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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> this is a may lay on friday and cutting thousands of jobs. >> they had a meeting, their shirts were torn off, john. air france will file complaints. but that's how they do it in france, i guess. >> scary stuff. >> thanks for joining us. hi, everyone. this is "the real story". breaking news right now. a red eye flight from feen toichl boston making an unscheduled stop in upstate new york after a pilot dies in the cockpit in the middle of that flight. trace gallagher is live with more on the breaking news. what did you find out, trace? >> this was american flight 550. a red eye from phoenix to boston. somewhere toward the end of the flight. the co-pilot called air traffic control saying medical emergency pilot is incapacitated. the air bus was then diverted to syracuse and the co-pilot later radioed in saying the pilot is now unresponsive and not breathing. now a flight attendant who also
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happens to be a nurse tried to assist the pilot but apparently it was too late. so far, the name of the pilot who died has not been released. and there is no word exactly what the pilot suffered. american airlines will only say they are incredibly saddened by this even -- and their thoughts, of course, are with the pilot's family. a new flight crew was flown to syracuse and the 147 passengers were later flown on to boston. back in september of 2013, a united airlines pilot suffered a heart attack during a flight from houston to seattle. the flight then made an emergency landing in boise, i'd eye. the pilot was rushed to a hospital where he later died. and in june of 2009, during a continental flight from belgium to newark, a 60-year-old pilot had a heart attack and died. the two co-pilots then took over and the plane landed safely. passengers safety, by the way, was never in question during any
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of these slee incidents which is why you had at least two pilots. again, still waiting for the identification and exactly what the pilot on the american flight 550 suffered en route to boston. >> breaking news happening. trace, thank you. and now another alert. investigators heading to vermont after a amtrak derailment earlier today. this train reportedly hit debris from a rock slide. three cars sent down an em bankment. appears no one is critically injured which is amadzing. but there were dozens of passengers onboard at the time. train heading on the nearly 14-hour route from vermont to washington, d.c., as you can see on the map, there it went off the rails in north field. that's about 20 miles southwest of the state capital. once again that, crash happened. it appears no serious critical injuries. >> politics now. time for our 2016 power index.
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we look at who's up and who's down in the race for the white house. at least this week. so first let's look at a new national poll showing dr. ben carson in first place with 24% among republicans compared to 17% with donald trump. marco rubio in third with 11%. carly fiorina at fourth with 9%, ahead of jeb bush with 8%. our fox news digital politics editor and author of "fox news first" joins me as he does every monday. this is the first poll that i can think of that shows ben carson in the lead. how much credence should we give it? >> well, it's one poll. but it is a data point. we have seen some problems for the front-runner in most of the polls donald trump and early states. we saw that over the weekend. carson being ahead in the national poll, even again just one poll. that is a data point we want to pay attention. to consistently since mid july, we've seen donald trump in the lead or tied for the lead in all the polls.
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so we're watching. >> let's get to this week's index now. here is your lineup in the top spots. ted cruz, steady at number one. carly fiorina and marco rubio both moving up one to spots two and three. and that knocks jeb bush down two spots from second to fourth. expla explain. >> remember, here we're talking about that combination. magic combination of money, organization, support, how committed are your supporters, how much do they want you and how broadly acceptable are you to the rest of the party? the reason you see fiorina moving up, the reason that you see senator rubio moving up is simple. they are starting to show movement in those early states. the polls that i mentioned that showed problems or slippage for donald trump in the early states show that carly fiorina started to build a base, a state that has two female senators, female governor and has shown a fondness for practical politicians. and marco rubio showing some
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life in the same poll taken out in iowa. he's doing well in national surveys and the fund-raising from what we're told is starting to pour in. >> all right. so let's look at our second slate now. who do you have moving there? you have donald trump who is number five, i believe. ben carson stays at six. chris christie up one to number 7. john kasich down one to number eight. mike huckabee stays at nine, et cetera. but bobby jindal takes your number ten spot. comments? >> so somebody is going to be the rick santorum of this cycle. it's probably not going to be rick santorum. he is the person you're looking for who can connect with iowa voters, get on the ground, interact, become their champion. and they love to pick iowa republicans, love to pick long shots and get behind them. they lead with their heart. that's what me might do with jobjo bobby jindal. he's now at 4% in that "wall
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street journal" poll out there. you got to say don't give up on this guy in iowa just yet. and it certainly gets him a slot whereas rand paul has had anything but good times for several weeks in a row. >> top three all holding steady. clinton at number one, biden at number two and sanders at number three. and biden isn't even in the race yet, chris. >> biden isn't in the race. if he gets in the race, he'll come in at second place. now that's good in the sense that everybody would like to enter a race against a foremidable front-runner like hillary clinton in second place. that's pretty good. however, the question is does he end up being a spoiler? does he make it harder for hillary clinton to get across the finish line with lots of surveys saying she is tied in iowa, struggling, struggling, struggling. can joe biden move in to win or play the role of making it harder or impossible for her to get there. >> all right.
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this week's power index. chris, thank you. >> you bet. secretary of defense ash carter is in madrid, spain today ahead of a meeting in brussels with our nato partners. a rush warplane crossed over into turkish airspace. they continue air strikes. they claim they're hitting isis in syria. well, as we know, they targeted u.s. backed rebels as well. russia maintains entering turkey's sovereign airspace was a mistake. a senior u.s. official says it may not have been an accident at all. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. what are u.s. officials doing to try to deter russian warplanes in syria? >> essentially, gretchen, both the secretary of state and the defense secretary ash carter said the same thing today. when a russian fighter jet allegedly crossed the border into nato allied turkey's airspace this weekend, the russian plane could have easily been shot down. meanwhile, the defense secretary called the russians out publicly saying they still aren't
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targeting isis. >> by taking military action in syria against moderate group targets, russia escalated the civil war. putting further at risk the very political resolution and preservation of syria's structure of future governance, it says it wants. this approach is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire of the syrian civil war. >> gretchen, we have new information, however, from senior u.s. military sources who tell me that, in fact, the intelligence that russian plane that's crossed into sushgy hasn't been validated. while there are strong statements coming out of nato right now, the u.s. military does not think that the russians are poking the turks. it may have been at least one of those planes was lost. gretchen? >> very interesting development. on another story you're following, the usair strikes on that hospital in northern afghanistan, why did the top u.s. commanders in afghanistan call a press conference at the pentagon this morning?
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>> essentially to correct the record, gretchen. general john campbell says it was afghan security forces who were under fire who requested that u.s. special forces call in an ac 130 gunship. the impression given after the hospital was hit is u.s. special forces who were embedded with the afghan force has come under fire and that they had called in air strikes because u.s. lives were at risk. >> i think the impression that people got after the first couple days is they were firing directly on u.s. forces. what i'm telling you today is as i've talked to the investigating officer and continue to get updated information, that that was not the case in this place. >> general john campbell will testify before the senate arms services committee tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. on the way ahead in afghanistan gretchen? >> thank you, jen griffin. >> the weather is cruel for folks down in south carolina. 1,000 year flood submerging parts of the southeast.
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nine people have been killed in flood-related incidents so far. the south carolina now remains in a big state of emergency. areas of the state's capital columbia getting drenched 17 inches of rain in as many hours from the tip of the hurricane. steve harris is live. steve, what is the biggest danger for folks there right now? >> gretchen, that rain still continues to come down even as we speak. the biggest danger for people is really the roads. we've had nine deaths so far talleyed up. many deaths seeing people pulled from cars when they come on roads like this one. it is a mixture of river and 300 roads have been washed out. more than 100 bridges have been washed out. some counties, every single road is damaged. so it's not just the flooding, it's actually the disintegration of roads. when you drive around, you see orange cones everywhere. that could mean a pothole, giant hole, or the road is simply gone in front of you, gretchen. >> all right, steve. so are rescues still going on at
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this hour? >> they still are going on. we've seen 150 swift boat rescues over the past 24 hours. at least 25 helicoer rescues. we've seen everything, young people, old people, dogs, people being plugged from roofs. still a lot of suffering, even those that remain at home. we have 40,000 people now without running water and 25,000 people without electricity. they're working around the clock to make things better. still, very tough situation as the rain continues to fall, gretchen. >> amazing pictures coming out of south carolina. steve, thank you. >> well, remember this story. a dentist murdered in a marking garage in dallas? well now the suspect is in custody with another still on the loose. so how much can prosecutors prove anything with the alleged master mind on the run? and hillary clinton heading north trying to gain points on bernie sanders in new hampshire. what she is saying today to win over voters. and is it a flip-flop from 2008? her comments on gun control. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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enjoy the relief. hillary clinton taking aim at guns now. she is calling for executive action. the democratic presidential candidate unveiling her plans in a pair of town hall meetings that happened in new hampshire today. ed henry is live there. this sounds like a flip-flop on gun control from hillary clinton, right? >> she certainly was not as aggressive about gun control in that last presidential campaign. this time jumping all over that tragedy in oregon. she come out with a plan today calling for universal background checks. wants to go further. wants to be able to allow victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers. a question that has been very controversial in recent years. she grew emotional today.
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fighting back tears here in new hampshire. remember, that -- this is the same state where she tried before the 2008 primary and beat obama back then in a comeback. today, she was fighting back tears as she introduced a mom who had lost a child at sandy hook. and then issued this warning to the nra and got very tough with shouting as she said this. >> ideally, what i would love to see is gun owners responsible gun owners, hunters form a different organization and take back the second amendment from these extremists. >> hitting this issue hard but look what she said in 2008 when the issue of federal gun control came up. she said in a debate in 2008, for the federal government to be having any kind of, you know, blanket rules they're going to try to impose, i think that makes sense. her campaign telling me today what she meant then was that she thought that maybe some locations and states would go
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further than the federal government. you look at it and how many years later she is calling for very aggressive federal gun control. didn't seem like she was saying that in 2008, gretchen. >> okay, the e-mail situation keeps following her. but to day she suggested that it was much to do about nothing? >> yes, she said all of the inquiries are beyond the pale in terms of all the questions she faced. then he had made this bold lek aration in a town hall with nbc's today show. watch this. >> i have gone further than anybody that i'm aware of in american history. now that's not a long history. we haven't had e-mail that long. but as long as we have them, i've gone longer and farther to try to be as transparent as pos i will. nobody else has done that. >> saying that nobody has been more transparent, obviously that is a narrative that has been challenged big time in this campaign. >> all right. ed henry, thanks. >> so there was an arrest made
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in the death of a texas dentist in a murder for hire plot. the female mastermind, she is still on the loose. our legal panel weighs in on what appears to be a crime of passion. plus at least one new poll showing the economy, yeah, it's still remains a top campaign issue to all voters. so that brings us to our question of the day to day. what's the most important issue to you in the next election? is it the economy or something else? tweet me. #t #therealstory. i'll read your thoughts coming up. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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it's getting more expensive to use your own money. out of network atm fees now average, wow, dinlt know this $4.52. that up is 4% from last year. and 21% in five years. a plan to trim about $200 million in debt needs to be approved by the court. so far the company is planning to keep all 130 u.s. stores open. >> and an investigation into volkswagen dodging emissions tests with software. officials saying the pair cheated when they couldn't deliver a clean diesel engine for cars being shipped to the united states. so here is a grisly murder case. it involves a texas dentist. police arresting a suspect in the murder for hire case. there she is right there. now allegedly this person organized by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, that's her there. investigators say she hired gunman christopher love to kill hatcher and he's now in polic
11:23 am
custody. crystal cortez also arrested last month for her role as the get away driver. but delgado still on the run. so what is next in this murder for hire plot? time to bring in our legal panel, fox news legal analyst and robert bionci, criminal defense attorney and former head koupty prosecutor. great to you have here. let me start with you. a capital murder warrant for this woman on the run now. there were three people involved in this. >> exactly. >> can they go ahead with this case if they can't find her? >> sure they k they're going to try to find her. the best way to find her is to flip the other two. at least for sure i would try to flip the driver. she's looking at less time. look, i knew what i was doing was bad, but i had no idea we were going to kill somebody. that could be believable. i would work with her. she probably knows where the main person is who actually set this all up. >> okay. you have three people involved. you can see the center gentleman is apparent lit one who actually
11:24 am
pulled the trigger. he's in custody, bob. but let me ask you this, it seems like the girlfriend was upset that her boyfriend had a new girlfriend in the dentist. crime of passion or is it? >> no. this is not going to be legally considered a crime of passion. when i would investigate a homicide case, love, jealousy, you know, you're right there for motive. you look for the motives first. what you have is so many factors that show this was not done spontaneously in the heat of the moment. you have planning, preparation, opportunities, soliciting other people. there was plenty of time under the laws of cool off. so this isn't one of the circumstances where you just see an vent, spontaneously react to it and it becomes a manslaughter rather than a murder. >> but passion is involved in this. she was scorn. that's her motivation. yes, she set this whole thing up. she can't get out of it because of a crime of passion. but passion and love gone wrong is definitely the motivation. >> but that's why it's a capital case, correct? >> correct. >> instead of a lower murder case. >> the planning, premeditation$.
11:25 am
back in my day, ways $5,000 or $10,000. >> the idea that somebody would allegedly do this for $500. okay. so where does it go from here now? do they justin with the case? they're going to try to flip these two people as we talked about. but what if they never find this suspect? >> they're going to find him. it's very hard to run. people have left and there are paper trails and electronic trails. it's very difficult to disappear from society. this is not a sophisticated defendant. this is what was otherwise a very normally living person. they're going to find it very difficult to escape authorities. i don't disagree a little bit. i think they'll flip. the prosecutors, this is what i would be doing, is going to be looking at to who they're going to flip. because it's a death penalty case, cortez is the perfect person. >> she's the get away driver. >> she said it was only a murder. somebody dies throughout course of a felony.
11:26 am
it makes it a difficult case for the prosecutor to prove on a death penalty. the eyes of the prosecutor, i go right for her. i'd wait before i go towards anyone else. >> the suspect actually did the killing, allegedly. i might go to him eventually to say, look, i'll take the death penalty off the table if you'll testify against her at her trial. and by the way, gretchen, just last week in georgia a woman was executed for planning the murder to her lover of her husband. she didn't actually do the murder. she planned it. so it happens. >> i don't think the prosecutors are going to give him a break because he's the shooter. i get it. in some cases you need to do that. these people did the worst thing any criminal defense attorney would do and they spoke to the police. speaking to the police, they all admitted to the girl, cortez and love, the shooter, that they were involved in participating in the robbery. there is no need for the prosecutor to make a deal with him. in my opinion. that won't happen. >> very interesting. we'll see how it's going to take before they find the third accomplice. thanks to both of you. >> you got it. the coast guard just now
11:27 am
finding debris in the eastern bahamas. does it belong to that cargo ship missing since late last week with americans onboard? and a college campus reopens after a shooting rampage left nine innocent people dead. how faculty, students and that entire oregon community are remembering those lost in the tragedy. and hillary clinton appearing not only on nbc saturday night live, but also she had a town hall on the "today" show this morning. so is her plan to appear more spontaneous actually getting some help from another news network? before i had the shooti burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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it's the bottom of the hour. supreme court officially back in session. topic suggests that they're going to tackle this term including union rights, voter he will jikt and abortion regulations. syria's president with a rare statement condemning isis after islamic state militants zwroid a 200-year-old land mark. changes are going to be happening at disney world. the theme park raising prices now for the season tax system and adding more pass options. >> the search continues for a missing karg go ship. now the redirecting the search for the 33 people believed to be onboard. so far, rescuers finding one body and a badly damaged life
11:32 am
boat. phil? >> i was listing 15 degrees and taking on water. and the odds of survivorability at this point given about one more day if those crew members were, in fact, floating in the ocean. they did find and recover one of the ship's two lifeboats. nobody was inside. take a look at the pictures. that life boat battered and broken in pieces. hope remains that most of the crew members did make it into that second life boat. >> they issued this statement, we continue to hold out hope for survivors, our prayers and thoughts go out to the family members. and we will continue to do all we to support them. the coast guard did find one
11:33 am
body floating in the survival suit. they left it behind in order to search for other people in the water which they did not find yet. the mother of one of the crew members here in jacksonville, shared her daughter's final e-mail to her. >> we're heading straight into it. category 3. winds are super bad. love to everyone. >> the decision to send it without the routine cargo run with the hurricane in the bahamas and the captain's decision to go ahead and persevere and plow through what turned into a category-4 hurricane are now under investigation by the national transportation safety board. >> also the coast guard is finding tons of debris in the eastern bahamas from this storm, too. >> absolutely. they're trying to confirm if it
11:34 am
came from this ship or another ship that lost a lot of debris or sank and lost the container ships. two debris feels near crooked island. and that -- from that position is where the coast guard now believes the ship sunk because that's where it gave that. 20 a.m. distress call about taking on water. the coast guard still optimistic though that the experienced mariners onboard the ship have a super strong will to survive. >> so what that means, though, we just change our search planning efforts. we are still looking for survivors. or any signs of life, any signs of that ves he will. >> if the crew members did get in the lot of boats, you're trying to drop in that water with 140 mile an hour winds. 40 to 50 foot tall waves and very tough situation. gretchen? >> phil keating reporting from
11:35 am
florida. thank you. back to politics now. hillary clin has her work cut out for her on the campaign trail. according to the latest polling, republican candidate jeb bush beating clinton by ten points in iowa if they went up head-to-head. donald trump ahead by seven points. carly fiorina beating clinton by 14 points. her own democratic rival doing better when matched up against the same gop opponent. senator bernie sanders leading trump by five points. trailing bush and fiorina by two and three points respectively. ebony williams is a political analyst and fox news contributor, a gop strategist and former spokesperson for george w. bush. i always find it interesting to look at the head-to-head matchups. i don't know how much they matter this far out. you got to be nervous if you're in the clinton camp and you soo he that fiorina-clinton matchup head-to-head in iowa. fiorina ahead by 14.
11:36 am
i think for a lot of republican pundits in particular, we would love to see a matchup like that. but it does -- it's very telling about the clinton campaign. even when you put bush or trump ahead in iowa, iowans pretty much have had it with hillary clinton. this is going back to 2008 when barack obama beat hillary clinton in that state. they want fresh face, new leadership. this is an election, like 2008, about change. and about fresh ideas. and clinton is the same old, same old. i think she's going to have a very difficult time turning that ship around, especially in iowa. >> but ebony, how do you describe the fact that bernie sanders does better? are we really heading in the democratic party to have a democratic nominee who is a self proclaimed socialist? >> you know what? i couldn't agree more with mercedes' point. i think hillary clinton really represents the establishment in the same way we seat republican side, the anti-establishment
11:37 am
candidates. bernie sand serz benefitting from the saum energy. they want something different. i think it's really sad that their only option other than hillary clinton right now is viably bernie sanders. that's ridiculous. that's why joe biden is so exciting for many people in the democratic party. >> they've not been able to gain any traction on the democratic side. >> there is a little bit of a love fest over the past couple days as you know. this morning nbc's the "today" show hosted a town hall with clinton in their prime morning slot. this just on the heels of her saturday night live also on nbc. was in an orchestrated pick me up event? >> it sure sounds like it. they're going to ofrt same slot to donald trump and having a town hall. but there is a problem. why do it now? if that's the case, you need offer up the town hall style sessions for all the gop
11:38 am
candidates as well as for bernie sanders. i mean it's, i think, a bit unfair for nbc to just go and give this prime slot to hillary clinton and part of it whether you start seeing the s&l skit, the campaign might want to invest money and hire the writers to maybe help her write a speech for her campaign. that surely made her look very soft. >> here's the funny thing. it didn't even help hillary. i watched the s&l thing. it reit rates how disconnected and not funny she is. she comes across as the awkward kid that wants to be the cool kid. that desperateness makes you not the cool kid. >> i thought she did pretty well. she did pretty well. >> i couldn't laugh. >> okay. very interesting. and we get honesty from mercedes and ebony today.
11:39 am
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> time now for my take. not surprising that hillary clinton was on saturday night live. it's a great venue for reaching people and showing another side of personality. other presidential candidates will also get their shot. will others also get a dedicated today show town hall like clinton did this morning? nbc says they have asked trum top do a town hall. the clinton one seems like some sort of a package deal created by nbc and clinton's campaign to try to boost her image as more likeable. and the latest polls out of new hampshire now show why clinton would want the extra push. take a look here. clinton leads trump in the granite state 48-45%, she is behind jeb bush 49-42% and behind fiorina by an even wider margin, 50-42%. as for bernie sanders in this state? he does better in head-to-head matchups again. over trump, 52-42. fiorina, 47-45. and tied against jeb bush 46
11:40 am
even. these results must have democrats worried about hillary clinton. but also republicans, since none of the current gop candidates are handedly beating a self-proclaimed socialist. you can always get my take on my facebook page and at fox >> students and staff are returning to campus for the first time since a gunman went on a shooting rampage leaving nine people dead at that community college in oregon. will karr is live in roseburg, oregon. how are students dealing with the first day back on campus? >> hey, there gretchen. as you might imagine, a very tough day here. they're trying to return to some sense of normalcy if, that is even possible. but emotions are still so raw after the shooting on thursday. in fact, we just spoke to one student who talked about how tough it's going to be moving forward. >> i think that it's going to be hard for people probably to focus because their thoughts are going to be just on what
11:41 am
happened and the fact that it did happen. >> roseburg continues to mourn the nine innocent victims who were killed thursday. over the past couple of days, we've seen a small memorial in front of the college grow. one sign in particular sticking out that says "yes, i am christian." a reference to the witness account that's the gunman asked who was a christian before firing. while this community continues to mourn the president of the college has come out and said she received phone calls from people across the country who have experienced similar tragedies. >> this is not a club we wanted to join. we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club but we're now members of the newest members on the senior members are all taking care of us. >> one person we haven't heard from is the gunman's mother. we tried to track her down this week. we couldn't find her. we think she left town. we would like to talk to her about references she made that her son had mental illnesses.
11:42 am
one thing we learned, gretchen, about the gunman is that he told the students in that room he had been waiting to do this for a long time. >> all right. will karr out in oregon, thank you. so here's another tragic story. you have a doctor and a mother of three. she went out for a night on the town with girlfriends in new york city and she turns up dead on a doorstep. so was foul play at work here? and we have new details on the race for the new speaker of the house. yeah, just announced. and does jason chaff is have a chance against the establishment candidate? kevin mccarthy. we'll be right back with that.
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. . . .
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there just coming in now, john boehner pushing back the election to replace him. it was going to be this week, october 8th. now it's going to be october 29th. as jason chavis announces a clalg to kevin mccarthy and
11:46 am
insider who is closely aligned on many topics with boehner. tim phillips is the president for americans for prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group. you're in studio on "the real story." let's talk about the house election. it was going to be this week. now they pushed it back. why the rush? >> i think they want to move quickly to try to pick their preferred candidates is my sense. they're going to do speaker this thursday and then moving everything else back for that for the remaining spots. look, whether it's insider or outsider, the republicans have got to start acting like republicans. i mean for too long conservatives and republicans rank and file activists have heard rhetoric at campaign time. then they see the actions in this congress. that doesn't match up. that's a big problem for them. >> i think it's really interesting. it's a microcosm of what we see right now with the presidential candidates. people seem to like the outsider, right? >> very much. so. >> now you have chavis and mccarthy in the same roles,
11:47 am
insider/outsider. is the same thing happening inside of that election? >> i don't think it's to the degree that the love folks look at congress and they go we don't like any of them. as with the presidential nomination, they're favoring three candidates who have never held office. so even someone like a governor scott walker who was an absolutely outsider member who barely ever came to washington, he still had that governor if front of his name. it hurt him. i don't think this is specific or significant in the congressional side. voters will come and go. they're all in there. >> and they have a low approval rating all together in a group. let's move on to this. what are the voters actually thinking about? what issues? so the economy remains their top concern followed by health care, terrorism, and then the deficit. and whether it comes to which voters are more interested in the election campaign outright, right now republicans more engaged than democrats. does that surprise you at all, first, that last graph that we have there? that republicans are more engaged at this point in time?
11:48 am
>> it does not. folks that looked at this six years of this obama administration, they desperately want change. that does not surprise me at all. >> let's go back to that first graph that we had up there about the issues. >> right. >> economy, economy, economy. i mean a lot of things happen in the world. and we think wow, that is really going to sway the election this time around. whether it is terrorism or the deficit or something else. but whether n it comes right do it, it's the pocketbook. >> i am on the road a lot of time. i have never seen this much unease about jobs and how folks are going to make it. so many grandparents are sitting there looking at their younger kids and wondering how on earth are they really going to do well? live the american dream? and that is something i think most politicians are not relating to right now. and it's a dramatic concern for just about every american out there. so the republican who is able to best articulate a vision for reigniting the american dream, i think that's the candidate who will win this nomination. >> very interesting. all right. americans for prosperity. you have some money to give out
11:49 am
to a very lucky candidate. who are you going to give it to? >> we're not going to get involved in the republican primaries for the presidential or the senatorial side. we are, however, building a deep infrastructure for the long term. we're going to make sure that free market policies to actually get this economy going start winning again and so we're building a long term infrastructure on the ground. we're going to hold these guys accountable, democrat and republican. a lot of times these republicans they talk really well at the election time. they don't follow-through. >> that's what the voters don't like right now. >> that's exactly right. >> they're letting them know that loud and clear. tim phillips, great to have you on "the real story." successful doctor, beauty queen turns up dead. what police have learned now about this woman's whereabouts right before she died. and a toddler who vanished days ago found alive in the most unlikely place, the entire happy discovery all recorded in a phone call. >> hi, baby. stay still. >> is she okay? >> can i grab her?
11:50 am
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unbelievable story now, an ohio toddler missing for more than a day, found alive about a mile from where she disappeared. 2-year-old rain peterson vanished near the pp state line nearly two days laird. a volunteer searching a nearby field found her asleep in some tall grass. the happy moment captured in a 911 call. >> i found baby rain and she's alive. >> is that her? >> oh, i just got goose bumps. >> oh, my god, me, too. i couldn't give up on this kid. thank god. >> the child was taken to the hospital to be checked out. investigators still trying to
11:54 am
figure out how she got out of the home. now this bizarre story. new york doctor and mother of three goes out on the night of the town with friends but doesn't make it home alive. investigators hoping to gain more answers with an autopsy scheduled for today. we have more on this mystery. >> reporter: she had bruises on her neck but police believe those bruises were from a previous medical procedure. she was partying on the lower east side of manhattan saturday night. she told her husband she was staying in manhattan in w a friend but early sunday morning she was found in a doorway of an apartment building in chelsea. a man spotted her sprawled across the floor with her footholding the door open. he called paramedics but they were unable to save her. two men were spotted carrying her down stairs. one of those men is a
11:55 am
51-year-old producer for hbo and he's being questioned by police. the other man who lives in the apartment building is reportedly a 61-year-old man who police are now wanting to question. so far, no charges have been filed but the report says the men panicked when she turned blue and they tried to get her out of the apartment. she was fully clothed when she was found but her underwear was in her purse. witnesses say the women had been drinking heavily the night of the incident but there's no confirmation she had been using any drugs. an autopsy is being performed today. cerveny is the former winner of american junior miss pageant. graduated from duke university and was a very well respected dermatologist. now the question is, did she die from any type of foul play? >> wow. unbelievable story. all right. trace, thank you. so, he went sky diving on his 90th birthday with the head of the cia, and became president of the united states. we'll show you where george h.w.
11:56 am
bush was hanging out this past weeken weekend. >> america is about to make history but not the way we intended.
11:57 am
11:58 am
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time to check out what america is click on the wings of women flying high over the countryside images from nasa's trip to the noon are available on flihonoon flick are. and one man makes a massive suit. making extreme costumes equipping it with lights and lasers. >> where was he? former president george h.w. bush. not letting a broken backstop him. he broke a bone over the summer, he's healing nicely and having
12:00 pm
fun doing it. another day older tweets, securing the border and do we have time for joe? joe agrees with the majority of americans writing, economy is top all else. thanks so much for writing in. i'm gretchen. 3:00 on the east coast. what do you do when your airline pilot dies during flight? it happened today on a jet headed across our country. plus an elite search and residue team to look for storm survivors. record rainfall, submerging homes, cars, washing away people. some spots got over a foot of rain overnight and still coming down. also what exactly happened at the doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan? 22 people confirmed killed when u.s. forces attacked? but why? today, a different account the reason our military okayed that air strike and accusation, it was a warm


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