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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 5, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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jackman. >> he's captain hook, right? >> captain hook still has both hands. >> captain hook really did need an upgrade. that's it for us. "special report" is next. thank you for the chick-fil-a. hillary clinton goes all in on gun control legislation and declares herself historically transparent. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. hillary clinton is going from defense to offense. in a flurry of national tv appearances and campaign stops, she's fighting to reverse negative poll numbers by attacking the gun lobby following the oregon college shootings, by challenging republicans in congress, and by asserting her self-appointed place in the pantheon of the most accountable politicians in the country's history. chief white house correspondent ed henry has tonight's top
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story. >> reporter: trailing badly in new hampshire, hillary clinton held two town hall meetings here today and declared nobody has ever been more transparent. >> i have gone further than anybody that i'm aware of in american history. >> reporter: in one of the town halls, an exclusive with nbc, clinton also offered the dubious claim the vast majority of her e-mails had previously been on the state department server. as she rejected anchor savannah guthrie's question about the benghazi committee uncovering the use of her personal server. >> was that a public service? >> no. before this whole thing was a big controversy, you know, the state department was looking for information. my e-mails were on the government account, more than 90% of them. look, i've been around this political situation for a long time, but some things are just beyond the pale. >> reporter: it's been a few days of hillary clinton using nbc to show these more
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authentic, the first on "saturday night live." her rival, bernie sanders, was having massive rallies in massachusetts, including one in boston with over 20,000 supporters. >> they might not like you. >> that really hurts my feelings, i have to tell you. >> people will know i will fight for them and they can count on me. >> reporter: her fight now is over gun control, jumping on last week's tragedy in oregon, pushing for background checks. revealing the plan in new hampshire, the state where she won the u.s. primary after shedding tears. clinton again got emotional. she introduced a mom who lost a six-year-old son at the sandy hook tragedy. >> i have tried to be the voices that we need to hear. and i want you to introduce yourself. >> reporter: a flip-flop from her 2008 campaign. shortly after then-senator barack obama said people in small towns cling to guns or religion, clinton suggested a one size fits all approach to gun control would not work.
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>> for the federal government to be having any kind of, you know, blanket rules that they're going to try to impose i think doesn't make sense. >> reporter: now, clinton's camp said she was worried back then about blanket restrictions that would prevent crime-in fested cities from passing tougher measures than the feds. they say she's been consistently for gun control which may help lockdown these government primaries but get more complicated. >> ed, thank you from picturesque washington. carly fiorina is third in iowa, ben carson fourth. in new hampshire bush leads fiorina. bush is third in the latest poll, ben is tied for fourth with fiorina.
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i'll sit down with donald trump and asking him key questions about the race. this is the first time i'll be asking him questions since the fox debate in august. his inability to clean up the mess has led to emergence over a new challenger. mark emanuel has the battle that's brewing on the hill. >> he's the reason we have such a solid majority. >> he's now challenging kevin mccarthy to be the next speaker of the house, the two being described as very close friends, at least up until now. >> the american pup wants to bl see a change. they want a fresh start. there is a reason we see this f phenomenon across the country, and you don't just give an automatic promotion to the legal team. >> mccarthy was very confident in the republican conference and
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was pleased to get the 1800 votes he need to do become speaker. then there was this gaffe last week when he leaked hillary clinton's poll numbers. >> what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> reporter: ammunition not only for democrats and hillary clinton, but it left some republicans questioning whether kevin mccarthy was ready to be speaker, especially after he tried to clean up the mess on "special report" two days later. >> i did not mean to imply in any way that work is political. of course, it is not. >> and ways and means chairman paul ryan and benghazi select committee chairman trey gaudi don't want the job. meanwhile, other house republicans are expressing concern. >> jason is saying he's running because these 40 people support him and no one else, then we have 40 people who are elected by the people of the united states. the great majority did not vote
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for that 40, they voted for the other 217. >> today outgoing speaker john boehner voted that the conference would vote this thursday. he said he would support mccarthy if he's the choice. the entire house will vote three weeks later, october 29. but what if mccarthy can't get to 218? >> there is some hope that holding this conference thursday, that may hold off a rebel. that gives mccarthy three weeks to make the sale to colleagues, where many people believe he excels. >> mike, thanks. if you're following it, who do you like in the speaker's race and why? let me know at the probe has reopened after secret service joe clancy
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changed his story after he first heard the agency was looking into the congress' background. that was a retaliation on a hearing on agents' misconduct. they have agreed to a highly controversial trade pact that is already facing criticism from some of president obama's own supporters. kevin has the story from the white house. >> reporter: white house officials today welcomed the historic agreement with optimism and confidence, that it passed tpp, will be a game rtnership changer for the world economy. >> the president continues to be confident that if we can do more to level the playing field for american goods and services that american businesses will win. >> eight years in the making, tpp represents 12 countries, representing 40% of the world's economy, an agreement spanning the globe from canada to chile to japan to australia. proponents say the partnership
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will help america better compete abroad, sell more cars, make stronger environmental protections and wipe out 18,000 taxes on u.s. goods sold overseas. but the plan faces months of vigorous debate on capitol hill. 90 days of public scrutiny. a public battle that pits his own party against him and threatens to engulf the entire presidential race. while gop candidates jeb bush and marco rubio said they backed the plan, frontrunner donald trump called it a disaster. even more damaging to the president, the attacks on the left? bernie sanders said today he would do all he could to defeat the agreement. big labor, including the teamsters, also opposed the partnership and even held a suspected endorsement of hillary clinton who backed the plan as secretary of state. the obama gop leadership on this deal reflects its broad public
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appeal. >> it's a good thing there are import games and export games. those who suffer from the agreement, it's important to have programs that help alleviate some of the burden that they face. >> on tuesday, the president is expected to speak at the department of agriculture here in washington where once again he'll offer a full-throated support for the tpp, something that he says will benefit agri producers all across the country. that's the claim tonight, bret, that some tobacco growers are disputing. the dow surged 304, the s&p 36, the nasdaq gained to 73 today. fox 12 in portland oregon is the campus of umpqua community college and it reopens following thursday's shootings leaving nine people dead. five other victims are still in the hospital. while the campus is open, classes will not resume for
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another week. grief-sharing services are available there. fox 10 in phoenix with the death of a pilot flying an american airlines jet out of phoenix overnight. with the captain down, the first officer landed the plane in syracuse. a replacement crew completed that trip to boston. no word yet on what caused the pilot's death. this is a live look at boston as the sunset there. the story tonight, a derailment of an amtrak train traveling from vermont to washington, d.c. it happened this morning about 20 miles west of montpelier. at least one person was injured, one seriously. that's all right now from "special report." we'll be right back.
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south carolina's governor is calling it a once in a
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millennium storm. at least 10 people have died in her state, 7 others in north carolina, as torrential rains have dropped as much as 20 inches in the southeast. >> reporter: for a fourth day, emergency workers in south carolina put their lives on the line. 150 swift boat rescues in the past 24 hours, and at least 25 helicopter rescues. the elderly, babies, dogs all plucked from what officials are calling a thousand-year flood. >> south carolina has gone through a storm of historic proportions. it has gone through a storm that has never happened before. having said that, south carolina is moving. we've got all the people we need. >> the biggest danger now is the roads. some are flooded. some have simply disintegrated, in part, entirely washed away. more than 300 roads are flooded. 150 bridges, making any movement, even to save lives, extremely dangerous. >> the roads are still unsafe.
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a lot of them have been undermined by the flooding so the road may look perfect on top. drive across it, it could collapse. >> reporter: meanwhile 40,000 people remain without running water. 25,000 without power. >> we got out and we're safe and our dogs are safe. so we're very lucky. >> something you wouldn't expect in a million years, the water was just mind boggling. >> reporter: fire trucks pumped thousands of gallons to keep columbia's hospitals running. even the dead have not been spared. coffins in orangeburg county rose up from the saturated earth. and more tragedies from the storm at sea. 32 crew members are missing from the cruise ship pharaoh that left to puerto rico. 21 of the crew were americans. they found one body but will continue to search for survivors. there's been a curfew in parts of south carolina overnight.
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that's for safety reasons and also to prevent looting. bret? this first monday in october is the traditional start of the u.s. supreme court term. the court quickly rejected appeals on school evacuations, a georgia death row inmate and san jose, california suing major league baseball. in the months ahead, they expect to confront vital issues such as abortion, birth control, affirmative action and capital punishment. the irs may be sharing your financial information with tax administrators in foreign countries. the agency will automatically exchange the data with several unidentified nations, which now is designed to catch american taxpayers who hide their assets. the irs says it will only exchange information with those that they call stringent laws.
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the candidate family man. who was responsible for a deadly u.s. bombing of a medical clinic?
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the u.s. military is changing its story about why an airstrike was called that led to a deadly attack on a hospital in afghanistan. doctors without borders is demanding an investigation from someone outside the american military. national security correspondent jennifer griffin fills us in tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: two days after an american airstrike hit a hospital doctors without
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borders, killing 22 people, including doctors and children. the top u.s. general in afghanistan called a press conference in the pentagon to correct the record about statements made by the u.s. military this weekend that the airstrikes were ordered because u.s. lives were at risk from the taliban. >> the impression people got in the first couple days is they were firing directly on u.s. forces. as i've talked to the investigating officer, as we continue to get updated information, that that was not the case. >> general john campbell who was in cash cash preparing for congressional testimony when the hospital was hit said today an american ac-130 inspector gunship was deployed. it's armed with cannons and a 21-litre afghan gun. u.s. officials say the taliban fired from the hospital, a charge doctors without borders angrily denies, describing the attack as a war crime.
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quote, their description of the attack keeps changing from a casual attack to a attack. in reality the u.s. dropped those bombs. they sent four rocket launchers and six artillery units to within striking range of syrian rebels in homes, some backed by the u.s. as the russian military expands its support for the assad regime, by creating a protective belt around the regime stronghold. there is still no evidence that the russians have carried out strikes against isis. >> by taking military action in syria against moderate group targets, russia has escalated the civil war. this approach is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire of the syrian civil war. >> meanwhile, u.s. military sources with downplaying reports that russians' fighter jets
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allegedly crossed into turkey this weekend, telling them the u.s. military does not think the russians are poking the turks. it may have been at least one of the planes were lost. bret? >> jennifer, thank you. what about the moves of vladimir putin in syria and the u.s. policy after those moves? we have some thoughts on that. >> hey, bret. president obama's latest embarrassment at the hands of vladimir putin is to say the russians invading syria may lead to a political quagmire. for one thing, reckless actions by weak nations can cause all kinds of trouble for the world, even if they turn out badly in the end. in this case the russian military is helping prop up a murderous syrian dictator closely aligned with a dictator of iran.
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it means bombs are falling on people that this country should be supporting. some argue that it's actually a favorable development. the much greater likelihood is that putin's forces will continue firing on our friends and leave isis alone, which would be especially bad news in light of the utter failure of the obama effort to find a force to fight isis. putin took these actions because he's sure he could throw his weight around the mideast without resistance in the united states. however it turns out, on that score he was surely right. bret? >> there are many people on capitol hill concerned about syria, but for the people out there on the campaign trail and elsewhere who say, why should we worry that putin is active in syria? why should we worry about syria at all? >> for one thing, the american foreign policy for decades has one of its intentions, keeping
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russia out of the united states would make things worse. if vladimir putin feels free to go into crimea at that end and do the things he's done in ukraine and now moving into syria without any meaning resistance from the united states, then the question arises, what else will he do? they often engage in aggression. rallies of people around the flag build political support, and he seems to have plenty of that despite the fact the country is in sad political shape. >> if you're in estonia or latvia -- >> especially. a car bomb in iraq has left at least 56 people dead and dozens wounded. 32 died in the province, ten were killed in basra province. at least 14 died in baghdad. when we come back, marco rubio on family, football and whether he's too young to be president.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. senior national correspondent john roberts spent some time recently with rubio and his team.
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>> watch out, watch out, the ball is across the line. that's a touchdown. >> reporter: this is a side of marco rubio you've likely never seen before. not the u.s. senator, not the presidential candidate, this is marco rubio the dad. >> you got your arm in the wrong hole. >> reporter: as often as he can, rubio attends football games of his sons matthew and dominic in miami. he used to coach, but with all the campaign travel, there's no time this season. rubio also played football in high school and one year of college. he said the game gave him life lessons he takes with him even now as he travels the nation. >> did it teach you to fight through adversity, to execute a plan. you put yourself in the best possible spot to win. >> reporter: i spent three days with rubio. at home with his family in miami and on the trail in iowa. rising in the polls, rubio has become an instantly recognized
3:31 pm
face in iowa. as he meets with his county campaign chairs to make sure everyone is on message, the twitter lights up. >> a fox reporter asked the ladies in iowa, did you see marco rubio walk by, what did you think? ladies respond, he's cute. >> reporter: with just four months to go in the caucus, rubio is trying to strike a deal with supporters. >> if you're going to sit back and do what every other conservative has done recently, you're no better with them. >> reporter: how will you be different? >> i think i always have been. whenever i've been in a position to serve the public, i always do it in a way that has a sense of you a urgency to it. >> there is also speculation that he is too young for the job. >> i'm 44. >> you are one of the youngest looking 44s i've ever seen.
3:32 pm
>> that's how god made me. i have no problem with it. >> it's those cuban babies. >> i don't know about how much. >> reporter: in recent days, his close friend jeb bush has been lacking in executive experience. rubio absolutely refuses to criticize bush directly. but between bites of pizza in cedar rapids, he took a glancing swipe at the former governor saying, even without executive experience, he's the better man for the job. >> the world has changed a lot in 15 years. the issues we confronted in florida 15 years ago is nothing like the issues being confronted now. if you look over the last few years, i'm very confident in the last few years and the time i've been involved in all of this, no one has shown better judgment or more leadership on the issues facing our country than i have. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, rubio is intense, focused, with an energy aides half his age find difficult to keep up with. he's driven by the example set by his parents, mario and alyce,
3:33 pm
who held many jobs so rubio could have more. >> i grew up thinking i could have the same life as presidents and others because this is a country that awards you based on the merits of hard work, not connection. >> reporter: after two days in iowa, i traveled back to miami with rubio. a few hours of sleep and then up early to take dominic and matthew to football. at the inner citi field, rubio becomes just another parent. >> it's one of the few places i can really disconnect and just be a dad and focus on what they're doing, and i enjoy it a lot. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: we're also joined by his wife jeanette who rarely appears on camera and has yet to appear on the campaign trail. she's shouldering the burden while rubio is away. >> when he's here, he has to do his part, that's for sure. but we do, the kids definitely are proud of heir dad, and i'm
3:34 pm
proud of him, too. >> reporter: they've known each other since high school, dated for seven years before rubio finally popped the question after finishing law school. it was a big hollywood event. >> i was a big fan of the movie, and marco thought, let me propose to her in the same way she loves this favorite movie. so sure enough, we went to new york, and he took me up to the empire state building and proposed to me there. >> have the two of you watched the film together? >> yeah, i saw it. i thought it was about football. >> reporter: one area where rubio is sure to be attacked going forward is in the large number of votes he's missed in the senate since declaring for president. when i asked rubio about that, he told me emphatically, voting takes a backseat to constituent services, committee work and trying to fix the country by running for president. >> "sleepless in seattle." i think he missed it. >> be sure to check out tonight's grapevine featuring one state's efforts to get ready
3:35 pm
for a zombie apocalypse. we'll post john's piece on there as well. hillary clinton, the most transparency ever? we'll talk about it after a quick break. bring us your aching
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and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. before this whole thing, you know, was a big controversy, you know, the state department was looking for information. my e-mails were on the government account, more than 90% of them. the state department was pulling them out. they had been handed over. so, you know, look, i've been around this political situation for a long time, but some things are just beyond the pale. i have gone further than anybody that i'm aware of in american history. now, that's not long history because we haven't had e-mails that long, but as long as we've had them, i've gone longer and farther to try to be as
3:39 pm
transparent as possible. nobody else has done that. >> well, two town hall meetings in new hampshire, flipping pancakes on the "today" show, a skit on "saturday night live." a busy weekend and monday for hillary clinton. let's bring in our panel and start there, senior correspondent george will, senior analyst for the "washington post." what about hillary clinton and this push? how did she do today, and do you think she's making ground on turning those negative poll numbers around? >> well, she seems to actually be retrenching on the question of the e-mails and going back to this idea that somehow this was just some routine record-keeping thing that the state department had going, and they had, you know, come to her as sort of, again, a pro forma type of thing. the fact is, as my colleagues reported a few weeks ago, the reason the state department came to her was that they had
3:40 pm
suddenly discovered there was a private e-mail server. so it was not just a routine records request. >> but this kevin mccarthy statement seems to have been this gift that keeps giving for her. >> it is a gift, and of course they are taking advantage of it as, you know, anyone would in this circumstance because it plays into the narratives that both clintons have been, you know, saying, which is that this is the culmination of a decade-long effort by their enemies. >> george? >> she has not done well when she has allowed facts to intrude on what she says about her e-mails. for example, when she started all this by saying, i didn't want to have two devices and it turns out she had two devices. therefore, the only reasonable conjecture is to say she was doing this for concealment. now, she may think she conceals less than anyone else in american history, but that's also hard to demonstrate.
3:41 pm
parsing her sentences is a full-time job now, and it's going to be interesting to see what is now made of her assertion today that 90% -- that's a good round figure, it's quite specific -- of her e-mails were on the state department server. >> the other thing, as often is the case, some politicians seem to forget we have videotape of past statements. and we keep on putting together these different montages of different statements, but here's another one of the e-mail issue. >> this issue isn't going to go away the remainder of your campaign? >> nobody talked to me about it other than you guys. >> i should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work-related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> all i can tell you is that when my attorneys conducted this exhaustive process, i did not participate, i didn't look at them. every government official gets to decide what is personal and
3:42 pm
work-related. if i had two separate accounts, as many people do, obviously, i would have decided every hour what was personal and what was work related. the law also says the official gets to determine that, and that's what i did. >> you know, some people glaze over with all these different statements. some people who have been following it say there are different-sounding answers. >> and there were. we saw them all in one montage. but what she's counting on, which i think actually works, is that the public is not going to follow each of these statements, they're not going to put them together. the public is going to hear e-mail. and she's latching on -- this is sort of a desperate attempt, but she was given something with the mccarthy statement as a way to say it's a right conspiracy. again, that's why her whole sort of aggressive tone now is to simply say those of you who haven't followed all the versions i've given and all the lies i've told, i'm simply going
3:43 pm
to explain to you they've admitted, the republicans have admitted this is all about whether it's benghazi, whether it's e-mails, it doesn't matter. it's all part of a plan and they have admitted it. and that's her strategy. and i think actually if she keeps repeating it, which she will, she will not return to that soft-spoken, apologetic tone, because that was a one-shot deal as a way to get the press to say she apologized, which she didn't, but it gets her to stage 2, which is to be aggressive and say it's all political. >> in the meantime, she is also turning up the heat on gun control legislation, calling for that. what about that move and how does it play in the democratic primary? >> well, i think that the measures she has called for, expanding background checks, closing the so-called gun show loophole, are all sort of dead center of where most democrats are on this issue. none of this is going to put her sort of on either edge, and it gets her some good next week in
3:44 pm
against bernie sanders. >> who historically has had some issues because he represents rural vermont. >> exactly. but what she doesn't want to do, at least looking back on history, her husband has blamed gun issues for costing al gore the 2000 election. and i think she doesn't want to get so far into, you know, the other side of the territory -- pro gun control that, a, it would cause her problems in the general election, but two, that it would be something that is just completely unrealistic for a president to get through, even if he or she has a democratic congress. >> in addition, obviously, when she was running in 2008 and countering what candidate obama was saying on the trail, especially in san francisco, she sounded very different. >> she did, and she now has to answer the following questions. suppose, as a thought experiment, that every gun control measure president obama has suggested had been written into law six years ago.
3:45 pm
which of these shootings, charleston, oregon, which one would have been prevented by those laws? the answer is none. and that's why the public turns away from this, because it seems entirely unresponsive to the real problem. >> this is an issue on which i think either the gun control people, the democrats, understand in a general election it's poison. that's why she has presented as sort of the moderate down the road democratic plan. but it shows you how afraid she is of the nomination. there's no reason she would have gone this far left on gun control, which will bite her in the general election if she's a nominee, if she weren't afraid of sanders and not biden. next up, the race to become speaker of the house and the tpp.
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we need a speaker who speaks. generally the speakers have had a very silent role. we haven't won the communications war. >> so you don't think he's a good communicator, then? >> i think he's fine normally, but i'm just putting myself out there saying i think i can do that portion of the job much better. >> kevin mccarthy is under fire
3:50 pm
and jason chaffetz of utah is now running for speaker of the house. that election is put back a boe. next thursday, october 8th, the members of the house republican conference will meet to elect our nominee for speaker. after the new speaker is elected on october 29th, the members of our conference will select the rest of the leadership team, the new speaker will establish a date for these additional leadership elections. is he changing the calendar a bit. the election on the floor of the house will happen at the end of the month. we're back with the panel. george, does this bode well for mccarthy? how does this play? >> i don't know because it's so passing strange to assume that the speaker's job is somehow a rhetorical job from. sam raburn through tipp o'neal that's not how the system works. they did have an articulate flamboyant rhetorical genius in his time newt gingrich. but it wasn't his rhetoric. he had a majority, which is what made the difference. their problem isn't lack of
3:51 pm
presentational skills. their problem is across the capitol in the senate. >> we asked karen some people on twitter or facebook to weigh in. my patriot gal says leaning toward jason chaffetz. mccarthy has already showed he is not ready to plead the conservative case in front of the cameras. mac carte only writes 45% of the time. boehner 35%. same old, same old, what about marcia blackburn, jim jordan or someone outside? >> what does the real key date here is october 29th. that means this is going to be a six week long, basically a six week long race. what kevin mccarthy has demonstrated is really how unseasoned he is this is a man who has been in congress for less than 10 years. you have to go all the way back to 1891 to find a speaker who gets the job with less experience that being charles crisp. may he live in history. >> charles? a different charles? >> well, look, i'm no crisp,
3:52 pm
but i think in this case it's rather remarkable. it is true that the speakership ought not be a rhetorical position. but the fact is that when you don't have the white house. -- if the republicans win the white house, it won't matter. the president will speak for the party. if you don't have the white house, the speakership is your voice. and in a television age, it is a very important one. the gap that mccarthy made, i like the guy. he is a wonderful guy. he is a good congressman. but that's the gaffe of the year. and it has given hillary a lifeline but it also -- you have to ask can yourself. he is going to be speaker. is going to be out there representing the republicans and conservatism at least until january of 2017. do you want a guy who makes a mistake of that magnitude? i think he is going to get the speakership. i don't see a way in which chaffetz can actually stop him. it's going to be a shaky position. right about organizing the
3:53 pm
news in bringing the conference together. in terms of presentation, this is a risky presentation. >> meantime, talking trade now. the white house pushing this transpacific partnership known as the tpp, 11 other countries have agreed to the deal but congress has to weigh in. and presidential candidates are already weighing in. donald trump tweeted out today about this perspective deal. the incompetence of our current administration is beyond comprehension, tpp a terrible deal. mike huckabee tweeted out whenning iniating with foreign countries, the obama administration gets rolled like sushi. tpp asian trade deal is a gut in the workers with: democrats also weighing in, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. where is this going? >> they will lose votes on the left because the left doesn't like unregulated unsupervised spontaneous free economic activity. period. at home or abroad. the right has this populist temptation, nationalist
3:54 pm
temptation in addition to not liking anything that comes with obama's fingerprints on it. they tend to go back what the republican party was in the later half of the 19th century when it dominated the country because it was a protectionist, terror phrasing crony capitalist party. and there is a temptation to go back to that. >> it's not a surprise that trump doesn't like tpp. he doesn't like nafta. he would say he would relationship that -- rip that up. how does this play in both parties? >> the president is going to get a lot of support from the republican party. most of the heart burn here is probably going to be on the left. but,. talking about hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton who, of course, was promoting this deal when she was secretary of state has stepped back. she says that she wouldn't have voted for the so-called fast track authority that sets up this vote where congress essentially has to take this deal intact or
3:55 pm
leave it. it puts her in a difficult spot. i think it is going to be a very interesting thing to watch and next week's democratic debate. >> definitely. >> i think hillary will cave on this the way she did on keystone. she wants her left and that's the way to secure it or at least not lose it. i mean, i think 80 % of the imports in this country from these countries is already without tariff. he you think overall this is generally speaking if you look back at the second world war, the free trade regime that we imposed on the world after second world war has been incredible boone to the world. if you believe america is high tech, extremely inner jet tech particular and entrepreneurial and innovative in the end there will be losers in all of this. winners in all of this. overall we have generally prevailed. if you believe in america. i think you would support it. if you don't, if you think our days are done, you will oppose it. >> precisely. hillary's husband said protectionism is just another way of saying i give
3:56 pm
up. and his finest hour as president was relying and almost entirely on republicans to pass nafta. >> my twitter feed will say you are establishment hacks. >> of course. >> that's it for the panel, stay tuned to see one reporter get some feedback that's out of this world. pleasure yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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more on her preparation and the big damn bridge 100. >> [disguised voice] >> and now for a quick check
4:00 pm
on the apocalypse, here is don. >> that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. don't forget donald trump here tonight. tonight, "on the record," donald trump and nothing is off limits from the evil mass shooting at a community college in oregon to dr. ben carson's sudden surge in at least one poll and even in weekend saturday night life donald trump. hitting hard on a wide range of topics. one thing is 100 percent certain. the billionaire businessman never shies away from speaking his mind. a short time ago donald trump went "on the record." donald, nice to talk to you. >> hi, greta. >> donald, if you were with the, when we had another shooting much like we had in oregon how would have you responded to it or what's your sort of plan or strategy to stop these shootings? >> well, greta, i would h


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