifics. she wants better treatment of families and children. we are all against. i want worse treatment. >> horrible for families. i want the kids to starve. >> she has no policy plan. the e-mail scandal is saving her, all right? >> at least we are not talking about her hair. >> her hair is beautiful. >> it looks great. >> lots of volume. >> before we go to break it is time to look at sonl of the tougher questions facing the candidates on the 2016 campaign trail. >> coming up this week on the campaign trail 2016. joe biden considers throwing his name into the race. but if elected how much government money would he spend on my little pony souvenirs? >> 10 billion a year. that's not an exaggeration. from tush flush >> plus hillary clinton hits new
10:33 pm
england. what are her thoughts about watching weekend at bernie's 2 after watching the original. >> best thing ever. not like any other experience. you fall in love all over again. >> finally, donald trump tries to maintain his lead in the polls. as president would he have the guts to ride a horse topless by clad mere put tin? >> that won't happen i guarantee you with president trump. >> until next week on the campaign trail 2016. it is true you can't be president if you won't ride a horse topless. coming up the worst thing i have seen since johnny depp's last movie. i will show ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders,
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at work. it let's you rate any one you know from 0 to 5 stars like me. >> it is maybe... >> the worse thing ever. >> the app called peeple with two e's or actually three. you can leave a positive review which goes live right way way. if you leave a negative one it goes to the inbox of the person reviewed who can then dispute it. if the people can't reach an agreement after 48-hours after the bad review then the bad review goes live. only the app's users can read the reviews but the person can't opt out of being reviewed. sounds really stupid. but the founter explains this is all about uplifting each other and helping each other and operating from positiveity. what a bunch of bull.
10:39 pm
with you all deserve to know who the best of the best are. the only better now is this video. >> do you consider yourself a feminist? >> yes, absolutely. >> i love it. i don't know where to start. this to be a -- they could spend hours trying to erase things. it is idiotic. >> this is weaponized gadget. until the lawsuits happen to tell the truth. >> that is actually true. the stuff gets harsh and somebody jumps off of a roof then it ends which i can only hope won't happen. >> short, loud, sometimes self centered. >> this already exists for anybody who is in media. the comments section. every single day. cat, you eat a sandwich. what's wrong with her voice.
10:40 pm
>> i am sorry. i just wrote it that one time. >> what is the sandwich? >> you are skinny you better eat something. >> cat, you are too skinny. >> i look like a skeleton. every day we go through this. so i might like to have some of these people know what it feels like to have someone tell them they have thin eel lips. >> you have to know the person. >> then it hurts even more. >> at least you can say i don't know this person. >> they probably eat too many sandwiches they should leave me alone. >> i think it's a good idea. it is a money maker therefore it is a good idea. we already have it. it is weaponizing gooss pip. at least u to put your name to it. it is not anonymous. you have to opt in to hear it. you have to say i want to hear what people say about me. >> then it goes viral. >> you joined it.
10:41 pm
>> you would like to say you are welcome to the founders of this, because i suggested yelp for people on this show a few weeks ago when we were talking about employers looking into future employees to real whetherly knoy were good at their last job on the or not. now i think my idea is awful. i am glad i didn't follow through with it. >> it won't mamight make us bet people because we might funnel it on-line instead of on the street. you don't go up to the liberal panel to say you have termites. >> i am all about one thing. that's love. >> edward snowden opened a wit tweer account. he wanted for leaking classified surveillance documents tweeted, can you hear me now? hilarious? later astro physicist wrote thanks for the welcome. now we have water on mars. do you think they check
10:42 pm
passports at the border asking for a friend. >> i don't really mind. what bothers me, i think you will understand this. >> it is the flogging of the people the sheep like people that immediately joined. they followed he had snowden who is a traitor. >> all they want is an at reply from him. >> you couldn't come up with somebody more irritating. >> that little tweet in that reply which i will call like it's not funny or npr family. >> it got all of the references but is this funny? you mentioned mars. that was in the news that day.
10:43 pm
>> can you image snowden in moscow right now. it was the talk of the planet. >> he uncovered something, it was unconstitutional. so to say -- >> in your opinion. >> it has made our lives very vulnerable. >> no, we were. there's no proof of that whatsoever. >> there's proof of it. >> the government was taking away all of the rights and freedoms that make this a live in. they are doing it to keep us safe go ahead government. unreasonable searchs. >> this is not unreasonable. they were addresses. no different than an address on a letter. that's all they were. even snowden admitted. >> the times they were making calls they see when you are sleeping know when you are awake. >> just like police officers patrolling a neighborhood. you know what it is? even snowden admitted it was a
10:44 pm
mistake when oliver grilled him and said you didn't read all of this stuff. this stuff could have been harmful. last word to you liberal panel. >> snowden is going to make a wonderful vice president. >> snowden 2016. >> he has to come back here and face trial. >> i can't wait to vote for him. >> for his crimes against humanity or at least crimes against me. still to come, which of these finalists should make the national toy hall of fame? who knows? i only play with matches. {off-lin {off-line} >> vision i am mared we got you. >> need help loading it in the mini van, we have got you.
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>> bat ill ship, twister, scooters not only are they the names of the transients they are the finalists from the national toy hall of fame. the toys must survive multiple generations, be widely recognized and foster concerning creativity or discovery through play. the rest of this year's 12 nominees include the spinning top, american girl dolls super soaker and teenaged mutant ninja turtles. there was a toy from my childhood. i remember the commercial. >> introducing the deluxe remote control flame thrower tag set. now you can unleash hell here on earth. you send villagers running for safety. trying to put the fire out? invite a friend over to create
10:50 pm
even more havoc. hurry these beauties are going fast. get the deluxe remote control tank set today. fuel sold separately. >> those were the good old days. now we are just coddled. coddled. i am going to go to you first cat. who do you think has the best chance of winning? >> they are all horrible. american girl dolls are hyper nationalists. battleships, super soakers glorify war and violence. coloring books promote the idea you have to live within certain lines which is oppressive. puppets have the idea you can't live your life as yourself. teenaged mutant turtles we glorify youth above all else. we throw away the old even though they are wiser. we have play mobile. the het row norma tive family structure. tops, twist, whiffle ball, scooters all ablists.
10:51 pm
jen ga, not fun. jen ga is also just not fun. too much anxiety. >> it could fall over. >> most of these toys i played with i had a very anxious childho childhood. battleship terrified me. super soakers who wants to get wet? jen ga, i don't like messes. >> rob, i have a theory. the definition of a toy is an object given to a child to distract a child so you can create more children. >> like you were in a close the corridor and you only had one room. daddy would go find a dirt mrod and go play with this. use your imagination and he ran off with mommy. >> the essence of the toy is now an ipad. it is a toy story 3. >> new baby-sitter. >> i like the old toys where they show antique toys it is a stick with a thing a string.
10:52 pm
that's the worse toy ever. lawn jarts. >> those were the good old days. i loved lawn jarts. >> my mom was always buying me lawn darts. even after they were banned. >> what was your favorite toy? >> as a mother of fivie i have played with all of them. play mobile is the hardest. once you lose the box and you have all of the pieces you have no idea what it is. so that's a good analogy for life. >> liberal panel i gbet you stil play with toys because you are a stunted child. >> i once dated a game of jen kau. it was going great for a while until it fell apart. >> very good. well done my friend. speaking of imagination i don't believe that children actually have imaginary friends. in a is a total concoction. >> no. all of my kids had imaginary friends. >> yeah, mom, it wasn't me. it was my imaginary friend.
10:53 pm
>> they are so creative. why do they all draw a life. >> don't go anywhere. we have more stuff to come. also almost here. how to be right. you have to buy this book. is the title of my new book. reserve your copy now. i will be on tour to support it. 20 cities nine states. this is where i will be. look on your right there. go to my web site g get more i
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>> it is time for greg mail. the address is greg i read he answers then we all get matching haircuts. nick and chicago wants to know, greg, would you consider adding the occasional celebrity cooking
10:58 pm
segment. >> no. i wouldn't. we thought about it for a while, but every time we talk about celebrity can coooking segments wanted to do boil jeremy piven or josh hartnett stir-fry. whatever you do the cooking segments go wrong. you have to have people in the studio with fire equipment, stuff like that. it is not worth it. that is why i have never done a cooking segment. we never have bands any more. it is too much work and i am lazy. >> tyler from san jose. >> people in california does not talk like that. >> sarah palin does. you always think about trade do you think there's a parallel universe where the action hitting a train creates life. what if instead of having sex and giving birth everyone gets hit by a train as a means of pro
10:59 pm
creation. >> this is what's interesting. a lot of the viewers are high. they are very high. that is clearly an example of someone who has amazing drugs and should share with us. >> we should invite them on. >> mikey says i know you grew up near san francisco. i have moved on to mixed martial arts. you should join me. it could be fun. you don't regret it. >> i don't understand what the two have in common. he is saying he moved to san francisco and he does mixed martial arts. where do you work out? >> yeah, where? >> on my blog. >> i mean street address and time? >> you can find it there. >> trying to figure out for people who want to know when you work out. too creepy, perhaps. maybe not creepy enough.
11:00 pm
thanks to kt mcfarland and katherine and hugh hewitt, the liberal panel. i am greg gutfeld and i love perfectly good. >> we'll see you next sunday. i'm chris wallace. a big potential shakeup in the speaker of the house. congressman chaffetz says he's seriously considering a run to leave the republican majority. today, he'll announce his decision on "fox news sunday." >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? so we put together a benghazi special committee. her numbers are dropping. i did not intend to imply in any way that that work is political. >> majority leader kevin mccarthy was the front-runner for the job but now he's facing criticism from republicans for his gaffe. we'll discuss the future of the gop in an


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