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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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do the right thing and do it now. that's my off-the-record comment here tonight. up next the o'reilly factor. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what gun laws can you point to spa specifically would have prevented the shooting in roseburg, oregon. >> sometimes there isn't a specific law that you can point to that would prevent a tragedy like this from happening. >> the left continues to call for more gun laws. even though evidence is mounting they would not prevent mass killings. we'll have a special investigation tonight. >> i'm just a darn bummed. all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> do you think he will win the primaries? >> he must. i want to be the one who attack him down. i will destroy him and i will mount his hair in the oval office. >> hillary clinton trying to
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win over the american public so how is she doing with that? charles krauthammer has some thoughts. >> do you have any problems with the united states? >> also ahead, jesse watters goes to deer born, michigan where half the population is muslim. >> can i wear a tie with this? >> no. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about gun crime in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, president obama now hillary clinton are calling for more regulation of gun sales in the u.s.a. that is bit atly opposed by the national rifle association and some other americans who believe the government should not intrude on the right to bear arms. of course, there are logical
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compromises that can and should be made. but the issue is all about emotion. not rational thinking. perhaps the best sound bite i heard after the oregon massacre, was this: i mean, the reality is, gun control laws control the behavior of legitimate people. people who rob stores. people who rob banks and people who are insane and want to go ahead and murder don't follow the gun control laws. >> of course, that is true. no amount of legislation is going to stop a mad man from killing. and right now there are more than 300 million civilian owned firearms in the u.s.a. according to congressional research data. that's just about one gun for every u.s. citizen. so stop gun sales which is unconstitutional. there would still be '300 million firearms floating around. now, in order to stop the insanity, talking points
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will put forth what should happen in the gun arena. first of all, politicians should knock stuff off like this. >> we have got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. domestic abusers, people with serious mental health problems, there has got to be a better. [ applause ] >> tracking and record keeping. >> now, mrs. clinton knows it's important to keep guns away from dangerous people so why demagogue the issue? however, better tracking and record-keeping would be a good thing. for example, convicts should not be able to buy guns and the fbi data base is there to flag gun sellers to that circumstance. also, if an american underghost treatment for mental illness and is hospitalized because of it. that should be in the fbi data base as well. yeah, there are privacy violations here. but the greater good is served by keeping people with criminal records and mental problems away from firearms.
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correct? therefore, background checks should be mandatory even at gun shows and on the net. conservative americans who value keeping the peace should back that. liberal americans who want all kinds of regulations in addition to that are being irrational. every time i bring up the chicago murder rate. every time, where gun laws are stringent, i get blank looks from the left. they don't want to talk about it they don't want to talk about it and hear about it they have no solutions. chicago is run by ardent liberals. gun crime is out of control despite the toughest laws in the nation. if those tough gun laws don't work in the windy city, why should they work anywhere else? president obama and hillary clinton. talking points has said it before. the two exceptions of mental health and convicted criminals.
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if texas wants to have lenient gun law, fine. if massachusetts wants the opposite, fine. but if someone commits a crime, using a gun, sand convicted. they should receive a mandatory five years in a federal pen on top of the punishment for the other crime that would go a long way in stopping the abuse of guns, would it not? right now in chicago, cops can fine you find with you a gun little happens. plea bargains all over the place. it's got to stop. summing up, the husband of former congresswoman gabriel giffords who herself was shot by a mad man and badly injured told the truth yesterday when asked this. >> what gun laws you can point to that specifically would have prevented the shooting in roseburg, oregon or any of the horrific shooting events we have seen in the last five years or so? >> you know, with individual events. i mean sometimes there isn't
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a specific law that you point to that would prevent a tragedy like this from happening. >> mr. kelly a good man, wants more stringent background checks when guns are sold. but knows that laws cannot stop the madness. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. controversy in roseburg, oregon where the killings took place last week. joining us from that town. the investigations underway. the more of the killer whom we are not naming. we are not naming the kill are or showing the sick guy's picture. the mother was stockpiling guns in the one bedroom apartment; is that correct? >> well, bill, i would agree with you that the mother had guns in the apartment. the question is with the use of the term stockpiling as being reported by some agos. that tends to be maybe an
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inflammatory word. what i would tell you that we know for certainly there were 14 guns that this gunman had access to. six of which were recovered on the scene. six of which were recovered in the subsequent investigation at his apartment. or 8 of which. 14 total. six on the scene. eight in the apartment. i would suggest, bill, in douglas county. that would not be an unusual number in a good number of households. >> is that right? in a one bedroom a. one bedroom, 14 guns. and the mom -- you correct me if i am wrong, the mom is buying a bunch of the guns and taking the son to the firing range where they don't want to be supervised. is that correct? >> it's well it's it our understanding the mom did purchase the guns lawfully. whether she is seen accompanying her son at one of the shooting ranges is yet to be confirmed.
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we have been talking to some of the gun clubs and looking to get confirmation on that bill. as of this hour. that is speculation. >> that's the report. no matter what, the guy and the mother had the right to buy guns in order n. oregon because they had no criminal record. but i think there is a little madness in here. just my opinion. i could be wrong. now, there is a rumor, president obama mute go to roseburg, douglas county. the funerals start thursday and i guess they will extend into next week. how will the president be treated if he does indeed travel to roseburg? >> >> well, you think the president, first of all is, not welcome into the community. that isn't just my opinion. we have talked to dozens upon dozens of citizens. some family members of the victims our elected officials and you may have a copy if you don't i would be happy to read from it on the air that our douglas county commissioners along with
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douglas county elected sheriff who is very popular and our chief of police all came to a consensus language about him not being welcome here to grandstand for political purposes. >> incapsulate why they don't want president obama to come. well, the bottom line, bill, is that a number of people believe that when the president opened his press conference, we still haven't punished counting the bodies on the campus right behind me. we haven't identified whose children were killed can and whose were not. even at that same moment he is saying some people will accuse me of politicizing this arab and he goes on to say it should be. he goes on to say it could be but doing so deliberate prattly. he wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones to make some kind of a political point. isn't going to be well received not by the people or families or even our elected officials. >> very interesting. if that happens, mr. jakes.
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real quick, go ahead. >> if i may. there is one other thing i would like to throw on the heals quickly is that the westboro baptist is on their way to disrupt some of these funerals. he we think this is appalling. this is one more potential insult. >> those are the people the anti-gay people and they game all tragedies that god is punishing america. we hope that doesn't happen, mr. jakes if it does you let us know. next on the rundown juan williams and laura ingraham will not protect the american people from harm. charles krauthammer and hillary clinton campaign is she in real trouble? factor is coming right back. med.
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impact segment tonight. why can't liberals and conservatives in congress protect the measure people. as we said in the talking points memo. both sides are unreasonable on some points in the gun debated. jung us now from washington laura ingraham and juan williams. so, juan, what gun law would have stopped the madman in oregon. you can point to one? >> i think pert background checks that might have revealed he had a mental illness. as it stands now i'm not sure any background check would be sufficient. we need to have stricter background checks. >> let's say hillary clinton becomes president, she signs an executive order that says structure background checks. he had no record. he was not hospitalized for anything. he went to it a school that's specialized in a number of hits mother his mother was protecting hum. >>s that not a reason not to do anything.
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>> i'm just saying to you that in order to pass a law, want tos got to be a pass a law. all right. so, as i said, i support strict background checks. >> you do through the fbi only. one agency puts them up on the super computer and all the gun sellers have to go and see if their person is convicted of a crime or hospitalized for mental disorders. that's what should happen. how do you see it, lawyer? you are right. this would not have been appreciated. weave had a similar situation with adam lanza in connecticut. >> very similar. steeped in video games. everyone is watching. i want you to think about this. there a really interesting professor at duke university named jeffrey swanson, is he he a psychiatry, behavioral scientist professor who has done the most extensive research, i think, on mental
5:16 pm
illness and violence everyone who has had long periods of depression or maybe someone once diagnosed as having another serious mental illness should be barred from having guns. his research, as far as i can tell impeccable shows that while you might prevent some violence. when you studied it in connecticut, one half of 1% of all violent crimes would be reduced in connecticut and extrapolated it out. it's just not that much. someone needed an current convention. it's a have small level you wouldn't oppose federal law that says gun sellers would not sell to convicted criminal or someone hospitalized for mental disorder? >> not voluntarilily. that book is already on the books. i don't have any problem with that. >> i don't know if it's on the books. you say it is i will look it up. >> i believe involuntarilily
5:17 pm
committed. >> i don't believe it's that specific to gun sellers. and the fbi handles it if everybody would pass that i think that's afternoon as much as i can do. >> very small reduction in crime. >> mass murder is very small it doesn't happen that much. >> would have prevented it. >> this is not like jeb bush saying stuff happens and oh gosh some people mentally ill don't deserve to be stigmatized and denied a gun. >> that's bull if you are mentally ill you don't need a gun. >> these things happen too much and ever or country in the world has some limits on gun ownership. we have. 3,300,000,000 guns that's the constitution, juan and the way our country was forged led do that we are unique country. >> more unique than the
5:18 pm
australian outback? >> 300 million people here. >> more intense than people in australia. the do you understand of darn knowledge we see in the black community. >> stricterrest gun laws in the country juan and it doesn't work. >> use it as a dodge because illegal guns flowing in from places that have lenient gun control. >> i know, juan, you are going to feel better if we move and pass a new pieces of gun control legislation. everyone will feel better for a while and that's fine. we do have the second amendment. we do have privacy rights. we don't want to still that advertise an entire class of people who may have been treated at one point for gretion depression, anything. they are are going to be the most violent people. very, very small percentage of people. we have to do early intervention with kids subjected to violence. steeped in violence in their daily life.
5:19 pm
that's where you see the most and likely predictive incident carrots for violence. >> this case it wouldn't have worked because the mother was living with him. you was going to get into what you think the oregon county not wanting president obama. i ran out of time. >> you can blame them? >> you see, this is how you politicize and then you blame obama for plited sizing. >> he told us to politicize it? >> that's what the nra does every day, laura. >> am i here representing the nra? no. >> stop. we are just reporting what's happening out there, juan. s that all we are doing right now. directly ahead, brit hume a new polling showing the republican and democratic presidential race tightening up. then, later, watters visiting a town awash with muslims up ahead. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves
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hume zone eggment tonight. new poll from nbc: sanders 42%. clinton 28, biden 18. joining us now from washington brit hume. rumor is that vice president biden is going to milwaukee a decision this coming weekend. i think he is going to get in. you say? >> you think it's probable about 50/50. he is he still grieving the loss of his son. obvious from me seeing his appearances that he is seeing that pretty intensely as one who has lost a son myself i you can tell you it is inner investigating grief
5:24 pm
like that. i came back two days. i came back to it a regular day i job. running for president as grueling as anything you can imagine. it's rough and a lot to prepare for emotionally which is why i think although he would love to be president and has for a long time felt that way that he may not do it still. >> okay. remember his son bo asked him to run. donors came out with the same thing they think he is going to run giving positive signals. even if he does announce he will not be in the first debate next week. >> right. i think he sees weakness and i think president obama is urging him to run, too. >> does he recognize how different the atmosphere would almost undistantly become were he to announce and become a candidate.
5:25 pm
right now what we see is a joe biden, a man on a personal level whom nearly everybody likes. we see he is suffering and disgusting in an open and honest way. pretty appealing figure for a moment. once he becomes a candidate or pretty quickly after he becomes a candidate. it's open season. he is going to have it to take the slings and arrows. long record in public life. right about a few things. on foreign policy matters he was wrong about a lot of things. he will hear about that. he will hear about the plagiarism issue that got him out of the 19 88 race it will get very different. very quickly. >> and i think he anies that. but, again, i could be wrong on this but you think he is going to go in. now, bernie sanders in new hampshire. everybody sees those numbers and got 20,000 people show up in boston to hear him and you have got to love bernie. he wants to take all your stuff and your house and your car. but he is just such an entertaining guy. but what people don't understand is that new hampshire is a state of extremes when you come to
5:26 pm
both republicans and democrats in the primary, correct? >> exactly right. it's notoriously hard on frontrunners or presumed frontrunner, now, of course at the moment he is the frontrunner in new hampshire nationally he is still trailing hillary clinton. some might take delight in voting for him. he this have done it for a lot of insurgent candidates in the past. you no longer have to win new hampshire to win krauthammer going to analyze hillary's campaign coming up. i interviewed governor biden -- governor biden. [ laughter ] governor bush last week and is just not catching on. do you think he can turn that around? >> i have thought from the beginning, bill, that he would have a hard time getting a hearing in this atmosphere. even more antiestablishment
5:27 pm
that be i had imagined when i first thought that i don't think he is getting a hearing. trying to get people to break through and pay attention to the record he compiled in florida. it's not working. when he is on the stage there to the extent that if you look at the candidates who are office holders, current office holders as a group, evidence is really not the one who stands out. marco rubio stood out in that group it's a passion thing because people are so angry. >> rubio is also spectacularly articulate in the way that jeb bush makes good sense he is not quite as flashy if you get my drift. >> i get your drift, brit, thanks for helping us out. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. governor christies thinks barack obama may become the worst president in history. we will talk with the governor. krauthammer on the clinton campaign, it is in desperate trouble. however, come back is being mounted. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. is never easy.
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5:32 pm
flamboyant he is he ultra flamboyant. >> i think if donald wasn't he in the race they would be supporting me. we will have to work on that. we will bring them over over the course of time. >> you have a debate coming later this month how long you can hang in. >> you can hang in for a while. our fundraising has gone well. that's one of the ways. >> you have to have money. >> people continue to support me and continuing to make traction. the last debate went well for us. we were trying to be the adult on the stage and talk about issues that they cared about. >> foreignna, carson and trump. they all are ahead of you. that surprise you at all? >> sure. yeah. i mean i think it surprises everybody. i don't think anybody went in if trump, fiorina and carson they will be 1, 2, and 3. again, it's so early, bill. >> what do you attribute that to? >> an are. and i think really most of the an are is directed at
5:33 pm
the president who has been, you know, an abomination and congress which has gotten absolutely done nothing. >> an abomination. strong word. >> yeah. >> the thing that president obama did that you object to the most is. >> the iran nuclear deal. >> on the domestic >> obamacare. it should not be a federal issue. on the tenth amendment for federal issue it's wrong. >> do you think it's going to hurt working people? it does help some. >> it's already hurt working people. >> how far? >> premiums are going up greater rate than before. they were given assurance by the president looked into the camera if you like your doctor you can keep them and it's not true. people are angry with the obama. democratic side a lot of people still love him. >> yeah. >> you have figured the president out? do you know what kind of a man he is? >> hard to physician him out. he is not very transparent. he is not very emotional.
5:34 pm
he doesn't show what he thinks or feels and he hasn't shown what he was willing to fight for. i see him as a pet do you lent child. >> do you think there is a racialg component in president obama? >> you know, listen, i don't think i don't think so. i think a lot of republicans do. i he know him a little bit. i haven't seen it herbally at all. he doesn't seem to feel angry about kate steinle getting shot in the back of the head because federal policies can't stop convicted felons from coming back six times. he doesn't seem angry about any of that. >> he think that has much more to do with being a law professor. you know, everything is theoretical to him. it's a theoretical argument. when real life invades the theoretical argument he falls back to the theoretical. >> now overseas his whole foreign policy is falling
5:35 pm
apart. you know, putin is going to run syria. and then putin has allied himself with the mullahs in iran. >> right. >> so with putin in iran, they are just going to wipe american influence out in the middle east. >> it's unbelievable that he has taken 40 years of american effort in the middle east to be the dominant influence in the middle east and six and a half years given it away. >> why did president obama do that? >> because he doesn't understand answered doesn't think strategically. >> so you think it's just incompetence? >> yes. >> colonel peters who works for us says it's cowardice. do you think president obama is a coward? >> i don't think he is he a coward. i just think he does not like confrontation. >> he is a smart guy. you would admit that right? >> sure. >> he has to understand that his policy of pulling all-american troops out of iraq lid to the ruse of rice and current rise we have route now. all of it happens in a domino fawtion because of his mistake, believes george
5:36 pm
w. bush you are because he is not a smart man is he. >> no. is he partisan. i think he always believes he is the smartest guy in the room. that's a very dangerous thing when you are a a leader. susan rice said his national security advisor a week and a half or so ago said that they were perplexed as to why putin was going into syria. have you ever been perplexed about it? he wants to team with iran to dominate the middle east and end american influence and prop up assad. that's what he want to do how perplexing is that reset button is a mistake. ar abandoning allies in that area and is he weak. >> worst president ever. >> he is getting there i you think he is right there. really he has clinched it in the last 12 months, iran, syria. you think. >> all right governor thank you so much. >> two footnotes democrats on october 13th and
5:37 pm
republicans october 28th. krauthammer is next. assess the clinton campaign is it going south? and watters in deer born, michigan where muslims are plentiful. >> which way is mecca? >> mecca this way. >> behind me? >> those reports moments away. alka-seltzer plus day cold & flu has three cold symptom fighters to relieve your tough symptoms. stay unstoppable. (truck horn) alka-seltzer plus.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the campaign 2016 segment montd with hillary clinton behind bernie sanders in new hampshire her campaign is trying to regain some momentum. thus she appeared on "saturday night live" over the weekend i'm just so darn bummed. anything everyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump isn't he the one that's like oh, you are all losers? [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> do you think he will win the primaries? >> he must. [ laughter ] >> i want to be the one to talk him down. i will destroy him and i will mount his hair in the oval office. >> joining us now from washington charles
5:42 pm
krauthammer. so, before he would get to mrs. clinton, we just -- fox news just confirmed that president obama is going to rouseburg, oregon on friday and at the top of the program we had the publisher of the newspaper out there saying look, a lot of people in this county including the county commissioners and the sheriff don't want him out here. they are angry he politicized the massacre by ungeneticking the gun control debate. so, do you think the president should still go knowing that's awaiting him? >> well, i think out of respect to the community, if that's the reflection of the feeling of the community he shouldn't go. he is exploiting. this that is true. he is beings plotting it himself. he wants to politicize it. you give hum credit for the sincerity of his believe. he clearly has these very fixed beliefs about gun control and mass killings and he wants to act on it it knows he is never going to get it enacted and he is not doing it to win the next
5:43 pm
election this is what he feels. nonetheless, if the community feels privacy of mourning and do it on their own rather than have a president come in with all of the paraphernalia of his office to make a point i think he should stay away. simple decency for the feelings of the community. >> tomorrow we have why are going to do a major report on how people are processing the fact that he is going to go to roseburg so we will have that. >> let me just say one other point. >> sure. >> for all sin sater, everything he proposes. everything he has ordered. executive orders, everything he has proposed legislation would have made absolutely no difference whatsoever in this case so this is all a kabuki. this is all about sentiment. feeling, it's not about addressing the problem i think he knows that. >> he is trying to get the country to move a little bit more left and that's what he
5:44 pm
has been doing for the last three years rather than paying attention to what the hell is going on in syriaened auto other places. now, hillary clinton, she is going to lose to new hampshire. there is no way she wins. iowa she doesn't win there too. it doesn't matter does it? >> no i think she wins the nomination. except for two possibilities. if she is indicted she will win them drop out. something truly smoking in knows emails where some tractions involving the foundation that are obviously corrupt, who knows what's in there in the absence of those two, i would say unlikely events. she wins the demonstration, it's hard to it see how the democrats nominate a socialist 74-year-old socialist the nomination, a sure loser in a general election, and biden, he you think has a bigger chance but i don't think he really has a path either. i you think biden will peak on popularity on the day
5:45 pm
announces. >> but biden is more likeable than hillary clinton and they both are in lock step with barack obama, as far as we know so they both espouse the same lureble line but is he more likeable. so why wouldn't win? >> well, likeable isn't the only thing that determines who wins the nomination she has incredible organization apparatus ready to go. she has raised money. she has got people in the field. that's a formable thing talking about delegates. she already has a lot of super delegates. buoy den obviously conflicted and many ways reluctant will be plunging into a race where there is nothing prepared and, look, ran twice before. and did extremely badly in both causes. >> he is different now. >> and you look -- until the death of his son, until the
5:46 pm
event and the beautiful way i would say remarkable way in which handled it. everybody admits that until that moment, for the political years of his political history he was a running national joke. i think he has those weaknesses and tendencies in him that will show up on the trail. it has to. >> thanks very much as always. watters on deck. half the population of deer born, michigan is muslim. did they welcome watters? we'll find out next.
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world. the town of deer born, michigan. population the 96,000 is a mecca, pardon the pun for muslim americans. 45% of the population there
5:50 pm
is of middle eastern extraction. we sent watters to deer born to check things out. ♪ >> deer born, michigan is called the arabic capital of north north america. almost 50% of the city is muslim. they control the city council and the police chief is also muslim. so where are you from? >> iraq. >> i'm from lebanon. >> palestine. >> where are you from? >> yemen. >> yemen. >> got to be careful of the drunks. what do you think about all the muslims here in zmooeb >> they're bad. they're not friendly. they don't speak to you. >> do you miss the december center >> pretty cold here. >> why did you come to america? >> i come to america because the civil war in lebanon and i came here to finish my school. >> the opportunity for jobs working at ford motor company.
5:51 pm
>> saddam had my father in prison. so that's the reason we moved to america. >> what do you do for a living? >> financial services. send money overseas. >> sounds special. what do you do for a living? >> hairstylist. >> how is my hair? >> excellent. you ore a good looking guy. >> i'm married, sir. >> i'm straight any way. >> what is sharia law? >> there is no such thing. >> sharia? >> never heard of it? >> no. >> sharia is from the holy kor rain and the prophet muhammad. >> do you want sharia law here in sneshg >> it's good. >> what is the higher power, sharia law or the constitution many >> sharia law is better. >> why do you think so many muslims around the world dislike
5:52 pm
america? >> most of the people say death to america love america. they don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> would you change anything about the united states? >> not really. i like the way the united states is, because it's total tree dom. if you want to succeed in this country and you try hard, you can. >> terrorists are giving you guys a bad rap. >> yeah, they are. we try to fight them together. >> but when people hear the word terrorist, they think muslim. >> there is a reason for that. >> yeah, i agree with you. >> does the fbi ever come snooping around here? >> if they come, we share with them. >> have you ever seen any suspicious activity here if >> last year, there was a woman stoned. not too long ago i read there was an honor killing because a girl bought condoms. yeah, that keeps you on edge. >> do you wear a burqa ever? >> no. our religious beliefs, we do not
5:53 pm
have to cover our heads. >> thank god, because you have a beautiful face. which way is mecca. >> this way. >> sure? >> yes. >> have you ever marched in an anti-terrorism rally? >> no, no, because i was busy. >> maybe you should. >> maybe i don't have time. >> do you like christmas? >> yeah. >> do you celebrate christmas? >> yes. >> can i celebrate ramadan. >> why not. >> can i wear a tie with this? >> no. >> is the collar up? ever watch fox news channel? do you know who i am? >> did you notice, the guy said, i'm not going to sit for this. waters is on vacation and he
5:54 pm
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>> good word, seth, sycophantic. i guess saying that this is the worst foreign policy i've seen in my lifetime is giving the president a pass. i was around for vietnam and jimmy carter, so wise up, please.
5:58 pm
>> bible of times square. >> i think we do it best, john. fox news picked up "legends" for two more seasons. tomorrow, the first season of "legends and lies" comes out on dvd. finally, the factor tip of the day, rather than me telling you about "killing reagan," here's george stephanopoulos yesterday on abc. >> how do you square your theory with -- i remember reading "the reagan letters," and over the course of the presidency, they show a man who was still a clear, at times brilliant, writer. he seemed to be there. >> there's no disparaging, because on his good days, he was all of that. but it was the bad days that
5:59 pm
people didn't know about. and there came a point in the second term where they might have removed him, when baker was the chief of staff, james cannon investigated whether the president could still carry out his duties. they actually gave him a quiz and if he hadn't passed it, they would have moved against him. >> you love doing this, don't you? >> it's great. i am a historian, i love history. i taught high school history. i'm the luckiest guy in the world. >> factor tip of the day, i'm always grateful when people invite me on to talk about my books. being grateful shows character. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. also, please spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be
6:00 pm
pecksniffian when writing. miss megyn is next. please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, three new polls showing which is moves in the republican field. and for the first time in three months, one national poll showing a new man on top. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. new polling from investors business daily has dr. ben carson in first place at 24% in a national survey. only the second time carson has ever been on top, and the first time someone has bested donald trump since july. a dive by nbc news and "the wall street journal" shows an increasingly competitive field. trump remains in first place, but carly fiorina has surged ten points


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