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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 6, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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now. that's my off-the-record comment here tonight. up next the o'reilly factor. tonight on "red eye" what former president might start hitting the campaign trail with jeb bush? hint, his last name, bush. and which libertarian candidate admitted to sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood? sorry ted cruz fans. it is not rand paul. and if cool cancels america's pride day they may single out certain students. our panel provides comfort, quality, but first a news break. live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. a tense situation in flood-ravaged columbia, south carolina where several dams are over flowing. the breeches are forcing new evacuations. the historic flooding is
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blamed for at least 10 deaths in south carolina. two more deaths have been reported in neighboring north carolina and many others have lost everything they own. >> nothing to worry about no more. everybody lost everything they had. >> it is all we own. what we got on us now is all we own. our kids have one outfit on their body. >> president obama designed a disaster declaration for the hardest hit counties. it frees up funds for vehicle times and -- victims. el faro likely sank. that's according to the coast guard. so far only one body has been found. it carried 33 people, 28 americans. the company said the captain tried 20 bypass hurricane joaquin, but it is believed a mechanical failure lead the ship adrift. a gunman killed people at an oregon community college left a manifesto behind. in it he ranted about not having a girlfriend and
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everyone around him was crazy. the gunman's mother telling investigators her son had mental health issues. the u.s. military says afghan forces requested the airstrike that killed innocent people at a hospital. this is different from initial reports that forces had been threatened. the strike killing 22 people at the facility operated by doctors without borders. and nato lashing out after the irresponsible behavior. moscow says one of the jets involved in airstrikes in syria cross -- crossed into turkey. they warn any future intruder will be treated like an enemy. i'm kelly wright of the. >> welcome to "red eye" of the i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the news deck. >> did you have a good weekend this. >> i d softball -- softball
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was canceled but i did batting practice with the girls. how about you? it was productive. i american psychod my closet. >> you did what? >> american psychod my closet. >> i'm afraid to ask. >> i got rid of old suits and shirts and then suits on the right side in descending order from darkest to light and then shirts with the white shirts together and blue shirts of. >> that doesn't sound too psychotic. >> and then there were sub categories. standard one buttons together and then the two button and the french. >> that's a little much. >> and then i arranged the dead bodies by jeng deer -- gender. >> let's welcome our guest. her name is an an an -- anagram for dr. dre be on it lo. it is not his dog or its dog it is the zog, seth herzog.
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she is a foreign policy whiz. i hope she brought the tin woodsman. kt mcfarland. and. ♪ who let the dogses win the talent show ♪ ♪ he let the dogs win the talent show ♪ comedian tom codder. >> let's start the show. jeb bush is looking to insight excitement into his campaign by enlisting the help by a family member, george p bush. no, the other george bush. no, the other george. i am talking about george w. bush. there we go. the "new york times" says they have asked national campaign officials to employ w on the campaign trail, but using him
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is complicated. the former president is popular with republicans which could help him in the short-term, but not the broader elector rete if he wins the gop nomination. they say jeb is a legacy candidate when voters really want change. kt, why is this a caw nun drum for jeb? is it time to pull out w? >> jeb's problem is more than ambition. the best presidents match the mood of the country. the mood of the country, they don't want same old, same old. they want something new and fresh. jeb bush's problem is that, a, he is a bush and b when he talks it sounds like typical washington speak. it is almost like i listen to him and i say oh that's right he is taking an oral exam and he got the answer right, but he hasn't got anybody excited about that. >> why is that? >> i think that's the way way
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he is. >> george w. bush could excite people. he has a swagger. >> it turns out he was a pretty good politician. everyone at the time and all of the people i know who had liked jeb from the beginning said he should have been president. he would have been a great president. too bad it was his brother. now you realize that george w. bush was a heck of a good politician. >> he was a great politician. >> absolutely. won twice and did well. >> the average american liked him. what was it about the average truck-driving voter doesn't trust jeb bush? >> you have to have george w as part of this because he is an ass -- asset for his brother. why leave him on the side? he wasn't a liability like billy carter. he is a good sibling and he has much more energy than his brother in a coma i think half the time. you get him in the campaign and they will -- well the conservatives will love him to energize the base. i don't understand this though. jeb bush was touted as the guy
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who will be better than george w. bush. >> george w. bush 2.0. the thing about the siblings i find out is it is even uncome tortable for him when reporters say what about your brother's record? he fires back and you don't see him so fiery and he says oh are you like your brother? are you like your sister? and you can see them going -- are you an exact replica of your sibling? it is hard for him. the bush money. the fundraising pool that is there. it is probably pretty hard to distance himself too much, but he wants to be seen as his own man. >> you have the brothers, right? then you also have the dad who wasn't not that long ago. we remember when george hw wasn't. we have the clintons and the bushes and are people going i don't want anymore of this? >> i think the country is over the clintons and the bushes.
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they are like, are you serious? this is mark where anyone can be president whether they want to or not. >> trump or sanders, right? >> i think we would rather that. i also think it is jeb's unfor the fat only hope -- unfor few natalie -- unfortunately only hope. just talk with no script and it will be all over the news. >> i want to ask something about the middle east in the sense tay there are a lot of people that say oh yeah your older brother. and how with the middle east so disstabilized. >> it goes both ways. your brother got us into iraq. on the other happened, oh my gosh think of how much worse it is with obama. when you said clinton-bush, bush-clinton they need each other. they can sell each other out. if it is not hillary it is jeb bush out there with the no
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child left behind. if hillary is on the ticket and jeb is on the ticket the legacy cancels it out. we may be board with it. >> do you think people will vote for either of them? >> that's the thing. you have to. if it is only two you have to pick one. that's why i think clinton and bush would love to run against each other. you are talking foreign policy. george bush -- the problem he has with the people on the left is he didn't fight back. doesn't it feel like he was on the ropes the entire second term? i felt he didn't defend his own legacy. >> you're so wrong. the second term could have been a disaster in iraq, but george w. bush had a lot of courage to completely reverse course and have the search policy. it was in fact very effective.
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on obama walked away and he turned it around president. >> bush gets too much grief for his middle east policy. the first war went swimmingly well and when the skd didn't go -- second didn't go well he was a good president. he didn't defend his own policies. you. >> kept turning the other cheek. >> people say let history decide. why? obama doesn't let history decide. his legacy is the war and the war is a nightmare. trillions and trillions of dollars in debt and how many lives lost and that's his legacy. do you want to saddle that to your campaign? he is at a quagmire. hillary has to bring bill in too. >> oh it will be all four of them! >> bush's middle east policies and push's post war tenor and i think the time is yesterday. he should have been stronger and jeb should defend his brother. he is running away from.
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it. now time for the most important story of the day. snot all florida >> not all florida politicians can be like jeb bush. he has admitted while on a vision quest in the mojave desert, quote, i did sacrifice a goat. i know that's equivalent in the mind of most. i sacrificed it to the dwod. i drank the blood. activists are enraged by the news. >> they are very mad. we hospital laugh. what drinking he is known for in a 2013 letter to his classmates and he symbolically
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renounced his citizenship and law degree. he wrote i am of genius intau elect. i am god's gift to human kind where the human language is concerned. i dress better than all of you. pronounce my words perfectly and have a winning professional handshake. i am everything you wanted to be. he reminds me of another certain gop candidate. jill gill pour. gillmore. it says on the new moon of may i shill disappear in the wilderness. i will return with revolution or to the return at all. this guy seems pretty serious about his policy. >> he has already renounced his u.s. citizenship. so how can he run? >> i think it was a symbolic. >> i am glad you are here to translate. this is impressive. he is the editor-in-chief to a
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poetry journal. and he is head of the publishing house. i like he qualifies his genius. i am a genius when it comes to the english language and a better dresser. >> i like how he throws in the digs. that was back in clj. -- this college. maybe he is a changed man. >> does it sound like the libertarian party that we all know? >> when you have david coke as a candidate, and now you have this guy who sounds like he is running for president of isis in the islamic state than sounding like he is running for office. >> there are guys who are serious and built these amazing businesses. he must be horrified m. >> if only pome wouldn't give -- if people wouldn't give him air time of the.
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>> he had me at drinking blood. >> he had me at the shaved side of the head. i was like, you have to run. he definitely shoul he has to run. he is the first pagan to be let into the senate that we know of. he and the goat have a similar thing. >> maybe when he drank the blood he assumed the persona of the goat? >> ktkt. >> it is a little late at night. >> he said i want to be genius like that guy. >> that's thought how drinking blood works at all. >> i drink blood a lot. i feel likey is owning -- you drink blood. he said yes, i do and i do it a lot. if trump, the same thing happened to him. i drink blood. it is the best thing out there. it is high protein.
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it gives me energy. >> you are poking fun, but he has some serious positions. >> i want you to take lsd and practice source re. i want you to listen to trap music and black metal and break the law deliberately. let's see what else he has to say. >> worship nature and dance naked in the moon light. screaming with eccstatic joy. >> that is not a floridian agoent is. that's all i'm going to say. >> is america ready for their first animal sacrifice. >> maybe he is a vampire. >> true blood. >> he is very popular. >> what you are not a vampire.
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>> they love vampires. >> who hasn't done thing to farm animals in their college years they aren't a little ashamed of. >> you may be riding solo on that. >> very true. >> at least i keep in touch with mine. >> all of my friends on facebook. >> on that note -- >> she moved her chair a little bit. their pride couldn't be denied. they traditionally hold an america day celebration. they nixed it because some students who don't identify as american may feel targeted and singled out by a celebration of what they live in. they literally wrap themselves in the american flag. they are waiving flags in the parking lot. one parent posted on facebook, i don't care what race orie lig general you are -- or reledge -- or religion you are, you live here.
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you pay taxes and you are an american. you better be. the other themes were less controversial. thursday was toga day. monday was lumber jack day. here is a tape of two students celebrating. >> this is really funny. >> pretty good. >> i'm impressed. america pride day shouldn't beacon fused with pride day, right -- be confused with pride day, right? >> that's the rainbow flag. >> i bet they have a pride day and they don't put the kabosh on that one. >> american pride day the least offensive. >> what kind of students are offended or is it the administration? >> i went and googled this. the principal said we are near
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jackson hole, wyoming and we are near a tourist area. not everybody here is first generation so we don't want people to feel left out. there was the student body of the high school. there was the graduating class about 28%. the freshman class is 30% his span thick fnlt -- hispanic. insped of the administrators saying let's get into this, let us help you celebrate america day, they are somehow taking the percentage of the student body say you must not love america like we do and therefore we will have the seven-day forecast% of the student body look at you guys and say you ruined the party. it sets up an amazing gulf. it should be a melting pot and we say everybody come in, red, white and blue. the school administrators administrators are segregating. >> they are being offended by people who are are not normally offended.
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>> the principal and assistant principal should be fired. >> i didn't think they wnt -- went that far north. >> can el is fourth of july too. you invite me on the should i -- on the show and i can't believe we are taking away america day? what about the tree huggers? it will offend people. why isn't that a problem? >> it is offensive. >> i am wearing red, white and blue underwear. >> i feel like if i was visiting another country i would want to have their day. >> when we come back, al roker apologizes for taking a selfie instead of a tragedy.
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al roker got in trouble with his selfie and a couple of his friendsies covering hurricane joaquin. he took this picture in front of a collapsed highway and a car in a precarious position. the caption "my crew and i getting ready to report on east coast throeding from south carolina on -- flooding from south carolina. after people complained they deleted the tweet saying i apologize for being insensitive. the woman got out without injury and we should not have been in the picture of the. we came down to report and i offended those who lost so much, and i'm sorry. did he really owe us an apology? for a smile? a tragedy did happen, but the driver in the car had gotten out safely so there was
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something to smile about. or are selfies are bad on respecting on the news? is it bad to include their photo. when they report on the news they stand in front of a video camera with the disaster in the back ground. we are used to that. we associate the selfie with silly pictures taken at concerts or the beach. about the the selfie entered the world of journalism. i think as we are more used to it we will find photos libeling al roker less offensive. my verdict, not guilty. seth, i think it is a problem of perception and not reality. >> i think you are right. it is more and more accepted, but it is where the country is going with our consciousness. we want to take great pictures and post them. so when there is a tragedy or someone getting hurt i find
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everyone takes out their phone and starts taking pictureses. >> does that really happen? >> i am a victim of it. i was in a car accident in london and my cab. instead of going to see if the other guy is okay i started taking pictures of the accident. i was a victim of doing it. it happens and more and more. and we are catching ourselves when anyone come planes maybe you shouldn't have taken a picture smiling in front of the dead body. i was there and he was there. it was a great shot. >> i have done it and i caught myself, but people are offended.
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>> i think it is more about a brand of news. it is the feedback we get that he is not being sensitive enough and a bazillion people are tweeting at him you are a jerk. and that's what made him step back and apologize. >> when walter crone -- kronkite was covering the war he was in the shot and doing battle on the battlefield. they make themselves part of the abs. >> chill. enough, move on. >> and it may depend -- >> there was a march happening and a protest and you had a serious base in front of the square. people may not be offended by it. it depends on what you are posting it from. >> is it the smile? >> we are supposed to smile. the civil war photos are stoic and american got lick.
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we smile in photos. we are trained to. it is not like they were doing anything wrong. they took a sell fee. people need to calm down. it was a kia in the background. i'm amazed there wasn't an issue because it was a kia. >> i thought you were going to say it was the other guy. >> al roker is a lighter side of the news anyway. they are sending him down here and don't expect him to be a somber news guy. why can't he smile in the picture? >> brian williams. he should have tweeted out get a life guys. he never should have apologized. either ignore it or go tell the guy to jump in the river. >> he said you have nothing to apologize for.
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he was arguing with the people. >> dierdra i want you to say what a good point i made. what's the difference is what i am asking with these old time news people who got such respect. >> while sneaking it from the camera desk. >> it is a fun media and you are like, hey, we are at a pizza place. or if you are upset, here i am with a bad guy. >> you made a good point. i am coming from the point of you. >> you have to do it. coming up, you him and you love him, andy levy is back with hatch time. stick
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. south carolina governor nick rehayley is warning -- nikki haley is warning residents to be on guard for more flooding. the dams have been weakened and two have burst.
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many areas of the state remain underwater. drinking water for thousands is contaminated. what you see is columbia, the state capitol where the university of south carolina brought in bottled water and portable restrooms to take care of the 31,000 students at the main campus. eight counties are eligible for federal disaster money. south carolina's death toll stand at 10. an intense search continues for survivors of el faro. the coast guard said it sank at high winds and heavy seas and waters near the bahamas. the coast guard is leaving an air search effort. one of the two life tboats was -- life boat was found empty. they say it cannot be identified smed more than -- identified. more than 30 others are missing. vermont's governor is calling the derailment a freak of nature. apparently rocks fell on to the tracks and the train derailed after hitting them.
12:34 am
three other cars left the tracks and remained upright. the vermonter was making a run and going to washington, d.c. >> it is up to president obama on a final agreement after a marathon negotiating session on monday. it sets environmental standards and lets multi national corporations. they account for 40% of global economic items. now back to "red eye." >> welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy on the news deck. how are you? >> good, tom, how are you? >> good, good. >> jeb is trying to figure out
12:35 am
how to use dubya. they say the problem is bigger than this. and you think jeb's only hope is to break out w. my question for both of you, as seasoned political analysts, do you feel jeb is at the what the hell we have to do something stage or getting close to it. >> what do you mean? >> he is close to the stage. >> yes, i think he is there. >> kt? >> i think he has to figure out what his relationship is with dad and his brother he hasn't found that safe place for hems where he can be proud of his brother and i'm sure they have been fighting with each other since they were two. also to chart his own course. young he is comfortable -- i don't think he found that place yet. >> also what do you think? nobody talked about bringing george h.w. bush out. is that a health thing?
12:36 am
>> i think he has brought him out. >> i think you you have three of those in him and that's it. >> barbara, you can bring barbara out. >> nome. mom. you said w is not a liability and obviously he is not like them, but as shillue points out is they would take advantage of it in a general election. >> yeah, but he is in a quagmire right now. he has to do something anyway. pull the late out of his sleeve. >> i feel like the democrats will link him to his brother if he pulls out or not so why not do it? you noted that this is really hard for him. he doesn't want to campaign for his brother. >> strategists are looking into it and he said probably
12:37 am
not. if you look at jeb he just puts jeb and not bush. >> although jeb is an anna gram for sean ellis bush. >> but he is not emphasizing. >> his big problem is a four- letter word. >> well done. >> sounds like a tweet. >> put your hands down. >> libertarian candidate sac craw fiesed a goat and trank his blood. it was pronounced sol and it is pronounced sol. you have a spot. it must be coffee or something. you got it it.
12:38 am
it is all gone. don't worry. seriously what are you drinking? >> it is my half time beverage. >> that's what scares me. i can't wait to go home tonight. >> you say he renounced his citizenship so how can he run for senate? on his website he says legally renouncing your citizenship is difficult. there are steps that have to be taken. when one announces it has no legal weight. >> it is poetic license and which is why he is the editor. he said when i renounce my u.s. citizenship it is not binding.
12:39 am
>> so i have a bone to pick with the entire panel. remember when ben carson said he is elected. he was following the practices. you people making fun of him are doing exactly what ben carson did and shame on you. >> guilty. >> mind blown. >> look, if you want to vote for him, it is fine with us. >> i want him to run. >> he wants to be a campaign manager. i like that. >> the thing is people say he is giving libertarians a bad name. that's what libertarians do. seth you said they would be the first pagan allowed in. mitch mcconnell was an anna
12:40 am
mist. >> is that from harry potter? >> you got it. >> it is a real thing. colorado school canceled america day. >> they say the petition was made by the leaders of student council. that's what they are saying. >> get your story straight. >> al gore self. he should have apologized not because of the circumstance, but because of the fact he is grown ass man and he takes a selfie. shillue, i don't think you apologized for this sell fee in time jar. in time square. >> i didn't take that. clearly he was the one with the camera. awful person. whenever there is a tragedy
12:41 am
people take our their phones. if the woman was in the car nobody would say it was okay. and they would still be taking the picture. >> young -- you think al roker would be doing that? >> yes. >> he is hard core. cotter you said you small in photos and that's what we are trained to do. >> i can you smile at all? >> i can, but not on cue. like now. like now. i will smile. >> at least it wasn't brian williams. he would have posted it just captured a woman from this car. i have to go. >> thank you, andy. we will talk pick up lines after the break. taking us to break is kennedy. >> on the next kennedy i will
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take you behind the scenes with the rangers. i will hit the ice with one of the biggest stars.
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so, come here often? works every time. pick up lines are effective 96% of the time. according to statistics i just made up. some say they are lame no
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matter what language you speak. as does this video prove. [speaking foreign language]. [speaking foreign language]. >> still fog compares to good old american charm. >> i want to stab you to death and play around with your blood. >> charming, right?
12:47 am
i never used that one. do you remember pick up lines guys used on you? >> no, but i may have said that is worth a drink. >> that would work in any country of the fantastic. what was reagan's go to line. >> want a jelly bean? >> fantastic. you must have used -- you are married now, but you are quite the player. would you like to come home to my 290-square foot apartment? i would say was your dad a thief because someone put -- someone stole your eyes and put them in your face. >> you almost got me there.
12:48 am
i am feeling a rumble in my loins. impressive. well done. >> i think i lost a national tv competition to dogs. i am not saying you are out there chasing girls. >> if you were. >> at the end of this the girl says forget the pick up line. the best was from syria where he says congratulations you are a bride of isis. >> what is many locks? what are many wives. they are making the videos and they go around the world and apparently i think what this says is we are all the same. >> what do you mean? >> no matter where you go guys
12:49 am
are hitting on chicks. >> cheesy lines are cheesy lines no matter where you are. >> maybe if people give you the benefit of the doubt instead of that. >> it happens all over the world and despite the fact that women hate it -- >> they don't hate it. >> don't you love it when men tell you what they like and don't like? we need a go pro. three peeks for one night. >> we are all successfully married men. we'll close things out with a bedtime story.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" dan soder and jedediah beale -- jedediah bila and paul hooper. turns out man's ancestors like to unwind the same way man's dad. yes, archaeologists discovered ruins in scotland at what appears to be an an jept --
12:54 am
ancient spa. scientists theorize the structure could be used for religion and hygenic reasons. one though might conclude that an shept man was more like us than we thought. take a look. there is this skeleton of a man undergoing a pre laxation ceremony. >> this is it gathering of homo-ecertus in the spring. here is ancient man reading the sports section and the portion where the male bothers the female while she tries to work out. and two ancient men who is way more comfortable when his bide in the steam room. there is always that one guy. >> it is horrible.
12:55 am
>> that's like friar's row. >> it is too hot for me. it showed our ancestors were less. it smelled which i shot was nice. i didn't want to think about a sweaty hairy scots man. i will think of gavin mcginnis. when you want to think of that and i do often don't judge me. >> was this the best archaeological discovery ever? >> why not? bronze age sauna, i did read where they are not sure where old people went to die or women had kids. it seems like this was a mixed use kind of space of the. >> it's true. there was a lot of nicks going on here and this is how advanced society is. and we are not so special
12:56 am
after all. >> no, we are not. there low-income two old jews complaining that's not a paw -- pastrome. i said to all, all i said -- >> sons can do that. i made jokes like that and you see a test pat stench. >> it is accurate. >> what is your ideal day at the spa? mafi of pedi? >> i don't know. this is getting exciting. i must say when i learned about this 6,000-year-old spa it really just made me believe in global warning. a special thanks.
12:57 am
see you next time. >> i want you to take lsd and practice sorcery. i want you to listen to strap music and black metal to learn the law and to break it deliberately. final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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thank you for the chick-fil-a. hillary clinton goes all in on gun control legislation and declares herself historically transparent. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. hillary clinton is going from defense to offense. in a flurry of national tv appearances and campaign stops, she's fighting to reverse negative poll numbers by attacking the gun lobby following the oregon college shootings, by challenging republicans in congress, and by asserting her self-appointed place in the pantheon of the most accountable politicians in the country's history. chief white house correspondent ed henry has tonight's top


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