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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 5, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i was going to say since i didn't get to ask sandra, harris, guess what we'll talk about on "outnumbered overtime"? sex., click on overtime tab. watch it heat up, harris. we'll talk about, s, e, x. "happening now" starts right now. missing in the atlantic. >> and a feisty french bull dog
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takes on fierce predators. it is all "happening now". >> we begin on a fox newsa letter. much of the state of south carolina is under water after the rain slammed the east coast. welcome to "happening now". i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. schools and businesses are closed and power is out and thousands don't have drinking water. hundreds of people are rescued from the high water. the storm system is expected to move away and rivers are not expected to go down any time soon. >> we have live fox news coverage. and we begin with janice dean standing by in the fox weather center. >> hi, jon scott. storm totals are incredible over south carolina.
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taking a look at it. there is the last four days and some cases two feet of rain. and again, the reason why it is such an epic event, two feet of rainfall is happening over widespread area of south carolina. two feet in mount pleasant and south charleston up two feet. and kingstree south carolina and not only south, but north carolina over 20 inches of rainfall. i want to show you an image that struck me from nasa. this is a satellite image. you can see the plume of moisture over south carolina. it is all a fire house. we had joaquin to the south and east of the storm and the cut off low that gave a moisture susupply. it is an epic event.
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it is called a thousand year storm because it is it a rarity to have the storm totals in such a short period of time. flood advisories for south carolina and north carolina. there is the upper level low and there is joaquin. both of these working together. the winds funneling the moisture and it will finally clear out on tuesday. the damage is done. flood waters are starting to recede but we'll see the damage and some cases, months if not years for them to rebuild here in some cases. we'll see the forecast radar moving offshore by tomorrow and then clearer skies for the rest of the work week. in the meantime over the next 12- 24 hours, we'll see a situating of 1- 3 inches. and moving out of south carolina
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which really do took the brunt of the store. hurricane joaquin close to a category 5 and now down to a category 1. came close to bermuda and it will eventually move north, northeast. and taking a quick look at colombia south carolina where they saw the brunt of the storm. potential of showers and thunderstorms in the area today and clearer conditions for the rest of the work week. they talk about a thousand year flood, you can tell it doesn't happen often. it will be one of the worst flooding events that the u.s. has seen. apparently not with the hurricane? >> yes, if we didn't have the moisture supply of the hurricane, we wouldn't have the epic totals. >> okay, feel sorry for those people. and now we'll go to garrett,
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on the ground in south carolina. >> reporter: yeah, jenna, we are further back in the belgrove neighborhood in myrtle beach. you can see the damage varying from no water to a few inches and a few feet in others that are further back here. look at this. this is what the roads look like in the neighborhood back here. only way in or out is through water. they are using canoes to go to the grocery store and grab diapers and food and baby formula. those are the people not pushed out due to the flooding. but the fire department used jet skis to evacuate people in the homes. and some folks here say this is the worst flooding that have seen since 1989 when hurricane
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hugo hit. this is not something that hand on a typical bad storm. and across the state though, they are worried about roadways. you mentioned in this afternoon, governor neki haley said four fatalities. four of them from drivers who went in flooded areas and they asked people to stay off of the roads and stay home so that the search and rescue efforts are not impeded further. the big attorney despite the flooding is drinking water. clean and safe drinking water. 40000 people across the state don't have clean drinking water. the state is setting up water distributions areas to get water to them today. >> all of us need an emergency supply. we'll think about those folks in south carolina and elsewhere, garrett. thank you. a new poll shows donald
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trump leading the race and his lead is shrinking in two early states. nbc news marist poll trump leads with 24 percent in iowa and that is down from 29 percent a month ago. dr. ben carson 19 percent. and carly fiorina eight percent. and in new hampshire trump leads 21 percent and fiorina trails him by five points and former governor jeb bush at 11 percent. we'll talk about what is going on and who is up and down with a b stoodard. and jonna goldberg senior editor of national review and a fox news contributor. ab, donald trump's numbers are coming back to earth. does that surprise you? >> no, a lot of people said he has a ceiling.
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i don't know about that. he could suddenly have another surge and the fact that he's been in the lead four months which is a long time and the fact that his routine is really funny as it was in the start, things came out of no where and they seemed crazy and cookie and he was hilarious is getting old. he beats up on the media and bullies other candidates on twitt twitter. and people are desperate for an outside choice going to ben carson and carly fiorina. and she they are up in new hampshire. and he wouldn't talk about exited the race in the event of falling poll numbers if he didn't, too, think that the electorate is no longer responding in the ways it was 6 or 10 weeks ago. >> we'll talk about trump's
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bullying. and the right track, wrong track question if the country is heading in the right or wrong track. two-thirds of the americans think we are on the wrong track. is it any surprise that the top three leaders are people who are not involved in running the country right now? >> if it is a surprise, it shouldn't be. there is a massive amount of discontent in this country. on the the republican side it gets more press. because the mainstreet media likes to see the republicans eat their own. but hillary clinton is a establishment candidates and you have bernie sanders who at least has a good stick of how he is an outsider and causing her huge problems. there is a groundswell of popullist resentment to
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washington and poll tibs. if you were a governor you being run as an outsider. and now you have to be outside of politics entourly to be an outsider. we are seeing that with trump and fiorina. but support of those outsiders is not uniform and it is not like a carson reporter is pro trump or trump is fiorina. their bases of support is different. i don't think everyone the go to the next outsider. >> we'll turn the conversation to what ab, mentioned about trump and his bullying. he went after florida senator rubio and called him a little boy, who lacks the swagger to run the country. why does he do that, ab? is it winning him new followers or the reason that people are turning away from donald trump.
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>> i don't think it gives him new support or excites the voters. at the beginning it was startling. he's bold and he does things that people do. and now he does it. everyone is a light weight and third rate and overrated loser. and to go after marco rubio, is an indication of rubio rising. and now attacking you, you are in the media can and a way to detract attention from something that happen to him like a debate or's new poll and if you are one of the candidates you are well. he's nice to jeb bush and thinks he is a nice guy. and a sursign for marco rubio things are going well. >> he raised the specter of whatted would happen. >> people ask him, how are you going to get out and when?
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that is important because people in the beltway have the attitude of when will it be back to normal and that means no donald trump. whether it is or not. it is a brilliant of possibility of it encourages all of the opponents to stay in the race. if trunk gets out. it reshuffles everything. and the longer it is crowded, trump's 25 percent of the field constitutes a huge lead. if you tell them i might get out and they will stay in and more trump will be the front runner. a good position to be in. >> we'll keep watching it. thank you both. >> and hillary clinton is stumping in the co early voting states of new hampshire. and the former secretary of state talking gun control. our chief white house correspondent ed henry is live
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their there. >> reporter: jenna, good to so you, it is interesting hillary clinton trails bernie sanders here in the state of new hampshire. she's trying to find her popula ce. she is jumping on the tragedy of oregon last week with a plan now to go beyond what president obama has done she says on executive actions on gun control including union versal background checks and close the gun show loop hole and also talking about giving victims of gun violence a chance to sue gun manufacturers. something that is controversial in recent years. and at this town hall meeting, hillary clinton got emotional and choking back tears as she introduced a mom who lost a six-year-old in sandy hook. let's listen. >> how much longer will we just
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shrug oh, my gosh. something happen in your neighborhood. or the murder of children in their classrooms. you can see her getting emotional and democrats thinking she is finding her voice and republicans thinking that she is politicizing. politicizing. she went on to beat on republicans donald trump and jeb bush. yesterday donald trump saying look, it is not about guns, it is mental illness. >> ed henry, thank you. >> we told you about an amtrak passenger train derails in what it struck before jumping the tracks. new details on the fate of a missing cargo ship and crew,
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with stronger, clean sea-bond. >> fox news alert on the desperate search for survivors. the coast guard believes that the el faro sank and one body was crew members was seen. and phil all of the hope rests on one remaining lifeboat. is that where we are at now? >> reporter: pretty much. last week when the el faro left, it was equipped with two modern lifeboats and sour vivor suits for all of the crew members. the coast guard found one of the lifeboat battered and empty and found one body wearing the
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floatable survival suit. they have found two pieces of cargo over hundreds of square miles and one of the life rings. conclusion four days after the el faro was listing 15 degrees that is sank in the eastern bahamas. >> they would have abandoned ship in a category 4 hurricane. seas up wards of 50 feet and visibility at 0. >> but still family members of the 28 americans and five polish workers are hoping they manageed to get in the lifeboat and somehow it is out there bobbing in the eastern bahamas. and the depth of the ocean is 15000 feet deep and meaning that the ship will never be spotted by the air. >> wow, we'll talk to them about
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the update. and we'll ask them about the remaining lifeboat. what about the decision for the captain on that specific ship to head in the direction of hurricane joaquin, what are you learning about that? >> reporter: a lot of questions have been raised and the national transportation safety board is investigating all of the decisions made by the company and captain to chug in the path of the monster hurricane. it was fully loaded. family and crew members attended a prayer vigil. >> we are asking for your prayers. in this situation that's all we can do. >> reporter: the coast guard reports that there were three cargo vessels in the bahamas and all three sunk or broke apart. >> wow, phil.
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thank you very much. and we will point out in an article. comparing el faro to another marine disaster. the ship only three people survived that. like the el faro the ship was 40 years old. and the shipping of the sss marine electric prompted reforps. there is hope that the el faro crew department suffer the same fate. >> and on the scene of amtrak derailment. it crashed near roxbury. it was traveling to washington d.c. four people were talken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the train struck a rock slide on the tracks. we'll bring you more updates as
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we get them. coalition pilots of the u.s. facing challenges in syria how dangerous is the scenario captain chuck nash is next.
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10:26 am
and then do it. >> former u.s. embassy to syria on the danger of the clash of two powerful militaries on earth. turby intercepted a russian war plane. and russia said it was a mistake that would not happen again and only a few seconds they were there. this is the danger the americans and coalition face. captain nash, it is not only russia going into to turkey's air space. we have permission to use an air base in turkey. so what do you think of this infraction that the russia is calling little. >> the turbs, they guard their air space carefully and they
10:27 am
don't mess around. that is the province right in syria and where in 2013, the turks shot down a syria helicopter and fighter that strayed into that area. and so that border air is contentious and it is all the more contentious now, because the nonisis fighters have saunthuary in turkey. they are hosting 600,000 refugees. syrians and russians know it. and why the russians are concentrate nothing that province. you go west you hit the mediterranean and that is la tak
10:28 am
ia which is a port series. >> nothing about isis in that area. that's not where russia is focusing and going to be focusing. and we want to show the map where the air strikes are. red marks are the air strikes and way to the right of your screen is on the northwest, that is an area around where isis is. and most of the air strikes are not there. and so the question is for the air strikes, the russia have done twice as many air strikes and i am curious is that aggressively more and more impact that we are and how do you see those numbers? >> the russians are backing the ground forces. the ground forces are the syrian and hesbollah and malittias are supporting the government and
10:29 am
soon iranian forces. they have an effective ground force operation where they can use that russia air power effectively and we are on the other hand absent the kurdish areas where we have significant strikes. we are just out there plinking vehicles and taking out bulldozers and things like that and an oil location because that kind of infrastructure is easy to attack. once you put a ground force in now you come up against your adversaris and they have to densify to protect themselves from the ground force. soon as they caa lease. they are a target for air power and the russians they have a ground force that is effective and we don't. >> when you talk about the air power. they have 18- 25 bombings a day. and we have done 1 or 10.
10:30 am
so our viewers know, we get the alert that tells us how many bombs aroused it is hard to keep track on the map. what if russia shoots down one of our planes or turkeyshoots down a plane and then what? >> this thing is a powder keg and this is not a multinational exercise. this is the russian air force, the syrian air force and then there are seven other air forces coalition members that flew strikes in syria and the u.s. navy and air force. there are known air fores on the good guy and two on the bad side. and everybody is conducting operations with live weapons on the ground and this is a combat zone. and you have all of these people flying around. last thursday, u.s. and russian
10:31 am
folks got together and did deconfliction on how to keep people apart. our strikes to the northeast or right near the iraqi border with one strike in palmaia. and we are staying out of the way and i hope that doesn't continue. but as far as the no-fly zone, that came has come and gone. if we say we are going to do. it the russia will say we'll fly anyway and it is another redline that will be crossed. >> will we shoot down a russian plane. we'll have to weigh those consequences. and thank you very much. it is great to have you. >> and the u.s. coast guard focusing the search on the el faro and survivors.
10:32 am
33 crew members were on board. families of the missing crew members have been notified. congressman jason cha ffetz challenging mccarthy in the race for speaker. why he said he is the right choice. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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10:36 am
mike emmanuel is live with that. >> reporter: with jason chaffetz challenging kevin for speaker it is getting awkward. they are close friends up until now. now it is getting personal shins he is running against the house majority leader. >> i think the republicans want a change. there is a reason we see the phenom nan and you don't just give automatic promotion to the existing leadership team. >> mccarthy is trying to shore up his support to get the votes to be next speaker and he appears to be getting close. chaffetz hopes that republican colleagues will be intrigued by his bid. >> i think that has the votes for it. and this week, no doubt it is
10:37 am
something that hurt him and i wish he could take it back. >> what she is returning to. when he told sean hanity that everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable and the benghazi committee was formed and clinton's numbers are dropping. it is an unforced error and mccarthy tried to clean it up. >> this committee was set up to find the truth on the behalf of the americans. i did not intend to imply it is political. it is not. >> reporter: his pitch he is a effective as a communitior and those close accuse chaffetz. >> and an announcing the missing cargo ship el faro sank in the
10:38 am
height of hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members were on board. we know that the body of one crew member was recovered, yet to be identified. we'll bring in coast guard captain leading the coach. the we spoke on friday captain as we learned about the story and heard from you at 10:00 eastern time. any news or sitings of anything new in the water? >> nothing new in the water. we are aggressively searching that area. we have three coast guard cutters out there and commercial tugs and oceangoing tugs that the shipping agency and we have a full slate of aircraft including coast guard c- 130 and navy. >> and i would like to talk about the life saving devices on the ship. you mentioned a lifeboat and we
10:39 am
have images of lifeboat. what is on the ship to help save the crew. >> there are two lifeboats on board. they are boats and capable on the el faro of carrying 43 people. and they are hard structures that can be lowered. and they have life ra fts in a case and manually inflated and built and designed if a vessel sink and it is pressure triggered the mechism and there are three on board. >> you mentioned finding remanents of the lifeboat in the water. >> yesterday. we had good search conditions and we located a lot of debris from the ship. and what we did. we received multiple reports of
10:40 am
these survival suits in the water and the life raft and a damaged lifeboat. we wanted to focus on any chances of survivors and one of the survivor seats had human remains in it. the person was deceased and essentially unrecognizable. and we moved on to the other sitings because we wanted to see if there is survivors there. >> the lifeboat that you boat was found. the other boat that was potentially out there, it could hold 43 people. is it enclosed or exposed to the elements. >> the life right was deflated and it didn't fully activated. it is it a large ra ft and fit
10:41 am
46 people has a shelter to it. >> have you received any emergency beacons or what could be a signal in one of those potential lifeboats? >> no, the only beacon was on thursday when they indicated distress and disabled and satellite alert was thursday morning. >> and a quick final question. you said we are not going to discount someone's will to survive. how is your team doing. >> we are working hard and we are trained to do. our air crews flew into the teeth of the storm over the weekend to get as close to the vessel's last known position. we'll keep working at this and we'll not discount the will to leave. the big concern they had to abandon ship. they would be doing so in
10:42 am
a category 4 hurricane. that is a dangerous situation even for experienced mariner. >> and so we'll keep our hope. and captain, thank you. >> news of an early revolutionary war battle. archaeology mixed with mod tern technology is making it political. >> and a bull dog protecting her home from bears with a loud bark and a attitude. >> they are in her yard and she doesn't want that and she's 20 pounds of heart. it takes a lot of work... to run this business.
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>> we have breaking news about an american airline's pilot that died midflight with 150 people on plane this morning. and which gop--er trumps hillary clinton in the new hampshire. and another candidate ahead of trump in the spot. we'll tell you who it is. and a mother ends up dead in new york city after a night out with the girls. join us. >> brand new technology and giving insight on the battle of the revolutionary battle of the war. it was in 1775. first day between captain parker
10:47 am
lexington militia and a british force ten times the size of his. new x-ray are locating musket balls and confirming whether the british soldiers or union soldiers fired them. here is more from dr. meg waters, i love this job because i learn something new. i have not heard about parker's revenge. it was the first day of the revolutionary war, right? >> absolutely, jon. it was one of the battles after the british regular colume was retreating. they met with colonial forces on battle road. and the parker's revenge battle
10:48 am
is one of though thes. captain parker and his men took a huge beating at the hands of the british. and he decide with the forces decimated as they were, he would go back and take them on one more time. do i have that right? >> you do. earlier in the morning, they had eight men killed and ten of the militia that were injured. and in that afternoon, they marched out to the border of lexington and lincoln to face the colony to see if they could stop them briefly. >> this was a big bunch of ragtag colonist taking on the most powerful army in the world, right? >> it is all interesting, as you research the battle. you learn that the colonial militia, a number of them had good experience in war and warfare with the french and
10:49 am
indian war and that type of thing. in fact captain parker was a veteran from the french and indian war and interesting to note, during that time period, the british empire was spread over the world and many of the soldiers fighting that battle in concorde and lexington were young men and had not seen action before. >> oh, wow. we are looking at the scenes from the battlefield and from the park. you are able to trace where the colonist where and where the british were by finding the musket balls and armaments that were fired and figure out which way they were fired in? >> yes. we are right now in the minutemen historical park, we are in the middle of the project and closing up the field excavation.
10:50 am
and with the evidence that we have found musket balls and a button that dates to the same time period. we have investigations and investigations and interpretations. to figure out who is standing there, who are they firing at and where very importantly were they being fired at from. >> and i'm sure you would welcome visitors to come to minute man national historical park and check out what you're learning. >> absolutely. we have a lot of great information and interpretive tours through the site. >> dr. meg waters, thank you very much for joining us. looks fascinatinfascinating. >> thank you very much. >> very cool story. we didn't know about that either. >> i didn't. >> we all learn something new. another potential school shooting disrupted as police arrest four teenagers. the details what they had planned next. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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a possible tragedy averted in northern california. police arresting four students in an alleged plot to carry out a school shooting. our chief correspondent live in the l.a. bureau with details. jonathan? >> john, this all happened at a high school near yosemite national park three hours east of san francisco. according to officials, four male students were planning to attack a campus event at summerville union high school and kill as many people as possible. but a potential massacre was averted just the day before the shootings after some students overheard the four boys talking about their plans, repeated what they heard to school officials who in turn brought in the cops. in a statement, the sheriff said, "the suspect's plan was very detailed in nature and
10:55 am
included names that would be victims, locations and the method in which the plan was to be carried out." the school was shut down thursday and friday but reopened today with many parents and students still nervous. >> i felt like she was safe. she is scared to go to school. she said i don't want to go to school. i'm scared. what do you tell her? you be safe. >> what they said about coming really close to it. that worries me a lot. that could happen any day. you never know. i mean there's been so many incidents recently that just, it's just scary. >> the four students were all detained on suspicion of conspiracy to commit assault with deadly weapons. the good news here this was a tragedy averted, thanked to students hearing something, saying something, and then school staff and law enforcement
10:56 am
taking them seriously and responding quickly, john. >> something students and really everybody should do more often. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> now a little change of tone. a french bulldog in california showing the true meaning of loyalty. a video catches the dog protecting property from bears. watch jewels the fearless bulldog start going after one of the bears in the front yard. the bears run ago way from the bulldog's wrath, jumping back over the gate, thankfully jewels, the bulldog, or any of the bears were hurt in that scuffle. i'd be scared of jewels. look at that face. >> jewels has some mochly. good for him. >> we'll be right back.
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>> this is a may lay on friday and cutting thousands of jobs. >> they had a meeting, their shirts were torn off, john. air france will file complaints. but that's how they do it in france, i guess. >> scary stuff. >> thanks for joining us. hi, everyone. this is "the real story". breaking news right now. a red eye flight from feen toichl boston making an unscheduled stop in upstate new york after a pilot dies in the cockpit in the middle of that flight. trace gallagher is live with more on the breaking news. what did you find out, trace? >> this was american flight 550. a red eye from phoenix to boston. somewhere toward the end of the flight. the co-pilot called air traffic control saying medical emergency pilot is incapacitated. the air bus was then diverted to syracuse and the co-pilot later radioed in saying the pilot is now unresponsive and not breathing. now a flig


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