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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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fun doing it. another day older tweets, securing the border and do we have time for joe? joe agrees with the majority of americans writing, economy is top all else. thanks so much for writing in. i'm gretchen. 3:00 on the east coast. what do you do when your airline pilot dies during flight? it happened today on a jet headed across our country. plus an elite search and residue team to look for storm survivors. record rainfall, submerging homes, cars, washing away people. some spots got over a foot of rain overnight and still coming down. also what exactly happened at the doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan? 22 people confirmed killed when u.s. forces attacked? but why? today, a different account the reason our military okayed that air strike and accusation, it was a warm crime. let's get to it.
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now, live from the foxnews desk. >> and good afternoon, a 1,000 year flood event. that's what the governor is calling the aftermath of record rain in the mid and low country of south carolina. officials are now blaming the weather for at least 11 deaths in the carolinas and while the water is finally starting to go down in some areas of the midland officials warping people the problems are far from over. video today shows people making their way through waist-water. reporting it was the wettest day ever on record. south carolina's governor, nikki haley said rescue workers responded to thousands of calls all over the state. not just flooding. officials are working hard to get not just weather but power to tens of thousands of people. >> we currently have $40,000
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people right now without water. i know they're working hard to get that back up. we have 26,000 people back up. that number is an average. when one goes down, we get another one up. so, it's going back and forth. >> back and forth across that state. i want to show you the area of current radar of flood watches and warneninings in effect. we've been reporting, forecasters say massive amounts of flooding, a one-two porch that began last week. there's the low pressure system, the so-called river of tropical moisture coming from hurricane joaquin. that ended up spinning out into the atlantic. all of this still here, the result more than two feet of rain in some area, and more images to show you this after. i want to start with an overhead look at the western part of columbia. this is the capitol. the river out of its banks in
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many places. governor haley said more than 500 roads and bridges are closed across south carolina. 500. this is columbia, again, a house overtaken by the flood. it's halfway up the windows there. the water rushing up over eye a dam. folks forced to get around all over the city by kayak and boat. difficult to do that because there's a current, you see the speed limit. what is normally city trestreet. you can see the foundation went away this is the town. florence. that man right there, trying to get through the water while that truck is nearly on its side. check out this side from along the coast. an isle of palms. this is a sea wall. it clearly breached and the sea come ashore and right past it. right now we've learned an elite
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search and rescue team is on the ground. one of 28 fema teams responding to disasters around the globe. earlier that same group was sent to nepal to find earthquake victims. first, let's go to columbia, the state's capital. man, you are still waist deep. >> still waist deep with a slight drizzle, shepherd. off highway 77. this has a current here. it's actually hard to tell where the river ends and the road begins. you talk about bridges and roads. this is one washed out. there are orange cones set up all over the place in this capital. sometimes it means the road ahead is flooded. sometimes it mean there's a hole. to get around you have to zigzag. despite that, cars are still coming out. you see the truck behind me. the tree that man survived.
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we see cars in front of me pulled out as we speak. it's really a duel danger. one is the flooding and the sorry disintegration. the storms have been so heavy. parts of roads are simply washed away in some areas. shepherd. >> what is the word on rescue efforts, steve? going on in rural regions outside of the capital. we've seen more than 100 boat rescues and 2500 helicopter rescues. they are plucking people out of the watt e-old people, young people, dogs and some taken from rooftops, still concerns of people in their houses without water and power. they have been working around the clock for four days but it's still drizzling now. shepherd. >> let's goat to the beach, garrett, penny, how are we looking? >> you can see the entire roadway is completely flooded. this is a spot here in myrtle
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beach. it's not everywhere you see this. the low-lying neighborhood is what you're seeing here. this has gone down in the last couple of hours. further back in this neighborhood you go, the deeper this water gets. we just got back from a canoe ride, going to see the rest of this neighborhood. as you're looking at pictures, you have to remember the water is four, five inches higher this morning. it varies a lot. you have one home that got any water inside. another home, has a couple feet indoors. you can see when this rain started coming yesterday, you had people trying to hurty up and get out of the neighborhood. they didn't make it in time in their cars and they got stuck in the roadways. the fire department in myrtle beach had to come out to evacuate a lot of folks here. now they're going in and out through this neighborhood in either big cars or canoes, which is the mode of transportation to grab groceries and other folks to check on their homes and see
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how things are. this is -- the latest update we have through the national weather service, some parts of myrtle beach over the last three day, 18 inches of rain they've got. you can still it's still coming down now. >> it's not just the water. they are worried about roads themselves, even roads that are not covered. >> reporter: yeah, you heard steve mention the roads, a lost places crumbling. we have video down the road where ground is so saturated that any weight on it is causing the roads to tumble and water is rushing through there. this is a big concern. it's also bridges as well throughout the state. they are asking folks, stay off the roads if you can. don't be out unless you have to, shep. >> the worst of this is, the threats are not over and rain in some pars are still coming. janice dean, the weather machine, it's still raping? >> was it the hurricane? what was it that brought this
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moisture? two things. up ellevel low, and then we have moisture tapped into hurricane joaquin and moisture workingity way into south carolina, in some cases two feet of rain. columbia typically sees 45 inches they saw half of that in a matter of 48 hours. you see that overwhelming. that's why they are calling this a once in a 1,000-year storm. historic rainfall totals one of the worst in u.s. history. certainly for south carolina. over two feet. we are not done yet. we're almost there, shepherd. still see that moisture streaming in across north carolina now, south carolina. but the good news is, we're lk done. flood advisories remain posted for the next 12 to 18 hours then we'll start to see things subside as the area of low pressure breaks down and moves offshore and we'll be dealing with clear sky the for the next
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several days and foreseeable future. again, as we go through time here, we could see anywhere from 1 to 3 inches and any more rainfall will had more problems much there's the precip tall wa as /*. finally shepherd that tropical moisture will let up. >> then they can clean up. janice dean in the weather center wrapping up flood coverage. how green is your bank? what it cost to get money out of your atm and states where it cost the most. >> and thanks to a shift of hurricane joaquin. that as long as two football fields, that ship is gone. dozens of people missing.
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the hurricane missed us. it did not miss the ba happen mas. what a disaster. devastation in parts of the island chain after joaquin slammed it. wins 130 miles an hour for about 30 solid hours. the worst of it all. in the south and east. bottom right of the island chain. crooked island. san salvador, all of those got the worst and the storm took out small airports which means getting relief will be much more difficult. communities in and around the capital of nassau did not get it as bad. they were on the report and west
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of the eye where the conditions were not lad. one man confirmed dead on long island. he died when the roof was blown off his house. it will cost tens of millions of dollars to rebuild after the storm. coast guard rescuers said they found a member of a crew that was aboard this ship. more than 30 people are still missing and rescuers are searching for any possible survivors. take a look at the big wall. the ship left jacksonville, florida down through the bahamas. at this point they ran into the storm much the coast guard captain said they lost power and communications around the crooked island of the bahamas. they were listing and lost power. the crew would have very difficult conditions as the ship went down. >> he would have been abandoned
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ship into a category 4 hurricane. you're talking 140-mile-an-hour winds. seas up wars of 50 feet. visibility basically at zero. those are challenging conditions to survive in. >> yeah. relative, some of the missing crusade it's torture waiting to see what happened to their loved ones. one mother said last time she heard from her daughter. september a message that said not sure if you're following the weather at all, but out here there's a hurricane and we are reading straight into it. love to everyone. transportation investigators launched an investigation why that ship headed straight into the storm. again it left from jacksonville. phil keating is there. any word on the ship's life boat? >> reporter: when the el faro left, it had two life boats on board. those are fully enclosed once you climb inside and lock the tach. it had numerous life rafts and
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more than enough floatable life suits. the coast card found one of those two life boats. take a look at video. that's horrible video of a life boat battered and broken in pieces, clearly nobody in side. that's what a cat 4 hurricane does to a life boat. hoping the crew helps are in that second life boat waiting to be found. maratime puerto rico put out this quote. we continue to hold out hope for survivors. prayers on thoughts to our family members and we it to do all we can to support them but the national transportation safety board is investigating efforts made last week and the company. and why the ship's captain did not deviate the course while out there. >> i believe there were cargo ships that sailed through the
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ship too. >> three cargo ships out there. one, as a result of two sunken ships and another lost all its containers. that's what a cat 4 hurricane does to a ship. they managed to rescue it two of the containers. they did find one of the el faro's life rings over the weekend and found one fatality floating in a survival suit. despite the sinking, several coast guard cutters continue looking for survivors. >> we modified our efforts to focus more on potential people in the water, life boats and life rafts. >> while most of the bahamas are sal low watters in between the islands the part where this happened is 15,000 feet deep.
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so, if that ship sunk it will never be found. >> phil keating live in jacksonville. thanks. breaking news, a train heading through washington, d.c., running through vermont derailed. vermont's governor said it happened in the central part of the state after rocks fell from a ledge on to the track. a small rockside. a freak of nature. a locomotive and passenger car went over an embankment and down the hill. three other cars jumped track but stayed upright. look at the pictures there. he said the car started to dip and down we went. the atm fees at banks are rising into record territory. but there are ways to cut your cost and keep more of your money. where do you think it cost the most? and how much to get 20 bucks out of the machine? the numbers are redibb louse and they are coming up.
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the justice department announced a settlement for the giant. >> i'm happy to announce the pending claims against bp total more than 20 billion. >> feds call it the largest settlement with a single entity with a history in the justice department. according to d.o.j., they will pay $20 billion plus interest as penalty. 80% of that amount goes to restoration efforts in the gulf. additionally bp agreed to pay $5
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billion to five gulf states affected by the spill. getting your harm-earned money cost you more these days because the fees are skyrocketing. there's a new survey out saying thee reach aid new record. 4 hospital 52 sents on average. heat what you pay when you draw money from an atm not affiliated with your own bank. analysts say that number is up 21% over the past five years because banks are looking for new ways to make money after the financial crisis. because the banks are hurting, aren't they? we have more. new york at the top of the list? >> new york is not the number one. number one is atlanta. it has the highest average atm fee of $5.15 according to bank rates. other cities that made the top of the list. phoenix, miami and milwaukee. meantime, san francisco hadded
12:23 pm
lowest average atm fee at $3.85. kind of give you an idea how much banks are bringingy. jm morgan chase. wells fargo brought $1.1 billion of atm fees for the first three months of the year. when it comes to overdraft fees when you spend more than what is in your checking account you get slammed. $33.07 is the national average. that's up 9% since the year 2010 and milwaukee is the --ually gets slammed the most when it comes to overdraft fees. >> part of is, we used to write bank checks. and batches don't make that money anymore. how do you bring down your fees from a bank? you can't get money from bad checks anymore. you have coverage and they're look for other ways. there are ways to save. >> there's a couple ideas. the first thing, fire up the app
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for your bank. all of this location software direct us to the closest in-network atm. also, don't use atm. use a debit card. buy a pack of gum and ask for $100 back in cash. >> usually they are the same card. >> they are different. make sure you know parameters of your card. debit card is specific at a retailer versus atm card at an atm machine out of network, fees charged upwards of $4. >> cash back is almost always free? >> cash back is almost always free. and, at the drug store, you can go in and buy something as little as a pack of gum for a couple bucks, lipstick, they'll give you -- there's a cap what you can take out. >> 100 bucks. >> the greed of these banks is
12:25 pm
astounding. >> 1 point 1 billion works out to several hundred billion dollars for those banks. but the fact is, banks are struggling to cover their costs. really, since the financial crisis they have higher regular laces. we've had ultralow interest rates for so long, banks are not earning as much on loans, and security costs, folks are hacking into our private data. >> i've seen their quarterly balance sheet. wah, wah. >>. and american larls flight was four hours into the flight when the captain dropped dead at the controls. can you imagine? dramatic details what happened inside that cockpit, coming up. at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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more head lines from the foxnews desk. a fiery crash killed two people in dallas. a tractor trailer and car crashed into each other and the gas tank exploded. police checking to see whether a third person inside died. sncht a race car crashed into a crowd at a charity event injured more than two dozen people. happened yesterday in malta. the driver lost control and the car clipped the grass along the edge of the track. and nobel prize goes to three scientists. the winners from united states, japan and china. they are to share almost 1 million. the nobel committee set to award the peace prize.
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bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. an american airlines pilot died mid flight with 150 people on board. the flight attendant who happened to be a nurse tried to save that pilot but in the end could not. the co-pilot tasked with flying the plane the rest of the way. it was a red eye took off from knee nix, diverted to boston but headed to syracuse where a replacement crew took over and got the jet back to boston. do we know any more details? >> reporter: appears the co-pilot was going to land in syracuse whether they liked it or not. by the time they radioed in syracuse the payne was already down to 15,000 feet. >> medical emergency, captain
12:32 pm
incapacitate incapacitated. >> syracuse american 550 is out. >> the pilot was declared dead at a hospital in syracuse 1 of the 147 passengers aboard tweeted this. quoted, stranded in syracuse due to an ill pilot and diverted plane. just a little reminder that blank happens and we aren't in charge. the passengers got to boston about four hours late. american has not released the name of the pilot or what he suffered from. >> this happened numerous times before. trey? >> yes, it hand a porch of times. in 2013 an american airlines pilot suffered a heart attack from houston to seattle. that plane made it to boise, the
12:33 pm
pilot was rushed to a hospital where he later died in. in june 2009, continental flight. a 60-year-old pilot had a heart attack and died. the co-pilot took over there. in both cases they got ahead on the speaker to ask if there was a doctor on board. on last night's flight, they were told the pilot was not feeling well. when one pilot leaves to go to the bathroom now you know why a flight attendant has to stay until the pilot gets back. in france, union activists stormed air france ahead of the proposed layoffs of thousand of work workers. not at all happy. witnesses say hundreds of union members rushed the building after breaking through the gate. they apparently schreed the clothes of two high level managers, ripped them right off their backs. executives said they'll push
12:34 pm
ahead with restructuring plans after failing to reach an agreement were w those pilots. in afghanistan, pilots -- the u.s. general says american troops did not order the air strike in the city of kunduz but carried it out after heavy fire from the taliban. u.s. trooped were under fire and requested the strike but that's not true. they are working to determine whether american forces targeted that hospital by mistake or made other errors. senior military force tells fox news militants were firing from the hospital. but we're told that's not true. a nurse that was there during the bombing, and i quote, we tried to look into one of the burning buildings. i cannot describe what was inside. there are no words how terrible
12:35 pm
it was. in the intensive care unit six patients were burning in their beds. the former state official is currently dean of school of international service at american university. sames. details are horrifying here. according to the people on the ground they kept calling the united states, calling the people in charge saying, stop striking us. it was one air run after another and they kept bombing this hospital and person after person was burned alive. now doctors without borders some suggesting this was a war crime. how do you see this? >> it was a horrible, horrible situation. the number of dead. the fact this was a hospital. and also that this wasn't some kind of air apartment bomb that happened to hit the hospital. as you pointed out, these were sustained air strikes and united states forces knew that the hospital was there. this is something doctors without borders when they operate in these kind of places make sure the military knows
12:36 pm
there is a hospital there. it's really hard to see how this could have apartmented. >> thit leaves the united state in a very difficult legal position. beyond that, moral position. how do you continue to justify this position. when from time to time the united states gets it wrong? >> well, you know, we've been seeing this for years now in afghanistan. and it is a great propaganda ploy from the taliban in an area where the taliban was not expected to show this type of strength. the fact they could take the city to begin with was shocking. now you have a situation in which the united states in the position of having to apologize, and really should be apologizing profusely, sort of the meek statements about accidents need to be replaced by serious
12:37 pm
apologies. >> what can happen the accusations if war crime continues. >> war crimes are often alleged and warily prosecuted. we see this in many places all over the world. this is not the first time this issue has arisen in afghanistan, while i think there will be an effort to investigate this, and to try to call people to account for it, i don't think anything will come of the war crimes accusations in defense of somebody going to jail, or going to the war crimes tribunal over this. >> the biggest problem at the moment, doctors without borders pulled out of there. we can't operate a hospital under these conditions. you killed a bunch of people and now have serious medical vacuum there with hand-to-hand combat happening and nowhere to treat the injured on either side. doctors without boarders is treating people on all sides of
12:38 pm
this. it didn't matter who was doing the fighting. they treated anybody that was injured. >> there's an amazing organization. they go into high conflict areas, it's very risky. that's why, for those bombing from the air, it's important to make sure they know that's where a hospital is. and that it cannot be the target of a strike. >> james goldgeier from washington. nice to talk to you. this is not the last we'll hear from this. certainly more statements are coming from the united states military as accusations are flying. since the training of syrian rebels did not work out so well -- there's the sentence of the day. -- the pentagon is now planning on sending them weapon for the first time. that's what military officials are telling fox new, the plan is supply only established opposition groups. last month u.s. commanders admitted only four of five of rebels they spent millions training, in fact hundreds of millions of dollars training are
12:39 pm
still fighting in syria. other officials tell "the new york times" president obama ordered the military to support thousand of air fighter on the ground. they said it's part of a new offensive in the southeastern part of syria. this is a brand-new thing we're learning about over the weekend. in these areas here, including the terror stronghold group in raqqa. is a pro fence self-described capital city for isis. they said this new push would not be on the western part. west of syria where russian leaders are launching air strikes. russia claims it's going after terrorists but u.s. officials say the strikes go to those opposing the assad regime. that's what assad regime calls terrorists, those opposing them. what more do we know about the u.s. efforts changing now? >> white house spokesman would
12:40 pm
not confirm these reports but we're see the u.s. plans to arm the syrian rebels but points out u.s. is supporting syrian rebels for the past six or seven months. air strikes have improved performance on the battlefield. >> that's one of our element of counter-isil strategy that yielded importance. bye as with speculation what we may do in the future, i won't speculate on it from here. now, he also said the president's decision to, quote, resupply syrian kerrish fighters helped push them out of that area and also surrounding area. so, hitting but not really saying. >> on another front here, the russians -- we got word yesterday that the russians were admitting they flew into tushish air space which could be really bad. what sort of details do we have? >> in fact, turkey launched jets in response to this. russia is saying this is all an
12:41 pm
accident and it happened for a few seconds but won't happen again. take a look at this map. you can see according to russia's state-run agency. they said the aircraft was returning to the airfield near the syrian/turkish border but because of weather conditions landed towards the north. but here's how the white house is responding. >> the united states, alongside both the turkish government and nato allies, have been in active discussion on this issue and i don't want to get ahead of what those discussions might result in. but it's fair to say that the united states, and our nato allies are quite concerned by that. >> and a big concern, a militar conflict in the skies over what could be a misunderstanding, even though a well-placed military source tells foxnews that, quote, we don't believe the russians are poking the turks intentionally and the plane could have been lost.
12:42 pm
the state department calling this reckless and provocative. >> i know the details will be come. the fed xarm said bankers should have gone to jail for causing the financial crisis. now you mention this, ben bernan bernanke? how do you? you know why now it does no good that bankers should go to jail? because they can't go to jail anymore. why are you mentioning this now? not when the people causing the meltdown of the nation can be punished for it mr. bernanke? we'll get into your statement. plus, if you're the sickest of the sick, should you be able to legally kill yourself and should someone be able to help you? there's breaking news on suicide in america, and it's next.
12:43 pm
test test test test
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12:45 pm
the breaks news i just mentioned now. california has become the fifth state in the union to allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives. of course, most people who are terminally ill need assistance
12:46 pm
on this matter. how that will play without with the signature of governor jerry brown to come on foxnews. here's one four. sounds one thing on the surface then you realize it's something else. more wall street executives should have been in prison by now for causing the economic meltdown that lead to the great recision. that, all of a sudden according to ben bernanke. he has a new memoir coming out. "the urge to act." to cops out tomorrow. and in it, he talks about indicting the big banks than targeting those who caused the problems. he said it would have been my preference to have investigation of individual action since everything that went wrong or was illegal was done by some individual not by some abstract firm. of course, the great recession began in december 2007 ended in june of 2009 making it loggest
12:47 pm
since world war ii much the net worth of u.s. households plunged trillions of dollars, home prices fell 30% and gross domestic product, plummeted more than 4%. tens of thousands of businesses filed bankruptcy and one executive a guy from credit swiss sits in the bank because of it. just one. isn't this absolutely fascinating? the guy who could have said something waits until the statute of limitatinoses runs out and time to sell a book. opens his mouth? what is up with that? >> he's trying to sell the book, shep. these events occurred more than ten years ago. but occurred when he was head of
12:48 pm
federal reserve. when the government could have charged somebody, when he was the head of the federal reserve, did he express what he expressed this morning? to the bush administration, or the obama administration, he was head of federal reserve first four years of that. did he express that? here are the um human being tha broke the law, here's the evidence i have and we should start an investigation. should we wait fort book to come out when nobody should be prosecuted? >> there's no journalist in america who would be happy to have berne bernanke say anything to him or her. now he has a book coming out, people should be in prison. you know what he doesn't say? which people, not one name. >> or what the crime is or what the evidence is. a lot of people got away with a lot of bad things. some was bad as a result. some risky financial ventures
12:49 pm
with other people's money. some was undoubtedly criminal behavior. as you said only one person was prosecuted for this. people in the government caused this to happen. people in private banking caused this to happen. nobody, except this one guy was seriously pursued. justice department today, with a year and a half to go in the president's administration, says it has a different attitude. today it says it will not give corporations a break. it will not fine them unless they cough up the names of individuals who did that stuff. in terms of the crisis of '07, way too little and way too late. >> we bailed these banks out. >> we did. >> we didn't bail out any average joe who lost his house, we didn't bail out the little guy. we didn't p put anybody in gale. we bailed out the banks. one guy from credit swiss. and now he speaks? >> you and i sat here when they first defeated it and tweaked it
12:50 pm
and sat here when they passed it. where is that money going to? not who lost it. it went to aig and big banks so they could be made whole again. job to provide an atmosphere of freedom in which nobody can commit fraud against anybody else and get away with it? >> people should be in prison. we don't know which people. we don't know for which crimes, but we do know it's being said in a book which drops tomorrow. he might. i won't. >> i bet the book will sell just because of who he is. if he comes here, i would love to hear you ask him, where were you for the past eight years, mr. chairman? >> i have just been told that he is on greta tonight. >> oh. >> i have an idea. suggested questions. where you been? where you been, eh? this day in history and a little bit of news that we have left over is coming up.
12:51 pm
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12:55 pm
parks in california and florida rose nearly a third to more than $1400. the company reports single-day tickets at disney world and disneyland are staying the same price at about $100 apiece. big day in the radio world, especially on nonterrestrial world. news sports and more around the clock 24/7. brian kilmeade gave our viewers a look at the new setup. >> a few months ago there was a wall right here. it's now busted because we have fox news radio 24/7. a partnership with siriusxm and channel 113. television and it's breaking and it's brand-new. sports, weather. what you're getting here instead of local news, you get national news. with the national attitude.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! now something completely different on this day in 1969 monty python aired its first tv show "flying circus" the bbc network offered john cleese his own series. he formed a comedy group with five others. the low-budget show was on the air for 45 episodes. monty python went on to search for the holy grail, told us about the life of brian, tried to figure out the meaning of life and ate spam a lot here on broadway. after viewers got a look at a new and completely different comedy team
1:00 pm
i'll have the news for you in one hour on siriusxm 115. brand-new siriusxm channel. in an hour. s hear you then. all right. well in light of this monty python anniversary i have a lovely bunch of buyers and green signs to tell you about. dow north of a 302 point advance. a lot of reasons for this. almost everyone was going along for the ride including battered components like ibm, goldman sachs and caterpillar. here is what has them in a buying mood, the notion that maybe the federal reserve holds off on raising interest rates. you're saying, wait a minute. wasn't it the fact that they didn't raise rates last go-round that got them into a tizzy. now we have a jobs report that says the slowdown could


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